A stripe appeared on the computer monitor what to do

What to do with a faulty motherboard or video card?

In the event of a faulty motherboard or integrated video card, the laptop will have to be sent for repair. This is not a cheap pleasure, so be sure to ask for an agreement on the price of the repair.

If the video chip is faulty, you may be offered three options for “treatment”:

  • Warming up the chip is the cheapest option, but with it there is no guarantee that it will help, moreover, the malfunction may then arise again.
  • Reballing a chip is a more expensive method, but if the chip is faulty, this option gives 99% of a successful outcome.
  • Complete replacement of the chip is also 99% successful, but this option is much more expensive than reballing, and it is not a fact that replacing the chip is so necessary.

Important! The motherboard could be damaged due to overheating, oxidation of the contacts, or it could rust slightly from, for example, spilled coffee. The repair options are the same as for the video card, plus some additional measures.

If the problem turns out to be global, and besides, your computer model is already outdated, it makes sense to think about buying a new one. Here we offer the following reviews to help you:

What to do with a failed loop?

So, what to do if the problem is caused by a broken cable?

  • Return to the service center.
  • Look on the Internet or on the market for the same cable, for the same matrix model, but this is unlikely, due to the wide range of names.
  • Try to repair the old train. To do this, you will need a soldering iron, MGTF wire, an ordinary tester and the skills of an electronics engineer. The essence of the repair is to find a broken loop conductor using a tester, and then replace it with a new one. New MGTF wiring should be thrown on top of the old one and soldered at both ends.

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How can you visually determine the cause of the malfunction?

The mobile computer matrix needs to be replaced if:

  • Vertical stripes appear and disappear when the screen is twisted and curved, but everything is fine on the external monitor.
  • Only one side of the screen works, while the other is completely white or with other artifacts (or a wide white stripe in any part of the matrix).
  • There is a characteristic ripple on the screen.
  • Multi-colored stripes are present on the screen.
  • When bending the matrix, the picture is blurred.
  • All colors are displayed in negative, i.e. black in white and white in black.
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Important! Repair or replacement of the matrix is ​​needed if there are many different colored lines on the screen or the image ripples, stripes and flickers, but when the laptop lid moves, the picture changes. At the same time, the external monitor works without problems.

Compared to a personal computer, on laptops it is much more difficult to understand why a vertical stripe appeared on the monitor, how to remove it, since almost the entire structure is one whole. This is a very frustrating problem. It seems that you do not use a laptop all the time, and you handle it with care, but the problem still arises. Let’s find out the reasons for its occurrence, as well as ways to deal with it.

Causes of streaking on the screen

Stripes (including multi-colored ones) on the laptop screen can appear for various reasons:

  • Damage (poor contact, break) of the loop from the matrix to the device board.
  • Failure of the matrix itself (only replacement will help here).
  • Defective video card (sometimes repair or replacement of the video card is possible).
  • Defective motherboard (often due to overheating of components).

The forecast is disappointing: in almost all cases, repairs are required at a service center. At home, you can only replace the video card, and then. if it is not built-in. Some “Kulibins” may try to replace the matrix or loop with their own hands, but at the same time, Honor has a lot of nuances, which we will talk about below. In any case, you will need to pick up the failed components, and we talked about them in detail in the article “Assembling a laptop is a simple matter”.

Important! On your own, you can only remove the video card driver, and then reinstall it, although this is unlikely to help.

Finding the cause of the malfunction

Before removing vertical stripes on a computer or laptop monitor, first you need to try to determine the cause of the malfunction by eye:

  • For the initial diagnosis of the cause of the stripes on the laptop screen, you need a regular monitor, which should be connected to the laptop. If the image on this monitor is excellent, without artifacts and stripes, then the problem lies in the loop or matrix. If the monitor also has stripes, then you will have to repair or replace the video card or motherboard.
  • Testing the response of the matrix to physical impact: try with both hands, how to bend and twist the screen, and also try to slightly press on it with your finger. of course, without fanaticism. If the stripes change, it means that the loop or the matrix is ​​faulty.
  • Pay attention to whether the stripes disappear or change when you open and close the laptop lid. Try it fast and slow. Changes in any direction indicate a malfunction of the matrix loop.
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Important! Honor says that stripes and dead pixels are completely different problems. Therefore, if you have a similar phenomenon, read our separate review about colored and black spots on the monitor and how to eliminate them.

Colored stripes on the monitor screen

Colored stripes on the monitor are one of the most common signs of a device malfunction. They appear, as a rule, immediately after turning on the PC and look different:

  • Red, blue or green stripes appeared on the monitor screen, located horizontally or vertically and occupying the entire surface of the screen or individual rectangular areas. As a rule, the image in these places is distorted.
  • Thin gray stripes are visible on the monitor.
  • A wide white stripe appears, occupying more than half of the total area on the monitor.

These are the most common cases of a monitor malfunction, which can have many more combinations and variations. However, the color stripes themselves on the monitor are a serious reason to think about repairs, because even barely noticeable stripes are harbingers of a major breakdown that can completely disable the monitor.

What to do if color bars appear on the monitor?

Usually, the appearance of stripes on the screen is associated with a breakdown of the video card or an incorrectly working driver. However, if all the components of the PC system unit are known to be in good working order, then we are talking about a serious problem in the device of the monitor itself, which cannot be eliminated without the help of a specialist.

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Most often, artifacts in the form of colored stripes on the screen are caused by the direct breakdown of the monitor matrix. This may be the result of a power surge, mechanical damage, or ordinary wear and tear. In this case, the problem is solved by replacing the matrix.

The loop connecting the matrix and the video controller on the control board, or the electrodes supplying the pixels of the screen, may also fail. Colored stripes often appear on the monitor screen when the video signal is poor due to dusty or damaged contacts.

Below are some typical cases associated with colored stripes on the monitor screen and possible reasons for their appearance. Please note that the description of the problem does not take into account the performance of the video card. It should also be remembered that the described malfunctions are not the only possible ones.

Reasons for the appearance of stripes

Rectangular patches consisting of clusters of short, thin vertical or horizontal stripes in red or green.

Perhaps the video signal contacts are dusty or damaged, the tracks on the control board are peeled off, the video controller cable or VGA wire is damaged.

Wide white stripe covering one third or more of the screen surface.

Most likely, the matrix is ​​out of order. Replacement required.

Equally spaced yellow vertical stripes across the entire screen.

If the problem periodically disappears and appears, the matrix decoder conductors may be peeling.

Wide purple or pink stripe on the monitor.

The matrix controller is probably faulty. Often, the problem is observed with new monitors and may be the result of a factory defect.

Thin vertical stripes in blue or light blue.

Possible damage to one of the loop contacts or the video controller tap-off.

Light stripes with flickering that are barely visible on the screen.

The problem may be due to a faulty VGA wire or a poor-quality surge protector powering the monitor.