Black screen when computer boots up what to do

The most obvious solution

Usually the reason for the appearance of the “Malevich square” is a poor connection of the cable from the monitor to the system unit. And if it is a laptop, then accidental pressing of the Fn and F2 keys may be the reason for the shutdown. Their simultaneous use causes the screen to turn on and off. Therefore, before we move on to other reasons, double check that all of the above things are in order.

Disable Fast Startup

This is another good method to solve the black screen problem.

Restart your PC in Safe Mode.

Go to the Control Panel through Start and then to “Power Supply”.

Find “Action of the power buttons” there and click on them.

Now click on “System Parameters”.

Uncheck the box next to “Enable Fast Startup”.

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Windows output to the wrong monitor

If you have configured your PC to use multiple monitors and the second screen is not connected, it may cause a black screen in Windows. How to solve this problem? Assuming you are on your operating system, double-click the Win P key followed by Enter. Is there no reaction? Then click Win P three times and then “Enter”. If this does not work, repeat the operation four times and click “Enter”.

The combination of these keys changes the display mode. Each press cycles through monitors and has the potential to re-appear your primary display.

Driver problems

Driver problems. one of the most common reasons for a black screen. Updating drivers is not difficult at all, and you need to do it periodically in order to constantly keep your PC in good health. Of course, those who are familiar with a computer can download all the necessary drivers manually. But if you are afraid of doing something wrong, you can entrust this work to a third-party program.

There are many such applications, such as Driver Talent or Driver Easy.

Below I will show you how to update drivers using Driver Easy.

First, go to Safe Mode as we described in the previous paragraph.

Download and install Driver Easy.

Activate Driver Easy and click “Scan Now”. The application will check your PC for driver faults.

Click “Update” next to your graphics card driver. Following this, the utility will download and install the current driver version.

If you want to use the Update All button, which will automatically download and install the correct versions of any missing or outdated drivers on your system, you will need the paid version of Driver Easy.

Safe mode

Another option. restart PC in Safe Mode.

Press and hold the Power Button to turn off the PC and then start it up again. As soon as it starts loading, click F8 and wait for the recovery screen to appear.

Choose one of the suggested download options and wait for the process to finish. If the image returned, most likely the problem lies in the video card drivers. Therefore, be sure to update them without delay. How to implement this, we will tell you in our article just below.

Video output port changed

There are times when the default video port is changed without your permission. This usually happens after updating the Windows driver or graphics card driver. For example, when using a DVI cable, the port may change to HDMI. Or instead of the HDMI port of your video card, the default will be the one on the motherboard.

Try connecting the HDMI cable to different HDMI ports on your PC. Do it along with the above Win P tip.

Fixing the problem with loading the desktop

  • Turn on the device, use the Ctrl Shift Esc combination (this will launch the task manager);
  • In the menu, select the “File” section, then “New task”;
  • In the dialog box, select “Create task” and type the phrase “Regedit”;
  • In the opened registry editor, in the parameters on the left, open the folder:
  • Carefully study the value of the “Shell” parameter; “explorer.exe” must be indicated there;
  • Carry out a thorough review of a similar registry key: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”. If there are any parameters in it, just delete them;
  • Press the Ctrl Alt Del keys at the same time;
  • Reboot the system.

If Windows 10 does not start a black screen, as an option, you can use the Windows Refresh utility, which is designed specifically for a clean install of the version that is optimal for your configuration:

On this I would like to conclude my article and say goodbye to you. Again, I really hope that the article is useful to you. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog updates and tell your friends on social networks.

Quick start system

Experience shows that when loading Windows 10, a black screen hangs for a long time for owners of AMD_Radeon video cards, and the reason is banal. the quick start system interferes, we need to disable it in order to bring Windows back to life.

We will perform the “blind” method, the most important thing is that you hear the sound of the OS boot, let’s start. We have two such options.

Removing and reinstalling video card drivers

If the previous method did not work, you should try to remove the video card drivers from Windows 10. You can do this in safe mode or in low-resolution mode, and I will now tell you how to get into it, seeing only a black screen (two ways for different situations).

First option. On the login screen (black), press Backspace several times, then Tab 5 times, press Enter, then up once and holding Shift, Enter again. Wait about a minute (the diagnostics, recovery, system rollback menu will load, which you probably won’t see either).

  • Down three times. Enter. down two times. Enter. left two times.
  • For computers with BIOS and MBR. down once, Enter. For computers with UEFI. two times down. Enter. If you do not know which option you have. press “down” once, and if you get into the UEFI settings (BIOS), then use the option with two clicks.
  • Press Enter again.

The computer will reboot and show you the special boot options. Using the number keys 3 (F3) or 5 (F5) to start Low Resolution Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. Once booted, you can either try to run System Restore in the Control Panel, or delete the existing video card drivers, and then restart Windows 10 in normal mode (the image should appear) and reinstall them. (see Installing NVidia Drivers for Windows 10. for AMD Radeon the steps will be almost the same)

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If this method of booting the computer for some reason does not work, you can try the following option:

  • Log in to Windows 10 with a password (as described at the beginning of the instructions).
  • Press WinX keys.
  • Press up 8 times, and then. Enter (the command line will open on behalf of the administrator).

At the command prompt, type (must be in English): bcdedit / set safeboot network and press Enter. After that, enter shutdown / r press Enter, after 10-20 seconds (or after a sound notification). Enter again and wait until the computer restarts: it should boot into safe mode, where you can remove the current video card drivers or start the system restore (In order to return the normal boot later, use the bcdedit / deletevalue safeboot command in the command line as administrator)

Additionally: if you have a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 or a recovery disc, then you can use them: Restore Windows 10 (you can try using restore points, as a last resort. resetting the system).

If the problem persists and you can’t figure it out, write (with details about what, how and after what actions happened and is happening), though I don’t promise that I can give a solution.

How to fix black screen problem in Windows 10

Unfortunately, in my case, the system did not update as I expected. Although the system detected updates and performed a quick installation, after launching it, troubles began. Windows did not load the system shell, instead a mouse cursor appeared on a black screen, and a message was displayed in the upper left corner stating that the Desktop Personalization Service was not responding.

Option number 3

This option seemed to me the most delusional, but you will not believe it, it worked on some laptops at our work. Everything is very simple. It is enough just to close and open the laptop lid and the black screen appears and you can proceed to eliminate the causes of its appearance.

Finally, I really want to describe one great way to solve the problem. how to remove the black screen after removing the virus from your computer.

Comments (14)

Hello, I have a problem that I put the drivers on the ASUS Radeon HD 6870 video card and during installation a black screen appears, Windows10, I do it on the TV, I reboot, it turns on and shows dimly and in the center of the screen.

After installing the SKB-Kontur program, a black screen began to appear when Windows 10 was started. What needs to be changed so that it does not appear again?

Hello. I have a problem with starting Windows 10. I found that if I forget to remove the card reader with the flash drive, then when I turn on the laptop again, Windows does not boot, but stops booting with a black screen on which white dots are spinning at the bottom. Previously, I was able to solve this problem by removing the card reader and turning on the laptop again, but after the last time the laptop refuses to boot, I can not do anything about it. Tell me how to deal with this problem?

this download mode is somehow related to unfinished updates that are performed in 4 places. in the story protector of additional components in the update center itself if you disable the update service
and some updates have not been completed, this screen will start until you restart this service

After updating Windows 10 two days ago, the desktop and the taskbar (black screen) disappeared, the cursor works like everything else (only through the task manager). Tried system restore, didn’t help. After it was found that explorer (explorer) does not start. Is it possible to somehow fix this without reinstalling the system.

Have you tried the suggested solutions for this problem described in this article?

Hello, you have found a solution to your problem?

After updating Windows 10 to 1703, when loading a long black screen, there is no Windows picture with a rotating circle, then it appears. appears and the welcome splash supplied by me, the system boots normally, what can it be.

Windows 10 before 1703 The same problem, when turned on, there is no image and then immediately a splash screen with a password. When you reboot all the rules.

I looked through all the comments and tips, but my Windows 10 is loading, then a black screen with spinning dots. and how long should I wait? How to fix? It then boots, but you can sit for about 5 minutes, and suddenly the next time it will not boot, and there is no restore point.

In your situation, we recommend that you pay attention to disabling Windows fast boot, view the hibernation settings and check the drivers for the video card. Make restore points, and store them on external media. in order to save space. I want to please you, the system itself periodically makes restore points, unless, of course, in the settings you have not deleted.

Tell me why when Windows 10 boots up a black screen, but the system boots and makes sounds, what is it and how to get rid of it?

Your situation is clear, the point is in your video card and new drivers “AMD_ Catalyst_15.7.1”, you can solve it, as usual, with more than one option, try it. choose what is acceptable for you.

So, you can go the shortcut, go to the registry as administrator.

  • Right click “Start” → “Command line (administrator)” → enter without quotes “regedit”
  • “HKEY˽LOCAL˽MACHINE” → “SYSTEM” → “ControlSet001” → “Control” → “Class”
  • “” → “0001”
  • “EnableUlps”. assign the value “0” →
  • “Start” → “Settings” → “System” → on the left “Programs and Features”

We find the driver “AMD Catalyst Install Manager” and remove, confirming our rights to remove components from the operating system.

After that, you need to download the drivers of an earlier version, save them in a convenient folder, and then manually install the drivers with a transition to the directory where you saved the newly downloaded files. After installation, restart Windows and everything should work normally. Remember to use antivirus software, configure your firewall, and choose the software you want to install carefully.

Disable Fast Startup

Having tested the “blind” method, we still won, but this is not for long, the problem may return, so we follow to the “Control Panel”, by pressing the RMB on “Start”, then:

  • “Equipment and Sound”
  • “Power supply”
  • On the left, select “Actions of the power buttons”
  • Above “Change options that are currently unavailable”
  • Scroll down and in “Shutdown options” uncheck “Enable fast startup (recommended)”
  • Save and try restart! After, everything should be stable.
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Why the computer does not turn on the first time?

If the computer does not turn on (and does not boot) the first time, then the power supply or the starting system on the motherboard is faulty. You will need to carry for repairs, change or repair the power supply or motherboard. Most likely your computer has a problem.

What to do if after starting the laptop black screen?

What to do if your laptop screen is black but it works

  • Disconnect the device from the mains, remove the battery and hold down the start button for twenty seconds.
  • Reinstall the battery, connect the power supply.
  • Turn on the device in standard mode. After that, the settings should be reset.

Why is there no image on the PC monitor?

Check the cable that connects your monitor to the computer and its power adapter. In general, if the computer turns on, but there is no image on the monitor, because the cord is broken or the monitor is out of order, then this can be easily corrected by replacing the components or repairing them. 2) BIOS problems.

What to do if your computer won’t turn on?

Disconnect unnecessary devices from the computer. Perhaps there is an additional power switch on the back of the system unit. check that too. If you have a laptop, put it on charge and wait at least 30 minutes, then try turning the device back on.

What is the reason if the computer does not turn on?

There are several reasons for this: The power supply is out of order and needs to be replaced The processor is overheating (you need to replace the thermal grease) Motherboard malfunction (repair or replace)

How to remove black screen from Windows 7 desktop?

If your computer turns on, but instead of a picture there is a black screen and a cursor, you can use the AVZ antivirus utility. Press the key combination CTRLALTDELETE.

What to do if a black screen when starting Windows 7?

The latter can be called by pressing the combination Ctrl Shift Esc. File. Run a new task.

  • Rebooting or waiting
  • Reinstalling the video driver
  • Restoring system files
  • Multiple displays and default monitor
  • System rollback
  • Removing antivirus
  • Removing updates
  • Windows Explorer problem.

What to do if there is a black screen when entering CS: GO?

Remove all Cyrillic characters to Latin and start the game again. Upon entering CS: GO, the black screen should already disappear. Most likely, your screen resolution settings were reset after the update. Launch CS: GO with launch options of a different resolution.

Installing the latest BIOS version

Having previously specified the name of the laptop with precision to the last letter, take the following sequential steps:

  • Open the official resource on the world wide web of the device developer;
  • Then go to the page with the software;
  • In the search bar of the site, type the name of the laptop;
  • Find and download the latest BIOS modification;
  • Along with the distribution kit, the software installation manual will also be downloaded, after careful study, which the user can install the latest BIOS on his laptop.

What to do in case of such a failure?

If, when you turn on the laptop, the screen is dark, and the user does not have special diagnostic equipment, and even more so the proper experience, then entrusting the work to the master from the repair center will be a good solution.

However, with at least a little experience in handling computer equipment and a detailed guide in front of your eyes, with specific recommendations for eliminating the causes of errors, the laptop owner can not only save a significant part of the family budget (repairing mobile PCs is an expensive undertaking), but also master valuable skills. who will repeatedly come to his aid in difficult situations that often arise with digital technology.

Important note: All of the step-by-step instructions described below are presented for informational purposes only and do not at all call for their implementation. The author of the manual is not responsible for the careless actions of users.

Unfortunately, not all employees of service centers fulfill their duties in good faith. There are situations when the laptop owner gives a large sum for the elimination of minor problems. For example, after turning on the laptop, only a black square and a cursor may be displayed.

The first thing the wizard will do is to disconnect the battery from the device and leave the PC to lie down until the next day. The next day, after installing all the removed components in place, the laptop sometimes starts to boot up and function normally again.

Of course, the owner of the computer will not be informed about this, but they will simply take money from him, for allegedly replaced some hardware component.

It should be noted that the cost of components for laptops has not yet led to sincere delight.

If there are no problems with the hardware components of the PC, then in the vast majority of cases, the user can cope with software problems on his own.

Troubleshooting tips

First, you need to think and remember what the user was doing with the PC before the crash occurred. It is not uncommon for the boot problem to be affected by some last installed application or game causing errors in Windows.

Then it won’t be difficult to fix the problem by booting in safe mode and rolling back the OS to the resume point. Below is a description of the recovery method in more detail.

Also, be sure to pay attention to commonplace things, such as whether there is a power supply to the laptop. Often the device cannot start due to a completely dead battery.

In the case when the PC starts up normally after applying power through the AC adapter, it means that a simple battery replacement is required.

It should be noted that if in early models, for example, Asus and Acer Aspire, access to the battery was very simple and easy even for novice users, then some modern models require disassembling the case to get to the battery.

You also need to pay attention to the condition of the power cord. It should be free from defects, cuts, kinks and squeezes.

If after installing the adapter into an outlet on the laptop case the indicator starts to light up, then this reason must also be excluded and go to the next step.

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If it does not light up, then, firstly, you need to make sure that the outlet itself is working and power is supplied to it and, secondly, analyze the condition of the laptop adapter wires.

What should I do if all indicators are lit normally and the device cannot start? Further, it is necessary to exclude the influence of incorrect parameters of the hardware settings. This is also easy to do on your own by simply resetting them.

For this purpose, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Disconnect the device from the mains;
  • Take out the battery;
  • Press and do not release the “Start” button (at least 15 seconds);
  • This action will completely use up the small accumulated charge in the laptop;
  • Install the battery in its original place (it is recommended to pre-clean the contacts and wipe them with a concentrated solution of ethyl alcohol);
  • Connect to the power supply;
  • Turn on the laptop;
  • In the displayed menu, specify the normal Windows boot mode;
  • Click “Enter”;
  • Done.

If the device still refuses to turn on, then proceed with the implementation of the recommendations from the next paragraph of this manual.

Display analysis

In the case when the laptop on its monitor does not show signs of life, and the system unit is functioning, while characteristic sounds are heard, for example, the noise of the cooling system and the operation of the hard drive, it means that there is a high degree of probability of display malfunctions.

Almost all laptops have a VGA socket at the end for connecting an additional screen.

For this, on some modern models, for example, from Dell, Lenovo and Samsung, an HDMI socket is provided. After connecting an external monitor, you need to try again to connect the laptop.

When the connected screen is able to normally display all the images accompanying the OS loading and after turning on you can see the Windows desktop, then the conclusion is unambiguous: the problem is in the laptop display.

Next, you will need to diagnose the reasons for the failure of the screen, for example, check the loop and the matrix. Unfortunately, at home, such an analysis is impossible without the presence of special equipment.

But it is too early to get very upset, since the points set out below often help to fix the problem.

Therefore, when the owner of the device is sure that the unit is working and you can hear how the fan sometimes starts to rotate, then before contacting the service center, you should start studying the further paragraphs of this manual.

Troubleshooting possible RAM problems

Difficulties of this kind are often caused by a malfunction of the RAM, while the module itself is probably damaged, or the problem may appear due to insufficiently tight contact in the slots.

The following activities will help to resolve the issue:

  • Disconnecting the RAM strap from the laptop;
  • Cleaning the contacts of the slots on the module itself or modules, if there are several of them installed in the laptop;
  • Test how the device will work after changing the installation locations of the RAM strips in other slots. If done correctly, the PC will not beep.

Note: this simple measure for removing the RAM strips often helps, since usually the cause of bad contacts is the presence of moisture on them, which can appear there not only when the user spills liquid on the device, but also due to sudden temperature changes and the process of moisture condensation from ambient air.

Especially often people encounter such a problem in a frosty winter, when a mobile PC has to be carried for a long time in low temperatures.

After bringing the device into a warm room, they immediately begin to start it up, while it is covered with moist condensate from the air, not only outside, but also inside.

If the problem is caused by malicious applications?

The operating system is often disrupted by viruses, which also cause a black display on a laptop, and it can even turn off spontaneously. Therefore, after restoring the OS, it is necessary to perform a complete analysis of the laptop’s memory with an antivirus program.

Laptop Secure Boot Procedure

It is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Press the laptop power key;
  • Immediately after that, repeatedly click on the “F8” key (this button should be clarified by reading the accompanying documentation for the device, since manufacturers use different keys on different laptop models, but in most cases “F8” works);
  • A dark screen with white lines in Russian will be displayed;
  • Next, click the arrow buttons, while the white rectangle will flash while moving from graph to graph, highlighting the order of starting the PC;
  • Set the quadrangle to the “Safe Mode” line;
  • Click “Enter”;
  • Wait until the end of the OS startup process and the display of the desktop;
  • Done. The laptop is running in a harmless manner.

Safe Mode Failure Remediation Procedure

  • Click “Start”;
  • Then go to “Programs”;
  • Then enter the “Standard”;
  • After that, open the “Service” section;
  • Click “System Restore”;
  • Check the box “Recommended recovery”;
  • Click “Next”;
  • Select a restore point;
  • Click “Next”;
  • In the menu that appears, click “Finish”;
  • Wait until the end of the process;
  • After the procedure and restart, the laptop will no longer crash with a black background, and the system will start in normal mode.
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