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When turning on black screen on Asus laptop if

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Why is black screen on Asus laptop when turning on, answer is here

Laptop computer malfunctions are common. As a rule, they are caused by many different factors. If suddenly, when you turn on a black screen on an Asus laptop. this often happens after the device has received severe mechanical damage or has been accidentally flooded with liquid. Of course, you will not be able to continue working. In this case, users often think about who to turn to for help. Use the services of our telemama service center. We have been in the business of servicing ASUS laptop computers for a long time. We have earned an excellent reputation, since only qualified craftsmen work here, who will be able to qualitatively repair equipment, and this will not take much time. If when you turn on the display of your laptop is black and nothing happens, we will make a diagnosis in order to determine the cause. After which it will be possible to make repairs.

If it does not turn on, does not boot, or a black screen on boot on an Asus laptop, the problems may be as follows:

  • Damaged north bridge or video card. In this case, the cooler is working when loading, and the monitor remains black. As a rule, such a breakdown is most often caused by poor-quality operation of the cooling system, as a result of which overheating occurs. After the masters inspect the equipment, we will inform you whether it is possible to restore the functioning of the laptop or the components will need to be completely replaced.
  • Also, the laptop does not boot even when the south bridge becomes unusable. If you see that the device is heating up, do not continue working. Naturally, this will entail serious consequences. The South Bridge, as a rule, cannot be repaired. It will need to be replaced.
  • ASUS will also not work if the processor has become unusable. This usually occurs after strong shocks, falls or bumps. To resume work, it will need to be completely replaced.
  • Various mechanical and physical damage, overheating or moisture that gets into the device can be the reason why the laptop does not work. The user often carries the equipment with him and during transportation the laptop is severely damaged. Often it becomes impossible to determine the breakdown immediately, since outwardly there are no signs. In this case, we will have to diagnose.
  • Asus does not turn on in the same way when the operating system crashes. As a rule, this happens when some system files are damaged, or when using unlicensed programs. In order for the laptop to work, you will need to reset all settings and completely reinstall the OS.
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You should also consider a separate case when the matrix is ​​black, but there is still a little light on the sides. It can be assumed that the north bridge or the video card has fallen into disrepair. Much less often, the breakdown lies in the display itself. It will be impossible to determine the breakdown with the naked eye. We advise you to immediately go to the Telemam workshop at the first sign. After finding out the fault, our engineers will immediately start repairing. It will not take much time for restoration work. We have modern equipment necessary for carrying out repair operations, which allows us to make repairs efficiently and quickly. We can easily fix Asus G5 / G6, G7, B43, B53, K40, K42, K43, K53, K72, K52, P52, K73, N43, N73, N53, N61, U3, UL80, U4, U5, EeePC.

If something needs to be replaced, that’s not a problem. We have a large warehouse of original spare parts. You can buy them not expensive. And it’s not at all worth the risk of trying to fix an ASUS laptop on your own, as the consequences can be very serious. Come to us. we will always help!

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There are a lot of factors that cause a dark picture on the screen or its absence.

  • mechanical, chemical or other damage (often due to overheating, falling of the device or inept user intervention) of laptop components. it simply will not turn on;
  • problems with the cable that connects the screen matrix of the device to the motherboard. the device is loaded, there is simply no image;
  • failure of the RAM strips. the indicators may light up, the fan (s). work, but the picture will not be.

Dust problem

The fan blades and radiator tubes with fins are covered with dust, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the metal and the efficiency of removing warm air from heated power elements.

We’ll have to remove the bottom cover of the device and get rid of dust using a can of compressed air, cotton swabs (just don’t leave any lint) or a pile cleaner with a hairdryer.

It is also recommended that every two years (each service center and manufacturer will set the terms independently) to replace the terpopast, which is located on the contact pad between the central processor and the cooler.

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It is better not to replace the heat-conducting paste at home, if you do not have such experience, it is fraught with consequences.

To do this, you need to connect the laptop via a supported interface to an image output device.

For most, this is an outdated VGA port, although many modern devices are not equipped with it.

In this case, the common must be DVI or modern HDMI. There is no difference for the user, only the plugs and wires are different.

If a picture appears on the TV / monitor, then the problem lies in your display. the backlight is faulty, the problem is with the loop.

In the latter case, you can replace it on your own, but it is not always easy to find the necessary component, and even fewer people will be able to carefully and correctly untwist the device, replace the old cable and put everything back together. Yes, in such a way as not to harm the laptop.

When connecting the PC to the TV, a picture appeared on the latter. take the device to the service center.

Experts will find the problem and offer a solution. Sometimes it can be expensive, such as replacing the screen matrix.


It is not uncommon for a device to turn off automatically when the temperature of one of its components reaches the designer’s limit.

In such a situation, the most common culprit is an overheated central processor, which prevents the computer from starting again.

The cooling system does not cope with the tasks assigned to it for a number of reasons:


To make sure that the battery is working, you need to connect power to the device, after which the corresponding indicator will light up: there is power supply and charging of the removable battery.

If the battery charging light does not glow, remove it from its seat, in most cases pulling out a pair of latches.

Then we take an eraser and clean the contacts on the battery and on the laptop, if they have something like a plaque or change the copper color to another (gray, greenish. they simply oxidized).

We hold down the power supply button so that the residual charge accumulated on the power elements is consumed.

Now you can insert the battery and try to turn on the device. Without a working adapter, connector and power cable, all these manipulations cannot be done.

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If the following steps did not help, the removable battery is likely to be out of order.

The problem with contacts and operability of the RAM slats is another common reason for the absence of a picture on the laptop display or the inability to start it.

Often drinks poured onto the keyboard lead to this, the consequences of which were not eliminated in time (drying).

To check the RAM modules, you must do the following.

  • Disconnect the power cable from the mains and from the device.
  • Removing the battery.
  • We hold down the power button for a few seconds in order to use up the remaining charge.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the cover that covers the RAM strips.
  • We remove the RAM modules, for which you need to move in opposite directions two latches for each strip.
  • We clean the contacts (very carefully) using the same school eraser.
  • We insert them back and fix them in the sockets with latches.
  • We tighten the screws, put the cover back on, and turn on the device.

Black screen when turning on the laptop. all the causes and solutions to the problem

A black screen appears when the laptop is turned on for a number of reasons, which can be divided into software and hardware.

When you turn on or work a computer or laptop, a so-called “black screen” or “Malevich square”, as users of Windows operating systems called it, may appear.

The causes of the problem can be both hardware and software.

In the first case, the user will not always be able to solve them himself, but we will still show you how this can be done.

In the second case, the situation is easy to fix even for a beginner.


The most common factor in the appearance of this problem is the inattention or inexperience of users: the plug through which power is supplied to the device may be damaged (in places where the cable is bent, this may not be visually visible, in fact, the thin cores of the wire are simply frayed due to repeated bending).

Or disconnected. This situation is especially true for older devices from Asus.

When operating on battery power, it may be discharged or uncharged, or the battery may be damaged.

You need to check everything and make sure that there are no such problems or solve them: charge the battery, replace the damaged cable, plug its plug into the outlet, if it is really working.

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