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How to Fix “Device Unreachable” When Copying from iPhone

Hello everyone! Let’s not get overwhelmed and get down to business right away. So, today I urgently needed to transfer a lot of videos and photos from iPhone to computer. It would seem, what could be the problem? I take an iPhone (computer, wire), combine all this stuff with a refined movement, on the phone I confidently press “Allow the device to access photos and videos”, select the necessary files, copy them to the folder I need and

This is where such troubles begin, for which life has not yet prepared me. In short, this is what happens. everything hangs tightly, files are not copied, and the best (as Microsoft tells us) Windows 10 operating system shows a “red cross” and a “wonderful” error “The device is unreachable”.

I, just in case, even took a screenshot.

I think, okay, maybe Windows 10 is “buggy”. I’ll deal with the computer later. In the meantime, I’ll take out a laptop with the good old “seven” and put the pictures there. no, but the solution to the problem.

I connect my iPhone to my Windows 7 laptop, start copying files and of course! History repeats itself! However, the error text has changed a little and now Windows reports that “The device attached to the system is not working.” But the meaning, as you understand, does not change much from this.

connecting, system, device, does

Time goes by, but photos and videos need to be thrown off.

  • I take another wire. everything is the same.
  • I transfer files via AirDrop to iPad and try to copy photos and videos through it. But with the iPad, everything is the same. either “The device is unreachable” (Win 10), or “The device connected to the system does not work” (Win 7).
  • I delete the normal iTunes (the one with the App Store and other “chips”) and put “normal”. there is no result.

And here I have a strong, as modern teenagers say, “burned out”.

There is one article for the entire Internet (only written in different words on different sites). In which it is assumed that everything is to blame:

  • “Curve” version of iOS (!).
  • Windows and iOS version compatibility (!!).
  • Wrong selection of data transfer function (.).

It’s a fiasco, bro! © Young man with a dog.

I must say right away that none of the above, of course, is the cause of the error “Device unreachable”.

The whole hitch is in the new file format that Apple introduced with iOS 11 and which, accordingly, smoothly flowed into the next firmware versions.

So, we are interested in two options on the iPhone or iPad:

  • Settings. Photos. Transfer to PC and Mac. The default is “Automatic”.
  • Settings. Camera. Formats. The default is “High Efficiency”.

iPhone (iPad) captures photos and videos in the new HEIF / HEVC formats (for high efficiency), and converts them to a compatible format when transferred to a computer. But if the file size is large, then at the stage of this conversion there is a slight freeze and, as a result, the appearance of the error “Device unreachable”.

  • Change just one setting. Open “Preferences. Photos. Transfer to PC and Mac” and select “Transfer originals”.
  • Perform a forced restart. How to hard reset. instructions for all iPhone models!

Everything. After that, there will be no problems when copying photos and videos from iPhone.

You ask: “What about the second option, the one that is” Camera. Formats “?” Here act as you wish.

  • If you want “standard” JPEG / H.264, then select “Most Compatible”.
  • If you want “newfangled” HEIF / HEVC, then leave “High efficiency”.

I chose “Most Compatible” just in case. Still, not all programs work with HEIF / HEVC formats, so let it be better if my iPhone shoots “the old fashioned way”. It will be calmer 🙂

How to unlock a disabled iPhone with or without iTunes [2019]

[Conclusion]: Forgot iPhone password? iPhone is disconnected and won’t connect to iTunes? This article provides four effective solutions to unlock and reset a disabled iPhone. Using iTunes to restore a disabled / locked iPhone will erase your data and settings; it will be easier and safer when using the third part of the iPhone unlock tool to fix and unlock your disabled iPhone / iPad.

This morning my little sister entered the wrong password on my iPhone several times, now my iPhone is disabled. How to Fix Disabled iPhone without Data Loss? I do not have a backup of my device.

Have you ever received a message on your iPhone with a prompt like “iPhone is disabled”, “try again in 1 minute” or try again in 5, 15, 60 minutes? In the worst case, the message reads: “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes ”, this means that the device is locked and you cannot do anything with it, even restart it. It’s probably frustrating when you’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode or the note that your iPhone is disabled. In fact, quite a few Apple users who like to change their password often complain that they cannot access their iPhone again or for some reason they entered the wrong password and it is disabled. This Post Will Show You Four Effective Solutions to Unlock a Disabled iPhone with Easy Steps.

unlocking a disabled iPhone via iCloud Find My Phone

Another way to unlock a disabled iPhone. use the iCloud Find My iPhone website. If you signed up with your Apple ID and Find My iPhone has been enabled in the iCloud menu, you can follow this guide to unlock your locked / locked iPhone / iPod / iPad.

Step 1, open the website and sign in with your Apple ID and password on your computer.

Click Find My iPhone, Then click All Devices at the top of your browser window.

Choose your iPhone from all listed devices. Click Erase iPhone (or whatever device you are using) to erase your iPhone along with its password.

connecting, system, device, does

Finally, find the latest backup and restore your device. You can use Setup Assistant on your device to restore the most recent backup of your device.

Note: This method will only work if the iPhone is currently connected to a wireless network, make sure you sign up with your Apple ID and enable Find My iPhone from the iCloud menu. Worse, it will erase iPhone data and settings.

unlocking a disabled iPhone via iOS Unlock

Another way to unlock a disabled iPhone. use iOS Unlock.This program allows you to unlock and access your disabled iPhone with simple steps. You don’t need to worry about data loss during the process. What’s more, you can access your disabled iPhone by removing the locked screen without restoring factory settings or performing recovery mode. All iPhone models are compatible with the lock screen removal function.

Bypass Disabled iPhone in Different Situations:

Connect your disabled iPhone to your computer. Run the program on your computer and click “Unblock”.

Connect your disabled iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Then click “Run” to start the unlocking process.

Put iPhone into DFU mode. Follow the program instructions to put iPhone into DFU mode.

-Turn off iPhone Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button together for 10 seconds Release the Power button and hold the Volume Down button until the device enters DFU mode.

Confirm iPhone Information After the device enters DFU mode, the program will display information about the device, including phone generation, iOS version, etc. If the information is incorrect, you can choose the correct information from the drop-down lists. Then click “Download” to download the firmware for your device.

Access to iPhone without data loss After successfully downloading the firmware, click “Open Now” to start accessing your iPhone without data loss.

Done. Now you can freely access your iPhone without data loss.

fix and unlock disabled iPhone via iOS System Recovery

The method we talk about in part 1 and part 2 is not perfect enough, unlocking a disabled iPhone with iTunes will result in data loss on the device.

If you want another safe way to unlock a disabled iPhone with its original data, try this iOS System Restore.It provides you with a wonderful way to unlock a disabled iPhone without data loss.This program works well for all iOS system problems like fix disabled iPhone, fix freeze iPhone in Recovery Mode, fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen, fix iPhone stuck on black screen and fix bricked iPhone, and more. U.Fone iOS System Recovery supports iOS 12, iOS 11 and more.

Run the program and connect the iPhone To get started, run iOS System Recovery on your computer and connect the iPhone to the computer.

The program will automatically detect your iPhone shortly. Click “Fix iOS System” under “Additional Tools” Programs. Click “Run” to continue.

It will now download the firmware to fix your disabled iPhone.

Fix Disabled iPhone without Data Loss After firmware download, iOS System Recovery will start the recovery process to keep your iPhone working as usual.

Your iPhone will be booted after being repaired to make it work. Then you can use your iPhone with normal condition without data loss.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

Not infrequently, after taking a photo or video on a smartphone, it becomes necessary to throw the shot onto a computer. But, this operation often causes difficulties for inexperienced users. In this article, we will tell you how to download a video from an iPhone to a computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Windows Computer

If you are looking to download videos from iPhone to your Windows computer, you are in luck. Since video streaming is very easy on Windows computers.

So, in order to throw a video, you first need to connect your iPhone to your computer. To do this, we take a USB. Lightning cable (this cable is also used for charging) and plug it into the iPhone and computer. After the iPhone and computer are connected with a cable, you will hear a distinctive sound indicating that the device is connected, and your iPhone will appear in the “My Computer” window.

Open iPhone in the My Computer window. After that, you will see a disk called “Internal Storage”. It also needs to be opened.

After that, a folder with photos and videos recorded on your iPhone will open in front of you. From this folder, you can upload videos to your computer. To do this, you just need to drag it to your desktop or to another folder.

If there are a lot of photos in the folder, then it can be difficult to find the desired video in this case, right-click on an empty space and select “Group. Type”. Thus, you separate the files of photos and video clips from each other and you can upload exactly what you need to your computer.

Copy errors. In some cases, when copying videos, users receive the error “The device attached to the system is not working” or “The device is not reachable”.

This error occurs due to the fact that the iPhone uses the new HEVC format for recording video and converts files to a compatible format on the fly when transferring files to a computer. If the file size is small, then there are no problems, but when transferring large video clips, the device freezes and Windows gives an error.

To solve this problem, you just need to turn off the video conversion to a compatible format. To do this, go to the iPhone settings, open the “Photos. Transfer to PC and Mac” section and switch to the “Transfer Originals” mode.

After this copying should take place without errors. If you can’t open the copied video, then you can convert it already on your computer or install another video player (for example, VLC).

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac OS X

If you are an Apple computer with Mac OS X operating system, then the procedure for transferring video files will be a little more complicated. Here, in order to capture a video from iPhone to your computer, you need to use the “Image Capture” program. Typically, this program opens itself after you connect your iPhone to your computer.

If it does not open, then you can open it manually. To do this, go to the built-in Spotlight search (the search icon in the upper right corner of the desktop) and enter the search term “Image Capture”. After that, the system will prompt you to open this program.

So, you’ve opened the Image Capture program. Now you can start uploading video clips from iPhone to your computer. First you need to pay attention to the left side of the window of this program. There will be a list of mobile devices connected to the computer. In this list, you need to select the iPhone from which you want to transfer the video to your computer.

The next step is to select a folder or program where you want to upload your videos. To do this, open the drop-down menu at the bottom of the program window and select one of the appropriate options. For example, you can drop a video from iPhone to the Pictures folder, or just to the desktop.

After that, you can skip the video. If you want to throw off all the videos and photos at once, then just click on the “Import all” button.

In order to drop only individual videos, select them with the mouse and click on the “Import” button. Also, you can simply drag the selected video files from the “Image Capture” program to any suitable folder.

Reset Face ID

If you can’t access your iPhone X without Face ID, then you should reset the settings. Resetting Face ID will delete the previously set face information and set a new face ID. To reset Face ID, go to Settings, then tap on Face ID and password, and then reset Face ID.

Reboot your iPhone X

Another option. restart iPhone X if Face ID for iPhone X isn’t working. Many users try to restart their iPhone by holding the volume and side buttons and then dragging to turn off the power. Then press the power button to restart your iPhone. If this reboot method does not work, then try the forced reboot option: first press the volume up button, release it, and then repeat the same with the volume down button and release it. Finally, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone X screen.

Larry jordan

iPhone X Face ID. this is a new technology. Users often complain that when they try to set the settings for Face ID on the iPhone X, a message pops up stating that Face ID is not available and should be tried later. Seeing such a message over and over again, users lose their temper. Problems inevitably arise because this is a new technology. But in this article you will find a 100% solution to the problem where iPhone X Face ID does not work.

Check your Face ID settings

Are you sure you have turned on Face ID for your iPhone X? Confused? Often times, you simply forget to enable this option and try to access the device without it, resulting in Face ID not working. Check the settings options and then Face ID and password. If you need face identification on your iPhone X, click “Unlock iPhone”.

Update your iOS

Are you sure you have set the correct Face ID for iPhone X? Your answer is yes and the problem is still not resolved? Be sure to check if your iPhone X works on the latest updated iOS system. Since the Face ID feature is new and introduced on iPhone X, it is recommended that you back up your phone data so you don’t lose it, then go to Settings, then General Information and Software Update. Upgrading to the latest operating system can fix unexpected bugs and thus make Face ID work.

Reasons why Face ID won’t launch all the time

In 2017, the iPhone X hit the market like a hurricane. With powerful features like a 3D camera, Bionic A11 processor, 5.8-inch OLED display and custom Face ID that lets you unlock your iPhone X just by looking at it. the new device has become a real joy for users. But after a while, information appeared that Face ID often does not work when trying to set the settings, and this problem only increased after the iOS 11.2 update. What are the causes of errors in face identification?

  • May not work if you just turned on the device or rebooted it
  • If you haven’t unlocked your iPhone X within 48 hours
  • After 6 and a half days of work, you are given 4 hours to unlock your phone using Face ID, and if this does not happen, an unlock passcode is generated.
  • If you receive a remote command on your iPhone X
  • If your face is not detected 5 times
  • If you turn off the device, or press SOS while holding the volume and side buttons for 2 seconds
  • If the charge on your iPhone X is below 10%

So, what to do if you encounter the error “This device cannot be started (Code 10)”:

  • Check the functionality of the device. To do this, remove it from the USB port and then reinstall it. If the problem persists, try with a different USB port and, if possible, a different computer. If the device is not detected on any computer, most likely the problem is in the connected device.
  • Update the drivers manually. If you know the name of your device, try downloading the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. They are usually available in the support or downloads sections. Then, in the standard “Device Manager” utility in Windows 10, select the device, right-click and select “Update drivers”.

You can try to make “Automatic driver search”. If this does not help, select “Update driver manually”, then select the previously downloaded driver.
Reinstall the device in the standard Device Manager utility in Windows 10. To do this, you must first physically remove the connected device from the port. Then select it in the “Device Manager”, right-click and select “Remove device”.

After that, click “Action”, then “Update hardware configuration”. During this process, the computer must be connected to the Internet to automatically search for the latest drivers.
Update Windows. Problems with connected equipment (especially with newer devices) are often due to the fact that you haven’t updated your operating system for a long time. If you have disabled automatic updates, click “Start”. “Options” and select the “Update and Security” section.

Most of the necessary drivers are built into the Windows operating system from the start and are added as the OS is updated. Therefore, if you update Windows 10 to the most current build, there is a chance that the problematic device will work.

Error This device cannot be started (Code 10). What is the reason and what to do?

Windows 10 users often see the message Error This device cannot be started (Code 10) when a flash drive or other USB device is connected to the computer. Of course, the connected device does not work. Why does this error occur and what are the ways to solve the problem?

The error “This device cannot be started” may be accompanied by a warning in the form of an exclamation mark icon. If you go to the “Device Status” section, you will see the message “This device cannot be started. (Code 10) “.

The following errors are also possible:

  • This request is not supported.
  • Device timed out
  • Or other warnings

There are usually two reasons for the error “This device cannot be started” in Windows 10:

  • Device defective
  • The system does not have the appropriate driver installed

Device cannot start up due to power consumption issues

It happens that the error “This device cannot be started (Code 10)” occurs due to the fact that your computer is set to a power saving mode that limits USB power. An indication might be that the device is operating normally but shuts down after the computer wakes up from sleep mode. Therefore, if the points above did not help solve the problem, try the following options:

    Disable power saving of USB ports. Click “Start”. “Power”, then select “Change the power management scheme”, go to the item “Change additional power settings”.

In the window, select “USB Options” and set the “Parameter for temporarily disconnecting the USB port” to the value “Forbidden”.
Disable power saving device. To do this, go to the same “Device Manager”, right-click on the desired device and go to “Properties”.

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Then we select “Power management” and uncheck the box “Allow this device to be turned off to save energy.” You need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


So, we restore the normal connection. To achieve this goal, follow a few simple steps.

  • At the first stage, we clean the sandals or PC from debris and scan the operating system for malware. Utilities like AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes, CCleaner are great for this, but if you are a guru, you can carry out operations without their help.
  • Step two. update the drivers. The driver for the USB controller requires special attention, but if it did not work out to find updates for it, then you will definitely need to download the update packages for the mat. boards. It is desirable to enable the update for Windows as well. In the top ten, it is advisable to update the firewood manually. In the seven, you can use software such as DriverPack or DriverBooster.

In Windows 10 it is better to update drivers manually

All of the above procedures will help you troubleshoot software-level issues. In other words, if the problem persists, then the following situation takes place:

  • broken / frayed cord connecting the device and PC;
  • damaged USB interface;
  • disconnected or faulty connector / motherboard.

For starters, you should try to get a branded cord for your device in good condition. The wire is most susceptible to wear and tear, especially if it is Chinese underground, so it is worth starting the check with it. You can connect the device with a cable to another computer in order to finally make sure that they are working properly.

Next, we check the connector. To do this, we try to connect the device through a different interface. Please note that it is better to choose the most distant connectors, because 2-3 ports on one side are likely to be damaged at the same time.

In the latter case, when there is damage to the connected USB or the motherboard. In this case, it is better to consult a specialist.

What it is?

What device are we talking about? Often, a window pops up when a smartphone (Android, iPhone), USB storage, and even a Wi-Fi modem are connected. The same notification appears when trying to copy files to a PC, where it is additionally indicated. “Error while copying a file or folder” It is extremely rare that it notifies about the disconnection of other hardware, for example, a sound or video card. The crash can appear in all versions of Windows. 7, 8, 10.

The device connected to the system does not work. what to do with the error

When connecting the device, a window pops up saying: “The device connected to the system does not work”? There is no need to despair, because you can try to deal with the trouble with your own hands.

What to do if a message appears intermittently?

This phenomenon is rare. This may indicate such problems:

  • the connector contact comes off;
  • power plan incorrectly configured.

A specialist can solder a contact, but you can set up a power plan yourself. The malfunction occurs when going into sleep and standby mode. What to do?

  • Open device manager.
  • Find a disconnecting USB controller.
  • Go into it, in the window select the “Power Management” tab.
  • Uncheck the box to enable shutdown to save energy.

Power management of a connected USB device.

There are many situations in which such a message “The device attached to the system does not work” appears. We tried to describe the most common of them, especially since the described solutions may be suitable for the most problematic in this regard Samsung, Xiaomi and iPhone.

The connected device to the system does not work on the iPhone

When connecting any device to a PC via a USB cable, the user may encounter an error “The device connected to the system does not work”, iPhone and iPad are no exception. Mostly such an error signals problems in the operation of the cable or software components of the computer.

Why does the “Attached device to the system not work” error appear on iPhone

Before fixing the problem, you need to find out the main reasons why you cannot connect your mobile device to your computer. The most common provoking factors:

  • In addition to the phone, other external devices are connected to the computer, mainly also via a USB cable.
  • In parallel, the user tries to copy, drop or move files of various types and formats.
  • The iPhone was connected at a time when a PC copied large amounts of information from an external device.
  • BitLocker-level software components installed on the PC.
  • The device connected to the computer does not work correctly.
  • Content folders on PC are deleted or files are partially damaged.
  • A damaged USB cable is used to pair the devices.
  • Windows’s operating system is infected with malware and components.
  • There are no drivers for the connected iPhone or their work is incorrect.

Error image The attached device to the system does not work on Windows

There are also a number of ways to solve this problem.

What to do if the error “Device is not reachable” appears when copying from iPhone to computer

If the device is unreachable by the iPhone when copying, then it is worth taking a few simple steps to implement. As a rule, an error as a result of discarding files occurs due to improper operation of the smartphone’s firmware. It is possible that the user selected the wrong data transfer function, the drivers on the computer do not work correctly, which is why they do not allow copying.

Note! Of particular note is the malfunctioning of the USB cable. It may simply not function properly or it has mechanical damage.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the correct method of pairing with the computer was selected when connecting. The MRI mode must be activated, you must check this parameter on the phone and PC.
  • If the first method did not help to solve the problem, then it is recommended to update the version of the operating system on your smartphone. If this method does not work either, then experts recommend resetting the phone to factory settings, making sure that there is a backup copy of data (photos, videos, phone book, calendar, etc.).
  • Alternatively, you can use a third-party application designed specifically for technology from Apple. The utility is called iFunBox. The interface is simple and convenient, but you must first install iTunes on your computer.

“Device not reachable” error when copying from iPhone to PC

Note! The users also noted the high-quality work of the EaseUS MobiMover and iTools programs. They must be installed on a computer, they are adapted for all operating systems.

System malfunctions of a smartphone or computer

There are frequent cases when the operation of the operating system of a device slows down or freezes. Because of this, errors are inevitable when connecting iPhone to a computer.

In this situation, experts recommend rebooting both devices, and then reconnecting using a cord.

Errors when connecting iPhone through older versions of iTunes

Experts point out six main reasons why the import of data packets is not possible, and the PC displays errors when connecting.

Connecting gadgets becomes impossible for one of the following reasons.

Solution for “Device Unreachable” error when copying from iPhone

Many Windows users face two errors when copying from iPhone: “The device attached to the system is not working” or “The device is not reachable”.

These system messages appear when trying to copy photos or videos from a smartphone to a computer that are connected via a USB / Lighting cable.

Both errors have the same cause, and their wording depends on the version of the Microsoft operating system. For example, Windows 7 reports that the device is down and Windows 10 considers it unreachable.

This is because Apple has introduced two new file storage formats to iOS:

Fix usb device not recognized or iphone could not connect windows 7,8,10

New formats allow you to reduce file size so that more photos and videos you have captured can fit on iPhone.

However, your PC may not have the codecs to view them. Therefore, when copying HEIF / HEVC files from iPhone to computer via cable, they start converting to compatible formats.

This sometimes leads to a freeze in the copy process and the appearance of a Windows system message that the attached iPhone is not working or unreachable.

The solution to the problem is very simple, here’s what to do:

  • Open iPhone Settings.
  • Scroll to Photos.
  • At the very bottom, find the “Transfer to Mac or PC” section and move the checkmark from “Automatic” to “Transfer originals”.

This will force, when copying photos and videos, to transfer them in the format in which they were shot. There will be no conversion and you will not see any errors again.

To shoot in the old JPEG and H.264 formats, which Windows 7 and 10 perfectly understand, you need to change the iPhone camera settings:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Scroll to Camera and select Formats.
  • Change the high performance to the most compatible.

After that, all photos will be stored in JPEG, and videos in H.264.

Please note that when you select the most compatible mode, 1080p at 240fps and 4K at 60fps will not be available.

Now you can transfer files from iPhone to PC without system error that the device is unreachable when copying.

Cause of Device Unreachable Error

By default, new iPhones and iPads shoot photos and videos in HEIC and HEVC formats, respectively, while if you connect your phone to a computer with Windows 10 or 8.1, then with the default iPhone settings when copying these photos and videos, they are automatically converted by the phone itself to supported ones. computer formats. JPG and MP4 H.264.

The process of converting files by the phone during copying in some cases may “not keep up” with the speed of copying itself, as a result, Windows informs us that an error occurred while copying a file or folder and that the device is unreachable.

That is why more often an error occurs when copying large files (or groups of photos and videos at once), but it may not appear when copying photos to a computer one by one. There are two methods to fix this which are described below.

How to Fix “Device Unreachable” Error on iPhone

Given the reasons for the error, there are two options for fixing it:

  • Disable converting photos and videos to iPhone when copying to a computer or laptop with Windows.
  • Slow down copying speed.

The first can be done as follows:

  • Disconnect your phone from your computer.
  • Go to “Settings”. “Photo”.
  • At the bottom of the Photos preferences page, under Transfer to Mac or PC, set Transfer Originals instead of Automatic.
  • Done. You can reconnect your iPhone and copy photos and videos without errors.
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Please note that this will copy photos and videos to your computer in HEIC and HEVC formats, which may not be supported by your player or photo viewer. There are two solutions. enable photos in JPG on iPhone so that shooting is immediately carried out in this format, or use special HEIF / HEIC codecs for Windows.

It is also possible to use third-party programs to open such files: Best photo viewers (XnView has a free plug-in for HEIC), VLC Media Player (can play HEVC H.265 videos).

The second method, namely “slowing down the copy speed” involves connecting your iPhone to your computer using a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0. As a rule, in this case, the copying error “Device unreachable” does not occur, since the phone has time to convert files to the desired format.

Device is unreachable when copying photos and videos from iPhone. how to fix

When copying a photo or video via cable from an iPhone and iPad to a Windows 10 or 8.1 computer, you may receive a message that an error occurred while copying a file or folder with the information The device is unreachable. over, sometimes some files are copied without problems, while others. with the specified error.

In this short instruction. about the reasons for what is happening and two ways to fix the “Device unreachable” error on iPhone and iPad when copying video files and photos from them to a computer or laptop with Windows. Also useful: Empty DCIM (iPhone Internal Storage) folder on iPhone. why and what to do.

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Hello! I can’t download photos and videos to my computer anyway, I included the original photo in the iPhone and it’s no use, before the iOS update there was no such problem! And it is very important for me to throw photos on a hard disk and print them later

When the original photo was turned on, was the phone itself disconnected from the computer at that time? And what does it write when trying to download? The same error. “device unreachable” or something else?

Thank you so much, Human! Reckoned, already tired and mad!

One toggle switch. and life began to play with normal copying!

Dmitry, on the contrary, cannot be thrown from a laptop to an iPhone. install firewood as you wrote in the article?

Ah that’s what. If from a laptop to an iPhone, then I would recommend either sending photos to iCloud from a computer, directly through Or use cloud services.

Asus ultrabook laptop, entered BIOS, changed USB parameters to auto. After loading photos and videos, it is still interrupted. (the device connected to the system does not work) Background: before the laptop format, I threw pictures from all iPhones, everything was in order. After installing the new Windows 10, I ran into the problem “the folder is empty”, checked all the drivers, I trust the computer, reset the geo settings, set access to the iPhone with a USB screen lock, logged in to iTunes. Now he throws off a few photos and is interrupted, then he does not see again but it is necessary to transfer 20 GB. What to do next?

According to the description, the point is exactly what the article is about. too fast transfer. Further, depending on what kind of Asus model: 1. Connect the phone to a USB 2.0 connector, not 3.0 (those that are 3 are either blue or are marked with two S). 2. On the phone, enable “transmission of originals”. Well, another option is to install an application for cloud storage, where you would be given the right place and put it there, and then download it, although in terms of time and convenience at 20 GB this is not the best option.

Hello Dmitry! Thank you for being in touch! The laptop has 2 USB connectors, both are blue. How to manually change 3.0 to 2.0?

Sometimes there is such an option in the BIOS, but if not, then I will not offer simple methods. But: if suddenly you have somewhere lying around some extension cable or USB splitter (by the way, there are still such built-in monitors in the monitors), then you can use it: they are many USB 2.0 and when we connect it to the 3.0 connector, and already in we will connect the cable from the iPhone to it, as a result we will get speeds of 2.0.

Thank you so much!! finally it turned out to throw everything off

Good day! If you make “transfer originals” in the settings, the computer cannot open them. I copy in small portions (15 photos at a time), it still hangs and turns off for 3-4 parties. I connect via USB 2.0 and nothing changes (what else? 13,000 photos are not a joke (it is no longer realistic to navigate these photos

Hello. Third-party photo viewers can open HEIC photos taken by the iPhone (i.e. the very originals). details:

Good afternoon, I get the same error as in the video, (after each sent video) all the settings are turned on as needed. Another iPhone on the right side, from the side of the screen, starts to warm up when connected. When connected to a laptop (Windows 10), the “Photos” application comes out, which indicates that something is wrong with the device, but the explorer is working. The iPhone 7 128 Gb device is completely crammed with photos and videos, and how evil is such a problem, while other iPhones have to drop files through AirDrop and then drop them on the computer. What can you try to do in such a situation?

Good day. Thanks for your information. I solved the problem with downloading thanks to your instructions, But I have the following problem, when I download a video for more than 1 minute to an HP all-in-one, it is very stupid, video and sound are not uploaded, and when the video is opened through the Movavi video editor, there is sound but no video. Tell me how to be? But so far I have not tried all the methods. Changing video and photo settings on the iPhone XS Max itself

Movavi may not display video due to lack of codecs. but why the video is stupid. I don’t know. try to play with another player, VLC for example.

Good day! How to do it. so that the iPhone immediately photographed JPG? I checked it, changed it on the phone, did not automatically put it, but the original, now there is no disconnection, but I can not open the photo on the PC, it is very inconvenient. Now we need to look for these special codecs (

Hello. Third-party viewers can open: On how to make JPG right away.

It helped, thank you! 10 times already regretted switching to iPhone.

Thank you so much! Just a great gratitude to the author for the work. I could not solve the problem with data transfer for an hour!

Thank you, I was able to copy the files, otherwise not all Live photos were copied before.

Thank you, kind person! I almost lost my mind while trying to copy the video. According to this instruction, everything worked out right away!)))

In addition to the article, not an unimportant point: 1. Allow the use of USB in the security settings: TouchID and passcode. USB accessories. 2. To fully verify that everything has entered into force, reboot the phone, and then connect to the PC.

It turned out in the first way, by switching to the option Transfer originals. Before that I suffered for a long time. thank you very much.

In general, my phone as a hard drive is not displayed after these interruptions. What to do?

Many thanks! Not for the first time the site helps out. You are one of the best

FIX: Windows 10 Not Recognizing iPhone/iPad/iPod

Unfortunately, it helps every other time. It is necessary to transfer 160 gigs of photos / videos without using the cloud. And it’s tough for how long. Either the PC does not see the files in the iPhone folder, or an error pops up when copying, copying is obtained only in small portions). On USB 2.0, as a rule, he does not see files at all, and on 3.0 he sometimes sees, but again, you can go crazy. Reinstalling the drivers does not help, rebooting does too. Everything is in originals. What is wrong with these iPhones and why people do not understand such punishment. Such cool photo quality and such confused software

“a device attached to the system is not functioning” ERROR FIX/SOLUTION! for iPhone iPad WINDOWS

Wow, good afternoon. Indeed, USB 2.0 helped, although I download in small portions (160 gigs heh)

What to do if Windows does not see your iOS device

Apple’s main business is mobile devices. Millions of people use iPhones, iPads and iPods without having a macOS computer. All of them have to deal with iTunes for Windows, which is far from being called the ideal program for data synchronization. In this article, we will tell you what to do if Windows does not see the connected iOS device.

1) Open “Control Panel” “Device Manager”.

2) Unlock your iOS device and connect it to your computer.

3) Find a Universal Serial Bus controller. Most often, the connected iOS device will be called the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Perhaps it will be referred to as “Imaging device,” Portable device, “Other device” or MTP device. If you could not immediately determine under what name the connected device is displayed, then repeat the connection procedure, carefully following the list of connected devices.

4) Right click on the connected device and select “Update driver”.

5) Select “Find a driver on this computer”.

6) Click “Select from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

9) Go to C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ Drivers or C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ Drivers (If iTunes is installed in the default directory) Select the usbaapl.inf or usbaapl64.inf file. If you do not see the file you want in File Explorer, then make sure that File Explorer settings allow you to display all extensions. If the file is still missing, then you need to reinstall iTunes on your computer.

10) Click “Open” and complete the driver installation procedure by following all the context menus.

If this procedure did not help, you need to make sure of the quality of the cable used to connect to the computer, update Windows or completely reinstall iTunes, deleting all its data from the computer.