Find Samsung Phone by IMEI

Looking for a lost Samsung

Many will find it helpful to know that they can find their Samsung phone using their Samsung account. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • turn on the signal at full volume,
  • phone lock;
  • determining the location device on the map;
  • permanently deleting content.

You can use the service only if the device is turned on. Otherwise, you will have to apply with a statement and all documents to law enforcement agencies. They will send a request to the cellular operator, who will be able to pierce the phone by IMEI and indicate its location.

Internet search

With the activated iCloud option, you can find your iPhone through your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to from your computer using your ID and password.
  • Find the menu with applications and click “Find iPhone”.
  • After that, the location of the device will be displayed on the map.

Clicking on it will offer the following functions:

  • turn on sound:
  • activate Lost Mode;
  • delete data.

Sound playback allows you to find the unit due to loud music playing. In the lost mode, you need to enter a phone number and a message, the device itself will be locked. The person who found the phone will see the phone number on the screen, which you need to call and report the find. The latter function is required to delete all data from the device.

We are looking for a phone by IMEI online with the device turned on

If you follow this action plan, you can find your phone number online:

  • If the device has been stolen, it will be easier for an intruder to find it, if calls are made from the phone, SMS is sent. Knowing the whereabouts of the criminal will make it much easier for the police to find him. That is why it is not recommended to immediately resort to the SIM card lock function. This can be done when there is a significant amount on the phone’s balance. Also, if a postpaid payment system is used, it is better to block the SIM card. If this is not done, the owner will have to pay for all calls from the lost device.
  • Next, you need to write down your cell phone number. You can find out the unique code by looking at the packaging. It is usually on the side. Using the code, the device can be found. If the attacker threw out the old SIM-card and inserted a new one, the phone can be found. There is also something that has on the mobile does not match the code indicated on the package. That is why, even when buying a device, it is important to check these numerical values.
  • After that, you will need a printout of phone calls from the moment it was lost. In a specialized cellular salon, it must be provided.
  • The next stage is drawing up an application. In it, you need to describe in detail the events and information about the phone. The application must contain the name of the owner, contact details and have the device.
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    With a written statement you need to contact the police. You also need to take a passport and documents confirming the ownership of the device. Among them must be a receipt, branded packaging and a warranty card. The police, having accepted the statement, will have to contact the mobile operator further in order for him to help track the phone by IMEI.

  • The operator must find the phone by its number and find out who owns the SIM card that is currently inserted into this device. Information about the owner is sent to the police for further investigation.
  • Finding a phone can take a lot of time, since the service does not prioritize cases of lost or stolen mobiles.

Attention! If, after the search actions, it turns out that the apparatus has been in the applicant’s house all this time, he will be issued a large fine.

If the mobile is disabled, to search for a phone by IMEI, it is first recommended to reproduce the last actions in the memory. It’s good if you can remember the location of your cell phone. If this method did not bring positive results in searches, then you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • You need to remember whether the device has a notification function in the off state and whether the alarm is activated.
  • Then they start searching for the phone on their own. It is recommended to be patient if there are animals or children in the house, as they can take the device and hide it in the most unpredictable place. If the search did not return any results, you just need to wait until the time at which the alarm is set. When the alarm is triggered, a melody will play, and the phone will be easy to find.
  • There is an item that can be useful for searching for a mobile. a metal detector.

There is also a method that allows you to find a missing phone, even if it is disabled. How to find a phone by SIM-card? You need to contact the nearest office of the cellular operator, report the loss of the phone and ask to find it. You need to have a passport, a SIM card contract and know the number.

How to find a device using Google

For cell phones running on Android, there is a program for finding a phone by IMEI. It’s called Android Device Manage. This program provides the ability to find a phone by IMEI via satellite.

Attention! This function will help you find the device if it is turned on and the Internet and GPS are working.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must first register in the program.

In case of theft of the mobile, there is a special function that allows you to make a call to the lost device. The call is free. The call is made at the highest volume level available for a particular phone model.

You can turn off the sound only by removing the battery or from the computer.

The service also provides the ability to block a cell phone or erase the data contained on it.

IMEI: meaning, how to use

IMEI is translated from English as the international identifier of mobile equipment. All cell phones have a code assigned to only one specific device. This is a numerical value that is not repeated on any cell phone.

Find iPhone via iCloud

Apple is constantly improving the system for protecting users of mobile devices.

Since 2010, an option called “Find iPhone” has appeared, thanks to which users connected to iCloud can track the location of a mobile device.

The system of the Apple mobile device offers to activate this option immediately when the new device is turned on for the first time.

If for some reason it turned out to be inoperative, you can enable it as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Search for “iCloud” and activate the “Find iPhone” option.
  • Go to the “Privacy” section.
  • Next, in the “Geolocation Services” item, turn on the “Find iPhone” option again.

These steps will help you track your iPhone via iCloud.

Attention! The Last Location option can also be useful. Device location data is transmitted during battery discharge.

How to locate a cell by IMEI

Losing your phone is not going to please anyone. Nowadays, many can no longer imagine life without mobile devices. How to find a lost phone ?

How to find iPhone via iCloud

IPhones are very popular these days. Their cost is high, which is why they often try to steal them. If an unpleasant situation with the loss of a mobile device still happened, what to do? Is it possible to find an iPhone by IMEI ?

How to find a phone by IMEI

IMEI allows you to determine the exact location of the phone, provided that it is turned on. When purchasing a smartphone, you can find various code values ​​on the box with the device, which are responsible for complete control of the device and access to hidden features. With only an IMEI code in hand, you can most likely find a lost phone.

A big plus is the presence of the Internet on the lost device. In this case, it will be possible to track the online movement of the object on the Google map, or see the last recorded location. If you are logged into your Google account via a mobile device, you can determine the location using Google.

How to determine location by IMEI:

The task is essentially simple, but it takes more time than Google’s definitions and programs through which you connected to your computer via USB to synchronize data from your device. Having only the IMEI code available without the above options. You need to contact the nearest police station and report the theft of the phone, as well as indicate the model, IMEI code, phone number.

Law enforcement agencies, in turn, will contact the operator of the cellular network and together with him determine the location of your phone. How long will it take. it is not known exactly. The result directly depends on the desire of the police officers. But the fact that searching by IMEI is not a waste of time. fact!

What is IMEI and how cybercriminals are found using it?

IMEI is a unique identification code for a device. That is, each smartphone has its own individual code, like the phone number of each user. Only regardless of the change in the SIM card and attempts to reflash the device. IMEI is saved, and mobile operators use it to determine the data of the new card, as well as its location, provided that the phone is not disconnected from the network.

Basically, attackers do not know that a lost phone can be found, which is why they are quickly found, and the lost device is returned to its rightful owner. Every device that has access to the Internet or cellular communication is equipped with similar IMEI codes. Even if the attacker knows about the methods of identification, he will no longer be able to use the phone, even sell it, since if the device is turned on. it will appear on the network, and the operator will determine the location of the smartphone.

Regardless of the current situation, the hands that your phone has managed to visit. according to the law, it will be returned to you, and the thief will be found in hot pursuit.

How to avoid such cases?

Losing your phone is an unpleasant and fairly common situation among users. Therefore, it is better to activate all the protection and location functions by GPS in the smartphone in advance, as well as log in to your Google account, and make sure that the phone is freely determined using the available services and programs. The iPhone has a built-in detection function that syncs with the included software. Knowing all this, you don’t have to worry, because your phone will definitely be found, just make a little effort.


Here you can track the location of a person by subscriber number.

How to find a phone via IMEI on a computer?

The principle of finding a lost or stolen smartphone using a computer is approximately similar to the previous one. The easiest way to find a phone by IMEI via satellite, but for this, you must first install the required application on it, otherwise our task will become more complicated. If the phone was not prepared, then using the IMEI code on our own we can only find out the status of the smartphone, its model and, possibly, information about where it was purchased.

But if we took care of our device and installed the necessary applications, for example, in the Eset Mobile Security antivirus, in addition to protection against viruses, the Anti-Theft module is provided. By activating a similar function on your smartphone, if you lost it or if it was stolen, we will be able to track the location of the gadget on the official website of the program developer.

Program to find phone by IMEI for free

Programmers and developers of various software offer us a lot of different products that perform very different functionality. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that programs appeared in the list of such software that offer us to find a phone via IMEI for free. But it should be understood that access to the databases of mobile operators is not open, and without their knowledge it is impossible to obtain such access. Therefore, it can be assumed that searching for a smartphone using free software may be ineffective.

Those programs that promise to find a phone by IMEI via satellite for free, and then request, for example, sending some SMS, should alert us much more. often than not, this turns out to be a fraudulent scheme. If you still use the services of such programs, then it is best to use those whose work is based on the use of information received from the user. The most requested such program is IMEI-Poisk 2.0, which takes into account the phone number, IMEI, last location and usage.

How to Find Samsung Phone by IMEI?

It is pointless to challenge the popularity of the Samsung brand in the world of mobile technologies, for example, to Apple. In our opinion, they are completely equal today and have approximately equal popularity and an equal army of fans. Thus, we can conclude that for intruders who can steal your smartphone, Samsung is no less desirable prey.

We all understand that Samsung’s developers have decided not to use an individual operating system for their smartphones (although there have been persistent rumors for a long time that Samsung gadgets will run the Tizen OS), but install only their own shell on the mass Android system. Thus, the methods for recognizing IMEI and the options for how we can find a phone by IMEI for free are no different from other Android smartphones.

Each of smartphones or even mobile phones has its own identifier, which consists of a 15-digit code. This code carries the well-known but cryptic abbreviation IMEI, which literally stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Knowing this identifier, we can easily find out the status of the phone, for example, whether it is lost or stolen, whether it is wanted, as well as we can find out the model of the smartphone and even the belonging to any country.

So, when buying a smartphone, using the IMEI code, we can make sure that it is brought into our country legally. To see the IMEI of your smartphone, you need to look at the back cover, there will be a sticker with a code from the manufacturer, it is also indicated on the battery, box, in the warranty card. And if we enter # in the number set, then we will see it on the smartphone display. In view of this, many users have a reasonable question, is it possible to find a phone via IMEI?

How to find a phone via IMEI?

In the modern world, we cannot imagine our life without mobile gadgets, namely smartphones, tablets and other devices.


Despite all the popularity of the Apple brand and their iPhone smartphones, Android devices do not lose their appeal either. What to do if we have lost or stolen our Android smartphone? After all, in this case, Focus with iCloud will no longer work. Nevertheless, we do not lose the chances of finding a phone by IMEI via satellite for free. The well-known corporation Google will help us in this.

We remember that when we launch an Android smartphone for the first time, we link it to our Google account. From now on, all information about our device will be stored here, including IMEI, its location and even the battery level. In order to find the lost device, we need to go to “Android Remote Control”. Here we will be able to make a call to a smartphone, delete data from it or block the gadget.

What determines the success of finding a Samsung phone

To find your Samsung Galaxy phone, you need to use geolocation or another method. But in order for the result to be positive, various factors must be taken into account. For example:

  • time elapsed since theft, loss. Every minute counts, because if a telephone device is lost, it can be found by a person who does not want to return his find. In case of theft, the thief will have time to remove the SIM card and it will no longer be possible to call the number;
  • find a Samsung phone through a Google account and other Google services, provided that the gadget is linked to them. If this is not done, then most likely it will not work to detect the loss through the PC;
  • the correct setting of the operating system and the installation of the necessary data. Almost all existing search methods require a smartphone to be configured in advance. Otherwise, the help of the police is indispensable, but it may be ineffective.

If the listed conditions are met, then it will be easy to find a stolen, lost Samsung phone through your account or using another method.

Ways to Find a Lost Samsung Phone in 2021

If you need to find a Samsung phone, then you need to explore possible ways to help recover the loss. You can search for a device by account, through the manufacturer’s website, programs and applications. There are other methods that will allow you to detect and return a gadget. The main thing is to choose the option that suits you.

How to lock your phone when lost

It is possible to track and lock a Samsung phone that is stolen or lost. To do this, you need to choose one of several available methods. Suitable for this:

  • Google account;
  • Samsung special services.

The second option involves searching for a Samsung phone through the manufacturer’s official website. To do this, you need to go to the “Android Remote Control” or “Find Smartphone” menu. it all depends on what action you need to perform. After that, log into your Samsung account from your computer to find your phone and lock it. it is possible to carry out the reverse procedure, provided that the user knows the PIN code of the device.

How to find a smartphone by number

The easiest method is to call your number. Undoubtedly, it is not effective, because if the device was stolen, the number will no longer be available. But it often happens that when a gadget is lost, it is returned to the owner.

But situations are not uncommon when a smartphone is lost at home or is near the owner. In this case, a call from another device will help. But this does not apply to situations when the phone is in silent mode.

In case of theft, you must immediately remove the SIM card, because if an attacker wants to call, then its holder will pay.

In serious situations, you can call the operator, and he will provide information about the calls that were received on the device after it was lost. But it is important to take into account that the information will not be received by the user, but by representatives of law enforcement agencies after an official request.

Search by IMEI

Thanks to this method, you can find your lost Samsung phone by its IMEI serial number. It is a 15-digit code assigned to each product before it appears on the market. It is problematic to change this combination on your own, so an ordinary user will not be able to cope with this task.

To find out your IMEI, you need to look at the box in which the device was sold, on the battery, or dial the combination #. But this method is not the most effective in case of theft, because the thief will immediately reset this parameter. Users often start calling the call center to find their Samsung phone if they have lost it, or to get information about it. Unfortunately, they have the right to provide such information only to police officers, and they will not be able to block the device remotely.

This method takes time and effort, but its effectiveness is not always justified. Therefore, if there is no special equipment, it is better not to use this method.

How to Locate an Android Phone

How to find out where your device is located, lock it, or delete data from it Go to and sign in to your Google Account. If you are using multiple devices, select the one you want at the top of the page.

Play it safe in advance: “link” Android to your Google account. You can find your phone by IMEI (Have) using the search function GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Or call even if the SIM card is reinstalled.

  • To enable the search function, go to “Settings” → “Security” → “Device Administrators”
  • Confirm with a tick that you allow services to lock the screen, change the picture password and delete data from the phone. Get active.

Now you can control your mobile phone from a distance when you enter Google.

Important: you can only find out the location of the phone if it is connected to the Internet and its accounts are saved.

When you visit the site for the first time, you will have to accept the conditions that allow the dispatcher to use the data on the location of the smartphone. After that you can track or call back to find the phone by number.

How to find a stolen iPhone

God protects those who are careful to protect the iPhone, connect the “Find iPhone” function. In the future, you can block, send SMS and determine the location of the phone even if it is not connected to the Internet. Changes will take effect when online.

  • Launch Find My iPhone.
  • If the app doesn’t show up, be aware that your account only has access to iCloud web features. To access, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.
  • Click on “All devices”, select yours to track / block.
  • Click Lost Mode (iOS 6 or later) or Lock (iOS 5 or OS X 10.7.5 or later). It will lock the device with a password. Follow the instructions shown on the display.

How to find a phone by IMEI?

It would be great to “annoy” the cybercriminals if you enter the IMEI into the global search database at Make it easier for the police to find a device. As soon as the smartphone “lights up”, you will be contacted to return.

The IMEI code is a fifteen-digit serial number written on the back of your smartphone. It encrypts information about the smartphone, which is displayed on the network of mobile operators. The number can be displayed on the screen by dialing the combination # or found in the warranty card, as well as on the packaging from the mobile.

How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Find IMEI of Stolen Phone? What to do?

Do not wait for the occasion, rewrite the IMEI number in your address book, so that it is at hand. This will make it easier for you to find your phone by IMEI.

Leave your opinion and suggestions to the article “What to do now to quickly find a stolen phone by IMEI”

Leveraging Google Location History

To find a lost Samsung gadget, we need Google’s location history, now known as the Timeline.

To work with it, the following conditions are required:

  • Your lost phone must be linked to a Google account;
  • Your smartphone must have access to the Internet before it was turned off;
  • Your device must have location reporting and location history enabled (you can do this in the Google Settings app) on your phone;

Unlike the Find My Device tool, the Timeline feature in Google Maps does not focus on Samsung tracking. It uses the location history data to determine the last recorded location of the gadget. This means that even if your phone’s battery is dead, you can still find it.

Go to the “Timeline” service, and make sure that the current day is selected in the calendar.

On the left sidebar, you can see the timeline for that day, including the names of all recorded locations. On the right, you can see all the locations rendered on the map.

Timeline has the advantage of being able to track the location of your Samsung phone over a period of time. This way, even if someone stole it, you can identify actively visited places that could be the thief’s home or place of work. This will help you catch him.

Track visited locations with the Timeline service

How to Find a Lost Phone using email/IMEI number easily | Even if it’s switched off

Find Samsung by Google Account

There is another way to find Samsung using a Google account. Anyone with an Android phone can link their Google account to their mobile. This requires an account in this system. Then you should log into it from your cell phone. Go to the gadget settings, select the Account section, click the Google sign there and enter the data from your account. After that, remote control is automatically activated on all devices with Android version 5 and higher. Everyone with a lower operating system should go to the “Administration” section and activate this function.

If your mobile phone is stolen or lost, you can remotely control the device via the Internet from the Google service. The main condition is that it must still be turned on. Through this method, you can select the following actions on the cell:

  • block the device;
  • force to emit a signal at full volume;
  • set a message asking for a return for a fee;
  • show location on the map;
  • erase all data from the device.

How to find a phone by SIM card

Don’t want to waste time on statements? Contact the operators yourself. The accurate GPS system will help you track the signal received by the SIM card. As soon as the connection is recorded by the towers, the operators will name the exact location of the smartphone.

This operation is quite simple to do. You are required to:

  • a call to a mobile operator (employees will connect you with a consultant who will answer all questions);
  • indication of the mobile number and the card agreement, as well as the IMEI code.

As soon as the company receives the data, expect an early response.

Using Google Photos functionality

This method will help in the event that the phone was stolen by intruders and the thief left it for himself to use.

The essence of the method is simple. find out if new photos were taken with the help of the gadget after the loss and see the location of these photos. However, in order to use the tracking function via Google photos, you need to connect the device to the file backup.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the “Accounts” section and select the required Google account.
  • In the window that opens, activate the synchronization function of the data of interest. In our case, photos.

After activation, all photos taken on the device will be saved in the shared cloud storage, which can be accessed from any device.

To see if new photos have been taken with the missing phone, you must:

  • Visit Google Photos from any device.
  • Enter the data of the account to which the smartphone is linked.
  • View photos taken and find new ones.
  • Select a photo and click on the “i” icon (information).
  • The location of the device will be indicated on the right side of the screen.

Do not rush to take the smartphone away from the attacker yourself, it is better to report this information to law enforcement agencies.

Find Samsung by account

This is the first thing to know if you are wondering how to find Samsung yourself. This is the company’s internal device search service that operates through a Samsung account. All users should log into their Samsung account through the settings. If you are going through the procedure for the first time, then you need to perform a simple registration. Further, the function of remote control of the device will turn on in automatic mode. Using your computer from your account, you can:

  • block the device;
  • turn on the signal at full volume;
  • show on the map the last determined location of the gadget;
  • completely delete all contents from memory (it will not be possible to restore afterwards).

Find My Mobile will help you find out the location of your lost Samsung

This system, native to Samsung phones, requires the following conditions to work:

  • Your phone must have access to the Internet;
  • You need to have a Samsung account and be registered with it;
  • This service must be configured on your phone, including activation of remote control.

If you have a device, then you may be able to find your lost phone using its own tracking service “Find my mobile”. For it to work, you need a Samsung account and a registered phone before you lost it. Therefore, try to remember if you have a Samsung account and if you have registered your device before. If not, then further steps are meaningless.

  • Go to and click on “Login” to enter your account;
  • Check the left sidebar and make sure your device is connected to your account;
  • Now all you have to do is select “Find my device” in the sidebar and click on the “Find” button. If your device is connected to the network and has remote control enabled, you will see its approximate location;
  • Find My Mobile Phone also allows you to perform other actions. For example, block the device, call it with a message and erase the data on it. Find your phone with Samsung’s “Find My Mobile”
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