Android phone screen time how to set

How to set the time on your Android smartphone

Any user of a modern smart device will be able to figure out how to set the time on a smartphone. Date and time display option helps to organize the workflow perfectly.

How to display on the main screen and lock screen

The time is in the upper left corner on an Android smartphone. On the main screen of the gadget, you can apply the main settings or widgets.

  • Go to the home screen. Hold free space with your finger.
  • Select the category “Widgets”.
  • Add watches from the list.

If the clock does not appear on the display after setting the assigned program, the instructions below will help:

  • go to device settings;
  • select the item “Screen”;
  • find and change screensaver settings;
  • mark the item “Clock”.
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Clock widget on lock screen

What to do if time gets lost

The reasons for the differences between the actual time and the display on the phone display:

  • battery replacement;
  • reboot the phone;
  • infection with viruses that interfere with the operation of the system.

In the first case, the clock may go astray if the user removed the battery from the device. When reactivated, you need to re-enter the time values.

Important! New smartphones feature a non-removable battery. Therefore, the indicators will go astray less often.

It is necessary to clear the memory of the smartphone if the time is reset after a reboot. To solve the problem, you can set automatic settings.

Viruses have a bad effect on the working condition and functions of the gadget. Antivirus software is required to scan the device.

Error in displaying information

Automatic and manual tuning

To save money, the owner can use the automatic mode to assign parameters on an Android smartphone. With automatic selection, the phone’s SIM card automatically assigns time information.

You can change the indicators as follows:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Select the heading “Date and time”.
  • Check the box next to the phrase “Use the time and time zone of the network”.

Setting the date and time on an Android smartphone

Important! If the time zone is incorrectly determined, you should manually adjust the indicator.

Instead of automatic installation, the user has the right to choose a manual data entry format. Find out the current time in the region where you are located will help the search engine in the browser. Instructions for making changes in stand alone mode:

  • Go to the profile “Dates and time”.
  • Set the time zone for your place of residence.
  • Enter numbers to set the desired parameters from the current date.

The method has several disadvantages. You need to find the current time before setting. When traveling, you need to remember about time zone changes, otherwise the watch will show the wrong time.

How to add clocks from other regions

Classic widgets will help in displaying the source from all cities:

  • Select the “Clock” program from the standard set.
  • At the bottom of the screen, go to the “World clock” section.
  • Find the desired city through the search bar and add.
  • To change the order of regions in the list, hold the position with the city and move to the desired place in the list.
  • To delete a city, hold its name and drag it to the bottom of the display.

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How to remove the clock from the Android lock screen

This can be done in various ways, and each of them is suitable for a particular version of the OS or the manufacturer’s gadget. So, on some phones, thanks to its own shell, you can turn off the clock altogether and remove it from the main and blocking windows.

Important! There is no such option on Honor and Huawei, since their EMUI does not allow this.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find a section with setting the date and time.
  • Click on “Dual clock” and deactivate them.

For most phones, the standard removal instructions are suitable:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the section “Security and Blocks”.
  • Go to widget management and disable them.

Note! You can simply click on the clock widget, hold it until the transfer option appears, and drag it towards the trash can icon. After that, you need to confirm the deletion.

You can remove the clock in different ways, it all depends on how they were added

How to put clock on android lock screen

Lock display apps are not available for every phone and operating system. This can be done with third-party programs only from the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Weather widget is one of the most popular

The lock screen configuration has been changed more than once. Most important of these changes, it simply didn’t work for most of the Android operating system’s lifetime. Loading and lock screen widgets from third-party developers were available for use only during the period of active use of the Jelly Bean version. After it, such functionality was abandoned and more firmware, which simply became unnecessary for anyone. Their disadvantage is also the constant advertising or the paid version.

There are many widgets available in the Play Store in Russian

Important! So-called lock-up display substitutes also presented other security concerns. The thing is that to use them, you had to turn off the lock screen, and this in itself is not very good.

There are system applications that simply cannot work without a lock screen, such as Google Pay. If a person actively uses it, then there is no point in looking for an alternative to the standard lock screen. There are, in fact, a ton of applications, but even the best of them fall short of the pre-installed lock display.

Now, actually, how to put the clock on the locked screen on an Android smartphone. There are three ways to do this: using preinstalled widgets, through downloaded widgets and in the gadget settings. They will be discussed in more detail below.

How to move the clock on the lock screen

Sometimes movement can be performed by a similar action on the main window of the gadget. It works like this: the widget moves in the menu and changes its position on the lock display. Often this does not work, then you need to:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the section “Security”.
  • Select the subsection “Screen lock”.
  • Click on the item “Lock screen styles”.
  • Choose the style you want and apply it.

After that, there will be a different lock screen and clock location.

How to change and customize the clock on the lock screen in Android

You can not only add or remove clocks, but also fully edit them by changing the position and decreasing or increasing the size of the widget. On some phone models this cannot be done, while on others you can configure even more functions.

Decrease or increase the size of the watch

On most devices, you cannot resize clocks of the same format. This is due to the fact that the widget is initially made for a certain number of units. One unit is the size of one of the sides of a standard square icon.

Note! There may be cases that the program and its display are worked out, then it is quite possible to select a widget of a certain size, but this happens rarely.

often, resizing means not only changing the size of the watch, but also changing the style or theme. To do this, press and hold the selected application until it begins to move with your finger. Next, it is removed, and a new widget is installed in its place.

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Via widgets

Most Android phones can display the clock as a widget in one place or another. Usually, an application that shows the time and is on the main screen can be duplicated on a locked one. Installing the widget is very simple:

  • Go to the menu (phone home screen).
  • Perform a long press in any place free of shortcuts.
  • Waiting for the appearance of an additional menu with widgets, wallpapers and settings.
  • Select the item “Widgets” and find the program “Clock”.
  • Hold and move it to any free part of the desktop.

Note! After these actions, the standard clock widget will always be displayed on the lock screen and on the main menu window. In addition, you can select the type of clock: analog or digital.

Clock widget

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Search for “clock widget”.
  • Select the first official firmware from Google.
  • Download and install it.

This will help restore the lost widget and place it on the lock screen. After that, there will be no more questions about how to return time to the screen of an Android phone.

Through settings

You can do all the same through the settings of your smartphone. To do this, turn on the splash screen as follows:

  • Go to phone configuration.
  • Find the section “Device” and the subsection “Screen” (“Display”).
  • Activate the “Screensaver” parameter.
  • Indicated in the configurations “Clock” (in addition to them, “Google Photos”, “Collage”, “Frame” and “Colors” are available).
  • Go to the context menu by clicking the “” button and select “When to start the splash screen”.
  • Select the “Always” mode to always find the widget on the screen.

After that, the clock will be permanently displayed on the desktop and lock screen.

Family link

Unlike standard app settings and third-party tools, Family Link is the official parental control software from Google. You need to add it to your Android device from the Google Play Store and configure it according to your personal requirements.

Download the Family Link app (for parents) on your Android device from the link below.

To use this application, you will have to register and link the Google account on which you want to add restrictions to your account. The procedure was described by us separately and can be performed on the same smartphone.

After that, install Family Link (for children) on the phone where you need to activate parental controls, and confirm the linking of the account.

Please note that other accounts will have to be deleted on the child’s smartphone, as this is contrary to the safety of Family Link. As a result, a message about the successful connection of the account should appear on the parent’s smartphone.

To edit restrictions, use the Settings section of the Family Link app (for parents). The available options combine settings from standard Google services and provide several other options. We will not describe the procedure for changing parental controls.

Due to the availability of the application and the lack of paid features that greatly affect the operation of parental controls, this tool is the best option. In this case, a mandatory requirement is the Android OS version 7.1 and higher. If your child’s phone has an older system, you will have to update or use other methods.

How to set parental controls on an Android phone

How to set parental controls on an Android phone

On any modern device, including smartphones on the Android platform, you can set up parental controls in order to set restrictions on the use of functions or visit some unwanted resources on the Internet. In the course of this guide, we will tell you how to add this restriction to the phone through a third-party application and using Google.

Android parental controls

As mentioned above, we will only focus on some of the applications that provide parental control settings. If the software in question does not suit you for some reason, you should familiarize yourself with other options in a separate article on the site. At the same time, in terms of use, each application does not differ much from the one described below.

How to set parental controls on an Android phone

Google play

If you need to restrict the use of only some functions, you can skip installing additional software by blocking content through the standard settings of Google services. We will demonstrate the setting using the example of Google Play, restricting access to some applications.

Open the default Google Play app and click on the menu icon in the upper left corner. From the list, select “Settings”.

Scroll down to the “Personal” section and tap on the “Parental Controls” line. Here, use the Parental Controls Off slider to activate the.

Next, select the section “Content filtering settings” and in the “Create PIN-code” window, enter any four digits that act as a password to disable the function in the future.

Select one of the options for the content you want to block. In this case, the settings for “Games” and “Films” are completely the same.

In the case of the “Music” category, you can set only one restriction that excludes music containing obscene language in the text.

Standard tools on the Android platform are not limited to this option, for example, in addition to blocking applications on Google Play, you can set parental controls separately for YouTube or even temporarily block your smartphone. We will not consider this, since the methods are relevant only in a small number of cases.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Currently, the Kaspersky Safe Kids app is probably the best option for installing parental controls on an Android device, regardless of OS version. This is due to the presence of a large number of free functions that allow you to configure blocking of resources and entire applications.

You will need to create an account to use this application. This can be done from Kaspersky Safe Kids by first downloading and installing it on a device that requires parental control.

After completing the authorization, on the page “Who uses this smartphone” select “Child” and after the transition tap on the line “Add child”. If you already have children devices added, you can select an option from the list.

If you add a new smartphone, enter the child’s name and date of birth. Note that the age range is very limited.

Next, you will need to provide the application with additional access rights in order to prevent the child, as the owner of the phone, from deleting and editing Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Finally, click the “Start using” button and wait for the settings to be applied.

To change the parental control settings, you will also have to install the application on another smartphone, which is considered the parent’s device.

After logging into the same account as before, select the “Parent” user option. To continue, you must specify and confirm a four-digit code of numbers.

After the main interface of the application appears on the bottom panel, click on the gear icon. As a result, the screen will display the functions available for editing.

Through the “Internet” section, you can restrict a child’s access to websites on the Internet using strict filters based on age rating, or simply activate notifications about visits to prohibited resources. It is worth editing this section carefully, as otherwise there may be problems with access to the network in general.

The Applications page contains similar parameters, but they apply to the Google Play Store and the launch of already installed software. Quite useful functions here are the ban on the installation of applications from unknown sources and the notification system.

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The notifications we mentioned earlier can be viewed in the application on a separate page. If necessary, they can also be configured to your liking, just like the work of Kaspersky Safe Kids.

The disadvantages of the application include the presence of paid functions, but even with this in mind, Kaspersky Safe Kids stands out from its peers. Due to the clear Russian-language interface and active support, this particular tool should be given the most attention.

In addition to the options discussed, there are tons of other applications in the Google Play Store, each of which is suitable for blocking specific functions or content on the Internet. In almost all cases, such software has limitations in the free version, while we tried to consider tools that for the most part do not require the purchase of an additional subscription. In general, the final choice depends on many circumstances.

How to set the clock to your Android phone screen

There are several options for how to install the clock on the screen of an Android phone. You can also change their size, position, appearance and use special programs that improve this simple option. Below you will find all the possibilities associated with the watch and how to solve common problems with it.

Removing unnecessary clocks

You can hold the widget on the screen and drag the watch to the trash can, or select the “Delete” option from the menu that appears (not on all smartphones). This will remove time from the screen, but the application itself will not delete. You can add it to your desktop at any time.

Widgets installed on the lock screen are disabled in the settings in the “Security and lock” section (in other versions, “Lock screen”). It is necessary to uncheck the corresponding box.

To completely get rid of widgets or applications, go to the settings, then to the “Application Manager” and select those that are no longer needed.

Important! If an application is associated with an operating system, it cannot be uninstalled without Root rights.

Always on

The app shows the time on the lock screen. This is a kind of analogue of the function of Samsung smartphones with OLED displays (organic light-emitting diode technology).

After downloading, you need to launch the application, go to the settings and set the following parameters:

  • protection of the device from overheating (energy-saving mode);
  • dial appearance;
  • rules for working with the device (shutdown rules, battery use options, etc.);
  • gestures (for example, reaction to swipes).

Always On turns on when the device is locked.

Note! The power saving mode in this application works only if the android user has Root rights.

Analog clock live

With it, live wallpapers are installed on the desktop, which look like a traditional dial with arrows.

After downloading and launching the program, you need to click “Setting”, configure the appearance of the wallpaper, their color, display of the second hand and the current date. Then you need to go back and click “Set wallpaper”.

To add a new watch to an Android smartphone, use other applications:

  • DIGI Clock;
  • Sense Flip Clock Weather;
  • Minimalistic Text;
  • Analog clocks widget. simple;
  • Retro Clock Widget and others.

They allow you not only to flexibly adjust the time and date, but also to change the background, clock orientation, and find out the weather forecast.

For your information! To set a dual clock, you must select this option in the widgets. The phone will display two clock options, which is useful on long trips, where you need to know the local time and your.

Dual watches are indispensable for people who travel a lot

How to move or delete a clock

There are several ways to do this. They depend on the phone model and operating system version.

A standard trick is to hold down the watch on the screen for 1-2 seconds, wait for a slight vibration and drag it down, to the side or to the middle of the monitor.

Important! The option is simple, but it won’t work on every smartphone.

The widget can be simply dragged from one place to another

Honor and Huawei devices are not equipped with this feature by default. You cannot move installed widgets, but you can change the style of the lock screen. This is done through the item “Security and privacy” in the settings. In different styles, the time is displayed at the top or bottom.

For Android 9.0 Pie, the clock has moved to the left. On Galaxy phones with OneUI shell, you can solve the problem by installing Samsung’s Good Lock. After launching the application, you need to click on “QuickStar”, then tap on “Install”. Returning to “Good Lock”, you should run “QuickStar” again from the application menu, select the item “Clock position” and the option “Right”.

Third-party programs for installing the clock widget

How can you display the clock on the screen of an Android device? There are some applications for this.


It is easy to customize and the design is suitable for those who love minimalism.

First, you need to download the application from the Play Market, then long press to bring up the widget menu and drag the clock to the phone monitor. After that, the time display format is selected. The configuration is ended by pressing the “Continue” button.

How to add a clock?

  • Hold down the tap on an empty area of ​​the home screen;
  • In the drop-down menu, click “Widgets”;
  • By clicking on the widget, hold down;
  • The available main characters will appear, here drag the clock to the main screen.

In addition to adding clocks, you can also change their size. This can be done as follows:

  • Press and hold the watch for a couple of seconds until you see markers around the numbers;
  • It remains to resize the clock by changing the position of the markers.

Let’s also consider a way to move and delete clocks:

  • On the main screen, hold down the press on the watch for a couple of seconds;
  • If there is a need to change their location, drag the watch to the desired location;
  • To delete, drag the selected hours to the “Delete” mark.

How to set the clock to your Android phone screen

After flashing, many Android smartphone users may experience the clock disappearing from the home screen. Typically, setting the clock and date on the home screen takes no more than a few minutes. The proposed material outlines an algorithm of actions on how to return the clock to the screen of an Android smartphone and install a similar new clock from Google Play.

Popular clock apps

Apart from the time, widgets with graphic modules, as a rule, carry a lot of additional information, such as the weather, for example. Below are the most common programs for the main screen.

Transparent clock and weather

Widespread free widget. The application takes up negligible amounts of memory and has flexible settings. The main features of this software are:

  • Informative widgets of various options for every taste;
  • fonts, themes;
  • Information is displayed not only about time, but also about time, humidity, battery status, calendar events, etc.

If the user is not interested in some information, you can easily highlight what is on the main screen, for this you need to do the following:

  • Hold touch on the watch until the settings menu appears;
  • Go to the “Design” tab, then select “Advanced settings”;
  • We remove the checkmarks in front of those items that are not interesting to us.

Sense Flip Clock Weather

This application is for fans of watches in the style of Flip Clock.

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The main features of this application are:

  • You can choose from such widget sizes as: 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2;
  • Swiping animation is presented in several versions;
  • Thanks to a wide selection of topics, you can choose the one that suits your taste the most;
  • The user’s location is automatically detected, allowing the app to provide more accurate forecast information.

Weather information can also be turned off here.

Among similar utilities, also interesting options will be:

  • Retro Clock Widget is a retro style utility with flipping pages. Suitable for those who prefer to see only the clock on the home screen.
  • DIGI Clock is a widget with many settings, thanks to which your home screen will sparkle with new colors.

How to set the clock to the lock screen

The lock screen clock is a practical and up-to-date solution. allows you to find out what time it is without unlocking your phone. The actual utility here will be the “Glowing Chest of Drawers Clock”. It has a number of advantages such as:

  • The app is absolutely free;
  • Lack of advertising;
  • No need for additional settings.

In order to display the clock on the lock screen, you just need to download the application on Google Play and install it. After running on the phone, check the box next to “Set as Default”.

A way to install a watch face on your phone

The procedure for setting the time on the phone screen is the same for most phones based on the Droid OS and is as follows:

  • Pick up your phone and long press on a space free from icons on the home screen;
  • A special menu will appear, in which the “Widgets” function will be available. Tap on it;
  • Find “Clock” in the list of widgets that opens. Traditionally, several clock widgets are grouped under this tab. Tap on “Clock”;
  • A choice of a couple of widgets with dials will open;
  • Long press on the widget you like, and without lifting your finger from the screen, drag it to the desired location on the home screen;
  • If you want to change the size of the widget, then long press on this widget on the home screen. White markers will appear. borders, by moving which you can either reduce or increase the size of the image on the phone.

Clock Widget. a program for displaying the time on the phone

The Clock Widget allows you to display the time to the nearest second on your phone. It can be used both on the desktop of your device and on the lock screen. Several different widgets are available, including weather, announcements, and clock. You can use this application to enable all the listed widgets.

The widgets can be resized by choosing the length and width of your choice. They will look neat in whatever format you choose.

Installing on the lock screen

Also, Android phones can be installed on the lock screen. This is extremely convenient, if you often need to check the time, and unlocking the phone is not very comfortable for this. In this case, the application “Glowing Chest of Drawers” will help you. It is installed free of charge and can be tested with absolute freedom from advertising.

Onca Clock Widget is an application that will help you set the clock on the screen

“Onca Clock Widget” is an application with the function of sounding the time. Thanks to this function, you will not need to be constantly distracted by the screen of your phone. The pleasant voice of the assistant will tell you about the current time with a given frequency.

For the widget to work, there is no need to create any options after installation. But you can personalize the widget by choosing its size, design and placement. Choose between digital and analog clocks, set them on the home screen and on the lock.

How to add, scale or remove clocks?

  • Find an empty space on the phone screen and hold with your finger.
  • Next, a drop-down menu will appear, in which you need to select the “Widgets” tab.
  • The open window will show a list of widgets available to the phone that you can install. There is a clock in the middle.
  • Select them and drag them onto the screen.

With these easy steps, you can set the clock on the phone screen. But from time to time their size does not fit the user, for example, if they overlap the wallpaper on the screen. But applications have a personal option function, so there can be an adjustment of the scales to a suitable size. To do this is just as extremely simple, just follow the instructions.

  • Press and hold on the Clock widget.
  • After this deed, markers will appear around the clock, which will make it possible to adjust their size. Move the markers until you get a satisfying effect.
  • If you need to remove a widget from your phone screen, then it’s extremely easy to do. Removing the clock will not harm the system, and it will be possible to return it to its original place at any time.
  • Press and hold the Clock widget on the screen.
  • Then, without releasing the press, slide your finger across the screen until it is marked “Delete”.

In the same way, you can move the watch to any place on the display.

Sense Flip Clock Weather

A good program that most users use. Its undoubted advantage is its elegant design, which will decorate the main screen of the smartphone.

The widget provides a large selection of themes with various design variations, as well as several animation options. The size can be adjusted, the characteristics have the following values: 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2.

To increase the accuracy of the weather forecast, automatic location of the phone is installed. But also this function can be turned off at any moment.

Pay attention to utilities that have similar functions:

DIGI Clock. the undoubted advantage of the application is the abundance of options. You can choose the appropriate design style, and this widget will become a highlight in the design of the main screen.

The clock-shaped widget is available in the system from the earliest versions of the Droid OS. Traditionally, the usual clock widget from Google is used, which is installed into the system, and you can install it on the main screen or remove it from there at any time.

Let’s take a look at the methods that will help to install the dial on the phone screen, if it was not there at first. Or they, for some reason, it disappeared from your device.

This can be helpful: How to turn on the Digma clock.

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