Browser not working on iPhone

Yandex Browser for iPhone is the best browser?

Yandex Browser on the desktop may not have the best reputation, in part because of its rather intrusive distribution model. On the iPhone, the Russian browser looks good.

On the start page, you can change the wallpaper, and Yandex also allows you to change the search engine. By the way, it differs depending on the region. In the US, Yandex has a partnership with Bing.

Quick functions are called in the lower right corner of the screen. Everything is pretty standard here. There is an opportunity to watch both mobile and desktop sites, share links, etc.

Zen is integrated into Yandex Browser. This is a Yandex media project that, based on the user’s interests, selects a news feed for him from selected sites. The priority is given to long and really interesting texts.

Yandex Browser also has interface features, for example, its address bar is located at the bottom of the display.

The browser also supports data compression and text-mode pageviews when all graphics are turned off.

Opera Mini. fast browser for iOS

Opera Mini is, in a sense, the legend of the mobile Internet. At the beginning of the century, the Norwegian manufacturer’s mobile browser was installed on many smartphones and even advanced phones.

Opera has lost ground today. This is another WebKit browser. Like Yandex Browser, Opera offers not only paid bookmarks, but also a selection of news from popular sites. It binds to the region specified in the iOS settings.

The browser supports all the standard features that other applications do. It is distinguished only by the red design. Also, the address bar contains a little more elements, there is also an asterisk for adding to bookmarks.

Chrome on iPhone. Fast Browser

The Chrome browser has an even more minimalistic interface. In fact, it only has an address bar combined with a search bar. The default search engine, of course, is Google.

All other controls are located in the menu, which is called in the upper right corner of the window. In the upper part there are icons for sharing, adding to bookmarks, etc. The rest of the functions are listed in a list.

Google Chrome supports the function of translating foreign language pages by default. It is implemented through the Google Translate service. However, this is not done very well. First, the browser tries to translate each page. If the user refuses this, then later he will no longer receive a translation offer. There is no such item in the menu either. That is, if you want to tighten up a foreign language, then you will either have to abandon the translation and subsequently not be able to quickly turn it on, if not everything on the page is clear, or endure an annoying pop-up window with each transition.

Satellite. Browser for iPhone

The Sputnik browser is another, at first glance, a pleasant Russian development, although, apparently, it is closely related to the news agency of the same name working for foreign countries. There are quite a few Russian state media outlets in the default tabs.

From the point of view of the interface, there is an original solution here. The browser has more than one home page. They scroll like the iOS home screens. Icons are placed on them on quick pages, as well as lists of interest and bookmarks.

In the browser settings there is a choice of a search engine, an ad blocker, a private mode, as well as a Stalker. a function that will warn about visiting unreliable sites.

UC Browser for iPhone is the best browser for iOS?

US Browser is a browser add-on that has been around since the last decade. She migrated to iOS quite successfully.

It is immediately striking that the developers tried to make the most of advertising. The start page turned out to be very colorful. There are two dozen resources on it that paid for the place. The browser supports themes. He can change clothes.

The menu is called by the central icon on the panel located at the bottom. The feature set is standard, including bookmarks and content distribution tools. It is also possible to send a quick connection to the developers and synchronize the browser with the cloud, which is useful if you use it on multiple devices.

In the settings, you can open a session from the previous location, clear data, enable an ad blocker, optimize content. Besides the usual swiping, other navigation gestures are also supported.

Onion Browser. Tor browser for iPhone

Onion Browser is one of the browsers with support for the Tor anonymizer. Most of them are paid or full of advertising. Onion Browser requires no money.

He works through an anonymous network, that is, he accesses the Tor server, which is already directly to the site. In this way, you can bypass country resource locks, as well as maintain anonymity on the network. As practice shows, if desired, anonymity can be disclosed by special services, but for an ordinary user this is a way not to distribute their data to the right and left.

The browser first establishes a connection with the Tor network and only then can you access the sites. Naturally surfing becomes slower than usual. The browser also has advanced content blocking settings. This is not only about advertising, but also about active elements.

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Otherwise, we have basic browser functionality.

Website won’t open in Safari on iPhone. what to do

On some versions of iOS, in particular iOS 9.x, there is a bug due to which the Safari browser does not provide access to certain sites. It gets by by simply disabling JavaScript.

Website won’t open in Safari on iPhone. what to do

As with any browser, mobile Safari can experience errors causing previously successful websites to stop opening. In this tutorial, we talked about three main ways to fix such errors.

Note: before starting to look for a solution to the problem, be sure to make sure that the problem site is actually working. The site you need may simply not work at a particular moment in time, or be blocked by your provider.

Reset Safari Preferences

In some cases, the site may not open or display incorrectly due to an internal error in the Safari browser. In such cases, clearing the history and data of browser sites helps.

Go to Preferences → Safari.

Click on “Clear History and Site Data”.

It is important to note that clearing will delete your browsing history, cookies and other browsing data.

Disable JavaScript

Go to Preferences → Safari.

Select “Add-ons”.

Move JavaScript radio button to inactive position.

After gaining access to the desired site, JavaScript is recommended to be enabled.

Open a website without using an ad blocker

Many iPhone and iPad users use special ad blockers and other inappropriate content in Safari on their devices. And it is because of them that some sites sometimes do not open, showing only a white page. Fortunately, you don’t need to completely disable the ad blocker for all sites.

Launch Safari and go to a page not showing due to an ad blocker.

Click on the page refresh icon.

In the menu that opens, select “Restart without blocking content”.

Done! If the problem with the inability to display the page was precisely in the ad blocker, then the site will open successfully.

If the 3G icon is missing

When the 3G icon is displayed in the status bar, but the browser does not load the pages, you should rule out the browser issue. The easiest way is to download all the proposed updates to the application, or uninstall and reinstall it. If you are using a standard browser, try the following steps:

  • disable javascript in browser
  • restart phone (Power Home)
  • close the browser by double-clicking on the Home key and swiping up the application tab

Many iPhone owners have experienced poor page loading and following links after updating the operating system to version 9.3. Updating the iOS system to the latest version will help solve the problem.

The methods described above are relevant only if the problem is caused by a browser error, and there are no problems with LTE mobile communication on the part of the cellular operator. If the network or cellular data icon still disappears, you should look for other reasons.

How to connect modem mode

If the mobile Internet on your smartphone does not work in modem mode or the device does not allow you to connect to the network in access point mode, make sure that the corresponding function is turned on. It’s easy to do:

  • go to the settings menu
  • select “Modem mode” or “Cellular data”. “Modem mode”
  • move the slider to the on position
  • check the settings and the password that your mobile phone will generate

If everything is in order, you should restart your phone. Typically, the modem mode function is then restored. It is recommended to perform the same actions if it is not possible to create access. Another way is to reset the settings to factory defaults and then enter all the parameters manually.

Internet does not work on iPhone

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Apple produces high-end smartphones, but this does not exclude the problem that gadget users sometimes face. the Internet does not work on the iPhone. The problem arises with different mobile operators. Most often, incorrect settings are to blame, but there are also more serious reasons. Follow these simple instructions to understand why the internet sometimes doesn’t work well on smartphones and how you can fix iPhone malfunctions on your own.

How to identify the problem

Problems with unlimited mobile internet can be easily distinguished from any others. The main symptoms of a problem are:

  • you cannot go online on your iPhone (via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi)
  • tethering won’t turn on (or iPhone doesn’t work as a Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • Internet works intermittently or pages are not displayed on the mobile phone screen if there is a connection icon

If you encounter a system error, just restart your smartphone. after turning on, the unlimited Internet function should work as usual. It also sometimes helps to switch to Airplane mode and then return to normal mode. If simple actions did not help, the error should be looked for in the phone settings, software or hardware.

There is network coverage, but the internet is not working

LTE connection errors most often come from the mobile operator. Typically, this problem occurs after a hard reset or factory reset. Even with good network coverage, unlimited internet may not function. Distinguishing this problem from others is easy. the cellular antenna is displayed in the status bar, but the icon disappears. The following actions will help to correct the situation:

  • go to iPhone settings
  • select the tab “Cellular”
  • find the menu “Data Transfer”
  • type APN and username, after specifying them with your mobile operator

However, before checking the settings, make sure that you have paid for the Internet, have network coverage, and the operator provides this service. Check the details of the tariffs for mobile communications. If your Internet often does not work correctly, discuss technical assistance with your cellular operator. Some users, in order to eliminate the problems that arise, change the mobile operator to a more suitable one.

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Why LTE stopped turning on

The reasons why the Internet does not work on the iPhone are different. The most common problems faced by iPhone users are:

  • error in wireless network settings or 3G connection
  • iOS system error
  • iPhone hardware breakdown
  • incorrect operation of the SIM card

In most cases (especially when it comes to software problems), you can fix the situation yourself.

Data network problems

You may not be connected to the internet if your cellular data network is off. Look in the parameters of your mobile phone. if it is disabled, the icon disappears in the status bar. To connect the network, follow these steps:

  • go to the connection settings menu
  • make sure that in the items “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” the slider is in the activated state
  • turn on the transmission of cellular data if necessary

Even if the cellular connection was working properly, the coverage of the cellular network may be different, which is why the smartphone does not receive a signal everywhere. Operators cannot provide the same good cellular reception in different parts of the city. If the 3G icon changes to E or H, this is not considered a malfunction.

Why Google Chrome doesn’t work on Android

There are many reasons why Google Chrome doesn’t work on Android. Dealing with them and looking for a specific one for your case is not worth it, because there are simpler ways to solve such a problem. It is to them that this article will be devoted.

How to Fix Safari Not Working on iPhone and iPad

Reinstallation procedure

Now everything will work stably and without any glitches.

Android does not have Internet via WI-FI but is connected to the network

️️️️️ In this article, I will analyze the situation when there is no Internet on Android via WiiFi. Those. the connection to the network itself is there, the wifi icon is active, but it is impossible to access the Internet and messengers (Telegram, Viber, Skype) and other applications (Instagram,. etc.) do not connect.

In most cases, restarting the smartphone or router that distributes the wireless network helps. Another reason may be a software error in the operation of Android and incorrect configuration of the router.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce smartphones on Android 8/7/6: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

I will notice! If you use a public WI-FI network or a private corporate network, then there is a high probability that they block some social networks and instant messengers. This is often practiced and you have to come to terms with the situation.

browser, working, iphone

Checking for Internet access

Before looking for the cause of an error in the operation of a smartphone or router, make sure that everything is in order with the Internet. What could be wrong with him:

  • You did not pay, so the provider has suspended Internet access. Make sure there is network access through the wire.
  • In the settings of the router, there are restrictions on visiting certain sites or a limit on traffic (a common practice for open networks in public places).
  • Problems arose on the provider side.

After eliminating these factors, proceed with the diagnosis to understand which device is hiding the cause of the problem.

Need help?

Do not know how to solve a problem in the operation of your gadget and need expert advice? Write to us “

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The easiest way is to connect to the wireless network from another phone / tablet / laptop. If another device goes online, then the problem is in the phone, which cannot establish a correct connection.

FIX Safari On iPhone Not Loading Websites! (2020)

Internet does not work on Android

Internet does not work even though Android is connected via Wi-Fi? Fear not, the problem is solvable! I know of two problems due to which problems with the Internet are possible, for example, when you cannot access more than one site on the Internet from any browser from your Android phone, you also cannot access Google Play.

Internet problems may appear due to changes in the hosts file that is located in the system folder of the Android device. Since the hosts file works as a filter, it can prohibit the sites you need or has the wrong one.If you did not change it yourself, then some program could do it for you, for example Freedom, which, after its installation, makes changes to the Android Hosts file that prohibit login to Google Play services.

Such problems can occur with other sites, such as social networks

First of all, you need to check hosts, it should contain one line with two values:

you can find this file using the Root Explorer program along the path:

browser, working, iphone

If everything is fine there, then most likely you have recently installed AdBlock to remove ads on Android. If configured incorrectly, it prohibits Internet access via Android even if you are normally connected via Wi-Fi network.

I think that helped you a little. Leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Editing the registry

Another answer to the question of why browsers don’t work lies in the Windows registry. We type regedit in the search bar of the Start menu. We pass the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Windows \ and find the AppInit_DLLs parameter on the right.

Now you need to open this parameter and specify the value 0, then click “OK”. Now right-click on it and select “Delete.” After that, restart your computer.

The problem must be resolved. If not, then reinstalling the operating system will help. this option for many will be a way out of situations, but do not forget that if there is a problem, then there must be a solution.

Checking if the hosts file is correct

Usually, when the browser is not working, viruses register themselves in the hosts file. To view it, we will do the following operations. First, go to: C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc. Find the hosts file in the last etc folder and open it with notepad (right-click on it, select “Open” and double-click the Notepad program).

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We delete absolutely all lines that should not be there. So that you can understand how an untouched file should look like, I will show you a screenshot of my.

Save changes and restart your computer! If the system does not allow you to save the changes, then you need to open the notepad from the administrator. To do this, go to “Start”. “Standard”. and then right-click on Notepad. Select “Run as administrator” from the drop-down menu. Then follow the instructions described above.

If you have little experience in these matters, then use a special program to restore the hosts file. “Reset Hosts” In Contact “does not work”.

Viruses are a persistent problem

To check your computer for viruses, it is best for you to download a special utility with up-to-date databases, but if your computer has an anti-virus installed, I will still ask you to download and check your computer with one of the utilities: Dr. Web CureIt! or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

The very first question that arises is how can I download the program or go to any site if my browser does not work?

Here are some options for how to download it in this situation:

  • Use a laptop or any other work computer to which you have access (work, friends, etc.), you can also use a tablet or smartphone if you have Wi-Fi.
  • The worst situation. there is only one computer, there are no browsers. There can be only one way out here. you have the Download Master program installed in advance, which allows you to download files from the Internet without using browsers. Or you can take it from another computer. In it, you need to go to the Top downloads and find Dr. Web Cureit, it always comes first.
  • If you have any browser of the Portable version, then try to go to the Internet from this version, it is possible that a positive result will come out.

Now that the antivirus is installed, we proceed to the next step: launch it, select the search for the entire computer, scan the entire computer, and not just drive C, as users like to do. When the utility finds viruses, you must ruthlessly remove them, but before that, go over the files where it found the malicious code. Sometimes, there is a possibility of infection of working files, for example, text files or photos from vacation, in this case you need to try to cure them, if nothing comes of it, then delete.

What to do when browsers don’t work

I am often asked by readers why the browser does not work on the computer. This is really a very serious problem, since a computer without the Internet in 95% of cases is a useless thing that takes up space on the table. To easily go online, let’s figure out what the salt is. The solution to this problem applies to all browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome.

But before we start, it should be noted that the question itself is posed a little incorrectly. You have to be clear about the problem in order to start solving it. For example, browsers on a computer do not work, or only one browser. If we consider the “crash” of all browsers at once, then most likely the problem is in some application that prevents them from loading normally.

The most popular problem is viruses, they usually harm the system and the above information should not be ruled out. Viruses can block not only browsers, but also other software products that in some way, even indirectly, allow you to access the Internet or a simple text editor. To remove viruses, you can use the standard antivirus that is installed on your computer. Before scanning, you need to update the anti-virus databases to be sure of the scan.


If there is a problem with any program, then I advise you to try updating it through the “Service” or “Help” menu. If the update is interrupted, then go to the official website and download the new version of the browser you are using.

Also, from my experience, I can say that there is a possibility of glitches in new versions of programs, and therefore if an updated version is currently installed, then try installing an older one. If this helped you, then you will have to temporarily “sit” on the previous version, and after a few updates, enjoy the new.

Greetings to you, dear Alexander and everyone who is studying COMP with you! I really liked the lesson, the main thing is that everything is very accessible and clear! Once again I am convinced that we still know little! Although we are talking about universal computer literacy. Thank you very much Alexander for helping us to become enlightened in the basic technical issues of computer literacy! May God grant you success, happiness and Love! over, we are fellow countrymen! With deep respect and reverence. Hope.


I reinstalled Windows 3 times, did low-level formatting of the disk, thinking that the virus does not allow browsers to work. It turned out that the old versions of the Opera browser work with a bang! I stop there thanks to this article. For which THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Thanks a lot, it helped. In the register, the VK-shnaya prog nafigaril me.

I did everything, but nothing helped. Please tell me, maybe I did something wrong?

I did everything with the hosts file and the registry. Everything is as it should be. Reinstalled the system. There is one ie left. Everything is the same. Writes: “the node is found, the answer is expected” and the white screen hangs endlessly.

Thank you! I did everything, except for the pest. I do not have Applnit in my laptop.

over, I checked it for viruses many times with kureite, malvare antimalvare, and esset Smart security. and only Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool detected them. There was an extra bottom line in the hosts file.

In short. thanks, but the problem is not completely solved. old versions work. and it’s ok.