Broke the screen on the phone what to do

Cracked screen on a touchscreen phone. what to do?

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According to statistics, cracks that appear on the screen as a result of not too careful handling of mobile gadgets are the most frequent reason for contacting repair shops. And this is not surprising, because the display is the notorious Achilles’ heel for any, even the most expensive and eminent mobile phone. What to do if the screen is cracked on the touchscreen phone, let’s figure it out together.

what to do if you broke your phone

At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that replacing a cracked smartphone screen can result in expenses equivalent to half the cost of a new mobile phone. Therefore, in some cases it makes sense to think about replacing a broken gadget with a new one.

Is a cracked phone screen harmful?

Mobile technologies appeared not so long ago, but immediately overgrown with many myths and speculations regarding the harmful effects on the human body. In particular, you can often hear the opinion that a cracked screen turns the phone into a time bomb.

But in fact, the only harm that, hypothetically, it can cause is to scratch the wearer’s skin during a conversation.

Some 150 years ago, it was only possible to talk to a person in person. But these times have long since sunk into oblivion, and the telephone has become a familiar and even necessary part of our life.

Broke the phone what to do

What to do if your phone screen is cracked?

So, there is a problem. after the fall, cracks appeared on the screen of the mobile phone. How to act in this situation and how dangerous are they both for the phone itself and for its owner? It all depends on the degree of damage received. For example, if there are one or two cracks, and they do not interfere with the normal operation of the mobile gadget, it is quite possible to do with half measures. stick a protective film or glass over the screen. In this form, the phone will be able to work for a long time, and dust and moisture will not be able to get into it through the cracks. But if the screen is covered with craquelure from the smallest cracks, then you can’t do without a visit to the repair shop. The touch screen can be fully restored only if it is replaced using special equipment.

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What to do if your smartphone screen is broken (a guide for the weaker sex)

  • When any personal thing, be it a cup or a telephone, falls to pieces, it means the imminent collapse of all hopes and aspirations. And if you yourself became the culprit of the catastrophe, control your actions so as not to accidentally provoke the destruction of your own undertakings. When outside forces act as the cause of the “crash”, pay attention to the environment. Somewhere near you, a secret ill-wisher is found.
  • A modern telephone contains a lot of information that is important for a person. Its loss will not only lead to real problems in personal and professional communication, but also warn that at this moment in your life you are irretrievably missing out on some important opportunities for self-realization.
  • If you have broken an outdated and poorly working phone, there is absolutely nothing to regret. After all, such a frivolous loss portends that still little-studied horizons of life will soon open up for you, the fate-turkey will turn into another, unexpected side. But the loss of a brand new “mobile” will warn that good news in the near future should not be expected.
  • Is the victim of a hit or fall refusing to work at all? Analyze the events in which you are participating urgently! Perhaps soon your professional activity will cease to depend only on your decisions, and you will gradually completely lose control over the situation. It is necessary to mobilize the will to win and firmly hold the “wheel” in your hands.
  • A broken screen, while maintaining the operability of the main functions of the device, promises problems at work, both in relationships with colleagues and with bosses. Perhaps “kind” colleagues are actively weaving intrigues behind your back, and the management will again bypass with a promotion or bonus.
  • When an expensive, status model falls to the ground, be prepared for trouble on your personal front. Most likely, the marital boat will soon leak, and the girlfriend will prefer a wealthier admirer. A simple phone, on the contrary, breaks down for exciting love adventures.
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Screen protector or film

If it so happens that your screen is cracked, and you cannot immediately eliminate this defect, that is, there is a way out in such a situation. Initially, you need to figure out what exactly is broken: only the protective glass, the glass of the phone itself, or the internal parts. If you have a protective glass on your smartphone and there is a crack on the screen, then lift it up and see if the glass of the phone itself is intact.

As for the internal details, if the screen displays images and reacts to touch, then in this case there is nothing to worry about. You can continue to use such a device for some time, but with care. the phone may not survive the second blow. But it is recommended, whenever possible, to return the phone for repair or change the broken screen yourself.

After replacing the screen, be sure to stick the protective glass over it. It will help protect your phone from breakage the next time you fall, and you from unnecessary waste.

What to do if your phone screen is cracked?

If you dropped your smartphone and the screen cracked on it, do not rush to carry your device and a lot of money to the repair shops. First, read the recommendations and solutions for this problem, and you may find some of them useful. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

Self-replacement of the screen on a smartphone

The cheapest way to repair a broken screen is to do it yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

The worldwide Internet will be able to help in this simple matter. It’s no secret that you can find absolutely any information on YouTube. So, you can find videos on the repair of cars, televisions, and of course, phones. It is important to find a really useful channel where a professional talks about repairs. It is quite easy and simple to distinguish such a person from an amateur. If you’re lucky, only the glass will need to be replaced, not the entire screen with the “guts”.

Contacting the manufacturer

Before proceeding with the repair of your mobile phone, contact the company that made your smartphone. Perhaps the company provides measures for a free or promotional screen replacement. Also check if you had insurance for phone breakage upon purchase.

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For example, Apple offers special accident insurance if you make a purchase of 100 or more. If you want to have your phone repaired right on the spot, you will have to pay a small amount. In the event that the center does not have the necessary parts, then your phone will be sent to another place, and you will be provided with another phone for the duration of the repair.

HTC, on the other hand, has a Uh-Oh protection plan that covers replacing the screen if the phone breaks within one year of purchase.

The famous Samsung firm does the same. She sells special warranty insurance coupons that cover breakdowns of any complexity. Even if the phone breaks down within a year and cannot be repaired, the manufacturer undertakes to change the device to a new one.

Screen crashed on a touchscreen phone what to do

Nowadays, when every person has smartphones, many are faced with such a problem as a broken screen. This seemingly fearless breakdown can significantly ruin the mood. And if you do not know how you can quickly fix the screen, then this problem can drag on even for several months. But it’s one thing if a broken screen spoils only the appearance, but what to do if it interferes with the full use of the device? But do not rush to the nearest workshop and give a lot of money to the craftsmen. In most cases, the breakdown can be fixed on your own, or you can fix it at a service center for little money and not spend a lot of time on it. Next, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the most popular solutions to this problem. Let’s figure out what to do if the screen cracked on iPhone or Android at the wrong time.

Out of warranty repair

It is important to know that, for example, in an official Apple service center it will be much cheaper to repair the screen on a smartphone than if you buy parts yourself and send them for repair to another workshop.

If we talk about the price outside the warranty repair in the service centers of Samsung, HTC or other manufacturers, then this information is not constant, and it needs to be clarified directly on the spot.