Forgot password on Samsung a50 phone

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Another radical way is flashing. Like a factory reset, it results in data loss. But if nothing else works, you can try it.

  • Search the Internet for the firmware for your phone model in zip format.
  • Open the instructions for the phone and find there a way to enable recovery mode.
  • Upload the firmware to the SD card, insert it into the phone and enter it into recovery mode.
  • Select the firmware option “Install ZIP from SDCARD”.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Using the Find My Mobile website

Find My Mobile requires your phone to be registered in advance with a Samsung account. If you haven’t, then this option won’t help you. But if you have such an account, you can use Find My Mobile. Also, this method requires the phone to have some way of connecting to the Internet: a SIM card with allowed Internet access via a cellular network, unpaired Wi-Fi, or something else.

  • Log in to your account on the service.
  • Find your phone and connect to it remotely. If you have several devices registered in your account, select the one you need.
  • Click on “Unblock”.
  • Enter your account password.

With dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is similar to 4ukey, although it differs from it in broader functionality. When it comes to unlocking phones, however, both programs work in exactly the same way. Accordingly, the procedure is very similar to method 3:

  • Download dr. Fone and launch it.
  • Open the instructions to the phone and find there a way to enter the download mode (Download).
  • Connect the phone to the computer in the way indicated in the instructions, and let the program find it.
  • Click on the Unlock button.

Is there a difference in unlocking methods for different Samsung models?

Definitely there is. First of all, this applies to those options that require entering the Recovery or Download mode: on different models, the entrance to these modes can be done in different ways. Here are several ways to enter Recovery mode for different models:

    Samsung A51: hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time, then press the volume up button for a few seconds.
    Samsung A30: hold down the power and volume up buttons at the same time and hold until the mode screen appears.
    Samsung A21: same as for A51.
    Samsung A5: hold down the power button and volume up at the same time, release the power button after the logo appears, but do not release the volume up button until you see the recovery screen itself.
    Samsung A6: the same as on the A30.
    Samsung J1: Hold down the Power button, Volume up button and Home button at the same time until you see the logo.
    Samsung J2 and J3: same as on J1.
    Samsung M21: first hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time, then the power button and volume up button.

The variant used on your specific phone should be found in the instructions supplied with the device. If it has not been saved, you can search for information on the official Samsung website in the “Support” section (the text will be in Russian).

Through an additional pin

It may not be worth it, and the simplest solution is the best. When you came up with a password or pattern, the OS might prompt you to create an additional PIN, and you remember this PIN. If so, the phone can be unlocked quickly and without delay.

You need to proceed in the same way as when unlocking through a Google account:

  • Enter the password in your device, which is called “from the bulldozer.” This must be done several times.
  • On about the sixth unsuccessful attempt, the smartphone itself will prompt you to enter an additional pin.
  • Enter it, after which access to the device will be immediately restored.

Rollback to factory settings

forgot, password, samsung, phone

This is a very drastic method that will remove all settings, applications and files from your phone. Everything will have to be re-installed. But it is absolutely trouble-free and always works.

  • Open the instructions for your phone model.
  • Find the “Factory Reset” section.
  • Follow all the steps listed in the instructions.

Using Safe Mode

This option does not work on all models, but if it helps on your phone, then this is one of the most gentle ways to unlock the device. Here is the standard procedure for turning on safe mode, if it does not work. read the instructions for your device, perhaps the procedure is different for your model.

  • Hold down the shutdown button of the device and hold it.
  • When the shutdown and restart menu appears, hold down the “Disable” option for a few seconds.
  • The phone will enter safe mode and allow you to enter the settings where you can turn off the lock.

than 10 ways to restore access to your Samsung phone if you forgot your password

In this security-obsessed age, many people protect their phones with passwords, and many forget them. What to do in this case? How do you use your own phone? Fortunately, the Android operating system can be hacked in a few easy steps.

How to put a password on the app and phone Samsung a50

Many owners of the samsung a50 have personal data on the phone and do not want to provide access to third parties or simply protect them from prying eyes.

These can be personal photos on your work phone, access to a bank account, and even dating apps.

There are many examples. If you have data or applications on your phone that you want to protect, you can do by setting a password.

At the same time, on Samsung a50, you can use the tools of the phone itself, but in order to put a password on applications, you will need to install a third-party program.

How to protect your phone

Everything is done very simply, there is only one thing, but. passwords are often forgotten, so be sure to write it down.

Otherwise, you will not only protect your data, but will lose it forever. you will remove it, but the data may not be restored.

So, first of all, we launch the “Settings” and look for a category called “Lock Screen”.

Now we are interested in the “Password” parameter. you can also select a PIN-code or a pattern there.

As soon as you click on the parameter you are interested in, a window will open where you will need to enter the password you have invented twice.

After that, you will have to always enter it, not only when you turn it on, but every time you start the screen.

How to protect an application

There is a useful tool on Google Play that will encrypt the application you specify, create special secure data, and protect photos, videos and music.

Proper protection Samsung a50 protects you from theft of sensitive data such as passwords for electronic banking, email, instant messaging and credit card numbers.

The AppLock app further enhances your security by allowing you to enter passwords for specific programs on your phone. How it works

Run the application. When you turn it on for the first time, you will be prompted to access files and monitor other programs on your device. Agree.

There are a number of options in the menu. Photo and video safe is a special place where your photos and clips will be placed.

To enter a certain category, you will need to enter a password, draw a template or use a fingerprint.

Advanced. advanced features that allow you to block access to, for example, incoming connections, Play Store and settings.

General. a list of applications on your Samsung a50 to which you can put a password.

Click the lock icon next to the program you want to protect.

Samsung Galaxy a50 reset forgot password

At this stage, you must make sure that we have active access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network or a data packet with an operator. the application uses remote authentication servers.

There are 3 options for blocking the application. The choice is made in the settings, which are accessed by clicking on the sign of the three horizontal lines to the left of the main AppLock name.

Code. any sequence of numbers or “Drawing”. we draw between 9 points.

Fingerprint. the highest level of security. After choosing, we accept consent

Everything. your application has been blocked. Launching the protected application from the start screen will prompt you to enter the decryption method we have chosen, that is, the password. Success.

Google Find My Device unlock if you forgot your password

Another way to unlock your Samsung phone lock password is to use Google’s Find My Device.

To perform this method, you will need to do the following:

Effective program “Dr.fone” to reset Samsung password

Functionality of the professional tool “Dr.fone” allows you to quickly and conveniently unlock a password on a Samsung mobile phone.

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If you accidentally forget your access code, do the following:

  • Download, install and run the “Dr.fone” program on your PC;
  • Select “Unlock”;

How to unlock Samsung if you forgot your password

The main reason for having a password on your phone is to try to prevent it from being accessed by children or intruders. Having password-protected our Samsung phone, and forgetting about it for a while, we soon discover that we simply do not remember the access code to our gadget. Attempts to get it give nothing. And we can experience despair from our impotence in this matter. What to do? Below we will analyze the ways to unlock your Samsung smartphone in case you forgot the password.

Method to Unlock Samsung Using ADB

The method below will work if you have previously activated the “USB Debugging” option on your gadget, and your computer can connect via ADB.

To unlock your Samsung phone if you lost your password, the following will help:

  • Connect your Samsung to PC with a USB cable;
  • Run Command Prompt in ADB directory;
  • Enter the command:

Reboot your device and the lock screen should disappear.

How to unlock a Samsung gadget with the “Find My Mobile” option

Most Samsung gadgets support Find My Mobile. If the locked phone has Internet access and has a Samsung account added to it, you can try to unlock it using the function we mentioned.

If you have forgotten your password, follow these steps:

    Log in and log in to Samsung;

Factory reset if you lost your Samsung password

Resetting the device to factory settings will help in a situation when the above methods did not work for some reason. Please be aware that when performing this operation, your files and data on Samsung will be lost.

The method for performing such a reset if you forget your passcode is different for each specific Samsung phone model.

Follow the steps below to unlock your gadget:

  • Turn off your Samsung;
  • Press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time. The “Bootloader” menu will start;
  • Press twice on the “Volume Down” button to set the cursor to “Recovery Mode”. Then press the Power button to select it;
  • Then press and hold the power button, then press the “Volume up” button once to launch Recovery Mode;
  • Using the volume buttons in the menu that opens, move the cursor to the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option. It remains to press the power button to select it;

Google login for older Samsung devices (Android 4.4 or below)

Old Samsung devices have the ability to bypass the lock if you forgot the access code to your gadget.

If you are the owner of a device based on Android 4.4 or earlier versions of Android, then do the following:

  • Go to the password entry screen;
  • Enter the wrong code five times;
  • After that the message “Forgot your password? “;

How to unlock your phone over the Internet

After 5 not very successful attempts to enter a password or pattern, Android displays a notification and provides an option to unlock via the Internet. To do this, you need to connect to any available WI-FI network, enter your Google account login data, after which you will successfully log in to the system and be able to change the password or key to unlock Android.

It should be noted that this method of unlocking the phone only works with devices that have Android 5.0 or lower OS installed. Therefore, having a newer phone model on hand, refer to other unlocking methods (see below in the list).

How to unlock Android phone when you lose your password or pattern

What do you do if you forgot your house key? First you try to find the key yourself, then call your relatives and ask if they have a spare kit. If it doesn’t help. Probably, you enter the apartment through the window, in extreme cases, call a burglar. One way or another, but there are always workarounds, from the simplest to the radical.

What if you can’t unlock your phone? Just forgot your password or pattern when tapping the welcome screen? In this case, there are several ways to unlock, most of them do not require any special dexterity or technical skills.

So, let’s get down to unlocking your Android phone, smartphone or tablet.

Unlock Android at a service center

No matter how trite it may sound, a service center, or a warranty service, among other things, will help solve the problem of accessing a mobile device. Of course, before asking how to unlock your phone, you need to make sure that the phone warranty has not expired and that you have all the necessary documents to confirm the purchase. After that, choose a service center (Samsung, Lenovo, etc.) and contact unlocking assistance.

This “official” approach has a drawback. time. No one guarantees that the service center workers will solve your problem quickly, that is, on the spot.

Reference. Types of Android screen lock and unlock

Phone lock is designed to protect user data from unauthorized access and unwanted information leakage. You can subsequently unlock your phone using a pattern and password.

The nice thing about Android locking is that you can set an arbitrary difficulty for the pattern, thereby enhancing security. The second point. in addition to locking the screen, the user can set protection for access to certain folders and certain user data on the phone.

However, not all Android users need built-in protection. Therefore, it is no secret that there are alternative add-ons for Android that allow you to install alternative blockers and blocking methods. In particular, it is possible to unlock the screen with a double tap. To activate it, it is enough to install the Knock Lock application and then independently switch the screen unlock method. instead of the pattern key, specify “double tap”. The app works on all devices, including Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Summary. Well, choose the most convenient, fastest and safest method in terms of loss of user data. If none of the methods for unlocking the Android screen worked. ask us a question through the Question-Answer form in the right column of the site, describing the problem as fully as possible.

Unlocking your phone by Hard Reset

Hard Reset. this is to reset the phone to factory settings. This procedure helps out in a number of cases, including the loss of initial access to an Android device.

We must warn you that as a result of a hart reset, you lose ALL data in the internal memory of the phone, including applications, games, user data recorded on the phone, bypassing the memory card. The memory card itself will remain intact.

As a last resort, the data on the memory card can be restored by means of a backup copy or by resorting to data recovery.

If you decide that resetting to factory settings will not threaten you with anything, get down to business.

Unlocking Samsung phone via Find my Mobile service

The free Find my Mobile service is designed to find mobile devices in the event of theft or loss. It can also be extremely useful in a situation where you cannot unlock your Samsung phone.

We would like to emphasize that this unlocking method is relevant only for Samsung phones on the Android platform. Besides,

Actually, here is the address of the service. Find my mobile. After logging into your account, you need to select a device from the list, remotely connect to it and unlock the phone by clicking on the “Unlock my device” button through the right side panel of the FmM service. After that, it’s just a small matter. enter the Samsung account access password.

Using adb command utility when unlocking phone

The Android Debug Bridge, or ADB, console utility is included with the Android SDK Platform-Tools.

The package is free to use and available for download through the official website. To fully work with the ADB console, you need to enable debug mode on your phone (via the developer menu). Of course, you won’t do this on a locked device; it is important that USB debugging is enabled before this point.

Actually, the reset of the pattern is carried out using the following commands in the command line:

If, after restarting your phone, the Android system asks you to enter a pattern to unlock, use any combination. If that doesn’t help, try entering an alternate command in ADB, for example,

Unlock Samsung Screen via Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile service can provide invaluable service to Samsung owners in a situation when the password from the device has been forgotten or if the device has been lost. In order to use this function, you need to have a pre-registered Samsung account, as well as a network connection on another phone or computer. The main advantage of this method is the preservation of all device data.

Go to and sign in with your Samsung account.

On the right side of the window, click on “” and from the full list of options select “Unlock my device”.

Enter the password for your account in the blank line and confirm the decision by clicking on “Unblock”.

After that, the phone will be unlocked, and you can set a new password on the phone.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone if Forgot Password

Smartphone users often lock their smartphones with pattern keys, PIN codes or passwords to protect personal data from strangers. However, it happens that phone owners themselves forget them and wonder how to effectively recover a password without losing data? In this article, we offer you several simple ways to solve this problem, which are suitable for unlocking any Samsung model, be it Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / S4 / S3, Galaxy Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 7.

How to unlock Samsung phone using the program

A professional utility from Tenorshare allows you to quickly and efficiently unlock any Android device, regardless of the type of lock (pin code, password, pattern or fingerprint). 4uKey for Android is specially designed for unlocking Android smartphones in such cases and guarantees immediate results.

Step 1 Download the program from the developer’s official website and install it on your PC. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 Start the program. In the main menu, select the option “Remove screen lock”.

Step 3 The program will start checking the data, after which it will start the process of removing your Samsung screen lock. When a message appears about deleting device data, select “OK”.

Step 4 After completing the uninstallation process, you will be prompted to enter recovery mode. Turn off the device and at the same time press and hold the “Volume Up” “Home” “Power”.

Step 5 Then 4uKey for Android will remove the lock screen automatically. In a few minutes, you will see the whole process in full.

How to Unlock Password on Samsung Phone Using Android Device Manager

This method involves using a similar service from Google for all Android devices. In order to unlock Samsung if the password is forgotten, follow the instructions below.

On another phone or PC, go to Sign in with your google account.

Select your device (if not automatically detected). Then click on the “Block” option. Enter a new password to lock the screen of your device and confirm it by entering it again. Click “Block” again.

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Now unlock your Samsung with the given password you just created.

How to Unlock Samsung Screen if Forgot Password via Google Account

The following method only works on Android 4.4 and below. In this case, your data will also remain unchanged on the device. Please note that for a successful result, your locked device must be connected to the network.

Enter the wrong password, pin code or pattern on the smartphone screen 5 times.

Select the “Forgot pattern / password” option. Next, enter your Google account details or backup pin.

After that, the phone will be unlocked and you can set a new key / password.

Unlock Samsung with an additional pin code

An exclusive way for Samsung phones to unlock the screen if you have forgotten your password is to use an additional PIN-code. When installing a pattern as a lock, the owner must also set an additional pin code.

Enter the wrong unlock combination 5 times. After the message about the retry after 30 seconds appears, select the “Additional PIN-code” option at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the pin code that you set when setting up the screen lock. Click OK. The screen lock will be unlocked.

As you can see, there is no reason to despair if you suddenly forgot your smartphone password and do not know how to get back access to all important data. You can choose any of the above solutions. each method will return you control over your phone within a few minutes. Share in the comments in the ways you like, and also suggest your own!

Method 4. Hard Reset

Everything will be reset to factory settings and all your data will be deleted. The main thing is to remember your Google account, if you forgot your password from it, then read the material about recovering your Google account.

Turn off the machine by holding down the power button.

Hold down the buttons: power and volume up. As soon as you feel the vibration, release only the power button. When the Recovery Menu appears, release the volume button.

Use the touch screen or volume buttons to navigate through the menu items. Go to “wipe data / factory reset”, press the power button and confirm your intentions.

After the reset process is over, restart the device by selecting the “Reboot” item if it did not happen automatically.

Method 3. through “find phone”

The unit data will be erased and everything will return to the factory settings. You need to know your username and password from your Google account.

Go to the address. and log in with your Google account.

In the left column, click on “Clean device” and confirm your intentions. If you are asked to enter the data again, do it. As soon as the phone connects to the Internet, for example, via WI-FI, it will immediately clear.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone

Method 5. Smart Lock

Will only work if you have configured this function earlier in the settings. It works like this: when you perform a certain action, you do not need to enter a password to unlock the phone screen, for example, when connecting via Bluetooth.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone if Forgot Password

Samsung produces some of the highest quality devices on the Android phone and tablet market, so the share of their smartphone users is very large.

The company understands that the owners of smartphones and tablets can simply forget the password for them, so it has made its own access recovery function, which simplifies this process.

The previous post was devoted to how to unlock an Honor phone if you forgot your password. Here’s how to unlock Samsung phone quickly and without factory reset.

Method 2. through safe mode

It doesn’t always work, especially on new devices with fresh Android, but it’s worth a try, especially since all the data will remain on the device and nothing will be erased.

Hold down the power button until the menu appears. In it, press and hold the power off button until the safe mode window appears.

The device will boot up with no applications installed. Go to settings and disable password entry. After restarting the smartphone, it will work normally.

Interesting! You can also try to enter using an additional PIN-code, if you entered it before and in general remember. This option appears when the password is entered incorrectly.

Method 1. through the official Samsung service

By resetting the password in this way, the phone will remain in the same state and nothing will be deleted from it. The main thing is that the device is linked to a Samsung account.

Go to the address. and enter your login details.

Select your smartphone from the list, click on “” and then click on “Unblock my device”. The codes will be reset and the smartphone will be unlocked.

Special programs like Dr. There is no point in using Fone, because they are paid and do just a regular reset that you can do yourself. Write in the comments how you returned access to your smartphone.

How to unlock Samsung and Sony smartphones

Some smartphone manufacturers have taken care in advance so that you know how to bypass the password on the phone. To do this, owners are provided with additional unlocking tools. For example, Samsung users can use their service. Find My Mobile. To do this, you must be connected to the service, and the locked phone must be on the Internet. To reset the password on a smartphone, you need a stationary computer, laptop or other mobile device, also connected to the Internet.

Step-by-step instructions for unlocking your Samsung phone:

  • Go to their service and log in.
  • On the main page of Find My Mobile there are corresponding subsections for remote locking or unlocking a smartphone.
  • Select the tab “Unlock my device”.
  • After a few minutes, a message appears on the screen that your device is unlocked.
  • After that, you can turn on the smartphone and re-set the password, reset it or cancel it altogether.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer to create their own system when your phone is locked and you forgot your password. For example, Sony has created for all its Xperia smartphones the ability to unlock the phone using an emergency call. To do this, on the emergency call display, you need to dial a special combination. ###.

After the call, a menu from the manufacturer with a Service Test section will appear, after which additional items will appear, among which you need to select NFC → Dag Test. After all the manipulations, press the home key and you will enter your mobile device.

How to unlock your phone via the app

There are special applications from Google that you can install or they are already in your smartphone. They come in handy when you need to unlock your phone. For example, if you are a prudent person and have set up the Smart Look app from Google, then you can unlock Android in a matter of seconds. To do this, remotely connect the “trusted” device of your smartphone via Bluetooth or WI-FI. When there is a two-way connection between your phone and another device, the gadget is automatically logged in. To use such an application, it is imperative that both devices be in the Internet access zone. If before you needed to unlock the phone, the application was not configured, then you will not be able to use it.

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 4 / 64GB Neptune Blue

Smartphone Apple iPhone XS 64Gb Space Gray

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A51.4 / 64Gb Blue (SM-A515FZBU)

How to unlock your phone with Google

The first method is to reset the password using the connected Google account to the device. Accordingly, the user who synchronized the phone with the profile can use it. In this case, the smartphone must be connected to WI-FI or to the mobile Internet. If at the moment when the phone was locked you were not connected to the World Wide Web, then usually the side or top sliding tab is available and the Internet can be connected without logging in. This is the easiest and fastest way to restore your gadget if you forgot your Android password.

To use it, you need to enter the wrong code a certain number of times, after which an active line will appear: “Forgot your password”. By clicking on it, you will be asked to enter data from your Google account. If you do not remember it, then use your desktop computer to change the forgotten password from your Google profile first. If, after entering the wrong code, such a link does not appear on the screen, you must press the active Home key and re-enter the wrong password several times. After these manipulations, you will be automatically logged into the system, where you can change the password.

How to reset your password on your phone

The most brutal way to unlock your phone is to reset all settings to factory defaults. The cruelty of the method is that all information from a mobile device will be lost. In order to reset the settings, you must simultaneously press the combination of external buttons on the switched off smartphone:

  • Volume down and on.
  • Volume up and on.
  • Volume up and down turn on (all three at the same time).
  • Volume up, Home button (if any) and power on.
  • Volume up, volume down and home button.
  • Volume up and down.

You need to hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds, calling the Recovery mode. Then a small menu should appear. With points like this. reset, formatting, etc. You need a “reset” item. Select it, and then “wipe data”. Literally in 5 minutes, the phone will be unlocked, but it will be completely empty, only a backup copy can help here if it was made shortly before you decided to reset the password on Android.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your pattern

A pattern safeguards your personal information, but it’s just as easy to forget as a digital key. If you have forgotten the pattern on Android, then all the above unlocking options apply to it. But there are other effective ways to unlock the pattern on the phone using, for example, connecting to a computer and other manipulations. Consider other methods, when the question arises, what to do if you forgot the pattern, in addition to those that we have already described:

  • The easiest method you can use to unlock your pattern is to discharge your mobile device. To do this, you need to wait until the charge level has dropped so much that the system will warn you about it. Then you will have the opportunity to enter the smartphone’s power management, which is located exactly in the place of the settings we need, including security. just change the pattern and access to use is open.
  • If you are rooted, then you can bypass the pattern password using a custom Recovery system. In this mode, you will be able to delete the Gesture. Key without factory reset. Then just reboot your device and use.

In order to avoid future problems with how to hack the pattern on the phone. It is still recommended to synchronize your devices with your Google account.

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How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

The modern phone is a treasure trove of personal information, photos, access to banking applications and personal communication. It is not surprising that many are striving to make the gadget completely private. Android smartphones have the ability to set digital, alphabetic and graphic passwords on the screen. And at least once, each of the adherents of complete privacy and personal space, faced a situation when he forgot the password on the phone. Don’t panic, smartphones have plenty of ways to log in, although some of them are pretty tough. Now we will tell you about all the ways to unlock your phone if you forgot your password. Please note that not all methods may work on your mobile device, it all depends on its technical capabilities, access to root rights and Internet connection.

How to remove the unlock pattern on Samsung if you forgot it?

A pattern is one of the most common screen lock methods for Samsung phones, as it helps you avoid confusing your device lock password with other passwords (for example, passwords for accounts, apps, websites, etc.), which are mostly alphanumeric. option. Nevertheless, the lock pattern is also quite often forgotten, and then smartphone owners rush in search of answers on how to reset the pattern on Samsung. In this article, we will look at several solutions that you may find useful if you find yourself in a similar situation. Use any of them or try each of the options in turn to ensure you get an effective result. Each of the methods will provide you with a guaranteed result. resetting the graphic key on your phone, they differ only in ease of use or in the conditions of a particular situation.

Now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed descriptions of each of the listed options. Step-by-step instructions for each of the methods will help you easily perform all the necessary actions on your own and in an extremely short time.

Key features of the program:

  • Unlock your Samsung phone with just one click
  • Instantly remove any type of password: pattern, password, pin code, fingerprint on any Android phone
  • Remove Google Account from Samsung Phone without Password
  • Supports 99% of Samsung models, including Samsung Galaxy S10. S10
  • User friendly interface
  • Prompt work, safety of use and effective results

To find out how to remove the unlock pattern from the Samsung using this program, follow the guide below.

Step 1 Download the installation file of the program from the official website of the developer to your PC and install it. Open the program by double-clicking its icon on the computer desktop, and then connect your Samsung phone to the PC using a USB cable.

Note: if the program cannot find your device, click on the question mark icon in the program window for instructions on how to proceed.

Step 2 After the program detects your phone, click on the “Delete” button.

Step 3 When a warning appears about deleting all data on your phone, click OK. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to enter recovery mode on your Samsung phone.

Step 4 Then click on the “Next” button and also read the instructions in the program window and follow the steps indicated in them to restore the factory settings of the smartphone and restart the device. After that, you can use the unlocked device again.

Selection of the lock pattern in accordance with common models

Many smartphone users install fairly simple graphic keys on their gadgets, for example, if the lock is placed not to protect data, but to prevent actions caused by accidental touches of the screen or buttons. In addition, a simple graphic combination is easier to reproduce each time the device is unlocked, while a complex drawing requires more time and attention and therefore is not always convenient. This fact allows us to highlight the most common patterns for creating graphic keys. If you also prefer to put an uncomplicated graphic pattern on your Samsung, then you can try to guess a password for your locked device using one of the options described below, and, perhaps, you can easily remember your key! To learn how to remove your Samsung unlock pattern without losing data, refer to the descriptions of popular key patterns below.

Letter keys

Research has shown that 10% of pattern keys are letter designs. Some users set the first letter of their name as such a key.

Perhaps, in one of these patterns for building pattern keys, you will learn your principles of creating a password and, thanks to this, remember the screen lock pattern installed on your Samsung phone. Thus, you can easily unlock the device and keep all the data on it intact, without having to resort to more radical ways to reset your smartphone’s lock key.

3 other corners

In addition, the study found that 77% of users start their pattern from the other three corners.

Reset Samsung pattern using 4uKey for Android

If you are looking for a way to remove the pattern on Samsung as quickly and easily as possible, then you should turn to specialized programs designed directly for carrying out such operations. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a professional program capable of removing any type of screen lock on almost any Android device in just one click.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone

Enter recovery mode. The methods will differ slightly depending on the model of your phone.

  • If you have a Home button on your Samsung phone: press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.
  • If your Samsung phone has a Bixby button: Press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Bixby buttons at the same time.
  • If your Samsung phone does not have Home and Bixby buttons: Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.

After the appearance of the inscription “Samsung Galaxy. »Release the power button while leaving the other buttons pressed. After a few seconds, the recovery mode will be entered, after which you can release all the buttons of the phone.

Using the volume up and down buttons to navigate, and the power button to confirm, select the “wipe data / factory reset” option from the list of available options.

When prompted to confirm deletion of all data from the phone, select the answer “Yes” or “Yes. delete all user data”.

Wait until the process is complete, after which the main menu will appear on the screen. Select the “reboot system now” option.

After restarting the phone, your pattern will be reset and you can set a new lock pattern or use the phone without a password.

Password recovery using third-party apps

There is an interesting resource “Find my mobile”. The technology will only work if you managed to register a Samsung account before blocking. The tool looks like this.

Navigate to the site from a PC or tablet. Log in to the system and look for your phone. it will be located on the left side. The sidebar with the “Unlock screen” option is also located there. Click and calmly wait for the result. you will spend a few seconds on this. A notification will appear informing you that the process has completed successfully. You don’t even have to install anything.

How to unlock a Samsung phone

The touch screen is locked to prevent chaotic clicks and irreversible changes to the account. This is a sensible measure, so don’t be angry with the manufacturers. Some smartphones are equipped with fingerprint sensors. they are used as an alternative to the key. Other devices lack this functionality. If Android won’t let you into your phone, start by doing the following:

  • Try to enter again in half a minute.
  • Get involved in remote unlocking (there is a Find My Mobile service for this).
  • Try to use your Google account.
  • Reset settings.

If the above methods turned out to be ineffective, you will have to restore access through third-party applications. We will tell you how to remove the password from Samsung, even in the most hopeless cases. Choose a solution to taste.

Via google

This trick will not work if your firmware is updated to Android Lollipop 5. You will only be satisfied with the Android version below 4.4. Here’s what to do:

  • Make a mistake five times with a pattern.
  • Now you need to enter your Google account login or backup PIN
  • Enjoy your unlocked machine.

Top Reasons to Lock Samsung Phone

Older phones were push-button and contained little or no confidential information. The current generation of smartphones is a different matter. Therefore, the developers came up with a pattern that carries the functions of a password. But many users forget the key and cannot use the device. Let’s consider the main reasons for blocking Samsung:

  • data reset;
  • frequent sensory presses;
  • incorrect key entry.

Hard reset

If the smartphone has not been connected to the Network, you will have to resort to a hard reset. To do this, turn on the device and simultaneously hold down three keys. volume down, power, return to the main display. Still wondering how to unlock your Samsung phone using a hard reset? Proceed through the engineering menu. Click on “Wipe data / factory reset”, activate the process, and after its completion, click “Reboot system now”.

Removing the password by reinstalling the firmware using a PC

If you connect your tablet to your laptop and reinstall the firmware, you can solve the problem. The method is used in cases where a series of unsuccessful unlocks led to damage to the bootloader. For the operation you will need:

  • firmware file;
  • USB cable;
  • special program.

How to remove password from Samsung phone if forgot password

How to unlock your Samsung phone if you entered the wrong PIN on the keyboard? The Android system will instantly block access to your Galaxy. An emergency unlock is required to make a call. If you remember the password, the smartphone will work. And if not? Read the guide below.

Using custom recovery

You can’t do without an SD card. The technology is used by advanced Android users, for whom the concept of “rooting” is not an empty phrase. It’s about individual recovery and this only works on card slots. The trick is in transferring a ZIP file downloaded to a memory card to a smartphone. The card is inserted into the slot and the recovery process starts. The downside is that modern phones (especially flagships) are gradually phasing out card slots. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Download Pattern Password Disable (ZIP archive) to PC and then transfer to SD card.
  • Disconnect the card from the computer and insert into the phone slot.
  • The developers of the file know how to remove the password from the “Samsung” phone. now you need to reboot the device.
  • The archive will be unpacked, the file will start working.
  • The final touch is reboot.

If you did everything correctly, no code is required. Has a password or gesture been set? Do not worry. Enter any gesture (password) and enjoy the result.