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IPhone 6S Battery Replacement

Humanity is keeping pace with the times, so today a mobile phone has become an integral part of life. Apple has created a high-quality smartphone with a stunning design. The iPhone 6s mobile phone is the embodiment of grace and unique components, but whatever the components, they tend to fail.

What is the difference between the Original and the Copy

The original batteries that we install are from Huizhou Desay Battery factory, the same factory produces batteries for iPhone 6s from the box. These batteries have the same capacity as the one in your iPhone. The “battery wear” indicator will show the percentage as well as before the replacement.

Copies are made at other factories, their name does not always coincide with what is stated on the battery. Their quality is an order of magnitude worse, we recommend placing them only after understanding the fact that this is a fake.

How to identify a malfunction?

One of the main problems that people contact Apple Lab Service Center for is replacing the iPhone 6s battery. Note to users that the operating period of the battery ranges from 900 to 1500 cycles. Therefore, if you do not make a replacement, problems begin after 2-3 years of operation.:

  • despite the fact that the charging indicator (indicator) is large, the gadget turns itself off while making a call;
  • the battery discharges quickly for no good reason;
  • started to hang
  • reboots when the battery is charged
  • the smartphone functions normally when the power cord is connected to the mains.

The experts of our service center will carry out the “operation” to replace the iPhone 6s battery within 30 minutes. However, it may turn out that the rapid discharge of the battery is the result of damaged “internals” of the mobile device, the reason may be the failure of the Tristar power controller. If the defects are not eliminated, the new battery will not last long. Because the controller will load it for wear all the time.

To accurately diagnose iPhone before replacing the battery, you need to use the services of a professional. The workers of our workshop will conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive diagnostics of the gadget in order to find out the true reason why the battery needs to be replaced.

  • IPhone 6s battery replacement takes 30 minutes.
  • We put Huizhou Desay Battery
  • We give a guarantee of 12 months

Never change the battery at home. Unprofessional intervention entails detrimental consequences for the further functioning of the “apple” phone.

Apple Lab Service Center professionals are highly qualified and experienced people. By contacting us, you will be offered a high-quality replacement of the battery for the original battery, as well as an affordable price (the fixed amount includes the cost of the service and component parts provided). Our branches are located in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and Lvov

The work of our troubleshooters (battery replacement) is divided into stages:

  • The smartphone is neatly disassembled.
  • Disconnects and gently removes the idle battery.
  • IPhone 6s battery is being replaced.
  • The device is assembled and tested.

The advantage of our workshop is that we provide long-term warranty service for all services.

How to change the battery?

First, you need to prepare the necessary tools. The user will need to purchase an original battery with an adhesive tape holder. In addition, you should have a rubber mat, a Phillips screwdriver, a plastic spatula, and tweezers on hand. Before replacing the battery, turn off the “iPhone” by holding down the Power button. Then you need to unscrew the bolts located on the bottom of the mobile device with a Phillips screwdriver. To open the phone, you can use a regular suction cup, which you need to stick to the display just above the HOME button. A similar manipulation can be carried out using any object with a sharp tip. At this point, take your time and open the display module with sudden movements. Then you should unscrew the two bolts and remove the metal plate. The next step is to deal with the trains. You need to be very careful, since you only need to disconnect the ribbon cable connector, and not everything together with the connector. The owner of the gadget needs to carefully disconnect the ribbon cable of the HOME button, touchscreen and display. Finally, the display module can be released and set aside.

change, battery, iphone

Using a plastic tool, pick up and disconnect the battery cable. Armed with tweezers, you need to pick up the black tab of the glue pad. It is very important to carry out this manipulation carefully. If the tape will be difficult to stretch, you need to make it so that it overtakes the right corner of the battery. Pull the tape until it appears completely. Then you should do the same manipulations with the second tape. If there is resistance when pulling, you need to pull the tape so that it goes around the left corner of the battery.

In the event that one of the belts breaks, do not despair. It is enough to warm up the side of the case that is opposite to the place where the battery is attached. To do this, you can use a regular hair dryer. This will help loosen the adhesive layer. The battery can be pry off with any flat object. Experts do not recommend touching it from the side of the motherboard, as this can damage the gadget. As a result of the manipulations done, the battery will easily peel off from the body of the gadget. At the finish line, you can unpack the new battery and replace the battery. In order for the battery to sit firmly, it is recommended to apply a little pressure on it. Then you should reassemble the mobile device. The presented instructions give an answer to the question of how to change the battery on the “iPhone-6”.

How to change the battery on an “iPhone“: expert advice

Experts do not recommend resorting to the help of pseudo-workshops that provide battery replacement services. It is better to contact an official service center, where professionals in their field will be able to change the battery for an “iPhone-6” or another model in a matter of minutes. However, users can save a lot by changing the battery themselves.

When and why to change the battery?

Apple mobile devices are called long-livers due to their high quality and durability. All iPhones, especially the models created under Steven Jobs, amaze with excellent assembly and can work without problems for several years. However, some owners underestimate the excellent quality of mobile devices and are in a hurry to purchase improved models.

It is not always necessary to get rid of the gadget when the first failures appear, since it is enough to change the battery in a mobile phone. It is important for smartphone owners to know that the useful life of a Li-Ion battery is measured in 3-5 years. After this period, it is recommended to replace the battery.

Consequences of battery wear

In plastic iPhones, the user can observe a change in shape, which will become more convex over time. Minor cracks may also appear on the body, increasing in size. In the case of more modern iPhones, a slight bulging of the screen can be observed. Therefore, if you see streaks when you press the display, it is recommended to immediately change the battery to “iPhone”.

Sometimes, device owners can visually identify a damaged battery. For some users, the battery greatly increased in size and even opened the lid of the gadget. In addition, a damaged battery can cause an unpleasant odor. It is not necessary to bring the battery to such a state. Experts recommend replacing the battery in a timely manner. Otherwise, the body of the “iPhone” may be strongly deformed or spontaneous combustion of the device will occur.

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general information

In the modern rhythm of life, not all users have the opportunity to adhere to the norms of proper smartphone charging. As a result, many people have a question about how to change the battery and restore the phone’s performance.

This is because the battery cannot handle the heavy load. However, do not give up, because to solve this problem, it is enough to change the battery to “iPhone”.

Battery wear check

Any battery provides a certain number of charging cycles. On average, an “iPhone” battery is rated for 500 complete cycles. After that, the battery does not stop functioning, however, it gives out a smaller power charge, which gradually decreases. In this regard, many users have a question about how to change the battery and ensure the normal functioning of the gadget.?

The user can independently test the battery and set the percentage of wear. To do this, use the special program coconutBattery. This application will let you know how many charging cycles have occurred in the smartphone, as well as the actual capacity. The information received will help you to change the battery in the iPhone in a timely manner.

Brief conclusion

Over time, the rechargeable battery becomes unusable on all mobile devices. Battery life depends on proper charging, operating mode and storage conditions.

If the “iPhone” is not used for a long period of time, then the battery may become unusable within one year. With theoretical knowledge, you can change the battery in a matter of minutes. The article outlines all the subtleties and nuances that describe this process in detail. All manipulations must be carried out carefully and carefully, despite the fact that the smartphone is assembled efficiently and very tightly.


It is not the first month that the inveterate “iPhone makers” have been claiming that there is a conspiracy at Apple to slow down old smartphones. But so far there has been no proof that this is the case.

And in December, Apple officially acknowledged that it was slowing down smartphones “for the benefit of the user.” They say that reducing the frequency of the processor allows you to reduce the load under the battery that has worn out over time.

Whether it is or not, we will find out after a series of lawsuits, and while the battery replacement program is in effect at a discounted price, you need to figure out how much the performance of your smartphone has suffered.

Recall that the preferential battery replacement program is valid for: iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and iPhone SE.

Install the GeekBench 4 utility to check the performance of your smartphone and compare it with the average values ​​of the smartphone based on GeekBench.

Before measurements, it is advisable to turn off and turn on the iPhone, so to speak, for the purity of testing.

For persuasiveness, you can use another test. Antutu Benchmark. The averages across all devices are as follows:

The number of points scored specifically by your device depends on the installed version of iOS. In the event that the discrepancy between the tabular averaged values ​​shown above and your iPhone differ by more than 30%, it is highly recommended to think about replacing the battery.

How to know when it’s time to change your iPhone battery

The hottest topic over the past month has been the slowdown of Apple iPhones when the battery is worn out. The company recognized this as official and launched a preferential battery replacement program around the world.

In the US this service costs £ 29, in the UK £ 29. Russian authorized centers put up price tags from 2,190 to 5,000 rubles. The timing of such repairs depends on the availability of the battery specifically for your model.

So, with the iPhone 6 Plus there is already a shortage and batteries for these models will not arrive until early April. In a few weeks, a similar situation may affect other models.

But how do you know when you really need to change the battery? Let’s figure it out.

Battery status

I do not want to repeat myself for the hundredth time, but it is unlikely that it will be a big surprise for someone that over time, lithium-ion batteries lose their useful capacity. Those. if at the time of purchase your iPhone could withstand a day of operation on a single charge in the “to the fullest” mode, then in two years it will barely last a couple of hours.

Everything here is individual and depends on the nature of the operation of the gadget.

How To: Replace the Battery in your iPhone SE

According to Apple’s official recommendation, battery replacement is necessary when capacity is lost by more than 20% and exceeding 500 charge / discharge cycles.

It is not at all necessary that if the iPhone shows 80%. 85% of the “health” of the battery, it will run out catastrophically quickly. However, the opposite situation is also possible: the battery seems to be “healthy”, but the charge holds poorly.

We have covered the topic of iPhone battery check several times (one, two, three). In short, install any of the utilities:

And check out the results.

Depreciation “over 20%”? You can think of a replacement. But not everything is so simple

An important point

We recommend that you carry out several tests.

First test when the iPhone battery is 100% charged.

The second test is at a charge level of 30. 40%. As a rule, it is at this value of the charge level that significant drawdowns in performance are observed.

P.S. If you have already replaced the battery on your iPhone and noticed changes in the operation of the gadget, share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this post.

iPhone SE Battery Replacement Guide. RepairsUniverse

Test results “before” and “after”, subjective sensations from the operation of the device after replacement, etc. Your experience will help other users make the right choice.

What is the battery capacity of all iPhone models

Battery specifications for all iPhone models.

Not all smartphone selection criteria are the same. Someone needs a high-quality camera, someone cares more about the power of the processor, and the third, if only the autonomous operation of the device is at its best. We decided to bring together information about the battery capacities of all iPhone models so that potential buyers of a smartphone do not have any questions when choosing a smartphone.

iPhone 5c

Plastic and colorful iPhone 5c does not go away from iPhone 5 in terms of processor power or battery capacity.

Battery: Built-in 1510mAh Li-ion battery

iPhone XS Max

The huge 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max has set several records at once. The smartphone not only received the largest display in the entire history of Apple smartphones, but also the most capacious battery. Thanks to the significantly increased battery capacity, the iPhone XS Max can last a full 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X or 25 hours of talk time.

iPhone SE battery replacement in 3 minutes fix

Battery: Built-in 3174mAh Li-ion battery.

iPhone 4

“Four” is still used everywhere. the smartphone, although it does not support iOS 8, but copes with its main tasks perfectly.

Battery: Built-in 1420mAh lithium polymer battery

iPhone 5s

The former flagship Apple iPhone 5s includes a very capacious battery. Add to this the excellent work of Apple engineers to optimize the use of resources by the mobile operating system iOS and get from 8 to 250 hours of battery life.

Battery: Built-in 1560mAh Li-ion battery

Why the iPhone battery drains quickly?

The most painful topic for any iPhone owner is the battery. Especially when it starts to discharge quickly and then there comes complete sadness.

Today I would like to discuss a couple of the most important questions that relate to the topic of why our iPhone sits down so quickly. It will be interesting and useful.

Is it possible to change the battery on an iPhone?

This question can be answered very briefly and clearly. “You can!”. Sometimes you can even use the word “Need” if the indicator, which I described a little higher, is already far beyond the normal range. Usually everything happens as follows:

  • we buy the battery ourselves and change it too (we need straight arms);
  • go to the service and ask to change.

The best option, of course, is the service, if you are not too tech friendly. In fact, I don’t really like to disassemble devices, because then problems arise with the assembly and unnecessary details appear.

But, if you have been with this sphere since childhood, then everything is in your hands. Just consult about the nuances and go ahead, because it’s a pity if then the device stops working.

Why iPhone runs out of battery quickly?

When the first mobile phones, including the iPhone, appeared, after the first purchase, the question immediately arose about the correct charging. Probably everyone had a person in the company, whom everyone asked what and how to do. After all, you really want the device to live as long as possible.

We forget about those times, because now modern technologies have come and everything has moved forward a long time ago. Leaving the phone on charge at night, we do not worry, because everything is independently controlled there.

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When you buy new iPhones, there are two things to note right away: capacity and number of charge cycles. It doesn’t matter how and where you charge the phone, after a certain amount of recharging, its capacity simply decreases.

Therefore, if your device is more than two years old, then it is quite likely that your battery will drain quickly. But usually the peak comes in the third or fourth year.

How quickly you kill your battery depends on factors such as:

  • temperature of using the gadget;
  • from the owner of the smartphone and its type of use;
  • Charger.

All this is directly related to how soon you go to the service center to have your battery changed. But before that, you need to check something yourself.

How to check battery wear on iPhone?

If your iPhone is running low quickly, it’s not a fact that your battery is starting to die. Perhaps you updated the software and after that your nightmares began. The most basic reasons that can affect a fast discharge are:

  • frequent use of geolocation;
  • background application refresh;
  • play a lot with toys;
  • fresh software that has flaws.

I had a situation with my 5S when I upgraded to iOS 10 and the phone literally started to melt. As it turned out later, there were as many as three reasons for this.

Constant use of geolocation by applications (did not notice due to the hidden geolocation icon), unfinished software and frequent use of 4G.

So as soon as it all started, I decided to check my battery status. After all, changing the battery for today on old models is not so difficult.

I consulted with experienced friends and fully told after how many cycles you need to change. In general, if more than 1000 cycles, then go ahead and with the song.

As it turned out, there are not so many programs for such a check. precisely, there are a lot of them even in the App Store, but you have to pay money for this function.

If you have close to 50 percent, then you can immediately prepare money for a new battery. The program will show red, not green, and the state will definitely not be described by the word “Good”.

At what capacity do you need to change the iPhone battery to a new one? is in many ways a fan project. Most of our audience uses the site on an ongoing basis and even formed their own community in Telegram. There, readers communicate with the authors and founders of the project, ask each other questions of interest and receive advice on using Apple devices. However, there is at least one question that has not ceased to be asked for several years now. is it worth changing the battery if its residual capacity is XX%. To be honest, at first we honestly answered everyone who was interested in this topic, and when we got tired of it, we decided to write this post.

It is not difficult to understand that the battery needs to be replaced. Here’s a detailed breakdown.

The very concept of battery wear in relation to Apple technology appeared not so long ago. No, of course, the batteries of the company’s devices wore out before, just no one informed users about this and they had to focus on their own feelings. The iPhone has begun to hold a charge half as much as it should be. which means it’s time to change. However, since the wear control mechanism appeared in iOS, everyone immediately wondered if it was time to replace the battery with a new one. over, this question is asked not only by those whose residual capacity is less than the conventional 80%, but also by those who have barely approached 90%. Well, here’s what Apple thinks about it.

How many charging cycles does an iPhone last?

Each iPhone has a 500 charge cycle before it loses more than 20% of its capacity

The standard lithium-ion battery that comes with all iPhones, regardless of model, is rated to retain 80% capacity after 500 full charges. It turns out that even if you discharge the smartphone to zero and charge it every day, at least one and a half years must pass before its autonomy begins to decrease. When the battery reaches 80% and below, performance problems may begin due to the fact that the smartphone will forcibly cut down on the processor power in order to minimize voltage surges and not provoke spontaneous reboots.

It turns out that in itself, poor battery life is not a sign of wear and tear. It is possible that the iPhone runs out prematurely due to software glitches that only Apple can fix, or due to excessive load that you create yourself. Games, editing and watching videos over LTE are quite resource-intensive processes that can provoke increased energy consumption. This means that there is nothing unusual in the fact that the smartphone is discharged to zero if you are stuck for a couple of hours in World of Tanks Blitz or another game with three-dimensional graphics and special effects.

How to know if iPhone is dropping power

Therefore, it is better to focus on reducing the processor power. If you’re not sure if your smartphone’s performance is really starting to suffer, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health and check if Performance Management is enabled. If not, then everything is in order with the battery and does not require replacement. The fact is that performance management is turned on only after the first unexpected shutdown of the smartphone, which occurs precisely due to a lack of capacity. This is the best litmus test for determining whether a battery needs to be replaced. It turns out that the reason for replacing the battery is either a drop in performance, or its reaching a capacity of 80% or less.

The performance management feature is only available on iPhones starting from the 6s model, and therefore it is useless to search for it on earlier devices. However, it can happen that even new iPhones will not be able to determine the remaining battery capacity or activate the performance management function. This is usually accompanied by a comment that the smartphone was unable to determine the battery status on that smartphone. In this case, it is recommended to contact the service center (by the way, you can replace the battery on the iPhone here), even if you do not experience problems with autonomy, since the battery in your iPhone may be either non-original or installed in violation of Apple requirements.

Longreads for you

It used to be thought that many iPhone components could not be repaired. However, Apple has developed a new repair methodology that removes a number of existing restrictions. So far, however, only for iPhone 12 owners

After the release of the new Macs on the M1, many were faced with the question. should I buy it now or wait? In fact, you can easily get by without buying a new MacBook and spending a lot of money, even if you have a Mac 10 years ago. We will tell you how.

Despite the fact that the screens of some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro turned green for no apparent reason, Apple has forbidden service centers to replace them with new ones. They were instructed to advise users to wait for the next updates.

_n_A_p_A_g_O_k_C_, Personally, I have 6S, bought half a year / year after its “announcement”. The battery did not change, “the maximum capacity is 76%.” It’s a pity there is no information about how many charge cycles my phone went through. But if we assume that MINIMUM 1.5 per day (earlier it may be less often, but now there are 3 times /.) for 3.5 years mmm 1916 cycles (MINIMUM)!)) The phone does not hold a charge “from the word- absolutely “. Leaving home “on business” with 100%, without “sticking” in YouTube, games, social networks and the navigator (and without music), does not give me any confidence that in 3 hours my phone will not go out! Basically, use in this case will be without any special loads: “WhatsApp”, calls well, and perhaps “a little” Internet browser. I never understood these% “according to the logic of things” the capacity of my battery should be 40 percent)) but “no” 76))) So keep in mind. 2000 cycles is not the limit)) Only work in the office, a cigarette lighter in a car, and presumably a quick update saves!)

Although it is possible that I will look like another year!)) Since, in fact, everything I need from a phone, I have everything! 1) Bokeh? There is an application that from this year makes good photos “in it”, without the need for a second camera, and to allocate something for the “blur” 2) Night mode? There is a program that well simulates the capabilities of 11 iPhones)) 3) Speed? After switching to iOS 12, there are no problems with this! 4) Battery? I have already described how I deal with this “problem” of mine, but the “nakraynyak” replacement costs “a penny”. 5) “Ponty”? Well, this)) I’m more amused when my subordinates walk with new iPhones, drive a car better than mine, but at the same time regularly ask me for a loan))) 6) New emotions? Here I have nothing to say against it! ((Starting with ” X”, I agree the size is 6S, but the screen and gestures Probably this is the only thing that captivates me that is, I was stupidly tired of my phone format over these years of use!. of course, all of the above is naturally better)))

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What are the causes of iPhone SE breakdowns?

There are many options for possible problems: with a camera, display, screen, battery, sensor, Wi-Fi, etc. In most cases, the reasons are shock, falling, moisture or dust getting into the case. In addition, breakdowns can occur through:

a failed battery or power controller.

IPhone SE Repair

Service name Price, UAH Time
Diagnostics External examination of the device, determination of possible causes of malfunction. Is free 10 min.
Glass replacement (original LCD is preserved) Chipped and cracked glass, display and touchscreen work. 500 UAH. 1 hour
Display replacement (original) Color stripes appear, touchscreen does not work. 900 UAH. 15 minutes.
Display replacement (high quality copy) Colored stripes appear, the touchscreen does not work. 700 UAH. 15 minutes.
Full diagnostics Internal inspection of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction using special equipment.

In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example, after a short circuit on the board or after moisture has entered

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

IPhone SE repair

The phone does not see the SIM-card, but instead of the operator’s name it displays “Search”? The cause of the breakdown may be in the communication modem. To troubleshoot, it is necessary, using the exact desoldering method, to replace the communication modem microcircuit on the system board.

Sound and speaker problems can occur through moisture, dust, mechanical damage, misalignment of the sound chip, or software glitches. The most common cause of breakage is dirt. If after cleaning the problem remains, it is necessary to change the loop itself.

Interested in replacing the iPhone SE glass? To change the glass on the iРhone SE, you first need to remove the remnants of the old glass. This can be done only with the help of special equipment. After cleaning, the specialists will glue the new glass, adhering to the factory technologies.

Is the screen malfunctioning? We will replace the display with a new one from the original donor phone or with a high-quality copy, if you wish.

If you have any problems with the Internet. the reason is the Wi-Fi module. Diagnostics will help determine the exact breakdown. Incorrect Bluetooth operation may be due to software glitches. Correct flashing should fix this problem. If the breakage remains. need to replace the microcircuit or antenna.

Replacing the battery for the iРhone SE is done when:

the battery charges slowly and discharges quickly;

turns off even if the battery volume is more than 20%.

If the phone does not work without a network, it gets very hot during charging or does not recognize the charger. faulty power controller.

You can fix the problem with the power controller by soldering the power controller chip on the system board.

If there is a problem with the sensor. most likely, the reason is in the Touch controller. We will replace the Touch controller chip with a working one from the original donor phone.

Replacing the camera with the iРhone SE is done when the image quality has significantly deteriorated and focusing does not work. We will diagnose and fix the problem.

How much should it cost to replace the battery on an iPhone or MacBook

And why Apple equipment cannot be repaired in questionable services.

It’s a pity, but the autonomy of any modern device leaves much to be desired. Therefore, from a large number of recharge cycles, the battery of an iPhone, MacBook or other device dies very quickly. Apple products currently use lithium batteries with a maximum useful life of two years.

And the battery, due to the critical decrease in battery life, often has to be changed even after a year of active use.

To resolve this issue, never contact unqualified dubious workshops that offer repairs at half price. This is fiction. And there are a lot of sad stories about the repair of Apple appliances related to the crooked hands of pseudo-masters.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about a quality battery replacement.

Miser pays twice

The endless number of negative stories on the web, as well as the experience of the editorial staff suggest that you should not be guided by the minimum cost in any case. This is fraught with pitfalls that will make you overpay, lose precious time or get a damaged device after repair.

To avoid any possible problems, you need to periodically monitor the condition of the iPhone, iPad or MacBook battery, and also have it replaced in a timely manner at a qualified service center.

Checking the battery wear

The critical number of cycles is not that many: 500 for iPhone, iPad and MacBook before 2009, and 1000 for MacBook after 2009. After these values, the devices can be used further, however, in this case, the actual capacity reaches less than 80% of the declared one and drops rapidly.

Battery Test: Ideal for testing the cycle count of any iOS device or MacBook. coconutBattery app for OS X.

You need the first and last tabs. Here you can see the number of load cycles as well as the actual (Maximum charge) and declared capacity of the battery (Design capacity).

Why dubious repair services are dangerous

Damage to the device: a scratched iPad glass, a frayed or bent MacBook case, a torn thread on iPhone Pentalobe screws. these are just a few examples from the life of experienced “Mac-growers”. And I don’t even want to write about internal injuries. this is the worst thing.

Cheap Substandard Parts: There are genuine parts available for MacBooks. And in a quality service, they will install just such a battery with a guarantee. There is no need to talk about dubious workshops. But with spare parts for the iPhone and iPad, everything is a little more complicated: there are original ones (they were taken from real Apple devices, but almost always they are no longer new), high-quality copies (they are made on Foxconn or Pegatron) and low-quality replicas (Chinese nonsense, among which there are and pseudo-increased capacity options).

In this case, it is better to use the second option. But, in order to reduce the cost of repairs, an unscrupulous master will install a third.

Unqualified assembly: it is important not only to disassemble the device, but also to assemble it properly after replacing any components. We have already encountered a situation when, after repairing the iPhone 6, the Touch ID cable was clamped on it, which nevertheless broke after six months of using the smartphone. The fingerprint sensor on such a device will no longer work.

Divorce for additional repairs: we re-read dozens of guides every day and regularly write various service instructions. But even so, some members of the editorial board were repeatedly “warmed up” for additional, unnecessary repairs of personal equipment. “Cheap” is just a way to lure a customer. And then they can be twisted without stopping.

Caring for the environment: Many people know that all batteries are not thrown away with ordinary waste. But few people wondered if the service was recycling the batteries correctly. Of course, in cases of questionable workshops and markets, there is even no question of recycling and disposal. However, by contacting the right service, you can be sure that the old battery will not harm the environment.

Lack of at least some kind of guarantee: cheap repair of Apple equipment rarely involves it. After a couple of months, non-masters will have to be contacted again in order to repair the same breakdown. another case when a miser pays twice. Adequate service center will give a six-month warranty even for battery replacement.

Dead battery symptoms

Device operation: with each discharge-charge cycle, the autonomy of a laptop or smartphone inevitably decreases. But this is hardly noticeable until their number reaches critical values. When your iPhone or MacBook runs down noticeably faster than before, or shuts down in the cold at 20-40% charge, it’s time to think about replacing the battery. If things are really bad, the last symptom may not even appear in the cold.

Visual Symptoms: When an iPhone or MacBook battery gets particularly bad, it starts to gas and grows in size. This happens gradually, but you need to contact specialists already at the first manifestations.

At best, this is fraught with a broken display, deformation of the smartphone case or a jammed laptop touchpad, at worst, unexpected fires and even an explosion.