Connect the monitor to the computer unit

We connect the laptop to the computer via HDMI

To complete this process, you need a working system unit, an HDMI cable and a laptop with an HDMI-in connector. All settings will be done on the PC. The user only needs to perform a few SIMple steps:

    Take an HDMI cable, with one side insert it into the corresponding HDM-in connector on the laptop.

Now you should start the laptop. If the image did not transfer automatically, press Fn F4 (on some laptop models, the switch between monitors can be changed). If there is no picture, adjust the screens on the computer.

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Select the “Display” option.

Go to the “Configuring display settings” section.

If the screen was not found, click the “Find” button.

You can now use your laptop as a second monitor for your computer.

We use a laptop as a monitor for a computer

If you need to connect a second monitor to a computer, but it is not available, then there is the option of using a laptop as a display for a PC. This process is carried out using only one cable and a little configuration of the operating system, but there is one very important note. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Alternative connection option

There are special programs that allow you to remotely control your computer. Using them, you can connect your laptop to your computer via the Internet without using additional cables. One of the most popular programs is TeamViewer. After installation, you only need to create an account and connect. Read more about this in our article at the link below.

In addition, there are many more programs for remote access on the Internet. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the full list of representatives of this software in the articles on the links below.

In this article, we walked through the process of connecting a laptop to a computer using an HDMI cable. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about this, if the laptop is equipped with HDMI-in, connection and setup does not take much time, and you can start working immediately. If the signal quality does not suit you or, for some reason, the connection cannot be made due to the lack of the required port, we suggest taking a closer look at the alternative.

How to connect a tablet as a monitor

Installation requires a USB cable (to connect directly) or a wireless contact (Wi-Fi connection). Appropriate programs are also required. You can download them for free on the Internet.

Step-by-step instruction:
1. We are looking at the office. website and install the iDisplay program on your computer. The version of the program must be selected in accordance with your operating system. It’s free.
2. Find the iDisplay tablet app on Google Play. Here they are already asking for 5 for the application. We pay money or use Internet search and download the application for free. Install on a tablet;
3. Restart your computer after installation;
4. Open iDisplay on your computer and SIMultaneously launch it on your tablet;
5. Further steps differ depending on the connection method. If the connection is via a USB cable, click “USB Connection”. If connected via a Wi-Fi network, the program will ask you to add a server. Press the plus key several times;

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If everything is done correctly, the program will ask for your data. In particular, IP address, port and username. The port number can be found by moving the mouse to the iDisplay. IP should be viewed on the network. Choose a username to taste. The requirements are not regulated here;

Select “Add and Connect“.

If the previous manipulations were done successfully, the message “iDisplay autorization”. The window that opens will offer you to choose one of three options for further actions. For those who are not at ease with English, here is the translation: the first is “reject the tablet connection”, the second is “connect once”, the third. “Connect automatically every time a tablet request comes in.” We recommend you choose option number three (in English. “Always allow”).

How to connect a tablet to a PC as a monitor?

Each owner of a tablet computer sooner or later thinks about how to combine his gadget with a stationary PC. For example, can you use a tablet as a monitor to connect to the system unit? The advantages are obvious: a compact and high-tech display can give a head start to specialized monitor manufacturers, and, moreover, will save a considerable amount.

It is possible to use a tablet as a monitor. The easiest way is to connect it to the video card located in the system unit via a cable with HDMI. mini HDMI connectors. Naturally, if this function is supported, and the corresponding inputs and outputs are available. HDMI. cable transfers any digital data, be it photo, video, audio files or something else. However, not all so SIMple. The HDMI connector on your tablet is a transmitter. And only the transmitter. SIMply put, it is capable of transmitting data to another source, but receiving information from it. no longer.

Attempts to turn an android tablet into a full-fledged monitor have been made more than once. Alas, today it is impossible for an ordinary user to fully implement this idea. Developers are in no hurry to make life easier for buyers. Until manufacturers make HDMI output universal, it remains to be content with only a fraction of its capabilities. That is, to use the gadget only as a transmitter of information. Unless there is an enthusiast who will undertake to remake the HDMI input in the tablet so that it can not only transmit, but also receive signals directly from the video card.
As of fall 2014, this continues to be a pipe dream.

An advanced computer user can try to solve the problem at the program level. Applications designed just for this case will reduce the time of “shamanic dances” to the necessary minimum. But before starting this procedure, you need to answer yourself a few questions. The main one is how often and under what circumstances I will use a tablet instead of a monitor.?

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The fact is that you can use your tablet as a monitor in completely different cases:
1. Emergency situations when there is no alternative and is not foreseen;
2. The display of the tablet is used as an additional monitor if the main one is present. The information that is displayed on the main screen is duplicated on it;
3. The display of the tablet complements the main monitor and works in tandem with it.

Each option requires an appropriate approach and has different requirements for the owner in terms of technical literacy.

Further customization

After you have managed to “make friends” the computer with a new monitor, you need to choose in what capacity it will be used most often. Let’s remind: it can be the main monitor (when there is no other one), duplicate or additional (“expand the screen” function). Standard setting. right click on the desktop.

In cases where the tablet is the only PC monitor, in the desktop settings, you need to click on “Show desktop only 2”. Next, right-click on the iDisplay shortcut, select the “Settings” line and click on “launch at Windows startup” so that a checkmark appears there.

After rebooting and turning off the standard monitor (if available), the desktop will be available on the tablet screen. To do this, you need to enter the iDisplay program from it, which will start in automatic mode.

The inconvenience of the proposed method of connecting a tablet as a second monitor may be this: if you need to connect a monitor instead of a faulty one, you will have to rely mostly on memory and intuition. It’s basically impossible to set up a program on a broken screen, so you have to find another working monitor somewhere for at least 10 minutes. Well, or take care of the compatibility settings in advance. Another disadvantage. when starting the system, it is necessary to start the connection with the PC manually each time.

In parallel with this, you can use all the advantages of a tablet computer. In particular, use touch-sensitive data input and move around the apartment, regardless of the maximum wire length. Enjoy all the delights of a stand-alone monitor with a tablet with a large display and good screen resolution.

Multi-slot graphics card

Several slots in the video card are a prerequisite for SIMultaneously connecting two or more monitors to one computer. Cannot connect multiple displays using the video connector on the motherboard (vertical socket at the top of the rear panel).

Note: video card connectors are horizontal.

The exception is Apple monoblocks. Most of these computers have a Thunderbolt on the back. You can easily connect a second monitor to it, you only need an appropriate adapter.

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In the case of a PC, the video card must be equipped with connectors of the type:

  • Display Port;
  • HDMI;
  • DVI;
  • VGA.

Either of these ports allows you to connect 2 monitors. However, it happens that the types of connectors for a video card and screens do not match. In this case, you can advise using an adapter or purchase a cable with different connection interfaces, for example, HDMI-VGA.

Setting up monitors

So, in the paragraph above, it was sorted out how to connect 2 monitors to one PC. But for the multi-monitor configuration to work, the connected screens must be properly configured. The table below will help.

Note: if you need to do the same on a laptop, it doesn’t matter. Most laptops have the required connectors. Most often they are equipped with an HDMI port.

How to connect 2 monitors to a PC setup and software for working with two monitors

Tip: bezel-less displays look perfect when paired.

Software for working with multiple monitors

Recommended programs for working with multiple monitors:

Multi Wall. software is Russified and you don’t need to buy it. Using the utility, you can set a different desktop wallpaper for each monitor, which is impossible when using the classic Windows features. You can stretch the image too. And the user also has the ability to download wallpapers directly from the “window”, automatically install them from a specific site, process images.

Dual Monitor Taskbar 1.21. Like the previous version, it is distributed free of charge, but the Russian-language interface is not provided. The main feature is the creation of a second taskbar on an additional screen, which is a continuation of the main panel. Configuring the window layout is another useful feature of the utility.

Dual Monitor Tools 1.8 is a free Russified set of tools that allows you to quickly move windows from one monitor to another. The location can be selected in advance. There is an option for launching applications with the ability to define a monitor to open a specific program.

That’s the end of the quick guide to quickly connecting two monitors to one computer. As you can see from the article, this is not difficult to do if you have a suitable video card. Well, if the ports do not match, it is enough to stock up on the necessary adapters. Setting up a multi-monitor configuration is also easy: it takes about five minutes. and you can use 2 monitors from one PC. And the above software will add comfort.

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