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apps to block unwanted incoming calls

No one likes it when calls from unwanted numbers come to a smartphone and spam comes in SMS. We want to spend quiet time with friends and family, and instead have to be distracted every five minutes by calls and text messages from companies that annoy everyone with their stupid ads. Fortunately, there are many apps out there to help you filter and block unwanted calls and SMS. In this article, we will look at the best applications of this kind.

Call Blocker Free

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If you are looking for a free, simple and undemanding application on hardware resources, check out Call Blocker Free. The program has an intuitive interface and functionality is in no way inferior to paid software.

The numbers of people you don’t want to chat with anymore are easily blacklisted. A good choice for those looking for a budget option or a free alternative to more expensive software.


This software can replace the standard telephone ringer. The application includes a large and regularly updated database of phone numbers involved in fraudulent schemes and sending spam. The user can see that he is receiving a call or SMS from a suspicious number, but he can completely block unwanted numbers and contacts. Great universal app! Updated regularly and always runs like clockwork!

A recent update introduces a feature that lets you tell people why you’re calling them. If they have Truecaller installed, they will see your message. You can instantly translate incoming messages without leaving Truecaller. Over 50 languages ​​available and it works offline! And also the ability to schedule the sending of SMS messages was added. press and hold the send button and switch to the “Schedule” mode.

Should I Answer?

The main purpose of Should I Answer?. blocking calls, and the application does an excellent job with this task. A database is integrated into the program, which is replenished, among other things, by the users themselves. It is also possible to add your numbers to the database.

Call blocker

The simplicity of the name of this application matches the simplicity of its interface. There is nothing superfluous in the Call Blocker functionality. The interface is simple and straightforward, it is easy to block calls and spam, thanks to the built-in black and white lists. Scheduled work is also supported. For example, you can take some rest by temporarily turning off all incoming calls. Naturally, information about all incoming calls is saved.

Hiya has one of the best databases compared to the competition. If none of the programs described above suits you, Hiya will most likely suit you. The app is absolutely free. It has already been downloaded more than 5 million times, which says something.

The user interface is well-designed, there are many useful functions. The program does a good job of blocking unwanted calls and SMS messages. You can also add text notes to specific numbers.

Call blocking apps

Also in the AppStore there are a number of applications that will be an excellent assistant in how to block incoming unknown numbers on the iPhone. One of these, for example, is Truecaller.

This application allows you to block unwanted numbers, all unknown or anonymous. What will be a great help.

How to block anonymous calls on iPhone?

If you are interested in how to block a hidden number on the iPhone, then we immediately note that this is impossible. However, iPhone users have a Do Not Disturb feature that can be configured to prevent hidden numbers from calling. In particular, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the phone settings and go to the “Do not disturb” function menu.
  • Turn it on, then you need to set up “Call admission”.
  • Next, we choose so that only selected contacts can call you, or numbers from separate groups, for example, all contacts.

Thus, calls from hidden numbers will not be received. But note that if you often receive important calls from contacts that are not listed in the phone book, then this option will not work.

How to block a contact on iPhone?

In order to blacklist a user that is saved in the phone book, you will need:

  • Open “Contacts”.
  • Find the one you need and open information about it.
  • Scroll down the page and click “Block subscriber”.

This will add the contact to the blacklist, and he will not be able to write messages or call.

Block a contact from messages

If an unknown person often writes to you and you need to block him, then this is done directly through messages. For this:

  • We open messages, then the correspondence with the desired contact.
  • In the upper right corner, click the “Information” icon.
  • Click on the number to open detailed information about the contact.
  • At the bottom we mark “Block subscriber”.

How to block anonymous calls on iPhone

Many of us have encountered annoying calls from unknown numbers. We will tell you how to block an unknown number on iPhone and what tricks you should use.

Some smartphone users are overtaken by annoying calls, both unwanted people and advertising from hidden numbers. And therefore the question of how to block an unknown number on the iPhone is of interest. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and help you make sure that no one else bothers you.

How to view blocked numbers?

In order to view the contacts that you have added to the blacklist, you need to do the following:

  • Go to settings, then “Phone”.
  • Go to the “Call Blocking and Identification” menu.
  • Here you will see all numbers that have been blocked.
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If you wish, you can also remove the lock here.

How to block unknown or anonymous calls on iPhone

We already know how to manually block a number. The proposed method is more sophisticated and uses a clever, more sophisticated way, where we use the capabilities of such a largely underestimated Do Not Disturb function.

After enabling this feature, your iPhone will not ring or vibrate when someone who is not registered in the phone contacts application on your mobile device calls you.

Open the iPhone Settings app and select Do Not Disturb.

Turn on the Do Not Disturb switch. This action activates the Do Not Disturb feature. You will see a crescent moon icon in the status bar.

Click on “Allow calls from”. Now you need to decide from whom to receive calls and from whom to block incoming calls. If you select “From Favorites”, then all calls from callers on your favorites list will be received by your device (say, from your family members or from friends). If you select “All contacts”, then all subscribers from your contact list will be able to call you. The last option seems to be the best solution, since you will not miss a call from people who are really registered in your contact book.

That’s all unknown and anonymous numbers will not call you. Enjoy the tranquility.

How to block incoming calls from unknown callers and hidden numbers on iPhone

I feel that our civilization has already evolved to the stage of its development when we do not answer an incoming call on a mobile device from an unknown number or subscriber. All calls from unknown subscribers or from hidden numbers go to voice mail or an answering machine. But this process is done manually. How can you automate this process? This will mean the end of calls from automated dialing systems (eg collectors). Is not that great?

How to Automatically Block Unknown Callers on iPhone (iOS 13.3)?

How to block calls from unknown numbers on iPhone with iOS 13

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Select the section Phone.

Click on the switch next to Mute unknown callers so that it turns green.

Now you will not be disturbed by calls from unknown numbers. You can later listen to the message via voicemail.

Which solution are you using?

Have you tried using third-party apps to solve this problem? Or have you taken advantage of the built-in iOS solution? The iOS 10 mobile system promised us a spam-free world thanks to CallKit. For me personally, these apps never worked well.

When is the function of barring incoming calls from hidden numbers useful?

It is logical to assume that subscribers who have reasons to hide it most often use the number hiding service. It can be taxi services that often call from GSM gateways because they do not want to be called back to the gateway number, and representatives of various other companies. Sometimes, even your friends can call you from a hidden number in order to intrigue or prank you. However, collectors, scammers and other unpleasant personalities often use similar techniques.

From my experience, I can say this: the number hiding service was most often used by people with whom few people want to communicate. As a rule, the calls of such people are not answered, and their phone numbers are blacklisted. Therefore, a call from a hidden number is one of their methods to get through to someone who does not really want to talk to you.

And the function of barring calls from unknown subscribers actually adds the hidden number to the black list.

What is a hidden number

Number hiding is one of the functions of GSM networks. As a rule, any mobile operator has a paid service of hiding the number. Different operators may call it differently: either “Anti-identifier”, or “Incognito”, but the essence is the same, since based on the ability of the GSM, 3G, 4G or 5G network to hide the Caller ID of the caller.

If the subscriber has paid for such a service, he can choose to hide or show his phone number during a call. When you receive a call from a hidden number, instead of numbers or a name, the following is displayed on the phone screen: Number is hidden, Unknown or Anonymous.


In the global versions of MIUI 12, Xiaomi has replaced its usual dialer with an app from Google. Accordingly, now to block anonymous subscribers, you need to do the following:

  • Launch the phone app. It is now a blue tube icon:
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the screen and select Settings:
  • Select Blocked numbers.
  • And enable the Unknown numbers setting (Block calls from unidentified numbers): How to block a hidden number on a Xiaomi phone with MIUI 12

Now your Xiaomi phone will block (drop) calls from anonymous callers, and the caller will hear short beeps.

How to add a hidden number to the blacklist. Android 4

Go to the My device section and select Calls:

Select Call rejection:

Here, first enter the Auto-Rejection Mode setting:

and select the Blacklist mode:

Then go to the Blacklist setting in the Call rejection section:

And check the box next to Unknown:

Now all calls from unknown (i.e. hidden) numbers will be rejected automatically.

How to block hidden number on OnePlus smartphone

Funnily enough, OnePlus phones are the most helpless in this regard. In the stock call, the ability to block anonymous subscribers is absent as such.

How to get out of the situation? Experience shows that the use of paid call blocking applications does not bring any results. One of the most popular applications from Vlad Lee does not block anything and unknown subscribers dial up successfully. We found a way out. if you install the free Contacts application, which is installed on a Pixel with a naked Android, then the problem is solved.

So, if you are the owner of a OnePlus smartphone, then you need to download the Contacts application from the Google developer from the Play Store, launch it, allow access and then follow these steps:

  • click on the menu icon at the top left;
  • select Settings.
  • scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Blocked numbers:
  • enable the Unknown numbers option:

After that, the phone will block calls from hidden numbers.

Block unknown callers with Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb. extremely useful feature in iPhone. This allows you to focus on whatever task you have at your fingertips and not be distracted by the fact that your phone is constantly on and plays notification tones every time you receive a message or call. Do Not Disturb can be scheduled or manually enabled. So, here’s how you can use Do Not Disturb mode to block calls from unknown callers and without Caller ID numbers:

On your iPhone go to Settings. Do not disturb “. Here move the switch next to “Manual” to “On”.

Now click on “Allow Calls From”. By default, this will probably be set to Favorites. Change it to “All contacts”.

Go back and in the “Silence” section select “Always”. This ensures that you will not receive calls from unknown callers, even if you are using your phone and the screen is on.

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That’s all. Since you have Do Not Disturb enabled, it will not notify you of calls from unknown callers or missing ID numbers. Now you can go back to work and no one will be in your contact list. No more those nasty spam calls for you! Enjoy!

How to block unknown callers on iPhone

iPhone offers an easy way to block callers from their numbers; so if you receive a spam call, you can easily block it. However, what if you just don’t want calls from those pesky unknown callers as well as no caller ID numbers? Unfortunately, there is no direct way to this yet. However, don’t worry, we got your back. As it turns out, there is a simple workaround that will automatically block any calls from unknown callers and these numbers without the caller ID on your iPhone:

Bonus: repeat calls

The only downside to using a workaround like this one is that you won’t receive notifications for genuine calls from a number that isn’t in your contact list. While this may be fine, it can be a problem if the other person is in an emergency and needs your help. So, in the “Do not disturb” section, make sure you have turned on “Repeated calls”.

All this happens if someone calls you from an unknown number and then calls you again, within three minutes your iPhone will not block this call and notify you of an incoming call. This way, if spammers don’t re-dial numbers in your area, you can safely enable this and only unknown callers who really need to talk to you will bother you.

Block unknown callers and numbers without caller ID on your iPhone

I don’t know why there is no way to directly block unknown calls on iPhone. Luckily, if you really want to block these calls, this workaround will definitely work for you. Be careful because if you use this you will not receive calls from numbers that are not saved in your contact list.

So, have you ever wanted to be annoyed by unknown callers? Let us know about your experience with these spam calls and how you managed to block them. Also, if you know of any other ways to block unknown callers on iPhone, please let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below.

Method 2 (for iOS 7. iOS 12) How to block on iPhone all calls from unknown and undetectable (hidden) type “No subscriber ID” or “Unknown” numbers

This method is not the standard blocking of subscribers on the iPhone, but a clever use of the Do Not Disturb mode and the contact list. So how it works:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Do Not Disturb.
  • Slide the switch opposite the Do Not Disturb option to the Enabled position.
  • A crescent will appear on the screen in the status bar (where the clock is), after which the device will not make absolutely any sounds.
  • Click on “Allow Calls” and you will be presented with two options. Select From Favorites if you only want to receive calls from your favorite contacts. This option is suitable for users who have added the numbers of all friends and family members to Favorites (instructions for adding) (the main thing is not to forget to add the necessary contacts to Favorites) and never receive calls from other numbers.
  • Select the “All contacts” option or a contact group (we described how to create contact groups on the iPhone here and here), then you will receive calls from all subscribers from the contact list. However, those who have not been added to your address book will not be able to reach.

Before using this method, carefully consider whether someone will call you on an important issue from a number not included in your contact list. If you are sure of your decision, feel free to close the “Settings” and enjoy the silence. Whereas the callers will always have “busy” in the receiver.

Method 1 (for iOS 13 and newer) How to block all calls from unknown callers on iPhone

In iOS 13, the developers solved this problem by adding a function to block incoming calls from numbers not added to the address book.

Actually, something similar could have been done on the iPhone before by activating the Do Not Disturb mode and allowing Call Allowing for selected contacts (more on that below), but now the function is activated literally in a couple of taps on the screen, and its use at certain time intervals can be called convenient.

It is quite simple to activate the function. just go to Settings, the Phone section, and activate the switch opposite the item “Mute unknowns”. After that, the person who will call you from an unknown number will hear in the receiver short beeps “Busy”.

It is especially pleasant that after a muted call, your iPhone will receive a notification in the form of a missed call, and if the number seems familiar to you, you can simply call it back.

When the “Mute unknowns” option is enabled, incoming calls will continue to come from people from contacts, Siri suggestions, as well as from those whom you recently called.

How to block all calls from unknown and hidden numbers on iPhone: 2 ways

If you do not want to answer the calls of certain subscribers, you can block their phone numbers in the list of your contacts on the iPhone (detailed instructions on how the Blacklist on iPhone works). However, it would be great to go even further and block calls from all unknown subscribers and those whose number cannot be identified.

Many users prefer not to pick up the phone when they are called from an unknown number, but at the same time intrusive calls from unfamiliar phones sometimes interfere with the normal use of the smartphone.

How to Block Unknown Calls, Private Callers on iPhone

As a rule, callers from the numbers “No subscriber ID” or “Unknown” are robots (of course, there are exceptions), marketing department employees trying to sell you something, etc., so getting rid of their annoying calls was would be not bad at all.

Below we will tell you how to block all unknown and undetectable numbers on iPhone.

Please note that this method should not be used if your loved ones often call from other people’s numbers.

ATTENTION. Using it, you will receive calls only from subscribers from your contact list, so you risk missing an important call.

When is the best time to use this opportunity?

The Do Not Disturb feature activates a completely silent mode on iPhone and mutes not only calls, but also notifications. It is best to set your watch when it activates automatically. For example, every evening at a certain time, the iPhone will go into silent mode, and then return to normal mode every morning. Of course, you can configure the function so that the smartphone remains silent around the clock.

It is also recommended that you enable repeat calls in Do Not Disturb mode. If someone rings twice within three minutes, the call will not be muted. Users who do not have a contact list or “Favorites” should not use the method described above, otherwise they will not receive calls from anyone at all.

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How to prevent unknown numbers from calling your mobile phone

Every modern person who uses various gadgets must know how to prevent unknown numbers from calling a mobile phone. The thing is that at the present time, annoying SMS and calls come quite often, which only take up precious time, but at the same time do not carry any useful information. In this regard, many people are visited by the idea of ​​simply blocking such calls. To do this, you can use the functions that are in the phone itself or download a special application.


Almost all smartphones with the Android operating system have a function that allows you to prohibit receiving calls from unknown numbers. You don’t need to install additional software if you have basic functionality. that’s enough. If there is no blocking function, you need to install the software. there is nowhere to go. Basic locking is available on Samsung, Huawei. Xiaomi, Honor, LG and smartphones of other brands, so the instructions will be universal.

To block incoming anonymous calls, you need to go to the call settings through the “dialer” (just click on the icon with a green tube). Here we need the item “Blocking numbers“, “Blocking calls”, “Antispam” or something similar in name. The latter option is found in Xiaomi smartphones with a proprietary MIUI 9 shell. You need to go to this menu, open the “Call blocking” item and turn on the “Block calls from hidden numbers” switch. Done. now all calls without Caller ID will be cut off from the very first second.

If there is no basic function, you can try installing another application responsible for managing calls. You can also turn on the whitelist and receive calls exclusively from those who have been added to it.


You will not be able to block receiving calls from unknown numbers on the iPhone. Therefore, here you have to act by means of tricks. To do this, turn on the “Do not disturb” mode, and select the “All contacts” item in the “Calls tolerance” menu. Now, when someone calls from a hidden number, the iPhone will be silent. But he will remain silent even if someone calls from a phone that is not in the phone book.

Why calls from unknown phones are dangerous

Nowadays, the function of blocking calls from unknown numbers is becoming more and more popular. the number of spam calls is increasing exponentially every day. Nowadays, more and more people complain that they are constantly called by some strange people (and sometimes robots) from unfamiliar numbers, distract from business, and very often also wake up in the early hours of the weekend, which cannot but annoy.

In about half of the cases, when answering a call from an unknown number, the person hears silence or the call is immediately dropped. If, when answering such a call, you hear silence or music, then most likely it is a call from some call center. They know that in half of the cases people simply do not pick up the phone from an unfamiliar number or drop such incomprehensible calls. Therefore, spammers start dialing several numbers at once, so there may not be enough operators. This is how call centers of banks, telecom operators work, who call people to offer them to get a card or take part in some action.

For a modern sane person, it will not be difficult to distinguish a normal call from a “divorce”. However, children or elderly family members who have personal mobile phones are best protected from such contacts.

Calls Blacklist

The application supports versions of Android, which do not provide for blocking through the menu. After downloading the Calls Blacklist application, the location will be automatically determined. Also, for registration, you will need to enter your number and send a confirmation code that comes in the form of SMS. The main feature of the application is the function for creating not only black lists, but also white lists. Those numbers that cannot call are added to black, all hidden numbers can be added here. But the whitelist contains those that can be dialed even when the “do not disturb” function is enabled.

Application use


Modern phones of this brand run on the Android operating system.

You can block an unknown number on Samsung smartphones through the settings. Phased execution:

  • Go to the “Phone”, where in the upper right corner you should click on three dots. Choose “Settings”.
  • In the menu that opens, find the function “Blocking numbers”.
  • After that, a menu will appear, where there is a line “Blocking unknown subscribers”. Activate this stitch by clicking on the slider. When the function is enabled, the circle will turn green.


For Xiaomi phones, find “system applications” in “settings”. Tap here on the “phone”. Find the “black list” in it, where you need to select “block calls from unknown”.

There is another way to block unknown numbers:

  • Go to “Settings”, then “System Applications”, where to find “Call Settings”.
  • In the appeared functions select “Antispam”.
  • Then turn it on by clicking on the circle on the first line. And here, click on the line “Call Blocking”.
  • After that, enable the function “Block calls from hidden numbers”.
  • Also here you can prevent strangers from sending messages by tapping on “SMS from strangers”.

Is it possible to block hidden number on Android and iPhone and how to do it

Smartphones have become an integral part of life and are used to communicate with the outside world through calls. Often, collectors, sales managers, bank employees or telecom operators call, hiding their phone. In this case, the function of calling from hidden numbers is usually used so that people cannot block them. But knowing the intricacies of the phone’s operating system, you can get rid of annoying advertising calls.

Android up to version 5

In older versions of Android, the procedure is slightly different and only blacklisted contacts are added. To block calls from hidden numbers, do the following:

  • Go to “Calls”, open the menu and select “Call rejection”, then “Auto rejection mode”, tap on it, a window appeared where you should select the last line “Black list”.
  • Then find in the menu “Call rejection”, where select “Blacklist” to set the appropriate actions in it.
  • Having opened this tab, activate the function on the line “Unknown” by checking the box.

Lock on iPhone

The iOS operating system does not support blocking subscribers with unknown numbers. You can only select the “do not disturb” option in the settings, where you can click on “call admission” only from contacts.

But this method is not suitable for everyone, because sometimes acquaintances call, whose numbers are not added to the contact list.

Block hidden number on Windows Mobile

Having entered the call log, tap with a long press on the unwanted subscriber. An additional menu will appear, where check the “block”.