Circle on the phone screen how to remove

The number of gadgets and technologies in the world is simply amazing. And with the entry of many Chinese brands into the European and Russian markets, they also became available. Brand equipment from a manufacturer from the “celestial” is notable for its low cost, but at the same time it often provides even more functionality. Actually, this is where the roots of user problems come, such as the white dot on the Meizu screen.

How to swap the back and menu buttons

There is also that category of users for whom the on-screen panel is more convenient than classic gestures and fields at the bottom of the display. However, depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, it is possible to swap the buttons. Everything visually remains the same, but the virtual controls on the left, right and in the center give different commands. For example, if previously the “Home” key was in the center, now it is possible to move it to the left.

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details about how the function works is possible about Honor in the instructions for the Honor or Huawei smartphone.

In the window that opens, a list of possible control options for smartphones will be displayed, among which there will be a “Navigation button”.

Click on the “Enabled” button and in the settings window that opens, change the position of the switch next to the “Navigation button”.

After that, the circle will disappear from the screen and you will not have to be distracted by it, although in fact this control is quite convenient for screen diagonals over 5.5 inches. The only thing you need to do is get used to it.

How the navigation button works?

The control with the mug on Honor is quite simple and allows you to perform all the same actions as with the three navigation buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

By placing the circle by normal dragging anywhere on the screen, you can perform the following actions:

  • quick press. works in the same way as the “Back” button;
  • long hold on the button. go to the main screen (analogue of the “Home” button);
  • holding and sliding the button to the side. calling up running applications.

It is quite possible that in the future you will like this method of controlling a smartphone, since all control will be carried out using just one button located in a convenient place on the display.

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Today, almost all new phone models are equipped with large and high-quality displays. At the same time, the overall size of the device practically does not change due to the reduction of the frames around the screen. Agree that it is quite difficult to control such smartphones, especially when it comes to a woman’s hand. Developers are trying to introduce new navigation tools, one of which is the multi-functional circle on the display. Let’s figure out what it is for, and also consider how to remove it from the device screen.

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Stain protection

For a detailed analysis of the situation, it is better to watch the video. And then the problem is solved quickly, in detail and, moreover, with a pleasant musical accompaniment:

As a result, the white spot is removed in a couple of minutes, and the methods described above will help to avoid reappearance.

How to remove circle on Huawei screen? If the control panel suggested by the settings interferes with the smartphone display, you can turn it off. These circles are a way to control and adjust multitasking. As of 2019, the service is available in smartphones, however, in some, this function is hidden, and you can activate it through the settings. In others, everything is displayed in advance. But the second option is not practical for every user, because unnecessary icons often interfere and distract attention.

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What’s the circle on the Android Huawei screen

The circles at the bottom of the Honor or Huawei screen are the control panel for a multitasking gadget. There are three main Android commands there:

  • Menu;
  • Home;
  • Back to.

Even though they are small and small in size, they take up a certain part of the display space, which is not always convenient. In all the latest Huawei and Honor models, such active areas can be removed from the phone, and, if necessary, returned again.

How to remove a circle when you tap the screen

Some users confuse the navigation button with a circle that appears when you tap the screen. In fact, these are two completely different things, so you need to do other things to turn off the display of touches. So, for clarity, a detailed instruction was drawn up:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to the section “About phone” or “Information about the device”.
  • Find the line “Build number” or “Firmware version” and click on it several times. This action should unlock the “For Developers” section.
  • Now we return to the initial settings page and open the “Advanced settings” menu.
  • Go to the subcategory “For Developers”.
  • Next to the line “Show touches” we move the slider to the inactive position.

Next to the line “Show touches” we move the slider to the inactive position

After following the steps in the instructions, the touch display function will be disabled. This means that when you click on the screen, no circle can appear.

How to customize the bottom buttons

Navigation buttons allow you to quickly perform actions:

  • action “Back” is equivalent to a quick press;
  • Home brings the user to the main display, the same action as a long hold;
  • hold and move the icon to the side. the running tasks panel will be called.
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In the gadget menu, the developer has provided the ability to swap the buttons on Honor. That is, if initially the “Home” zone is located in the center. you can make it left or right.

The solution is near

Noticing any flaws on the screen of a brand new maize note smartphone, users often start to panic. Still. a completely new device will have to be handed over to a service center. One of the most common problems on a meizu screen is a white spot. It should be said right away that nothing terrible happened, because a stain is not a breakdown. Anyone can remove it on their own and without difficulty.

If a white circle appears on the Meizu screen after a while, it means that the Smart touch function has been enabled. But it can manifest itself in different ways:

  • Static circle (it does not move, does not disappear, is visible in all applications);
  • Active point (appears after pressing the display, moves with your finger, and then disappears).

Smart touch is designed to help developers and ordinary users (with its help, touches are visually tracked and you can replace the Home or Back button). However, in practice, it can hardly be called useful, so the question of how to remove the dot from the Meizu screen is so urgent.

What a circle on the screen of Android Honor and Huawei

If you see a circle (round button) on the screen of your Honor / Huawei phone, do not rush to panic and look for virus programs. Its main purpose is to make the user experience easier. A special feature allows you to transfer the control area from the bottom to the screen. As the survey and preliminary studies have shown, there is indeed a demand for this, and a quarter of smartphone owners use the virtual panel.

Why does the display start to leak

Even if your phone uses the latest generation of Gorilla Glass, and additional protection is glued on top, in an unfortunate combination of circumstances, the delicate AMOLED screen may fail.

The violet spot problem always occurs after mechanical stress. After the phone has fallen or hit a mechanical surface, there may be no signs of damage on it. no cracks, no chips, nothing like that, but at the same time the display will slowly start to fill with purple.

If the process has begun, it is irreversible. First, the spot will appear in one part of the screen, and within a day after the fall, the panel will completely turn purple, after which the sensor will stop working and the screen will turn off. In general, the smartphone will be completely unusable.

This problem should not be confused with burnt-out pixels that may appear in one part of the display. On AMOLEDs, they sometimes appear in places where the same static menu items are constantly being drawn. This problem is not so terrible and all that threatens you is translucent traces of the interface in some part of the screen. They will not be distributed, so you can use your smartphone, albeit with certain inconveniences.

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The phone screen has flowed purple. What to do and how to fix it?

Tempered glass is not a panacea. Despite the progress and development of technology, the most vulnerable point of a modern smartphone is the screen. This is especially true of SuperAMOLED matrices, which are much more vulnerable to mechanical stress than IPS panels.

Probably the most unpleasant feature of AMOLEDs is the problem of a leaking screen, which can occur completely unexpectedly. In this article, we will tell you why a purple spot appears on the phone screen, what you need to do with it and how to remove it.

How to fix a leaking screen

Unfortunately, there is only one answer to the question “how to remove a purple spot from a smartphone screen”. no way. If the matrix has leaked, it cannot be restored; replacement is required. At home, if you do not repair smartphones and are an average user without skills and special tools, this is unlikely to be done.

So if you see purple dots on your screen, don’t waste your time. While the sensor is still working, log out of important accounts, transfer files and photos, delete everything that other people’s eyes should not see. In general, prepare your phone for a trip to the service.

This is what leaked pixels look like under a microscope.

Since this ailment is the result of mechanical damage, it is usually not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The exceptions are cases when the screen is dripping on the phone through no fault of the user. True, to confirm this, an examination will be carried out, which may take a long time.

If it is proved that your oversight was the cause of the breakdown, the only thing left to do is pay for a replacement from your. How much the repair will cost depends specifically on your smartphone. For example, the iPhone 7 screen is changed for 9 thousand rubles. Replacing the displays of Android smartphones is usually cheaper: Samsung matrices are changed for 3-5 thousand rubles, but again everything depends on the model. the more modern and cooler the smartphone, the more expensive the repair will be.

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