Application to take video from the computer screen

How to shoot on-screen camera

All actions taking place on the computer screen can be recorded using the Screen Camera program. It offers a SIMple capture tool and a built-in editor for high-quality video design. The software has a user-friendly interface in Russian and is suitable even for novice users.

Features and benefits of the application:

  • On-screen Camera works on all Windows versions: 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 and XP.
  • You can record any actions on the screen: for example, online broadcasting, passing a game, working in software.
  • Capture area setting: you can record all actions, select a specific software window or change the area manually.
  • Built-in video editor to improve the quality of the material: you can trim unnecessary fragments, create an intro and credits, supplement the video with background music from the software collection or from a computer.
  • Capturing voice with a microphone and capturing operating system sounds.
  • Export of the result in all popular formats with the ability to customize the saving and quality parameters.
  • Preparing a clip for publication on the Internet: YouTube,. Yandex.Video.
  • Transfer Video Content to DVD and Create Interactive Menu.

To capture a screen, you need to follow a few SIMple steps:

Install the software on your PC. Download the software for free from the site: Run the installation file and go through the standard installation steps.

Launch the application using the shortcut on your desktop. Click on “Screen Recorder”, set up the capture area and select the source for capturing audio and voice. After making all the changes, click “Save”. Monitor capture will start in 5 seconds. To stop it, you need to use the software window or press F10.

After the recording is complete, you will be offered three options: save the video to your computer, upload it to YouTube, or edit the video before exporting.

With the help of the video editor, you can:

  • Trim the beginning and end of a clip using black handles or manually entering times.
  • Add title and ending screensavers. You can use a ready-made template or design everything from scratch.
  • Overlay a musical composition from the software collection or import your own audio file. You can also create voice acting using a microphone.

Export the result in a convenient format. You can prepare the video for playback on a computer, smartphone or tablet, burn the clip to a DVD disc or publish the video on the Internet.

How to Record Screen Video on PC and Smartphone

Want to record a screencast from a computer monitor or mobile device screen? This may be required to create a webinar, online course, walkthrough, Instagram Stories, or YouTube videos. Use the program on PC or applications on Android and iPhone. Video recording does not take long and does not require any special skills. In this article, we will show you how to capture video from your screen using SIMple software.

How to shoot on iOS

You can record screen video using iOS Screen Recorder app. Along with all the standard features, it has an integrated editor that lets you adjust the video speed, rotate it, or apply filters. During processing, it is possible to add a clip from the front camera and create a picture-in-picture effect. You can also adjust the quality and settings of the screen recording.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that iOS 12.4.1 or later is required to work. Also, the interface is presented in English only. The program has a Pro version that costs 3.99 per month.

To capture the screen of a smartphone or tablet, follow the instructions below:

  • Download software from the App Store. After installation, run the software.
  • Click “Start Recording”. Set recording parameters: quality, bit rate, frame rate, orientation.
  • After capturing is complete, you can edit the video in the editor. The application will allow you to trim a clip, add music from the catalog, change the voice, rotate the video, place stickers and text, apply filters, record sound from the microphone.
  • Export the result with the quality setting. You can also upload the clip to YouTube. Instagram.

How to shoot on Android

You can capture the screen on Android using a SIMple free application. ScreenCam Screen Recorder. It does not contain ads and offers one main function: recording everything that happens on the smartphone screen. The software allows you to change the video bitrate, recording resolution and frame rate. It also receives regular updates and does not require the purchase of additional content.

To use the functions of the application, follow a few SIMple steps:

  • Download ScreenCam from Google Play. After the installation is complete, run the software.
  • Create a screencast. The program will only allow you to record video from the screen, so immediately after starting, configure the capture settings. You can choose the desired resolution: 720p (HD) or 1080p (FHD); determine the frame rate in the range from 25 to 60 frames per second; select the preferred bitrate from 1 to 40 Mbps, as well as indicate the orientation.
  • To record a video clip with sound, you must enable the corresponding option. ScreenCam lets you capture audio from multiple sources, including microphone and internal audio.
  • After you finish recording the screen, you must save the result. You can define the export destination for your built-in storage device SD card.

Now you know how to record screen on different devices. The most convenient way for a PC is to use the Screen Camera software. The software offers SIMple tools, an interface in Russian and a built-in video editor. You can crop the video, create a beautiful screensaver, add background music or voice acting. Also, unlike applications on a smartphone, the On-Screen Camera program will prepare a clip for playback on various devices and sites. Download the software and record your first video right now!

Screen camera. software in Russian

Since we started talking about the need to download special software, then, of course, you cannot do without programs at all. An excellent option can be the Russian-language software, which is called “Screen Camera”. It is designed to capture everything that happens on the screen of your PC.

It turns out that even a novice user can easily record a video with it, and then can edit it if he uses the step-by-step instructions below:

First of all, we download this program from the official website for free. It is clear that the installation file must be saved to the computer for further launch. It takes up a little over 50 MB, so the download process does not take much time. We unpack the archive, install the program according to the instructions and we can start working with it.

Before you start recording video on Windows 10 or another OS, you need to set some settings. The main window offers us the “Screen Recorder” function.

After clicking on it, we will be offered several options for recording: a full-scale screen, a fragment or a separate window with a video image.

Regardless of our choice, you can also use the additional sound recording mode. Click on the button “Write”.

The process of filming on YouTube or from another source has begun. We stop it in the chosen place. here everyone decides for himself. However, the finished video still needs editing. To do this, the program provides a tab equipped with the functions of the built-in editor.

First, save the video with sound on the computer and click on the “Edit” button. It will provide us with the ability to trim unnecessary, dubbing of its fragment, insert titles and much more.

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Don’t forget to save the finished video to your Mac or other device. Click on “Create Video” and select the preferred way to convert the file. To this end, you can not only choose one of the proposed formats, but also publish your entry on the Internet online.

That is, in fact, the whole procedure. I also note that this software allows you to supplement the video and make it more recognizable with the help of bright spectacular slides. choose one of the proposed types and indicate the name of your video. Subsequently, you can change its design by loading the desired picture over the annoying splash screen, as well as change the font, slant, size of the style in the title of the entry.

About the possibilities of Movavi

Now let’s see what the Movavi Video Suite application offers us in this regard. It is also one of the most popular online resources:

shooting images from the screen;

high quality sound recording;

conversion to any of the existing formats;

creating slideshows and finished clips;

overlay music on video and more.

Working with the application in windows 7 or another version is easier than ever. We launch it and get the main drop-down menu, which lists the main modes. We need to select the one called Screen Video Recording. A window appears with numerous setting panels.

Selecting the area of ​​coverage of the image, as well as shooting modes, color management, sound, number of frames per second, etc.

When all the desired criteria are set, you can start recording. At the last stage, we have to save the finished video using the “Save As” button. Here we must indicate the format and type of the file, resolution, saving path. As you can see, you can’t do without downloading the program.

What is required for recording

Most of us have to record video from a monitor. For example, you liked some kind of culinary manual or instructions on how to properly change the pipes in the bathroom. And how many different webinars and training lessons are already posted on the net ?! Or imagine that you are an avid gamer who wants to show off your video while playing with sound.

So why not learn all this in a timely manner, if it can come in handy at any time?!

To get such functionality without lags, you need to have special software on your PC. Next, we will consider 3 main options, each of which will not only delight you with its functionality, but also provides the ability to easily record using hot keys, as well as the subsequent processing of your videos to give them a complete look.

How to take video from your computer screen: 3 great programs

Good day! We continue our series of publications, in which I want to acquaint all of you with the various possibilities and tricks that are provided by user programs and services. In previous articles, we spent a lot of time on such a popular hosting as YouTube, but I would like to continue the topic of working with video content.

application, video, computer, screen

Therefore, I suggest that you familiarize yourself in more detail with how to shoot video from a computer screen and in what cases it can be useful. So here we go.

AVS Video Editor

Another good example of an application with which you can glue or trim fragments of various videos, as well as save videos in one of the most popular formats: mp4, avi, etc. It provides a fairly functional built-in editor that will not only easily capture an image from different sources, but also capable of adding titles, working with audio tracks, burning DVDs and much more.

As soon as we launched AVS Video Editor. select from the menu the item “Window capture”. It allows you to quickly record a screen image or video, start and stop time, capture area, etc. To save the recording, click on the “New” button, then in the next window select the file type and profile that optimizes it for Mac, iPhone or other options.

It turns out that in a SIMilar way, you can make a video from the screen and yourself at the same time. To do this, launch the editor and connect the webcam. Now we capture the video, as we described it before, record it and save it. For those looking for powerful professional software equipped with a large number of visual effects, I can recommend to study Camtasia Studio.

And if, in addition, you study the course “YouTube Specialist” from Alexander Novikov, you can become a real YouTube video blogger.

Today you could be convinced, friends, that the programs presented here in the review make it easy to record video from the screen even for a beginner. they are so convenient, intuitive and thought out from the point of view of the interface. At the same time, you do not need to have many years of qualifications or special theoretical knowledge.

Download any of the installers and follow the instructions I wrote.

Until next time and join the blog subscribers!

How to take video from your computer screen

Most users know how to take a screenshot or screenshot. To do this, just press the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. But, not everyone knows how to shoot video from a computer screen. If you are interested in this question, then you have come to the right place. Now we will talk about how to take video from the screen, and also consider a number of programs that allow you to do this.

Unfortunately, the Windows operating system does not have built-in tools that would allow you to capture video from your computer screen without using third-party programs. Therefore, before starting to shoot something, you will have to choose one of the programs for recording video, download it and install it on your computer. It is quite SIMple to work with such programs. In most cases, in order to start shooting video, just start the program and click on the “Record” button. Sometimes some settings need to be changed before starting recording.

How to take video from your computer screen with Free Screen To Video

For example, consider the process of capturing video from a computer screen using the Free Screen To Video program. This program is distributed completely free of charge, supports the Russian language and is equipped with all the necessary functions. For example, it allows you to shoot video with sound, which is rare for free programs. So, let’s go through step by step the whole process of using this program.

Download Free Screen To Video and install it on your computer.

Go to the official site of the Free Screen To Video program and download the installation file. The program weighs a little over 1 MB, so the download will not take much time, even if you have a slow Internet connection. The installation process itself is not difficult. All you need to do is click on the “Next” button.

The only caveat is that at the beginning of the installation you will be prompted to install a few additional programs. These are advertising programs and they are not needed to shoot videos, so you can refuse to install them.

Run the program and check the settings.

After installation, launch the Free Screen To Video program and immediately click on the language change button. It is located in the lower left corner of the program. Click and select “Russian”. After that, the program will switch to using the Russian interface.

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Then we click on “Configuration” in order to check the default settings and make changes to them, if necessary.

After clicking on the “Configuration” button, you will see a window with the program settings. There are a minimum of settings here, so it’s very easy to deal with them.

The upper part of the settings window contains audio recording settings. Here you can select which microphone you want to use and set its volume. If you have only one microphone connected to your computer, then most likely you will not have to change anything here.

Below are the video recording settings. Here you can select the video format (AVI, FLV, SWF and WMV formats are available), the number of frames per second (FPS), as well as the codec for encoding video and sound (Video Codec, Audio Codec). There is also a “Configure” button that opens the codec settings. In the codec settings you can set the video compression level.

If you have little experience, then you can start shooting video without changing any settings. In this case, nothing terrible will happen, the standard settings of the program are quite normal.

We start shooting video from the computer screen.

First, you need to choose a video recording method that we will use. To do this, click on the “Capture” button and select the recording method.

The following options are available here:

  • Capture the entire screen. in this case, the video will be captured from the entire screen at once;
  • Capture the selected window. in this case, the video will be shot from only one window you selected;
  • Capture area. in this case, the video will be shot in the area that you select with the mouse;

After you have chosen the recording method, click on the “Start” button.

If you have selected “Capture the selected window” or “Capture area” then after clicking on the “Start” button the program will ask you to specify the area that will be used for video recording. After selecting the desired area, a window will appear in which you need to specify the location to save the video file.

If you selected “Capture the entire screen“, then the program will immediately prompt you to specify the location to save. After selecting the desired folder, the program will start capturing video from the computer screen.

Press the F10 button to stop recording. The F9 button allows you to pause recording. After stopping the recording, the resulting video file will be in the folder that you specified after clicking on the “Start” button.

What else can you shoot video from your computer screen

There are other programs that allow you to capture video from your computer screen. Among the free programs, the most popular are:

  • CamStudio;
  • oCam Screen Record;
  • Free Screen Video Recorder;

Among paid solutions, such programs are popular as:

  • Screen camera;
  • Ashampoo Snap;
  • UVScreenCamera;
  • FastStone Capture;
  • Camtasia Studio;

If you want to shoot video from a computer screen in computer games, then programs such as:

  • Fraps;
  • PlayClaw;

But, unfortunately, both of these programs are paid.

Screen recording software

Today we will consider the most high-quality and functional programs for recording video from the screen from renowned developers. Any budding blogger, PC maintenance technician, or average user will find a tool here. Read carefully, compare with the table and try.


It is one of the most advanced screen capture software. Taking a screenshot of the monitor is now an art form. A number of tools are available to the user, which makes capturing images much easier.

  • Hotkeys for photographing a specific area, an entire window, and a scrolling window;
  • Saving screenshots in PDF and many other popular formats;
  • Allows you to shoot video from the monitor screen in a custom mode;
  • Working with images (frames, stamps, inscription, rotation, cropping, visual effects, etc.);
  • Publication of material on YouTube,. other social networks.
  • Plugin connectivity.

Now the problem of making a screenshot of a certain window that does not fit on the screen has been solved. Like other SIMilar programs for recording what is happening on the screen without losing quality, Snagit allows you to save a snapshot of a long web page and work with text. After the next shot, the image editor opens, in which you can perform a number of manipulations on the footage. The edited screen can be immediately sent by e-mail, saved to a PC, uploaded to FTP, sent to another program, or copied to the clipboard.

In our selection, the most common solutions were considered. Many of the free programs have unique features and various add-ons. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of each of the above utilities!

Movavi Suite is an excellent combined tool for video recording, editing, mounting, converting and exporting to any medium. The low price of the license makes you refuse to purchase specialized programs and pay attention to this complex. It is worth every penny spent on the purchase. However, if you do not need the described additional features, use the built-in recording tool, which can also be downloaded separately.

Screen Camera. this is an amazing program with which you can enjoy all the benefits of high-quality video capture both from the OS desktop and from online resources, various games, movies, and so on. she writes in the highest quality, HD resolution is supported. Against the background of analogs, the program will allow you to record sound over video, edit your content and give it amazing effects, publish it on popular social networks, and save it in any format convenient for you.

AVS offers a versatile package of tools for importing, editing and editing images. It contains all the functions necessary for a professional, but has an interface that is understandable for a beginner. If you are just taking your first steps in the craft of creating all sorts of videos, this program is definitely worth trying.

Together with Movavi Screen Capture, you will be able to duplicate the video you are watching when recording at the same resolution with which it is broadcast. The program will allow you to make some of the brightest transitions between the recorded parts, as well as share the results with friends on social networks. This is the best free software for recording video from your computer screen.

Camtasia Studio is a very common tool. The utility is capable of high-quality zooming of footage and will obviously appeal to those who like to endow their work with special special effects. An advanced compression aLGorithm will allow you to get a very low weight of the finished video with a sufficiently high quality. The popular FastStone Capture program is on par with it.

It is considered that Debut Video Capture, one of the few really noteworthy free programs, for capturing from your computer screen. Record video from any connected device, from the monitor itself to the webcam. Built-in filters and color gamut settings will improve the quality of the video during its final processing.

WM Recorder is designed with the main task associated with receiving video or audio from the World Wide Web. The program will easily record your conversation with your interlocutor via Skype, as well as multimedia content from various social networks.

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A fairly SIMple and convenient, free and generally good Fraps program can display the number of frames per second as accurately as possible, and in real time. It can record videos, take screenshots and test your computer‘s graphics card for performance.

If you are interested in a versatile PC screen recording tool and high-quality screenshots, Snagit will give you such capabilities. Edit saved screen images as you see fit and use the built-in suite of tools to handle your content.

Bandicam will appeal to fans of game video recording as well as fans of shooting highlights in films and TV series, as well as sports broadcasts. The program has reasonable system requirements and a small installation file size. You can set automatic stop parameters at certain minutes and even combine the end of recording with shutting down your PC.

The review did not include many free and commercial screen recording programs. Among them: BB FlashBack Express (Blueberry Flashback), Free Screen Video Recorder, Ispring Free Cam, Ocam Screen Recorder, Icecream Screen, Ashampoo Snap, Rylstim Screen Recorder, Ezvid, Mirillis Action, CamStudio, VirtualDub, Altercam, Webcam Max, Replay Video Capture, QIP Shot and many other hopelessly outdated or just downright “weak” solutions. If you want to learn more about these solutions and evaluate their recording capabilities, look for a detailed description of the programs on the website!

You can also record the screen through some programs for video cards. In particular, the GeForce Experience package will help you not only customize the card and receive driver updates. It contains the NVIDIA ShadowPlay utility designed specifically for gamers. In addition, full screen recording, like many other useful options, is provided in MSI Afterburner. You can even set a separate hotkey for an action.

WM Recorder

This handy program has a narrower specialization and allows you to save video and audio from the Internet or a local network in the background. For example, if you run it and leave it in the tray, then after watching videos on YouTube, the program will download everything viewed on the computer’s hard drive. She knows how to find and automatically capture a video stream from the World Wide Web.

  • Processing multiple threads SIMultaneously;
  • Task Scheduler;
  • Popular formats avi, wmv are supported;
  • Configuring file types for subsequent capture;
  • Recording Skype conversations, online TV, broadcasts of Internet radio stations, video and audio from social networks;
  • Continuing an interrupted recording.

The extremely SIMple interface has several main buttons. “Record”, “Stop”, “View”. They allow you to record media files and view all saved material. Suitable for recording password-protected video, as well as editing footage. Due to its narrow specialization, the program does an excellent job with its tasks.


Bandicam is a great program that allows you to capture video from your monitor, record games, movies, and take screenshots. It is noteworthy that during shooting, you can capture a certain part of the screen, for this it is enough to select the area of ​​interest. The resulting content is quite compact and of high quality. Screens can be received in popular BMP, JPEG and PNG extensions. Compared to most of its counterparts, the Bandicam utility is famous for its acceptable system requirements and does not overload the processor or RAM. You can record the game without lags in excellent FullHD quality.

  • Making screenshots and saving them later;
  • Work in high definition;
  • Formation of compact materials;
  • Pause or stop at a specified time if necessary;
  • You can perform video capture in AVI format, applications based on DirectX technology;
  • Hardware acceleration support for AMD VCE, Intel QSV technologies;
  • Works with Xvid, MP2, MJPEG, PCM and MPEG-1.

AVS Video Editor

It is positioned as a full-featured editor, but its computer screen capture tool deserves a separate description and consideration. The implementation is so laconic that any elementary school student can cope with recording a video.

Nevertheless, there are all professional functions: resizing in intercept mode, scaling, drawing, selection, mounting. The parameters for receiving the picture and sound are finely tuned, and at the end you can use the editing functions to compose a full clip, letsplay or video guide, calculate it for the parameters of a tablet or Android phone of a certain brand.


  • Combining the functions of capturing, processing and editing within one application (built-in video processing program);
  • The ability to jointly edit, process video, audio tracks received from different sources;
  • Excellent implementation of the capture utility, many settings;
  • Huge database of filters, transition effects, etc.;
  • Advanced audio editing / recording tools via add-on. consistently high FPS;
  • Export to all current formats, encoding with presets or manual adjustment of avi parameters. mp4. swf, etc.
  • SIMple interface for a beginner, availability of training materials from the developer.

OBS Studio

Free Open Broadcaster Software allows you to quickly record video from your computer screen with the formation of a high quality file up to mpeg-4 ffdshow in 1080p and 720p. Differs in ease of parameter selection. You can adjust the video recording bitrate, select the source of audio tracks (microphone or capture external sound from a speaker with volume control), immediately broadcast the video stream to Twitch, and other platforms. Support for a webcam and other sources of image acquisition is declared. The software is open source, does not contain any restrictions and advertising.

Pros and cons of OBS

  • Convenient control panel, built-in timer;
  • Open source, low CPU usage;
  • Support for video calls, you can write video chats directly from the browser;
  • Streaming video files in real time to all popular platforms;
  • Functionality for creating screencasts, letsplay with the addition of audio files;
  • No mouse selection;
  • Problem with recording to dvd, gif, tga, flv, asf formats;
  • Slightly outdated interface in comparison with analogs;
  • There is no complete installation. you won’t be able to cut and glue the contents.

Recording :. Editing:


The main purpose of Fraps is to display the number of frames per second in real time. The software was originally created to calculate fps. Game recording function. its additional “feature”.

Key features of Fraps:

  • Convenient button for taking screenshots in four different formats;
  • Can be used as a program for recording video from games and sound from a microphone;
  • Video card performance testing;
  • Crushing footage into shorter clips;
  • Show or hide cursor movement after recording starts;
  • Saving test results.

In the screen recording settings, you can set the frame rate at which the capture will be performed. The program is equipped with a quick key to start the FPS counter. The settings specify the time of testing, after which the benchmark will stop. You can fix the frame rate in the presets while saving to hard disk. Setting up screenshots allows you to organize their cutting after a certain period of time.

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