After replacing the screen on the phone, the screen is dark

Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine. Phone display replacement. How we are working? Screen replacement in the AKC service

Before installing a new screen, AKC service workers will carry out a complete diagnosis of the device, after which they will accurately determine the breakdown. The cost of replacing an Apple display may differ from the same work with a Lenovo gadget, because different brands and the price of the screen will be different.

This work has its own specifics and difficulties, but thanks to the many years of experience of our employees, any phone will be repaired, for example, replacing a Samsung display will take only a couple of hours. In addition, qualified staff will advise the client to avoid further breakdowns.

Many smartphone users believe they are capable of replacing Lenovo’s display themselves. But, in order to save time and money, it is better to do a SIMilar procedure in the workshop. This also applies to the replacement of the display Htc, and other phones. The whole difficulty of such a repair lies in the correctness of detaching the broken screen. Therefore, if you have doubts about your own abilities to fix a cell breakdown, such as replacing a Huawei display, it is better to leave this work to professionals.

Why display replacement is required

Most often, the AKC service center is contacted with a display breakage problem. During use, any phone may need to replace this part. The screen may break due to a fall from a height, after which chips and cracks may appear on it. Also, the display is constantly exposed to external factors, which depend on how the user treats the gadget: carries it in his or puts it together with the keys in a bag, from which scuffs, microcracks and even chips appear on the surface of the cell.

AKS experts recommend contacting the service center if you notice that:

  • after the impact, the screen cracked or peeled off;
  • color stains, stripes are visible inside the display;
  • the screen does not light up when the phone is turned on;
  • after hitting water, the smartphone does not turn on.

Damage to the screen can also lead to oxidation of other parts, as dust and water can more easily penetrate through cracks in the display. It is important to ensure that the gadget is away from liquid, do not give it to small children, because careless handling can lead to a deplorable situation.

Why people trust us

Modern smartphones are reliable, multifunctional devices on which a person stores important information, photos, etc. But, whatever the smartphone is, it is not immune from damage and premature breakdowns. AKS company provides its customers with a wide range of services for the repair of phones of different brands, the price for which will vary depending on the reasons for the breakdown and the need to replace parts.

AKS workshop advantages

Replacing the Xiaomi display, like other new generation mobile devices, must be carried out strictly with protective glasses, which are specially installed in order to protect the surface of the gadget from mechanical damage. The repair of expensive devices must be trusted by professionals in their field, therefore, if the screen breaks, it is better to contact the AKS service center. The engineers working in the company have a decent work experience in the field of gadget repair for 4 years or more. They have at their disposal special equipment, thanks to which breakdowns of phones are eliminated in the shortest possible time.

The advantage of the company is that customers can apply not only to a workshop in Kiev, but also use the services of AKS throughout Ukraine.

The main advantages of the AKS workshop:

  • professional equipment for repairing gadgets;
  • direct deliveries of spare parts for mobile phones from the manufacturer;
  • there is a system of discounts for regular users.

The company gives a guarantee for repairs and parts that were involved during the repair of the phone. Work of any complexity is carried out in the shortest possible time. The most complex process can take up to 2 days, and the most primitive. up to 20 minutes.

By contacting AKS, the client is guaranteed to receive friendly service, full diagnostics of the gadget and an acceptable price for repairs.

Fixing the black screen of the smartphone by resetting the settings

Getting to the main board of a mobile phone is not difficult at all. To do this, you only need to unscrew a few screws. But if you didn’t find a breakdown when you opened the lid and got to the board, most likely the reason for the black screen is a software failure of the smartphone. Now we will solve it with you.

For Android models, the steps are as follows:

    To get to the Recovery menu, you need to hold down the buttons special for this. Before pressing their smartphone, you need to turn off. If it does not come out to do this through the button, remove the battery for a while;

replacing, screen, phone, dark

Press the buttons to enter the Recovery menu
Most often, the button to enter the menu is “Power” and the button to decrease or increase the volume. The two buttons must be held until the logo of your device’s developer appears. In certain models, one of the buttons may be “Home”. Also try to combine it with the “Power” button;

Use Home to get into Recovery
As a result of correctly pressed keys, the logo of the manufacturer or the Android system will appear. Following it will display the menu we need;

Logo when opening the Recovery menu
In this menu, on a black screen, you need to find the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and click on it. To select items in this menu, you need to press the “Power” button. To move through the list, use the volume control buttons;

Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”
Next, a new screen with items will open. In it, we need to select (usually) a single line called “delete all user data”. To select an item, use the power button again. “Power”;

Select the item with “Yes”

  • Next, the data recovery process will begin, which may take some time. All your data will be deleted, including settings, photos. As well as downloaded programs, accounts in applications and profiles.
  • In order for you to continue using your mobile device, you must know the login and password for your Google account. When the recovery process is complete, press the Power button to turn on the device. If resetting to factory settings helped solve the error, you will also need to enter your username and password to enter.

    What to do if your phone works but the screen goes black

    To get started, use SIMple methods to eliminate black screen on your smartphone. Reboot by pressing the “Power” button and holding it until shutdown.

    Now take out the smartphone battery and put it back. Turn it on again. If the problem persists, try using the screenshot buttons.

    If you haven’t taken a screenshot before:

      Press the “Power” button and the volume down button and hold them for more than 5 seconds;

    Hold the Power button and the Volume down button

  • If nothing happens, press the power button together with the volume up button for a few seconds;
  • Also try a combination of buttons together with the “Home” button, if there is one on the mobile phone.
  • If these methods don’t work, let’s move on to more serious ones. Let’s try to look under the back cover of your smartphone and find the fault ourselves.

    A black screen appears on the phone screen, and the phone is working

    With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, display failure has become a fairly common case. Depending on the cause of the breakdown, we can eliminate it ourselves or contact the service. Seeing a specialist is usually the last method to use. In this article, you will learn what you can do if your phone goes black, but the phone itself works.

    Common causes of Black Screen smartphone display breakage

    There is a popular belief that a black smartphone screen is a serious breakdown. It occurs in the event of a defect in the cables connecting the screen and the main board. And this case requires an appeal to specialists. Perhaps it is so. But there are several good ways to fix the problem. Thus, save money on repairing a mobile device. Money is never superfluous.

    Display problems have been troubling users for over 10 years. A black screen in a smartphone can appear due to several reasons:

    Reason: Features:
    Damage to the deviceShock or strong shock may also result in burning of parts on the device’s microcircuit.
    CondensationIf moisture gets under the phone case, with a sharp drop in air temperatures.
    System level failureFirmware problems resulting from incorrect software installation.

    There are other reasons for this problem, but the ones listed above most often lead to the fact that the smartphone does not respond to button presses.

    What to do if the smartphone does not respond to touch

    Moving on to more serious methods of solving black screen on mobile. Not all smartphones have the ability to quickly and easily remove the back cover. You may need to unscrew a few bolts that hold it.

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      When the cover is removed, remove the battery from the cell in the smartphone body;

    Remove the battery from the smartphone
    Next, you will need to unscrew a few more screws that hold the plastic partition between the rear cover and the main board of the smartphone. Remove the partition carefully;

    Unscrew the screws on the partition to access the board
    In some models, it is not so easy to remove the partition. A plastic card or a mediator can help you in this matter;

    Use a plastic card or guitar pick to remove the divider
    When the cover and baffle are removed, inspect the main board for scorched areas or parts of the microcircuit with a defect;

    Inspect the smartphone board for defects and damage
    Defects can be found on the other side of the board, if possible, unscrew the bolts and turn the board over;

    If possible, unscrew all bolts to remove additional elements.
    You will immediately notice the oxidation. They will surround individual sections of the board;

    Oxidized parts on the main board of the smartphone
    To remove them, you need a regular toothbrush. And also the oil solvent (gasoline) “Galosha”. Alcohol is also suitable;

    Use a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol or “Galosha” to clean oxidation

  • Wet a toothbrush with it and carefully treat the surface of the oxidized board;
  • After cleaning, try to attach the partition and connect the battery “by weight” to check the functionality of the smartphone.
  • Check if the smartphone works

    Oxidation of the contacts of the mobile phone board can occur only due to ingress of moisture. If you managed to revive your smartphone, you can collect its parts. But if you find carbon deposits on any parts of the board, the device must be taken for repair. You are unlikely to cope on your own without the necessary knowledge and tools.

    Other ways to fix your phone display if it doesn’t work

    We will continue to fix the breakdown of the mobile device when it seems to be working, but there is no picture on the screen, it is black. Sometimes this happens when a smartphone accidentally falls into a container with water or other liquid. over, he can work for some time. When you take your device out of the water, every minute counts. Immediate action is required of you. Otherwise, the phone can be lost forever. And not only the phone, but all the data that was stored in its memory.

      You do not need to press all the buttons in a row in the hope that water will be pumped out of it in this way. Remove the back cover immediately as soon as possible;

    Remove the back cover of the smartphone

  • Disconnect the battery from the phone and wipe the tray inside with a handkerchief or dry cloth;
  • Also wipe the battery;
  • Wipe the battery away from moisture

  • No need to blow through it with a hair dryer or other SIMilar instruments. If you are out of the house, place your mobile phone parts in a prominent, dry and sunny place. If weather and weather conditions permit;
  • As soon as you return home, the smartphone will need to be disassembled and the places where the liquid got into with ethyl alcohol.
  • Wipe the contacts of the smartphone with ethyl alcohol

    This is necessary so that in the future the metal parts of the microcircuits on the board do not oxidize. Since oxidation will destroy important parts of microcircuits. The phone may not turn on at all. Thus, we figured out what to do if your phone has a black screen, but the phone itself continues to work.

    Common causes of a black smartphone display

    Because of what such a defect may occur:

    • Mechanical damage to the display hardware after the fall of the smartphone;
    • As a result of water ingress into the device (loop closure);
    • Natural burnout of the display hardware;
    • Failure in the firmware, due to which the display does not start (hangs on a black screen).

    In rare cases, if the display on the phone does not work, this may mean mechanical damage to the processor, due to which the device cannot be restored.

    When you turn on the phone black screen

    Damage associated with a smartphone display most often refers to hardware failures and requires specialist intervention. At home, you can try to solve the problem, the phone works, but the screen is black. This article will help diagnose the cause of the breakdown by also describing some of the methods for repairing and restoring a mobile device.

    How to fix the problem with firmware and deep reboot

    A black screen on your phone is a clear sign of a system or hardware failure. It is hardly possible to fix this by SIMply rebooting the device. The first thing to do is to do a deep reboot by SIMultaneously pressing the volume key and the Power button.

    The next way to solve this problem is to restore the operating system firmware, as a result of which all factory parameters will be reset. In this case, only Android devices can be flashed. Assess your capabilities and skills. If restarting and resetting the settings did not help, and you cannot update the operating system yourself, contact the specialists.

    To activate the firmware process, you need to enter Recovery mode. The procedure can be performed both with the use of third-party software and with the factory update mode. The standard keyboard shortcut for entering Protected Mode is the Volume Up and Power (Lock) button. Depending on the phone model, the combination may change (for example, instead of the volume up button, you will have to press the volume down button).

    Next, you need to find the Reboot item, which means updating the system. If a third-party Recovery is used, then you should initially reset the basic parameters through the “wipe data / factory reset” menu. Next, go to the “install zip” menu and select the location from where the firmware file will be downloaded. After consent and confirmation of the operation, the update process will begin. Upon completion, the corresponding inscription in English will appear at the bottom (something like Completed). The last action in this operation is to reboot the smartphone, after which the operating system with the display should start loading.

    If, when you turn on the phone, the black screen continues to appear even after the firmware, then the problem lies in hardware damage. The same applies to cases when the screen displays a picture, but the backlight does not light up.

    If you could not find a solution to your problem. then contact our Service Center for help

    Defective pixels

    If a small dot of red, blue or green appears on a monochrome black or white screen background, it means that there are dead pixels.

    A broken pixel is a separate element that loses the ability to change its color.

    Often, manufacturers indicate the quality class of monitors, guided by the permissible number of dead pixels.

    There are 4 classes in total:

    Ⅰ. there are practically no dead pixels. In the event of a broken pixel, the manufacturer undertakes to repair under the terms of the warranty or replace the display;
    Ⅱ. the presence of 2 defective pixels (white or black) is allowed;
    Ⅲ. the presence of 5 white, 15 black and 50 color dead pixels is allowed;
    Ⅳ. 50 white, 150 black and up to 500 color dead pixels are allowed.

    It should be noted that the quality class of the display directly affects the price of the spare part. The higher the quality, the more expensive the display is.


    Quite often the penetration of moisture into the interior of the device will cause a stain. The backlight of LCD displays consists of films, an inverter and lamps. LEDs shine on the side of the plate, and the films scatter the light, forming a uniform backlight on the screen.

    If liquid penetrates between the layers of the film, they stick together. Where they touch, light is refracted at the wrong angle and a spot appears on the screen.

    The “wet spot” is usually irregular and brighter. At different angles of inclination, the stain will change its shape or will not be noticeable at all.

    If your device has an AMOLED display, then you have no cause for concern. Such screens have a different backlighting technology. If a small amount of liquid gets inside the device, the stain will not appear.

    If you’re having problems with your iPhone’s backlight, you can replace it. Purchase a new display backlight here.

    Local overheating

    Local overheating occurs in devices in which the manufacturer has not made the correct heat sink. In the place where the device overheats, the films are deformed from the constant exposure to high temperatures. After the smartphone or tablet cools down, they no longer take their original shape and a stain forms in the place of overheating. Most often, spots from overheating appear at the ends of the display and have a yellow tint. This spot is darker in the middle and brightens closer to the edges.

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    Overheating spots do not change shape at different viewing angles and may become stronger over time.

    Reasons for the appearance of stains on the screens of smartphones and tablets

    Have you ever noticed strange spots on the screen of your smartphone or tablet? The appearance of any spots or streaks on the screen of the device indicates a malfunction of the display module. Today we will tell you about the reasons for their appearance.

    Broken display

    After falling or hitting some part of the screen, the image disappeared. this is a sign of a broken display. A spot of this origin most often has an irregular shape, cracks can diverge from it, and if you press on it, its size can increase, the shape can also change.

    Malfunction of LED backlight

    LED backlight faults are most often manifested by the appearance of a local black spot or a deterioration in the backlight in general. A stain forms where the LEDs fail.

    Backlight repair is a laborious and time-consuming process. If the backlight in your smartphone or tablet is broken, it is recommended to replace the display module.

    Sticking display and touchscreen

    Today, the problem of sticking the display with the sensor mainly occurs in budget smartphones.

    In inexpensive models, there is an air gap between the display and the sensor. When the space between the display and the sensor is reduced, they can stick together and remain in this state for a long time.

    The adhesive stain can be easily recognized. It is noticeable when the display is off and may partially disappear when the backlight is on. It looks like a liquid sandwiched between glasses. When faced with such a problem, users often think that water has entered the device. It is possible to eliminate such a stain, but for this you need to re-glue the touch screen.

    Display controller not working

    With the help of this microcircuit, which is located on the cable, the transfer of the image to the display is controlled. The controller breaks down from mechanical impact, that is, from a strong fall or impact. Liquid can also disable it.

    If the controller is damaged, the image may disappear altogether: the screen becomes completely white or black. But more often than not, when the controller breaks down, multi-colored vertical stripes appear. If you press on the screen, the strip configuration will change.

    It happens that the image can disappear only in one place on the display. Such a spot will have clear boundaries, and a normal picture will be displayed on the rest of the screen.

    Note! If the backlight disappears both on the screen and on the buttons, the problem is most likely with the board.

    Why the smartphone does not work

    Before you decide to replace the glass on your phone, you need to understand the reasons why the screen of your mobile device stops working. The most common reason for a breakdown is physical impact on the device.

    The main reasons for direct exposure include:

    • Falling from height;
    • Installing heavy objects on the phone;
    • Placing a smartphone in the back of his pants (as a result, a person just sits on it).

    The list of reasons goes on, but they are much less common than those described above. If a SIMilar situation occurs, the phone must be taken for repair so that specialists can change the glass.

    In addition to physical damage, the screen may stop working after exposure to water. There are times when smartphone owners spill various kinds of liquids on their mobile devices. If a SIMilar situation occurs with the phone, it must be dried as soon as possible and taken for diagnostics. Otherwise, the oxidation process may begin.

    It is important to note that after the diagnosis it will be possible to understand what kind of repair the smartphone needs. It may be enough to change the screen. Worst of all when micronutrient replacement is needed.

    Less commonly, smartphones may experience the following defects:

    • The screen turns white. The reason is a damaged loop or faulty controller;
    • The picture is poorly displayed. In this case, the backlight is out of order;
    • A dark blue screen is displayed. The problem is related to the breakdown of the display or controller;
    • The image periodically disappears, and the picture is distorted. The reason is related to the rupture of the loop;
    • Ripples appear. Faulty controller or display itself.

    In most cases, the situation will be saved only by replacing the phone screen. Even if the reason is obvious, it is best to take the mobile device to a service center for diagnosis.

    Screen replacement at home

    There are times when service centers ask too much money for glass or display replacement. To save money, you can do all the repairs yourself. It is important to note that such a procedure should only be taken if you are completely confident in your abilities.

    To replace the screen, you need the following tools:

    • A set of special screwdrivers;
    • Soldering iron;
    • Tweezers.

    You may not need a soldering iron. It all depends on the phone model. Before starting the procedure, you must remove the battery and SIM card from the mobile device. Then you should start parsing. To avoid difficulties, it is recommended to find a video instruction on the Internet. It is important that the number of unscrewed bolts is equal to the number of tightened ones. If even one part is lost, the phone will no longer work as before.

    Remember that the entire procedure is performed at your own risk. There is no guarantee that everything will be done correctly. Therefore, you need to compare how much it costs to replace the screen on your phone and buy a new mobile device.

    If you manage to fix the device on your own, a decent amount will be saved. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to practice on an old mobile phone, which is not a pity to damage.

    Replacing the screen on a smartphone

    It is important to remember that broken glass cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced. So, in which cases, you will need to replace the touchscreen:

    • A crack or a whole “web” appeared on the surface of the glass;
    • The screen stopped responding to touch;
    • The phone freezes when working with a touchscreen;
    • Mobile phone executes incorrect commands after touching the screen.

    Remember that a smartphone screen is made up of several thin layers. If one of them is violated, the sensor stops responding correctly to commands. Sometimes it is enough to replace only the glass. In this case, you will save a decent amount.

    When the image starts to blur or only partially appears, more complex repairs will be required. In this case, you will have to replace the display, and this already costs other money.

    If cracks appear, the glass can be replaced on your own. If you need to replace the display, it is strongly not recommended to make it at home. Screen replacement only needs to be done by a service center using original parts.

    Service cost

    Repairing a smartphone is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, it is recommended to find a service center where diagnostics are performed free of charge. Why pay more if you can save. After diagnostics, specialists can determine for sure whether glass replacement is required, or if you still have to change the entire display.

    Replacing the glass will cost significantly less than installing a new display. Service centers charge from 1000 to 3000 rubles for such a service. It all depends on the phone model.

    As for the direct replacement of the display, such a service will cost half the price of a smartphone. To save money, you can compare the of several service centers and choose a more profitable one.

    It can take several days to change the display. When it comes to glass replacement, the procedure takes only a few hours. At the same time, do not forget about the time for diagnostics. You should expect your phone to be repaired for 2 days. Of course, you can pay for the urgency and then the work will be done within 2-3 hours.

    How much does it cost to replace a screen on a mobile phone

    Such a multifunctional device as a smartphone allows not only making calls, but also taking high-quality photos. Thanks to additional programs, the device can become not only good entertainment, but also an irreplaceable assistant. Unfortunately, smartphones are impractical and any drop may cause a crack on the screen. In order for the device to be functional and look prestigious again, the sensor must be replaced.

    What to do if Honor is not responding to touch

    To begin with, consider the manipulations that will not deprive you of the warranty service for the Huawei Honor smartphone:

    • Wipe the screen surface from dust, dirt, moisture and fingerprints. To do this, use a soft microfiber cloth and special wet wipes for severe dirt.
    • Make sure there are no blisters or streaks under the protective film. Poorly glued film may cause the sensor to malfunction.
    • In case of large temperature differences, give the device a few minutes. If you leave a warm room in freezing temperatures, the sensitivity of the sensor may seriously deteriorate, and after returning to a warm room, condensation may form on the screen.Excessive temperatures and condensation may damage your phone.
    • If you have suspicions of moisture, then remove the back cover, the battery and try blowing with a hairdryer from different angles. Then put it down and let it dry a little.
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    If the touchscreen of a Huawei smartphone stopped working after being hit, damp or dropped, then you can’t do without the help of a wizard. It is not recommended to take any action in case of noticeable cracks on the screen, because this can lead to an increase in the cost of repairs. But if the warranty case is not relevant for you, then you can try the following:

    • First of all, remove the cover, battery, SIM card and all memory cards.
    • Next, open the instructions for the basic disassembly of your model, such instructions in YouTube are a dime a dozen.
    • The principle of most of the instructions, in principle, is the same. we unscrew all the bolts under the cover, bend back the retaining clips, which are most often located on the sides of the protective covers, and reach the main boards. If you are not sure of your qualities as a master, do not disassemble
    • Here you need to check the reliability of the loop connections to the sensor. Try to reconnect them and blow through the visible part of the boards and sensor.
    • Importantly, very often in such a disassembled state it is easier to get to the dust that can accumulate between the sensor and the protective glass. This situation occurs more often on cheap Android models.
    • Additionally, wipe the boards themselves with a slightly alcohol-coated cotton swab.

    Factory reset on Huawei Honor. step by step guide

    “Hard Reset”, literally “hard reset”. zeroing information on the device, which may be required in case of bugs, including double clicks when touching the screen, or when reselling a used device. Before you reset your Honor and Huawei phone to factory settings, be sure to save all the necessary files, make a backup of the necessary applications. It is impossible to restore data after its complete destruction.

    In order to reset the settings on Huawei Honor do the following:

    • Turn off the smartphone by holding down the Power / Lock key for 5-10 seconds.
    • Press and hold the Power button at the same time Increase the volume. If you have an old smartphone with a central mechanical button, then you will also need to pinch and hold it.
    • Turn off the smartphone by holding down the Power / Lock key for 5-10 seconds.
    • Press and hold the Power button at the same time Increase the volume. If you have an old smartphone with a central mechanical button, then you will also need to pinch and hold it.

    Solving the problem using firmware

    Firmware is a collection of firmware on a smartphone, tablet, or other digital device that is required for its normal operation. Their smartphone Huawei tablets mainly use firmware based on the Android operating system of various versions, as well as the proprietary graphical shell Emotion UI.

    Local update always deletes user-entered data and settings from the device memory. Before you start updating the software using this method, we recommend that you make a backup copy of all important data for you through the backup application, as well as save other necessary information from the device’s memory (for example, to a memory card).

    With online or FOTA updates, user data is saved. Despite this, we also recommend that you back up before doing this.

    Before starting the procedure, make sure that the battery of your device is charged to at least 60%.

    To connect Huawei smartphones and tablets to a PC, you need the HiSuite utility. Install it on your PC before starting the update.

    Black screen on Huawei Honor. what to do if phone is working

    To get started, use SIMple methods to eliminate black screen on your Huawei Honor smartphone. Reboot by pressing the “Power” button and holding it until shutdown.

    Now take out the smartphone battery and put it back. Turn it on again. If the problem persists, try using the screenshot buttons.

    If you haven’t taken a screenshot before:

    • Press the “Power” button and the volume down button and hold them for more than 5 seconds;
    • If nothing happens, press the power button together with the volume up button for a few seconds;
    • Also try a combination of buttons together with the “Home” button, if there is one on the mobile phone

    Black screen on Huawei Honor smartphone. causes and solutions

    Touchscreen failure is a common problem in the latest Huawei Honor models. Users don’t know what to do when a black screen appears on their phone. Breakdown is not always a factor of difficulty. It is worth fixing the crash after determining the culprit of the changes.

    • Why Huawei Honor’s screen turned black. causes of malfunction
    • Black screen on Huawei Honor. what to do if phone is working
    • What to do if Honor is not responding to touch
    • Factory reset on Huawei Honor. step by step guide
    • Solving the problem using firmware
    • What to do if the above steps did not help?

    Why Huawei Honor’s screen turned black. causes of malfunction

    Let us analyze these reasons for the occurrence of a black screen on Huawei Honor mobile devices in more detail.

    The main reasons for a black screen on Honor are as follows:

    • Mechanical damage. The gadget has been dropped or received an imperceptible blow. After the shock, a component (or several) of the microcircuit failed.
    • Condensate. Water has entered the housing or moisture has formed from a sudden temperature drop. Parts oxidize resulting in a black screen.
    • Failure after installing programs. If an error occurs during OS update or application installation, the device does not go into “brick” mode.
    • The battery is discharged. Battery is deeply discharged due to charger malfunction, breakage or oxidation of the USB socket.
    • The phone does not have enough power to start the operating system, so the screen went black.
    • Buttons. After exhausting the resource of operation of mechanical switches, the gadget does not respond to the power-on command.

    What to do if the above steps did not help?

    If, when you press the power button, the Huawei Honor smartphone vibrates slightly and does not function, then there may be a problem with the battery:

    • Connect the device to the power supply.
    • After 15 minutes, the charging indicator appears on the screen.
    • They start the phone. If the device does not turn on, then check the functionality of the hardware filling.
    • Connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. The PC should correctly recognize and open the gadget.

    The element is set for 3 hours, controls the charge level and is returned to the smartphone. When fully charged, connect via USB cable to PC and leave for 60 minutes.

    Exposure to low-frequency current will gradually “wake up” the device. If you cannot restore the smartphone’s functionality, then they turn to the service center for help. Any interference with the functioning of the operating system removes the new copy from the warranty. Technique manipulations should not be carried out without identifying the culprit of the problem.

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