Factory reset on Android Honor 7a

Through Recovery (with buttons)

Thanks to the Recovery mode, you can make a full reset to factory settings, even if you have forgotten the graphic password from your smartphone. Regardless of whether the gadget is protected by a PIN code, hard reset destroys all data that has been saved.

Data reset via Recovery is usually used in two cases:

  • If the user has forgotten the password.
  • If the device responds inadequately to touching the screen with your fingers and just glitches.

Regardless of the reasons for the data reset, EMUI owners are protected from a long search for the desired menu item.

To turn on the phone in recovery mode, you need:

  • Press the volume key up and the screen lock key (power on).
  • After the company logo appears, release the screen lock key.
  • Wait until the menu is fully loaded.
  • Use the volume and off buttons to select the item “Wipe data / factory reset“.
  • Confirm selection with the lock button.

On some Huawei devices, a sensor works in the recovery menu, so you can select a menu item by clicking on it. After that, in the window that appears, using the keyboard, “YES” is written. confirmation of user actions and “Wipe data / factory reset” is pressed several times.

Natalia Mikhailova

Hello. Dug in the settings of ONOR7. A circle appeared, moved with your finger across the screen, how to remove this attack?

If I understand you correctly, this is the navigation button. Disabled in the top menu or in the settings (approximately): system. system navigation. navigation button.

Method 6

  • turn off the device and remove the SIM card;
  • turn it back on;
  • choose the appropriate language and skip the item mentioning the SIM card;
  • instead of entering e-mail, hold down @;
  • wait for the keyboard settings to appear;
  • open the list of active applications;
  • go to the desired menu and roll back the device to the factory level.

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The proposed method is suitable for all models including dli tl20, lld l31, fig lx1 and nem l51.

Preparation. reset Huawei

You wouldn’t start cooking before you cooked meat, would you? The same rule applies to your phone. Before you learn how to restore this Huawei device, there are several prerequisites that you should keep in mind. This is a basic list of things to help you prepare your phone to DO actually reset your Huawei phone.

  • Asus password, how to find out the password from the router and how to reset if forgot.

reset Huawei

  • Turn off your Huawei phone before resetting.
  • Make sure it has at least 70% battery life. Resetting your phone completely absorbs the battery, so you must charge your phone to avoid any problems.
  • It may take a while to do a hard reset on your Huawei phone, but if you feel that it is taking too long and it is frozen, you need to remove the battery and wait 10 seconds to reinstall the battery and restart the phone again. You should also make sure that your phone is not connected to a charger during this time.
  • Back up your phone.
  • Before resetting, try clearing cache data from your phone. This will speed up the whole reboot process.

Now, let’s move on to how you can reset your Huawei phone using three simple methods.

Method 7

The latter option does not require account verification, since it assumes that the user:

  • connect to Wi-Fi;
  • while checking the network, press the “back” key and select an alternative network;
  • will enter any characters instead of a login to wait for the system’s help (the words “show hints”);
  • after which it will remain to go to the settings and delete unnecessary accounts.

This completes the procedure, and the owner of the device will only need to confirm the correctness of the actions taken.

FRP Official Reset

The simplest method of solving the problem and restoring access will require:

  • turning on the device;
  • logging into your old Google account;
  • reset frp via settings menu.

An alternative approach requires authorization in the Google account through a computer or laptop and unlinking the smartphone there.

Additionally, a third option is provided, which is optimal for people who have only recently purchased a phone. You need to re-visit the communication salon and ask for the help of the managers working there.

Full reset

You can completely delete data and restore factory settings as follows:

  • Launch the “Settings” application.
  • Open the “System” tab.
  • Go to the “Reset” mode.
  • Click on “Reset phone”.
  • Then click on “Reset phone settings”.

In this case, all information that was previously stored in the memory of the gadget is deleted. It is not possible to recover programs, photos or contacts. Everything is deleted in full.

How to Factory Reset Honor Phone from System Menu

This function on all smartphones is available in two ways. through the settings of the smartphone and through the so-called hot keys.

Step-by-step instructions on how to reset Honor to factory settings from the menu:

  • open “Settings”;
  • scroll down to the bottom and look for the “System” item there;
  • open it;
  • then in the menu that opens, find the “Restore and reset” tab or simply “Reset” (depending on the model: 6a / 7a / 8x / 9 lite / 10);
  • there you click on the item “Restore factory settings”;
  • the system window of the operating software will open, warning the user that all information from the internal media will be deleted and cannot be restored (these are both accounts and data, personal settings of the gadget and applications, installed software);
  • for a successful reset, you need to confirm the action and agree with the requirement;
  • click in the area of ​​the inscription “Reset phone settings”;
  • wait until the set parameters are reset and rebooted;
  • set up your phone again (time, date, language, theme, Wi-Fi, sounds and more).

“Hard Reset” through the Recovery menu

To implement a Hard Reset on Honor through the menu of the internal operating system of the Recovery, you must use the hot keys on the smartphone. Next, we will explain step by step how it is. This path of completion and cleaning is valuable because if the system hangs badly and nothing can be done, there will be no problems.

  • Enter the Restore menu (most often this is possible by simultaneously pressing the lock and volume buttons).
  • Go to the Wipe data / factory reset item, select it.
  • The device is rebooting.
  • Wait for the end, restart your phone again, set up.
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What is “Hard Reset”?

Hard Reset is a radical way to return your smartphone to the settings provided by the manufacturer. This includes:

  • utility language;
  • interface design;
  • stylization and themes;
  • sounds;
  • filling with applications;
  • clearing the memory of internal (by default) and external (user-selectable) drives;
  • custom settings.

Many users have repeatedly encountered such problems:

  • the phone is very dull;
  • responds to user requests many times longer than usual;
  • does not open some functions;
  • produces unknown crashes and errors;
  • constantly writes that there is no free space in the smartphone, although the memory is manually cleared;
  • itself turns off or applications crash;
  • photos and videos taken with the camera are not saved;
  • files appear and are deleted in a chaotic manner.

In most cases, the emergency reboot option helps to successfully resolve such problems.

How to reset an Honor phone to factory settings: do a “Hard Reset

How to factory reset Huawei phone? This question is asked by those whose device began to freeze, the memory is clogged and it is impossible to manually free up space. Then reset is the only way to update the gadget, rid it of unnecessary harmful files, optimize the operation of the device as a whole.

How to factory reset Honor using three buttons

You don’t need to do anything further. Wait until the end of the operating system reboot, and set up the smartphone again. time, date, language, theme, Wi-Fi, sounds and more.

Difficulties with resetting Huawei: solutions

Understanding the principles of how to reset a Huawei phone to factory settings does not always allow you to reset the device “without incident”. Some users do not understand their actions, which is why the device turns into a “brick” after a reset. To solve the problem, try the following steps:

  • Restart the machine or try resetting it again.
  • Take out the power supply for 15-20 minutes if it is removable.
  • Take the device to a workshop.

The main reason for crashes after a reset is software crashes. The reason could be the applications installed on the Huawei phone before the Hard Reset.

You cannot dismiss the option when the battery is discharged during operation or the device is turned off due to system failures. In such a situation, you need to try again to reset the smartphone. If this fails, then you will have to do the firmware, after which the owner will receive Huawei with a clean system.

Partial reset

If you select “all settings”, a partial reset occurs. As a result, the unlock passwords set by the owner, pin codes, saved fingerprints and face scans are deleted from the phone. The rest of the data, including photos and applications, is saved.

Firmware versions

Before downloading, you need to figure out which version of the firmware on your device. To do this, read its numbering. Let’s take Huawei’s MT1. U06 V100R001C00B907 as an example.

MT1. U06 refers to the name of the device. MT is the main base, that is, Huawei mate, and under U06 is the revision of the gadget. Devices can have different revisions. Let’s just say that U stands for UMTS, C stands for CDMA version. C × B SP is a specific designation for Huawei, displaying the version of the “base” on which the firmware file was created.

В ×ЧЧ is understood as the numeric class of the base for the firmware implementation. SP × Ч. Service Pack number. The more SP × Ч and B × Ч are, the more current the version is (the highest priority is B × Ч). The region of the state is encrypted under С ×.

Next, consider the software version itself. V100R001C00B907. In this case, R001 and V100 indicate the major version and revision of updates. They change extremely rarely, as a rule, with a significant change relative to the previous version of the software (for example, the transition from Android 2.x to 4.x).

С00В907 means that the version is designed for most of the newest devices. The C00 value remains unchanged and means binding to a particular region. You can define the region in the menu section called “Special version”. B907. firmware version.

Possible mistakes

When flashing Huawei smartphones, users often face the following situations:

  • The device has turned off and cannot be turned on. Wait 2-3 minutes. If the gadget still does not turn on, then try turning it on yourself.
  • The firmware process has stopped and does not move further. This is often the case when the new Huawei is being flashed. In such a situation, you have to wait 5 minutes. If the device still hangs, remove and insert the battery back. If your smartphone has a non-removable battery, press and hold the power key and volume keys for 15 seconds.

The methods described above have been tested in practice. Remember that all manipulations with the smartphone you do at your own peril and risk.

Emergency reset

This is the most extreme method and it makes sense to use it only if the first two methods did not fit. The method is similar to the previous one, but the smartphone must be launched by holding down both the sound and power keys. When prompted, release the sound key while continuing to hold both sound buttons until a reboot occurs.

If all these three methods could not help you, then it makes sense to think about flashing your smartphone, how to do this without resorting to the services of a specialist, described in detail in the article “How to flash Huawei”.

Through settings

Using a local update is appropriate for large-scale innovations, in addition, this technique allows you to restore the system to its original appearance and, as a rule, eliminates the risk of problems associated with significant battery consumption in the first few days after the update.

To update through the setup menu, you need to:

  • In the root of the SD card, create a folder called dload.
  • Copy the UPDATE.APP file from the archive containing the firmware to dload.
  • Then go to the “Settings” menu, find the “Memory” section, and in it the “Software Update” option.
  • Start the update and wait for the process to finish.

Option 4. service code

The method is similar to the previous one and works on Huawei and Honor smartphones, including the Y3. Open the Phone application and enter the combination 2767 3855 #. Then press the call button, after which the phone will automatically perform a complete system rollback.

Preparing for a factory reset

Before starting the recovery process, you should first take care of all the information stored on your smartphone. Because after the actions taken, it is impossible to return the lost data. What preparation consists of:

  • turn off the gadget;
  • the battery charge level at the time of shutdown must be at least 70%, since the process is energy-consuming, it spends almost all resources;
  • long-term hard reset can lead to the phone freezing and not functioning, in which case removing the battery will help;
  • make a backup copy of all files on your smartphone;
  • before starting, the cache is cleared, thus reducing the procedure time.
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How to Disable Parental Controls from Honor and Huawei Phone. Step by Step Guide

Now let’s get down to the very methods of restoring the original state.

Xiaomi Mi A1 (pure Android 8.1 Oreo)

  • Click on the “Settings” icon in the application menu or launch them using the icon in the notification shade.
  • Scroll down and go to the “System” section.
  • Click “Reset”.
  • Select “Erase All Data” (“Reset to Factory Settings”).
  • Confirm your intention by pressing the button below.
  • Enter the device PIN and click “Continue”.
  • Select “Erase All”.

The device will reboot and you will need to go through the initial setup again as if it were a new phone.

How to create a backup?

Attention! Resetting will erase all data on your Honor 9 Lite phone. If you have not backed up your contacts, images, videos, documents and everything else, then you must do so, otherwise you will lose all personal information that was on the device.

To avoid losing your data, follow these guidelines.

  • Transfer photos, documents and videos to your computer via USB cable. You can also use Google Photos to backup images, and Google Drive cloud service is suitable for documents and folders, but you can upload the number of files to it. You will have to pay to expand storage.
  • In order not to lose contacts and applications, activate cloud sync in the settings. Go to the path “System”. “Advanced”. “Backup”. Enable Google Account Backup.

Once done, you can Hard Reset Honor 9 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (shell Samsung Experience)

  • Go to the settings in a way convenient for you.
  • At the bottom, click on the “General Settings” tab.
  • Select “Reset” (“Backup and reset”).
  • Tap on “Reset data”.
  • Click on the blue reset button.
  • Enter the device PIN and click “Next”.
  • Click on “Delete All” (“Reset Device”).

Your phone will restart. It will remain to customize it as after purchase.

Factory reset (hard reset) for Honor 9 Lite phone

There are many reasons why you may need to perform a Hard Reset on your Honor 9 Lite. Typically, this procedure is performed to restore the health of the system, which has been violated by viruses, deleting system files, “clumsy” firmware update and many other things. Hard Reset is very easy to perform on any smartphone, but you should be aware of the consequences of this action and be able to back up the system and files. We will describe all this in detail below.

How to Hard Reset Honor 9 Lite Phone from Settings Menu?

Attention! Because of FRP (Factory Reset Protection, that is, protection against reset), Android will ask you to enter your account login and password, which was assigned before the Hard Reset procedure. Therefore, if you plan to sell a smartphone, you must log out of your Google account (“Settings”. “Accounts”. “Google”. “Delete account”) before resetting so that the person who receives your phone can activate his profile on it.

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7A | Factory Reset

Given the wide range of Android phones and the difficulty of describing the factory reset process for a specific model, we will show the guide using three fundamentally different devices and firmware as examples:

  • Mi A1 on pure Android, which is also used in Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus (has a slightly redesigned system) and in all devices released about the Android One program;
  • Galaxy S7 running Samsung Experience. Recall that the Korean corporation is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, so it makes sense to show this shell too;
  • Redmi Note 5 on MIUI. The products of this company are in great demand in the CIS, so we could not ignore it.

The easiest way to do Hard Reset is through a special menu in the system parameters. Note again that the location and name of the items may differ slightly depending on the phone used. The main thing is to find the main category for recovery and reset.

Redmi Note 5 (MIUI firmware)

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Advanced Options” window.
  • Click on “Backup and reset”.
  • Select “Factory data reset”.
  • To remove absolutely all applications and files, check the “Clear internal memory”.
  • It remains to click on “Reset settings” and enter the password, if required.

Attention! As you can see, the main thing is to find the “Reset” section. In order to be guaranteed not to “wander” in all parameters in search of the desired menu, it is easier on the main page to enter the query “Reset” in the search box. Select the desired menu from the proposed list and you will immediately get into it. And then everything is as in the instructions.

How to Hard Reset Honor 9 Lite via Recovery?

This is a useful method if the phone has a problem that prevents it from loading. It is for such cases that you need a recovery mode, through which you will need to produce Hard Reset.

  • If your phone is on, turn it off.
  • Hold down the power and volume down buttons (if nothing happens, read our separate article on how to enter Recovery).
  • Instead of normal loading, you will see a menu where navigation is performed using the volume keys (move the cursor) and power (select).
  • Go down to the category “Wipe data / factory reset” and click on it with the power key.
  • Highlight ‘Yes’ to confirm reset.

Upon completion of the reset, the device will reboot and display the standard welcome and settings window. Again, the menu names may differ slightly depending on the model.

Using custom code

Another easy and quick way to Hard reset is using special combinations. To do this, you need to go to Dialer, that is, where we dial phone numbers for a call, and enter one of the combinations with the number keys:

After that, the reset process is activated, and all parameters are returned to the factory settings.

Preliminary preparation

Now that you know what it is and what it might be for, so I want to tell you what to do before performing a hard reset. It should always be done with data retention. You can upload the necessary content on a PC in advance, or make a backup version of the necessary content. Also, be sure to check that the battery of the gadget is fully charged. Many models simply will not allow you to perform the procedure itself or get into the Recovery with a low charge. But on some devices, this protection is absent, so there is a risk that the battery will be discharged during the reset process, and this, in turn, will lead to sad consequences.

On most smartphones and tablets operating on Android 5.1 and higher, before Hard reset, you need to delete your Google account, because on some devices, due to the new Google security program, you need to enter the last profile data before resetting. You can find out more about this on the company’s website. Without the information of the last account, you can restore access, for example, to HTC, exclusively through the service center if you have purchase documents on hand.

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There are several options for performing Hard reset:

  • using the Recovery menu;
  • through settings;
  • with the “Phone” application (dialing);
  • special button for deleting parameters.

For what purposes is Hard reset used??

It is necessary to use resetting the parameters to the factory settings in several cases:

  • to prepare for resale;
  • to solve problems with the smartphone. If you have been using a gadget for a long time, various garbage is stored in it and the system malfunctions and slows down. Zeroing memory is not the only one, but one of the most effective solutions;
  • when unlocking the device, if you do not remember the password or key. Naturally, you do not need to do this right away, you can first try to restore the combination, but if it does not work, this will be the only option.

We use the menu of the gadget itself

If you can easily log into the system, Settings or open the dialing, this option is for you. First of all, you should look for reset settings in the menu. It may have different names for different devices. Here are some examples to make it easier for you to navigate:

  • on Android 4.0 and newer: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Restore and Reset”;
  • Samsung: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Backup and reset” (sometimes “Privacy”):
  • Huawei: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Restore and Reset” to factory settings.

Go on, and the system will notify you that all information in memory will be deleted, indicate the accounts from which data will be erased. At the bottom you will find a sub-item for resetting the device parameters, or maybe something similar, click on it. Then the system will ask again for consent to delete all data and downloaded applications without the possibility of recovery, you should click “Erase everything”. After that, all information is reset and the device reboots.

Using Recovery

This option will be useful to those Android owners whose gadget does not start at all or freezes when the company logo appears during startup. It will also be useful if you cannot remember your graphic code and lock combination. In other words, if it becomes uncomfortable or difficult to work with the device, then this instruction will be useful to you.

Turn off your Lenovo or another brand device (the display and all keys should go out). This is necessary in order to get into the Recovery menu. To do this, pinch and hold a certain combination of buttons at once. Different smartphones use different combinations:

  • the most used: the volume down key and the equipment power key;
  • there are LG models in which you need to do everything described in method 1, but when the logo appears, release it and press Power again;
  • in Samsung, you should immediately press and hold 3 keys: turning on Home Volume UP. If the Home button is absent, then Power and Volume UP, release the first after the brand name appears on the display. Other keys must be held until Recovery appears (this takes a little time);
  • increase the sound decrease the power key of the device. on most Sony Xperia;
  • Power Home sound up;
  • volume up key to turn on the phone;
  • increase volume decrease volume.

These combinations, you need to choose depending on the model, they will help to trigger Recovery. It is easy to navigate through it using the volume buttons (if you have a touch Recovery, use the standard method), and the choice is confirmed by the Power or Menu keys. After you find yourself in the settings, you will need to find “wipe data / factory reset” (sometimes Clear eMMC or Clear Flash), select it, and then click “yes” or “yes. delete all user data”.

When the factory reset process is complete, go to the “Reboot System Now” item, it will reboot the hardware. In the screenshot below, pay attention to the “red arrow”, and the item highlighted in blue:

The names of the items may be different, but the principle itself is the same for all smartphones on Android.

Factory reset on Android. different ways

Hello. There are many situations where a software problem on a mobile device can only be solved by performing a hard reboot. In simple terms, any gadget may need a factory reset on Android sooner or later. Quite often, using this action, you can get rid of device freezes, its incorrect operation, unnecessary objects in the system, virus software and other.

Any device with Android operating system can be reset to zero, so every owner of such equipment can cope with this. Before starting the process, you should take care of the safety of your data, especially if they are of any value. When you reset your smartphone, all information is deleted, except for those on removable media. It will not be possible to restore them, so you can lose all multimedia content, books, logins and passwords for various accounts, contacts from the phone book.

Single Button Help on Android

There are some machines that still have a separate hard zeroing key. It is made in the form of a small hole. Usually, to reset, you just need to press on it with a sharp, thin object. Everything happens quickly, there is nothing complicated.

We clean the device to the factory state through a computer

This option is rarely used, so many do not even mention it. To clear the parameters to the factory settings, Android will have to be connected to a PC via a cable. This procedure should be carried out very carefully and carefully. In addition, it will be necessary to download an additional program from the developer’s website to disk C. To carry out the procedure, you must immediately check that the following conditions are met:

  • the device must be connected to a constant voltage network;
  • charged devices are suitable for this process;
  • the Android OS settings utility is installed on the C drive. The program is selected individually, depending on the brand. We are looking at the office. sites.

During work, pay special attention to the connection and condition of the cable. If the connection is suddenly broken, then Hard reset will not be performed, moreover, there is a possibility of losing not only parts of the data, but also important elements of the software.

  • go to the resource itself and go through authorization;
  • Google is looking for devices that are associated with this account, click “Erase data”;
  • select this item again;
  • agree with your choice and press the purge to the factory parameters.

Thus, you can remotely clean the inside of the device.

Even a beginner can perform a factory reset on Android, you just need to choose the right option for yourself. It will be interesting for me to know what methods you use, write in the comments.