A Vertical StrIPe Appears On The Computer Monitor

Finding the cause of the malfunction

Before removing vertical stripes on a computer or laptop monitor, first you need to try to determine the cause of the malfunction by eye:

  • For the initial diagnosis of the cause of stripes on the laptop screen, you need a regular monitor that you need to connect to the laptop. If the image on this monitor is excellent, without artifacts and stripes, then the problem lies in the loop or matrix. If the monitor also has stripes, then you will have to repair or replace the card or motherboard.
  • Testing the response of the matrix to physical impact: try with both hands, how to bend and twist the screen, and also try to slightly press on it with your finger. of course, without fanaticism. If the stripes change, then the loop or matrix is ​​faulty.
  • Pay attention to whether the stripes disappear or change when opening and closing the laptop lid. Try it fast and slow. Changes in any direction indicate a malfunction of the matrix loop.

Vertical stripe on the monitor. how to remove? What to do with a failed loop?

So, what to do if the problem is caused by a broken cable?

  • Return to the service center.
  • Look on the Internet or on the market for the same cable, for the same matrix model, but this is unlikely, due to the wide range of names.
  • Try to repair the old train. To do this, you will need a soldering iron, MGTF wire, an ordinary tester and electronics skills. The essence of the repair is to find a broken loop conductor using a tester, and then replace it with a new one. New MGTF wiring should be thrown on top of the old one and solder from both ends.

What to do with a faulty motherboard or card?

In the event of a faulty motherboard or integrated card, the laptop will have to be sent for repair. This is not a cheap pleasure, so be sure to ask for an agreement on the price of the repair.

If the chip is faulty, you may be offered three options “treatment”:

  • Warming up the chip. The cheapest option, but with it there is a guarantee that it will help, moreover, the malfunction may then arise again.
  • Reballing the chip is a more expensive method, but if the chip is faulty, this option gives 99% of a successful outcome.
  • Complete replacement of the chip is also 99% successful, but this option is much more expensive than reballing, and it is not a fact that replacing the chip is so necessary.

If the problem turned out to be global, and besides, your computer model is already outdated, it makes sense to think about buying a new one. Here we offer the following reviews to help you:

  • Causes of streaking on the screen
  • Finding the cause of the malfunction
  • How can you visually determine the cause of the malfunction?
  • What to do with a failed loop?
  • What to do with a faulty motherboard or card?
  • material

Compared to a personal computer, on laptops, it is much more difficult to understand why a vertical stripe appeared on the monitor, how to remove it, since almost the entire structure is one whole. This is a very frustrating problem. It seems that you do not use a laptop all the time, and you handle it with care, but the problem still arises. Let’s find out the reasons for its occurrence, as well as ways to deal with it.

Causes of streaking on the screen

Stripes (including multi-colored ones) on the laptop screen can appear for various reasons:

  • Damage (poor contact, break) of the loop from the matrix to the device board.
  • Failure of the matrix itself (only replacement will help here).
  • Defective card (sometimes repair or replacement of the card is possible).
  • Defective motherboard (often due to overheating of components).

The forecast is disappointing: in almost all cases, repairs are required at a service center. At home, you can only replace the card, and then. if it is NOT built-in. Selected “Kulibins” can try to replace the matrix or loop with their own hands, but at the same time it is worth considering many nuances, in which we will talk below. In any case, you will need to pick up the failed components, and we described everything in detail in the article “Assembling a laptop is a simple matter”.

How can you visually determine the cause of the malfunction?

The mobile computer matrix needs to be replaced if:

  • Vertical stripes appear and disappear when the screen is twisted and curved, but everything is fine on the external monitor.
  • Only one side of the screen works, while the other is completely white or with other artifacts (or a wide white stripe in any part of the matrix).
  • There is a characteristic ripple on the screen.
  • Multi-colored stripes are present on the screen.
  • When bending the matrix, the picture is blurred.
  • All colors are displayed in negative, that is, black in white and white in black.


Thus, in this article we examined the question of how to remove stripes on a computer monitor. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal and colored: red, green, white, blue, black. Such a problem is not uncommon, so it is advisable for every laptop user to know why it can arise and why, as well as how to fix it.

Causes of vertical stripes on a laptop screen

Banding or clutter on the screen is a common breakdown that can progress over time and occupy a larger area on the screen. Such stripes interfere with the color rendering and perception of text, distract from work or when viewing photos and.

  • Overheating or complete breakdown of the card is one of the most common reasons. Usually, with this phenomenon, the stripes on the monitor are multi-colored, ripples and breaks of straight lines often appear. In the case of overheating of the card, distortions appear at the initial stage of loading the laptop when it is turned on. Over time, the screen may stop working completely;
  • Problems with the motherboard. the problem is quite rare and requires specialist intervention. Usually, when the board malfunctions, all laptop systems are damaged, but there are cases when failures affect only the elements responsible for displaying the image;
  • Damage or malfunction in the operation of the loop. an element that transmits a signal from the main process to the laptop monitor. The loop from the motherboard goes directly to the display. Along its length, it can be damaged, pinched, or melted. Stripes on the screen can also appear as a result of poor contact at the points of connection of the loop with other system elements;
  • Breakdown of the monitor matrix. The screen of portable devices is particularly fragile; even an equally careless abrupt closing can lead to malfunction of the matrix and the appearance of stripes;
  • Driver and software problems.
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Vertical stripe on laptop screen

A laptop differs from a computer in greater portability, convenient size and the absence of the need to connect other devices to it for everyday use. But finding the cause and fixing the breakdown is more difficult than on a computer due to the characteristics of the device. Both the monitor and all system elements are closely related to each other, and the presumable causes of almost identical problems in most cases are several.

How to get rid of stripes

If the stripes on the monitor make it difficult to work or their number and size grows, it is worth contacting an experienced technician for professional diagnostics and repair. But with the breakdowns described above, repairs will be quite expensive. In order not to become a victim of unscrupulous craftsmen and to save your budget, it will not be superfluous to try to diagnose yourself.

In order to immediately eliminate the malfunction of the matrix or loop, you can connect an external monitor to the laptop. If the image is displayed on it without interference, then most likely the problem is different. You can also try to press on the screen or gently try to kick it out, or close and open the laptop at different speeds.

If, when connecting an external monitor, the same stripes appear on it as on the laptop screen, then the problem goes deeper and is associated with the card or motherboard. To solve such a problem, you need to have the skills and experience in repairing such devices. Otherwise, there is a risk only to aggravate the situation.

Yellow vertical stripe on the monitor

To determine the cause of the failure, you need to do some manipulation. If a vertical stripe appears on the LCD monitor, then disconnect it from the system unit and connect to the network. If the stripe disappears, there is a problem with the card, so you need to check the cooling system and install new drivers. If the stripes remain, then the defect is more likely related to the display. When a vertical stripe of yellow or a second tint appears on the monitor, you should see if there are swollen capacitors on the card and replace them.

A vertical bar appears on the monitor. who is the culprit of the breakdown?

A vertical stripe appears on the monitor. common problem. It can be provoked by various reasons, which can be detected by carrying out some manipulations. The color of the strip should be taken into account, which can be black, white or colored.

Vertical white stripe on the monitor

White, like any other color of the stripes, often indicates problems in the operation of the matrix. If, with a slight pressure or other influences on this part, the interference disappears and reappears, then this indicates the need to replace the part, since it has already failed. When vertical stripes appear on the computer monitor screen, which are barely noticeable and flicker, then this may be due to a malfunction of the VGA wire or power strip supplying the monitor.

A Vertical StrIPe Appears On The Computer Monitor

Vertical blue stripes on the monitor

After a long game, when the equipment overheats or the card is worn out, many users notice that vertical blue stripes have appeared on the monitor screen. In this case, if the warranty remains, the card should be replaced. There is another reason that vertical blue or blue stripes have appeared. Possible damage to one of the contacts of the matrix cable or delamination of processor solder balls from the BGA substrate due to overheating.

Vertical pink stripe on the monitor

In most cases, colored stripes on the screen are associated with a breakdown of the monitor matrix. This can happen as a result of failures in the power supply system, falls, shocks and other similar influences or wear of parts. If a vertical stripe appears on the monitor, which is painted in pink or purple, then this more often than usual indicates a malfunction of the scaler. The appearance of such a defect can also be observed on new monitors, but it’s all a factory defect.

Why do vertical stripes appear on the monitor screen??

To get a picture on the display, you need a graphics chip, which is placed separately on the card or integrated into the central processor. Information from it is transmitted through a loop to the screen, and the motherboard controls the system. Based on this, we can identify the reasons why vertical stripes appear on the monitor:

  • Rarely is the problem with the motherboard malfunctioning as this part is virtually NOT prone to damage. The board fails more often due to existing defects, after short circuits, power surges and other problems. In addition, it should be noted that when the motherboard breaks down, only stripes rarely appear, since other failures are also observed.
  • If vertical stripes appear on the monitor, then often the reason lies in the card, the breakdowns of which are associated with degradation of the chip crystal due to overheating.
  • To transfer images in laptops, a ribbon or cable is used that is connected to the motherboard and to the display. If this part is pinched or damaged, streaks appear on the monitor.
  • The most common cause concerns matrix malfunctions. It should be borne in mind that the screen on a laptop is very fragile and if you close the device inaccurately, you can damage the matrix.
  • Rarely, but stripes appear on the monitor due to drivers, so the first thing to do when stripes appear is to reinstall the “firewood”.

Black vertical stripe on the monitor. Vertical red bar on the monitor screen

There are users who complain that distortions appear periodically on the screen. If you are interested in why vertical red stripes appear on the monitor, then you should know that often the whole point is in poor contact of the matrix cable. Rarely, a problem can be triggered by combustion of elements. Areas of rectangular shape, consisting of vertical stripes, are a signal of dustiness or damage to the cable connectors. Other reasons: there was a detachment of the track on the control board or the controller cable or VGA wire is damaged.

Vertical stripes appear on the monitor. what to do?

Actions when stripes are detected will be directly related to the premise that provoked the failure:

  • First, let’s see how to remove the vertical stripe on the monitor if the card is faulty. First, check the quality of the cooling system, for example, run a special program that determines the temperature. Let’s disassemble the computer and remove the accumulated dust and change the thermal paste. For Laptops Use a stand with extra fans.
  • If the problem appeared due to a faulty motherboard or cable, then it is better not to conduct experiments and DO NOT try to fix the breakdown on your own, so as not to aggravate the situation, so you took the monitor or computer to a service center for diagnostics.

A vertical bar appears on the monitor

Most of the breakdowns in the computer are due to such an element as a card. And today we will talk about why a vertical stripe appeared on the monitor, how to solve this malfunction.

A vertical bar appears on the monitor

In this article, you will find helpful tips to solve the problem when stripes appear on the monitor screen. Let’s analyze the main reasons.

Reason 4.

A large accumulation of dust on the card and its cooler heats it up noticeably, and in some cases disables it. In most cases, dusting the card will solve the problem. Remember, clean your computer as carefully as possible. For this, use a vacuum cleaner with reverse air supply. In addition, you can check the map on another computer.

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Reason 2.

We check the connected HDMI cable for operability. Remove it from the computer and monitor, reconnect it. If the problem is not resolved, go to the next point.

After several solutions, the problem with the stripe on the monitor screen is still not resolved? Moving on to card-related breakdowns.

A vertical stripe appeared on the monitor. what are the reasons? Reason 1.

Malfunction of the monitor or matrix. If you have the opportunity, connect the monitor to a second computer and check if it works, if the stripes remain, then the problem lies in the monitor itself.

Reason 3.

Overheating of equipment. cards. In order to find out if the stripes on the screen are associated with overheating, I recommend downloading a program for calculating the temperature in the PC hardware, for example. AIDA 64 check the indicators, if the norm is exceeded, then Turn off the computer, let the card cool down.

Reason 5.

A vertical stripe appears on the monitor, but have you tried all sorts of reasons and solutions? Most likely, the breakdown is associated with a motherboard error, more precisely, with a voltage drop. When removing the motherboard, it is possible to detect on it: swollen capacitors, blackening of contacts, etc. If you find any of the above on your motherboard, then by 95% you can be sure that the breakdown is connected with it. In this case, it is recommended to simply replace the motherboard.

Stripes on the monitor screen

Today we got acquainted with the reasons when a vertical stripe appeared on the monitor, and got acquainted with the current solutions to this problem.


Why might the monitor deteriorate? often this is a physical effect. a shock, increased moisture, sunlight hitting the matrix. Sometimes a power surge or network noise can damage the device. I recommend all users to connect the monitor to the mains through a surge protector. This is a good defense. There is a nuance here. Sometimes an extension cord is used instead of a surge protector. When connecting different devices to it, noise may occur, which cause image distortion. In this case, we check the monitor by connecting it to the network separately. If this does not help, then we refer it to another. This is the easiest way to eliminate damage to your monitor and start checking the rest of your computer.


The second node, which is responsible for displaying the image on the screen, is the map. It processes the incoming data and forms a picture. Like any device, it can burn out or deteriorate. In addition, it is susceptible to heat, clogging and other unpleasant phenomena. Diagnostics of the card consists in cleaning it from dust, checking the cooler’s operation, and lubricating it if necessary. It is also important to check the integrity of the connection wires. Often the reason lies in them. A system unit accidentally hit with a foot, wires coming out of the connector. that’s the image distortion.

If this does not help, all the wires are intact, the Card does not heat up and is NOT dirty, then we repeat the previous point. He removes the card and again we go to visit another. the card works. So we are looking for the problem further.

Checking the monitor matrix

I mentioned above that the appearance of stripes is often the result of a hardware failure. But sometimes the nuances lie in the setting. First you should try to reset the monitor settings to factory settings. This is very easy to do. There are buttons on the body of the device, which allow you to change the gamma, brightness, contrast. There is always a factory reset button among them. With its help, the monitor returns to factory settings.

To understand the correct operation of the monitor itself, it will not be superfluous to check the integrity of the matrix and the presence of hidden factory defects. Sellers often use this trick to sell services to clients. It all sounds tricky and complicated, but in fact it’s done easily.

There are several ways:

  • using a special program;
  • launch;
  • Microsoft tools.

Option 1. download special software to a USB flash drive and run it on a PC. There are a lot of programs, they take up little space, and they are quite easy to use.

Popular utilities include:

  • nokia monitor test;
  • eizo monitortest;
  • passmark monitortest.

These tools will allow you not only to identify the broken pixel, but also to check the matrix for color transition, contrast. In general, the check consists in driving the device to fill with one color. The dead pixel will be highlighted in a different color. Special gradation images help you determine if colors are displayed correctly.

Option 2. go to youtube and enter the query “matrix test” into the search. The principle is the same, only you don’t need to download anything. Just run it. We expand to full screen, remove all unnecessary elements and carefully look.

Option 3. in the OS settings there are special items that allow you to customize your desktop. Among other things, you can choose a background here. The verification process is reduced to removing all elements from the desktop, the taskbar and sequentially filling it with one color. In other words, this is a variation of the first option, you just have to dig a little in the settings. I do not recommend using this method, because it is the longest. Suitable if there is no Internet and Special utilities.

For those who all decide to turn to this method, the sequence of actions is below:

  • Personalization. Options.
  • Background. Solid Color. Complementary Color.
  • You need to choose alternately white, gray, black, green, red, blue colors. It is on them that the pixels are noticeable.
  • Go back to the Personalization menu and go to the Taskbar.
  • Select “Automatically hide the panel on the desktop”. Now she will hide off the screen on her own. To put it back in place, just move the cursor down.
  • The last point. Right click on the table and go to the “View” item. At the bottom we mark “display desktop icons”.
  • After performing THESE actions, nothing will remain on the desktop except for the selected color. The action must be repeated for each of the above colors.

Why stripes appear

A monitor is a means for displaying images on a screen. It is closely related to various computer components. Sometimes multi-colored stripes are the result of a driver malfunction or a failure due to a virus. But software problems are rarely the root cause. often the reason is the incorrect connection of the PC nodes or the negative impact of one of them on the other.

Before starting the diagnosis, it is worth checking what kind of defects on the screen. If the picture is simply warped or colors are inverted, then the likely cause is the driver. Updating it is a simple task. It is best to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. In the case when the screen is divided into stripes or disintegrates into pixels, then the reason is clearly in the hardware, and not in the software. Not all users know what to do in this case. Many exceptions map, but that may not be the issue. Loose wires, overheating, dust are all possible sources of streaking. Therefore, first of all, I recommend disconnecting the computer from the network and starting sequential diagnostics of each element.


Service employees often talk about the fact that most of the breakdowns are solved by checking or replacing the connection wires. It was said above that you need to check how the card is connected. However, it will hurt to consider loops that connect other components. What is the verification? We eliminate dust, check the reliability and correct connections, inspect the wires for black dots, bends and fractures. For many years of using technology, many users DO NOT look inside their system unit and DO NOT suspect what anarchy reigns there. A lot of wires entangled with each other, covered with dust, and sometimes cobwebs. All of this will naturally affect the work. To make it easier for myself in the future, I recommend that after purchase, inspect the system unit, switch the wires and try to lay them as evenly as possible. In the future, this will help to avoid breakdowns.

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While switching wires and checking connections It will not be superfluous to inspect the motherboard. There are many elements on it and an unprepared user will hardly find a problem himself. But it is quite possible to notice minor defects. It is about Burnt Resistors. These are small protruding parts. Most often they are in the shape of a cylinder, they can be of a variety of colors. black, green, red. A burnt out transistor will be black and with traces of carbon deposits. The second sign of its failure is swelling. You should not change them yourself, but this is a wake-up call to take the PC to the service center.

We remove the horizontal stripes on the monitor screen, which appeared suddenly. How? I tell

Good day, dear readers and subscribers of my blog! I, Rostislav, recommend the article for a full reading in order to solve my problems in this topic. A computer is a complex device where all the elements are subtly interconnected. NOT high-quality operation of one of the nodes can lead to equipment defects. In order for the equipment to serve for a long time, it is necessary not only to take care of it, but also to carry out diagnostics. This will allow timely identification of the malfunction. NOT every user will be able to do this on their own. Today I will tell you what to do if horizontal stripes appear on the monitor screen, how to remove it will be described below. It is NOT rare that the problem is caused by a technical breakdown, but it is encouraging by the fact that there is usually nothing critical in this, which means that it will cope on its own quite realistically.


If the stripes on the screen are faint, and they more closely resemble Incorrect display of colors, you can try to fix it by adjusting. There are a number of special programs that allow you to achieve the most accurate color display.

  • Adobe Gamma. As the name suggests, this is the brainchild of a well-known company, giving the world Photoshop. Once the utilities were part of the main software, but later they were undeservedly removed, since they were created for CRT monitors. People who work with photography and images in general believe that it is quite applicable to modern devices. over, it is one of the best.
  • Power StrIP. The utility is good because it works with a whole list of maps and gives you access to many settings. In it you can adjust Not only the color, but the clock frequency of the monitor and other important parameters.

The appearance of stripes on the screen is not a reason to buy a new monitor, card or system unit. You can often fix the defect yourself, and I hope this article will help you do it.

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Colored stripes on the monitor screen

Colored stripes on the monitor are one of the most common signs of a device malfunction. They usually appear immediately after turning on the PC and look different:

  • Multi-colored stripes of different widths, similar to the northern lights, which completely overlap the image on the monitor.
  • Vertical pink, purple, blue, or yellow stripes on the monitor screen that alternate with normal areas and are equally spaced.
  • Red, blue or green stripes appeared on the monitor screen, located horizontally or vertically and occupying the entire screen surface or individual rectangular areas. As a rule, the image in THESE places of distortion.
  • Thin gray stripes are visible on the monitor.
  • A wide white stripe appears, occupying more than half of the total area on the monitor.

These are the most common cases of monitor malfunction, which can have many more combinations and options. However, the color stripes themselves on the monitor are a serious reason to think about repairs, because even barely noticeable stripes are harbingers of a major breakdown that can completely disable the monitor.

What to do if color bars appear on the monitor?

Usually the appearance of stripes on the screen is due to a broken card or an incorrectly working driver. However, if all the components of the PC system unit are known to be in good working order, then we are talking about a serious problem in the device of the monitor itself, which cannot be eliminated without the help of a specialist.

Most often, artifacts in the form of colored stripes on the screen are caused by the direct breakdown of the monitor matrix. This may be the result of a power surge, mechanical damage or ordinary wear and tear. In this case, the problem is solved by replacing the matrix.

The loop connecting the matrix and the controller on the control board, or the electrodes supplying the screen pixels, may also fail. Often, color bars appear on the monitor screen when the signal is poor due to dusty or damaged contacts.

Listed below are some typical cases associated with colored stripes on the monitor screen and possible reasons for their appearance. Please note that the description of the problem does not take into account the operability of the card. It should also be remembered that the described malfunctions are NOT the only possible ones.

Reasons for the appearance of stripes

Rectangular patches consisting of clusters of short, thin vertical or horizontal stripes of red or green.

The signal contacts may be dusty or damaged, the tracks on the control board are peeled off, the controller cable or the VGA wire is damaged.

Wide white stripe covering one third or more of the screen surface.

Most likely, the matrix is ​​out of order. Replacement required.

Yellow vertical stripes equally spaced across the entire screen.

If the problem periodically disappears and appears, the matrix decoder conductors may be peeling.

Wide purple or pink stripe on the monitor.

The matrix controller is probably faulty. Often the problem is observed in new monitors and may be the result of a factory defect.

Thin vertical stripes in blue or cyan.

Possible damage to one of the loop contacts or the controller tap.

Light flickering stripes that are barely visible on the screen.

The problem may be due to a faulty VGA cable or a poor-quality power strip supplying the monitor.