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Face ID. unlock your smartphone using your face

It’s not news that Apple creates revolutionary things that later become the benchmark for the smartphone business. This was the case with Touch ID, which appeared in the iPhone 5s and has become a musthave element for modern devices. This time, Apple has prepared Face ID technology, which, as expected, other smartphone companies will try to copy and use, because it is hard to deny that this is truly a breakthrough innovation. In this article, we will go through this technology in detail, consider its main advantages and disadvantages, and draw our conclusion.

Face ID. what is it, how it works

What is Face ID? It is a secure authentication system that is able to unlock the device and pay for purchases by recognizing the owner’s face.

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Provide this capability with TrueDepth cameras, which work together to scan, perceive, and recognize a structural map of your face. A few words about the components of the system:

  • Point Projector. about 30,000 invisible points are projected onto your face, creating an individual map taking into account all the outlines of your face;
  • Infrared camera. is responsible for the process of reading information about the dot structure, creates an image in the infrared spectrum and transfers the data to the Secure Enclave module, which is built into the A11 Bionic processor (at this stage, the conformity and comparison of the face and the set early dot structure of the owner’s face are checked) ;
  • IR emitter. emitting an invisible beam of infrared light that allows iPhone X to recognize your face even in the dark.
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How To Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Available

Face ID is a powerful security system that cannot be tricked by photos. To unlock the iPhone X, you need to look specifically at your smartphone. with closed eyes or looking at the floor, it will not work to wake up the smartphone. over, the system works even at night. Fans of experiments with appearance should not worry: Face ID will react to you, even if you grow a beard, put on glasses, paint or put on a winter hat and scarf.

When creating a 3D model of a face, the Face ID system is more compromise and easy to use, which cannot be said about the iris scanner from Samsung, where unlocking a smartphone requires clarity and dexterity. matching your eyes and scanners while walking, you must agree, is more difficult.

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Face ID versus Touch ID

It is no wonder that Apple lovers will be divided into two camps: adherents of the Face ID innovation and seasoned oldfags, lovers of Touch ID. It’s hard to say which is better, we have only facts. For example, for a fingerprint scanner, the chances of unlocking an incorrect fingerprint are 1:50 000. But unlocking with Face ID allows several times fewer errors. 1: 1 000 000. Of course, it is quite difficult to compare the speed of the two systems, but hypothetically Taking into account all the owner’s movements aimed at activating the smartphone, Face ID will remain simpler, more convenient and faster. unlocking occurs with just one movement. it’s like looking in a mirror. But the twins with the iPhone 10 will have to get nervous. most likely, the system will not find the differences between you and your sister or brother, and fingerprints, after all, are a unique sign.

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Diagnostics and repair

Face ID iPhone X Recovery

What parts are used?

In the process of restoring face ID iphone x, we use only proven and reliable spare parts, in most cases these are original spare parts from Apple. In cases where these are not available, we use OEM parts of the best quality.

⌚ How long will it take to recover face ID iphone x?

We do Face ID iPhone X recovery within 2 hours after diagnosis, except for difficult cases. And our courier can arrive within an hour and pick up your device.

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Where to repair in Kiev?

To recover face ID iphone x. trust the professionals and contact the iLab service center. Address: Kiev, st. Pavlovskaya 10, office 5. Phone: 0 800 751-752.

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