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What to do if Windows 7 is locked after installation?

It is no secret that for all systems of this family, including the already freely distributed tenth modification, a special license key must be entered during the installation process. However, in any installer, you can skip this step by postponing the activation of the operating system until later. The system will work, but the period of its use, as a rule, is limited to thirty days.

If during this time you do not enter the activation code, a permanent notification will appear on the screen in the system tray area that, for example, Windows 7 is locked. In other words, it will be impossible to fully use it. As already clear, to correct the situation, you need to activate. After successfully completing the procedure and rebooting, the system notification that the Windows system is locked will disappear. Many users, unfortunately, constantly postpone registration, leaving this procedure for later, and completely ignore the expiration date of the trial period. Thus, the usual carelessness leads to the fact that the whole system stops working at one point.

Using an activator

However, not all users tend to purchase official copies of the system and do not always have the necessary activation keys available. It is clear that in this case, you will again receive a message stating that Windows is locked. What to do in such a situation?

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There is a solution, although it can be attributed to some illegal actions on the part of the user that violate international law. However, this never stopped our user. If you want to activate the system without a key, just use utilities like KMSAuto Net, which perform this procedure automatically. The only thing to pay attention to. an agreement to enter the reactivation process into the Task Scheduler (re-registration will be carried out every ten days). In addition, you cannot delete the file itself. If the anti-virus or the protection system of the OS itself (“Defender” and firewall) is triggered, the object must be added to the exclusion lists of all tools that monitor the security of the system. In the firewall, the program can be immediately added to the list of allowed or a new rule can be created to run it. Exactly the same actions are performed in antivirus programs.

AVZ program

Now one more situation, when it occurs, it turns out that Windows is locked. The AVZ program or some kind of portable scanner can be used, so to speak, already for a control shot. to check the system and / or restore it with the elimination of the problems found.

The application is launched when the system starts from removable media or in safe mode, after which the restore item is selected from the file menu. Mark all that is needed and press the button to perform the selected actions. But it is too early to rejoice. Next, you need to go to the built-in “Troubleshoot Wizard”, select the system problems and the “All” item, mark all the lines and perform the necessary actions to scan and eliminate the errors found. After that, in the same way, you need to use the settings and tweaks section of the browser, and then through the service menu go to the explorer extensions editor, where the checkboxes are removed from all items marked in black. Then, through the same service menu, you need to go to the Internet Explorer extension manager and delete all lines that appear in the settings window.

When the Windows computer is locked, running this application in Safe Mode may not work. If you want to use exactly this option for starting the utility, you can use the system boot menu (F8) and select first to launch the recovery tool, and then use the command line, from which you need to launch the standard Notepad by entering the notepad command. In this program, you should open the AVZ.exe file by selecting “All” in the file type, and run the executable file of the antivirus through the PCM with the choice of the line “Open”, and not “Select”, since using the second item will only lead to the fact that the text representation of the compiled file will be shown, rather than starting it as an executable applet.

Disk cleanup

The next step, if the Windows disk is locked, will be to clean it up. For this, the same command line is used, but it contains the abbreviation cleanmgr. In the window that appears, check the boxes on all lines that are in the list, except for the item to delete backup files.

After editing the registry and the cleaning procedure, you can restart the computer and see how the boot will be performed. If for some reason it turns out to be impossible to start again, in the command console enter explorer.exe, go to the user’s Users folder, in your directory go to the AppData folder and in the subdirectories delete the files with the names that you got rid of in the registry.

If, when performing the indicated actions with the registry and the system partition, it is not possible to call the command line through the start in safe mode, you will have to use booting from removable media (installation or recovery disk / flash drive) followed by similar procedures. In this case, the command console can be activated in the fastest way through the combination Shift F10.

AntiWinLocker application

But what if after that it turns out that the Windows computer is blocked by an application of a viral nature? Here specialized utilities will come to the rescue. One of the most interesting can be called the described boot program, which allows you to start, being written to an optical or USB drive.

After starting the program, you must accept the license agreement and select automatic launch. Further, this tool will perform a complete scan of the computer system and indicate exactly where the viruses are located. You can delete them immediately or leave the execution of such actions for later, but after the restart, you will additionally need to launch some anti-virus scanner. In theory, the system should boot normally.

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What to do if all else fails?

As it is already clear, viruses can block access to Windows quite simply. Usually such situations are associated with outdated versions of XP, but it is far from the fact that later modifications cannot be affected by such an effect.

However, returning to the main question, we can assume that none of the above solutions gave a positive result. What to do in such a situation? Here, as a last option, you can offer to remove the hard drive with the infected system, connect it to an uninfected computer terminal and scan it for viruses using a portable antivirus launched from the computer to which your hard drive is connected. What to use? In principle, utilities like Dr. Web CureIt or KVRT from Kaspersky Lab. In them, however, it will not be possible to mark the boot or hidden areas of the connected HDD, however, it is precisely as the last option that such a solution can be used (of course, provided that no other measures help).

System Restore

Consider a situation where, for example, Windows XP is locked. The system does not start, and at the stage of loading the “Desktop” the above banner appears.

To begin with, you can try to forcibly turn off your computer or laptop, then turn it on again and see if the automatic recovery starts. If for some reason this does not work, turning it on and off will need to be done several times so that the system itself determines that an incorrect shutdown was performed.

If recovery still does not work, the system does not boot, or at startup it turns out that the Windows account is blocked, you can use the classic method of choosing the boot type by pressing the F8 key at startup (in Windows 10 this option does not work, and you can use to start removable media). Here you simply select to load the last working configuration and see how the system behaves.

If this does not help, try to start in safe mode, and then enter the system recovery settings through the “Control Panel” and roll back using the checkpoint that preceded the penetration of the virus into the system (if there is no such point, click on link to show other points).

Download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool for free

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Windows is locked. What to do?

Carried away by traveling on the World Wide Web, we often completely forget about safety. Therefore, often the road can lead you to an unsafe site, even in spite of the antivirus warnings. If, after something like this, a message appears on your computer screen that Windows is locked, and it is impossible to use the computer normally, then in this article I will tell you how to remove it.

So, you are faced with a banner that notifies you that Windows is locked, and in order to unblock it, you need to send an SMS message to the specified number. Normal use of the computer is not possible. Unfortunately, quite often there are desperate users who send SMS messages, lose incredible amounts from their mobile account, but there is no result as such. Therefore, we will not consider the method of sending SMS messages, but we will move on to methods that will not require you to spend money.

Below I will discuss 3 effective ways to help you get rid of the “Windows blocked” banner permanently.

So, for this method, you need to remember the number to which the banner asks to send a text message and go from another computer (or ask a friend) to the official Dr. Web, which created a special service for unblocking advertising banners.

Enter the number in the “Enter your wallet / phone number” column and click the “Search codes” button. As a result, the system will issue a code, which must also be remembered and entered into the advertising banner. Voila, the banner has disappeared safely. Method 2.

The second method also involves the use of another working computer, and in addition we need a flash drive.

Now you need to download the anti-virus utility of Kaspersky Lab, the link to which will be located at the end of the article. After the download is complete, transfer the downloaded file to a USB flash drive. Getting Started with an Infected Computer.

Turn on the infected computer and immediately start pressing the f8 key. You should press it only until the moment when the Windows startup is highlighted on the screen. If you did everything correctly, a selection menu will appear in front of you, where using the keyboard arrows you need to select the “Safe mode with command line support” menu. Press Enter.

After the download is complete, a command line will appear on your computer screen.

Now insert the USB flash drive with the Kaspersky utility into the computer.

Type “explorer” in the command line without quotes and press Enter.

The “My Computer” icon will appear, open it, select the removable disk with the utility and run the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

After starting the program, go to the “Manual disinfection” section, in the field that appears, enter the first script, which is given below, and click “Run”. In the same way, enter the remaining three scripts in turn.

SearchRootkit (true, true);
QuarantineFile (‘Base.sys’, ‘CHQ = N’);
QuarantineFile (‘explorer.ex’, ‘CHQ = N’);
QuarantineFile (‘hpt3xx.sys’, ‘CHQ = N’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ DRIVERS \ AVGIDS Shim.Sys’, ‘CHQ = S’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ cmudau.sys’, ‘CHQ = S’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ dump_n vatabus.sys’, ‘CHQ = S’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ SPT2Sp 50.sys’, ‘CHQ = S’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ usbVM3 1b.sys’, ‘CHQ = S’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ DRIVERS \ wg111v 2.sys’, ‘CHQ = S’);
QuarantineFile (‘C: \ DOCUME

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1 \ Temp \ Y KI224.tmp ’,‘ CHQ = S ’);
BC_QrFile (‘C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ dump_nvatab us.sys’);
BC_QrFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ SPT2Sp50.sy s’);
BC_QrFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ usbVM31b.sy s’);
BC_QrFile (‘C: \ Windows \ system32 \ DRIVERS \ wg111v2.sys’);
BC_QrFile (‘C: \ DOCUME

1 \ Temp \ YKI224.tmp ‘);
RebootWindows (true);

qfolder: string;
qname: string;
qname: = GetAVZDirectory ‘. \ Quarantine \ quarantine.zip’;
qfolder: = ExtractFilePath (qname);
if (not DirectoryExists (qfolder)) then CreateDirectory (qfolder);
CreateQurantineArchive (qname);
ExecuteFile (‘explorer.exe’, qfolder, 1, 0, false);

Executerepair (;
Executerepair (16);
ExecuteWizard (‘TSW’, 2, 2, true);
RebootWindows (true);

ExecuteStdScr (3);
RebootWindows (true);

After the scripts have done their job, restart Windows normally. If the banner disappears, complete the process by running a deep system scan in your antivirus.

The third method does not require you to use a second computer.

Press the CtrlShiftEsc key combination on the keyboard. The “Task Manager” will start. Go to the “Processes” tab and complete the viral banner process.

Now you need to unlock Windows. To do this, without closing the task manager, create a new task by going to the “Applications” tab and selecting the “New task” button.

An input field will open in which enter without quotation marks “regedit.exe” and click OK. A new window will open called “Registry Editor”. On the left side of this window, submit to the following path:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsNT \ CurrenTVersion \ Winlogon]; Find the value named “userinit” and check if it is correct (it should be C: \ Windows \ system32 \ userinit.exe). Next, make sure the “shell” value is correct (it should be explorer.exe). If any of these two values ​​look different, edit it to enter the correct values. We are done with checking the registry. Create a new task again, but this time in the input field, enter without quotes: “explorer.exe” and click OK. If a guide has opened in front of you, then you are on the right track. Now, be sure to run a deep system scan in your antivirus to remove the virus for sure.

That’s all, I hope this article was helpful to you.

Windows is locked. What to do? : 3 comments

It happens that the PC is blocked so that it does not allow calling the task manager, command line or registry editor. If you just need a code to unlock, then a small RansomHide utility is for you. In it you will find response codes that will unlock your computer. The program works without installation. If the PC hangs tight, Razblocker is a program. which will help you quickly and easily get rid of the consequences of viruses. Probably many have faced the consequences of a virus infecting their computer even after they were removed? Locked registry, command line, task manager and other system services
Standard features:
– Unlock Registry Editor
– Unblock command line
– Unblock Task Manager
– Unlock screen properties
– Unlock “Folder Options”
– Unlock control panel
– Show file extensions
– Show hidden files
– Show hidden system files

A month ago, unexpectedly, I caught the same dirty trick but worse, with the requirement to transfer money to a specific account of a well-known bank through the terminal. At the same time, the computer was completely blocked with the exception of the Portable programs (which everyone needs to pay attention to, perhaps this is another way to solve this problem). Naturally, I began to prepare for the solution of the problem according to the 3rd method only with a reboot in protective mode. While I was preparing (for an hour), one of my SpyWare Terminator 2012 antiviruses unexpectedly turned on (its turn-on time just came up), which quietly worked, found a number of nasty things that I allowed to remove by closing the Internet Exporer windows. After that, the blocking of the computer stopped and I calmly entered the register, checked all the branches and found nothing suspicious. This is how another solution suddenly appeared that can be adopted.

Rollback one day and the banner will disappear forever, and then set the real time again and everything will be fine

How to change the look of the desktop

Hello dear site visitor! You can customize the Windows desktop to make it easier to use Windows. You can change the screen resolution, set the desktop background, the screensaver that appears if you do not work at the computer for a long time, desktop design elements, and also customize the appearance of the Windows desktop.

To change the appearance of the Windows desktop, you need to perform the following action on a free space of the Windows desktop, right-click, in the Windows menu that opens, select the “properties” command. Then the Windows dialog box. “Properties: screen” will open.

In this Windows window, you are offered several tabs that allow you to set the background of the Windows desktop, the Windows screensaver that appears if you do not work at the computer for a long time, elements of the Windows desktop design, Windows screen resolution, and so on.
On the first tab “Themes” on this tab, you can set the Windows desktop theme. A Windows desktop theme is a desktop theme, sound effects, wallpaper, screen saver, mouse pointer shape, and the appearance of standard icons. Since all the components are united in a single style, the design turns out to be quite beautiful.
The next tab is “Desktop”. Here you can change the Windows desktop background, change the Windows background. You can use ready-made drawings or create your own. If you want to use your own picture, use the Browse button to specify where it is located. You can also set the picture in the center, stretch it to full screen or tiled. Also in this tab you can select the background color of the Windows desktop.

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The next tab is “Screensaver”. Here you can select the Windows screensaver that will appear on the monitor screen if you will not be working at the computer for a while. Also here you can set the time intervals after which the Windows screensaver will be turned on. The Windows splash screen can be viewed in the preview area, and if you want to see the splash screen enlarged to full screen, use the Preview button. The Windows screensaver will disappear when you start using your computer, such as moving your mouse or pressing a keyboard key. You can set a password so that only you can remove the screensaver from the screen. In addition to screen saver settings, this tab allows you to configure the monitor’s energy-saving functions.

The next tab is “Design”. Here you can customize the appearance, color and size of fonts for Windows window titles and menu command names.
In order to change the style of Windows windows and buttons, go to the “windows and buttons” tab, if you want to change the color scheme go to the “color scheme” tab, to change the font size you need to go to the “font size” tab, to adjust the effects, click on the “effects” button.

The next tab is “Options”. Here you can change the size of the Windows desktop and the number of colors displayed on the screen. The higher the screen resolution, the more information can be placed on the monitor screen, but the smaller the picture elements will be. To work with high resolutions, 1600 x 1200 pixels, you need monitors with a screen diagonal of at least nineteen inches. For monitors with a diagonal of fifteen inches, the resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels, For monitors with a diagonal of seventeen and nineteen inches, 1280 by 1024 pixels. Also, the limiting value of the resolution depends not only on the monitor, but also on the video card.
The screen resolution can be changed using the Screen area slider. How many colors will be displayed at the selected resolution depends on your graphics card. The Color palette drop-down list allows you to select the color depth. The minimum number of displayed colors is considered to be sixteen bits for normal operation.
After you finish adjusting the screen resolution, click the “OK” button.

Virtual navigation bar buttons

To quickly control the processes of the home screen on Huawei, there are three touch buttons located at the bottom of the screen:

  • “Home”. this button will return you to the home screen of your smartphone;
  • “Back”. this key will allow you to go back;
  • “Recent applications”. and with this you can see the list of running applications.

If necessary, this panel can be customized:

    1. To do this, open “Settings”. “System”. “System navigation”.

    In the same menu, you can add an additional button through which the notification curtain will open.


    In most cases, a banal reboot of the device helps to get rid of this problem.

    If not, try to go to “Settings”. “Memory Manager” and clear the cache of your smartphone or uninstall unnecessary applications. Perhaps the phone simply does not have enough RAM to load the working screen, as it is clogged with unnecessary programs.

    If the error started to appear after flashing or updating Android, try to roll back the device settings to factory defaults.

    Before rolling back the settings, be sure to save all your data in the cloud or on external media. when you reset, they will all be permanently deleted.

    And the last option. go to the application manager, find the program “Huawei Home” there, then click on “Memory”. “Reset”. After that, reboot your device.

    Through settings

    Then you can easily customize the look of your home screen.

    Switching between desktop windows

    On Huawei smartphones it is very easy to switch between windows, if, of course, there are several of them. just swipe left or right to get to another page.

    In the desktop settings, you can enable the “Continuous screen” option, due to which the desktop windows will scroll endlessly.

    Placing (moving) applications and widgets

    Huawei’s home screen is very easy to customize with both built-in system tools and third-party apps downloaded from Google Play.

    Moving applications and widgets is very simple: hold down the required icon with your finger until the smartphone emits a weak vibration. Now, without releasing the icon, drag it to any place: when you are ready, release the application. it will move to a new location.

    To place a new widget on the screen, do the following:

    • Press and hold your finger on the display until editing mode opens. You can also just press with three fingers at the same time on the screen.
    • A menu will open at the bottom of the display.
    • Select the “Widgets” category there. all widgets available for moving will open.
    • Scroll through the list, find the desired widget and, holding your finger on it, move it to any place on the home screen.


    Sometimes the error continues to appear even after turning off the option. In this case, you need to reboot the device, and the inscription will disappear.


    There are several reasons why the “Slave.” Error appears on Huawei. the screen is not responding “:

    • failure of the device or the firmware itself;
    • The installed update is “crooked”;
    • substandard third-party launcher;
    • malware operation.
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