Forgot iPhone PIN what to do

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your PIN

Most cellular users prefer to disable the PIN-code request on their phones, arguing that it can be forgotten. Also, among the arguments in the correctness of such a decision is that modern devices allow the use of more reliable methods of protection. by the fingerprint of the face, or the iris of the eye. But the PIN code does not protect the data on the device itself, but on the SIM card. If his request is disabled, and the gadget fell into the wrong hands, then you can simply rearrange the SIM card to another phone, and thus gain access to the number, including the balance.

But if the owner of the number has forgotten the PIN code from his SIM card, then this is not a problem. it can be restored, and today we will tell you how to do this if you cannot remember the password.

How to use security codes

A unique PIN-code will allow you to protect the phone number from being used by other people, and the SIM card owner should not worry about what to do if he forgot the password, because it is not necessary to restore the SIM card.

The first thing you need to do when purchasing a SIM card is to change the PIN-code to another, which will avoid the situation when the pin is lost, and the user does not remember it. It should also be borne in mind that the PIN-code originally installed on the SIM card will not be difficult to determine and find out, even to an inexperienced fraudster, since usually operators have a universal pin for all phone numbers.

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This is due to the fact that the PIN-code can be changed, and the standard one is set for the convenience of the user of the new number. A simple combination of 04 pin new pin repeat a new code # you can change the password from your SIM card of any operator, to one that can be easily remembered.

Many people ask how many digits are in the PIN-code of the SIM card, and whether it is possible to use a higher value when setting your pin on the SIM card. The standard version uses four digits per pin, and this is the minimum value. When setting your own, you can use any digital combination from four to eight characters.

You can find out the initially set PIN-code on the SIM card on a plastic base, from which the SIM card of the required size is broken. Where the pin of your SIM card is written, the puk code is also indicated. This password will be required to restore access to the SIM card on the cell phone, and decide what to do if the user has forgotten the pin code of his phone.

Switch on your mobile phone if you have lost or forgotten the PIN code of the SIM card, so do not try to pick up the pin when you cannot remember it. It is possible to unblock the SIM card if the subscriber has forgotten the PIN code from the phone number using puk, if it is saved, or restore the bunch code.

You can restore your SIM card password if you forgot your pin and bunch of codes by calling the operator and providing data about yourself. Cellular operators do not have access to the PIN code of the SIM card, especially if they have installed a new one, but they can help unlock the phone if the subscriber has forgotten a bunch of code, and will prompt what to do in such a situation.

Having received your puk password from the operator, you can activate your SIM card and simply reset the PIN code that the user has forgotten by replacing it with a new one. But what should you do if it suddenly happened that you forgot and do not remember the set PIN-code and puk SIM cards, and there is no way to call from another operator’s phone number without your SIM card? In such a situation, you need to contact the company’s salon to the owner of the room with a document.

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Tips for using PIN and PUK codes

There are several simple rules that allow you to use effective protection of your number with the help of special codes, without getting into an unforeseen situation. Of course, the simplest solution to the issue is the ability to remove the PIN request and a bunch of code from the SIM card, and this can be done in the device’s security settings. But this is not worth doing, even if you often have to turn off the phone. The seconds saved when starting the device are not worth the losses that can arise in an unpleasant situation if the phone falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, if the PIN code request is removed from the SIM card, then activate the protection, and in order not to forget, change it.

Without a pin and a bunch of code, you won’t be able to launch a SIM card, so it’s worth seeing if they have survived. If a standard PIN-code is installed on the SIM card, then it must be replaced with one that you can not forget and, if necessary, open access to the use of the phone number.

Check if you have lost the pin and bunch of SIM card codes, and if you have lost them, now you know what to do. And in this situation, you should not wait for the moment when you need a secret code, but restore it in advance by contacting your operator. And it will not be superfluous to remind you that you need to keep your pin and bunch of codes in a place inaccessible to strangers.

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i have 6c iPhone i know my login password how to find password

Reset in recovery mode

If syncing with iTunes was not carried out, then it will be more difficult. We recommend resetting using iCloud, which is described below, but you can also clean your phone through iTunes using recovery mode.

  • Connect your phone, launch iTunes.
  • Force restart iOS. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons until the recovery screen appears.
  • A window will appear in iTunes asking you to select the mode of operation. update or restore. Click “Restore”.

After the end of the recovery, you will receive a “clean” device without password and user data. If there is no backup copy, it will not be possible to return the lost information.

Reset Forgotten Passwords on iPhone: Lock Screen and Apple ID

The question of what to do if you have forgotten your iPhone password is often asked by users. Since the password is an important security element, the reset process is as complicated as possible so that only the real owner of the device can do it. The procedure depends on which key was lost. There are several types of security keys on iPhone, the most common of which are lock screen codes and Apple ID account codes.

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Resetting the key on the lock screen

You cannot change the lock code or send a reminder by email. The only way to regain access is to factory reset the operating system, removing the user-generated content. To return personal information to the device, you will need a backup that can be stored in iCloud or iTunes.

There are 2 methods to roll back the system to its original state:

  • In iTunes.
  • Using Find My iPhone in iCloud.

Let’s take a look at each method separately so you can choose the one that suits your situation.

Using iCloud

If Find My iPhone is activated on your smartphone and you remember your Apple ID password, you can use the iCloud storage tools to reset. User-generated content will be removed, but it can be returned from a copy.

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Open the Find iPhone section. Expand the list “All devices” and select the phone.
  • Click “Erase” to reset the system.
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After a factory reset, you need to return data to your phone from a backup or set up iPhone as new. Either way, the password on the lock screen will be removed.

What to do if you can’t remember your iPhone passcode: restrictions code

It is these few numbers that most often do not remember the owners of devices with iOS. It is not a login key and is not used to unlock the display. The user enters this code only once. during the initial setup of the device upon purchase. Further, these numbers almost never “pop up”, so it’s easy to forget them, but difficult to remember.

The operating system may ask you to enter a pin code in such situations:

  • during activation of the option to protect against accidental elimination of applications;
  • in the process of resetting to factory parameters;
  • when you change your Apple ID settings.

How to find the restrictions password?

Before proceeding with the determination of the protective combination, it is necessary to check the presence of all the necessary devices and programs:

  • a device with a code that you forgot, as well as a PC;
  • fresh version of iTunes;
  • Pinfinder program.

You need to open iTunes and sync the device with the utility. Next, you need to make sure that the computer has a copy of the files and all installed software. If not, you should create it. Name the backup immediately, mark the encryption option and the location for storing the archive.

In the subsection of automatic copying, select the “This computer” field and complete the creation of the special archive. Don’t turn off iTunes right away. As for the above Pinfinder program, you will need the latest version.

  • It can be used after downloading.
  • The archive can be opened with different archivers. As a result, a special menu should be launched. While working with the program, the phone must be synchronized with iTunes.
  • Go to the iTunes folder, where the different backup versions of the OS are located, it can be found in “my documents”. Eliminate or move all copies from the folder except for the last created.
  • Deactivate the utility, disconnect the device from the PC, and enter the appropriate combination in the code entry window.

We use the features of iTunes

  • start the DFU recovery mode on the device. It can be activated by pressing the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. So you need to keep them for fifteen seconds. After that, release the power supply and continue to hold “Home” until a new window appears;
  • connect iPhone to PC via Lightning USB cable and go to iTunes app on your computer. you need to have it up to date. This will avoid various mistakes;
  • when the desktop program is launched, you should wait for the notification of the system about recognizing the connected device;
  • click OK. the main window of the program will open. There you press “Restore”. As a result, the process of downloading the latest firmware version is launched, the elimination of user files and keys.

The process of flashing an “apple” gadget takes 5-20 minutes, it all depends on the speed of the Internet connection and on the workload of Apple servers. As a result, you get a “clean” copy of the latest firmware version without lock codes. In this case, all user data, including multimedia files, contacts, etc., will be erased from the phone. To restore them later, you can use the backup version or make a copy of the files to the device from the synchronized Cloud.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone password?

To protect our data and various confidential information, we install special code combinations on gadgets. But sometimes the memory fails, and you can’t remember your pin code. What to do if you forgot your iPhone password? Consider ways to solve this problem.

Activating the Find My Phone function

For this method, you will need two gadgets at once: to reset the password and to enter iCloud and Find My Phone. Internet and location services must be enabled on both devices. All Apple devices are preinstalled with the “Find iPhone” option. It allows you to track its location and block it if you lose your smartphone. The option helps not only to quickly find the missing device, but also to reset the forgotten key. The instruction is simple:

  • go to and enter your personal Apple ID, password for authorization;
  • in the window click “My devices”. It’s on the top of the page. As a result, the display will show the card and the devices marked on it, tied to your Apple ID;
  • choose the device you need, on which you cannot remember the code. A window of additional functions will open, in which you should tap on the “Erase” button;
  • all information from the iPhone will be erased, including files from the Gallery, various documents, applications, and more. This does not change the firmware version. During this procedure, the device may reboot several times. After it turns on again, you can log in to your Apple ID and restore files through the backup version.
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Restoring access to Apple ID

The Apple ID password allows you to log in to the user accounting system. Without this code, it is impossible to use the services of the “apple” company. To restore a combination that you forgot, you must:

  • go to the service login page click “Forgot“;
  • enter your email, to which the identifier was previously associated. Enter the symbols from the picture into the second text field and click “Find”;
  • check the recovery option.

If you select the field with the answer to the questions, you will be automatically redirected to the page with the questions that were answered when registering the account. You must enter your answer in each of the 3 fields. The system will only accept an attempt to restore if you answer at least 2 questions correctly.

Next, select the field for sending an email and receive an SMS from Apple with a link to reset the cipher. This notification comes immediately. You need to go to the specified address and change the key in a new window, save the changes. After these steps, access will be restored.

Activating iPhone after factory reset

With any method of resetting the lock code, all files, settings from the device are eliminated, you cannot do without deleting the data. Next, a system launch is carried out and the device must be activated:

  • turn on the device;
  • make settings (language, place of residence, connection to a wireless network);
  • go to Apple ID and restore information through the Iklud backup. You can choose to use the device “like new”. In this case, you must first untie it from the old Apple ID and create a new account;
  • at the last step, you will be redirected to the page for creating an access code. Come up with another digital pin, or you can skip this step and use only the Touch ID scanner.

Delete forgotten combination

If you forgot your iPhone password and Touch ID is deactivated, you will not be able to unlock your smartphone without special manipulations. There are two options for resetting the PIN:

  • wait for the timeout for re-entering characters and try to remember the numbers.
  • go to programmatic access recovery.
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