Fn button not working on lenovo laptop

What is the Fn button for or why keyboard shortcuts do not work on a laptop

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Using hotkeys on laptops

To begin with, it should be said that hotkeys are usually called various keyboard shortcuts, by pressing which you will perform various functions, avoiding unnecessary manipulations on the touchpad. There are a number of these combinations on laptops, which are mainly designed to make it easier to work in any environment.

The reason for this need for such keys on a laptop is considered to be that it is a portable computer, and therefore it means that it will be used not only within the home, but also in the most various places. But, for example, if you are on a bus, plane, train, crowded places (metro or train station), it may not always be convenient to perform operations on a laptop using only a touchpad, let alone a mouse. Just as an alternative to their use, they use a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Using the “Fn” key

When you look at a laptop keyboard with particular attention, you can see certain differences from a simple desktop computer keyboard. In particular, there are no buttons, for example, a block with numbers. At the same time, the laptop has one key that cannot be found on any simple computer. this key has the designation “Fn”. It does not independently perform any function, but in combination with the rest of the buttons, it is capable of performing a huge number of operations. The instructions that may come with laptop models very often contain explanations in this regard. In addition, specific keys that can be used in combination with “Fn” include additional labels, often very often highlighted in a different color. In addition, today’s laptops have a huge number of hotkeys without using the “Fn” key. Their main purpose is to work with folders, shortcuts, files, the system and perform other necessary tasks. These hotkeys are also used on ordinary computers, but only on laptops they play a rather significant role.

File Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Very often, to work with files and folders, it becomes necessary to access Windows Explorer. In order to call it, you do not need to go to the “Start” menu. you can do this much easier and faster using the keyboard shortcut Windows E. In order to move from one to the second zone of Explorer, you can only press the F6 key or the Tab key. The Backspace key can also greatly facilitate the work, which will return you to the folder in which this document or file is located. In addition, you can view the first and last elements of an open window using the Home and End keys. When there is a need to see the contents of a given folder or file, you can do this using the AltEnter keyboard shortcut. Calling the context menu of the right mouse button is replaced by the combination ShiftF10. In order to view the list of address lines in the explorer window, use the F4 key. It is easy to navigate through the list items with the arrow keys.

Hotkeys can also help when working with files and folders. So, in order to select all the folders and files that are located in the window, press the CtrlA combination. If there is a need to select only a couple of folders and files that are located in different places of the window, then you should press the Ctrl key and, while holding it, press the left touchpad button on the necessary documents. In order to select a group of a number of existing files, press and hold the Shift key, and then left-click the touchpad on the first and last file from the list you need. If you hold down the F2 key and select a folder or document, you can change their names. When, in addition to this, you also select a group of objects, then the name change will only be in the first of them.

When a folder or file should be moved to the trash, then after selecting them, press “Delete”. To liquidate a file, bypassing the trash can, use the ShiftDelete key combination.

The simplest keyboard shortcut that is used not only by the owners of laptops, but also by ordinary home computers is, respectively, CtrlC and CtrlV, meaning “copy” and “paste”. Of course, after copying, the original copied file will remain in its place as well. If you need to cut them out from there, then another key combination is used. CtrlX. After that, using the CtrlV combination, the file can be put in a new place.

Also, CtrlO is considered a fairly popular key combination, after pressing which the “open” window will be visible on the screen, where you can select the next document. Often the keyboard shortcuts CtrlF12 or AltCtrlF2 are used for this.

There is a PrtSc key, which is quite useful on a laptop. When it is pressed, a screenshot remains in the laptop’s memory, which was taken at the time of pressing. If you open a graphics editor and press CtrlV, you can leave the snapshot in the form of an image. This is quite convenient when you need to show the second person, for example, the kind of dialog box that appears when there are problems in order to ask for advice on how to eliminate them. If you need to take a snapshot of only one window, which is currently active, then you can use the AltPrint combination.

Almost all laptop models allow the user to assign specific sets of keys to a variety of dialog boxes that automatically appear when they are pressed. This is quite convenient, especially when the work is done simultaneously with a fairly large number of windows. But the user needs to keep all such combinations in his head all the time, therefore it is not recommended to assign quite a lot of such combinations.

The above hotkeys usually do not require additional configuration. They function automatically after installing the operating system on the laptop. However, the combinations that use the Fn key only work when the laptop is running the operating system specified by the manufacturer. One function that requires additional settings is the automatic opening of windows by pressing a particular key combination. This is done quite simply. for the selected program, you need to create a shortcut in some place, and then specific hotkeys are assigned to it. After forming the shortcut, right-click on it and go to “Properties” in the drop-down menu. A dialog box will open with a “shortcut” field. In this field, enter the desired key combination, and then save all the settings. Usually the system can offer the combination CtrlAlt any other key. Just this combination is worth adhering to.

How to repair a laptop when hotkeys don’t work.

In order to be able to configure the rest of the hotkeys, you should install on laptops special utilities of the operating system, which are usually called hotkey managers. With the help of these programs, keyboard shortcuts and functions can be set, which will be performed after they are clicked. Typically, the following possible actions are provided: opening specific windows and documents, launching various programs, launching web pages, inserting specific template text, sound, adjusting the monitor, shutting down the computer, restarting it. Also, using managers, you have the opportunity to decide the action of hot keys in a certain situation, for example, when playing on a computer in full screen mode.

Often times, there may be situations where this function is not performed when the keys are pressed. In this case, there may be some reasons. The most common one. this is a large number of viruses on a laptop. Sometimes, at the same time, there are problems in the work of other programs and applications. In these cases, to restore the optimal functioning of the laptop, you need to clean the system from viruses using a high-quality antivirus, and if this does not solve the problem, you need to reinstall the system after formatting the hard disk.

Hotkeys when the Fn key is used can often be caused by the installation of the operating system and drivers that are different from those that were purchased with the laptop. In this case, the installation of the original system and all drivers should occur, or a small adjustment of the new system. When this is not possible, then you should install a key manager, in which you will assign most of them manually.

How to enable / disable touchpad on Lenovo laptop

If the touchpad does not work and the traditional restart of the computer does not help, there are a few simple steps you can take to solve the problem.

Via BIOS settings

This item does not apply to all Lenovo laptop models, some do not have this option or are located in a different section. In this case, updating the BIOS firmware to a more recent one can help.

  • Enter BIOS (instructions on how to enter BIOS)
  • Go to the “Advansed” (or “Config” “Keyboard / Mouse”) menu section of your BIOS.
  • For the item “Internal Porting Device” (Possible option is “Internal Device Setting”, “Trackpad” or similar), select the value “Enabled”
  • Go to the main BIOS menu and save the settings by selecting the “Save Exit Setup” item Or do it with a hotkey (usually F10) and press the ENTER key.
  • Reboot your computer

IMPORTANT: Even if this option is present, it may not be available or its use will not lead to the desired result if the USB controller is disabled in the BIOS. This setup is not uncommon on corporate laptops.

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If, in your case, the touchpad was disabled in the BIOS, then after turning it on, you may need to activate it with hot keys or from the Windows interface.

Activation with function keys Fn F (x)

Typically, the Fn button is located second from the left in the bottom row of keyboard keys. Sometimes the icon on the key helps to understand which F1-F12 button is responsible for enabling / disabling the touchpad, usually the icon of the crossed out touchpad. Lenovo products are characterized by the following combinations:

  • Fn F8 is the most common option
  • Fn F6
  • Fn F5. Less common

IMPORTANT: This method may not work in the following cases:

  • If you do not have drivers responsible for using hotkeys installed (For Lenovo, usually Hotkey Features Integration)
  • If the Fn button is configured “the other way around”, that is, the LockFn function is disabled, then you should try just the F8, F6 or F5 key, without using the Fn function key

Method 2

Back in Windows 10, touchpad control is found in Windows Settings:

  • Press the Win X keyboard shortcut (or through any other method known to you) and select “Options” from the list
  • Go to the “Devices” item and in it, on the left panel, select “Touch Panel”

In this menu, you can enable / disable the touchpad, as well as adjust its sensitivity, touches and gestures.

How to Disable Hotkeys | How to Enable Function Keys

  • Go to the “Control Panel”, select the view in the form of “Large icons”
  • Find the item “Mouse” and left-click on it.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Device Settings” tab. If not, try searching for “ELAN” or “ClickPad”.
  • In the list of devices, select a device (most likely it will be the only one) and click the “Activate device” button. If desired, you can check or uncheck the “Disable when connecting an external USB mouse” checkbox. If you uncheck the box, the touchpad will not be disabled when working with a regular mouse.


Different sets of Fn key software are available for different Lenovo notebook models and generations. In my opinion, the easiest way, if the Fn key on Lenovo does not work, is to do this: enter “Your_Laptop_model support” in the search engine, go to the official support page (usually the first one in the search results), in the “Top Downloads” section, click “View all »(View all) and check what from the list below is available for download and installation on your laptop for the required version of Windows.

  • Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit). http://support.lenovo.com / ru / en / downloads / ds031814 (only for supported laptops, list at the bottom of the specified page).
  • Lenovo Energy Management (Power Management). For most modern laptops
  • Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility
  • Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver
  • If only the FnF5, FnF7 combinations do not work, try additionally installing the official Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers from the Lenovo website.

Additional information: on some Lenovo laptops, the FnEsc combination switches the mode of the Fn key, this option is also present in the BIOS. the HotKey Mode item in the Configuration section. ThinkPad laptops may also have a BIOS “Fn and Ctrl Key Swap” option that swaps the Fn and Ctrl keys.

Function keys on Dell Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, and more laptops typically require the following sets of drivers and applications to work:

  • Dell QuickSet Application
  • Dell Power Manager Lite Application
  • Dell Foundation Services. Application
  • Dell Function Keys. for some older Dell laptops that shipped with Windows XP and Vista.

You can find the drivers that are required for your laptop as follows:

  • in the support section of the Dell website http://www.dell.com/support/home/ru/ru/ specify your laptop model (you can use automatic detection or through the “View products”).
  • Select “Drivers and Downloads”, change OS version if necessary.
  • Download the required applications and install them on your computer.

Please note that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth keys may require the original wireless drivers available from Dell for proper operation.

Additional Information: In BIOS (UEFI) on Dell laptops, the Advanced section may contain a Function Keys Behavior item that changes how the Fn key works. enables multimedia functions or the actions of the Fn-F12 keys. Also, the Dell Fn key settings can be in the standard Windows Mobility Center.

The Fn key on Sony Vaio laptops

Despite the fact that the Sony Vaio laptop is no longer available, there are a lot of questions about installing drivers on them, including to enable the Fn key, this is due to the fact that very often drivers from the official website refuse to install even on the same OS, with which the laptop came with after reinstalling it, and even more so on Windows 10 or 8.1.

For the Fn key to work on Sony, usually (some may not be available for a specific model) the following three components are required from the official website:

  • Sony Firmware Extension Parser Driver
  • Sony Shared Library
  • Sony Notebook Utilities
  • Sometimes. Vaio Event Service.

You can download them from the official page https://www.sony.ru/support/ru/series/prd-comp-vaio-nb (or you can find it by request “your_model_naptop support” in any search engine, if your model does not have it turned out). On the official Russian website:

  • Select your laptop model
  • On the Software & Downloads tab, select your operating system. Despite the fact that Windows 10 and 8 may be present in the lists, sometimes the necessary drivers are available only if you select the OS with which the laptop was originally shipped.

But further problems may arise. not always Sony Vaio drivers want to be installed.

The Fn key does not work on a laptop. what to do

Most laptops have a separate Fn key, which, in combination with the keys in the top row of the keyboard (F1. F12), usually performs laptop-specific actions (turning Wi-Fi on and off, changing the screen brightness, etc.), or, conversely, without it. pressings work these actions, and pressing. the functions of the F1-F12 keys. A common problem for laptop owners, especially after updating the system or manually installing Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, is that the Fn key does not work.

In this manual, in detail about the common reasons why the Fn key may not work, as well as how to fix this situation in Windows for common brands of laptops. Asus, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and, most interestingly, Sony Vaio (if you are some other brand, you can ask a question in the comments, I think I can help).

The Fn key on an Asus laptop

For the operation of the Fn key on Asus laptops, a set of software and drivers ATKPackage is responsible. ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities, available for download on the official Asus website. In this case, in addition to the installed components, the hcontrol.exe utility should be in startup (added to startup automatically when installing ATKPackage).

How to download Fn key and function key drivers for Asus laptop

  • Searching on the Internet (Google recommend) enter “your_laptop_model support”. usually the first result is the official driver download page for your model on asus.com
  • Select the required OS. If the required version of Windows is not presented in the list, select the closest one that is available, it is very important that the bitness (32 or 64 bit) matches the version of Windows that you have installed.
  • Optional, but may increase the likelihood of step 4 being successful. download and install drivers from the Chipset section.
  • In the ATK section download ATKPackage and install it.

After that, you may need to restart the laptop and, if everything went well, you will see that the Fn key on your laptop is working. If something went wrong, below is a section on typical problems when fixing broken function keys.

Reasons why the Fn key does not work on a laptop

For a start. about the main reasons why Fn may not function on a laptop keyboard. As a rule, the problem is encountered after installing Windows (or reinstalling), but not always. the same situation may arise after disabling programs at startup or after some BIOS settings (UEFI).

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the situation with a non-working Fn is caused by the following reasons

  • There are no specific drivers and software from the laptop manufacturer for the function keys to work. especially if you reinstalled Windows and then used the driver pack to install the drivers. It is also possible that there are drivers, for example, only for Windows 7, and you have installed Windows 10 (possible solutions will be described in the section on troubleshooting).
  • The Fn key requires the manufacturer’s utility to be running, but this program has been removed from Windows startup.
  • Fn key behavior has been changed in the BIOS (UEFI) of the laptop. some laptops allow you to change the Fn settings in the BIOS, they may also change when you reset the BIOS.

The most common cause is point 1, but then we will consider all the options for each of the above brands of laptops and possible scenarios for fixing the problem.

HP Laptops

For the full operation of the Fn key and its associated function keys in the top row on HP Pavilion and other HP notebooks, the following components are required from the official website

  • HP Software Framework, HP On-Screen Display, and HP Quick Launch from Software Solutions.
  • HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Support Tools from Utility. Tools.
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At the same time, for a specific model, some of the above items may be missing.

To download the necessary software for your HP laptop, search the Internet for “Your_Laptop_model support”. usually the first result is the official page on support.HP.com for your laptop model, where in the “Software and drivers” section, just click “Go”. and then select the version of the operating system (if yours is not in the list, select the closest one in chronology, the bit depth must be the same) and download the necessary drivers.

Additionally: in the BIOS on Asus laptops, there may be an item to change the behavior of the Fn key. Located in the “System Configuration” section, the Action Keys Mode item. if Disabled, then the function keys are triggered only when Fn is pressed, if Enabled, then without pressing (but to use F1-F12, you need to press Fn).

https://www.acer.com/ac/ru/RU/content/support (in the “Select a device” section, you can specify the model manually, without a serial number) and specify the operating system (if your version is not in the list, download drivers from the closest one in the same bit as installed on the laptop).

In the download list, in the “Application” section, download the Launch Manager program and install it on your laptop (in some cases, you will also need a chipset driver from the same page).

If the program has already been installed, but the Fn key still does not work, make sure Launch Manager is not disabled in Windows startup, and also try to install Acer Power Manager from the official website.

Possible problems and solutions when installing software and drivers for the Fn key

  • The driver is not installed, because it writes that the OS version is not supported (for example, if it is only for Windows 7, but you need Fn keys in Windows 10). try unpacking the exe-installer using the Universal Extractor program, and inside the unpacked folder find it yourself drivers to install them manually, or a separate installer that does not check the system version.
  • Despite the installation of all the components, the Fn key still does not work. check if there are any options in the BIOS related to the operation of the Fn key, HotKey. Try to install the official chipset and power management drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Hope the instruction helps. If not, and additional information is required, you can ask a question in the comments, only, please, indicate the exact model of the laptop and the version of the installed operating system.

Fn key driver

I would like to dwell on the driver for the fn key. If you want to install a new one, and this is often the reason why this button does not work, then download it only for your model and from the manufacturer’s website.

To do this, do the following, go to the site (in the search write: support = laptop name =), specify the model and go to the page with drivers for the keyboard (controllers). You can even download everything, it doesn’t hurt, you just update them.

By the way, there is one unsurpassed way to fix any key. Always works at 100%.

You can also enter the “device manager”, select “keyboard” and if there is a disk with drivers from the manufacturer, update them from there.

There is also the possibility of updating drivers via the Internet, but this method does not differ in efficiency.

The search is carried out in the Microsoft database, and (not the manufacturer) and usually ends in vain.

Why the fn key on a laptop is not working

Why is the fn key not working on an Acer, Compaq, Apple, DELL, Fujitsu, eMachines, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Bell, LG, MSI, Roverbook, Packard, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, or Toshiba laptop.

All the above models, although they have some differences, but the reasons why the fn key does not work are almost always the same.

The only exception is in the names of the drivers, although they themselves are not the main source of the problem (stopped or stuck).

So in Samsung it is “Control Center”, in HP “HP Quick Launch Buttons”, ASUS. “ATK Hotkey” and Toshiba. Hotkey utility.

The fn key is only found in notebooks. It was created to simplify work (quick access to components).

Using this button, you can usually turn on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, decrease or increase the screen brightness.

Also turn off altogether, call e-mail, turn on the numeric keypad and a few more functions depending on the model of the netbook or laptop.

In general, there are several reasons why the Fn key does not work on a laptop. The controller is responsible for its work. “Keyboard Controller”. What can be done to fix the problem.

The first step is to find out the type of damage: mechanical (dust, hit by liquid) or systemic (damage or lack of drivers.)

In any case, all the functions that the combination of the fn key provides with others can be enabled in another way. it’s just a matter of convenience.

So, in case of mechanical damage to the fn key, we clean it from dust, change or repair it. You can find out more details by clicking on the link. In the case of a system violation, install the latest driver versions.

Also, keep in mind that there is a possibility that the fn key may not work at all. For example, you bought a laptop designed for a 64. bit system, and installed 32. Recently, such problems have arisen frequently. This is especially true of Bluetooth operation.

No matter how much you look, you won’t find it, you won’t be able to write it yourself either. You have to abandon these conveniences or install 64. In laptops: asus, acer, toshiba and Samsung this happens often.

Fn key program

The Internet offers a program for the fn key Easy Display Manager. Only I do not trust them.

Once I used such a creation to install the latest drivers, as a result I had to reinstall the operating system.

The Fn key refers to the system components of the keyboard, utilities (drivers) are responsible for its operation, and only one of a kind (depending on the laptop model).

Therefore, you need to look for them only at the office. manufacturers’ websites, only then can the fn key combination be resumed with other.

Why is the fn button not working on an HP laptop?

Consider the case when the “Fn” button does not work on a laptop. If your laptop just doesn’t work, take a look at this article: Why HP laptop won’t turn on.

For the convenience of using laptops, they provide quick access to some functions:

  • Enable / Disable Wireless Adapter.
  • Touchpad control.
  • Adjusting the screen brightness.
  • Decrease and increase volume.

The range of functions available will vary from model to model. For the sake of compactness, special functions are combined, as a rule, with a number of F1-F12 keys, and they must be used while holding down the fn key.

However, sometimes the dedicated button stops working. There are three main reasons for this:

  • Special drivers are missing or damaged. Often this situation develops as a result of reinstalling the operating system or its version mismatch with the drivers.
  • The required process or service is shut down.
  • For HP Envy Notebooks, the function key behavior can be changed in BIOS settings.

It is also theoretically possible that one button does not work as a result of damage to the keyboard pins, but this is very unlikely. As a rule, in such a situation, the key block immediately fails.

Service start

The disabled service must be enabled and checked for its presence in the startup list. The first can be done through the “Task Manager”. Press Ctrl Shift Esc, select the “Services” tab, find HP Hotkey Monitor in it and right-click to enable.

Then press Win R. In the Run window, enter mscongif, after which the System Configuration window will open with the Startup tab. In it, you should select the mentioned HP Hotkey Monitor, and put a tick in front of it.

Installing the required drivers

According to the number of the most common reasons, there are several ways to eliminate the breakdown. The first (and most likely effective) is to install the required drivers.

The HP customer support site will help you find the driver you need. There, enter the product and model name of the laptop (for example, HP ENVY. 15-k110tx) and, in the “Software and Drivers” tab, download the necessary ones. Depending on the features of a particular model, you will need:

  • HP Software Framework;
  • HP On-Screen Display;
  • HP Quick Launch Software;
  • HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Support Tools.

The first three are usually found under the “Software. Solutions” tab, the last one. “Utility. Tools”.

BIOS setup

To get into the BIOS menu, you must have time to press F10 before starting the operating system. Then go to the System Configuration tab. The Disabled parameter means that you must hold down fn to use special functions. Enabled means that fn is necessary for the standard use of the F keys. Having set the required parameter, there will only be F10 again to exit the BIOS with saving the changes and continue loading the OS.

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BIOS settings

In the case of ASUS notebooks, you cannot disable or enable the function keys through the BIOS, but you can customize their work. If “Fn” does not work correctly on your laptop, our instructions may well help.

After the performed actions, the “Fn” key will become mandatory when accessing the function keys of the laptop. If the described actions did not bring the result, you can proceed to the following causes of the malfunction.

1) Keyboard with Fn works the other way around.

Those. the above situation. Causes and solutions:

Possible problems and solutions when installing software and drivers for the Fn key

  • The driver is not installed, because it writes that the OS version is not supported (for example, if it is only for Windows 7, but you need Fn keys in Windows 10). try unpacking the exe-installer using the Universal Extractor program, and inside the unpacked folder find it yourself drivers to install them manually, or a separate installer that does not check the system version.
  • Despite the installation of all the components, the Fn key still does not work. check if there are any options in the BIOS related to the operation of the Fn key, HotKey. Try to install the official chipset and power management drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Oh, these modern keyboards, with which manufacturers are now doing everything. And the problem with the performance of the keys even on a new device is not uncommon.

Actually, today’s article will be about the operation and configuration of the F1 ÷ F12 and Fn function keys on laptops. The fact is that often they either do not work at all, or they do not work as they should. over, many manufacturers “fence” the shape of the keys, their functions, on / off, setting as they please (no standardization).

Meanwhile, the keys Fn, F1, F2, F3, etc. are very important, they allow you to quickly increase / decrease the brightness and sound, turn on / off the Wi-Fi network, touchpad and much more. In general, abandoning them means depriving yourself of the necessary functionality, which is not good.

Using the FN ESC combination

In many laptops, the user can “lock” or “unlock” Fn while using the system, just like Caps Lock. This allows you to quickly toggle the action of the function keys.

To do this, just press the FN ESC combination. The FN key will automatically lock in the “always on” position. Therefore, now, to activate alternative functions, you will not need to press any combinations with FN, the very use of F1-F12 will cause the multimedia operation assigned to them.

Pressing this combination again will “unlock” FN. Thus, F1. F12 will again perform their previous role. Now, for example, to increase the volume, you need to hold FN.

Reanimate the Fn key

First of all, you have to figure out if the Fn button is enabled in the system. It is possible that it was disabled, for example, due to some kind of failure. To do this, go into the BIOS and enable the key. In addition, some laptops have the ability to turn on Fn, so to speak, for permanent operation, that is, the button will always be in the on position. It is necessary to change the mode of its operation to standard, this is also done through the BIOS.

Next, we check the button for the type of damage: mechanical or systemic. In the first case, repairs are necessary and you are unlikely to cope on your own (for example, part of the keyboard is damaged). In addition, there is a possibility that a certain element has fallen under the button, which is blocking its operation. It can even be a loaf of bread or dust. Accordingly, we clean the keyboard.

In the second case, you need to install the driver. You can get it on the website of the official manufacturer (I do not recommend downloading from other sites, so as not to download some virus to your computer).

Also on various Internet forums, a message is being discussed that supposedly not all laptops, or rather, the Fn key, supports 64-bit Windows operating systems. True, it is difficult to say which models this applies to.

Finally, you can download special programs that are responsible for the work of Fn. True, these are third-party programs and often they have an extremely negative effect on the operation of the entire laptop, and there are times when the keyboard, after installing such a program, refused to work completely. So before installing such software, I would really think about whether it is worth doing.

It is possible that the problem lies in startup. when the laptop is turned on, the program responsible for hotkeys does not load. In this case, reinstalling the drivers will help.

Finally, I would like to say that in most cases the problem is of a systemic (“software” nature), and mechanical damage is extremely rare. This means that you can almost always deal with the problem yourself. Dare.

Fixing a Not Working Fn Key on a Laptop

Each laptop has
the Fn button, which is responsible for the possibility of expanding the functionality when combined with other keys. Unfortunately, owners are often faced with a problem with the functioning of Fn. This could be due to updates or critical changes to the system.

In this article, we will look at the details and how to fix this problem.
They are suitable for all well-known laptop manufacturers. Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and others.

Acer laptop solution

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website acer.com
  • Go to the support section.
  • Select the device model and bitness of your Windows.
  • Find Launch Manager among the list.
  • Download software.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • HP Laptops

    To return full functionality for this manufacturer, you also need to download additional components.

    • Go to the official HP support site and find the following components for your model:
    • HP Software Framework;
    • HP On-Screen Display;
    • HP Quick Launch.
  • After that, install those components that will be available for your model and reboot the devices.
  • You should also check the BIOS, the Fn key may just not be disabled.
    Read more about how to enter BIOS on different computers here.

    Solving the problem on Asus laptops

    For the Fn key to work properly on Asus laptops, additional software is required. You will need to download the ATKPackage, which includes the necessary components to maintain functionality.

    • Search for support by adding your laptop model.
    • Choose from the suggested links the official resource of the manufacturer Asus./li
    • Go to it and select the bitness of your operating system.
  • Download the package we are interested in, as well as the Chipset driver, to be sure.
  • Install the downloaded drivers and package, and then restart the device.
  • After these manipulations, the key will work again without interruption.

    Troubleshooting Dell Laptops

    In this case, the method is similar to the method with Lenovo.

    • Go to the official Dell site dell.com.
    • Choosing the right model and bit depth.
    • After that, we look in the list:
    • Dell QuickSet Application;
    • Dell Power Manager;
    • Lite Application;
    • Dell Foundation Services. Application, or Dell Function Keys for Legacy Models.
  • We carry out the installation and reboot.
  • Also, do not forget to check the BIOS settings, the key functionality can be disabled in it.

    Lenovo Laptops

    On Lenovo laptops, the method differs from the examples above. Different models require their own software to be installed.

    • Go to lenovo.com official website
    • Go through the initialization according to your model and system bitness.
  • Look in the list for software, in the names of which there will be Hotkey, or Power Management.
  • For some models, it may be necessary to change the settings in the BIOS menu. The required item will be called Hotkey.

    The main causes of the problem

    There are several common reasons for FN key failure:

    • Update, reinstall Windows.
    • Lack of special drivers to keep the Fn key working.
    • Lack of the necessary utility that serves to support the functionality of the button.
    • Making Breaking BIOS Changes.
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