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How to enable sync on Android Huawei

Auto-syncing on Honor and Huawei is a simple matter, for which a couple of swipes on the phone screen are enough. How to enable and where is it located:

Google account allows you to transfer information about applications, passwords and documents to other devices. Works on the principle of a virtual cloud where it is stored. Moving from one phone with an Android base to another, to fully unlock Google’s functions and programs, you need to log in to the new gadget. To preserve the information previously used, the service will offer to auto-sync.

Auto-syncing on Honor and Huawei is a simple matter, for which a couple of swipes on the phone screen are enough. How to enable and where is it located:

  • go to the main “Menu” and go to the “Settings” tab;
  • scroll down and find the item “Accounts”, open and select the one you need from the list;
  • we go through the authorization stage and put a tick on those services that need to be transferred.

The basic programs provided by the search engine are available for transfer, such as: Documents, virtual storage and a list of contacts. Information is also transferred from some games where there was authorization through a Google record, provided that the application is installed on the new gadget.

10.2.1 Configuring General Synchronization Options

only support unidirectional synchronization; the information on the mobile phone is read-only.

10.2.1 Configuring General Synchronization Options

Click the button at the top of the Accounts & sync screen. Select an account to sync from the list. Check the box Evil. mail to enable automatic synchronization of data on your phone with data on the Internet.

10.2.2 Changing Account Synchronization Settings

On the Accounts & sync screen, select the account for which

want to change your sync settings. A list of account data that can be synchronized will appear on the screen that opens.

Only selected items will sync with

Select the items you want to sync with

You can use this program to install multiple applications at the same time.

Installing the application The installer will scan

and will display all application.apk files. which are on the microSD card.

From the list of applications, select the applications to install.

and then Deselect All or Select

As a result, the exchange of contacts and service parameters will stop.

To figure out how to turn off synchronization on Huawei and Honor, you need to decide what effect the owner of the smartphone wants to achieve:

  • complete shutdown of synchronization;
  • prohibition of interaction of individual services and applications.

In the first case, communication between devices is completely blocked, in the second, the transfer of data and settings will be stopped only between some programs. At the same time, it is not difficult to resume the connection, for this it is enough to restore the initial conditions of auto-sync.

Disable individual applications associated with your account

To disable the synchronization of some programs and applications, you will need:

  • open the already familiar section “accounts”;
  • click on the required account that you want to configure;
  • wait for the opening of the tab with a list of active services that use auto-sync;
  • choose those that do not need information exchange;
  • move the slider next to them to the off position.
delete, account, android, huawei

To return to the usual mode of the program, just move the slider to the “on” position.

To disable auto-sync for all applications:

Account is a user account.

Android smartphones use a Google account (most often the mail server account), since the Android operating system is a Google product.

All information from all your devices is stored under your account on the Google servers, so that from a single center you can connect all your devices via the Internet to your uniform standard, including settings for all your applications, phone contacts, and so on. This is convenient because with its help, if necessary, it will be possible to recover data lost on one of your devices.

Accounts are also created for applications of other developers, where the possibility of synchronization is also provided.

In this case, in order to save traffic when syncing your accounts, there are two possible solutions:

  • completely disable auto-sync of all applications associated with your accounts. In this case, synchronization will have to be done manually;
  • or leave auto-sync only for the apps you select.

To disable auto-sync for all applications:

Open Phone Settings. On the first page of Smartphone Settings, find the item “Accounts” and click on it.

On the “Users and Accounts” page, click on the “three dots” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Next, we turn off the auto-sync of all applications, for this we remove the checkmark icon by clicking on the inscription “Auto-sync data”. A warning message will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the disabling of auto-sync data. Click on the “OK” icon.

The procedure for disabling auto-sync of individual applications associated with your account:

Open Phone Settings. On the first page of the Smartphone Settings, find the “Accounts” item and click on it.

On the Users & Accounts page, in the PERSONAL DATA section, select an account. (In our case, “Google”).

On the next page, you will be presented with the entire list of applications associated with this account. Here, at your will, you can turn off the auto-sync of those applications that, in your opinion, do not need constant synchronization. To do this, click on the “switch” in front of the selected applications.

Click HERE to go to the section “How to save Internet traffic on your HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”, Which contains 10 recommendations with detailed instructions for their implementation.

In a one-way start, there is always a master and a slave and their roles cannot be changed. For example, smartphone and Google services. All changes take place in the services, and materials are only copied on the smartphone. The smartphone is subordinate to the server. In a two-way exchange, the user himself chooses which device is the master and which is the slave, and the roles of the devices can be changed.

Synchronization can be divided into two types: one-way triggering and two-way exchange.

In a one-way start, there is always a master and a slave and their roles cannot be changed. For example, smartphone and Google services. All changes take place in the services, and materials are only copied on the smartphone. The smartphone is subordinate to the server. In a two-way exchange, the user himself chooses which device is the master and which is the slave, and the roles of the devices can be changed.

Upon completion, synchronization is divided into manual and automatic. With manual synchronization, the user himself copies the materials to the cloud. Data copying is specially configured for automatic synchronization. The user specifies the frequency, copy location, what information needs to be transferred to the server.

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Connecting contacts via the exchange protocol. does not work.

I can’t sync contacts stored in an account that is located on a custom domain under the control of Google Apps.

Subscription is free, since the days when up to 10 users within a domain did not require payment.

Android only offers to sync certain G contacts, but this service does not connect to the domain under the terms of the free Google Apps subscription. And not a word about ordinary contacts.

Do I understand correctly that google no longer allows free users to sync contacts?

Connecting contacts via the exchange protocol. does not work.

Or I don’t know how to use Android and everything is much simpler?

Now I see the only option to get contacts to the device: 1. Set up synchronization of contacts between work account and home account on an iOS device 2. All contacts will be consolidated and synchronized there, 3. Synchronize Google contacts from home account on x1. That should appear there.

Well, if you don’t want to use your Google Account at all, it will be easier to delete it from your device. To do this, in the accounts section, select the required account, click on the “Menu” button, then. “Delete account”. Read more about this here.

Android devices use Google account sync. This is a very correct decision, which also allows you to avoid the loss of important information. However, synchronization may not be necessary in some cases. How to turn it off?

Remove Google Account Huawei Mate 10. 9 & Huawei P20, P20 Pro, P10. P10 Lite, P9. FRP bypass 2018

Go to the settings of your smartphone or tablet, find the “Accounts” section.

Next, select the current Google account with which you are working (there may be several such accounts on the device).

In the sync section, you need to uncheck the boxes next to the sections that should not be synced. If you want to completely disable synchronization, then not a single tick should remain.

Now we go to another section. “Recovery and reset”.

Here we uncheck the boxes “Data backup” and “Auto recovery”.

Well, if you don’t want to use your Google Account at all, it will be easier to delete it from your device. To do this, in the accounts section, select the required account, click on the “Menu” button, then. “Delete account”. Read more about this here.

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Very often, Android device users may encounter an error syncing accounts. This error may appear due to several reasons, the solution of which will be described below, these methods are quite universal and will go to those who have problems with synchronizing Google accounts.

Disable syncing for all apps

To completely deactivate synchronization, you will need to repeat the same steps that allowed you to enable the function:

  • first you need to look at the settings;
  • then go to the “accounts” section;
  • call a drop-down menu with a list of available actions;
  • click on the “auto-sync” item;
  • uncheck the box that activates communication between different devices.

As a result, the exchange of contacts and service parameters will stop.

Manual synchronization of Google accounts on Android

Device accountsSync servicesManually sync
  • Open in “Settings” on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Go to the section “Users and accounts” (note: on different devices this name may differ.
  • In the subsection “Accounts” click sync.

By the way, if you have a problem with logging into your Google account, you cannot log in, then our article with instructions will certainly help you.

If, even after checking for correctness of the entered data and rebooting and even manual synchronization, the problem remains unchanged, then you must execute the following instruction:

  • Dial the following code: ## CHECKIN ## letters can be dialed by holding certain numbers for a long time (Example: ###)
  • Next press the call button.

Attention: smartphones / tablets and operating system versions differ from each other, so not all of the above methods may work on your device.

If you have experience in fixing the account sync error on Android, share it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Sign out of Google Account without performing a factory reset

The fact is that when trying to remove their Google or Gmail account from the settings, many users receive the following message:

“This account is required for some applications to run. You can delete it only when restoring factory settings (in this case, all your personal data will be deleted) “.

Naturally, this warning raises many questions for some people. Those users who have never dealt with Android OS before are especially worried.

There are two ways to reset your Google Account without restoring factory settings.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the Accounts section.
  • Select Your Google Account Menu.
  • Select “Remove account”.

If this method doesn’t work, try the second one:

  • Open the Root Explorer app or similar system file manager.
  • Open the data / system folder and delete the “” file.
  • If you cannot find the file with the db extension, open the data / system / sync folders and delete the “accounts.xml” file.

Important: You need to open folders from the phone from the root directory of Android (internal memory of the device). If you open the data folder in the root directory of the microSD card used as external storage, you will not find the system folder in it.

Method 7

The latter option does not require account verification, since it assumes that the user:

  • connect to Wi-Fi;
  • while checking the network, press the “back” key and select an alternative network;
  • will enter any characters instead of login to wait for the system’s help (the words “show hints”);
  • after which it will remain to go to the settings and delete unnecessary accounts.

This completes the procedure, and the owner of the device will only need to confirm the correctness of the actions taken.

Method 1

  • insert a new SIM card into the smartphone;
  • call her from any available phone;
  • accept an incoming call and press “add new”;
  • open the “phone” application and enter any numbers;
  • add the resulting number to an existing account;
  • enter information about the desired Google profile;
  • save the resulting contact;
  • reboot the system.

Usually, the described actions are enough to restore the operation of the device and access the main functions of the device.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to Delete HUAWEI ID Permanently 2018

FRP Official Reset

The simplest method of solving the problem and restoring access will require:

  • turning on the device;
  • logging into your old Google account;
  • reset frp via settings menu.

An alternative approach requires authorization in the Google account through a computer or laptop and unlinking the smartphone there.

Additionally, a third option is provided, which is optimal for people who have only recently purchased a phone. You need to re-visit the communication salon and ask for help from the managers working there.

Method 2

The new way to figure out how to reset your Google account on Honor is a bit like the previous one. Need to:

  • put a SIM card in a smartphone and call it;
  • reply to the incoming one and select the “add” action;
  • enter the special code ###;
  • wait for the extended menu to open;
  • click “back”;
  • go to the subsection “recovery and reset”;
  • disable backup and all found items with mention of recovery;
  • save the changes and confirm the actions;
  • press the button offering to restore the factory parameters (default);
  • log in to your account.
delete, account, android, huawei

Via PC

First of all, install the HiSuite program from Huawei on your computer. Then:

  • Launch the settings on the smartphone.
  • Go to the section “About the phone” and click on the line “Build number” several times in a row.
  • Do this until the system shows a notification about the granting of developer rights.
  • Let’s go back and open the “For Developers” tab.
  • We put a tick next to the item “Debugging via USB”.
  • We connect the phone to the PC via a cable.
  • Launch the HiSuite program and open the updates tab.
  • In the drop-down list, select the version you are interested in and click “Install”.
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It is important that at the time of the procedure the phone is charged at least 50%, and the USB cable is in good working order. If the operation is interrupted due to a faulty cable or a discharged battery, then the gadget runs the risk of turning into a “brick”.

How to rollback an Android update on Huawei and Honor to a previous version

With each update, the developers of the mobile OS try to improve the existing functionality or add new features. Regardless, some users are wondering how to rollback an Android update on Honor and Huawei to a previous version. Why?

The main reason is errors. That is, along with new options, errors can sometimes appear in the phone after installing updates. Resentment about new features may also be the reason. For example, recently the EMUI developers added an interesting option. “Recommendations”, which annoys or prevents users from using the gadget with its notifications. Let’s consider how you can return to the previous version of the firmware, where everything worked like a clock.

Preliminary, we note that the manufacturer previously left the ability to roll back updates, but in Android 9.0 Pie Google finally banned the rollback of the OS version. It was equipped with good protection, which prevents the transition to the preliminary version. This was done to protect the operating system.

Through Bootloader

The next solution involves using a Bootloader or bootloader. It includes several OS versions. Installation of the required firmware through the “Loader” takes place in several stages.

How to rollback Android update to Huawei and Honor

Despite the introduction of the restriction, it is possible to switch to the previous firmware version after the update. But, you cannot call it a rollback. The existing methods involve removing the shell and installing a new one. Thus, we have two options:

  • Via PC, developer rights and USB debugging.
  • Using Bootloader.

How to uninstall the latest OS update using utilities

You don’t have to uninstall the latest update. This is done automatically. That is, as soon as you started the operation to install the new version, the old one will be deleted by the system.

Deleting Google Account

There are three methods to delete your Google Account:


In this case, you need an Internet connection and a computer again.

Go to your personal page through an Internet browser. Go to the settings and select the item that means deactivating the profile.


Initially, you need to connect an Internet connection, open any convenient mobile browser and go to

Next. go to your personal account using your data.

After that, at the top of the screen, on the right side, click on the “Parameters” button. Scroll down the page and find the “Delete Account” tool. We use it.


  • We go to the settings of the mobile device;
  • Click on the section “Login with Huawei Account”;
  • Go through the subsection “Confidentiality” to “Delete account”.

The third

In the settings of the mobile phone there is a section called “Accounts”. If you go into it, you can find a list of all currently available options.

You can select the required profile, click on the removal tool and then proceed on the basis of the proposed instructions.

How to delete Huawei account


We return to the telephone settings again. Then we do the following:

  • Click on “Google” and go to “Google Account”;
  • Open the “menu” section, in it we go through “data and personalization” to “delete a service or account”;
  • We use a tool that allows you to start the procedure for erasing our account.

Before starting it, you will need to confirm with a password.

How to Delete Account from Huawei Tablet?

To delete an account, go to Settings Login with Huawei Account Privacy Delete Account.

What is Huawei account?

A Huawei Account is an account that users use to access Huawei apps, services, and websites and other companies’ services that can be accessed through a Huawei Account.

How to create a new account on Huawei?

  • Click Register in the upper right corner to go to the registration page.
  • You can register your Huawei account by email. mail or mobile phone number.
  • Read and agree to the Huawei Account Terms of Service, then click Continue.

What is a Huawei account for??

It is worth creating an account on a Huawei phone if only because this way you will get access to the cloud. Huawei devices have the ability to automatically sync all your settings and data, including multimedia (photo video) with the internal cloud service.

How to turn on Huawei phone after factory reset?

  • Launch the “Settings” application.
  • Scroll down the menu.
  • Select the menu item “System”.
  • Find the “Reset” item, open it.
  • Select “Reset all settings”.
  • Confirm Action.

How to Remove Google Account from HUAWEI P20. Delete Google Account |HardReset.Info

How to reset to factory settings

If you want to delete all files, applications and other saved data, then the easiest way is to reset your phone to factory settings. Instructions:

Attention! This procedure will completely delete all user information and settings from the smartphone (including saved passwords, autofill data, credit cards). Make sure to back up if necessary.

In the settings, find the item “Google” and in the page that opens, select “Backup”.

If you want to delete data not only from your smartphone, but also from Google Drive, then move the slider to the “Off” state. After that click on “Disable and uninstall”. Be careful, after that you will not be able to access the backup copy of the device.

Go back to the settings and here find “Backup and reset” (depending on the version of Android, this item may be hidden in different subsections). Click Erase All Data to perform a factory reset. Confirm the action if necessary.

After that, the phone will reboot and when turned on, it can be configured as a new device. For more information on how to reset to factory settings, read our guide: How to format an Android phone.

How to Delete All Data from Android Phone

If you are preparing a smartphone for resale, if you want to give it for temporary use to another person, then it is best to delete all personal files and information from it.

To do this, just do a factory reset, get rid of any data manually, or use special software. Next, we’ll show you how to remove everything from your Android phone.

How to manually clean your smartphone

If necessary, you can clear the memory and delete unnecessary files, cache and account data from your phone without uninstalling applications. This is convenient if you want to leave some information. Instructions:

Go to settings and find the “Applications” item here. In the list that opens, select the application whose data you want to delete.

Detailed information about the application will open. Here you can either completely delete it from your phone, or clear data, cache. Depending on the version of Android, the buttons may be positioned differently and have different names.

You can delete all user data through the explorer. Open it and then sort by file type. After that, delete unnecessary images, music or documents.

Some smartphone manufacturers pre-install special software on the device to clean up junk files and other unnecessary user data. For example, the “Cleaning” application for Xiaomi devices.

If you want to delete all data from your Android smartphone, it is best to do a factory reset. This is useful if you are preparing your phone for resale. But if you want to clean your phone from junk files and improve its performance, then check out our guide.

If you want to clean Android completely, then the best thing to do is to do a factory reset. If you plan to clear memory of certain types of files (for example, images or music), then it is better to do it manually. Especially if you do not want to lose installed applications and saved passwords.

Remove YouTube on Android Honor and Huawei

YouTube, like Android, was developed by Google, which is why popular video hosting is often preinstalled in the system by the developer, that is, it is standard. There are many ways to erase an unwanted program from your phone.

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over, the methods directly depend on how the video hosting appeared in the smartphone’s memory. For example, if you installed it yourself, then further removal will not cause questions or problems, but if it was preinstalled, then you will have to use workarounds. Initially, we will consider simple options, gradually moving to more complex ones.

Pre-installed app

It is not always easy to remove YouTube as described above. In some EMUI shells, the application cannot be erased, because it is built into the system by the developer. In this case, you have three options:

  • Disable it.
  • Erase with Root rights.
  • Take advantage of hidden features. developer options.

Home screen or menu

Installed programs in Android can be found in settings or on the home screen. So, the removal instructions:

  • On the desktop, we find the YouTube application.
  • We pinch on it with our finger.
  • The “Delete” option will appear at the top. Drag the shortcut there and drop it.
  • To confirm the procedure, click “OK”.


The second way involves using settings:

  • Opening the parameters.
  • Go to the “Applications” tab.
  • Find YouTube in the list.
  • Click on the delete button and confirm the operation.

As you can see, the presented two methods are quite simple. If in the first case you just need to drag the shortcut to the image of the basket from the desktop, then in the second you need to find the application in the list of installed ones and remove.

How to uninstall the YouTube app from Honor and Huawei phones: methods, instructions

Despite the popularity of the YouTube video service, some users decide to remove it. Usually, such a decision is made due to preferences, for example, you could find another similar service for watching videos, which seemed more convenient. It can also be associated with an outdated smartphone or tablet, where the amount of memory is very limited and the use of video hosting causes serious problems. Consider How to Remove YouTube from Honor and Huawei Phone.

Cloud service Mobile Cloud Huawei and Honor: where it is located and how to use

Mobile Cloud Huawei and Honor is a modern branded virtual storage from a Chinese company. It is analogous to MiCloud in Xiaomi or iCloud in iPhone. The main task of the proprietary utility is to help phone owners switch from internal drives and flash drives to a reliable digital platform. However, due to the fact that the platform was presented in Russia only in April 2021, not everyone knows about its existence and functional features.

Cloud Gallery

Photos are files that are on every camera phone. These are pictures of family, friends, work images, etc. No one would like to lose them, because it is a memory and an important archive. To keep your gallery content from being deleted, direct the save path to Cloud Gallery.

Then the snapshot will be saved both in the gallery and on the cloud. Even if the picture is deleted from the phone’s memory, it remains in the cloud service album.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup helps you preserve your data and protect yourself from accidental deletion. There are such unpleasant situations as the loss or theft of the phone, breakdown, etc. Then all the necessary components that are inside the gadget are lost. To prevent this from happening, make a regular backup to Mobile Cloud. This will allow you to restore information from the point of the last backup at the right time.

Data sync

Synchronization of information is a popular tool for modern users. If you have just acquired a device and there is a need to transfer content from your old smartphone to a new one, then synchronization is the easiest and most convenient way. It is also convenient to use this tool to upload information to a PC. In order to use the synchronization option, you need:

  • download and install Mobile Cloud on both phones;
  • run the software on your old phone;
  • in the settings, select the option that downloads all types of content to the digital memory;
  • choose which components you want to sync;
  • make sure the internet is turned on;
  • start the process and wait for it to finish;
  • log in to the same account from the new device;
  • files will be available there.

The process works in the reverse order, that is, it is possible to transfer information from a new device to an old one.


Among the functional features of Mobile Cloud:

  • synchronization of multimedia files, contacts, documents, archives, etc.
  • creating a backup of correspondence, contacts, and other components (for later recovery);
  • bulk backup;
  • the ability to restore deleted components;
  • synchronization and transfer of information between devices;
  • storage of files;
  • protection in several levels;
  • secure access;
  • smart identification of the owner.

Huawei account registration

There are several ways to register. It is recommended to do it immediately after purchasing a smartphone. However, if for some reason this was not done, you can log in through a browser on a stationary computer, for example, in Google Chrome. In general, registration requires personal data. You need to enter your first and last name, personal number. You can be sure of the safety of your data. The company does not distribute information, but stores it for internal use.

How to set up an account on a Huawei phone?

For effective work, the creators propose to include all systems for protecting confidential information. In Honor’s settings, enable dual identification. For example, when entering from a personal computer, you will receive SMS messages to the number. In this case, it is possible to set convenient characteristics. Choose your favorite theme, design and wallpaper for your phone. You will be able to record health data for working with the “Health” program. The account will help you to use your phone productively without additional devices. Therefore, visit the section “Settings”.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

What is a Huawei account and why you need it: account registration, login, setup and deletion

Huawei Account is a service provided by Huawei. Users will now be able to use Honor’s services from their smartphone. In particular, use applications adapted to the company’s brand and website. It is quite convenient to use the cloud to save useful information, photos and music. Create a custom smartphone design, theme and screensaver. The account allows you to use the functionality to the fullest.

Benefits and functionality

When buying a smartphone, they immediately offer to get a Huawei ID. This is necessary in order to access any service. This number includes the standard programs Health, Themes, etc. In order for all the information to be saved for further work, you need to create an account. This is a personal page on your phone. So, it will be easier to work and use a mobile device. All data is automatically synced to your account. As for the “information cloud”, you can configure the function of automatic saving of information. If your phone is lost or stolen, your data will be saved. The right method to make sure the necessary always stays in the memory.

Via browser

You can create a page for use via the Internet. Any browser is available from any personal computer. Be careful, the account can be automatically saved on the PC. If this is not needed, then after activation, log out of the system on the computer. The data that you entered must be entered already on the mobile. We suggest using a short instruction to avoid installation problems. For this:

  • open your browser and go to the official website of the company;
  • choose the method of registration via SMS to your personal number or via e-mail;
  • then fill out the proposed questionnaire;
  • agree to the terms, check the appropriate box;
  • press the button “Register”.

How to Delete Huawei Account on Phone?

If for any reason you want to delete a page, use the following rules:

  • go to the “Settings” section;
  • look for a feature called “Accounts”;
  • choose the current one and click “Delete” and enter the pin code.