Honor 9 screen went black and white

How to enable or disable screen color inversion Huawei Honor and similar Android smartphones and tablets.

On your Huawei or Honor tablet or smartphone, the screen turned black and white and everything is visible as in the negative? On this page you will find detailed instructions with pictures on how to return the color screen to Honor if it turns black and white. The information and pictures in the article will be for Honor 9, possibly suitable not only for smartphones and tablets Huawei Honor but also Android devices from other manufacturers. If you or someone accidentally changed the color screen to black and white in the smartphone settings, then you should not worry and carry the phone for repair, you can make the screen color yourself in the Android settings. Perhaps the name of the items on your smartphone may differ from what is shown below, but after reading the instructions and seeing the attached pictures, you can easily find where in the settings to enable or disable the inversion of colors. Good luck!

And so if the screen of the Honor smartphone has become like in the negative, then to return the color screen to Android, follow these steps:
1) Open “Settings” on your phone or tablet.
2) In the settings, we find and click the “Control” item next to which there will be an inscription of special features.
3) Next, select the “Special Opportunities” item. Look at the screenshots attached below.

4) Now in the menu that opens, we find the item “Color Inversion” opposite which there will be a switch button. So that the smartphone screen becomes color again from black and white, switch with a button and you’re done!

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How to enable screen color filters in Windows 10

Read on to learn how to turn your screen to black and white or invert colors to help people with sensitivity to light or color blindness (color blindness). With the recent Fall Creator Update, Windows 10 includes color filters that change the color of everything on your screen. They are applied at the system level and work in the same way as the “Night Light” function, therefore they work with any application.

Where to find this option?

To find this option, open the Start menu, go to Settings (the gear-shaped icon), select Accessibility / Color and High Contrast. If this function is not present, then your system has not been updated to the “Fall Creator Update”.

To activate color filters, turn on Apply Color Filter. Select the one you want from the “Filter selection” field, and it will take effect immediately. To quickly enable the selected color filter, use the Windows keyboard shortcut Ctrl C.

Color filters

Grayscale filter removes all colors from your screen, converting everything to grayscale.

Selecting the Invert filter changes the colors. White becomes black and black becomes white, blue becomes orange and pink becomes green, etc.

The Inverted Grayscale filter removes all colors from the screen and converts everything to grayscale. It also inverts colors, so bright whites become dark blacks and dark blacks become bright whites. This can make it easier to read on the screen if you are sensitive to light. For example, black text on a white background for most apps and web pages will turn white text on a black background.

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The Deuteranopia filter makes color recognition easier for people who have difficulty distinguishing between red and green (red-green color blindness).

The “Protanopia” filter is also essentially intended for people who hardly distinguish between red and green.

The “Tritanopia” filter will help people with poor differentiation between blue and yellow colors.

High Contrast Themes

Older High Contrast themes are also available in Windows 10. They allow you to select and include a specific theme. Just scroll down and you will find options for these themes right below the “Theme selection” section.

If you run into problems or errors as a result of Windows update to “Fall Creator Update”, our YouTube channel video can help you


Now you need to apply the set texture of the text. For this:

  • in the application “Themes” we activate the item “I”;
  • select “My text styles”;
  • find the one you need and use the button to apply.

Now, when used, the information will be displayed in the selected format. For more information, see the video www.YouTube.com/watch?reload=9v=VIykYVq8q-I.

How to make a beautiful font on an Honor phone

You can use beautiful icons on Honor without root rights using all kinds of launchers. The developers offer a number of different programs that work in the same way as the Themes utility. The most commonly used one. iFont. is free to download, there are unobtrusive advertising messages when using.

Search and download

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei uses non-Android devices to operate. to which everyone is accustomed, but the unique EMUI software. As a result, some utilities become unattractive. How to change the font on Honor and Huawei phones and use the device comfortably? To do this, just search through the search engines.

Once the choice is made, download the file to your device. The extension must be TTF, as to work with others, you will need to download additional programs.

Converting the font for installation

For further work, you will need the Themes application for Huawei smartphones. It is downloaded from the market. Next, you need to follow 6 steps with accuracy.

  • Go to the program and go to the “Editor” item.
  • Click “Create Font”.
  • Activate “Select a font file” and from the downloaded files find the one that you just downloaded.
  • An announcement of letters will appear before continuing. If everything fits, you need to go to the next step with the button of the same name.
  • Come up with a name, and click “Generate”.
  • We confirm the operation and go to the section “Open Huawei Themes App”.

How to return the default font

When you want to return the text to the standard, follow 4 steps.

  • Select “Themes”.
  • Hold the icon for a few seconds.
  • In the context menu that appears, click “Text Style”.
  • Choose from the offered “Standard” and activate it.
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If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

The display will show the usual letters of the manufacturer.

How to reduce the font in SMS

You can decrease characters in SMS, calls and other factory menu items in the same way as increase. After all the manipulations, bold large letters will be smaller and more information will fit well on the display.

Installing prepared fonts

In search engines, the file is in TTF format. The standard utility “Themes” is designed to convert an object incomprehensible to a smartphone into a regular format.

For those who want to optimize their time, there is another way. You can download ready-made HWT files from trusted sources. In the future, it is moved to the “Internal memory \ Huawei \ Themes” container. Now in a wrapper application, additional settings will be displayed under “My Text Styles”.

Graphics card settings

If, after the steps taken in Windows 10, the screen for some reason remains black and white, then the reason may be the settings of your video card.
For Nvidia devices: go to the desktop, right-click on the free space and select Nvidia Control Panel.
On the Display tab, open Adjust Desktop Color Settings. We need an extension Digital Intensity, in the case of black and white it can be set to 0%.

For AMD \ ATI Radeon devices, several programs were created to control the parameters of the video card.
For “old” devices. Catalyst Control Center. Resetting color parameters is performed by the Defaults button in the Display Color tab.

For “new” devices. AMD Radeon Settings. Open Display settings and reset the settings.

As a last resort, you can update the video adapter driver. Open Device Manager. Video adapters, then RMB on your video card and select Update driver.

In the first case, try searching for updates automatically. If an updated driver is found and installed, the cause may be resolved.
In the second case, try to select the previously installed driver. Select Search for drivers on this computer. Driver from the list available on this PC and install the previously installed driver.

Alternatively, you can remove the device containing the driver programs and reinstall them after restarting your computer. You can also use the video card driver installer and run a Clean Install, in which case both the driver and the video card software will be reinstalled.

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If your screen suddenly turns black and white in Windows 10. there are not many reasons for this error, mainly due to the work of the accessibility features of the system, namely the Color Filter. This article will describe the fastest and most convenient options for fixing this error.

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Impact of third-party software

If suddenly the computer screen turns black and white in Windows 10 after installing or updating any applications and programs, then there is a high probability that it is they who affect the operation of the system in such an unpleasant way.

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We’ll use a “clean boot” to determine the cause:

  • Open the Task Manager window (CtrlShiftEsc) and open the Startup tab
  • Disable All entries. this will prevent applications from automatically loading when the system is turned on.
  • Then open the System Configuration (WinR.msconfig) window
  • Open the Services tab, check the Do not show Microsoft services checkbox and select Disable all

Antivirus services will not be disabled, as they are protected by the self-defense module.

If the problem persists after a reboot, you can figure out which application was causing the error by guessing. gradually including applications and services until the erroneous.

Windows 10 black and white screen

The main reasons for the black and white screen in Windows 10:

  • Color filter
  • Graphics card driver settings
  • Third party software
  • Monitor screen settings

The most common cause of the error is the Accessibility. Color Filter setting. To turn it off, go to Options. Accessibility. Color and High Contrast and turn off Apply Color Filter.

In more recent insider builds (for example, 17083), the accessibility menu has changed and this item has been moved to a separate Color filters tab with the function settings.

The Windows CTRL C keyboard shortcut also allows you to enable / disable this function, but in recent assemblies you can control the launch of the Color Filter by the keyboard shortcut, how to do this using the Registry Editor will be described below.

How to turn off Windows 10 black and white screen via registry

Open the registry editor (WinR. Regedit) and follow the branch. HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ ColorFiltering

The following values ​​will determine the functionality of the color filter:

  • Active. determines whether the filter is enabled or disabled
    1 = Enabled
    0 = Disabled
  • FilterType. defines the filter type
    0 = Grayscale
    1 = Inverted colors
    2 = Inverted grayscale
    3 = Red-green (impaired green perception, deuteranopia)
    4 = Red-green (impaired perception of red, Protanopia)
    5 = Blue-yellow (Tritanopia)
  • HotkeyEnabled. allow the use of the key combination  CTRL C to enable or disable the filter
    1 = Allowed
    0 = Forbidden

If the above recommendations did not help, go to the next item. video card driver settings.

Monitor screen settings

The last option to resolve the issue when in Windows 10 the screen went black and white. it is a reset of the screen or monitor settings. This option is not suitable for laptops and all-in-ones, because the monitor settings are responsible for the screen settings.
In case you are using a monitor, try resetting to factory defaults.

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