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RecordMyScreen. is a free open source screen recorder for both jailbroken and unauthorized iOS devices. It supports 1/2 screen size or full screen. To customize the recording settings, RecordMyScreen allows users to adjust the video size to 50% or 75% for the Retina iPad. Even though you have to run Safe Mode on iOS devices, you can still record iPhone and iPad screen. To trim or merge videos, you can open the recorded videos in another video editing application. Although RecordMyScreen iPhone screen recorder doesn’t offer too many video editing filters.

SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder. It is a free Android recording with fast speed and simple sequence. You can pause and resume at any time while recording on the screen. In addition, SCR Screen Recorder allows users to use the front camera to record video. Thus, this means that you can record a video of yourself. It is also acceptable to add external audio to the recording for explanation. Or you can say while recording Android screen. Once you have recorded, you can share the recorded videos to the social platform with. YouTube and other video sharing platform.


No need to pair Android with your computer, just to record screenshots. You can set up timers to count the recording time. To remind yourself what recording has become, you can set a three-second countdown earlier. Once you hit the record icon in the overlay, everything you have done will be recorded on the Android screen. Once you want to finish recording on Android, just tap the same as the previous overlay. Don’t worry about it, your recording icon just turned transparent so it will still be there.


Apowersoft. It is a video recorder for both iOS devices and Mac / Windows computers. You can manually resize the screen using your mouse. Besides, it is also available to set auto screen recording mode with Apowersoft. Before recording to iPhone or iPad, you can also set video format or convert media formats. The recording format includes WMV, MP4, MKV, etc. As for the audio types, you can choose from MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, etc.

OS Required: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Top 10 Screen Recorder Apps on iPhone / iPad / Android to Record Screen Easily

Since using a mobile phone is an important part of people’s daily life, it is clear that smartphones are essential for most people. For example, one person can spend an entire day without opening a computer. However, this does not mean that he or she can ignore the iPhone or Android. Playing games or shooting videos and photos on a social platform using a smartphone is a normal part of one person’s day. So, recording tutorial and video with the screen recorder app is more convenient because of the ease of shooting and instant shooting while talking. To improve users’ screen recording experience, this roundup has collected dozens of Android and iOS recorders for you to read and select.

iOS Screen Recorder APP

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder offers a clean interface and easy-to-use operations without rooting. You can get 1080p video resolutions at 12.0Mbps and 60 FPS. Even though someone wants to use an Android screen recorder to get long videos, Mobizen can save the recorded videos to an external storage SD card. With various basic and update video filters on Mobizen Screen Recorder, you can remove watermark from videos with latest Android screen capture APK. Therefore, you can use Mobizen Screen Capture to record daily experience and gameplay in a free manner.

In-app products: 0.99. 8.99 per item

Android Screen Recorder APK

If you have installed Google Play Games, you can record gameplay directly by installing from it. The usual way to get an Android screen recorder. this is a USB connection. Or you can try the following APK to make it easier to write.


This is another convenient option that you can take advantage of. You will be given the option to add transitions, filters and text. You can adjust the speed as well as crop the video as you like. Video provides a lot of flexibility, which is pretty handy.


Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later

This video editor for iPhone and iPad gives you access to all the tools you need to create videos that get a lot of YouTube attention. In fact, many content creators who share their videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are already using KineMaster to edit their content.

Adding text layers, stickers, or overlaying multiple videos or photos with KineMaster is easy, and you can also choose from a variety of blending modes that let you decide how the images will be combined.

The app has rich filters, libraries of music, visual and sound effects, and supports 4K video editing. However, every video you create with the free version of KineMaster will be watermarked and you need to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to remove the watermark and access all the app’s features.

  • Great tools for time-lapse and time-lapse video editing
  • Offers a wide range of overlays and text
  • Allows users to animate layers using keyframes
  • The app’s Asset Store has hundreds of free stickers, transitions and music
  • To remove the watermark, you need to make an in-app purchase
  • No video recording capability
  • Limited color grading options

Best Free YouTube Video Editing Apps for iPhone You Should Know About

Before you choose one of the apps featured in our top list, you must first make sure that the app you are interested in offers all the video editing tools you need to process your footage for your YouTube channel. Given the number of audio and video tracks supported by an app, the number of visual effects it offers or its file sharing capabilities can make it easier for you to decide which app you are going to install on your device. However, your choice ultimately depends on how often and how professionally you want to edit your YouTube videos. Here are the 5 best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad.

Adobe premiere rush

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Adobe’s software products have been at the center of the video editing world for several decades, but most of the company’s video and audio editing products are aimed at high-end professional users.

Adobe Premiere Rush has a built-in camera feature that allows you to capture high-definition video from within the app and edit it as soon as you stop recording. Create a soundtrack for a video, organize video clips in any way you like, or customize a title template. these are just a few of the countless video editing options that Adobe Premiere Rush offers.

Its file sharing capabilities are impressive too, as you can share your videos with all major social media platforms right from the app, or edit a file on your desktop using Premiere Pro CC. This makes Adobe Premiere Rush a great choice for YouTube users, vloggers, and all other video content creators who often shoot their videos in multiple locations.

  • Let users change the aspect ratio of videos easily
  • Records high definition footage
  • Rich library of header templates
  • Multitrack timeline
  • Limited choice of video effects
  • Rendering process can be slow
  • Offers only a basic set of transitions

Best Free YouTube Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad [2020]

Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Filmmaker Pro Video Editor is equipped with a versatile set of video editing tools that allow users to create eye-catching video content from their iPhones and iPads. The app lets you create as many audio and video tracks as your project needs, and supports 4K editing, but only on iPad Pro, iPhone SE and later iPhone models.

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Filmmaker Pro video editor provides over thirty filters as well as color correction tools that allow you to adjust the contrast, exposure or brightness of your video. In addition, the app gives you access to Green Screen and Ken Burns effects that you can use to make your videos more dynamic.

If you are editing video using Filmmaker Pro Video Editor from iPad, you can use Apple Pen to draw on top of the edited material. The only downside is that you have to make an in-app purchase to remove the watermark from the video. which you export from this application.

  • Excellent selection of fonts
  • Built-in fade in and fade out sound effects
  • Offers 4K video editing support
  • The app does not limit the number of projects you can create
  • Expensive
  • Limited file sharing options
  • Previous video editing experience required


Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.

This is a comprehensive video editing app and reference release for Apple. It’s very similar to the desktop version of iMovie and is definitely worth putting on your device if you’re looking for a free YouTube video editing app for iOS. You can use it to add voice, music, titles, and photos to your work. There are many templates, themes and filters for movie trailers that you can use if you want to make your video even better. You can enhance your video with slow motion and fast forward by changing the video speed and adding your own narration.

  • Totally Free for iPhone and iPad Users
  • Trailer Templates, Themes, Filters available
  • Projects Can Be Edited on Mac with iMovie or Final Cut Pro X
  • No items
  • Acceleration limited to 2X

Learn more about How to Edit YouTube Videos with iMovie


Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Creating a new video with Magisto shouldn’t take you long. You just need to choose one of the available templates, such as Birthday or Wedding, import the footage from your phone’s camera roll and add music to your project. A superintelligent AI-powered editor does the rest for you.

Best Camera App for iPhone (2020 Review!)

Such a quick and easy video editing process makes this video editor for iPhone and iPad a great choice for digital marketers looking to create tutorials or promotional videos that they can social media.

By purchasing a Magisto Business Plan, you will have access to dozens of business templates that will help you expand your online audience and increase your brand awareness. Remember that purchasing one of the available subscription models is required if you want to use Magisto for professional purposes.

  • A simple 3-step video creation process
  • Huge library of free songs
  • Offers a wide range of themes and templates
  • Allows users to create video collages and videos from photos
  • No 4K video editing support
  • The free version of the application has limited features
  • expensive than competitors

Rule 3. Don’t use digital zoom

Getting closer to the subject using software methods is a common mistake of novice operators. Do anything, get close to the object in any way you can (drive up in an office chair with wheels or roll the camera on a skateboard), but do not use digital zoom, which will instantly reduce the video quality at times. When shooting without magnification, subjects will remain sharp, while Focus and blurred background will allow you to create accents.

Rule 2. Use a stabilizer (steadicam)

Another point that implies financial spending. Yes, in some cases it is possible to shoot a good video handheld, leaning against a tree or fixing your hands on the roof of a car, but in most cases you will need a special accessory to get usable content.

For the cheapest option, you can purchase the StudioNeat Glif Mount, which allows you to mount your iPhone on any tripod if needed. However, to vlog or shoot amateur reports, you will have to fork out for a wearable stabilization system (the so-called steadicam).

The most popular device in this category today is the DJI Osmo, but the author of the manual offers a cheaper and equally functional Smooth-Q gadget from Zhiyun Tech. decent stabilizers can be found here.

ProCamera 8

iPhone Watch | 47.9 MB | 4.99 | DOWNLOAD

One of the best handheld cameras in the App Store. With all the variety of shooting parameters, the program interface is laconic and even a beginner will not be difficult to get used to, the main thing is to know which function is responsible for what.

In addition to manual photo and video shooting, ProCamera 8 has a night mode, HDR and a QR code scanner.

In the settings section, all the necessary tools and parameters to create a photo masterpiece: white balance, ISO, temperature, shutter speed, separate exposure and focus lock, inclinometer, program stabilizer and others.

ProCam has a photo editor with all the necessary parameters, as well as filters and effects such as macro or fisheye. Plus to developers for the fact that the editor can be built into the standard Photo application.

Rule 5. Golden ratio

Photographers and videographers often use a simplified version of the “golden ratio”, the so-called “rule of thirds”. In simple terms, it says that when building a composition it will not be superfluous to shift the subject a little to the side horizontally or lower the horizon vertically, using the grid drawn in many programs on the screen.

Now videos shot on smartphones are replacing content created by separate cameras. Unfortunately, the quality of the videos is very lame, “vertical masterpieces” are still popular, there are videos with a shaking picture, with highlights or almost dark.

It is enough to follow only a few elementary rules and the footage will start to delight you, they will not be ashamed to share with friends or upload to the network.


iPhone iPad | 39.4MB | Free | DOWNLOAD

One of the most popular photo editors on the App Store is another great photography tool. All parameters are executed in a minimalistic interface inherent in the application.

For complete control over photography, the viewfinder has a level and verticals, and in the basic mode, you can adjust the white balance. If you click on the Advanced button, you will see more fine shooting parameters. ISO, focus adjustment and shutter speed.

The result can be brought to perfection in the well-known editor with gorgeous filters.

Record audio separately

No matter how good the microphone in your smartphone may seem to you, it records too many extraneous sounds around. Even if it is a meter away from the sound source, the recording will clearly hear voices from the next room, the rustle of the operator or the acoustic background.

Instead of special equipment, you can use a second iPhone. It can be fixed above or below the sound source so that it does not fall into the frame, and the signal can be recorded using the standard Voice Recorder application.

Then in the editor you will join the audio track with the video, you get a pretty good sound.

Rule 1. Do not use a standard application

The only advantage of the native Camera app in iOS is quick access to it from the lock screen; otherwise, this program does not please with its functionality.

Fans of iPhoneography are better off looking for a more advanced application in the App Store, the author recommends a rather expensive, but satisfying almost all professional requirements option. the FiLMiC Pro program

An example of a video shot on an iPhone 7 Plus with FiLMiC Pro processing:


Application for working with videos of various formats. Offers advanced tools for working with sound: the user can add his own voice to the video track, as well as a track from the soundtrack library.

There will be a watermark at the end of each video, so decide right away if you should download this app. When exporting, there is a choice between two social networks and iPhone memory, which is not so much. In general, Splice has a very limited functionality and does not have a large collection of effects and transitions, but it works stably and has a nice interface.

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IPhone Video Editing Apps

Resources such as YouTube and Instagram are currently actively developing. And for them, you need to have knowledge of editing, as well as the video editing program itself. They are free and paid, and only the content creator decides which option to choose.


Developed by Apple itself, designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. Contains a wide range of functions for editing footage, as well as working with sound, transitions and filters.

iMovie has a simple and accessible interface that supports a large number of files, and also makes it possible to publish your work on popular video hosting and social networks.


A popular solution among Instagram bloggers, as it allows you to quickly and easily create a video for this social network. But the user can save their work for other resources as well. InShot has a sufficient number of functions, there are both standard (cropping, adding effects and transitions, music, text) and specific (adding stickers, changing the background and speed).

In addition, this is a photo editor, so when working with video, the user can simultaneously edit the files he needs and immediately find them in the project with editing, which is very convenient.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro ported from a computer. It has stripped down functionality compared to its full-fledged PC application, but allows you to edit excellent videos with good quality. The main feature of the Premiere is the ability to automatically edit the clip, in which the program itself adds music, transitions and filters.

After logging into the application, the user will be asked to sign in to their Adobe ID, or register a new one. Unlike iMovie, the Adobe version is endowed with advanced options for working with audio tracks and overall tempo.

The app is from the GoPro company, which is famous for its action cameras. Can edit video from any source, automatically searches for the best moments, adds transitions and effects, and then provides the user with manual revision of the resulting work.

With Quik, you can create a memorable video for your Instagram or other social network. It has a nice and functional design, but does not allow deep editing of the image (shadows, exposure, etc.). An interesting option is the ability to export to. which other video editors do not support.


It is convenient to work with this application if the user has an account and a channel on the Vimeo resource, since it is with him that synchronization and quick export from Cameo takes place. Fast video editing is provided with simple and small functionality: trimming, adding titles and transitions, inserting a soundtrack.

A feature of this program is the presence of a large collection of thematic templates that the user can use for quick editing and export of his video. An important detail. applications only work in horizontal mode, which is a plus for some, and a huge minus for some.

Editing video on iPhone

The iPhone offers its owner high-quality and powerful hardware, on which you can not only surf the Internet, but also work in various programs, including video editing. Below we will look at the most popular ones, many of which are free and do not require an additional subscription.

Today, a content maker is offered a huge number of applications for video editing with subsequent export to popular video hosting sites. Some are simple in design and minimal in features, while others provide professional editing tools.

8mm Vintage Camera

Vintage movie lovers will appreciate the 8mm Vintage Camera app. The description of his coolness can be limited to one sentence: in 2013, the Oscar for Best Documentary went to Malik Benjellul’s “In Search of the Sugar Man”, who used this app to shoot.

8mm Vintage Camera applies effects on frames: grain, dust, scratches, flickering, to make the video look like it was filmed on old film. You can combine retro lenses and films to achieve the effect of different times and conditions.

The realism of what is happening in the past is supported by the addition of retro sounds. For example, you can superimpose movie projector clicks or subtract the soundtrack to create a silent movie effect. The editor offers several themes to quickly create videos with titles, transitions and music. If free themes aren’t enough, 8mm Vintage Camera can be purchased internally.

Action movie fx

This fast iPhone movie maker has a very clear purpose. to create special effects like in Hollywood movies. If you are watching the films of Michael Bay and want cyborgs, atomic war or aliens on your vacation video, then Action Movie F is what you need.

The editor does not require editing skills from the user. Effects are applied at the touch of a button immediately after shooting. You aim at the object to be destroyed, adjust the impact intensity and indicate the exact start time of the scene.

You can download the app for free, but if you want additional scenes, you will have to buy them separately.

Quik by GoPro

GoPro knows everything about video, which is why it offers iPhone owners a powerful editor for creating movies on their smartphone. In Quik, you can add beautiful transitions and effects, sync music, add filters and text in seconds.

  • Add up to 200 photos and videos.
  • Automatic face detection and perfect framing.
  • 26 styles with effects and transitions.
  • Editing styles, fonts and graphics.

Finished videos can be saved to the Camera Roll in HD 1080p format with a smooth picture of 60 frames per second, published in social networks and sent in instant messengers.

Movie maker apps for iPhone

Movie maker apps for iPhone allow you to collect beautiful videos from photos and videos right on your mobile device. Free and paid editors can be found in the App Store, so there is a rich choice.


The first application we will meet is called iMovie. This is Apple’s proprietary editor, so there is no doubt about its effectiveness and compatibility.

  • Cut fragments.
  • Rotate frames.
  • Change playback speed.
  • Apply filters.
  • Add sound and text.

In iMovie, you can quickly make a trailer from videos shot with the iPhone camera by choosing one of 14 templates. There are also 8 themes for adjusting sound, transitions and adding titles. The user can edit the sound on his own, applying effects to the video sequence, compositions from the library or voiceover comments.

Other applications

Other iPhone video editors include:

  • Replay.
  • Camu.
  • Hyperlapse.
  • Flipagram.
  • Perfect Video.
  • Pics2Mov.
  • PhotoMotion.

Each application has its own purpose. For example, Hyperlapse is an app from the developers of Instagram for recording time-lapse videos. After shooting in Hyperlapse, you can change the playback speed by 12 times, and then save the video for further editing or publication.

In addition, iOS 10 introduced the Memories feature, thanks to which themed slideshows from photos and videos are created without user intervention. If you wish, you can select background music, scrolling speed and playback duration, and the system will edit it on its own.

# 1. Photo stitch

Time to take really amazing panoramic images! As the name suggests, it allows you to stitch multiple images together to create a unique.

Just import (or capture) three landscape and five portrait photos and this app will instantly glue them together. How easy it is! What’s more, you can email your photos and share them with your loved ones to get a lot of praise.

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# 7. Auto Stitch Pic

Take 360-degree panoramic shots with Auto Stitch Pic. great experience. And I found this app locally. It combines multiple photos into one continuous image.

You can capture 3-20 overlapping city skyline photos and combine them all into a mesmerizing panorama. You can shoot in both portrait and landscape modes. Geometric Distortion Correction ensures you can improve the quality of your photos.

# 4. 360cam

From what I have experienced, 360cam has all the ingredients to enable you to capture beautiful 360-degree videos and photos. It comes with a very handy built-in player that allows you to try out multiple viewing modes.

A useful remote control also works in the app. Thus, you can take wonderful pictures remotely. In capture mode, you will get a live preview of the snapshot before you take it. On top of that, the ability to play videos in VR headsets brings a lot of fun to the game.

# 3. Fyuse. 3D photos

Fyuse. it is a simple yet powerful application for capturing stunning 360 degree panoramic shots. You need to select an object, touch the shutter, click on the picture, rotate around the object. That’s all. You will have a beautiful 360-degree image of the object.

The app is simple and doesn’t need any photos to use it. One of the best features of this app. that it is absolutely free, without any in-app purchases.

# 6. 360 Panorama

You won’t find a better application than 360 Panorama for capturing enviable panoramic shots. Taking panoramic photos is incredibly easy with this app. Getting the most out of your iOS device, it stitches panoramas perfectly and quickly.

You can use the gyroscope to interact with your photos. Since every panorama is tagged with GPS, you won’t forget where you took that photo.

Best iPhone Panorama Apps of 2019

Movavi clips

The mobile version of the popular editor, which provides almost the same possibilities for working with video as its full-format counterpart. It contains the necessary tools for frame-by-frame editing, allows you to glue and trim clips, duplicate interesting and remove unnecessary fragments, add transitions to them, apply effects, titles and music, and unique stickers. The quality of the picture lends itself to detailed adjustment. you can change the brightness, saturation, contrast. The necessary parameters are also available for the sound. it can be cleared, muted, or, conversely, amplified. Plus, the app has a large collection of background music.

Obviously, among other things, Movavi Clips allows you to slow down and speed up video clips. this is done literally in a few taps across the screen. The developers call their product free and devoid of annoying ads, although in reality this is not entirely true. to gain access to some functions, you still need to subscribe for a month or a year, and the highest price tag is set for disabling the watermark, which is very strange. The editor’s interface will not cause difficulties in mastering, especially since it is Russified.

5 Best Video Recording Apps for iPhone


This application allows not only to edit video from the local iPhone gallery, but also to record it directly from its own interface. The finished project can be published on social networks. and Instagram, on video hosting sites YouTube and Vimeo, as well as in the Telegram messenger. One of the key features of Efectum, for which the developers make a special Accent, is the video acceleration we are interested in within the framework of this material. Slowdown is also available. There is a very useful control over the frame rate, there are tools for simple editing. Supports adding music and background sounds, text, stickers, art effect masks and filters. Has useful reverse and time-lapse functions.

IPhone Video Acceleration Apps


One of the many functions of Apple’s proprietary editor is to change the speed of the video. slow down and speed up it. In general, the application’s arsenal includes a large set of tools for creating slideshows, trailers and full-length films, there are ready-made graphic templates, music by famous composers and soundtracks that automatically adjust to the general tempo of the video. Artistic effects and filters, skins, titles, and frame transitions are available. iMovie lets you apply Picture-in-Picture to projects, supports green screen.

The program in question is free, has a simple, intuitive interface translated into Russian, supports control not only by gestures, but also through the keyboard and mouse, which is especially convenient for iPad users. This solution is available not only on smartphones and tablets from Apple, but also on computers with laptops. Synchronization with iCloud Drive is supported, so you can start working with a project on one device and continue on another. It is possible to quickly transfer files via AirDrop, the finished video can be published on the network or sent to friends.

Perfect Video

Quite a powerful editor that provides almost the same video editing capabilities as the Movavi Clips discussed above. It can be used to trim, merge, split, delete and duplicate fragments, rotate and mirror clips, add captions, photos, musical accompaniment, voice of the announcer, watermarks, mosaics, smooth transitions and many other effects to them. There is the possibility of a separate, step-by-step study of video, photo and audio.

Perfect Video comes in two versions. free and paid. The latter allows you to animate keyframes, apply pixelation and blur, split the screen, use the Picture-in-Picture function, work with a chroma key, etc. Slow motion and fast motion (from 0.25x to 6x) are also available, there is a reverse effect. compression and quality improvement. The interface is translated into Russian, simple and straightforward, and therefore there will be no difficulties in mastering it.

Hyperlapse by Instagram

The last application that we will consider in the framework of this article is much more highly specialized than all the editors presented above. As the name implies, Hyperlapse is designed to work primarily with Instagram, and this will be enough for many (but not all) users, since it is for this network that beautiful videos are most often made, including accelerated ones. With its help, you can shoot clear time intervals, after which they will be automatically stabilized and collected into a finished video. Possible applications. recording a morning run, sunset or sunrise, a live concert, then accelerating them up to 12 times and converting them into a short video.

The interface of this free program is translated into Russian, it is as minimalistic and simple as the camera built into Instagram, and therefore there will definitely not be any difficulties with mastering. The videos themselves, in addition to being published on the social network, can be saved in the “Camera Roll”. In this case, registering an account, as well as having one, is optional for use. Unfortunately, Hyperlapse does not allow you to work with video in the internal memory of the iPhone. you can slow down and speed up only what was filmed through it.

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