Computer does not start black screen cooler works

Valheim does not start. Startup error. Decision

Does Valheim throw any error after relegation? If so, what is her text? Perhaps it doesn’t support your graphics card or some other hardware? Or she doesn’t have enough RAM?

Keep in mind that the developers themselves have an interest in building a crash reporting system into games. They need this to understand why their project does not start when testing.

Be sure to write down the error text. If you do not speak a foreign language, then refer to the official Valheim developer forum. It will also be useful to look into the large gaming communities and, of course, our FAQ.

If Valheim does not start, we recommend that you try to disable your antivirus or put the game in the antivirus exceptions, and also check the system requirements again and if something from your assembly does not match, then, if possible, improve your PC by purchasing more powerful components.

computer, does, start, black, screen

All players on the server cannot create various structures

It is recommended to restart the server, but Honor is aware that some previously built buildings may disappear.

Disappeared tombstone

It is recommended to do the following operations after the error appears:

  • After creating the character, follow the path “C: Users AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheimcharacters”.
  • Copy the.fch.old file and paste it somewhere safe.
  • We quit the game.
  • We delete two files of characters from the folder “characters” point 1.
  • Copy and paste the “.old” file from point 2 back to the “characters” folder, and then rename the file and remove the “.old” extension.
  • We return to the game. Now the game will use the backup as the main file and create a new file with the extension “.old”.

Now the character will appear in a normal state with all the equipment that was at the time of the last backup. In this case, the game will create a backup copy of the character in a separate file with a delay of 30 minutes from the current point in time. The developers are aware of the problem, so they will fix the error in the next updates.

Synchronization issues on multiplayer servers

Killer Network software, which is often found on systems with MSI motherboards, can cause timing issues. You need to uninstall this software. Other developers are also implementing their network optimization products, so it is recommended that you disable or uninstall these programs. Otherwise, it is currently impossible to completely get rid of synchronization problems.

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Collected items do not appear in inventory

A common mistake that can be fixed by completely restarting the game.

A map image is frozen in the middle of the screen

This issue can appear after accidentally opening a map and a chest at the same time. In this case, you can interact with the user interface, but it is impossible to close the map that appears. To solve the problem, you need to re-enter the game or die.

Valheim freezes. The picture freezes. Decision

The situation is about the same as with crashes: many freezes are directly related to the game itself, or rather to a developer’s error when creating it. However, a frozen picture can often become a starting point for investigating the deplorable state of a video card or processor. So if the picture freezes in Valheim, then use programs to display statistics on component loading. Perhaps your graphics card has already exhausted its working life or the processor is heating to dangerous temperatures? The easiest way to check the load and temperatures for your graphics card and processors is in MSI Afterburner. If you want, you can even display these and many other parameters over the Valheim image. What temperatures are dangerous? Processors and graphics cards have different operating temperatures. For video cards, they are usually 60-80 degrees Celsius. Processors have a little lower. 40-70 degrees. If the processor temperature is higher, then you should check the state of the thermal paste. Perhaps it has already dried up and needs to be replaced. If the video card heats up, then you should use the driver or the official utility from the manufacturer. It is necessary to increase the number of revolutions of the coolers and check if the operating temperature drops.

Valheim Troubleshooting. Not Installing? Doesn’t start? Is it slowing down? Flies out? Lags? Mistake? Is not downloading?

Unfortunately, there are flaws in games: brakes, low FPS, crashes, freezes, bugs and other small and not so big bugs. Often, problems begin even before the start of the game, when it is not installed, downloaded or even downloaded. Yes, and the computer itself sometimes freaks out, and then in Valheim, instead of a picture, a black screen, controls do not work, sound is not heard or something else.


A very common reason is that the system unit cuts in, the fans work and rattle, but nothing happens on the screen. The discrepancy arises from the oxidation of the contacts of the RAM. Remove the side cover and pull out all memory sticks.

We take an ordinary clerical rubber band and clean the contacts in this way. If there is no gum under the hand, then you can slightly scrape them with any sharp iron object, for example, a paper clip or a pin. But do it very carefully.

Next, insert it back into the motherboard and turn it on. If the system manager is stupid again, then the discrepancy may be in one of the dies. We take out everything and try to insert one by one. our task is to find the “culprit.” The problem plate should be replaced.

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How to understand what the problem is?

If at startup you hear that the system unit beeps, then know these special signs that your motherboard wants to give for you. The decoding of symbols can be found in the manual for your motherboard. There is a lot of information on the web because of the reason, but it specifically indicates the BIOS version. But how to understand which version you have, if the computer does not turn on? But concretely, that in any way, and therefore it makes no sense to look at all these meaningless tables. Therefore, you can do this.

  • Find the full name of the motherboard on the board itself.
  • If you do not have a cardboard manual, then we are looking for it on the web by name.
  • Next, we find the decoding of the signal in a suitable table.

If it does not squeak at all, but cuts in, buzzes and makes noise (or you hear one small squeak), then the motherboard cannot identify problems. Check the monitor and its connections again.

Monitor check

Make sure your monitor is turned on by pressing the power key with a circle and a stick. If the monitor does not cut in, then also check that it is plugged into an outlet. Maybe there is a discrepancy with the outlet or with the connector in the surge protector, you can try another connection.

If the monitor is working properly, and it slips in relaxedly, then make sure the appropriate input is turned on. As a rule, there are several of them on the monitor: DVI, HDMI, VGA. Find the “Source” key and switch the outputs on the PC. Check that the cable from the video card to the PC is firmly inserted both on the monitor itself and on the PC.

The problem could appear due to a broken video port. You can test and connect to a different outlet. You can also try using a different wire or generally a different connector: HDMI, VGA or DVI. An external video card could similarly burn out, if you have a video output on the motherboard. connect to it. If you have other external monitors other than the main screen connected to your video card or laptop, turn them off.

Check that the video adapter itself is firmly inserted into the motherboard, and that the power is in place. Alternatively, you can try to take other wires from the power supply and connect them to the video.

Immediately check that all the wires from the power supply are in their place and that the motherboard, video card, hard drives, drive and other adapters are connected.

The cooler is spinning the computer does not work. Computer does not turn on black screen coolers work

Nothing helped

Try to de-energize the system unit one hundred percent for about 1-2 hours. Unplug it from the outlet. This also applies to the monitor. The problem with the launch can be in a couple of places:

  • Motherboard.
  • Power Supply.
  • Video card.
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To check the two extreme ones, you can replace them with workable ones if you take them from a friend. The motherboard will be more difficult. Alternatively, you can take the system unit to the service center, so that they will christen the exact reason for you.

There is no reaction

If you try to turn on the PC, but there is generally no reaction, that is: it does not buzz, the screen does not light up and nothing beeps, then there may be several problems outright. First of all, check that the system unit itself is connected to the outlet. We also see that the surge protector is turned on if the PC is connected through it.

Look behind the unit itself and see that the power supply is active, and the switch is in the “On” position (stick).

We remove the side cover of the system unit and check the power circuits from the most dominant unit. See that the motherboard is on. There may be a discrepancy with the power key. Then you can try to turn on the PC through a circuit on the motherboard. On the “mom” find in the lower right corner this is the block. On it, you need to find two contacts that go to the front cover of the system unit. Specifically, the key is connected here. If it is not turned on, connect.

If it is connected, then you can test to activate it with an ordinary screwdriver. Look for contacts with the name: PSW, PWRSW, PWR, PWR BTN, ON / OFF or Power SW. Just touch these contacts with a screwdriver. If the fans do not start buzzing and nothing happens, then the fastest thing is a discrepancy in the motherboard or in the power supply. they will need to be changed.

The computer does not cut in, but the fans of the system unit are working: 5 circumstances and solutions

Hello everyone! Now I am faced with a problem when the PC is not cut in, the coolers are working, and I see a dark screen without any obvious life circumstances. Since I often encounter such discrepancies at work, I decided to write the most detailed annotation to solve the problem given to us at home.


  • Failure or breakdown of the motherboard.
  • Problem with monitor or cables.
  • Burned out video card or dedicated video output.
  • Oxidation of contacts of RAM or in power circuits.
  • The power key does not work. when the system unit does not turn on at all.
  • Burnt out power supply.

Similarly, there may be various symptoms when the computer is turned on, the fans spin, but it beeps, or, on the contrary, does not beep. It happens when the computer does not work at all and the signs of life do not fall. We will talk about all this below in the article.