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How to take screenshots on Surface or any other Windows tablet

If you are using a Windows tablet such as Microsoft Surface, HP ENVY, or Lenovo Tablet 10 and you do not have an external keyboard connected, you will not have access to the PrtScn key. In this case, you can use the buttons on the tablet itself. On most (but not all) Windows tablets, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen by SIMultaneously pressing the Windows logo and the volume down button.

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How to take a screenshot on a Windows tablet without a keyboard

If done correctly, the screen will darken for a second. This means that the screenshot has been taken. You can find it in the Pictures folder. However, for devices based on Windows 10, it will be more convenient to use the Snippet and Sketch app, which works great on tablets too.

Windows PrtScn keyboard shortcut

If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to your hard drive without using any additional programs, then hold down the Windows PrtScn combination on the keyboard.

The system will save the snapshot in the Pictures folder. Another folder will appear inside this folder, called Screenshots. The file itself will be named Screenshot (1).png. The sequence number of the file depends on the number of screenshots taken before.

Screenshots are stored by Windows in the Pictures folder

In the case of Windows 10, the screenshots taken can still be found in the Photos program by clicking on the Folders tab and going to the Pictures folder, and from it to the Screenshots.

Screenshots in Windows 10

Combination Windows Shift S (Windows 10 only)

If you have Windows 10, then hold down the Windows Shift S keyboard shortcut to get a free-form screenshot. After you press the combination, the screen will darken and a special cursor will appear on it. Hold down the left mouse button and circle the area of ​​the screen that you want to capture. When done, release the button. The freeform screenshot is saved to the clipboard. If you have a touchscreen, it’s even easier. just circle the desired place on the screen with your finger!

Screenshot of a portion of the screen in Windows 10

Then open Paint or any other image processing program and paste the screenshot for editing and saving. Initially, this feature was only available in OneNote, but then it was added to the standard build of Windows 10, which is very convenient.

How to take screenshots with Share Charm (Windows 8.1 only)

In Windows 8.1, the special Charm Bar has been significantly redesigned, first seen in Windows 8. Among other things, it is convenient to take screenshots and share them with it.

How to take a screenshot in Charm Bar for Windows 8.1

9 ways to take a screenshot in Windows on a PC, laptop or tablet

By kkkm December 27, 2018

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Using Windows and need to take a screenshot urgently? And the PrtScn key, as luck would have it, doesn’t work? Need a screen of the active window, not the entire screen? Or do you need to take a screenshot of an arbitrary shape? Or urgently needed to capture the achievements in a computer game? All of this can be done using many free Windows programs. But before installing another application, make sure to try all the standard ways to take a screenshot available in Windows by default:

Scissors app

The Scissors app is a SIMple and effective option for taking screenshots. With it, you can create screenshots of any shape and make them lighter or darker. If you have Windows 10 or 7, then go to the start menu by pressing the Windows key, and search for “Scissors”. In Windows 8.1, the application will be immediately available on the Start screen. Run the application and start slicing!

Scissors app in Windows 10

Hotkey PrtScn (Print Screen) or CTRL PrtScn

The first method is known to almost everyone and works in all versions of Windows: just press the PrtScn key on the keyboard or CTRL PrtScn. The operating system will take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to the clipboard. Then open Paint or any other image processing program and paste the screen with the CTRL V keyboard shortcut. Now you can edit and save the resulting image.

Screenshot of the entire screen in Windows

Snippet & Sketch app (Windows 10 only)

After the October 2018 update, a new app was added to Windows 10 to replace Scissors. We are talking about the program “Fragment and Sketch”. So far, both apps are available in the latest version of Windows 10. Fragment and Sketch has wider functionality and allows you to edit the screenshots you have taken.

To take a screenshot using the application, open it and click on the New key or press the hot combination CTRL N.

How to take a new screenshot in Noenica’s Windows 10 app

The program allows you to take screenshots of three types: rectangular, arbitrary and screenshots of the entire screen.

Screenshot options in Windows 10 Scissors app

As soon as the screenshot is taken, the program will open a window for editing the resulting image.

Alt PrtScn keyboard shortcut

Need to take a screenshot of the active window? Then this combination is for you. Open the window you want to capture and press Alt PrtScn on your keyboard. The snapshot will be saved to the clipboard. Then open Paint or any other image processing program and paste the screen. It remains only to save it or edit it as you wish!

Screenshot pasted into Paint

If you have a laptop, tablet or keyboard with the Fn key, then instead of the first three methods, you can do the following.

The three methods mentioned above work fine on a PC with Windows and a standard keyboard. But if you have a laptop or portable device with the Fn key, then the screenshot is taken a little differently. Use the following methods to take a screenshot:

  • The combination Fn PrtScn. takes a screenshot of the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard. Basically, it’s the same as if you pressed PrtScn on a normal keyboard.
  • Fn Windows PrtScn. saves a screenshot of the entire screen to your hard drive without the need for third-party tools. Windows saves the picture in the Pictures folder. A special folder called Screenshots will appear in it. Basically, this keyboard shortcut is equivalent to pressing Windows PrtScn on a standard keyboard.
  • Fn Alt PrtScn. takes a screenshot of the active window. The same as if you press Alt PrtScn on a regular keyboard.
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Fn function key Prt Sc key on keyboard

On some keyboards, the PrtScn key will not work without first pressing the Fn key. In such cases, holding down the Fn key will unlock the service buttons, usually located at the top of the keyboard.

If you have such a keyboard, then press the Fn key to unlock the top row of buttons, and then try using the hot combinations that we talked about earlier. They should now work.

Fn button (stands for “Function”) on the keyboard

If you’re using a Surface Pro with Windows 10, it doesn’t have a PrtScn key. Therefore, the screenshots on it are done differently. Instead, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Fn Space. this combination will save the screenshot to the clipboard. After that you can paste the screenshot into any image processing program. This is the same as if you press PrtScn on a regular keyboard.
  • Fn Alt Space. so you can take a screenshot of the active one, then save it through Paint or any other SIMilar program. This combination is the equivalent of the standard Alt PrtScn combination.

Screenshot keys on Surface Pro keyboard

Windows Print Screen key

Pressing the Windows Print Screen keys at the same time automatically takes a screenshot and saves it in the Pictures folder of Screenshots. When you take a screenshot in this way, your screen will become dim when you press the key combination.

Take screenshots with the Scissors tool

The Scissors app allows users to take screenshots in several different modes. It comes with options such as Freeform Slice, Window Slice, Rectangular Slice, and Full Screen Slice that you can use to create screenshots of various shapes and sizes. All you need to do to take a screenshot with the Scissors tool is:

  • Find the Scissors app through Windows Search or open it directly from the Start menu.
  • Click “New” to take a new screenshot. The Scissors tool by default takes screenshots in rectangular mode, but you can change this in the modes menu.
  • Drag the mouse pointer over the area you want to capture. After that, save the screenshot in the desired location by pressing “Ctrl S”.
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How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 (5 ways)

Taking screenshots on a smartphone is easy, but when it comes to Windows, the process is not that fast. However, the latest version of Windows 10 comes with various tools that allow users to take screenshots and edit them.

In this guide, we’ll show you the 5 best ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10 so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you.

Use the Print Screen key to take a screenshot

If you don’t like dragging your mouse around the screen to take screenshots, then this method is for you. The Print Screen key on your keyboard captures the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard. Once you have pressed the Print Screen key on your system, SIMply launch Microsoft Paint and press “Ctrl V” to paste the copied image. After that, save it in the desired file format and you’re done.

Take screenshots with the Sketch on Screen Sketch tool

This tool was recently introduced in newer versions of Windows 10. If you don’t already see it on your system, be sure to install the latest version of Windows 10. You can also install the Sketch on Screenshot app for free from the Microsoft Store.

The Snip Sketch tool is SIMilar to the Scissors tool, but it offers several interesting new features. After taking a screenshot, you can use a pencil or other tools to highlight important parts or draw something on the screenshot. To take screenshots with Snip & Sketch, all you need to do is:

  • Launch the Snapshot app and click New to take a screenshot.
  • Once the screenshot is ready, use the app’s tools to highlight important information, or just save it.

Xbox game bar

The Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 also allows users to take screenshots, and in addition to that, it also has some screen recording functionality. All you need to do to take a screenshot using the Xbox Game Bar is:

  • Open the Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows G keys on your keyboard.
  • Click the screenshot button on the game bar and the screenshot will be taken successfully.

That’s all. Now you know how to take screenshots on a Windows 10 computer in SIMple ways without installing any additional programs.

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