A stripe appeared on the screen of the Honor phone


Hourglass speaks of the included timer or stopwatch.

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A star in a circle in the left corner

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The “star in a circle” in the left corner of the screen means. that the “Important” notifications mode is enabled. It is needed so that you are not distracted by different notifications. but only those received. which are important to you. Depending on the settings, only selected contacts will be able to reach you.

To remove the “Star”, press the volume up or down. the volume swing will appear. as well as buttons for selecting the operating mode of the phone. select “All” and then it will disappear.

  • go to phone settings;
  • select “Sounds and notifications”;
  • further “Alert modes”;
  • after, we adjust the mode for ourselves.

If, after the actions taken, the problem is not resolved. then the appearance of the mysterious “Stars in a circle” is associated with the Yandex browser.

To turn it off. follow the instructions:

  • open “Settings” in the Yandex browser;
  • go to “Notifications”;
  • click “Disable” Yandex notifications.

Tab on the message icon

The tab on the message icon indicates the receipt of an SMS. If the label is on the messenger, it means that they wrote to you, check the notification.


The picture notifies about the open camera. You probably launched the application and minimized, which caused the icon to appear on the top line. But, also this image will pop up when launching third-party programs for shooting. Let’s say the software for creating filters for photos is open. PicBeauty, B612, etc.

Gallery icon

The gallery symbol will appear if you’ve downloaded an image from your browser. Pulling out the top curtain and clicking on the notification, the system will transfer you to the downloaded file.

Arrow speedometer icon

When you open the navigation program. Google Maps or another application for tracking the location and viewing the route, you will notice the speedometer icon with an arrow. That is, at the moment the smartphone is using navigation systems and notifies you about it.

Access point

The picture of the access point depends on which connection you are using. When connected to Wi-Fi, you will notice a corresponding image. Please note that the presence of this symbol does not guarantee online operation. This alert indicates a connection to an access point. If the transmitted module is not connected to the Internet, then you will not be able to use the online.

What to do if stripes, spots appear on the mobile screen?

The algorithm of actions when screen defects appear is always standard:

First, first, copy all the important information to another medium.
The appearance of screen defects can be the first harbinger of its imminent failure, after which you will not be able to save the necessary information. And if the screen does not fail completely, then you may have to hand over the phone for repair, and personal information may be “lost” there.

Second, turn off your phone.
Let the device lie down in a dry and warm place, as a possible reason for the appearance of spots or stripes on the screen is banal condensation.

Third, check your phone for viruses.
Malware may have caused the screen defect.

Fourth, update all application versions and Android (iOS) itself.
Thus, we will exclude the possibility of a screen defect due to software.

Fifth, reset your phone to factory settings.
Hard Reset can with 100% probability eliminate the appearance of streaks and smears on the display due to software errors.
For instructions on how to perform a reset, see

If all else fails. take the phone to the service, to the specialists, especially if the device is under warranty, do not be afraid.
For example, I came across phones with defective displays, which showed their defect only after 5-7 months of using the phone.

Types of phone screen defects

There are not so many main types of display defects in the phone display:

  • Stripes of different colors (white, yellow, purple, pink).
  • Spots (yellow, purple, purple, black).
  • Dots (blue, black).
  • Streaks or distortions in the image.

How to remove streaks or stains from your phone display yourself?

Yes, in some cases this is possible, but only if the appearance of screen defects is caused by a software malfunction. For example, you can use the dr.Web application to search for malware on your phone.

It is also worth trying applications for “curing” dead pixels, such as: Pixel Fixer, Healing dead pixels and phantoms, TouchScreenDeadPixels.

If moisture gets into the phone case, which caused a screen defect, a simple drying of the phone (in the disconnected form) in rice or on a warm battery can help.

If the problem lies in the “hardware” of the phone. without a complete analysis of the device and the use of special tools, you cannot fix the breakdown.

Why are streaks or spots appearing on the screen??

Usually, the reasons for phone display problems vary greatly from model to model. For example, if the reason for the appearance of screen defects in cheap phones is a break in contacts, then for expensive phones the most common reason is a matrix defect and / or overheating.

The main reasons why displays fail:

  • Overheat.
  • Cracks in the matrix and / or glass.
  • Contact with moisture or condensation.
  • Failure in software.
  • Physical Impact: Pinching / Falling / Crushing.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Viruses.
  • Wear of some components.
  • Contact group problems.

Screen defects on my Xiaomi phones

Personally, over the past 7 months, I’ve seen screen defects on 2 different brand new phones from Xiaomi.

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On the first Xiaomi Pocophone f1 phone with an IPS matrix, after six months of use, yellow spots (stains) appeared on the right edge of the display, for more details, see

PS: Xiaomi Pocophone f1 display was replaced under warranty.

On the second Xiaomi mi9t pro phone with an AMOLED matrix, after 5 months of use, purple dots first appeared on the display, an hour later a vertical stripe, then the second and third, after which the screen went out and I handed the phone in for repair.

The chronology of events looked like this:
First, dark purple spots began to appear at the bottom of the phone screen. I thought that my screen just got dirty, but this turned out to be not at all the case.

The number of dark purple dots grew rapidly, literally every hour their number doubled, they formed spots and spread all over the screen. Already 2 hours after the appearance of the first dots, a bright stripe appeared on the screen, piercing the screen from top to bottom.

Everything looked something like this: After another 30 minutes, a second similar strip appeared, and then a third, after which the screen went out and no longer showed signs of life, but the phone worked, its touchpad worked, too, I could blindly pick up the phone with incoming calls and my previously set alarms rang.

I had a hope that the phone would lie down and work the next day, but it did not come true.
The next day, the display did not work, but I noticed at the bottom of the display, where dark purple dots began to appear, barely noticeable stains, under the glass. They were very faintly noticeable, but they could be seen if you looked closely.

As a result of several hours of googling and reading hundreds of pages of specialized forums, I realized that amoled matrix leaked in my phone and the only way to make the display work is to replace it, and this is a common problem in many phones with amoled displays.

By the way, on the forums, they mainly wrote about problems with phones from Samsung, but I think this is due to the large sales of devices from this company.

By the way, I managed to capture the appearance of purple dots on the display on

The above-mentioned phones of mine have not been in the water, I have not dropped them and there was no damage on them, except for minor scratches. Perhaps the reason was overheating, but I did not leave the phones in the open sun, and my phones hardly saw the heat above 25 degrees. Yes, I played a lot of resource-intensive toys, but I never allowed my phones to heat up too much, and Xiaomi Mi 9t pro cannot be called a hot phone, although the same pocophone f1 warmed up much more strongly.

By the way, replacing the amoled matrix with Mi 9t pro costs around 10 thousand rubles. this is 150 third of the cost of the phone, which is many times more expensive than replacing the IPS matrix in my previous phone Xiaomi Pocophone f1.

How to remove streaks and stains on your phone screen

The appearance of a black spot or stripes on the phone screen is a very unpleasant event that greatly upsets and spoils the mood. In this article, we will understand the reasons for the appearance of various defects in amoled and IPS screens and how to eliminate them.

Some time after buying a phone, some users have screen defects (spots, stripes, etc.).

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Yellow vertical stripe on the monitor

To determine the cause of the failure, you need to do some manipulation. If a vertical stripe appears on the LCD monitor, then disconnect it from the system unit and connect it to the network. If the band has disappeared, there is a problem with the video card, so it is necessary to check the cooling system and install new drivers. If the stripes remain, then the defect is more likely to be related to the display. When a vertical yellow stripe or other shade appears on the monitor, you should look for swollen capacitors on the video card and replace them.

Vertical red bar on the monitor screen

There are users who complain that distortions appear on the screen from time to time. If you are interested in why vertical red stripes appear on the monitor, then you should know that often the whole point is in poor contact of the matrix cable. Rarely, a problem can be triggered by burning elements. Areas of rectangular shape, consisting of vertical stripes, are a signal of dustiness or damage to the cable connectors. Other reasons: the track on the control board is peeled off or the video controller cable or VGA wire is damaged.

Vertical pink stripe on the monitor

In most cases, colored stripes on the screen are associated with a breakdown of the monitor matrix. This can happen as a result of failures in the power supply system, falls, shocks and other similar influences or wear of parts. If a vertical stripe appears on the monitor, which is painted in pink or purple, then this more often than usual indicates a malfunction of the scaler. The appearance of such a defect can also be observed on new monitors, but it’s all a factory defect.

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A vertical bar appears on the monitor. who is the culprit of the breakdown?

A vertical stripe appears on the monitor. common problem. It can be provoked by various reasons, which can be detected by carrying out some manipulations. It is worth considering the color of the strip, which can be black, white or colored.

Vertical blue stripes on the monitor

After a long game, when the equipment overheats or the video card is worn out, many users notice that vertical blue stripes have appeared on the monitor screen. In this case, if the warranty remains, then the video card should be replaced. There is another reason for the appearance of vertical blue or blue stripes. possible damage to one of the contacts of the matrix cable or delamination of the video processor solder balls from the BGA substrate due to overheating.

Vertical white stripe on the monitor

White, like any other color of the stripes, often indicates problems in the operation of the matrix. If, with a slight pressure or other influences on this part, the interference disappears and reappears, then this indicates the need to replace the part, since it has already failed. When vertical stripes appear on the computer screen, which are barely noticeable and flicker, then this may be due to a malfunction of the VGA wire or the power filter supplying the monitor.

Why do vertical stripes appear on the monitor screen??

To get a picture on the display, you need a graphics chip, which is placed separately on the video card or integrated into the central processor. Information from it is transmitted through a loop to the screen, and the motherboard controls the system. Based on this, we can identify the reasons why vertical stripes appear on the monitor:

  • Rarely is the problem with the motherboard malfunctioning, as this part is virtually unaffected by damage. The board breaks down more often due to existing defects, after short circuits, power surges and other problems. In addition, it is worth noting that when the motherboard breaks down, only stripes rarely appear, since other failures are also observed.
  • If vertical stripes appear on the monitor, then often the reason lies in the video card, the breakdown of which is associated with degradation of the chip crystal due to overheating.
  • To transfer images in laptops, a flat cable or cable is used that is connected to the motherboard and to the display. If this part is pinched or damaged, streaks appear on the monitor.
  • The most common cause concerns matrix malfunctions. It should be borne in mind that the screen on a laptop is very fragile and if you close the device inaccurately, you can damage the matrix.
  • Rarely, but stripes may appear on the monitor due to drivers, so the first thing to do when stripes appear is to reinstall the “firewood”.

Screen Spot Removal Software

Most users no longer puzzle over how to remove white and yellow spots on the phone screen, they just have already installed a special application. Dead pixel detect fix. This program can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

This application checks the phone at the time of purchase for suspicious spots on the screen. If the stain appears while using the gadget, then install the application, launch it, select the “Fix” setting. Then put the phone on charge and wait for the morning. In the morning, all screen defects will disappear.

Mobile phone rules

In order for your new smartphone to serve you for many years, try to follow these simple rules for using the gadget.

  • Case. It’s best to get waterproof protective covers for your phone. The case will prevent liquid from spilling onto the case and screen of the device, as well as protect against chips and scratches.
  • Protective film or shockproof glass. protect against mechanical damage and scratches on the screen.
  • You cannot carry a mobile phone with keys and small change, they can easily scratch the case and screen, especially if they are not protected in any way.
  • Temperature conditions. Any gadget does not like cold, at low temperatures it quickly discharges and even reboots. If the gadget is discharged in the cold, when you come home, leave it to warm up, and then put it on charge. If you start charging the phone immediately, then condensation will appear on the smartphone’s microcircuit, which can lead to a short circuit and damage to the device.

All of the above simple tips can extend the “life” of a mobile device.

Yellow spot on a smartphone screen. how to remove?

Over time, white and yellow spots may appear on the display on your tablet or phone. This problem is common only among budget gadgets. After purchasing a mobile device, spots may appear after 6 months, those who have encountered such a problem are looking for an answer to the question: how to remove a yellow spot on a smartphone screen? You will find the answer below, we will try to solve your problem and help you find the reasons for its occurrence.

5 Rules for cleaning touch screens in smartphones

The following recommendations will help the smartphone owner to clean the sensor correctly and without damaging the working mechanisms.

Remember that malfunctions with the smartphone screen are often provoked by non-observance of operating techniques.

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Before starting active use, be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the device.

Why the smartphone screen turns yellow

  • Regular overheating of the gadget. Often the phones of gamers are susceptible to this, which can play when the smartphone is charging. At the same time, the battery and the display warm up to 60. 70 degrees, the matrix is ​​damaged (more precisely, it “burns out” the adhesive between the matrix and the sensor film).
  • Mechanical damage to the display. Often a malfunction occurs in those who carry the phone in their along with keys and coins. Strong pressure on the screen will damage the matrix and create dark spots. Dropping a gadget for a defect to appear is not at all necessary.
  • If moisture or other liquid gets into the display area, one drop is enough, so it is recommended to wear smartphones in flip cases. Laptop screens are subject to a similar defect for the same reason.

The phone screen turned yellow. why and what to do

Yellowness on the smartphone screen appears after 0.5. 1 year from the date of purchase of the device. The main reasons for this: mechanical damage to the display, periodic overheating, due to which the adhesive composition between the sensor film and the screen itself acquires the same yellowish tint. Sometimes such a defect occurs in only one place. Is this breakdown subject to repair, what is the reason for its appearance? And is it a warranty case?

Die crack

A defect that accompanies 4 falls out of 10. After a fall, red, black or white stripes appear on the display, and this happens when the integrity of the glass or matrix is ​​violated. Cracks can be detected visually or by touch.

The only solution in this case is to change the screen. Unfortunately, the cost of such a part, especially when it comes to a module, is quite high.

Increased load on the system

In the event that defects appear from time to time and are accompanied by problems with the normal operation of the software. In this case, we can talk about overheating of the video chip or processor. In this case, the running application may stop and vertical stripes will appear.

Getting wet

If the reason lies in the wetting of the gadget (which happens after the smartphone gets into a puddle, shower or raindrops), the first thing to do is to turn off the device. Then you need to pull out the battery, remove the case and dry the parts properly.

Lost contact

The most likely reason is a violation of the loop contact. This happens due to a fall or impact, and there may be no visual damage on the display. And the train leaves when shaken and jolted.

In order to fix the problem yourself, it is enough to press on the cable and drive it into the connector. But at the same time, you need to be careful when disassembling the gadget. Neighboring connections and other elements should not be touched or disturbed in any other way. It is also worth remembering that disassembling the gadget with your own hands will automatically void the warranty.

The cable itself may be damaged, and then the part must be replaced. It won’t take a lot of time and money.

Software crash on the phone

Sometimes, in rare cases, stripes or ripples on the screen of the gadget may appear due to bugs and software failures. In this case, colored spots uncharacteristic for a gadget may appear on the display, or images overlap.

Such defects most often appear after the appearance of a virus, after incorrect installation of the software, or after an incorrect update of the current firmware.

Stripes and their causes

The appearance of stripes is a common type of breakdown, therefore it is important to know what exactly are the reasons for the appearance of the defect and how to solve the problem. The most common reasons include:

  • Problem with contacts inside the smartphone;
  • Crack on the matrix itself;
  • Failure in software running;
  • Increased load on the system;
  • Getting wet.

Having identified the cause and eliminating it, the user will be able to restore the normal operation of his gadget.

Stripes appeared on the phone screen. what to do

Even the most reliable models may sooner or later begin to break down and malfunction. One of the most common problems today is the appearance of stripes on the phone screen, lines are vertical, horizontal and colored. What to do if they appear and how to get rid of them?

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