Change glass on iPhone 11

Replace the glass separately on the iPhone if the touchscreen works. Worth it or not?

In such a situation, it is quite easy to understand customers. The speed of updating the model range, as well as saturating the market with the widest list of various services and individual parts, becomes so high that even professionals begin to get confused, and not that people who are not tempted by the abundance of information about the Apple iPhone and those who are trying to imitate it. It must be said that such a question became popular in the era of the emergence of capacitive, i.e. glass sensors. When users knew only resistive (soft, plastic) touchscreens, this question did not arise, because such a sensor practically does not beat. He simply refuses or stops responding adequately. in this situation there was no other way out how to change him.

In simple terms, first of all, you need to pay attention to the fact that sensors are divided into two types. They differ in how they work. “Does it matter?”. you ask. If you are asking a question about whether it is possible to replace the glass separately from the touchscreen, then knowledge, and most importantly, understanding of this issue is very important.

So, the first type of sensor, resistive, only creates the illusion that it listens to your touches, in fact, it responds to pressing. That is why the resistive touchscreen does not care what you press on it, with your finger, stylus, pencil. in the place where you pressed, the layers were closed and if the touchscreen is working properly, then the correct reaction to the “touch” is. This is how it works. Needless to say, there can be no question of separating the touchscreen layers from each other? The second type of touchscreen, capacitive, has a completely different operating principle. It is not multi-layered! This is glass. This glass is coated with a layer of resistive material. An alternating voltage is applied to this layer, and since you and your finger are capable of conducting an electric current, when you touch the touchscreen, a leak occurs, the place of which is fixed by the controllers. This touchscreen responds to the touch of your finger. He is completely indifferent to styluses, etc.

Glass with or without a sensor layer remains glass. And glass, as you know, breaks. But the resistive coating does not disappear anywhere, it remains on the broken glass and continues to perform its function. This is the secret of a broken but still working touchscreen. Even a very badly broken glass touchscreen can continue to work.

To replace glass on an iPhone (after the iPhone 3gs version, where the manufacturer provided for the possibility of replacing glass separately from the display), the following algorithm is used:

How to replace glass on iPhone yourself

After this operation, if you had high-quality glass and glue, the display is not badly damaged (there are cases when the display visually looks like new, but after a fall, micro-damage appeared on it), and you did everything correctly and dried it. then in the near future if your phone is not heavily exposed to the sun or the phone is not in a relatively high or low temperature (otherwise the glue will flow). you can use it as after installing a new display.

Stock! Display replacement for Apple iPhone 6. only 1200 750 UAH !

i7phone Articles Replace the glass separately on the iPhone if the touchscreen works. Worth it or not?

Is it worth or not to change the glass on the iPhone separately?

Remember, self-repair of the iPhone does not guarantee its further trouble-free operation.!

First of all, it is you who decide whether or not to Replace the glass separately on the iPhone, but If you do not have much experience or desire to change the screen on the iPhone on your own.

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What are the types of protective glasses?

All safety glasses are made from the same material. However, they differ in their characteristics. In addition to the usual, manufacturers produce glasses with markings: 2.5D, 3D, 5D, 9D, 10D and so on.

The iPhone uses 9D glass. They cover the entire display surface, provide reliable protection and a high hardness of 9H. Suitable for frameless models of recent years. It is important to select an accessory for a specific version. One of the key indicators is hardness. It characterizes the thickness of the protection and the resistance to scratches and abrasions. Hardness is determined by the index H (hardness), the larger the number next to the letter “H”, the higher the hardness.

What is protective glass for??

Mobile phone screen protector is designed with clear glass that has been reinforced for better shock absorption.

Glass significantly surpasses film in terms of strength, protecting the smartphone even from deep scratches. In case of bumps and falls, there is a chance to do without repairing the device, because the display glass and the case are the first to suffer.

IPhone Glass Replacement

How the iPhone protective glass is glued?

  • We thoroughly clean the screen surface from dirt, streaks and stains.
  • Trying on protection for the screen. We center it so that all the holes coincide clearly along the contour. Now, using the strips of tape that usually come in the kit, we fix the protection in the selected position, with one end we glue to the glass with the other to the back cover of the phone. The resulting smartphone protection design should look like a little book.
  • Now we degrease the surface of the screen. For this, a special napkin is included with the glass. Or you can use a window cleaner.
  • With the second cloth from the kit or a piece of microfiber, wipe the surface of the screen dry.
  • Additionally, we clean the display with a sticker, which is also included in the kit. She will take over all the remaining dust and lint.
  • Next, remove the sticky layer from the Protective Glass and gently, holding the edges, stick it on the display. Thanks to fixation on one side, the glass should lie flat, as it was planned.
  • Now you need to carefully smooth the surface so that all air bubbles come out with a napkin or bank card.

The better 3D glass for iPhone versus regular protective?

Compared to traditional glass coverings, the new product is recognized as a more reliable means of preserving the phone. No wonder some users began to cover the body of the gadget with them on both sides. This option is especially suitable for those “Yabloko” who do not want to hide the ideal shape of their cool smartphone in a case. The main advantages of 3D glasses include:

iPhone 11 Screen Replacement: Fix Your Cracked Screen!

  • Full coverage of the front panel. that is, it covers more than just the display surface;
  • flawlessly fits the size and shape of the device body;
  • reproduces forms as much as possible, both from the front side and the screen. After installation, it looks like glued;
  • elegant and thin to the touch, the material weighs 10 grams, which guarantees durability. Almost all models of such protection are characterized by a hardness index of 9H.

Sticking 3D glass requires skill, so it is very problematic for an ordinary user to cope with this matter. If you do not have special patience and skills, then entrust this work to a professional. The service department will definitely not allow curvature with bulging edges, as well as the appearance of typical air bubbles.

New in the blog

Replacing the camera glass on iPhone 6,7,8, X (plus)

The durable sapphire crystal of the camera on Apple iPhones tends to break and scratch. After the iPhone falls on a hard surface, the case can save the case, but the bulging camera itself, or rather its lens, can crack due to its bulge 🙂

Until recently, services offered to change the case immediately. And rightly so, why bother And it just so happened that there are few original cases, and they are expensive. As a result, a large number of iPhones go “re-shod” in Chinese fake cases and back covers.

We offer a new service. replacing the camera glass on the iPhone.

  • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE;
  • iPhone 6, 6 plus;
  • iPhone 6s, 6s plus;
  • iPhone 7, 7 plus;
  • iPhone 8, 8 plus;
  • iPhone 10 X;
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Some guys say they have found an iPhone replacement camera glass for a very cheap price. After they came back to us after the “handshakes”, with a broken camera.

Trust your devices to professionals 🙂


Moscow, 8 Barklaya st., M. Bagrationovskaya, Gorbushka shopping center, old building, Pavilion 48-1 (2nd floor)

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17 responses to “Replacing the camera glass on iPhone 6,7,8, X (plus)”

Dima, the cost of replacing the camera glass on an iPhone 6 = 1000 r

Hello, how much will it cost to replace the glass on the iPhone 6 camera

Hello, how much will it cost to change the screen on the iPhone 7

Good day. There are different options. From 3200 rubles and above

change, glass, iphone

Irina, the current cost of replacing displays on the iPhone is on this page.

How long will it take to set the screen

How long will it take to put a new screen

How long will it take to replace the rear camera glass on iPhone X and how much does it cost? Can you do everything in the presence of the client so as not to come to you twice?

Hello. Broke glass on iPhone x camera. Do you have glass for this iPhone model in stock? Thanks in advance.

Hello Victoria. It’s good that you asked. Glasses for the iPhone x, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus cameras have already appeared in our warehouse, we will soon add them to the list of refurbished iPhone models. You can come to us for repairs at a convenient time for you. Call us in advance and let us know when you plan to arrive.

How much does it cost to change the camera glass on the iPhone 7 Plus ?

iPhone11 frame remove, cracked glass separation, and glue cleaning, no damage to the touch display

From 1500 to 2200 rubles, depending on the quality.

how much does it cost to change the glass on the camera of the camera on iPhone 6s?


Service address: Moscow, Gorbushka shopping center, st. 8 Barclay, Pavilion 48-1 (2nd floor) Near Bagrationovskaya metro station. Mon-Sun 10: 00-21: 00

Why iPhone can’t change glass

The number one question for everyone who crashed an iPhone.

People get mad, offended when they are told: we do not recommend changing the glass on the iPhone. But in vain.

You can change something, there is no problem. It’s just that in the end it will be more expensive for yourself. This will be confirmed to you in any service.

Why is that? I decided to contact trusted masters and find out what was the matter. What are they afraid of?

Glass gluing does not guarantee the result

The last and the same sad moment. Sizing is not a panacea. Sometimes, after light drops, temperature changes (or strong heating of the device), the glass still begins to peel off the display. Air bubbles appear, which then burst. And again you go to the service.

It is important that the procedure can be done cheaply only if the matrix has no damage or visible defects. These can be: yellow stains around the perimeter of the screen, pink spots, broken pixels, translucent vertical stripes and, of course, any cracks. The touchscreen should work perfectly without crashes and broken lines.

In all other cases, you will have to replace the entire display module at a standard price, or maybe even higher than it actually is. taking into account the fact that you already had to spend time coming to service and diagnostics. But it would be easier to pay extra.

The procedure takes a lot of time

Broken glass is very difficult to remove from an old module, even if it is not damaged in any way. Small fragments and real glass dust are often almost invisible to the eye. But to install new glass, the surface of the module must be surgically clean.

It turns out that the removal of the glass itself takes at least an hour of diligent work to remove residues and fragments. And the whole procedure from start to finish can take from two to six hours of work of one master.

Compare this to a 20-minute module replacement procedure, and the reluctance to deal with glass becomes logical. But we haven’t even finished

Glass must be changed under sterile conditions

No, you don’t understand. Not just in a more or less clean room without air movement and dust. Conditions must be perfect, just sterile.

Why? Any speck of dust caught between the glass and the display can ruin the entire procedure. Even if you don’t notice it right away, over time (and temperature changes), a crack from internal pressure may appear in this place. Such a marriage, by the way, sometimes even occurs in factory modules and new iPhones. stories about iPhones whose screens burst “by themselves.”.

Of course, most experimental devices are “lucky”: even with dust between the glass and the display, the owners sell or break the iPhone before something happens. At best, you will walk with visible dots, noticeable when you turn on the backlight. At worst. well, you get it.

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The equipment does not match the factory

Machine example (Google Images)

Of course, not every service will replace the display manually. Some people buy machines from China for a dense and noticeably better glass installation. Kind of great, isn’t it?

The problem with all these machines is that they are not perfect. This concerns both the procedure, and the design, and their calibration. Sometimes (but rarely, which at least pleases) such machines can damage the screen module in the process. This means that the service will have to install a new one anyway. and lose money on it.

It’s clear that we don’t care about their problems. Or not? Some damage is not immediately noticeable, then you come for a warranty for work and still get a new module. A losing situation, whatever you say.

Replacing glass or display, what’s the difference?

Very roughly, the display device of the iPhone 11 Pro can be divided into three components:

  • glass;
  • touchscreen;
  • OLED matrix.

In modern models, the sensor and matrix are a single organ, on which a layer of glue is placed on top, and then glass. It is very easy to understand which of the components was damaged after the fall:

If after a fall on the front surface there are cracks and chips, but the picture is displayed and the smartphone reacts to interactions, the glass of 11 pro is broken. This procedure is 2 times cheaper than replacing the display assembly. AppleLab will change it in 1-2 hours. The result is 100% quality, the smartphone looks and works as it was before replacement.

If stripes appear on the screen, the touch panel does not respond to gestures, or the screen does not show any signs of life at all. the entire display is damaged. Replacing a module is significantly more expensive. At AppleLab, a session also takes about 1-2 hours.

How to change glass on iPhone 11 Pro Max cheaper

Of course, changing the top glass is cheaper than the entire display, but this price is equal to the average salary in a regional center, somewhere in the Poltava region. For example, if you come to AppleLab with a broken screen, we will offer you a choice before starting work. install the original part or a copy. Thus, the client himself influences the cost of the repair. We provide a guarantee for all types of repairs in our workshop, depending on the details, original or copy.

How glass is replaced

  • Using a Pentalobe screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of the device.
  • Then the screen is warmed up with a special hair dryer. The display elements are glued together. It is important not to overdo it here, so as not to damage the internal components of the smartphone.
  • After that, using special tools, the device is opened. It is important to open from left to right in order not to damage the connecting cables.
  • Now, using a Tri-Point screwdriver, unscrew the 5 bolts holding the protective panel, which covers the place of contact of the cables with the motherboard.
  • Next, the speaker cables and display connectors are sequentially and carefully disconnected, starting with the battery, so that a short circuit does not occur during the repair.
  • Then the speaker is rearranged, and in the same sequence everything is connected into place. Reassembly requires no less scrupulousness than disassembly.

We bring the glass of the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is Apple’s most advanced smartphone to date. This model implements the latest brand achievements. But, unfortunately, the iPhone has not yet become “shockproof”. iPhone 11 Pro Max features a 6.5-inch OLED Super Retina XDR Multi-Touch display. Has rounded edges and a smaller actual viewable area.

Replacing the touchscreen and glass, as well as the display module, as in earlier versions, is the most demanded service in service centers. To answer the question of how much it will cost to repair a screen, you need to know how the iPhone 11 Pro Max display works? When will the repair cost by replacing the glass, and when will the entire display module have to be replaced? What is the difference, except for the price and is it possible to save money on screen repairs.

Where to repair

Screen glass replacement jewelry process. One wrong movement will damage nearby elements. Increased accuracy and sterility of working conditions is important. Screen repair is one of the most popular procedures, but not every engineer knows how to do it flawlessly. Correct replacement can only be done at a service center. Experience and the availability of tools are important here. Both are available in AppleLab. There are workshops of the company in Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkov, repairs of any complexity are performed here. We repair where others refuse.