Green bar on the monitor what to do

Stripes appeared on the monitor: what to do

Vertical and horizontal stripes can appear on the monitor for several reasons. Unfortunately, none of them are related to drivers. Therefore, reinstalling the drivers does nothing, and the stripes do not disappear anywhere. The malfunction has to be looked for in the monitor matrix, problems with the cable, video card and motherboard. Let’s try to figure out each problem and try to fix it, if possible.

When horizontal and vertical stripes appear, it is usually required to return the equipment to a service center. But sometimes the situation can be corrected by yourself. But first, you need to diagnose the monitor. Connect it to another computer to check the image. If there are no stripes, then the problem is in the video card or motherboard. In the case of a laptop, this check is done by connecting a second monitor. If the image on the second monitor is normal, then the problem may also be in the matrix or loop.

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Now check the monitor matrix for physical impact. To do this, squeeze the monitor with your fingers and try to bend it, as if twisting a rag. Do it without fanaticism! If the stripes disappear or change during compression, then the problem is really with the monitor.


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The most common reason for the appearance of stripes is the failure of the matrix. Unfortunately, here you only need to replace it at the service center, since nothing else can be done. Think about whether it will be cost-effective, because usually the cost of the matrix reaches 80% of the cost of a new monitor.

You may have noticed that when you press your finger on the edge of the monitor, the bar disappears. In this case, the problem is in the loop contacts: they come off or are damaged. This problem can be easily dealt with at the service center. Alternatively, you can look for a similar cable on sale that will fit your matrix, and put it on yourself. It is possible to repair an old loop only if you have the skills of an electronics engineer and are familiar with the problem that has arisen.

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The easiest option is to warm up the chips on the video card using an industrial (construction) hair dryer. In most cases, heating the chips allows you to remove artifacts, although this is a temporary measure. The video card can work properly from a month to a year, then stripes appear again.

Replacing the chips on a video card is expensive, although cheaper than buying a new one. But the chip does not always need to be replaced, especially if it is serviceable. The problem may lie in the violation of the attachment to the board. In this case, rebowling helps, i.e. removing the chip and re-soldering it back to the board.

As you can see, to eliminate horizontal and vertical stripes on the monitor, you almost always have to contact a service center. Whether it will be more profitable for you to buy a new monitor or change the matrix, install a new video card or try to get it working, it’s up to you. But what you really shouldn’t do is try to change the drivers. This will not help you in any way, and you will only kill time in vain.

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By the way, quite often the stripes on the screen are confused with dead pixels. This problem is eliminated in completely different ways than artifacts on the monitor in the form of stripes of different widths.

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