Galaxy a 51 how to take a screenshot of the screen

How to take screenshots on Samsung with the palm of your hand

But there is also a second option: just swipe your hand over the display. Seriously. give it a shot. It works on any screen except when the onscreen keyboard is displayed. This is called “finger-to-grip” and is unique to modern Samsung phones.

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You can enable or disable this feature in the Settings menu Additional functions Swipe the screen.

How to take screenshots on Galaxy S7 (and older)

Since Samsung used a dedicated physical Home button on all of its phones prior to the S8, the method for capturing screenshots is slightly different. Instead of using the volume and power buttons, you will be using the Power and Home buttons. Press them at the same time and hold for about half a second.

The S7 is also equipped with the Palm Gesture tool discussed above in the S8 / S9 section.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Note using the S Pen

This method is available on Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, and other Samsung devices with S Pen. To take a screenshot in this way, you must open the Air Command menu by pulling out the S Pen stylus or by hovering the stylus over the screen and pressing the button on it.

  • Select Screen Write in the Air Command options to take a screenshot.
  • You can now write your notes at the top of the image. The top toolbar has options to change the color and size of the pen if you want to get creative. You can also erase or undo strokes, and at the bottom there is a Crop option.
  • When you’re done, click Share or Save at the bottom.

How to take screenshots using hardware buttons

If you’re using a modern Galaxy phone like the S8 or S9, you’re in luck. Taking screenshots is as easy as on most other Android phones: press the volume down and power buttons at the same time. Hold them for about half a second, then let go.

The conveniently located buttons (volume on one side, power on the other) make it incredibly easy to take screenshots with one hand. This is a great button layout if you are taking a lot of screenshots.

How to take selective screenshots or capture GIFs

If you’re taking advantage of the Samsung Edge Panels, you can use the Smart Select toolbox to do some pretty cool things with screenshots, like capturing certain parts of the screen in a rectangular or oval shape, capturing a GIF, or even part of the screen image as an overlay. for quick reference.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51 (2 Ways) plus Scroll screenshot

To enable this feature, go to Settings Display Edge Display Edge Panels and make sure Smart Select is enabled. Then just swipe from the right side of the display to open the Edge Panel.

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With the Smart Select panel open, simply tap the desired capture option and follow the onscreen instructions. Very simple.

Other Galaxy Screenshot Tools

When you take a screenshot of the screen, it appears as a short overlay at the top of the current screen, letting you know that the screenshot was taken successfully. Smart Capture Tool also appears at the bottom of the screen.

There are some really cool features associated with the Smart Capture tool, such as the ability to take a “screenshot scrolling” that scrolls the screen and captures everything (not just what you see), a paint tool to annotate, a crop tool to quickly cut out irrelevant parts of the picture and a shortcut for immediate sharing of the picture on social networks.

If you like the Smart Capture tool, you can turn it off by going to Settings Advanced Features Smart Capture.

How to take screenshots on Galaxy S8 and S9

There are several different ways to take screenshots on the S8 and S9, and several options are described in the methods below. This may sound a little overwhelming to you, but it’s very simple.

Shortcut keys

The most popular and probably the most natural way to take a screenshot on a smartphone is to use a specific key combination. There is nothing new here, since most Android devices have the same button combination for a screenshot.

Press and hold the power button and volume down button for 2 seconds until the screen momentarily turns white. A panel appeared at the bottom of the screen with available actions to control the screenshot just taken.

  • To view a screenshot, click on its round thumbnail on the left side of the control panel.
  • To continue creating a screenshot, so that it turns out to be long and scrolling, like a website page, click on the second icon with arrows.
  • In order to crop a screenshot, click on the icon in the center.
  • To leave a note on the screenshot or draw something, click on the pencil icon.
  • To share a screenshot, click on the icon on the far right and select the method you would like to share.

This control panel disappears from the screen after a few seconds, but you can still access all its functions by opening the screenshot in the “Gallery” or by tapping on the notification that appears every time after a successfully created screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S10

The process of taking screenshots is pretty simple, and there are many reasons for taking them. So, for example, to save any post from Instagram or to post it later to. you need to take a screenshot. This can also be useful when you need to save to prove the promise of technical support or someone else’s threats, which will then be removed. In general, without a doubt, this function is very useful, and how the process of taking screenshots on the Galaxy S10 is carried out, we will tell you in this material.

On most smartphones, there is only one combination of physical buttons to take a screenshot, but Samsung would not be itself if it did not come up with several ways to implement the same action. Below we will describe all the methods available on the Galaxy S10 to take a screenshot.

Taking a long screenshot

One of the options available in the Screenshot Control Panel allows you to create a long screenshot. Such a screenshot is convenient when you need to screen a page in a browser, for example, and in order not to create several ordinary screenshots, gradually scrolling down the page, you can simply create one long screenshot. The creation of such a screenshot only works when scrolling down the page, so keep that in mind when you create it.

  • Open the screenshot of what you would like to take.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut or hand gesture to take a screenshot.
  • Click the long screenshot icon (second from the left).
  • Keep clicking on this icon until the screenshot is of the required length.
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As soon as you scan the area that you need in the screenshot or just scroll to the very bottom, just tap anywhere on the screen, except the control panel, and the screenshot will be saved.

Screenshot with a slight movement of the hand

You can also take a screenshot on the Galaxy S10 using the swipe gesture over the smartphone screen, but first this feature must be activated in the settings.

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Go to the section with “Advanced features”.
  • Click on the item “Managing gestures” (Motions and gestures).
  • If Palm swipe to capture is disabled, enable it.
  • You can also tap Palm swipe to capture to watch an animation showing how to use this feature.
  • Now that this feature is activated, let’s try to take a screenshot in this way. As stated in the warning, the keyboard should not be launched while taking a screenshot in this way.

    • Open the screenshot of what you would like to take.
    • Place your palm over the right side of the screen.
    • Swipe left above the smartphone screen to take a screenshot.

    At the bottom of the screen, as in the first case, a panel appeared with available actions for managing the screenshot just taken.

    Bixby will do everything for you

    Like many other things, you can ask the voice assistant to take a screenshot. This can be useful when you do not have the opportunity to pick up your smartphone.

    • Open the screenshot of what you would like to take.
    • Press and hold the button to call the voice assistant or just call him by name, Bixby.
    • Say “Take a screenshot”

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    How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone?

    The smartphones of this company usually have the built-in Android operating system, on which it is very easy to take a picture of the screen. At the same time, it will be saved in the “Gallery” and you will not have to search for the screenshot you have taken. First you need to find out your Android version.

    There are four ways to take a screenshot on Samsung. Which one should you choose? It depends on the version of Android installed on your mobile phone and which keys on your device are considered “hot”.

    The first way to take a snapshot is to hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. By holding them for a few seconds, you will take a screenshot, which can then be used as a JPG image. But if you didn’t succeed, then you will have to use the second method. Before taking a screenshot on Samsung, open the window you want to remove and hold down the Power and Volume Down keys. The picture will appear in your gallery.

    On older versions of Android, things are just as simple. Press the “Home” button and the “Back” button at the same time, and a screenshot from the screen of your smartphone will appear in your “Gallery”. As you can see, everything is quite simple, and if you need to take a screenshot, you shouldn’t have any problems with this. Remember the Power button and the On / Off key. This is the same. But what if none of the above methods helped?

    How to take a screenshot on an older version of Android?

    If you tried all of the above methods and the picture could not be saved, then most likely you have an old version of the operating system on your phone. So, on phones with Android 1.2 there is no such function. And to take a screenshot on the old “Android”, you have to download a special program No Root Screenshot. This, of course, is not very convenient. By the way, this program works on new versions of the OS, which means that you can use it even on the latest “Android” for screen capture.

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    How to take a screenshot on “Samsung”: all the ways

    One day it becomes necessary to take a picture from the screen of your smartphone in order to send it to a friend. For example, you won beautifully in a game or you want to show your interlocutor the number of messages that a girl sent you while you are distracted. In general, there can be a variety of reasons why you need to take a screenshot, but it is done differently on different phones. Let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung using only the volume and off keys. The methods are pretty simple.

    What is a screenshot?

    This word has few meanings. A screenshot is an exact screenshot that displays exactly the image that the user saw when they took it using hotkeys. Let’s see why you might need it.

    Screenshot is a very handy feature. It exists on most operating systems, on virtually all modern devices. If a screenshot is taken on a computer using the Prt Scr / Sys Rq button, then on smartphones it is done differently. The answer to the question of how to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone, we discussed in this article above. But why might you need a screenshot of a mobile device?

    How to take a screenshot on “Samsung Galaxy”?

    By the way, on HTC smartphones the production of pictures from the mobile screen is arranged in a similar way. Which is very convenient for those who have recently changed their phone.

    Why is it needed?

    The screenshot can come in handy in various situations. For example, you have some kind of error and you need to explain the essence of the problem to technical support, but you don’t understand how to do it without a snapshot. In this case, the screenshot will certainly help. A snapshot can also come in handy during active games on a smartphone, for example, to save game moments or your statistics in the phone’s memory. This may come in handy in the future.

    It is also often necessary to photograph a correspondence with someone. But how to take a screenshot on “Samsung” in order to save a chat from “” or WhatsApp, many do not understand. Therefore, you should know the hotkeys and use them when necessary. The advantage of this function is the fact that the pictures are saved in the “Gallery” in JPG format, which opens on all known devices, including various types of players, game consoles, personal computers, players and, most importantly, on all mobile phones with color screen, not to mention smartphones.

    If you went to the “Gallery” of your phone and did not find a picture there, then look in the “My files” folder. Also folders with screenshots can have the following names: Pictures, Screenshots, ScreenCapture. If you cannot find the screenshot you took, you may have chosen the wrong method for capturing the screen and the screenshot was not saved. Try using other hotkeys. All methods, like on “Samsung” to take a screenshot of the screen, are indicated in this article above.

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