Fn key not working on lenovo laptop

Keyboard shortcut

This option is far from universal, since depending on the brand and model of the laptop, the set of secondary assignments for the top row of keys differs. Nevertheless, it can help some of the readers, and they do not have to go to the more time-consuming method.

Examine the top row of laptop keys. If there is a lock icon that blocks / allows Fn to work, try using it. Often such an icon is located on Esc, but perhaps it could be in a different place.

In addition, sometimes instead of a lock there is an inscription “FnLk” or “FnLock”, as in the example below.

Press the Fn Esc key combination to unlock / lock the operation of the additional F-row mode.

This feature is available in certain laptop models from Lenovo, Dell, ASUS and some others. In modern HP, Acer, etc., blocking, as a rule, is absent.

How to enable or disable the Fn key on a laptop

The Fn key, located at the very bottom of laptop keyboards, is required to call the second mode of the F1-F12 keys. In the latest laptop models, manufacturers increasingly began to make the multimedia mode of the F-keys the main one, and their main purpose has faded into the background and requires simultaneous pressing with Fn. For some users, this option seems convenient, for others, on the contrary, not. In this article, we will explain how to enable or disable Fn.

Turn Fn on and off on laptop keyboard

As mentioned above, depending on the purpose for which the laptop is used, the number of F-keys is used differently for each user. Some people need exactly the functional F-keys, while others are more comfortable with their multimedia mode. When the desired does not coincide with reality, you can turn to ways to enable and disable the Fn key and, as a result, the operation of the entire row of F-keys.

BIOS settings

If you just want to change the operating mode of the F-keys from functional to multimedia or vice versa, without disabling the Fn key completely, use the BIOS options. Now, in almost all laptops, this feature is switched there, and by default, after purchasing the device, multimedia mode is activated, thanks to which the user can control the display brightness, volume, rewind and other options.

Expanded on how to change the mode of operation of the F-keys through the BIOS, it is written in the material at the link below.

Downloading the driver

Oddly enough, the driver is responsible for the operation of Fn and the F-series subordinate to it. In its absence, the user will need to go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and contact the support section. Usually any drivers are downloaded from there.

Further, from the list of drivers for your version of Windows (7, 8, 10), you need to find a program (or several programs at once, if they are separated by commas in the list below) that is responsible for the hotkeys. You just need to download and install her / them like any other software:

  • HP. HP Software Framework, HP On-Screen Display, HP Quick Launch, HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). Some applications may not be available for a specific laptop model;
  • ASUS. “ATKPackage”;
  • Acer. “Launch Manager”;
  • Lenovo. “Lenovo Energy Management” / “Lenovo Power Management” (or “Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility”, “Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver”);
  • Dell. “Dell QuickSet Application” (or “Dell Power Manager Lite Application” / “Dell Foundation Services. Application” / “Dell Function Keys”);
  • Sony. Sony Firmware Extension Parser Driver, Sony Shared Library, Sony Notebook Utilities (or Vaio Control Center). For certain models, the list of available drivers will be smaller;
  • Samsung. “Easy Display Manager”;
  • Toshiba. “Hotkey Utility”.

Now you know how you can not only enable and disable Fn, but also change the operating mode of the entire row of F-keys, partially controlled by the function key.

Enabling the F1-F12 keys on a laptop

As a rule, on all laptops, the row of F-keys is configured for two modes: functional and multimedia. Previously, a simple single press performed the default action assigned to that key within a program, game, or operating system (for example, F1 opened the application’s help). Pressing the F-key together with Fn already performed a different action assigned to it by the manufacturer. It could have been a volume mute or something else.

However, more and more often in modern devices you can find the opposite principle of operation: the usual pressing of the F-key launches the action assigned by the manufacturer, and the combination (take the same example with F1) Fn F1 opens the help window.

For users who use F1-F12 for functional purposes more often than for secondary multimedia purposes, such a change of order is often not to their liking. It is especially inconvenient for fans of computer games who require a quick response to actions. Fortunately, changing the priority of work can be very simple. by editing one of the BIOS parameters.

  • Start the BIOS using the key responsible for entering your laptop model. If this is a function key, you do not need to press Fn. until the operating system is loaded, this row works in the usual mode.
  • Using the arrows on your keyboard, open the “System Configuration” section and find the “Action Keys Mode” parameter. Press Enter on it and select the value “Disabled”.

For Dell laptops, the setting will be different: “Advanced” “Function Key Behavior”. Here you need to rearrange the value to “Function Key”.

For Toshiba: “Advanced” “Function Keys Mode (without pressing Fn first)” “Standard F1-F12 mode”.

  • The new mode of operation of the keys is disabled, it remains to press F10, save the settings to “Yes” and reboot.
  • After changing the mode, you will be able to use F1-F12 without any problems as before. To use additional functions such as adjusting the volume, brightness, enabling / disabling Wi-Fi, you will need to simultaneously press the corresponding function key together with Fn.

    From this short article, you learned why the function keys in games, programs and Windows might not work on your laptop, as well as how to enable them. If you have any questions, use the comment form below.

    Installing the driver in the operating system

    For the Fn key and its associated F-row to work smoothly, the operating system must have an appropriate driver installed. If it is not there, you need to find it. To do this, you need to open the manufacturer’s website and go to the support or software section, where you can download the driver for your model.

    In the list offered on the site, you need to select the version of Windows installed on your computer and select the necessary software to download. In the case of Lenovo, its name will be something like this:

    • Lenovo Energy Management;
    • Lenovo Power Management;
    • Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility;
    • “Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver”.

    If anyone is wondering why the Fn button is needed, see the following.

    Keyboard shortcut

    working, lenovo, laptop

    You can disable and enable the Fn key on a Lenovo laptop using the keyboard. This is not for everyone, as Lenovo has a fairly diverse lineup. The fact is that the set of additional functions on the top row of buttons may differ depending on the device. However, many will find this method useful and will not have to look for other methods to solve this problem.

    Take a close look at the keyboard of your laptop. If it has a padlock button for Fn lock / unlock, check it. Most often, the icon is located on Esc, although the manufacturer may place it on other F-buttons. It remains to press the Fn Esc combination, which will disable or enable additional operations of the F row.

    If there is no lock on the button, look for “FnLk” or “FnLock” instead. this is the same function.

    This opportunity can be used not only on Lenovo laptops, but also on Dell or ASUS. On the latest Acer or HP, this solution is not provided.

    Changing BIOS settings

    Changing the priority of the Fn button using the BIOS is described in the following

    You can switch the mode of using row F from multimedia to functional and leave the working Fn button using the BIOS. You need to change the corresponding settings there.

    Today, on almost any laptop, you can change modes only there. over, by default, the new computer uses the multimedia mode, which allows the user to adjust the brightness and volume, control the rewinding of songs and perform other operations.

    On Lenovo models, you only need to do a few things:

    • Go to BIOS after turning on the laptop. To do this, you need to press F8, ESC or another key (depending on the model).
    • Use the arrows on the keyboard to go to the “System Configuration” section.
    • Change the “Action Keys Mode” option to “Disabled” or “Enabled”.
    • Exit BIOS and save changes.

    After restarting the computer, if Action Keys Mode is set to Disabled, the multimedia mode in the F row will be disabled, and the Fn button can be assigned to the operating system to perform another operation. Enabled will enable the Fn button on a Lenovo laptop and return the ability to work in multimedia mode.

    How to disable and enable the Fn key on a Lenovo laptop?

    There is an Fn button on the laptop keyboard, which is used when calling the additional mode of the F1-F12 keys. At the same time, in new laptops, manufacturers are gradually replacing the main mode of keys from the F row with a multimedia one. Therefore, to perform basic functions using these buttons, you must additionally press Fn. For some this is fine, however, there are those who do not welcome the additional use of the key. Therefore, we will talk about how to disable Fn on a Lenovo laptop.

    Other solutions

    Another solution to enable or disable the Fn button on Lenovo laptop is to install the Magic Keyboard program. It is universal for all laptops and has an intuitive interface, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with turning Fn on / off.

    As for Linux distribution users, they can be advised to install the Solar application designed to change keyboard and mouse settings.

    There are several ways to enable or disable the Fn key on Lenovo laptops. You can change the settings in the BIOS, install additional software, or press the appropriate key combination. The process itself is not complicated and does not require specialized knowledge.

    Fn and function keys F1 ÷ F12 do not work on laptop

    Good day!

    Oh, these modern keyboards, with which manufacturers are now doing everything. And the problem with the performance of the keys even on a new device is not uncommon.

    Actually, today’s article will be about the operation and configuration of the F1 ÷ F12 and Fn function keys on laptops. The fact is that often they either do not work at all, or they do not work as they should.

    over, many manufacturers “fence” the shape of the keys, their functions, on / off, setting as they please (no standardization).

    Meanwhile, the keys Fn, F1, F2, F3, etc. are very important, they allow you to quickly increase / decrease the brightness and sound, turn on / off the Wi-Fi network, touchpad and much more.

    In general, abandoning them means depriving yourself of the necessary functionality, which is not good.

    Reasons for Fn and F1 ÷ F12 inoperability

    I remind you. that in most cases, in order for the function keys to perform an alternative function (decrease the same brightness), you must press them simultaneously with the Fn key.

    For example, in order to turn on / off Wi-Fi, you need to press the FnF2 combination (this is an example! Each laptop has its own combinations, see carefully the pictures on the keys).

    Pressing FnF2 at the same time. turns Wi-Fi on or off / as an example!

    1) Is Fn enabled? Is there no alternative button on the keyboard?

    Some types of keyboards have additional F Lock or F Mode buttons. They allow you to block (disable) function keys. Take a closer look. do you have them?

    F Lock key (most commonly found on classic keyboards, not laptops)

    Also note that in order to activate the Fn button, on some laptops you must press the FnEsc button combination (see the screen below. a small lock should be drawn on the key). By the way, instead of FnEsc, the combination FnNumLock can be used.

    2) BIOS settings (Hotkey Mode and analogs)

    If you do not know what BIOS is and how to enter it, I recommend that you read this note.

    In some laptops (for example, Dell Inspiron, Lenovo ThinkPad, etc.) in the BIOS, you can set the mode of operation of the function keys (i.e. they can act in a classic role, or they can immediately perform their second function without pressing Fn: turn down the sound. enable / disable touchpad, etc.).

    Most often, to enter the BIOS, you need to restart the laptop, and when you turn it on (before loading Windows), immediately press the F2 or Delete keys (the buttons may be different, depending on the device model).

    These modes are called: Hotkey Mode, Action Keys Mode (and other derivatives). To change their mode of operation, you need to go to the BIOS Configuration section and change the mode from Enabled to Disabled (or vice versa).

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    Hotkey Mode. changed mode of operation of F1-F12 keys

    3) Lack of drivers and special software from the manufacturer

    When drivers are installed automatically with Windows, or various kits / packs are used (for example, Driver Pack Solution), the system often does not have special software from the laptop manufacturer. As a result, some keys may not work (including functional ones).

    I will consider below an example of updating such drivers using the example of ASUS (if your laptop brand is excellent, say HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo. all actions will be the same, only the official website address will be excellent).

    • Go to the official website: https://www.asus.com/en/support/
    • Enter your laptop model and click the search button (as help: how to find your laptop model);

    Next, specify your Windows version (help: how to find out what Windows OS I have) and download the drivers for Chipset, ATKPackage. Also go to the Utilities section and click on the “Show all” link.

    Then install the Asus Smart Gesture from the Pointed Device section. After restarting the laptop. the keys should work.

    In general, to summarize: you just need to update the drivers by downloading them from the website of your laptop manufacturer. over, you need to do this for the specific version of Windows that you are using at the moment.

    If there are no drivers for your version of Windows on the website of the laptop manufacturer, then this is a serious reason to think about switching to another version of the OS (it is quite possible that because of this, part of the functionality, including the function keys, does not work).

    Perhaps someone will find useful an article on how to install drivers on a laptop or PC (various options are considered).

    4) The problem with the keyboard itself

    If you dropped or flooded the laptop with liquid. it is quite possible that the key does not work due to a physical malfunction of the keyboard.

    Pay attention to whether the key reacts at least sometimes (maybe try to press it a little harder). If there is a problem with the tracks under the key, then often a stronger pressure is triggered (for example, the tracks can oxidize after flooding, or behave this way due to wear and tear).

    • replace the keyboard on the laptop with a new one (I recommend taking it to the service for diagnostics, since it will not be superfluous to check if there are any problems with something else);
    • connect an external keyboard to the USB port and use it (is it not a temporary option?);
    • reassign one key to another;
    • use the onscreen keyboard. To call it, go to: Control Panel \ Accessibility \ Ease of Access Center

    The Fn key on an Asus laptop

    For the operation of the Fn key on Asus laptops, a set of software and drivers ATKPackage is responsible. ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities, available for download on the official Asus website. In this case, in addition to the installed components, the hcontrol.exe utility should be in startup (added to startup automatically when installing ATKPackage).

    How to download Fn key and function key drivers for Asus laptop

    • Searching on the Internet (Google recommend) enter “your_laptop_model support”. usually the first result is the official driver download page for your model on asus.com
    • Select the required OS. If the version of Windows you need is not listed, select the closest one that is available, it is very important that the bitness (32 or 64 bit) matches the version of Windows that you have installed, see How to find out the bitness of Windows (article about Windows 10, but will work for previous OS versions as well).
    • Optional, but may increase the likelihood of step 4 being successful. download and install drivers from the Chipset section.
    • In the ATK section download ATKPackage and install it.

    After that, you may need to restart the laptop and, if everything went well, you will see that the Fn key on your laptop is working. If something went wrong, below is a section on typical problems when fixing broken function keys.

    The Fn key does not work on a laptop. what to do?

    Most laptops have a separate Fn key, which, in combination with the keys in the top row of the keyboard (F1. F12), usually performs laptop-specific actions (turning Wi-Fi on and off, changing the screen brightness, etc.), or, conversely, without it. pressings work these actions, and pressing. the functions of the F1-F12 keys. A common problem for laptop owners, especially after updating the system or manually installing Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, is that the Fn key does not work.

    In this manual, in detail about the common reasons why the Fn key may not work, as well as how to fix this situation in Windows for common brands of laptops. Asus, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and, most interestingly, Sony Vaio (if you are some other brand, you can ask a question in the comments, I think I can help). It can also be useful: How to turn on the backlight on the laptop keyboard, Wi-Fi does not work on the laptop.

    Volume Button Not Working. Reverse Function Keys and Multimedia Keys (F1-F12)


    Different sets of Fn key software are available for different Lenovo notebook models and generations. In my opinion, the easiest way, if the Fn key on Lenovo does not work, is to do this: enter “Your_Laptop_model support” in the search engine, go to the official support page (usually the first one in the search results), in the “Top Downloads” section, click “View all »(View all) and check what from the list below is available for download and installation on your laptop for the required version of Windows.

    • Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit). http://support.lenovo.com / ru / en / downloads / ds031814 (only for supported laptops, list at the bottom of the specified page).
    • Lenovo Energy Management (Power Management). For most modern laptops
    • Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility
    • Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver
    • If only the FnF5, FnF7 combinations do not work, try additionally installing the official Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers from the Lenovo website.

    Additional information: on some Lenovo laptops, the FnEsc combination switches the operation mode of the Fn key, this option is also present in the BIOS. the HotKey Mode item in the Configuration section. ThinkPad notebooks may also have a BIOS “Fn and Ctrl Key Swap” option that swaps the Fn and Ctrl keys.

    Function keys on Dell Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, and more laptops typically require the following driver and application sets to work:

    • Dell QuickSet Application
    • Dell Power Manager Lite Application
    • Dell Foundation Services. Application
    • Dell Function Keys. for some older Dell laptops that shipped with Windows XP and Vista.

    You can find the drivers that are required for your laptop as follows:

    • in the support section of the Dell website http://www.dell.com/support/home/ru/ru/ specify your laptop model (you can use automatic detection or through the “View products”).
    • Select “Drivers and Downloads”, change OS version if necessary.
    • Download the required applications and install them on your computer.

    Please note that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth keys may require the original wireless drivers available from Dell for proper operation.

    Additional Information: In BIOS (UEFI) on Dell laptops, the Advanced section may contain a Function Keys Behavior item that changes how the Fn key works. enables multimedia functions or the actions of the Fn-F12 keys. Also, the Dell Fn key settings can be in the standard Windows Mobility Center.

    The Fn key on Sony Vaio laptops

    Despite the fact that the Sony Vaio laptop is no longer available, there are a lot of questions about installing drivers on them, including to enable the Fn key, this is due to the fact that very often drivers from the official website refuse to install even on the same OS, with which the laptop came with after reinstalling it, and even more so on Windows 10 or 8.1.

    For the Fn key to work on Sony, usually (some may not be available for a specific model) the following three components are required from the official website:

    • Sony Firmware Extension Parser Driver
    • Sony Shared Library
    • Sony Notebook Utilities
    • Sometimes. Vaio Event Service.

    You can download them from the official page https://www.sony.ru/support/ru/series/prd-comp-vaio-nb (or you can find it by request “your_model_naptop support” in any search engine, if your model does not have it turned out). On the official Russian website:

    • Select your laptop model
    • On the “Software and Downloads” tab, select your operating system. Despite the fact that Windows 10 and 8 may be present in the lists, sometimes the necessary drivers are available only if you select the OS with which the laptop was originally shipped.
    • Download the software you need.

    But further problems may arise. the Sony Vaio drivers do not always want to be installed. There is a separate article on this topic: How to install drivers on a Sony Vaio Notebook.

    HP Laptops

    For the full operation of the Fn key and its associated function keys in the top row on HP Pavilion and other HP notebooks, the following components are required from the official website

    • HP Software Framework, HP On-Screen Display, and HP Quick Launch from Software Solutions.
    • HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Support Tools from Utility. Tools.

    At the same time, for a specific model, some of the above items may be missing.

    To download the necessary software for your HP laptop, search the Internet for “Your_Laptop_model support”. usually the first result is the official page on support.HP.com for your laptop model, where in the “Software and drivers” section, just click “Go”. and then select the version of the operating system (if yours is not in the list, select the closest one in chronology, the bit depth must be the same) and download the necessary drivers.

    Optional: BIOS on HP notebooks may have an item to change the behavior of the Fn key. Located in the “System Configuration” section, the Action Keys Mode item. if Disabled, then the function keys are triggered only when Fn is pressed, if Enabled, then without pressing (but to use F1-F12, you need to press Fn).

    If the Fn key does not work on an Acer laptop, then usually it is enough to select your laptop model on the official support site https://www.acer.com/ac/ru/RU/content/support (in the “Select a device” section, you can specify the model manually. without a serial number) and indicate the operating system (if your version is not in the list, download drivers from the nearest one in the same bit as installed on the laptop).

    In the download list, in the “Application” section, download the Launch Manager program and install it on your laptop (in some cases, you will also need a chipset driver from the same page).

    If the program has already been installed, but the Fn key still does not work, make sure Launch Manager is not disabled in Windows startup, and also try to install Acer Power Manager from the official website.

    Reasons why the Fn key does not work on a laptop

    For a start. about the main reasons why Fn may not function on a laptop keyboard. As a rule, the problem is encountered after installing Windows (or reinstalling), but not always. the same situation may arise after disabling programs at startup or after some BIOS settings (UEFI).

    In the overwhelming majority of cases, the situation with a non-working Fn is caused by the following reasons

    • There are no specific drivers and software from the laptop manufacturer for the function keys to work. especially if you reinstalled Windows and then used the driver pack to install the drivers. It is also possible that there are drivers, for example, only for Windows 7, and you have installed Windows 10 (possible solutions will be described in the section on troubleshooting).
    • The Fn key requires the manufacturer’s utility to be running, but this program has been removed from Windows startup.
    • Fn key behavior has been changed in the BIOS (UEFI) of the laptop. some laptops allow you to change the Fn settings in the BIOS, they may also change when you reset the BIOS.

    The most common cause is point 1, but then we will consider all the options for each of the above brands of laptops and possible scenarios for fixing the problem.

    Possible problems and solutions when installing software and drivers for the Fn key

    • The driver is not installed, because it writes that the OS version is not supported (for example, if it is only for Windows 7, but you need Fn keys in Windows 10). try unpacking the exe-installer using the Universal Extractor program, and inside the unpacked folder find it yourself drivers to install them manually, or a separate installer that does not check the system version.
    • Despite the installation of all the components, the Fn key still does not work. check if there are any options in the BIOS related to the operation of the Fn key, HotKey. Try to install the official chipset and power management drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
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    Hope the instruction helps. If not, and additional information is required, you can ask a question in the comments, only, please, indicate the exact model of the laptop and the version of the installed operating system.

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    laptop Aser Extensa 2520G Windows 10 64bit combination problem: some do not work, namely brightness control. no, but maybe you know, when you close the lid, press the keys to go to sleep, the laptop seems to be completely cut down, and turn it on. press the power button, on Windows 7 it seemed different. that is, I do not see the difference that I turn off the laptop that is sleeping, they turn on for about the same long time. MB you know what you can do with the battery, it always worked a little from 1 charge. somehow I noticed it a long time ago, in 47 minutes I discharged it playing the game, listening to music in VK, and at maximum brightness (then 7 Windows were)

    Healthy, healthy. I read your posts about getting back the ability to edit the brightness level. TeamViewer was guilty, it was necessary to return the pre-installed firewood to the monitor via devmgmt.msc.

    The bottom line is: Does not rob FnF11 and, of course, FnF12. The 1st one lowers the brightness level, the 2nd one increases. On the 10th Win everything was robbed, even there (xs as 8 and 8.1) in the OS windows “on the go” displays that you are changing it, but now I switched to 7 and it does not rob. Fn is responsible for the sound output level, on / off. touchpad, other. all the rules, the brightness is not normal.

    Delivered Lenovo Utility from the office. and I will look at what it will give. What do you say to this?

    I will say: sit and figure out what set of Lenovo software / drivers you need to start in order to work. As a result, it will work.

    All in the ass. no software from the list on the official gives anything. It kind of got up, but there is no way to check it. Fn of course also put on it.

    Laptop’s function keys not working. How to fix it?

    I’m already tired of sorting out. After remembering how much I have already stretched myself with these fucking OS’kami. forget it. I’d rather put it on than to take on the “big” business again. You can only superficially. put the software and see whether yes or no, without going to devmgmt.msc, firewood ID, etc what will the brain take out

    I have met paranormalities, collected. alright, even within the limits of reason it is possible. But when the problem is solved by the fact that you are rebooting, and from somewhere from somewhere, “Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller” is put, you ask the question: “Why was it impossible before ?!”. But after that a trace appears: “Where did it come from? I didn’t put anything, and there were no unknown devices! Gods also appear in a similar way. from the void and hop. another splinter ?! “

    ID of this splinter, by the way, just in case: ACPI \ VPC2004

    Hello, I tried to check the Fn (brightness, sound) button and as it turned out it doesn’t work. I have an MSI laptop (7 years old), it’s old, but everything worked before.
    Help and tell me how to enable this button on MSI MS-16G5 laptop

    Something on their website for your model does not have such a driver. And without holding Fn, these keys also do not work.?

    Many thanks, very useful, “good” article. I faced this problem when I purchased a used one. Lenovo laptop carbon r3), it still had Windows 10k with a dead key, I had to work hard in order to unleash the potential, and when I lost my heart and went through the floor of the linux family, I read it, got into the BIOS, opened it, and voila, I thought that. the problem is in the drivers
    Huge thanks to the author, the time was well spent!
    By the way, I recommend deepin excellent system.

    Hello everyone! help me please! the developers have not released a driver for the FN button. now I cannot fully use all the functions. after installing wines 10 64 bits my acer e1 571 g ceased to function. I tried to find it in the BIOS, but there is nothing there. I tried to install the launcher program, nothing helped. help me please!

    Did you install the RF Button driver? Try too.

    Good day, laptop Acer Aspire E1-571G, Win7 64, did everything according to the instructions, Fn still does not rob, the keyboard works, all keys are normal, combinations of other keys also work.

    Install Acer Launch Manager, Intel ME and RF Button drivers from the official website for your model, reboot, check.
    At the same time, look in the BIOS. is there something about Fn.

    I put the first and the second, rebooted. to no avail. RF could not be found under win7, in BIOS. about fn, alas, there is nothing.

    Issues with installed Windows 10 divers

    Quite often, users of laptops manufactured more than 5 years ago have problems with the FN key. On the manufacturer’s website, in special sections, you can find the necessary driver for the Windows 7, 8 operating system, however, they can cause malfunctions or malfunction on Windows 10. Note that the latest version of the OS from Microsoft automatically finds and configures all devices found on the computer. If you installed a driver or utilities for an older version of Windows, uninstall them and restart your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

    • We make a right click on the “start” icon
    • We go to the first section of the list “Programs and Features”
    • We are looking for the installed driver or utility and remove.
    • Restarting the laptop.

    After rebooting, we leave the laptop turned on, in active mode, not in sleep mode for about half an hour. During this time, Windows will find the required driver and install it. For some laptop models, the FN key is the default Windows 10 shortcut, and the system will not install any additional drivers. If for some reason you disabled the automatic installation of drivers in Windows 10, then enable it back, you can find out the information by running the search query “automatic installation of Windows 10 drivers”.

    Fn key not working on laptop

    To save space and provide quick access to all laptop functions, manufacturers use standard combinations of the FN function key and the top row F1-F12. As an example on a Lenovo laptop, FN F9 turns off the sound, and FN F6 turns off the touchpad touchpad.

    Example of driver installation on Lenovo laptops

    If your laptop is running Windows 7 or 8, you will need to install a special driver and utility for the function key to work correctly. Let’s take as an example a fairly popular laptop model from the past Lenovo z575 with Windows 7 x64 installed and install the necessary software on it.

    • Go to the browser and go to the official Lenovo website.
    • Go to the “Support” section and select “Technical support for PC”
    • In the search box, write your laptop model and go to it.
    • On the page that opens, we find the link “View all” in the section “Top Downloads”
    • Select the appropriate Windows version in the list on the left.
    • From the list of utilities, you need to download two applications. “Lenovo Energy Management Diver” and “Lenovo Onekey Theater”.
    • We install the downloaded applications as standard, they do not require additional settings. After installation, you need to reboot the laptop.

    Although a Lenovo laptop was taken as an example, the steps for other manufacturers are identical to those described. The only difference is in the name of the installed utilities and the design of the sites. Search for your laptop model and add the word drivers to install the correct driver. For example. “Asus k52j drivers”. Follow the link on the official website of the manufacturer, you will immediately be taken to the page for selecting the necessary utilities, a detailed description is also provided there.

    Mechanical damage to the keyboard

    In addition to software malfunctions, the keyboard can become unusable due to a long service life, damaged keys, or an overturned cup of tea or coffee. If you do not want to understand the device for securing laptop parts, then just take it to the service, but if you want to fix the computer yourself, then we are pleased to announce that replacing the keyboard will take only a few minutes. First of all, buy a keyboard that matches your laptop. To do this, you only need to know the manufacturer and model. After purchasing, follow these steps:

    • Prepare a thin, long screwdriver.
    • Turn the laptop over and locate the keyboard retention holes on the back of the case. They are marked with a keyboard icon or letters.
    • Remove the screws.
    • Carefully detach the keyboard from the case; in addition to screws, plastic latches hold it. Lift the top of the keyboard and pull it towards you. Do everything carefully without damaging the train.
    • Disconnect the ribbon cable on the laptop board, pull up the bracket and remove it.
    • Insert the ribbon cable of the new keyboard and put everything back.

    These are universal actions, suitable for most laptop and ultrabook models. Some models have specific fastening, as an example in modern ultrabooks, the keyboard is held on 4 or 6 latches, so the replacement must be carried out as carefully as possible. If you do not know how to disassemble your specific computer model, on the Internet you can find detailed information on disassembling any laptop.

    What to do if the FN button on a laptop does not work

    Few laptops boast large, full-size keyboards, especially with a number of extra function keys. Most often, laptop designers, in order to save space, place additional function keys on the F1-F12 line and add an FN button so that users can use them. It is difficult to work with a laptop without these function keys, since they allow you to quickly increase / decrease brightness, increase / decrease sound and perform other necessary actions.

    Many users, after reinstalling the Windows operating system and in other situations, have to face the problem when the FN button does not work. Accordingly, the ability to control the function keys is lost, which directly affects the convenience of using the computer. In this article, we will look at what to do if the FN button does not work on the keyboard.

    FN button not working on a Dell laptop

    If a Dell laptop user encounters a problem with a non-functional FN key, they also need to install a set of drivers that the function key depends on. From the official Dell website, you will need to download and install the following applications: Dell Foundation Services. Application, Dell QuickSet Application and Dell Power Manager Lite Application.

    Please note that if the FN key issue in question occurs on a laptop running one of the older Windows operating systems (such as Vista or XP), then you will also need to download and install the Dell Function Keys application.

    All the drivers listed above must be loaded for a specific laptop model in the correct version of the operating system. This will require:

      Go to the official Dell website and select your computer model. You can do this in a variety of ways: use an online utility, enter a service tag or other product identifier, or find your laptop in a list.

  • Then, in the left menu, click on the “Drivers and Downloads” section and select the version of the operating system for which the drivers will be loaded;
  • Next, you need to find the necessary drivers and applications in the list, download them and install.
  • Also, problems with the FN key on Dell laptops can be due to incorrect BIOS settings. The situation here is similar to HP laptops, that is, you can change it, you need to press the FN key to use F1-F12 or multimedia buttons. This setting is located in the “Advanced” section in the BIOS and is called “Function key Behavior”.

    FN button not working on Asus laptop

    If the FN key does not work on an Asus laptop, it means that the necessary drivers are not installed on the computer or changes have been made to startup. For the FN key to work, 2 conditions must be met:

      A corresponding set of drivers must be installed on the computer, which is called ATKPackage. ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. To download it, just go to the official website of Asus (better by searching for “your laptop model support”), select the version of the computer operating system (correctly specifying the bit depth), click on the required set of drivers (located in the ATK section), download and install the utility;

  • The hcontrol.exe process must be running in the background. It is added to the automatic boot after the ATKACPI driver set is installed on the computer.
  • Most often, Asus laptops lack settings in the BIOS that allow you to enable / disable or change the operation of the FN key.

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    FN button not working on HP laptop

    To find drivers for a specific HP laptop model, you need to do the following:

    • Write in the search engine “Your laptop model support”;
    • Go to the official HP website and click “Go” in the “Software and drivers” section;
  • This will open a list of available drivers. For the FN key to work on an HP laptop, you need to install the drivers:
  • HP Software Framework (section: “Software. Solutions”);
  • HP On-Screen Display (section: “Software. solutions”);
  • HP Quick Launch (section: “Software. solutions”);
  • HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) (section: “Utility. Tools”).
  • After installing all the required applications, restart your computer and check if the FN key is working properly.

    It is worth noting that the BIOS in HP notebooks provides the ability to configure the FN key. The user can set the option that the FN button will always be pressed, that is, the F1-F12 keys will work if you press FN, and the function buttons without holding FN. This is configured in the “System Configuration” section by item “Action Keys Mode”.

    Why doesn’t the FN button on the keyboard work?

    If we exclude the possibility that the FN button does not work due to a mechanical failure, we can assume two options. problems with Windows or problems with BIOS. The most common causes of failure are as follows:

    The computer does not have specialized laptop drivers installed, some of which are responsible for the operation of the function key. Most often, this problem is faced by users who reinstalled Windows and installed drivers from a set containing software for various hardware. Also, such a problem may arise if you install drivers from a disk, but, for example, they partially or completely do not support the operating system on which they were installed (most often it is Windows 10);

  • For the FN key to work on a computer, you need to install specialized software from the laptop developers, which must constantly work in the background. If this software is not running, then the FN button will not perform the functions assigned to it;
  • BIOS changes have been made to disable the FN button. It is worth noting that the ability to disable the FN key through BIOS is not present on all laptops.
  • There are a huge number of laptops on the market from various manufacturers. The solution to the problem with a non-working FN key will differ for different laptops. Below in the article we will give the main algorithms of actions that will help fix the situation on laptops of popular brands.

    FN button not working on Acer laptop

    Acer boasts an extremely user-friendly and pleasant website that allows you to easily find the required set of drivers for a specific laptop model. To do this, you need to go to the site, in the “Select device” section, indicate the exact modification number of your laptop and select the version of the operating system (pay attention to the bit depth). Next, a list of available drivers will appear.

    For the FN key to work, a set of drivers for the chipset must be installed, and you must also start the installation of the Launch Manager application (located in the Application section). If that doesn’t fix the problem with the FN key not working, also download and install Acer Power Manager.

    Please note: After installing Launch Manager, the program will start automatically when the computer boots. If you remove it from startup, then the FN buttons may not work.

    FN button not working on Lenovo laptop

    One of the most popular laptop brands in the world is Lenovo. If the FN key does not work on one of the computer models of this brand, you need to go to the official website of the developers in the drivers section and download the necessary software. Since Lenovo produces a huge number of products and their website is rather complicated, we recommend that you enter the query “your laptop driver model” in the search engine. One of the first will be a link to the official Lenovo resource in the section with drivers.

    It is worth noting one feature of Lenovo drivers. There are a large number of them on the company’s website, while it is not always clear which set should be downloaded for a particular laptop model. Let’s take a short tour of the available sets:

      Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10. A list of all notebook models that fit a given set of drivers can be seen on this page;

  • Lenovo Energy Management. This set is designed for most modern Lenovo laptops;
  • Lenovo OnScreen Display Utility. Utility responsible for the operation of the function keys. It is part of Hotkey Features Integration, but can be downloaded separately if required.
  • It is worth noting that Lenovo laptop owners often complain about the problem when only the keyboard shortcuts for turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on / off do not work. In such a situation, you need to separately download drivers for wireless networks, which can also be found on the official Lenovo website.

    If the problem is not related to Windows and the drivers for the operating system, then you need to check the BIOS settings. Depending on the laptop model, in the BIOS you can find the options “HotKey Mode” or “Fn and Ctrl Key Swap”.

    How to enable or disable the Fn key

    On most laptops, the Fn button is already on and you don’t need to do anything else. Since the key is on by default, you can disable it, but this is not always possible.

    Some laptop models allow you to disable the Fn key using a combination. In other words, you hold down Fn and the button that is responsible for turning off Function.

    Second way. Disable Fn key via BIOS. Here’s what you need to do for this:

    What is the Fn key on the laptop responsible for and where is it located

    The Fn key is a button on your laptop keyboard that you can hold down to activate additional functions for other keys.

    In other words, the keyboard has keys that perform not one, but two functions. To activate the second, the Fn button must be activated.

    It should be noted that this key is available exclusively on the keyboards of laptops, netbooks and their other varieties. The fact is that the keyboard of a desktop computer is quite wide and in some cases has more features. panels with keys that are responsible for additional functionality. Most often there is a key, pressing which turned on music playback.

    Laptops are very compact devices, which also affected the size of the keyboard. To accommodate additional options, such as turning on music, changing the volume, etc., the developers have implemented the Fn key, and these functions have been built into the existing buttons as a second function. (Read: How the keyboard works)

    What is the Fn key and how to enable it on a laptop

    Laptops have an Fn key, which is responsible for activating additional keyboard functions. How to enable it or why the Fn key does not work read further.

    Where is the Fn key on a laptop keyboard

    In 90% of cases, the Fn function key is located on the left side of the keyboard. Next to it, such keys as Ctrl and Windows have taken root. Sometimes embedded before the Ctrl key. This arrangement is typical for notebooks HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and others.

    It is worth noting that the Fn key was embedded in such a place for a reason. Developers know what they are doing when it comes to usability and accessibility. In this case, it is very easy to get to the button both for a sighted person and for “touch typing”.

    What are the Fn key combinations

    In addition to the fact that with the help of Function it is possible to activate additional features of the system, perhaps the following combinations will work for you:

    • Up Arrow Fn. Increase Volume.
    • Down Arrow Fn. Decrease Volume.
    • Right Arrow Fn. Increase Screen Brightness.
    • Left Arrow Fn. Decrease Screen Brightness.
    • Home Fn. enable music playback.
    • Pg Up Fn. turn off playback.
    • Pg Dn Fn. rewind music.
    • End Fn. fast forward music.

    There may be other combinations as well. Check it yourself on your laptop.

    Key assignment. what it does and why is it needed

    We found out that the Fn key allows you to enable additional laptop options. The full name of this button is Function. a combination key that works exclusively with other buttons. Most often, additional functions are built into the set of F1-F12 keys located at the top of the keyboard.

    The F1-F12 keys (not all) and other buttons will be labeled with an option logo. To activate it, simultaneously hold down the Fn key with the function.

    • Adjusting the screen brightness.
    • Projecting to a second screen (you need to connect a second monitor).
    • Decrease and increase sound.
    • Turn on, pause and move between tracks in the player.
    • Turn on flight mode and turn off Wi-Fi.
    • Activation and deactivation
    • Activating or deactivating the touchpad.
    • Turn on sleep or hibernation mode.

    And much more. Each laptop model has different capabilities built into the keyboard controller.

    I’d like to point out that I don’t use the Fn key at all. I have Windows 10 on my HP laptop and I just need to press the keys from F1 to F12 to activate the option. That is, in my case, the built-in functions are the main ones on the keys, and not the F1-F12 themselves.

    Why is this happening? This is because the Fn key works the other way around. To fix this small problem, you need to press the Fn Lock button, if there is one.

    In addition, go to the BIOS and find the Hotkey Mode option on the Configuration tab and enable it, or vice versa turn it off.

    Do you need drivers for the Fn key? No, they are not needed. After reinstalling the system, the keyboard drivers are automatically installed. You can only update them. And the key will work anyway.

    If the Fn key does not work on a laptop. what to do

    There are several reasons why the Fn function key on your keyboard suddenly stopped working. Now we will consider them.

    • Failure. It is not uncommon for a key on the keyboard to break and not work. Most often this happens when the loop is hit or damaged. In the second case, you will definitely not be limited to one key.
    • Drivers. Quite a rare reason, but this is only in my opinion. It has never happened that the keyboard did not work due to improper installation of drivers. But, in any case, it is worth trying to fix the problem. To do this, in the device manager, open the “Keyboards” section and remove all drivers. Then restart your laptop. If the drivers have not been installed again, use Driver Pack Solution to install.
    • It is disabled. Are you doing something wrong? It is possible that the key is simply disabled by a combination or in the BIOS. Try to recheck everything.

    In this article, we looked at what the Fn key is, where it is located, why it does not work and what functions it performs, as well as how to enable or disable it. If this information was useful to you, do not forget to leave positive comments and social networks.

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