Black screen when turning on rear camera

Sportage camera shows a black screen when reverse gear is engaged

Good afternoon! Prompt, I turn on the reverse gear, the camera shows a black screen. What could be? And what can be done?

Also interesting, blinked from 2 weeks and went out

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Skiff to the camera. You can try to disassemble, clean and dry. There is hope will work

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The original camera is worth a little, does he know? And the catalog number

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Alexandr, 21 k original

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Dmitry, 21k is a catalog number or?)

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Dmitry, it’s cool! The TLK200 also costs 20 thousand) thanks for the info. Your personal is closed, you can look at the analogs.

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Alexandr, there are no analogues there is an empty page.
I took off mine, sealed it and put it back while it works.
I cleaned it with perfume and a cotton swab under a magnifying glass in the places of oxidation, then checked the performance after sealed it and put it back.

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Completely oxidized and died

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Remove, disassemble, clean the board with alcohol, or rub it with an eraser, but without fanaticism, dry well and assemble, it helped me, and there was a barely noticeable white coating on the printed circuit board, this oxidation is the reason for the unstable work. The main thing is not to disassemble the peephole itself, hell later collect.

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The camera did not work for me for a year. Didn’t do anything and suddenly started working by itself

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Issue price

How to fix: removing the camera and repairing it yourself

If the rear view camera constantly or periodically does not work, the repair is carried out as follows:

  • Before starting repairs, you must check the voltage supply to the device. After the user has connected the cable, a multimeter is taken and the power of the wire is checked. The red plug of the tester is inserted into the cable itself, and the black plug is connected to its metal part to provide ground. If the connection showed 12 volts of voltage, then the power is supplied to the device, respectively, the camera is further dismantled.
  • The power cable is disconnected from the camera.
  • With a screwdriver or a wrench, the trim is removed (it all depends on the design features of the car). First, the rear taiLGate trim is removed, then the nuts securing the device are unscrewed. Usually the camera is attached using two self-tapping screws, which are unscrewed with a screwdriver.
  • Wipe the camera with a clean, dry cloth. Rust traces on the surface of the device must be removed, oxidation from the power connector is also removed.
  • Then the screws are unscrewed, which fix the component parts of the case. These elements are susceptible to oxidation, so you need to be careful when unscrewing them.
  • If moisture gets on the body, it is dried.
  • In case of wear or damage, the seals are replaced. The devices use two rubber bands (gaskets). One of them is located on the lens of the gadget, the second is at the junction between the plastic elements and the body.
  • The internal elements of the device are visually inspected. If swollen capacitors or other damaged elements are visible on the working board, they must be replaced by soldering. Before repairing, clean and remove all traces of debris and dust.
  • The camera is assembled in reverse order. To ensure high tightness, it is recommended to treat the joints with silicone.

Rear view camera setup instructions

According to the instructions, the main task when setting up is adjusting the parking lines, which the camera should show first.

  • A standard block of wood is taken. It is desirable that the length of the product is 2 meters, and its width is 2-3 cm.
  • The workpiece is placed at a distance of about 1 meter from the center of the rear bumper. It is important that the edges of the wooden beam extend beyond the sides of the vehicle by approximately the same distance.
  • Then the driver gets into the cabin and enters the camera settings service menu. In some cars, you will have to perform additional actions, for example, activate and deactivate the side lights.
  • The brand of the vehicle is selected.
  • After turning on the device, the steering wheel is twisted: first all the way to the right, and then. to the left.
  • The “Next” button is pressed, an automatic rectangular contour will appear on the device screen. The buttons are used to move the bar image to the center of the screen. Then the selected action should be confirmed.

In the absence of a wooden block, you can do this:

  • You will have to use three points, which are measured from the top edge of the rear bumper. Each of the elements has a step of 10 cm, respectively, the first point is 10 cm, the second is 20 cm, the third is 30 cm.
  • From each point, you need to set the camera’s visibility range in 30 cm steps.
  • As a result, the first point has a range of 30 cm, the second. 60 cm, and the third. 90 cm.Taking into account this scale, you can correctly calculate the distance to the obstacle.

Video “Repair and replacement of the rear view camera

This video shows the disassembly and repair of the device using the example of a regular Kia Sorento camera (by PCAVTO).

Table: why the rear view camera stopped working

How to fix: removing the camera and repairing it yourself

how to fix a factory defect in a rear view camera

Rear view camera setup instructions

clear guide to device repair

Comments and Reviews

clear guide to device repair

Vadim Filippov in the video told what to do if the rear view camera does not turn on

Hello! Tell me, what could be with this GU? Once the picture slipped through. Then it stopped working. Marriage or not? The regular one always displayed well, but the regular one broke the touchscreen and therefore bought this.

SSANGYONG KORANDO 2011-2013 MARUBOX 7A603DT3, Android 7.1, Allwinner T3 Quad-core Cortex-A7

How to troubleshoot and dismantle the device

Every car owner has two ways to repair a rear view camera. The first and the SIMplest one is to send it for repair. You can contact your service center of the manufacturer. If the machine is still under warranty service, then this must be done. Self-repair will void your warranty.

Main board and contacts

But often it will be cheaper and easier to carry out SIMple repairs yourself. If the rear view camera stops working or there is a malfunction, you can try to repair.

The instruction will be given on the example of KIA cars.

  • If the rear view camera does not turn on automatically or at all, to remove it, you need to dismantle the entire trim.
  • To do this, first remove a small panel in the upper part, under which the bolts are hidden. Remove them to remove the bulk of the skin.
  • Underneath you will find four nuts that secure the trunk handle. The camera itself is fixed with two self-tapping screws, two more fix its connector.
  • You may encounter traces of corrosion. First remove it, and then you can disassemble the device.
  • The body is tightened with four self-tapping screws. When you disassemble the device, be careful. they can oxidize.
  • If there is moisture inside the chamber, it will need to be dried. Brush and varnish the boards to protect them from moisture.
  • There are usually two spacers in the chamber. One is located on the eyepiece of the camera, and the other is located at the interface between the plastic parts of the camera and the metal body. Both could become unusable after a certain period of time. Replace them if necessary.
  • Assemble the camera back in the reverse order, having previously treated all joints with a sealant. Better to use butyl rubber.

Typical faults of the rear view camera

Most often, this device is located in the car in three places. This is either the trunk lock (handle), or the frame of the plafond for the number illumination, or it can be installed in the cabin (in station wagons).

As practice shows, cameras that are decided to be installed directly in the cabin suffer least of all from any problems. After all, they are not exposed to aggressive environmental influences. This effect is primarily understood as moisture entering the device.

The ingress of water into the device can lead not only to its complete failure to work. Image defects may occur. Often, car owners complain that the camera does not show the image or the picture looks cloudy. Most likely, the reason for this is precisely the ingress of moisture into the rear view camera.

Rear view camera shows black screen

Table: why the rear view camera stopped working

The camera shows dimly

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Rendering problems:

  • the device sometimes shows a blue screen;
  • the image on the monitor is black and white;
  • the device stopped capturing a picture
Camera malfunction, software problemTo fix the problem with the white screen in the Chinese camera, you will have to reflash the device. It is recommended to entrust the solution of software problems to specialists.

Installing Windows 10 webcam drivers

The next option is to install webcam drivers that differ from those currently installed (or, if none are installed, then just install the drivers).

In case your webcam is displayed in Device Manager under Imaging Devices, try the following option:

  • Right click on the camera and select “Update Drivers”.
  • Select “Search for drivers on this computer”.
  • In the next window, select “Select a driver from the list of already installed drivers”.
  • See if there is any other compatible driver for your webcam that you can install instead of the one you are currently using. Try to install it.

Another variation of the same method is to go to the “Driver” tab of the webcam properties, click “Remove” and remove its driver. After that, in the device manager, select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”.

If there are no devices SIMilar to a webcam in the “Imaging Devices” section or even this section itself, then first try to enable “Show hidden devices” in the “View” section of the Device Manager menu in the “View” section and see if listed webcam. If it appears, try right-clicking on it and see if there is a “Activate” item to enable it.

If the camera does not appear, try these steps:

  • See if there are any unknown devices in the Device Manager list. If so: How to install an unknown device driver.
  • Go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer (if it’s a laptop). And look in the support section of your laptop model. are there any drivers for the webcam (if they are, but not for Windows 10, try using the “old” drivers in compatibility mode).

Note: some notebooks may require specific chipset drivers or additional utilities (various Firmware Extensions, etc.). Those. ideally, if you are faced with a problem on a laptop, you should install the full set of drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.

Removing and re-detecting the webcam in Device Manager

In about half of the cases, in order for the webcam to work after upgrading to Windows 10, it is enough to follow these SIMple steps.

  • Go to the device manager (right click on the “Start” button. select the desired item in the menu).
  • In the “Imaging Devices” section, right-click on your webcam (if it is not there, then this method is not for you), select “Delete”. If you are also prompted to remove the drivers (if there is such a mark), agree.
  • After removing the camera in the device manager, select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration” from the menu above. The camera must reinstall. You may need to restart your computer.

Done. check if your webcam is working now. You may not need further steps.

At the same time, I recommend checking using the built-in Windows 10 Camera application (you can easily launch it by searching on the taskbar).

If it turns out that in this application the webcam works, but, for example, in Skype or another program. not, then the problem is probably in the settings of the program itself, and not in the drivers.

Installing webcam software via parameters

It is possible that for the webcam to work properly, you need special software for Windows 10. It is also possible that it is already installed, but not compatible with the current OS (if the problem arose after upgrading to Windows 10).

To get started, go to Control Panel (Right-click on “Start” and select “Control Panel.” In the “View” field at the top right, put “Icons”) and open “Programs and Features”. If in the list of installed programs there is something related to your webcam, uninstall this program (select it and click “Uninstall / Change”.

After uninstalling, go to “Start”. “Settings”. “Devices”. “Connected devices”, find your webcam in the list, click on it and click the “Get application” button. Wait for it to download.

Windows 10 webcam not working

Some users, more often after updating Windows 10 and less often. during a clean installation of the OS, are faced with the fact that the built-in webcam of the laptop or the webcam connected via USB to the computer does not work. Fixing the problem is usually not too difficult.

As a rule, in this case, they start looking for where to download a driver for a webcam for Windows 10, although with a high degree of probability it is already on the computer, and the camera does not work for other reasons. This tutorial details several ways to fix your webcam in Windows 10, one of which, I hope, will help you too. See also: webcam software, Inverted webcam image.

Important note: if the webcam stopped working after updating Windows 10, look in Start. Settings. Privacy. Camera (in the “App Permissions” section on the left. If it stopped working suddenly, without updating the 10-ki and without reinstalling the system, try the SIMplest option: go to the device manager (through the right click on the start), find the webcam in the “Imaging devices” section, right-click on it. “Properties” and see if the “Rollback” button is active on the ” Driver. “If yes, then use it. Also: see if there is any with a camera image in the top row of laptop keys? If there is, try pressing it or it in combination with Fn.

Other ways to fix webcam problems

And some additional ways to fix webcam not working problems in Windows 10. Rare but sometimes useful.

One more nuance: if the webcam is displayed in the device manager, but does not work, go to its properties, to the “Driver” tab and click the “Details” button. You will see a list of driver files used for camera operation. If there is stream.sys among them, it means that your camera driver was released a long time ago and it SIMply cannot work in many new applications.

IPhone Camera (Black Screen) and Flashlight Not Working. How to Fix?

Hello! Just recently I had to update an iPhone 5S on iOS 10 to one friend and everything would be fine, but. then I would not write this article 🙂 In general, the next day he came to me and said literally the following: “Apple is all rascals. They artificially make devices obsolete. they force them to buy new ones. Look, after the update my rear camera stopped working (there is now always a black screen), and the flashlight does not turn on, it constantly writes about some kind of overheating, although the device is completely cold “.

I can certainly believe that Apple is somehow being forced to buy their new gadgets (for example, adding new chips). But not as barbaric. a SIMple update breaking cameras. Therefore, it was decided to try to fix this ailment and. it worked! How? Now I’ll tell you, let’s go!

From the outset, it should be noted that, with regards to this problem, the rear camera and flashlight are dependent on each other. The camera will show a black screen, and when you turn on the flash, it will say: “Flash off. Cooling is required before using iPhone flash. ” This is, so to speak, the main symptom.

So, first of all, I climbed to look and see what people write about this. It turns out that the Apple forum already has a whole thread dedicated to this ailment. And there will be enough such “lucky ones” (with the camera not starting after the update) for the whole town. True, it mainly deals with the iPhone 5, but the 5S, as well as other gadgets on iOS, are also mentioned. Here are some tips and actions we managed to spy on. after completing them, the camera worked again for some:

  • Enable or disable power saving mode (how to do this?).
  • Switch cameras (from front to back) several times. Until the black screen disappears and it starts to turn on.
  • Apply a little pressure around the camera (very carefully!).
  • Close all applications that might be using the camera and try again.

If it does not help, then we proceed with the standard set of Apple technical support tips designed to fix any error related to the iPhone and iPad:

  • We do a hard reset of the gadget. How? The answer is here!
  • Full reset of content and settings.
  • Restoring the latest current firmware via DFU mode.

If the skills of assembly and disassembly are not alien to you, then we check and turn on / off:

  • Camera loop.
  • Battery.

Perhaps they just moved away after a fall or other blow. If the phone has been unofficially restored, reassembled, or has undergone some kind of “handicraft” repair, then very often it can be noted that there is no special film on the cables, which allows you to securely fix the cable in the connector. And at the slightest fall, it just falls out.

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Even if everything is in place and it seems to you that they are firmly installed to the end, to solve the inoperative flash and black screen when starting the camera, you need to pull them out and insert them. Yes, a SIMple reconnection is enough in most cases.

It should be noted here that a friend bought an iPhone 5S on the market and who, how, and from what assembled it. we naturally do not know. In any case, if on the previous version of iOS this did not prevent the camera from starting normally, then after the update something went wrong and instead of the subject we saw a solid black screen.

I hope that you will not get to the point of disassembling the device and making the camera with a flashlight work in other, SIMpler ways. Although there is nothing complicated in the last version, you just need to act carefully and not break anything else 🙂

Black screen when turning on computer

In this article, I want to share with you my observations of the situation when we observe a black screen when the computer is turned on. We call this black screen when the computer is turned on. “Malevich’s painting” 🙂

Again, I will make a reservation that all the main points and breakdowns associated with a black screen when booting a computer, we have already analyzed in detail in the section of our website called “Repair your computer yourself”. We had separate articles related to hard drive problems, an article devoted to problems with RAM, an article called “motherboard burned out”, “how to reset BIOS settings” and a lot of other useful information on the topic of self-repairing a computer.

Be sure to read them for a full understanding of what the main malfunctions of computer equipment are, how they should be correctly diagnosed and eliminated. Also pay attention to the article on computer power supplies (the last few paragraphs), which talks about insufficient power of old power supplies, which can lead to a black screen when the computer is turned on.

Below I want to share with you one more observation, why can you see a black screen when you start your computer? Both cases I had were connected with computers that were brought to me for repair (I still follow my home better) 🙂

In general, when diagnosing someone else’s computer, keep the following in your head: I don’t know how this or that owner treats the equipment (what is the norm for some, may be completely unacceptable for others). For example, I had a case when the hostess of the house decorated her system unit with souvenir fridge magnets! Can you imagine what happened to the poor car ?! 🙂

So. let’s continue. I will describe two of my non-standard cases, when the computer was turned on with a black screen. In both cases, the reason was the same. adhesion of foreign matter (SIMply. dirt) to the tracks of the printed circuit board. Only in the first case it was the motherboard, and in the other. discrete graphics card. The result, as you can see, is the same. black screen when turning on computer.

According to one of the “unofficial” definitions: “dirt. This is any chemical compound that is in the wrong place” 🙂 I don’t know what compounds that dirt on the motherboard consisted of, but after removing it with an alcohol solution, the computer started normally and works to this day.

The second case, which led to the appearance of a black screen when the computer boots, I even managed to take a picture for you. Once we bought 10 old PCI video cards for terminal clients on the radio market for a department of pieces. They brought it in, started testing (substitute one at a time in the pre-assembled working configuration). Seven cards turned out to be working, three. no. I twirled the last of the non-working in my hands, mentally wondering at the sellers who sell faulty devices, and drew attention to the strange darkening in the corner.

Let’s enlarge the part of the image of interest to us for clarity:

You can clearly see the adhering dirt on the PCB tracks. Remembering my previous successful experience with cleaning, I decided to follow the same procedure and find out if this particular substance causes a black screen when the computer is turned on.?

Said. done! “Mr. Muscle” was at hand, took it, wetted a lint-free cloth and carefully removed all the dirt from the tracks. Here’s what I ended up with:

He let the card dry, inserted it into the computer, turned it on and. it all worked! 🙂 Now this video is successfully working on one of our terminal clients.

Conclusion: if you see a black screen when you turn on your computer (especially if this is not your computer), do not be too lazy to make sure that it is the owner. adequate people and do not fill their technique with sweet syrup (there was such a case) and handle it carefully.

How do I repair my computer myself? Let’s answer like this: attentiveness, attentiveness, and again. attentiveness! Here is the advice that will help you avoid losing your time and nerves if the computer does not work and you need to professionally diagnose its malfunction.

Laptop does not boot black screen, BIOS settings fail

The problem may arise as a result of resetting, changing, flashing the BIOS, then you need to reset it to factory settings. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • When starting the laptop, press the f10 key for 15 seconds in order to get into the BIOS.
  • Then press f9 and enter to return to the default settings.
  • Press the f10 key and enter. thereby we save and reboot the laptop.

Please note that we perform all these actions in the “dark” without seeing what is happening on the matrix.

black, screen, turning, rear, camera

Black screen and cursor

If you have a black screen and a cursor when loading windows, then this problem arose as a result of a failure in the system of the explorer.exe file, which is responsible for enabling. the desktop, the toolbar, the file manager. This failure can be caused by a number of different reasons for example: viruses, unsuccessful updates, etc.

You can return your computer to a normal state using System Restore. Now we need to break through to it, we will do it through “sticky keys” for this, we need to press the shift key 5 times

After that we get the window that you see above, we need to go to the “accessibility center to disable the keyboard shortcut”.

We get such a window where in the search bar (on the top right under the “close” button) you need to write “support center” After which we will see the Blue flag Support center, click on it and get into the next window, at the very bottom select “Restore”

Then it gets to another window in which we select “start system restore” Then check the box “select another system restore point” and click further, then select the desired restore point, click further. ready, confirm the decision by clicking “yes”.

After that, the computer will restart and start with the “windows black screen with cursor” problem solved

I want to add that this method will help you if you have not previously disabled the system restore function

Black screen when turning on laptop

Author: Published 11.11.2017 Updated 29.03.2020

If the laptop works but the screen is black, then this may be due to a number of reasons presented below. We will analyze why, including the laptop, we see a black screen. List of problems and solutions to this problem.

Laptop won’t turn on black screen, settings fail

This variant of the problem may be caused by a failure in the hardware settings. In this case, you will need to perform a reset.

In order to perform a hard reset, follow the instructions below.

  • Disconnect laptop from power.
  • Stick out the battery
  • Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds
  • Give the RAM, wipe the contacts of the RAM with an eraser, let it rest for 5-10 minutes, insert it back.
  • After that, insert the battery and connect the laptop to power.

After that, the black screen should not appear when the laptop is turned on.

Black screen caused by physical impact when loading laptop

Failure of the monitor, video card, bridge, damage to the cords. In this case, you need to check separately the monitor and the system unit and find what exactly the problem is.

If the problem is in the monitor, the task is extremely SIMplified, you will have to carry it to the SC. If the system unit, then pay attention to how long ago you cleaned it, elementarily it may not work due to dust and oxide. If possible, connect the monitor not to the video card, but to another slot (built-in video card).

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This problem is most likely caused by the failure of the north bridge, in order to make sure of this you will have to warm it up, you can do this using a soldering station. It is quite difficult for an ordinary user to do this type of repair on his own, therefore, service centers are engaged in this. After the bridge warms up, the monitor will be in service again, but not for a long time. The solution to this problem is to replace the bridge. At a price of about 70 if the laptop is not gaming, and so the price fluctuates depending on the laptop model.

Black screen and cursor at startup

When loading, we press the f8 key for about 10 seconds, then we get to the choice of loading, select the first item “troubleshooting” after loading, we see a window “System recovery options” Click further. ok. after which we are offered to make a choice to restore the system, we select the very first item “Startup recovery” after which the launch of the working environment should be performed automatically.

If none of the two methods helped to fix the problem of “black screen and cursor when starting windows”, then move on. When a black screen appears, press ctrlaltdel launch the “task manager” press the “application” (if you do not have menu items to select, then double-clicking on the top area of ​​the task manager, you can eliminate this) “New task.” and in the window “create a new task “And enter the following” C: /Windows/System32/explorer.exe “and confirm” ok “. if you get an error message and the icons on the desktop do not appear, do the following. We close the error, in the task manager, go to the Processes tab and end all processes (right-click on the process. end the process) with the name explorer.exe. Then go back to the application and add the same task “C: /Windows/System32/explorer.exe” (you can try adding “explorer.exe” without specifying the path).

After these steps, everything should fall into place, but if this option did not help, try to crank it in safe mode.

Hopefully the article on “Windows black screen solution” helped you. If not, leave comments, we will fight this problem together.

Problem with wires and / or connectors

Typical situation. problems with cables, connectors and power buttons.

Software malfunctions

Checking the contact between the video card and the monitor

The second reason for the situation when the coolers work, but the computer does not turn on and shows a black screen is a problem with the cable between the video card and the display. There can be two options:

  • The cable came out of the socket.
  • The cable is not connected to the main output of the video card.

With the first case, everything is clear. Just check the integrity of the cable itself and the reliability of its fastening in the connectors. But with the second case it is worth explaining. Examine the back of your computer.

If there are two connectors for connecting a monitor cable, then we are dealing with one of the following situations:

  • Installed video card with two outputs.
  • There is an external video card (2) and an integrated internal (1).

In both cases, there are two options for connecting the cable. Turn off the computer, switch the wire to another connector and turn on the computer again.

Perhaps someone just switched the cable to a different socket by mistake. The modern HDMI connector is not equipped with screws, like the old VGA, and you can accidentally pull it out of the socket, and then plug it into the wrong socket or insert it not completely.

Black screen after restarting computer? Perhaps you have a technical problem (more details below).

Checking the Monitor Power Supply

  • If you have a desktop computer, check the power supply to the display first. Some users get so used to working on a laptop that when they switch to a desktop, they do not notice the obvious. The power button on the monitor is just off. It is no coincidence that the instructions of IBM specialists, developed for the first PCs, suggested checking the power supply by the very first item.
  • The second common reason for a sudden black screen when turned on is insufficient power cable contact. In practice, there were often cases when the plug of the cable was loosely held in the socket, and turned off when the display was moved or the active participation of household members, including furry ones. In the office, poor cable-to-monitor contact is often caused by the cleaning staff, touching the wires while cleaning.

“External Monitor”

A laptop almost always has an output for connecting an external monitor. Therefore, if, when you turn on the laptop, you hear the sound of the coolers, but the screen is black, then it is likely that someone switched it to the mode of operation with an external monitor. Locate the external monitor function keys on the keyboard and try turning on the internal display. This is how they look on an ASUS laptop:

The F7 key turns off / on the internal screen, and F8 controls the combination of output to the external / internal laptop monitor. They should be pressed together with a function key, usually denoted Fn.

This is how the choice of modes of operation with an external monitor looks in Windows 8 and 10.

Different modes are switched by sequential pressing of the Fn and F8 key combination for the ASUS laptop keyboard shown above. So you can accidentally turn off the laptop’s internal monitor and get a black screen when turned on.

Incorrect refresh rate or too high resolution

The second common problem with a black screen when booting Windows may be the incorrectly set refresh rate on the video card. The fact is that old CRT monitors operate at a high screen refresh rate, up to 100 Hz and higher. And modern LCDs can only support 50-60 Hz. This is due to the design feature of such monitors.

If you got a black screen exactly when switching from an old monitor to a new one, then you need to do the following.

  • Connect the computer again to the old monitor.
  • Set the refresh rate to 60 Hz and the minimum screen resolution. This can be done in the properties of the screen or a special utility of the video card driver.
  • Connect the desktop to a new monitor and adjust the frequency and screen resolution for the new display.

For the same reasons, you can get a black screen on a laptop connected to an external monitor. Try adjusting the frequency and resolution for the external display as shown in the picture above.

System bootloader failure

A black screen and a cursor on it after loading a laptop or computer may indicate a malfunction in the operating system loader or one of the drivers. If the system startup options menu appears, try booting into Safe Mode. And if not, then there is only one way out. booting from a CD or flash drive. How to make a bootable flash drive is described in our article.

Technical difficulites

What if the black screen when you turn on the computer to win by means described in this article did not work. Perhaps the reason lies in a malfunction of parts of your PC.

Black screen when turning on your computer? What to do?

Black screen when loading Windows is a problem that sooner or later many users face, but not everyone knows how to fix it. What should be done? First you need to examine the possible causes. There are many of them and they are different. They can be both technical and software, and sometimes the problem lies in the usual carelessness.

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