Computer does not start black screen what to do

Controls not working in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact cannot see mouse, keyboard or gamepad. Decision

How to play if it is impossible to control the process? The problems of supporting specific devices are irrelevant here, because we are talking about familiar devices. a keyboard, mouse and controller. Thus, errors in the game itself are practically excluded, almost always the problem is on the user’s side. You can solve it in different ways, but, one way or another, you will have to contact the driver. Usually, when connecting a new device, the operating system immediately tries to use one of the standard drivers, but some models of keyboards, mice and gamepads are not compatible with them. Therefore, you need to find out the exact model of the device and try to find its driver. Often, devices from well-known gaming brands come with their own software kits, since the standard Windows driver simply cannot provide the correct operation of all the functions of a device. If you do not want to search for drivers for all devices separately, you can use the Driver Updater program. It is designed to automatically search for drivers, so you just need to wait for the scan results and load the necessary drivers in the program interface. Often the brakes in Genshin Impact can be caused by viruses. In this case, it makes no difference how powerful the video card is in the system unit. You can check your computer and clean it of viruses and other unwanted software using special programs. For example NOD32. The antivirus has proven itself to be the best and has received the approval of millions of users around the world. ZoneAlarm is suitable for both personal use and small business, is able to protect a computer running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP from any attacks: phishing, viruses, malware, spyware and other cyber threats New users receive a 30-day free trial. Nod32 is an anti-virus from ESET, which has received many awards for its contribution to the development of security. On the developer’s site, versions of antivirus programs are available for both PC and mobile devices, a 30-day trial version is provided. There are special conditions for business.

computer, does, start, black, screen

Genshin Impact won’t download. Long download. Decision

The speed of your personal Internet channel is not the only determinant of the download speed. If the uploading server is running at a speed of, say, 5 MB per second, then your 100 MB will not help matters.

If Genshin Impact does not download at all, then this can happen immediately for a bunch of reasons: the router is incorrectly configured, problems on the provider’s side, the cat chewed on the cable, or, in the end, the server crashed on the service side where the game is downloaded from.

What to do first

  • Download and run the world famous CCleaner (download via direct link). this is a program that cleans your computer of unnecessary garbage, as a result of which the system will run faster after the first reboot;
  • Update all drivers in the system using the Driver Updater program (download from a direct link). it will scan your computer and update all drivers to the latest version in 5 minutes;
  • Install Advanced System Optimizer (download from the direct link) and enable game mode in it, which will terminate useless background processes during games launch and increase the performance in the game.

Genshin Impact does not start. Startup error. Decision

Genshin Impact is installed but simply refuses to work. How to be?

Does Genshin Impact throw any error after crash? If so, what is her text? Perhaps it doesn’t support your graphics card or some other hardware? Or she doesn’t have enough RAM?

Keep in mind that the developers themselves have an interest in building a crash reporting system into games. They need this to understand why their project does not start when testing.

Be sure to write down the error text. If you do not speak a foreign language, then refer to the official Genshin Impact developer forum. It will also be useful to look into the large gaming communities and, of course, our FAQ.

If Genshin Impact does not start, we recommend that you try to disable your antivirus or put the game in the antivirus exceptions, and also check the system requirements again, and if something from your assembly does not match, then, if possible, improve your PC by purchasing more powerful components.

Genshin Impact is not installed. Terminated installation. Decision

Before you start installing Genshin Impact, you need to check once again how much space it takes on disk. If the problem with the availability of free disk space is excluded, then you should diagnose the disk. Perhaps, it has already accumulated a lot of “broken” sectors, and it is corny faulty?

Windows has standard tools for checking the status of HDD and SSD drives, but it is best to use specialized programs.

But it is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the download was unsuccessful due to a disconnection of the connection, this also happens. And if you install Genshin Impact from a disc, then it’s worth taking a look to see if there are any scratches or foreign substances on the media.!

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Genshin Impact Troubleshooter. Not Installing? Doesn’t start? Is it slowing down? Flies out? Lags? Mistake? Is not downloading?

Unfortunately, there are flaws in games: brakes, low FPS, crashes, freezes, bugs and other small and not so big bugs. Often, problems begin even before the start of the game, when it is not installed, downloaded or even downloaded. Yes, and the computer itself sometimes freaks, and then in Genshin Impact, instead of a picture, a black screen, controls do not work, sound is not heard or something else.

Genshin Impact has black screen, white screen, color screen. Decision

Problems with screens of different colors can be roughly divided into 2 categories.

First, they are often associated with the use of two video cards at once. For example, if your motherboard has an integrated video card, but you play on a discrete one, then Genshin Impact can be launched for the first time on the integrated one, and you will not see the game itself, because the monitor is connected to a discrete video card.

Secondly, color screens are in case of problems with displaying images on the screen. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, Genshin Impact cannot work through an outdated driver or does not support a video card. Also, a black / white screen may appear when running at resolutions that are not supported by the game.

Solving Genshin Impact Problems

System Restore Required

Your computer seems to have booted, a screen appeared with a Windows 10 welcome screen and a password field, and after a black screen, we do in this case like this:

  • Try [ctrl] [alt] [delete]
  • If the screen appears blue, hover the left mouse button over the shutdown and while holding [Shift] select “Restart”
  • Next, we see a screen with Diagnostics
  • “Advanced Options” → “System Restore”

This may be the result of a virus attack, do not forget about routine antivirus checks.

Switching to the integrated video card

If the above tips did not help to get rid of the problem, and the computer has a second video card integrated into the central processor or motherboard, try connecting a monitor to it. After successfully starting Windows 10, use the instructions above and install the latest driver, removing all its components related to the old edition.

Launching Explorer

For many reasons, at one of the final stages of loading Windows 10, its graphical shell, for which the process (aka file) explorer.exe is responsible, was not started. It happens that some malicious programs simply change the path to the explorer.exe file in the registry, replacing it with its own body.

The “Task Manager” will help to launch the graphical shell.

We call it using “CtrlAltDelete”.

We call “File” from the main menu and select the item “Run new task”.

Enter the command “explorer.exe” or select the file of the same name located in the Windows directory of the system volume.

Solution didn’t work? Moving on to the next method.

Option 1

We need a system restart, intuitively and accurately we perform step by step:

  • Press 3 times “Backspace”. so we will remove the splash screen and accidentally entered password characters;
  • [Enter];
  • If there is a password at the entrance, switch the layout (depending on the password language) and press [enter];
  • Carefully, slowly, press [win] [r], switch to the English layout, above we wrote that the default language in Windows 10 is Russian
  • Enter the command without quotes “shutdown / r”
  • Press [enter] a couple of times

After that, as a rule, the screen shows an image, if Windows 10 does not boot and the screen is still black, then go ahead.

Option 1

Above we wrote how to get to the “Diagnostics” menu, then

  • Press the down arrow key three times
  • [enter]
  • Press the down arrow key twice
  • [enter]
  • Left arrow key twice
  • If the launch is successful, we will see a screen with a choice of safe mode.

Pay attention to the screenshot

The first method of rebooting the system blindly

So, at startup, the user sees a black screen, but hears the OS boot. Next, you need to blindly try to restart your computer. To do this, after loading, you need to press the Backspace key several times. This action removes the splash screen and the entered characters in the password field. Then press Enter. If the user has a login password, then he should enter his data, and then press the enter key. At the same time, do not forget about the keyboard layout. In Windows 10, it is in Russian by default.

After booting the system, the computer should be rebooted. To do this, press the Win R key combination, then switch the system language to English and carefully enter the shutdown / r command. Then press the enter button several times. Typically, the image appears on the screen.

Quick start system

Experience shows that when loading Windows 10, a black screen hangs for a long time for owners of AMD_Radeon video cards, and the reason is banal. the quick start system interferes, we need to disable it in order to bring Windows back to life.

We will perform the “blind” method, the most important thing is that you hear the sound of the OS boot, let’s start. We have two such options.

Technical difficulites

What if the black screen when the computer was turned on could not be defeated by the means described in this article. Perhaps the reason lies in a malfunction of parts of your PC.

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If you are not an expert in the field of computer equipment repair, we recommend that you contact the service for professional support.!

Checking the contact between the video card and the monitor

The second reason for the situation when the coolers work, but the computer does not turn on and shows a black screen is a problem with the cable between the video card and the display. There can be two options:

  • The cable came out of the socket.
  • The cable is not connected to the main output of the video card.

With the first case, everything is clear. Just check the integrity of the cable itself and the reliability of its fastening in the connectors. But with the second case it is worth explaining. Examine the back of your computer.

If there are two connectors for connecting the monitor cable, then we are dealing with one of the following situations:

  • Installed video card with two outputs.
  • There is an external video card (2) and an integrated internal (1).

In both cases, there are two options for connecting the cable. Turn off the computer, switch the wire to another connector and turn on the computer again.

Perhaps someone just switched the cable to a different socket by mistake. The modern HDMI connector is not equipped with screws, like the old VGA, and you can accidentally pull it out of the socket, and then plug it into the wrong socket or insert it not completely.

After restarting your computer, the screen is black again? Perhaps you have a technical problem (more details below).

Remember that whenever you switch the video cable, it is better to turn off the power to the computer and monitor.

“External Monitor”

A laptop almost always has an output for connecting an external monitor. Therefore, if, when you turn on the laptop, you hear the sound of the coolers, but the screen is black, then it is likely that someone switched it to work with an external monitor. Locate the external monitor function keys on the keyboard and try turning on the internal display. This is how they look on an ASUS laptop:

The F7 key turns off / on the internal screen, and F8 controls the combination of output to the external / internal laptop monitor. They should be pressed together with the function key, usually denoted Fn.

This is how the choice of operating modes with an external monitor looks like in Windows 8 and 10.

Different modes are switched by sequential pressing of the Fn and F8 key combination for the ASUS laptop keyboard shown above. So you can accidentally turn off the laptop’s internal monitor and get a black screen when turned on.

Incorrect refresh rate or too high resolution

The second common problem with a black screen when starting Windows can be the incorrectly set refresh rate on the video card. The fact is that old CRT monitors operate at a high screen refresh rate, up to 100 Hz and higher. And modern LCDs can only support 50-60 Hz. This is due to the design feature of such monitors.

If you got a black screen exactly when switching from an old monitor to a new one, then you need to do the following.

  • Connect the computer again to the old monitor.
  • Set the refresh rate to 60 Hz and the minimum screen resolution. This can be done in the properties of the screen or a special utility of the video card driver.
  • Connect the desktop to a new monitor and adjust the frequency and screen resolution for the new display.

For the same reasons, you can get a black screen on a laptop connected to an external monitor. Try adjusting the frequency and resolution for the external display as shown in the picture above.

Software malfunctions

Checking the Power Supply to the Monitor

  • If you have a desktop computer, the first step is to check the power supply to the display. Some users get so used to working on a laptop that when they switch to a desktop, they do not notice the obvious. The power button on the monitor is just off. It is no coincidence that the instructions of IBM specialists, developed for the first PCs, assumed that the power supply was checked by the very first item.
  • The second common reason for a sudden black screen when turned on is insufficient power cable contact. In practice, there were often cases when the cable plug was loosely held in the socket, and turned off when the display was moved or the active participation of household members, including furry ones. In the office, poor cable-to-monitor contact is often caused by cleaners touching the wires while cleaning.

Problem with wires and / or connectors

Typical situation. problems with cables, connectors and power buttons.

The video card is out of order

With such a malfunction, the fan of the laptop or PC works, but it does not start and we see a black screen on the screen. According to the POST standard, we should hear one long and two or three short beeps from the speaker (built-in speaker). The indicated sound indication is typical for AWARD BIOS installed in many mainstream laptops and computers.

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POST is a BIOS self-test system. We recommend reading the article about BIOS.

Just make sure that the speaker is present and connected to the board. In some modern computers, manufacturers do without it, replacing it with LEDs on the motherboard and even small digital indicators. But the latter can only be found in expensive motherboards for overclockers.

When you turn on the computer writes an error

Did you turn on your computer, but instead of booting Windows, you see an error message? Most likely a problem with any system files, boot order in BIOS, or similar things. It is usually quite easy to fix. Here is a list of the most common problems of this kind (the link is a description of how to solve the problem):

  • BOOTMGR is missing. how to fix the error
  • NTLDR is missing
  • Hal.dll error
  • Non system disk or disk error (I have not written about this error yet. The first thing to try is to turn off all flash drives and remove all disks, check the boot order in the BIOS and try to turn on the computer again).
  • Kernel32.dll not found

The monitor does not turn on or the computer is noisy, but shows a black screen and does not boot

Very often, when applying for a computer repair, users themselves diagnose their problem as follows: the computer turns on, but the monitor does not work. Here it should be noted that most often they are mistaken and the reason is still in the computer: the fact that it is noisy, and the indicators are on, does not mean at all that it is working. details about this in the articles:

After turning on, the computer turns off immediately

The reasons for this behavior may differ, but as a rule they are associated with malfunctions of the power supply or overheating of the computer. If, after turning on the PC, it turns off even before Windows starts loading, then most likely the matter is in the power supply unit and, possibly, it needs to be replaced.

If the computer automatically turns off after a while after its operation, then overheating is more likely here and most likely, it is enough to clean the computer from dust and replace the thermal paste:

I press the power button but nothing happens

If after you pressed the ON / OFF button, but nothing happened: the fans did not work, the LEDs did not light up, then first of all you need to check the following things:

  • Electrical connection.
  • Is the surge protector and switch on the computer’s power supply in the back (for desktop PCs) turned on?
  • Are all the wires fully stuck in the right place?
  • Is there electricity in the apartment.

If all this is in order, then you should check the computer’s power supply. Ideally, try to connect another one that is guaranteed to work, but this is a topic for a separate article. If you do not feel like an expert in this, then I would advise you to call a master.

Computer beeps when turned on

If a laptop or PC starts beeping instead of turning on normally, then you can find out the reason for this squeak by referring to this article.

What to do if your computer won’t turn on or boot

This site has already had more than one article describing the procedure for actions in cases when the computer does not turn on for one reason or another. Here I will try to systematize everything written and describe in which cases which option is most likely to help you.

There are a variety of reasons why a computer may not turn on or boot, and, as a rule, by external signs, which will be described below, you can determine this reason with a certain degree of confidence. Most often, problems are caused by software failures or missing files, records on the hard disk, less often. malfunctions of the computer hardware.

In any case, no matter what happens, remember: even if “nothing works”, most likely everything will be in order: your data will remain in place, and the PC or laptop is quite easy to return to working condition.

Let’s consider the common options in order.

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