Can I Clean The Monitor With Alcohol

How and what to clean the smartphone screen at home?

Mobile devices have become part of the life of a modern person. They do not part with them at home and at work, which implies constant exploitation. In this mode, the touch screen of your phone or tablet becomes dirty quickly. It becomes aesthetically unattractive, does not respond well to pressing and contains a large number of microbes on its surface. In the current article, we will analyze how and what to wipe the smartphone screen at home.

The better to wipe the smartphone screen

An important point in the procedure is the choice of cleaning agent. To complete the task, you can use the following:

  • pure or distilled water;
  • glass polish, if the display cover is glass;
  • universal cleaning agent that is used for PC monitors and laptops, TVs, smartphones;

special wipes for cleaning LCD monitors.

Use a dampened cloth to wipe the screen in one direction. Be sure to wipe the surface with a dry napkin at the end, this is the only way to get a perfectly clean display, without a single stain. You can use a cotton swab to clean the dirt from the charging connection holes, insert the SIM card.

How to clean your phone

The display of a mobile device should be regularly wiped and cleaned from dirt, because in terms of the number of bacteria it can easily be compared with money. The procedure is performed in just a few minutes, unless it involves a total cleaning with the removal of the back cover. During cleaning, you must adhere to some rules:

    Before wiping your smartphone, its screen must be locked. If you plan to clean the physical keys, then it is better to turn off the device for a while. These actions will avoid accidental clicks, which can lead to the entry of certain commands to the system. In addition, fingerprints and other marks are better visible on a dark display.

  • If there are large particles such as crumbs on the screen, remove them with your hands to avoid scratching when wiping.
  • The cloth for the procedure is selected from microfiber, It should not contain SEPARATE fibers that can linger on the display after cleaning. Usually comes with a protective glass, monitor cleaner or glasses.
  • The cleaning agent is sprayed exclusively onto the cloth. Spraying on the screen is fraught with moisture penetration into the case through the technological connectors.
  • After wiping with a damp cloth, complete the process by wiping the display dry and cut off the microfiber.
  • The procedure is best done every 2-3 days or as soon as it gets dirty. You don’t need to clean the screen every day, this can speed up the rubbing off of the oleophobic coating.

    Using alternative remedies

    If you do not have the tools listed above at hand, you can use several alternatives. For this reason, the question arises whether it is possible to wipe the smartphone screen with alcohol, and the answer to it is yes. The substance Not only helps to carry out high-quality cleaning, but also disinfects the surface. You can use 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Medical alcohol is used on glass surfaces, pre-diluted with water in a 1 to 1 ratio.

    The resulting solution is allowed to wipe the displays of smartphones and tablets, PCs and laptops, LCD or plasma TVs, e-books. If there was NO alcohol in the first aid kit, then you can get the cleaning agent from white vinegar. It is used not only for flavoring products, but also as a disinfectant. The solution is created in the same proportion. 1: 1.

    When wondering if you can wipe the smartphone screen with wet wipes, you should pay attention to the components contained in the solution. Household wet wipes with rubbing alcohol may harm the display by dissolving some of the protective film. If such a negative impact had on the protective glass or film, then it will be easy to replace them, but changing the main glass is associated with difficulties and financially costly.

    It is better not to take risks and perform cleaning with the means described above, which are guaranteed safe for all surfaces used in smartphones. When cleaning, it is not necessary to press on the display, so as not to provoke damage. If the dirt is ingrained, you should hold a damp cloth on it for a few seconds. most likely the dirt will be removed.

    The question of how to wipe the smartphone screen before gluing the film, in most cases, disappears by itself after opening the package. Almost all manufacturers complete the film with two wet wipes: one contains a cleaning agent, and the second is used for dry wiping at the final stage of cleaning. If there are wipes in the kit, then wipe it in two stages using the above means, the main thing is that there is NO dirt on the screen.

    Alcohol for cleaning the face: benefit or harm?

    It makes sense to consider each of them in more detail.

    What alcohol to wipe the face from acne and is it possible to do it?

    The word “alcohol” is inevitably associated with disinfection, even when it comes to the face. What’s so simpler: a pimple got out, burned it with alcohol. and the problem was solved.

    There are enthusiasts who are ready to use this alcohol for wiping the skin “for prevention purposes”. However, one must bear in mind: before deciding on such procedures, it would be good to study the properties of alcohol-containing substances and their effect on the skin. over, there are quite a few types of alcohols, and each has its own “character”.


    When it comes to ammonia, the first thing that comes to mind is its specific pungent smell.

    Inhalation of ammonia vapors can cause rapid breathing, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, therefore, the use of ammonia solution should be accompanied by extreme caution.

    And it has a wide range of action: in addition to cleansing, it is also antifungal and antimicrobial.

    Shown ammonia for use by the owner of oily skin with morning wash. This can be done in two ways:

    • Rinsing the face with a mixture of alcohol and water;
    • wiping problem areas with 1% ammonia solution using a cotton pad.


    Although “salicylic” has become quite popular in the fight against acne, it can be called a double-edged sword: the pros and cons of its effects are almost balanced. Among the positive properties:

    • disinfection of the skin;
    • drying;
    • elimination of inflammation.

    The main disadvantage, as in the case of medical alcohol, is the destruction of the natural protective film on the skin during its application and the violation of the fat balance with all the ensuing consequences.

    In order not to damage your appearance and achieve the desired effect, you must use this remedy correctly, which means: do not exceed the recommended dosage so as not to cause excessive dryness of the skin, and also do not try to combine salicylic alcohol with other substances designed to combat acne.

    For cosmetic purposes Alcohol with a 1-2% concentration of salicylic acid is most suitable. It moistens a cotton pad and gently wipes problem areas of the skin.

    There is also such a recommendation: since a concentrated preparation can cause peeling of the skin, it is better to use it for wiping, diluting it with warm boiled water in a ratio of 1: 2.

    Such manipulations can be carried out twice a day. in the morning and at night.


    Ethyl alcohol is quite effective in cleansing and disinfecting the skin, as well as relieves inflammation and tightens pores. However, this does not mean that it can be applied without fear. And there are several reasons for this.

    Firstly, it kills pathogenic microbes, it, like all similar drugs, deprives the skin of its natural protective film. New bacteria, getting on such a defenseless dermis, attack it with renewed vigor.

    We remove excess fat from problem skin, alcohol at the same time disrupts the fat balance in it, which has developed naturally. In an attempt to restore it, the skin doubles the rate of oil production, which can clog pores and cause inflammation.

    If you use rubbing alcohol long enough, you can dry out the epidermis, and its sensitivity and vulnerability will increase, in other words, the skin will simply be damaged.

    However, this does not mean that ethanol is completely contraindicated, it just needs to be used correctly and with extreme caution.

    It is necessary to use rubbing alcohol several times a week. Based on the skin type, this can be either two or five times.

    It should be noted that high concentration ethyl (or isopropyl) alcohol is 70%. sanitary alcohol napkins are impregnated. Such a product can be used for the same purpose, as well as, if necessary, Squeeze out a ripe pimple.

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    The excellent antiseptic properties of camphor alcohol make it a good dermis cleanser.

    However, it also has a number of serious drawbacks. So, if it is regularly applied to large areas of the face, it can cause a strong allergic reaction.

    Dizziness, skin rash, nausea, tachycardia. these are all symptoms of an overdose of this drug.

    Therefore, the use of this drug should be very careful. It is better to do it pointwise, using a cotton swab. especially on the affected areas.

    Camphor alcohol can not be used to treat the dermis in the area of ​​the shoulders, chest, neck. Since the skin is very delicate and sensitive, there may be burns.


    Inexpensive, affordable and time-tested remedy for getting rid of acne. boric alcohol.

    And although there is no need to expect a quick result from its use. it will become noticeable only after five days, but this drug acts on the epidermis quite carefully, and not overdrying it.

    Its use is extremely simple: wipe problem areas moistened with a cotton swab.

    Two days later, you should carefully examine the state of the dermis. If there is no excessive dryness, then you can afford to use this tool at the beginning and end of the day and do it for two months.

    If during the treatment the skin began to peel off, it is necessary to limit the wiped surface only directly to the pimples, burning them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol in the fight.

    The effect of this type of alcohol is valuable because it burns out acne gradually, deeply cleansing the skin. Having got rid of this trouble, you can periodically use boric alcohol to prevent.


    In the composition of formic alcohol there is formic acid, which has strong antimicrobial properties. In addition, this drug dries the skin.

    Can I wipe my face with formic alcohol? Before answering this question for yourself personally, it is recommended to test this substance for an allergic reaction by dropping a solution on your wrist. If within a few hours no changes on the skin in this place occur, if the state of health does NOT worsen, formic alcohol can be tried to treat acne.

    This type is categorically not suitable for people with dry skin. this can be detrimental to it. But it is recommended for the owner of oily and combination skin and is acceptable for wiping the affected areas.

    Do this with a cotton wool disc dipped in alcohol, gently move it in a circle. Before such rubbing, it is not recommended to clean the dermis so that moisture does not escape from its cells. Five minutes after the procedure, when the face is dry, it is useful to apply a light moisturizing cream on it.

    At first, it is sufficient to wipe the skin NOT more than once a day for treatment. If after 5-6 days no negative manifestations were observed, the procedure can be performed twice.


    Levomycetin is the main “character” in the composition of the alcohol of the same name. Like any antibiotic, it has an antimicrobial effect.

    Acting on the cellular structure of harmful microorganisms, chloramphenicol inhibits their reproduction, and not allowing them to develop further, which is required in the fight against acne.

    Levomycetin alcohol is most often used to get rid of acne of hormonal origin: each of them is burned separately, trying not to get on intact skin so as not to dry it out.

    There are certain restrictions regarding alcohol with chloramphenicol. It should not be used for serious skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema; with fungal diseases; pregnant and lactating women; children.

    After using this type of alcohol, there are cases of an acute allergic reaction. In such a situation, you must stop using it.

    You will be interested in:

    It is known that many cosmetics are alcohol-based. These are solutions for washing, and lotions, and tonics.

    Have you ever used similar products or any of the described alcohols to cleanse your face or fight acne? How are the results? Share in the comments your impressions of their effect on your skin.

    Can I Clean The Monitor With Alcohol

    Having considered all the possible types of alcohol to wipe the face from acne, we can come to the conclusion that almost each of them can become a worthy fighter if two basic conditions are met: the dosage is not exceeded, and the procedures are carried out extremely carefully and correctly.

    What to do to prevent streaks after cleaning the monitor

    Recommendations for cleaning the screen surfaces of household appliances without streaks:

    • The device is previously disconnected from the power supply.
    • If it is necessary to remove only dust deposits from the monitor, use a soft cloth.
    • The surface is wiped from dirt with light circular movements. At the same time, without the use of excessive physical effort.
    • If the mud deposits are not wiped off the first time, you need to repeat the process.
    • Do not spray liquid cleaners on the screen surface, incl. special mixtures. Only fabric is impregnated with them.
    • Cleaning must be carried out carefully, to exclude the fall of the gadget screen down.
    • When the dirt cannot be cleaned, a cloth soaked in the agent is applied to it for 1-2 minutes. After that, the contamination is easily wiped off with a dry cloth.
    • The material used must be clean and NOT wet, but slightly damp.
    • In the process of cleaning, they wipe not only areas with pronounced dirty spots, but also the entire surface of the laptop screen.
    • To remove stubborn dirt, use 2-3 wipes.
    • For cleaning hard-to-reach areas, a toothpick, previously wrapped in rags, is recommended.
    • Electrical equipment is connected back to the mains only after drying out.

    In this way, liquid crystal coatings can be cleaned of dust deposits, light mud deposits, grease stains or biological fluids.

    It is forbidden to remove dirt deposits from the laptop display with your own saliva, if you are too lazy to stand behind a special cloth and product. This method is the fastest, but it has disadvantages. It will NOT be possible to completely clean the surface, as streaks will remain, so you will have to do additional cleaning. There is NOT enough saliva to clean the entire screen surface. If dust or any other contamination is detected, it is better to distract yourself for a couple of minutes and wipe the technical tool with high quality.

    Cleaning wet wipes how to use

    A versatile material suitable for servicing all screen models is monitor damp cleaning wipes. It is the easiest tool, and does not leave scratches on matrix coatings.

    What can not be used to clean the monitor

    It is forbidden to use all cleaning products for computer monitors, even with the slightest percentage of alcohol. After several such cleanings, the matrix coating will completely collapse.

    Instead of using specialized tissue materials, it is not recommended to use toilet paper for cleaning, which contains microscopic components of wood, which contribute to the scratching of surfaces. They act as abrasive elements and any display (even a Macbook) will fade after a couple of such maintenance.

    Hygienic materials cannot be used to maintain matrix surfaces. manufacturers moisten them with alcohol compositions.

    It is recommended to use a soap solution in rare situations when it is impossible to remove dirty stains in a simple way.

    It is forbidden to use all cleaning agents for electrical equipment screens, which include abrasive components.

    Microfiber cloths

    Computer scientists advise to clean the screen plane of gadgets with microfiber napkins. This material removes dust accumulations well without preliminary wetting in liquids. You can pre-moisten the microfiber to remove the formed dirty deposits.

    Such material is reusable. After cleaning, it can be washed, dried and reapplied.

    Cleaners to remove dirt from PC displays

    Easily clean your laptop screen with products on the market today, for example:

    • wipes impregnated with cleaning components;
    • microfiber rags;
    • cloth and sprays designed for cleaning electronic equipment.

    Microfiber is often used instead of napkins.

    Can I clean the monitor screen with alcohol

    Do not clean the monitors with alcohol or products containing this component. Methanol destroys the protective coating, so after a few cleanings the device will have to be carried for repair.

    For cleaning electrical equipment, it is better to purchase a spray that does NOT contain alcohol-containing liquids and other aggressive chemicals.

    To clean the computer screen surface, you need to spray with a dispenser on the tissue material and wipe the contaminated area. Many manufacturing companies offer gels or foams designed for cleaning electronic devices.

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    Monitor wipes

    During the operation of computer equipment on its surface, incl. Dust collects on the display, fat deposits and other dirt are formed. And as a result, the image loses quality. And it is very unpleasant to work with a dirty gadget. Therefore, many are interested in how to properly clean a laptop screen at home. And also, what is recommended to wipe the PC monitor and what cleaners should not be used for THESE purposes. The main thing in this business is to use the Most Effective Cleaning Technique. And, of course, choose the right cleaning materials and auxiliary substances.

    Is there a difference in cleaning matte and glossy screens

    Matte or glossy monitors are installed on different models of computer equipment. It depends on the technology of assembly of technical means. Therefore, the methods of cleaning their surfaces are different.

    When creating matte surfaces, manufacturers use materials rather than reflective light rays. These surfaces should not be wiped clean with compounds containing isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning with such mixtures, stains remain on the coating. And stains form on glossy surfaces.

    To clean the screen of a netbook, tablet or computer, it is better to purchase special formulations recommended for each type of technical means.

    Special dry wipes

    Insect marks

    Spots on a laptop are left by flies, midges flying into the apartment through the window, moths that start in cereals and flour. Traces are removed with a special napkin. To avoid scratching the screen, do not scrape off insect stains with a blade.

    Cactus CS-S3002

    The spray of Russian origin gently cleans the surfaces of gadgets, the keyboard, is well sprayed and dries quickly, and acts as an antistatic agent. The product is equipped with a dispenser, odorless, economical, copes with dust and dirt.

    How and what to clean at home

    After turning off the computer, you need to wait until the system unit and monitor cool down. Remove dust with a dry cloth, but if the surface is stained with grease, dirt, apply a cleaning agent to the damp cloth and wipe with a dry flannel cloth.

    Dish and glass detergents

    Liquids, gels, sprays, which perfectly cope with grease on plates, remove coffee and tea stains, wipe dust on glass, and are not suitable for cleaning monitors, but are intended for washing dishes and cutlery.


    Companies that produce office equipment also create products that clean the monitor coatings from dirt, fingerprints, dust.

    What to do if it doesn’t work after cleaning

    Do NOT get upset right away that the monitor does NOT light up. When the image does NOT appear on the screen, you need to check:

    • Is the device connected to the network.
    • Which connector is the cable plugged into.
    • Is the correct refresh rate selected?
    • Is the card damaged.

    Sometimes it happens that the monitor has switched to another mode. The screen remains black, if the plume is not corrected, water flooded the keyboard.

    LCD care rules

    To make the LCD monitor last longer, please with bright images, you need to remove dust every day. Do not wash the coating with household products, wipe it with gasoline. It is better to purchase sprays and aerosols, as well as napkins that do not contain alcohol, there is lint.

    plastic bag

    Dust on the screen can be dealt with in an unusual way. To electrify, cellophane must be rubbed with synthetics or pet hair. The bag must be applied to the surface of the monitor, and it will remove all particles. Attracts small debris polyethylene.

    Fellowers FS-99703

    What is not recommended Wipe your smartphone?

    Let’s go through the most popular ways to clean the gadget screen, which, it turns out, are undesirable to use:

    • jeans. You can bet that at least once in your life (but what time there!) Each of us wiped the screen on our jeans. Yes, prints and dirt can be removed this way, and the information on the screen will become more readable, but jeans are a rather rough material for a display. It can damage the oleophobic coating or even leave minor scratches. Yes, in most cases, THESE consequences can be avoided, but it will also be possible to clean up the pollution normally;
    • paper towels and napkins. The former are necessary in the kitchen for wiping surfaces, the latter are used for personal hygiene. No matter how soft and delicate the material for the screen of the gadget, It does not fit. Yes, it is unlikely to scratch the display, but it can leave particles of paper fibers, but they will have to be disposed of again;
    • liquid for washing glasses and windows, it would seem, is ideal for cleaning the smartphone screen, because it is the same glass, but it was not there. Such products contain aggressive substances that can damage the protective oleophobic coating of the screen. It is also better not to use other household chemicals: dishwashing detergent and tile cleaner must be used as intended. Apple even warns in the instructions for its smartphones that no such substances can be used to clean the gadget. they corrode the oleophobic coating;
    • alcohol is the worst thing you can think of. This substance destroys the oleophobic coating, so that in the future, rubbed with alcohol a couple of times, the screen will be easier to collect fingerprints. Even wipes containing alcohol are best not used to treat the screen. Keep this in mind the next time you want to use a damp cloth to clean your display. The latter, by the way, when unsuccessful in a combination of circumstances, can generally lead to corrosion. Alcohol can be found in make-up remover, so you should also be more careful with this liquid;
    • vinegar can be used to wipe the body of a smartphone, but not glass, but glass can be used to cover Not only the screen, but also the camera lenses, and even the back panel of the gadget;
    • hydrogen peroxide. It’s hard to imagine, but the inquisitive mind of smartphone owners sometimes comes up with such unusual ways to clean and disinfect gadgets. Peroxide is better to treat wounds, rather than a fragile smartphone display.

    Let’s make a reservation that ancient devices without a touch screen and oleophobic coating can be wiped with vinegar and alcohol-containing agents.

    What can and cannot be cleaned the smartphone screen?

    Fingerprints can ruin the look of any smartphone, and it makes sense to take a gadget with an AMOLED matrix if all its advantages are hidden under a layer of dirt. What to wipe the smartphone screen, and what is better NOT to use ever?

    We all know that feeling when a brand new smartphone is in our hands. It captivates with its purity, and it seems that now, with this particular device, you will finally become a respectable and clean owner of a modern gadget. But a month passes, and you are already wiping the screen with the edge of a T-shirt or blanket. Only pathetic traces remain of the former Gloss. The euphoria of the purchase has passed. If the smartphone is kept clean, then the positive emotions from its use will be much longer. What is better to wipe the screen of a gadget, and what is better to NOT use ever?

    How to clean your smartphone?

    To remove dirt, smudges, fingerprints from a smartphone, use the following tools:

    • microfiber cloth. Such handkerchiefs are bundled with glasses, smartphones, some equipment;
    • toothpicks and / or ear sticks to get dirt out of hard-to-reach places;
    • special cleaner for electronics, or a little distilled water (in extreme cases).

    The cleaning procedure itself is extremely simple. First, wipe the screen with a dry cloth to remove all dirt, which can ultimately leave scratches. Then a cleaning agent is sprayed onto the edge of the napkin and the smartphone is gently wiped. Finally, the screen is polished with a dry cloth edge. Dirt in the area of ​​the side frame, speaker and connectors is gently removed with a toothpick, trying NOT to scratch the smartphone or drown the dirt in the bowels of the smartphone.

    What can and cannot be used to clean a smartphone screen?

    Microfiber cloths

    It is microfiber that should be used to collect dust, remove greasy stains and streaks from sensitive surfaces, not cotton. This fabric is very effective due to its structure.

    A versatile dry wipe made of split fiber “Microfiber”. Thanks to micro-cuts in the fabric, a capillary effect is created, which allows the napkin to attract dust, dirt, bacteria and microorganisms.

    • To get rid of dust. Use a dry cloth.
    • To remove dirt and streaks. moisten the napkin with water or a neutral special solution.

    How to clean your monitor streak-free?

    Before cleaning any device, be sure to make sure the device is unplugged. This will protect you from unforeseen situations, and dirt and dust become more visible on a dark screen.

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    To properly remove dust and clean your computer monitor at home, follow these guidelines and tips:

    • To remove dust from the screen Use a soft, lint-free cloth.
    • Wipe the monitor in circular or vertical and horizontal gentle and smooth strokes. While wiping, do not press too hard on the surface.
    • DO NOT spray cleaner directly on the screen or monitor case, as liquid may seep through cracks into the device.
    • Apply the cleaning agent to the cleaning cloth, then proceed to clean the monitor.
    • DO NOT scrape off dirt with a sharp object or nails. If the contamination is NOT cleared the first time, then try again.
    • Treat a difficult stain first with the product applied to a napkin, and after a few minutes remove it with gentle strokes.
    • During operation, be sure to hold the monitor with your free hand to avoid dropping the device.
    • The material used for wiping must always be clean and slightly damp, but not wet.
    • If the screen is too dirty, replace the wipers or rinse between sets.
    • After cleaning the monitor base, remove any dust from the back of the screens and buttons.
    • If there are computer cords attached to the monitor, unplug them and also Wipe.
    • If dust and dirt has accumulated in the corner of the screen, then remove the dirt with a cotton swab.
    • Clean hard-to-reach places and crevices with a toothpick wrapped in a napkin.
    • Plug in the monitor only after it is completely dry.

    special means

    Special means for cleaning the surfaces of monitors of electronic devices include:

    • Cleaning Wet Wipes for Monitors.
    • Wet and dry wipe set.
    • Microfiber cloths.
    • Special spray complete with a cloth.
    • Special dry wipes for cleaning monitors.

    Display Care Guidelines

    How do I take care of my monitor? To the contrary, to reduce the number of wipes and learn how to use the device carefully, adhere to the following simple rules:

    • Glasses of drinks and plates of food did not get close to the screen.
    • DO NOT wipe splatter on the display with my hands.
    • DO NOT touch the monitor with your fingers.
    • Use a special protective film for touchscreen devices.
    • Make sure children DO NOT touch the display.
    • Remove fresh drops immediately, as stubborn dirt is more difficult to remove.
    • Regularly clean the device from dust, as it is harmful Not only to the health of the user, but also tends to accumulate static charge. And this, under certain conditions, can lead to damage to the device.

    Folk remedies for cleaning the screen

    There is a wide selection of monitor care products, but all of these Spray cans cost money. Therefore, if you urgently need to remove a stain from the monitor, and you have Special funds at hand, and money for their purchase too, we suggest using folk methods.

    Than to wipe the computer monitor and clean the screen, cleaning agents. Helpful hints:

    What to wipe the screen with?

    Many consumers ask the question whether it is possible to wipe or wash the monitor with wet wipes or alcohol?

    To avoid damaging the monitor or ruining the matte anti-reflective coating, please follow these guidelines:

    • No alcohol during cleaning, as the anti-reflective film dissolves easily on contact with alcohol.
    • No window or dishwashing detergents.
    • DO NOT use tissue paper, toilet paper, etc., as they contain hard particles of wood that can scratch the screen.
    • DO NOT use wet wipes for personal hygiene, as their composition is not suitable for cleaning monitors. In addition, stains will remain on the display, which are very difficult to remove, even with special monitor care products.
    • It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive products to wipe the computer monitor at home, as they will scratch the screen.
    • DO NOT use anything soapy to avoid streaking.

    Cleaning wet wipes. how to use?

    Ideal for keeping matrix clean.

    Cleaning wipes Not only remove dust and dirt from monitor surfaces, but also discharge static electricity. The wipes DO NOT contain alcohol, abrasive particles, detergents, which can negatively affect the display.

    • Wipe the screen with a damp cloth, trying to cover all corners of the monitor.
    • Let the napkin dry.
    • Wipe the monitor again with a dry cloth.
    • After repeated wiping, there will be NO streaks on the screen and it will shine clean.

    How to clean an LCD monitor

    Any technique requires cleaning, care and maintenance. And the more attention and time we devote to performing the necessary procedures, the longer this technique will delight us with its impeccable work.

    Folk art is replete with incredible recommendations or life experiences. How many people do not wipe their monitors. With glass cleaning products, dishwashing detergents, alcohol or just a wet rag. I’d like to believe that this exotic will remain exotic. And the question “how to wipe the LCD monitor” will be with a clear and correct answer.

    Let’s start with the points that most users DO NOT pay attention to:
    1. Monitors usually have technological holes / grilles for ventilation. It is strongly not recommended to close them.
    2. It is advisable to periodically dry clean the monitor. House dust is omnipresent. it appears from nowhere, penetrates and accumulates where it even theoretically cannot be. To combat it, you can use special cans with compressed air, special vacuum cleaners for computer equipment, or an ordinary household vacuum cleaner operating in the air blowing mode.
    3. When working with a computer, basic hygiene rules must be observed: do not work with greasy hands, do not try to use a sausage as a pointer for the monitor, minimize, if possible, contact of hands with the surface of the LCD screen.

    Now let’s look at what concerns directly cleaning the monitor. Let’s start from the moment “HOW” to wipe, and then move on to the moment “WHAT” to wipe the LCD monitor. This approach will give us a complete and clear picture.

    How to clean the LCD monitor:
    Before cleaning process, be sure to disconnect the monitor / laptop power supply;
    Use cotton swabs to clean the edges of the screen, technological and ventilation grilles;
    Never apply cleaning solutions directly to the screen. First, you need to moisten the napkin, and only then wipe the monitor surface with a damp (in no way wet!) Napkin or cloth;
    Wipe only from top to bottom. Other directions DO NOT use.

    How to clean the LCD monitor:
    Use only clean materials. The slightest dust, lumps or foreign matter on the surface of the fabric can scratch the screen;
    The materials with which you plan to clean your monitor should be exceptionally soft. The rough texture of the cleaning material (terry cloth, rags, burlap, paper napkins, towels, etc.) can damage the top layer or anti-reflective coating of the monitor;
    Never use napkins or lint cloth;
    DO NOT apply physical force, pressure or pressure on the surface to be cleaned. Your undue zeal can cause mechanical damage and lead to damage to the monitor;
    IMPORTANT. DO NOT use alcohol, window cleaners, abrasive cleaners, or chemical solvents to clean the surface of LCD screens. Doing so may permanently damage the monitor and permanently disable it.
    To care for your monitor, use only those products and materials that are designed specifically for THESE purposes.

    Bottom Line: Using a dedicated LCD cleaner and known for cleaning your monitor allows these most monitors to live a long and happy life. Compliance with basic rules and lack of experimentation in the process of caring for LCD screens will allow you to forget about problems with “windows to the world of virtual reality”.

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