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Disabling Find My iPhone on iOS-13

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On iPhone, go to Settings. iCloud “.

Turn off the slider on Find My iPhone and enter your Apple ID password for your mail.

Disable Find My iPhone in the iOS App on iPhone and iPad

Wait until the status of all devices linked to your Apple ID is updated.

On the line with the device on which you want to disable “Find iPhone”, swipe to the left. A red “Delete” button will appear to the right of the model name.

Please note that you can only uninstall iPhone, iPad and Mac computers that are not connected to the Internet and have offline status in the Find iPhone application. If your device is connected to the Internet, the “Delete” button will not appear.

Confirm the deletion request. The device will be removed from the list.

Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad using iCloud

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On iPhone, go to Settings. iCloud “.

Enter your Apple ID (if not connected in device settings in the iCloud menu) and password.

The security function will be disabled, and you will receive a corresponding notification to the primary email address specified in the Apple ID settings.

ways to turn off Find My iPhone

When you go to an Apple Service Center to repair or customize your iPhone, you may need to turn off Find My iPhone (Find My iPhone). This is necessary for testing and flashing the smartphone (if necessary), as well as other service work. It is recommended to untie your iOS device, Apple Watch, Airpods or Mac computer from iCloud also if you no longer plan to use it, when selling, giving, etc.

Looking ahead, we assure you that this step is absolutely safe and does not pose a threat to your device or data on it. To save time when handing over your iPhone or iPad for repair, you can turn off this function yourself in advance. Below we provide detailed instructions on how to do this.

Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad using

Go to and enter your Apple ID, password.

We go to the “Find iPhone” application. Here you may need to re-enter your Apple ID password.

The My Devices menu displays all your devices on which the same iCloud account has been activated. Just remove the device you need from the list and you’re done.

Removing an iPhone will remove the paired Apple Watch. Removing an iOS device will remove all Airpods paired with it (Airpods will remain in the device list if they are paired with another device).

What is geolocation in iOS and why is it needed?

As you probably already understood, this term hides a more familiar word to us. navigation. It is she who is responsible for determining the exact location of your iPhone or iPad.

You can use navigation on absolutely all iOS devices, except for:

  • iPod Touch.
  • iPad (versions without SIM support).

It is on these gadgets that geolocation services do not work, for a simple reason. Apple does not install GPS receivers in them.

Why is it needed at all? Well, everything is clear here. there are a lot of programs (maps, navigation applications, weather, etc.), for the normal and correct operation of which, these services are simply necessary.

What to look out for when using:

  • As a rule, the device gets very hot.
  • The battery is consumed quickly enough.

As I already wrote, this is normal and there is no need to panic. Just pay attention to the icons displayed at the top of the screen, and if the geolocation icon is constantly on, then some application is constantly using it. It is better to close it or disable access to this program to GPS in a timely manner. How to do it…

How to search for iPhone by geolocation. via computer and mobile device

A great option to find your iPhone or iPad. In order to search for a device, two conditions must be met:

  • Active function “find iPhone” (how to find out whether it is enabled or not).
  • Working geolocation.

If these two conditions are met, then we start looking! It doesn’t matter where, from a computer or mobile, go to the iCloud website, and then indicate the Apple ID and password (the one that is set on the missing gadget).

Just click on the “find iPhone” button and after a while you will see on the maps the place where it is now.

Plus there will be an opportunity to perform some actions with it:

  • Play sound (convenient if you lost it at home).
  • Activate Lost Mode, then the device will be locked and in order to unlock and use it, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password (about this situation and how to solve it is written here).
  • Erase iPhone. Equivalent to a factory reset. Just delete all information from it.

Let’s move on to the most unpleasant, to the problems

How to turn location services on and off on iPhone and iPad

You can manage them, like any other function, in the device settings. Go to Settings. Privacy. Geolocation Services.

Here you can either turn them on or off completely. Plus, programs are displayed that use these services in their work, and it is possible to disable forced navigation for any particular application.

  • Never include.
  • Only when using the program.

Better to leave the second option. Then it turns out that the GPS seems to be always on, but it will be used only at the moment when the program itself needs it. Which has a positive effect on charging 🙂

By the way, if you just bought a device, then during the initial setup of the system, the option to activate geolocation is also available.

We have sorted out the basic concepts, and then we will talk a little about the questions that may arise in the process of using navigation. Let’s start with the most important feature that helped find more than one stolen or lost iPhone.

Geolocation in iOS. all the most important about navigation on iPhone and iPad

Hello everyone! Geolocation services, today, are one of the key functions for absolutely any device. And Apple’s gadgets are no exception. No, of course, you can make calls, write SMS, take notes and go online without using them. However, there are many programs, applications and services in which, without determining the exact positioning, they go nowhere.

Take, for example, the same cards or the coolest (in my opinion) “Find iPhone” option (Lost Mode, Remote Lock, etc.). Agree that without finding the coordinates, it would be very difficult to use them (if at all possible). So geolocation is a very necessary thing. let’s find out more about it

What to do if geolocation does not work on iPhone?

It is mechanical failure, when the GPS module does not work, that is quite rare.

And here it is clear what to do. either use it without it, or replace it in a service center. However, problems can often be solved without resorting to the help of specialists.

  • It is necessary to understand where exactly navigation does not work. If only in one or several applications, then we look to see if services are enabled for these programs (we read how to do this at the beginning of the article).
  • If it does not accurately or poorly determine the location, check if the Internet is turned on via a SIM card or Wi-Fi. This data helps to position you better. Plus, the accuracy is influenced by terrain relief, buildings, buildings, clouds, etc. In general, everything that stands in the direct path between satellites and the iPhone.
  • Jelbreak, or rather the tweaks installed with it, can also cause navigation failures.
  • You can reset the network settings, and if it does not help, then perform a Hard Reset. Do not restore from a backup, but test the operation on a clean device.

If, when performing all these actions, there is no result, then we go to the service. there are no other options.

How to quickly find your iPhone, iPad or Mac using Siri

Call Siri on any Apple device.

Tell Siri “Where is my iPhone (MacBook, iPad, etc.)”. If you have multiple smartphones registered in your iCloud account, select the one you need from the list.

Confirm that you want to play audio on the lost device.

Done. iPhone (Mac, iPad, etc.) will start making a loud sound. If he’s around you can quickly find him.

In order to mute the sound, press any button on the found device, or unlock it, or cancel the search mode by pressing the OK button on the display.

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Do you have only a Windows computer or an Android smartphone / tablet at your disposal? It doesn’t matter. you can also start iPhone search through the web version of iCloud.

How to quickly find your lost iPhone, iPad, or Mac without opening Find My

A similar situation has probably happened in your life: you put your iPhone (iPad or Mac) somewhere in your office or apartment and cannot find it. In addition, silent mode was activated on the smartphone.

It is very easy to solve this problem if you have another Apple gadget. iPad, Watch or Mac with access to the voice assistant Siri.

All you need to do is ask Siri to play a sound signal on the lost device so that you can “follow the trail” and find the gadget. This method works great if the above Apple devices are within reach (under a pillow, in another room, in a car, etc.).

Important: Find iPhone must be enabled on your lost iPhone (iPad or Mac).

On an iPhone or iPad, Find My iPhone is located under Settings → Apple ID → Find My iPhone.

On Mac, Find Mac is located under System Preferences → Apple ID → iCloud → Find Mac.

How to find your iPhone if you don’t have another Apple device

Go to the iCloud official website and sign in with your Apple ID.

From the list of icons, select Find iPhone and let the service determine its location.

Click on the All Devices menu and select a device.

Click on the Play sound caption.

Lost iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) will sound loud for you to find.

Of course, these instructions will not work if your iPhone is not lost in the next room or forgotten in the office, but is “truly” lost or stolen by a criminal. All that can be done in this case is to remotely lock the smartphone and delete all personal information from it. But this, of course, is already a topic for another article.

What is Activation Lock?

A useful add-on for the Find iPhone service called Activation Lock (or Activation Lock) first appeared on iOS 7. The add-on allows you to “tightly” lock a mobile device associated with an Apple ID account. that is, in fact, turn your smartphone into a “brick” “. Neither flashing nor recovery in DFU mode will help to reanimate the gadget.

How to use Find My on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

“Activation Lock” is, in fact, the “Lost Mode”, which was mentioned earlier and which can be enabled on the iCloud website.

With the current “Activation Lock”, you will have to enter your Apple ID every time you need to do the following:

That is, an attacker who stole a gadget will find that he has a device with which he cannot do anything. It would be most reasonable for a thief to contact the owner and, pretending to have found a gadget, offer to return the device for a symbolic reward.

The user needs to be careful and activate the Lost Mode only after the Apple ID password is written down in all kinds of notebooks and computer programs. If he loses the password or forgets it, then he himself will not be able to return the device to work. In such circumstances, service centers, Apple support, and even computer hackers will be powerless.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

You can set up Find iPhone on your mobile device as follows:

Go to the “iCloud” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Enter your Apple ID and password. if you haven’t done so earlier.

Agree to merge data stored in iCloud and iPhone. or opt out if you want to separate “flies from cutlets”. Also allow iCloud to use iPhone geolocation.

These two prompts will appear on the screen in sequence, one after the other.

Scroll down the screen and look for the “Find iPhone” slider.

A notification appears on the screen that Find My iPhone will be activated. Click “OK”.

It remains to check if the Find iPhone feature is enabled in Location Services. Go to “Settings” again and follow the path “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”.

In the section “Geolocation Services” there is a subsection “Find iPhone”. visit it.

Make sure the toggle switch of the same name is activated.

This check is very important. If Find My iPhone doesn’t use geolocation, you won’t be able to see your lost gadget on the map.

We have an article on our website on how to disable Find My iPhone.

How Find My iPhone works?

The Find iPhone service allows the user to:

    Find out the geographical location of the lost gadget. You can only find out where the device is if it is connected to the Internet. Remotely delete all contents of the smartphone. Activate Lost Mode on the device. It is impossible to use such a gadget. it will be possible to sell it only for spare parts and then for a pittance. Remotely trigger a loud beep on your smartphone to make searching easier.

The function can be used only if it is activated on the mobile device itself and if the owner of the gadget remembers the password for his iCloud account.

After losing an Apple smartphone, the user can go to under the account data that is activated on the device, select the “Find iPhone” section and see a city map on which the gadget’s location is marked with a green dot.

The owner of the lost “mobile phone” only needs to turn on the “Lost Mode” and go out in search. It’s better to take a friend with you who also has an Apple device. but only with the Find iPhone application installed. Through the application, you can reproduce a signal on a lost device.

For more detailed instructions on how to use Apple’s anti-theft technology, see our article on how to find your lost iPhone.

How to find your iphone when lost or stolen. Apple iOS 13

How to enable Find My iPhone?

Apple recommends that all Apple users activate the Find iPhone feature. If this feature is enabled, it takes five minutes to find a stolen device. The article will tell you in detail how to activate “Find iPhone”.

Apple mobile devices with iOS version above 5.0 are equipped with the superior Find My iPhone security mechanism. The function allows you to remotely block a lost / stolen gadget and find out its location. Thanks to Find iPhone, the number of reported thefts of Apple devices worldwide has dropped significantly. in London, for example, by as much as 50%.

Russian users, alas, have not yet “tried” Apple’s “anti-theft” function. many of them do not believe in its effectiveness; some even assume that in this way America is following the Russians. In fact, Apple’s search engine is powerful. It makes sense to give up paranoid prejudices in order not to shed tears after stealing an expensive device.

A person who has activated the Find iPhone feature on their mobile phone will have to take the privacy of their Apple ID credentials very seriously. If the data ends up in the hands of intruders, they will be able to block the gadget and, by changing the iCloud password, blackmail the owner of the mobile device. This fraudulent method is not “fantasy”; lately more and more users suffer from such illegal actions.

Find iPhone via iCloud

When you first activate any Apple device, the system prompts you to enable Find iPhone via iCloud. This allows you to track not only the stolen gadget, but also its movement during the day. This is useful for the control a parent wishes to exercise. Also, the phone can often fall out of your and lie in the same place.

Find My iPhone can be activated at any time. To enable it, launch the “Settings” application, go to the iCloud item and select “Find iPhone” among the settings.

The devices have a “Last Location” function. It provides for sending a message to the Apple server with detailed information about the location of the device at the time the battery is discharged. In order for the program to work, it must be activated.

Then you should go to “Privacy” and select “Geolocation Services”. You need to check their activation.

View the geolocation functions, and select the “System Services” option. It should enable the “Find iPhone” setting.

After all the actions have been completed, the search function will become active and the device can be monitored.

If several Apple gadgets are linked to one account, then the settings are made separately for each.

How to turn off Find My iPhone

Sometimes, if a phone is being repaired or sold, there is a need to turn off Find My iPhone. This can be done remotely, or directly through the device itself. Disconnection is possible only after entering the code from the Apple ID account.

It is enough to take the device, go to settings, open iCloud, go to the “Find iPhone” position and switch it to “off” mode. You must also confirm this action with your Apple ID account password. Information about the disconnection should come to the email.

To disconnect remotely, go to the application, open the “My devices” menu, select the required one and click on the cross or the “Delete” button. The smartphone can be removed from the device list only if it is out of network coverage or turned off.

After all actions, you must confirm the action. A message should also appear stating that another person can activate the gadget.

How to find iPhone via iOS 13 locator

You can find your iPhone through the iOS 13 locator, it has a gadget search function, even if the phone does not have an Internet connection. If your device has Find My iPhone turned on, it uses Bluetooth technology to display your location. It practically does not need power, does not drain the battery and is active, even if the device is turned off.

In order for the program to work successfully, two Apple gadgets are required. On the lost iPhone, the location data is encrypted, and the second will decrypt it.

Each device sends a code, or key, that is constantly changing. Apple devices nearby encrypt and download geolocation data, and only another personal Apple device with a key is needed to decrypt.

When you press the search button on any Apple device that will be used to search, the iPad downloads a hash of the public key, similar to the identifier. Millions of encrypted locations can be searched.

An iPhone that is lost or stolen creates a special network that sends signals to all Apple devices that are nearby, even strangers. Through these gadgets, the iPad gets the opportunity to connect to the Internet and show its location.

How to find iPhone by phone number

In some cases, you can find your iPhone by its phone number. Chances are that the thief will not have time to change the SIM card. negligible, but such a possibility still exists.

In such a situation, they contact the cellular operator to perform the phone triangulation procedure, or report calls from this number.

The operator can provide data about the place where the device was found, or the numbers to which calls were made.

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How to find iPhone online

The search algorithm will only work if Find iPhone is activated on the lost device. At the same time, it is very important to sync your device using your Apple ID account, otherwise you can only engage the police to search for an iPhone.

In order to find an iPhone online, you need to go to the Apple service and enter your Apple ID details. After that, you need to click on the device. If the device is disabled, there are settings that will help track the movement of a stolen gadget.

If the device works, you should contact the police with a statement and arguments to seize the phone from the attacker.

If the signal “Last geolocation” is triggered, then it is in this place that you need to start the search.

How to add iPhone to Find iPhone

Now let’s talk about how the “Find iPhone” function works, where the enable slider is already sorted out. In order for the protection to work “in full force” and the owner has access to search from any device, it is important to fully configure iCloud. The service has many possibilities, for correct operation, go to the phone settings, open iCloud and authorize. In the list that opens, move the sliders to the right opposite the functions that you find useful for yourself. After carrying out these simple manipulations, both web functions and other useful features of the service will become available to the owner.

Check if the device has been added to your account. For this:

  • open the official page in your browser;
  • go to the “My devices” menu;
  • find iPhone in the list that opens.

If you click on the smartphone icon, the owner will see information about the device, including the serial number. The settings of the Find iPhone function are also located there, the owner of the device will be able to study the recommendations, activate the mode, view geo-positioning or activate the sound signal. The advantage of this method is that if the owner knows the Apple ID, then it is possible to log in and control the connected devices from any stationary or mobile devices. The main thing is stable Internet access, without the included information transfer, it will not work to remotely control the iPhone.

How to activate Find iPhone

Apple employees strongly recommend that you take care of the safety of the device in advance by activating the protection function when setting up your smartphone for the first time. Therefore, it is important for users to know how to enable Find My iPhone.

  • On the main screen of the device, find the gear-shaped icon. this is the “Settings” application. Click the icon.
  • The phone settings menu will open. Scroll down to the “iCloud” item, open this link.
  • If the owner is not authorized in the application, the smartphone will offer to sign in to the account. In the form that opens, enter your iCloud account username and password.
  • In the list, find the item “Find iPhone”.
  • For the activation and operation of the protective mechanism, it is important that the slider opposite the name is in the on state. If the icon is moved to the right and lights up green. the function is enabled.

It is also worth mentioning that for the protective function to work correctly, it is important that geo-location services work on the smartphone. If the owner is not registered with Apple iCloud, it is recommended to create an account in advance. this can be done from any device that has Internet access. Link a phone number and an additional email address, as well as ask security questions. this information will be useful for password recovery if the owner suddenly forgets the code. It is also possible to create an account through the smartphone settings. in the iCloud authorization form there will be an item “Register”.

Find Find My iPhone

The development of technology does not stand still. Apple has equipped devices with the protective function “Find iPhone”. Statistics show that with the introduction of the technology, the number of thefts has decreased, and the return of lost devices, on the contrary, has increased. Finding the loss has become easier, but in the hands of criminals, the iPhone turns into a useless set of chips with plastic. The developers themselves say that it is useful for the owners of Apple devices to know how to find the Find iPhone function, how to use the protective mechanism and how to return a lost phone. No one is immune from unpleasant acquaintances with criminals and accidental losses.

How the function works

Find my iPhone or Find iPhone is a proprietary security mechanism used only on Apple devices. The function appeared back in 2001, becoming part of iOS 5.0, at the same time the protection mechanism had its own dedicated application. The Find iPhone function helps protect against unauthorized access and, if necessary, locate the device, as long as the phone has geolocation and wireless transmission enabled. Over time, the function became part of Apple’s iCloud cloud service, it is possible to access information about the location of the smartphone from a computer, tablet or other phone, even if the device is running Windows or Android.

The application implements important functions:

  • determining the geolocation of the smartphone on the city map;
  • reproduction of loud sounds, which is useful if the owner is nearby, and the smartphone is lying in the bushes, snow or tall grass;
  • enabling the so-called “loss mode” so that the finder is not tempted to keep the smartphone for himself. the device is blocked;
  • deleting confidential information and user content if you cannot return the device.

Find iPhone app

For the convenience of users, Apple developers have created a separate program “Find iPhone”. The application is available for download from the AppStore and is distributed free of charge. The application implements all the possibilities of searching for a smartphone, including geolocation on the map. The utility supports the Russian language, pleases with convenient navigation and a pleasant interface. The functionality is similar to the application in the browser, such versatility Apple users consider the most suitable option. Parents especially appreciate the program, since geolocation on the iPhone of children reduces anxiety about the location of the child. this is relevant in megacities. And even in case of loss, it is much easier to look for a smartphone with an enabled application on another mobile device than digging in the grass or snowdrifts.

  • When first turned on, the application will prompt the user for authentication. Enter your Apple iCloud account password and username in the form that opens.
  • Check out the list of suggested features of the application and follow the recommendations.

With the application, the owner will see the location of the connected devices, and will also be able to manage the activation of the function. The main thing is that the necessary smartphones are tied to one iCloud record.

What is Activation Lock

As soon as the loss of the smartphone is discovered, the owner is advised to activate the “Lost Mode”. After that, many users of “apple” products are confused: they do not know how to find an iPhone through the “Find iPhone” function. Activation Lock will prevent unauthorized persons from using your phone as it will require a lock password to resume. The finder will be able to see a message in which it is worth indicating the phone number to contact the rightful owner. The problem is that for the function to work correctly, you need an internet connection. As soon as the smartphone catches the network, the message with the phone and other features of the “Find iPhone” function are automatically activated.

After the smartphone is returned to its rightful owner, be sure to disable Activation Lock through the iCloud app or website. You will also need to enter a password to unlock the device. Such a protection mechanism is considered the most reliable; criminals simply do not want to contact, since it is possible to brute force passwords indefinitely. Take care of the safety of your expensive smartphone and stored information, activate the “Find iPhone” function.

How to use Find My in iOS 13

The Locator app is divided into three tabs. The first helps you find friends and family, the second helps you find your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Airpods, and the third helps you manage your personal location settings. For user convenience, a map is also displayed in each tab.

To find out where your friend or child is, open the “Users” section and select the person you need. Its address and location will be displayed on the map, and you will also see additional options.

  • Contact. Opens a contact card on iPhone.
  • Routes. Redirects to the “Maps” application, where it builds a route to the selected user.
  • Notifications. Allows you to receive notifications when a person comes or leaves a certain location. You can also adjust the accuracy of the response (in other words, the range) of notifications.

The same tab should be used to add the desired person to favorites, disable tracking of your location and delete the user.

The Devices tab shows all the gadgets that you and your family members use (for those who have connected a family account). Your current device is marked with “With You” and is available first in the list. There are several options for each gadget in this section.

Also, using the “Devices” tab, all data is erased and unused gadgets are deleted.

The “Me” tab contains the user’s personal settings. Use it to find your location, turn off the Share Location option for all contacts, and unsubscribe from friend requests from strangers.

The “Name current location” button also allows you to name popular places, such as home, work or favorite cafe.

What the Find My app looks like in iOS 13

The Locator application is based on the Find iPhone and Find Friends programs. It works now, in the fifth beta version and previous builds of iOS 13. At the first launch, the user sees a welcome screen with short information about the application and an offer to share the location. If you want your friends to always know where you are. accept this offer. After that, three tabs will appear on the screen: “Users”, “Devices” and “Me”.

Important! You can stop sharing your location at any time right in the app or from the iPhone settings menu. on this later.

How to use Find My in iOS 13

The Find iPhone feature helped find more than one lost device, and in general there are no complaints about its work. This is why the debut of the new Find My app in iOS 13 came as a surprise to many. Apple has made it possible to search for non-internet iPhones and have added a number of other improvements. This article will show you how to use the Find My app in iOS 13.

Turn on offline search in Find My

The Offline Search feature in iOS 13 is a new way to find your lost iPhone, whether you have an internet connection or not. It uses technology based on Bluetooth and encryption protocols. Below is a general outline of how it works.

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Every iPhone, even if it is not connected to the Internet or turned off, transmits a signal that can be read by other devices nearby. They automatically capture this signal, add information about their location, encrypt the data and transmit it to Apple servers. Access to confidential information is provided by a unique key, which only the owner of the lost gadget has. He sees the last up-to-date location of his iPhone and finds it.

To enable offline search, open Settings and tap your name at the top of the screen. On the next page, find the Find My app icon, go to advanced options, and tap Find My iPhone.

Enable Offline Search by moving the slider to the right. That’s all, now it will be more difficult to lose your smartphone.

We hope today’s instructions will help you understand how to use the Find My app on iOS 13. If you have any questions, leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below this post.

How Find iPhone works in iOS 13. Totally different

IOS 13 has completely changed the Find iPhone app.

Apple has combined the Find iPhone and Find Friends apps into one, now called Find My. It is very different from the old programs and is equipped with new functions.

What changed

▪️ There are now two tabs on the Latitude home page: Users (friends and Family members) and Devices (your gadgets)

▪️ there are three functions for each friend: view a contact, build a route to him and set up notifications

You can set the name of the current location yourself

The first tab of the application shows the devices of your friends who have agreed to share their location.

By selecting a user, you can view his exact location. Even the address will be written under the name.

You are allowed to share your location with other people right in Find.

In addition, here you can quickly build a route to a contact, as well as see his card.

Plus, set notifications either for yourself or for a person: about leaving the place where you are, or vice versa. show when your friend left, plus share the location at a specific time.

Alerts depend on the user’s geolocation and are triggered upon arrival or departure from a specific point

▪️ in the Devices tab, you can additionally block the device remotely

The second tab lists all your devices. The design of this menu has also changed.

Here you can remotely play a sound, build a route to the device, notify it upon detection and mark the gadget as missing. And also erase the device or remove from the list.

If the device is found, you will receive an email with the exact geolocation.

Note: Removal from Find My iPhone is not accompanied by an additional notification. The device will immediately disappear when you click on this button, but will return after restarting the application.

Now your iOS 13 gadgets are displayed even offline. How it works

IOS 13 introduces the ability to find a lost iPhone that is not connected to the Internet.

With Find iPhone enabled, the device constantly uses energy-efficient Bluetooth LE technology to display its location. And even if the iPhone is turned off, the Bluetooth module will remain active. It practically does not drain the battery.

Craig Federighi explained that it actually takes two Apple devices for Latitude to work properly. On the lost device, the geolocation data is encrypted, and on the second, it is decrypted.

Each gadget sends an ever-changing key that nearby Apple devices use to encrypt and download geolocation data, so only your other Apple device has a key to decrypt those locations.

When you hit the search button on, for example, your laptop, the iPad downloads to Apple the same public key hash as the ID. So Apple can search millions of encrypted locations stored and find the corresponding hash.

Your lost device creates a secure network that sends a signal to the nearest Apple device. Even on someone else’s.

Through it, the iPhone will be able to discreetly connect to the Internet and show where it is right now.

How to install iOS 13 now: instructions and direct links

Find iPhone Find Friends = Find (Latitude)

As we mentioned above, Apple has decided to combine the capabilities of Find iPhone and Find Friends into one app called Find My. The program allows you not only to find your lost iPhone, iPad or MacBook, but also helps you find the location of people important to you.

Now, after some time, if one of your devices is missing, you can find it even if it is not connected to the Internet (the main thing is that the Enable Offline Search option is activated, see the screenshot above).

Open Find My and click the Devices tab. In the list you will see each of your devices along with its location on the map.

You can click on the desired item to select a specific device, and then select the Play Sound menu. This will help you find a device lost somewhere nearby or get a Search Route. You can also use the Mark as Lost feature and get notified when someone finds your device. If necessary, you can remotely Erase this device.

This feature is also useful for finding devices owned by other people who have shared their location with you. For example, if your child has lost their device, then it will appear in the list. You can also choose it and find it just like your own device.

How to activate Find My on iPhone or iPad

To use Find My, you must first enable location services on your device. If you haven’t already done so, here’s what you need to do:

Open “Settings” and select “Privacy”.

Select “Location Services”.

Activate the toggle for location services.

If you would like to share your location with others, you can also do so in the current settings area. Tap Share Location and turn on the toggle on the next screen.

In addition, on this screen you can select the device from which your location will be transmitted (menu My location).

The same settings for Latitude are located along the path: Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude.

Find My iPhone and Find Friends on iPhone and iPad: Find My iPhone and iPad App: How to Use

One of the innovations introduced by Apple at WWDC in 2019 was the appearance of the Locator application, which combines the two existing services of Find iPhone and Find Friends.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends were finally merged into a single app with the release of the official versions of iOS 13, macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13. The new and only service called Find will be included in the Find My app on all Apple platforms.

In this article, we will briefly talk about the Locator application and important changes.

See your friends’ locations in Latitude on iPhone or iPad

To find a family member or friend, do the following:

Open the Find My app, go to the People tab and click the Start Share Location button.

Enter the username (his phone number or e-mail) or use the “” button, or select a person from the list of proposed.

Click the Send button and select from the menu that appears for how long you want to share your location:

  • Share for an hour;
  • Share before the end of the day;
  • Share indefinitely.

After completing these steps, Latitude will send a notification to the selected user. If he confirms the request, you can also track his geolocation.

After the user allows you to see his geolocation, he will appear in the People list and on the map, and the distance to you will be indicated next to his name.

Using various options in the user menu, you can contact a person, create a route to his location, add notifications and much more.

For example, you can create a notification that you receive on your iPhone when a selected user comes or leaves somewhere.

This tool can come in handy for parents in tracking their children when entering or leaving school or home, etc.

To create such notifications in the Notifications menu in the user card (screenshot above) click Add

5.1 In the pop-up menu that appears, select “Notify me”, and on the next screen, specify the user action: “When (username) comes in” or “When (username) leaves”.

5.2 In the “Geolocations (username)” section, click the Add geolocation button to select the location where the user will be.

5.3 Specify the location and distance (radius) at which you will be notified if a user comes (or leaves) the specified location. Click the Add button to create a notification.

How to see the location of your Apple devices in Find My on iPhone or iPad

The function of detecting a device when it is turned on and active is understandable. But what if the device is turned off or in “sleep mode”? After all, it ceases to be available. Apple has partially resolved this issue. For this, crowdsourcing information is used. It allows you to create a system that allows an autonomous device to send an encrypted signal of its location to the world via Bluetooth. The function will help you find your MacBook, even when the lid is closed and the laptop is inactive. How is this possible?

iOS 13. Find Friends and Find iPhone (Find My Overview)

The lost device, when turned on (if it was turned off), will generate a special encrypted signal that will be transmitted to any Apple device located nearby. It could be the device of a complete stranger. Unbeknownst to him, the device will catch the signal, check its location and encrypt the data using the public key received from the missing device. The location information is encrypted so that only the second device can determine the exact location of the missing “fellow” who is offline (for example, without a SIM card or with turned off Wi-Fi). Even Apple cannot read the geolocation information sent by the device. The location information is transmitted to the Apple server. If you activate the Find owner function, you will receive an encrypted message with coordinates, which will be able to reveal the location of his second device.

Find iPhone feature in iOS 13 works offline

In iOS 13, the company merged the Find Friends and Find iPhone apps into one. Find My.

The main innovation was the ability to search for a lost turned off iPhone without the Internet. The smartphone transmits a signal via a Bluetooth beacon to another Apple gadget that is nearby.

Thus, a local encrypted network is created to find the lost device. All data on the location of the device will be transmitted through another gadget connected to the Internet. [MacRumors]

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