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A star in a circle in the left corner

The “star in a circle” in the left corner of the screen means. that the “Important” notifications mode is enabled. It is needed so that you are not distracted by different notifications. but only those received. which are important to you. Depending on the settings, only selected contacts will be able to reach you.

To remove the Star, press the volume up or down button. the volume swing will appear. as well as buttons for selecting the operating mode of the phone. select “All” and then it will disappear.

  • go to phone settings;
  • select “Sounds and notifications”;
  • further “Alert modes”;
  • after, set up the mode for yourself.

If, after the actions taken, the problem is not resolved. then the appearance of the mysterious “Stars in a circle” is associated with the Yandex browser.

To turn it off. follow the instructions:

  • open “Settings” in the Yandex browser;
  • go to “Notifications”;
  • click “Disable” Yandex notifications.

VoWi-Fi icon on Huawei screen

VoWi-Fi is a special technology with which you can send messages and make voice calls from a mobile number, but via Wi-Fi. Thus, you can use cellular communication even where the network does not catch. When the VoWi-Fi function is enabled, an access point icon will appear on the phone.

Icons on the top of the screen

The icons located in the status bar inform the user about the operating functions in the phone. For example, you can view the state of charge, mobile network, etc. There are many different icons in the smartphone. Consider what certain symbols in the status bar mean.

Speedometer icon with arrow

When you open the navigation program. Google maps or another application for tracking the location and viewing the route, you will notice the speedometer icon with an arrow. That is, at the moment the smartphone is using navigation systems and notifies you about it.

circle, appeared, screen, remove


The picture notifies about the open camera. You probably launched the application and minimized, which caused the icon to appear on the top line. But, also this image will pop up when launching third-party programs for shooting. Let’s say the software for creating filters for photos is open. PicBeauty, B612, etc.

Dual charging icon

A double charging icon notifies when the battery is fully charged. Remove the phone from charging.

How to return an icon to the screen panel

The icons on the top bar of Honor can be reverted in the options. The instruction does not differ from the one presented above. That is, it is enough to go to the “Notification Manager” and give permission to display alert messages to the desired program.

Other icons

We’ve covered all the standard icons on the Honor screen. It should be borne in mind that different smartphone models have different icons. It also depends on the installed programs. To familiarize yourself with all the symbols that can be found in your phone, then refer to the manufacturer’s official website.

Boot icon

The boot signals the running pedometer. step counter.

How to remove black squares from a computer screen in a browser

The first thing to do if you have black squares in the browser is to check the drivers on the video card and the version of the flash player.

The easiest way to find out if you need to update your flash player is to check the version of the program installed on your PC with the version available for download from the Internet. To do this, do the following:

  • Start Windows Control Panel.
  • In the upper right corner, change the display option to small icons.
  • In the list that appears, find and select “Programs and Features”. If you have Windows 10 installed on your PC, there is an even faster way to get here, just open the start menu, select any program or game you have installed, right-click and select “Uninstall”.
  • Now, among all the installed programs, you need to find Adobe Flash Player. To speed up the process, you can turn on alphabetical display, and then the player will be at the very beginning of the list.
  • After you find it, all information about the application will be indicated to the right of the name. Remember or write down the version, then on the Internet type “download adobe flash player” and select the page with the same name. Here, immediately below the logo, the version of the player will be written, if it is the same as yours, then just turn off the tab, if not, then follow the instructions of the installer and install the new version on your PC.

Checking the version of video drivers is much more difficult and completely impossible if you have never worked with them before. Fortunately, there are special utilities that will independently check and update the drivers on your PC. Today, a huge number of such programs can be downloaded for free on the Internet, you can choose the one that you like, but the most popular at the moment are Driver Booster and Driver Scanner.

If updating the drivers did not help, and you still have black squares jumping across your screen, then most likely the problem is in the hardware component. First of all, try to go back to the site where you have black squares and observe the temperature of your PC, as well as the noise of the cooler (you can do this both with the help of special software and manually, since usually the heating is very strong).

If the computer gets very hot and makes a loud noise, be sure to clean it from dust and replace the thermal paste, although this can be done as a preventive measure. If after that the black squares on the computer screen have not disappeared anywhere, then most likely the problem is in the video card. In this case, the computer must be taken to the repair and asked to check your video card. Or do it yourself if your knowledge and resources allow, but be careful not to harm your PC even more, because an already faulty video card can completely burn out under heavy loads.

How to remove black squares in Google Chrome browser

Often black squares appear in the Google Chrome browser, which causes a lot of inconvenience to users. Squares can be of different sizes and appear in different parts of the page. In order to get rid of the black squares in chrome, you need to go to the settings, find the item “use hardware acceleration” and disable it. Then restart your computer. The problem will go away.

Why do black squares appear on laptop and computer screens

As already mentioned, black squares are directly related to advertising on websites. Recently, more and more advertising from the Internet is presented to users not in the form of static images, but in the form of so-called Flash-banners, which exert a rather strong load on the video card and FlashPlayer. If you are not the owner of the most powerful PC, then you probably noticed before that some sites load and work faster than others, this is the consequences of the resource overload with advertising.

But why do black squares appear on the laptop screen? At some point, “combined with other malfunctions of your PC”, this turns into more serious problems, such as the appearance of black squares. There can be four such faults:

  • Malfunction of FlashPlayer.
  • Overheating computer.
  • Outdated video drivers.
  • Broken video card.

The most common are the first three reasons, a breakdown of a video card extremely rarely manifests itself in this way, however, it should still be considered as one of the reasons.

Black squares on desktop shortcuts

In addition to Internet pages, black squares appear on the desktop shortcuts, they do no harm, however, they pretty much spoil its appearance. The reason for the appearance of black squares on the labels is usually an incorrectly installed customization or theme for the OS. To get rid of them you will have to clear your icon cache. If you know how to do this, then consider that the problem has already been solved, if this is the first time you hear about it, then here are three ways for you to clear the icon cache.

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First method: Unlike the black squares on the Internet, this problem is not at all new, and therefore on the Internet you can find many different utilities that help to cope with it. The most popular among users is Icon Cache Cleaner, by the example of which this method will be presented. It is worth noting that this method is the SIMplest solution, how to get rid of black squares and, if possible, use it better.

  • After downloading, run the program as administrator (right-click and select the appropriate item in the menu).
  • Wait for the scan to finish, select all the necessary files and click “Delete”. If you do not know which files you need to delete, then select all, do not worry, you will not delete anything important.
  • After that, restart your PC and enjoy the look of your desktop again.

Second method: If for some reason you cannot use the utility, then you can always do this operation manually.

  • Go to “My Computer” and start the disk where you have the OS installed.
  • Select a folder with your account name.
  • Next, run the “AppData” folder and then “Local”.
  • Here find the IconCache.db file and just delete it, then restart your computer.

Third way: There is another way to clear the cache manually, but not through the computer, but through the task manager.

  • Press the “AltCtrlDel” keys. you will open the Task Manager, or (on Windows 10) a dialog box where you will need to select the “Task Manager” option.
  • Open the “Processes” tab and find “File Explorer”. If you do not have tabs, then in the lower left corner of the window, click the “” button.
  • Right-click on it and select the “End task” option.
  • Then, in the “File” tab in the upper left corner, select “Run a new task”, if the computer asks you for administrator rights, then agree.
  • In the window that appears, enter “del / a% userprofile% / AppData / Local / IconCache.db” and click “OK” (do not forget to restart your PC).

One of these methods will definitely help you solve the problem.

How to get rid of black squares on your computer

Recently, many Internet users began to complain that when they browse sites, they have black squares on their computer screen. They completely block advertising entries on the site page, and sometimes also shift the interface and entries from the page itself, thereby complicating the work with them.

They can appear on any site and are located mainly at the edges of the page, in those places where advertisements are usually placed. And as you might have guessed, this error is directly related to advertising, or rather with a sharp increase in its number on all Internet resources.

However, it is not in advertising that one should look for the reason for its appearance, the impossibility of displaying advertising and, as a result, the appearance of black squares. this is only the result of a larger malfunction. This article will help you find out what causes black squares to appear.?

How to quickly remove black squares from desktop shortcuts

As you can see, the black squares on the computer screen are not as scary as they seem. And although at times they can indicate a malfunction of the video card, most often the problem is solved by a banal driver update or cleaning the cache.

How to remove the navigation button (circle) on the Honor / Huawei screen

How to remove circle on Huawei screen? If the control panel suggested by the settings interferes with the smartphone display, you can turn it off. These circles are a way to control and adjust multitasking. As of 2020, the service is available in smartphones, but in some this function is hidden, and you can activate it through the settings. In others, everything is displayed in advance. But the second option is not practical for every user, because unnecessary icons often interfere and distract attention.

How to customize the bottom buttons

Navigation buttons allow quick action:

  • back action is equivalent to a quick press;
  • Home brings the user to the main display, the same action as a long hold;
  • hold and move the icon to the side. the running tasks panel will be called.

In the gadget menu, the developer has provided the ability to swap the buttons on Honor. That is, if initially the “Home” zone is located in the center. you can make it left or right.

What’s the circle on the Android Huawei screen

The circles at the bottom of the Honor or Huawei screen are the control panel for a multitasking gadget. There are three main Android commands there:

  • Menu;
  • Home;
  • Back to.

Even though they are small in size, they take up a certain part of the display space, which is not always convenient. In all the latest Huawei and Honor models, such active areas can be removed from the phone, and, if necessary, returned again.

How to remove the on-screen buttons from the Honor / Huawei screen

If a circle (round button) appears on the screen of your Honor / Huawei phone, and you want to delete it, use the following aLGorithm:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “System” section.
  • Select the item “System navigation”.
  • Next, in the list that appears, look for the line “Navigation button” and go to it.
  • Click “Enabled”.
  • Next, the settings window appears, where the position of the buttons changes by means of the switch next to the above item.

After that, the circle on the main desktop of the device disappears. To return again. turn on in the settings.

If any option, the notification about which is displayed on the desktop or in the status bar, does not work, you should deactivate it. After that, the symbol responsible for it disappears from the panel. It so happens that even after shutdown, extra characters continue to be displayed on the display. This may very well be a bug, restart your phone.

How to remove the on-screen buttons from the Honor / Huawei screen

If this special feature is inconvenient for you, it is always possible to remove the panel.

You need to act step by step:

  • open the settings through the status bar or the icon on the desktop;
  • then open the section “System navigation”;
  • drag the slider at the bottom in the shutdown phase. remove the navigation button in Honor.

In rare cases, if you did not call navigation yourself, it appears due to a virus. Then the classic way to turn it on or off will not work. We’ll have to look for malicious components on the gadget and clean them.

How to customize the bottom buttons

The option is adjusted according to the aLGorithm:

  • open the settings;
  • go to the item “System”;
  • then open the section “System navigation”;
  • there will be available a tool responsible for the orientation keys.

To activate navigation, just drag the slider opposite the tool name into the active phase. When enabled, it is displayed in blue.

Below you will find options for what tasks can be set on this field.

These are usually SIMple system commands:

  • home;
  • sound;
  • collapse;
  • Task Manager;
  • control panel and other.

How to remove the circle (navigation button) on the screen of Huawei and Honor

How to remove the circle on the screen of Huawei and Honor is not known to all users. The settings for this software are made in the system parameters section, but not on behalf of the developer. In practice, it looks like a regular semi-transparent circle that freely drags across the desktop area. The developers have implemented such a tool in modern gadgets from Huawei, Honor, Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia and others. The button is set by default, so you cannot download or delete it. We will talk about the features of operation and shutdown in this manual.

How to swap the back and menu buttons

There is also a category of users for whom the on-screen panel is more convenient than classic gestures and fields at the bottom of the display. However, depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, it is possible to swap the buttons. Everything visually remains the same, but the virtual controls on the left, right and center give different commands. For example, if previously the Home key was in the center, now it is possible to move it to the left.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

details about the function can be found in the manual for the Honor or Huawei smartphone.

What is the circle on the screen of Android Honor and Huawei

If you see a circle (round button) on the screen of your Honor / Huawei phone, do not rush to panic and look for virus programs. Its main purpose is to make the user experience easier. A special feature allows you to transfer the control zone from the bottom to the screen. As the survey and preliminary studies have shown, there is indeed demand for this, and a quarter of smartphone owners use the virtual panel.

Anna Tsygankova (Articles written: 54)

How to drag a trash bin from the middle of the screen to the bottom of the screen

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Hello, hold the icon with your finger, then drag.

How to remove a circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei

So, in order to remove the white circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei, you need to disable this function in the settings of the smartphone itself. In order not to be mistaken with the section, use the step-by-step instructions presented just below:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “System” section.

Go to the “System” section

  • We go into the subcategory “System navigation”.

We go into the subcategory “System navigation”

  • Click on the item “Navigation button”.

Click on the item “Navigation button”

  • Move the slider to the left next to the “Navigation button” line. After performing this action, the indicator should change its color from blue to gray.

We move the slider to the left near the line “Navigation button”

As you can see, it is quite easy to clear the screen from the foreign circle. Even the most novice users of the Android operating system should have no difficulty in following the detailed guide.

How to remove the circle on the phone on the screen. instructions

Today, almost all new phone models are equipped with large and high-quality displays. At the same time, the overall size of the device practically does not change due to the reduction of the frames around the screen. Agree that it is quite difficult to control such smartphones, especially when it comes to a woman’s hand. Developers are trying to introduce new navigation tools, one of which is the multi-functional circle on the display. Let’s figure out what it is for, and also consider how to remove it from the device screen.

How to remove a circle when you tap the screen

Some users confuse the navigation button with a circle that appears when you tap the screen. These are actually two completely different things, so you need to do other things to turn off the touch display. So, for clarity, detailed instructions were drawn up:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to the section “About phone” or “Information about the device”.
  • We find the line “Build number” or “Firmware version” and click on it several times. This action should unlock the “For Developers” section.

We open the section “For Developers”

  • Now we return to the initial settings page and open the “Advanced settings” menu.
  • Go to the subcategory “For Developers”.
  • Next to the line “Show touches” we move the slider to the inactive position.

Next to the line “Show touches” we move the slider to the inactive position

After following the steps in the instructions, the touch display function will be disabled. This means that when you click on the screen, no circle can appear.

What is the circle on the phone screen for??

Most often, such a navigation system as an interactive circle is used by manufacturers Honor and Huawei. However, it is possible that little-known Chinese companies have already introduced such technology into their flagships. The multifunctional button combines several tools at once. This is the ability to open the menu, as well as go back or to the main screen. Each movement is carried out by means of different pressing times:

  • Return to the previous section of the program or settings occurs through a short quick press.
  • To go to the desktop, you need to hold your finger on the mug for 1-2 seconds.
  • To view the currently running applications, just click on the interactive circle and slide it to the side.

If desired, the principle of navigation control can be changed using the special settings section. However, we will not consider this procedure, since most users want to remove the hated circle from the screen.

Our article has come to its logical conclusion, which means that we have considered all the options for removing the circle from the smartphone screen. Follow the instructions carefully and no problems will arise. And if you still have questions, then write them in the comments.

How to disable blurring Windows 10 screen background in Registry Editor

To disable screen blur effects, you can use the system tool: Registry Editor. This method is suitable for all versions of Windows 10, including home.

Before making changes to the system registry, create a system restore point. If something goes wrong, you can roll back Windows 10 to the state the OS was in when the restore point was created.

We need to do the following:

  • Start Registry Editor in one of these ways.
  • In the “Registry Editor” window follow the path:
  • Right click on the free space inside the “System” section.
  • In the context menu that opens, select “New”, then “DWORD Parameter (32 bits)”.
  • Give this parameter a name: “DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon” (without quotes).
  • Right-click on the “DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon” parameter, select “Change.” in the context menu.
  • In the window “Change DWORD (32 bits)”, in the “Value” field, enter “1”, click on the “OK” button.

Now, in Windows 10, when you log in, your computer screen will display a clear background image.

To undo changes, enable acrylic blur effects, follow these steps:

  • In the registry editor window, follow the path:
  • Right click on the “DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon” option, select “Change.”.
  • In the window for changing the DWORD (32-bit) parameter, change the parameter value from “1” to “0”, then click on the “OK” button.

Background blur effects on Windows 10 login screen will be enabled again.

Disable screen blur in Windows 10 in the Local Group Policy Editor

Now we will remove screen blur in Windows 10 using the built-in system tool: Local Group Policy Editor.

To change Windows 10 settings, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Press the keyboard keys “Win” “R”.
  • In the Run dialog box enter the command “gpedit.msc” (without quotes).
  • In the “Local Group Policy Editor” window, in the left column “Local Computer Policy”, follow the path: “Computer Configuration” → “Administrative Templates” → “System”.
  • Open the “Login” option, find the option “Show blank login screen”.
  • In the “Show a blank login screen” window, activate the “Enabled” option, and then click on the “OK” button.

After the PC restarts, the acrylic blur effects on the login screen will be disabled.

To enable the blur effect on the PC screen, re-enter the “Show blank login screen” policy setting, switch the value to “Not configured”.

Disable screen blur effect in Windows 10 settings

This method allows you to remove blur on the monitor screen, but when it is applied, other parameters of the graphical shell of the Windows operating system are affected. In particular, transparency will be disabled in the Start menu and the taskbar.

Follow these steps:

  • From the Start Menu open the Settings app.
  • In the “Options” window enter the “Personalization” option.
  • Open the “Colors” option, in the “Transparency Effects” setting, move the switch to the “Disabled” position.

After restarting the computer, the background image displayed on the screen at login will stop being blurry.

In order to return the operating system settings to default, enter the personalization settings again, move the switch to the “Enabled” position. The background image will be blurred again.

How to remove screen blur in Windows 10. 3 ways

Windows 10 operating system displays screen blur when logging in or on the lock screen. The user clearly sees the login (account name), fields for entering a password or PIN, and the rest of the background on the computer screen is blurred.

Beginning with Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft introduced a feature with acrylic background blur effects to focus users on the input fields for their Microsoft account. It is supposed that it will be more convenient for users to enter the password without being distracted by the background image displayed on the computer screen.

Blurred background image on PC screen is also displayed when account settings (Microsoft account or local account) do not require a password to log in.

Not everyone likes it, blurring the background on the screen can be annoying. Therefore, some users have questions about how to remove screen blur so that the background image is clearly displayed when entering Windows 10.

There are several ways to remove background blur from the lock screen. In the article you will find several instructions in which I will show you how to remove screen blur in Windows 10 in system settings, using the Local Group Policy Editor and Registry Editor.

Conclusions of the article

In the Windows 10 operating system, the background image is blurred on the login screen to heighten the user’s focus on the credential fields. If necessary, the user can turn off the effects of acrylic blurring of the background image on the computer screen. This can be done by applying changes to the system settings, in the Local Group Policy Editor or in the Registry Editor.

We remove horizontal stripes on the monitor screen, which appeared suddenly. How? I tell

Good day, dear readers and subscribers of my blog! I, Rostislav, recommend the article for a full reading in order to solve my problems in this topic. A computer is a complex device where all the elements are subtly interconnected. Poor performance of one of the units can lead to equipment defects. In order for the equipment to serve for a long time, it is necessary not only to take care of it, but also to carry out diagnostics. This will allow timely identification of the malfunction. Not every user can do this on his own. Today I will tell you what to do if horizontal stripes appear on the monitor screen, how to remove it will be described below. It is not uncommon for a problem to be caused by a technical breakdown, but this is encouraged by the fact that there is usually nothing critical in this, which means that it is quite possible to cope on your own.

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Service employees often talk about the fact that most of the breakdowns are solved by checking or replacing the connection wires. It was said above that you need to check how the video card is connected. However, it does not hurt to consider the cables that connect other components. What is the verification? We eliminate dust, check the reliability and correct connections, inspect the wires for black dots, bends and fractures. For many years of using technology, many users do not look inside their system unit and do not suspect what anarchy reigns there. A lot of wires entangled with each other, covered with dust, and sometimes cobwebs. All of this will naturally affect the work. To make it easier for myself in the future, I recommend that after purchasing, inspect the system unit, switch the wires and try to lay them as evenly as possible. Subsequently, this will avoid breakdowns.

While switching wires and checking the connection, it will not be superfluous to inspect the motherboard. There are many elements on it and an unprepared user will hardly find a problem himself. But it is quite possible to notice minor defects. We are talking about burnt out resistors. These are small protruding parts. Most often they are in the shape of a cylinder, they can be of a variety of colors. black, green, red. A burnt out transistor will be black and with traces of carbon deposits. The second sign of its failure is swelling. You shouldn’t change them yourself, but this is a sign that it’s time to take the PC to the service center.


Why might the monitor deteriorate? often this is a physical effect. a shock, increased moisture, sunlight hitting the matrix. Sometimes a power surge or network noise can damage your device. I recommend all users to connect the monitor to the mains through a surge protector. This is a good defense. There is a nuance here. Sometimes an extension cord is used instead of a surge protector. When connecting different devices to it, noise may occur, which causes image distortion. In this case, we check the monitor by connecting it to the network separately. If this does not help, then we refer it to a friend. This is the easiest way to eliminate damage to your monitor and start checking the rest of your computer.

Checking the monitor matrix

Above I mentioned that the appearance of stripes is often the result of hardware failure. But sometimes the nuances lie in the setting. First, you should try resetting the monitor settings to factory settings. This is very easy to do. On the body of the device there are buttons that allow you to change the gamma, brightness, contrast. There is always a factory reset button among them. With its help, the monitor returns to factory settings.

To understand the correct operation of the monitor itself, it will not be superfluous to check the integrity of the matrix and the presence of hidden factory defects. This is a trick that sellers often use to sell services to customers. It all sounds tricky and complicated, but in fact it is done easily.

There are several ways:

  • using a special program;
  • video launch;
  • Microsoft tools.

Option 1. download special software to a USB flash drive and run it on a PC. There are a lot of programs, they take up little space, and they are quite easy to use.

Popular utilities include:

  • nokia monitor test;
  • eizo monitortest;
  • passmark monitortest.

These tools will allow you not only to identify the broken pixel, but also to check the matrix for color transitions and contrast. In general, the test is to drive the device to fill with one color. The broken pixel will be highlighted in a different color. Special gradation images help you determine if colors are displayed correctly.

Option 2. go to youtube and enter the query “matrix test” into the search. The principle is SIMilar, only you don’t need to download anything. We just start the video, expand it to full screen, remove all unnecessary elements and look carefully.

Option 3. in the OS settings there are special items that allow you to customize your desktop. Among other things, you can choose a background here. The verification process is reduced to removing all elements from the desktop, the taskbar and sequentially filling it with one color. In other words, this is a variation of the first option, you just have to dig a little in the settings. I do not recommend using this method, because it is the longest. Suitable if there is no Internet and special utilities.

For those who all decide to turn to this method, the sequence of actions is below:

  • Personalization. Options.
  • Background. Solid Color. Complementary Color.
  • You need to choose alternately white, gray, black, green, red, blue colors. It is on them that the pixels are noticeable.
  • Go back to the Personalization menu and go to the Taskbar.
  • Select “Automatically hide the panel on the desktop”. Now she will hide off the screen on her own. To put it back in place, just move the cursor down.
  • The last point. Right click on the table and go to the “View” item. At the bottom we mark “display desktop icons”.
  • After completing these steps, nothing will remain on the desktop except the selected color. The action must be repeated for each of the above colors.

Video card

The second node, which is responsible for displaying the image on the screen, is the video card. It processes the incoming data and forms a picture. Like any device, it can burn out or deteriorate. In addition, it is susceptible to heat, clogging and other unpleasant phenomena. Diagnostics of a video card consists in cleaning it from dust, checking the cooler’s operation, and lubricating it if necessary. It is also important to check the integrity of the connection wires. Often the reason lies in them. A system unit accidentally hit with a foot, wires coming out of the connector. that’s the image distortion.

If this does not help, all the wires are intact, the card does not heat up and is not dirty, then we repeat the previous point. He removes the video card and again go to visit a friend. The video card is working. So we are looking for the problem further.

Why stripes appear

A monitor is a means for displaying images on a display. It is closely related to various computer components. Sometimes multi-colored stripes are the result of a driver malfunction or a failure due to a virus. But software problems are rarely the root cause. often the reason is the incorrect connection of the PC nodes or the negative influence of one of them on the other.

Before starting diagnostics, it is worth checking what kind of defects on the screen. If the picture is SIMply warped or colors are inverted, then the likely cause is in the driver. Updating it is a SIMple task. It is best to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. In the case when the screen is divided into stripes or disintegrates into pixels, then the reason is clearly in the hardware, and not in the software. Not all users know what to do in this case. Many people blame the graphics card, but that may not be the question. Loose wires, overheating, dust are all possible sources of streaking. Therefore, first of all, I recommend disconnecting the computer from the network and starting sequential diagnostics of each element.

Setting up

If the stripes are faintly visible on the screen, and they rather resemble incorrect display of colors, then you can try to correct this by adjusting. There are a number of special programs that allow you to achieve the most accurate color display.

  • Adobe Gamma. As the name suggests, this is the brainchild of a well-known company that gave the world Photoshop. Once the utility was part of the main software, but later it was undeservedly removed, since it was created for CRT monitors. People who work with photography and images in general believe that it is quite applicable to modern devices. over, it is one of the best.
  • Power Strip. The utility is good because it works with a whole list of video cards and gives you access to many settings. In it, you can adjust not only the color, but the clock frequency of the monitor and other important parameters.

The appearance of stripes on the screen is not a reason to buy a new monitor, video card or system unit. You can often fix a defect yourself, and I hope this article will help you do it.

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