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If the user did not synchronize with iTunes, then this option will be the easiest. To restore access to the iPhone in this way, you must:

  • Connect iPhone to the computer that was syncing.
  • Go to iTunes.
  • Wait until the gadget is synchronized with the computer.
  • After synchronization, the program will create a backup.
  • Next, you need to click on the “Restore” button in the menu.
  • During the restoration of access to the iPhone, a window will open where you need to click “Restore from a copy of iTunes”.
  • After that, select the appropriate backup version by date and wait for completion. Done.

All Ways to Unlock iPhone

Sometimes it becomes necessary to recover the password on Apple devices. This happens due to carelessness or due to a long non-use of the device. The article will describe all possible ways to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password, what to do and step by step instructions.


Here we will outline all the main methods of unblocking, you can choose the most suitable one in your case.

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How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your Apple ID password

The absence of a password from your Apple ID personal account will not allow you to use either aytyuns or iCloud. And all attempts to reset the password will remain unsuccessful, except for the method with the firmware. Therefore, to solve the problem, you must first restore your Apple ID password. Account ID, this is the email address of users.

  • Go to the Apple website and click on “Forgot your password?”.
  • Enter your email and click “Continue”.
  • There are 4 ways to reset your password:
  • The first one will help if you remember the answer to the security question that you indicated during registration.
  • The second method is to send a message with instructions to the backup or primary mail associated with the account.
  • The third option allows you to restore access using another Apple device registered on your account.
  • And the last way is recovery using two-step verification. In this case, a message with a confirmation code will be sent to the smartphone number.
  • When the password recovery process for your Apple ID account is completed, you will need to change it in other Apple services.

Special software (Jailbreak)

  • Go to the program page.
  • Download and install Semi-Restore.
  • Connect iPhone to PC and wait for the system to detect it.
  • Run the program and click on “SemiRestore”. Until the strip reaches the end, the smartphone will reboot.
  • Once completed, you can use your phone like new.

Recovery mode

If iPhone has never been synced with iTunes and the Find iPhone option is not enabled, you can unlock iPhone using recovery mode. But, as in the previous case, the data from the device will be deleted.

  • Connect USB cable from iPhone to PC and turn on iTunes.
  • After detecting the hardware on the computer, forcibly restart the device.
  • To do this, press the “Sleep” and “Home” buttons simultaneously.
  • The buttons must be held until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • After that select “Perform recovery”.
  • iTunes running on the computer will start downloading the necessary software for the iPhone.
  • When the download is complete, perform standard smartphone settings.

Forgot iPhone password. 3 Ways to Remove Passcode from iPhone

With whom it does not happen. We put a password on the iPhone and forgot which one. Or the device has been in the box for a while. One way or another, it is better to always know what measures to take in such a situation.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone password? In this article, we will consider all the available options for removing the password from the Lock Screen device. Do not unblock your ID, please contact Support Apple for this issue.

If the password on the iPhone is entered incorrectly 6 times, the device is locked for a minute, if after that you enter the wrong password again number of times, it will be locked for number of minutes, etc. In short, the more you try to pick it up, the longer you will have to wait. Also, if you have enabled the “Erase data” function, then experimenting with the selection of a combination is strictly prohibited. This feature erases all iPhone data if the password is entered incorrectly 10 times. To enable it you need to: go to the settings. password. opposite the “erase data” field, switch the slider to on.

There are three ways to recover your device if you forgot your iPhone password, so.

Remove the password if syncing with iTunes.

If your device was previously synced with iTunes, you can restore it. This is the most painless way, all data will remain on the device.

  • Connect the device to the computer with which you synchronized.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Wait while iTunes syncs your device and creates a backup.
  • When the synchronization is complete and the backup has been created, click the Restore menu item.
  • When the setup screen opens while restoring your iOS device, tap Restore from iTunes Copy.
  • Then select your device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the one that suits you best.

Remove a password using Find My iPhone

If Find My iPhone is set up on an iOS device. you can use iCloud to erase and restore it. This is if you forgot the password on the iPhone, but did not forget the Apple ID password 🙂 In this case, all data from the iPhone will be deleted.

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Go to “Find iPhone”, and click the “All devices” drop-down list at the top of the browser window.
  • Select the device you want to erase.
  • Click Erase to erase your device and reset your iPhone password.

Now you can either restore the device from a backup or set up the device as new.

Removing a password using recovery mode

If you’ve never synched with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, you’ll need to use Recovery Mode to restore your device. If you forgot your iPhone password, then this method always works. This will erase the password and all data from the device.

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • After connecting the device, perform a forced restart:
  • Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Do not release the buttons when you see the Apple logo. wait for the recovery mode screen.
  • When prompted to perform a restore or update, select “Restore”.

ITunes will begin downloading the software for your device.

  • Wait for the process to finish. After that, the device can be configured and used.
  • Forgot iPhone password. what to do

    How to reset iPhone password? With this question, hundreds, if not thousands of users of Apple smartphones go online every day, it is not for nothing that the forgotten password is one of the most common problems among iPhone owners. In this guide, we told you what to do if you forgot your iPhone password.

    Important! Resetting an iPhone via iCloud deletes all data from the device. It is recommended to resort to this method of resetting the password on the iPhone only if you have previously made a backup copy of the device and can subsequently recover from it.

    Important! After resetting your password through iCloud, you will need to enter the username and password of the Apple ID to which your device was linked. Be sure to make sure you remember your account details. Otherwise, iPhone cannot be accessed.

    Forgot iPhone password. what to do

    Log in to the service by entering your iCloud account details.

    Launch the Find My iPhone web app.

    On the top panel, expand the “All devices” list and select the device on which you forgot the password.

    On the device page, click “Erase”.

    In the window that opens, confirm the operation by clicking “Erase”.

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    Enter your password to finally confirm the start of the iPhone data deletion and password reset process, and answer security questions.

    Once again, we warn you that data recovery on iPhone will be possible only if you have previously backed up your device to iTunes or iCloud.

    Next, iCloud will ask you to specify the number and message that will be displayed on the iPhone screen. You can skip these steps by clicking “Next”, and after “Finish”, since the need to use messages arises only when deleting data from a lost or stolen device.

    After clicking the “Done” button, your iPhone will perform a hard reset (the first time you connect to the Internet). The password will be deleted along with all the data.!

    You just have to do the initial iPhone setup. On the Activation Lock screen, you will need to enter your Apple ID account information.

    How to Unlock iPhone?

    In case of using the iOS application, you need to select the device, click the “Actions” button and select “Erase iPhone”. After that, you will be able to reconfigure the device, select a password and restore from a copy. In addition to hard reset, in some versions of iOS, a forgotten password can be “recovered” through an iCloud record.

    What to do if you forgot your password on iPhone SE?

    Recovery Mode to Unlock iPhone if Forgot Password

    • Turn off your phone.
    • Connect it to your computer.
    • Select Recovery Mode from the menu that appears.
    • Turn on iTunes, click OK and then “Restore iPhone”.
    • If a message appears about auto-checking for updates, click on the “check” button.

    Is It Possible to Restore iPhone Without Data Loss?

    Steps to Recover iPhone in Recovery Mode without Data Loss

    • open dr. fone on your computer.
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer. When the device detects, click the “Start” button.
    • The latest OS firmware must be downloaded to fix the iPhone.
    • dr.
    • Less than ten minutes firmware download, dr.

    How to Factory Reset iPhone Using Buttons?

    • Press and release the volume up button.
    • Press and release the volume down button.
    • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
    • So to implement a Hard Reset, you need to hold down the volume down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

    How to Delete iCloud Account of Previous iPhone User?

    Disconnecting Apple ID Account on iPhone

    STEP 1. Go to Settings. iCloud. STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and click Exit, then click Exit again. STEP 3. When asked what to do with the data, click on “Remove from iPhone”, then enter your Apple ID password. May 4, 2020.

    What to do if you forgot your Apple ID and password upon activation?

    • Go to your Apple ID account page and click the Forgot Apple ID or Password?
    • When prompted for your Apple ID, click If You Forgot Your Apple ID to find it.
    • Enter your first name, last name and email address.

    Can iCloud be Unlocked on iPhone?

    If you have security questions assigned to your Apple ID, or if you don’t have access to a trusted device or phone number, go to Then you can unlock your account with your existing password or reset your password.

    How to unlock the screen on iPhone?

    To do this, go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Home and activate the “Swipe to open” option. So pressing and holding the Home button for a short time will turn on the display and unlock the gadget. May 21, 2017.

    How to remove passcode on iPhone?

    On an older iPhone, go to Settings Touch ID & Passcode. On devices that do not support Touch ID, go to Settings Password. This section contains various parameters and functions. Disable Passcode: Select this option to disable passcode.

    How to Delete iCloud Account of Previous iPhone User?

    How to Remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID to iCloud Remotely

    If the device is offline, click Remove from Find iPhone. If the device is online. in the window that appears on the right, select “Erase iPhone”. Confirm the deletion and complete the procedure by clicking “Remove from account”.

    How to Recover Saved Passwords on iPhone?

    View passwords stored in iCloud Keychain Access

    • Select “Settings” “Passwords and accounts” “Passwords for sites and software”.
    • Use Face ID or Touch ID when prompted.
    • Select a website to view your password.

    Is it possible to remove the lock from an iPhone?

    Question: Good afternoon, you can remove the activation lock from the iPhone if you forgot the Apple ID but it was connected to the iPad. Answer: Good afternoon, Natalia! Unfortunately, without knowing the data, you will not be able to remove the lock.

    How to remove a screen unlock password?

    If you need to disable the screen lock, go to the same menu: “Settings”. “Security”. “Screen lock”. Then go to the submenu, where you previously selected the method of protection, and enter the cipher. After that, in order to remove the screen lock, you must activate the “No” item, after which this option will be displayed in the menu.

    What to do if you forgot your iPhone password without losing data?

    • Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod to your work computer using a USB cable.
    • Next, click on the “Solve all iOS freezes” button at the very bottom.
    • When the download of the new firmware version is completed, you need to click on the “Start recovery” button.

    How to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode?

    To do this, follow these steps:

    • Go to the device menu in the “Settings” “General” “Reset”.
    • Click “Erase Content and Settings”.
    • Enter your device password or Apple ID password to confirm.

    How many attempts to unlock iPhone?

    The principles of locking an iPhone with an incorrectly entered password are as follows:

    • after the first five attempts, the gadget is not blocked
    • after the sixth incorrectly entered password in a row, the gadget is blocked for 1 minute
    • after the seventh. for 5 minutes
    • after the eighth. by 15.
    • after the ninth. for an hour

    How to Reset iPhone Passcode. Slow Internet

    If you have a crawling internet, then the first iPhone password reset method won’t work for you. If the Internet on your computer is slow, then download somewhere a file with your firmware in the format. IPSW. You can download the firmware for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the AppStudio firmware table on some high-speed network connection (ask a friend or in an Internet cafe).

    We pulled our iPhone6,2_7.0.5_11B601_Restore.ipsw firmware file from iTunes. This firmware file was loaded by the program during the first firmware reset method described above. The firmware file is located in the following directory:

    • C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates

    If you do not have iOS firmware, then download it. like this. We have the firmware. Now we take the firmware and, using a different computer with slow but working Internet access, try again to reset the password on the iPhone. Previously, this computer was also trusted by the iPhone.

    To do this, we perform all the same actions as in the first method, but when you reach the 4th point, you need to press the Shift key on the keyboard and press the Restore iPhone button in iTunes. If you do it correctly, a window will appear in which you need to select the firmware manually, click OK and continue to reset the password.

    As a result of the restoration, you will receive a clean iPhone, which will no longer ask you to enter a forgotten password. After recovery, you will be activated and you can use the phone.

    Reset password on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    Friends, sometimes such a nuisance happens when an iPhone or iPad user forgets his password. Well, it doesn’t happen to anyone, complex, not associated with anything, the password can be forgotten by both a novice user and a more advanced one. If you, just like me, forgot your passcode for the iPhone (or other device), then let’s figure out what to do now and how to solve this problem and reset the password.

    First, let’s figure out which passwords can be forgotten on our iPhone. If you do not have an iPhone, but an iPad or iPod, then everything looks about the same there. So in these devices we can forget the following passwords:

    We figured out the restrictions password quite recently, this password to the restrictions settings can be reset without losing any information, for details on how to remove the restrictions password, see the article. “If you forgot the restrictions password in the iPhone or iPad”.

    Today we will fight against the master password that is set on the iPhone lock screen, this password protects the contents of the entire phone. Although there are data security gaps on Apple’s side, if you are interested, you can take a look at the article. “Vulnerability in iOS 7.0”. Let’s not get away from the topic and proceed to consider resetting a forgotten lock screen password using the example of an iPhone with iOS 7.0.4. If you have a different firmware, then it should work too. Before resetting your password, try to guess the code anyway, the attempts to enter are of course limited, but if you read the instructions. “iPhone is disabled. Reset password counter “, then there may be more attempts.

    Let’s take a look at two main ways to reset a forgotten iPhone passcode. Both of these methods are almost the same, the only difference is in the speed of your Internet. If the network access speed is good, then use the first method, in which iTunes will download the firmware itself and restore your iPhone, while resetting the lock password. If the Internet is slow, then use the second method, in which we use a pre-downloaded firmware. And most importantly, after the reset, all information is deleted from the iPhone, so make backups in advance, and after the reset you can restore the information.

    Reset lock password in iPhone. fast internet

    Before you start resetting your iPhone password, make sure your computer is connected to a normal internet connection with good speed. Because during the reset, the firmware will be loaded, the volume of which is not at all small, for example, our firmware weighed 1.4 GB.

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    Turn off the iPhone 2. Plug the cable into the USB port of your computer and enter the iPhone into Recovery Mode. 3. As soon as the iTunes icon and the cable appear on the display, the recovery mode is running. We launch the iTunes program on the computer. When the program starts, it displays a message:

    “ITunes found iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before using it with iTunes. “

    We press the OK button and in iTunes select the button. Restore iPhone, we see a message that does not appear for everyone:

    “Automatic check for iTunes and iPhone updates is turned off. Want iTunes to check for iPhone software updates? To turn on automatic checking for updates, go to the General panel in iTunes preferences and select “Check for software updates automatically.”

    We press the button. Check, since the Cancel button does not lead to anything.

    Are you sure you want to factory reset your iPhone? All your media and other data will be erased and the new version of iPhone software will be installed. iTunes will verify this recovery with Apple. After completing the process, you will be given the option to restore contacts, calendars, SMS messages and other settings.

    Click. Restore and Update. The following is information about the version of iOS that will be installed. Select. Next and agree with the text of the license agreement with the button. I Accept.

    At the top of iTunes, we see that 1 item is being downloaded, apparently it is downloading the firmware. The firmware was loaded into iTunes for two hours. During this time, the iPhone woke up, I had to perform all the actions first.

    I repeat everything from the very beginning, turn off the iPhone, put it into recovery mode. iTunes is extracting software and suddenly error 3004 appears:

    “Failed to restore iPhone. An unknown error has occurred (3004). “

    I read a cure for this error on the Internet. make Internet Explorer the default browser or try manual recovery (with a preloaded IPSW). So I did close all browsers and made Internet Explorer the default. I repeated the reset steps again, the error did not appear anymore.

    The lace with the iTunes logo disappeared from the iPhone screen and an apple appeared with the firmware recovery process. As a result, the iPhone successfully recovered, booted up and asked for activation, during which we chose. Set up iPhone as new. During the activation process, it was again offered to set a password, but we refused by clicking below. Do not add a password.

    Well, all the password has been reset, the iPhone does not ask for it anymore. Read below about restoring your information from a backup.

    Features of iPhone password reset and information recovery

    I hope you understand. how to reset the password on your iPhone if it has been forgotten. During the reset, you may stumble upon iTunes errors. This is normal, it happens. Look for the error code on the Internet and read what people are doing, you can write about your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If errors do not appear, but your iPhone or iPad does not want to reset the password in Recovery Mode, then you can try to perform the same actions, only immersing the iPhone in DFU mode.

    How to Unlock iPhone SE (2020) without Passcode or iTunes

    What to do if you forgot your iPhone passcode?

    Some security codes are sometimes so complex and therefore more effective that we ourselves cannot remember them. If you changed your settings to ask for the password you set every time you unlock your phone and forgot it, then there is a pretty easy way to unlock your iPhone.

    Ways that don’t work

    If you take a good look at Google’s responses to the corresponding query, you can find a lot of different options that offer to bypass the home screen password you set, but they are all ineffective. In older versions of iOS, there was a bug that allowed you to penetrate security by making an emergency call, but this method no longer works. Other tutorials suggest that you delete the password file from the corresponding iPhone directory using iExplorer, iPhone Browser, or SSH on a jailbroken device. This method also does not work. You can even try to contact Find My iPhone help and try to remotely set a new password to access the device, thereby overwriting the ill-fated numbers. Unfortunately, this will not help you either.

    You can try to find other methods that will allow you to unlock your device if you have forgotten the password to access it. But at the moment, of all the methods for unlocking your device described on the Internet, only one works. If you do not want to waste time looking for useless guides that cannot help you with solving the problem, then we offer you the only correct way.

    The way that always works

    Restoring your iPhone is the most effective way to destroy a code that you cannot remember, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a normal restoration cannot be performed if your device is locked. But I will please you. this limitation can be easily circumvented.

    Even if your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is locked, you can sync it to your computer. Be sure to follow this procedure so that all your data is synced to iTunes. If you are using iCloud, you can switch sync to your computer to ensure that all your information is safe.

    Enter the device into DFU mode. To do this, restart it by simultaneously holding down the Lock and Home buttons for ten seconds. When the Apple logo lights up on the screen, release the power button, but continue to hold down the home button. At speed, the device screen will display a USB wire that requires you to connect the device to iTunes.

    If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected to iTunes, you will see a message on your computer screen that iTunes has detected the iPhone in recovery mode and needs to be restored. Now you can click the “restore” button in iTunes and wait for your device to boot and restore. Synchronizing your device with iTunes will restore all your data and you will get your device the same as you entered in DFU mode, but without the home screen password.

    It would be great if Apple could offer us a simpler method for us, users, like the ones I listed above, but which unfortunately don’t work. However, you will have to go through the entire process of entering DFU mode and restoring the device to get your device functional. The only positive factor in having a code can only be your confidence that even if you lose your device with the home screen password enabled, all your personal data will not fall into the hands of intruders. After all, even you yourself cannot just get access to them.

    We use the features of iTunes

    This method should be used if it is possible to connect the iPhone 5s (or any other), and the PC to a fast connection to the network via Wi-Fi. A high connection speed is required to download the latest version of the operating system firmware and to install its additional elements. Instructions that will come in handy if you can’t remember your iPhone password via iTunes:

    • start the DFU recovery mode on the device. It can be activated by pressing the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. So you need to keep them for fifteen seconds. After that, release the power supply and continue to hold “Home” until a new window appears;
    • connect iPhone to PC via Lightning USB cable and go to iTunes app on your computer. you need to have it up to date. This will avoid various mistakes;
    • when the desktop program is launched, you should wait for the notification of the system about recognizing the connected device;
    • click OK. the main window of the program will open. There you press “Restore”. As a result, the process of downloading the latest firmware version is launched, the elimination of user files and keys.

    The process of flashing an “apple” gadget takes 5-20 minutes, it all depends on the speed of the Internet connection and on the workload of Apple servers. As a result, you get a “clean” copy of the latest firmware version without lock codes. In this case, all user data, including multimedia files, contacts, etc., will be erased from the phone. To restore them later, you can use the backup version or make a copy of the files to the device from the synchronized Cloud.

    Types of access codes

    In the iOS operating system, users use multi-stage protection, that is, they install several protective combinations at once:

    • Display lock. this is how the protection of access to information on a mobile device is created, it consists of 4 digits, they are allowed to be used in conjunction with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner or individually. You can activate and run the function in the device settings;
    • Restrictions password. 4 numeric values ​​specified by the user when registering an account with Apple ID. In this regard, many users do not remember the entered values, so this type of access code is rarely used, compared to the others, and besides, it cannot be changed;
    • Apple ID is the information used to access your account on the smartphone manufacturer’s system. It allows you to manage all gadgets on the iOS operating system, pay for purchases.

    Restoring access to Apple ID

    The Apple ID password allows you to log in to the user accounting system. Without this code, it is impossible to use the services of the “apple” company. To restore a combination that you forgot, you must:

    • go to the service login page click “Forgot”;
    • enter your email, to which the identifier was previously associated. Enter the symbols from the picture into the second text field and click “Find”;
    • check the recovery option.
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    If you select the field with the answer to the questions, you will be automatically redirected to the page with the questions that were answered when registering the account. You must enter your answer in each of the 3 fields. The system will only accept an attempt to restore if you answer at least 2 questions correctly.

    Next, select the field for sending an email and receive an SMS from Apple with a link to reset the cipher. This notification comes immediately. You need to go to the specified address and change the key in a new window, save the changes. After these steps, access will be restored.

    What to do if you can’t remember your iPhone passcode: restrictions code

    It is these few numbers that most often do not remember the owners of devices with iOS. It is not a login key and is not used to unlock the display. The user enters this code only once. during the initial setup of the device upon purchase. Further, these figures almost never “pop up”, so it’s easy to forget them, but difficult to remember.

    The operating system may ask you to enter a pin code in such situations:

    • during activation of the option to protect against accidental elimination of applications;
    • in the process of resetting to factory parameters;
    • when you change your Apple ID settings.

    How to find the restrictions password?

    Before proceeding with the determination of the protective combination, it is necessary to check the presence of all the necessary devices and programs:

    Reset or remove forgotten password on ANY iPhone/iPad or iPod (2020)

    • a device with a code that you forgot, as well as a PC;
    • fresh version of iTunes;
    • Pinfinder program.

    You need to open iTunes and sync the device with the utility. Next, you need to make sure that the computer has a copy of the files and all installed software. If not, you should create it. Name the backup immediately, mark the encryption option and the location for storing the archive.

    In the subsection of automatic copying, select the “This computer” field and complete the creation of the special archive. Don’t turn off iTunes right away. Regarding the above Pinfinder program, you will need the most recent version.

    • It can be used after downloading.
    • The archive can be opened with different archivers. As a result, a special menu should be launched. While working with the program, the phone must be synchronized with iTunes.
    • Go to the iTunes folder, where the different backup versions of the OS are located, it can be found in “my documents”. Eliminate or move all copies from the folder except for the last created.
    • Deactivate the utility, disconnect the device from the PC, and enter the appropriate combination in the code entry window.

    Activating iPhone after factory reset

    With any method of resetting the lock code, all files, settings from the device are eliminated, you cannot do without deleting the data. Next, a system launch is carried out and the device must be activated:

    • turn on the device;
    • make settings (language, place of residence, connection to a wireless network);
    • go to Apple ID and restore information through Iklud backup. You can choose to use the device “like new”. In this case, you must first untie it from the old Apple ID and create a new account;
    • at the last step, you will be redirected to the page for creating an access code. Come up with another digital pin, or you can skip this step and use only the Touch ID scanner.

    Standard tools also work.

    As in many other cases, if you forget your iPhone password, a standard utility. iTunes can help. Naturally, you should initially coordinate the device with your own PC and make a copy of its data. this is strongly recommended by both the developers and all the craftsmen who repair iPhones in Yekaterinburg. Regular data storage will allow, in emergency situations, not only to restore the device’s operability, but to return almost all settings and files, which, as usual, are “very important”.

    Connected with the cable that comes with the iPhone iTunes should detect and, without asking for a password, offer options for action with it. Select “Synchronization”. this will restore the last saved data on the PC and reset the password.

    You can also select the “Recovery” mode. To do this, a disconnected gadget with the “Home” button pressed should be connected to the computer. Next, you need to hold the button until the “Connect to iTunes” menu appears. The program will synchronize, after which you need to restore data from the most recent copy (again the argument for regular synchronization).

    Option two. using the “Find iPhone” function (of course, it must be enabled in the device beforehand). To do this, in the iCloud cloud, select the required phone (pre-enter the Apple ID) and click. reset the iPhone, after which we restore data from the cloud storage.

    What to do if you forgot your iPhone password

    Apple sets the security of its users’ data at the same high level as ensuring the stable operation of its devices. Several degrees of protection allow you to reliably ensure the safety of personal information, which is almost impossible to extract from the device: a clear example of this is the company’s refusal to provide an encryption algorithm in the company’s smartphones even at the request of the FBI.

    However, this is exactly the case when excessive protection can interfere. quite often the owner of an apple device can get confused in the entered data and, as a result, forgot the password from the iPhone. Naturally, in this case, an excellent means of communication and work, communication and entertainment turns into a useless brick, and at a rather high cost. It is clear that the question immediately arises: forgot the password on the iPhone. what to do?

    An extreme case. deleting all data

    If the owner has forgotten the password on the iPhone and has never done syncing with iCloud or iTunes (or better in both places), all that remains is to reset the gadget to factory settings, which will delete all data. Which were available. To do this, use iTunes again. after connecting to the software, you need to perform a forced reboot until the recovery menu appears. The program will restore the OS, thereby deleting all information, after which you will need to configure the device “from scratch”. However, the device will work as required.

    How to erase via iTunes

    If you don’t want to lose your favorite applications, games and photos, you will have to do a certain sequence of actions.

    Connect iPhone to the computer you synced with earlier. Create a backup of the connected device. Put iPhone into Recovery Mode.

    Instructions for iPhone 7/7 Plus:

    Instructions for other models:

    iTunes will detect the connected device, in the dialog box select Recover.

    After the end of the process, the data and settings on the iPhone will be deleted, you can set it up as a new one or restore from a backup.

    What to do if you forgot your iPhone unlock password

    The presence of the Touch ID sensor on the smartphone relaxes the user a little, if earlier you had to drive in the unlock password dozens of times a day to access the gadget, now this procedure is replaced by a simple touch of the sensor.

    The code still needs to be entered when updating the software, changing some settings and installing profiles, but you think that such actions with the device are done by your wife, children or parents?

    And then the moment comes when the iPhone will ask you to enter the forgotten code. This will happen after a reboot, if the smartphone has been idle for a very long time or when Touch ID has failed to recognize the owner’s finger several times in a row.

    This is where the fun begins. If you do not guess the password several times, the iPhone will ask for a timeout, and if you merge and additional attempts, the device will permanently lock or completely erase all contents.

    How to erase via iCloud

    This will remove the password from the device that has Find My iPhone enabled. The locked smartphone must be connected and connected to the Internet. A previously enabled mobile Internet or a connection to a familiar Wi-Fi network, which will happen automatically within its range, will do.

    When the iPhone has caught the network, do the following:

    On another smartphone / tablet / computer, go to Enter the Apple ID that the iPhone is linked to and the password. At the top of the window, click on the All Devices list. Select the iPhone you want. Click on the “Erase iPhone” button.

    When the process is complete, there will be no lock password on the iPhone, the device can be configured as new or restored from a backup.

    This method is simple and fast, however, the data that has accumulated on the device since the last backup will disappear without a trace.

    Try to forget your iPhone unlock password!

    What to do

    For those who regularly make backups, nothing terrible happened. You can always erase iPhone remotely (if connected to the network) and restore from the last backup.

    However, if backups are created irregularly or not at all, you will have to look for a computer and do some manipulation with iTunes. This is the only way to remove the unlock password with minimal losses.

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