Honor phone screen not working


You can reboot your smartphone in several ways using hot keys. Depending on the model, the combination may differ, since the keys can be fused and separate. The key ones are. “Volume” and “Turn on”.

How to restart Huawei phone without shutdown button?

Sometimes Huawei Ascend (or another model) freezes so badly that it looks “dead”, and all attempts to restore it using the described methods are useless. The device does not turn off and does not respond to pressing buttons.

In such situations, it is recommended to restore the operation of the device without the power button. To do this, you can do the following:

  • ask a friend to call a frozen phone;
  • press the “home” button;
  • remove the SIM card and memory card;
  • connect a smartphone to a computer (via USB);
  • put the phone on charge.

The effectiveness of the listed methods is not great, but sometimes they help to cope with the difficulties that have arisen. At the same time, the main hope in each mentioned case is that the performance of the listed actions will cause a response and make the device work.

Freezing problem affects almost any smartphone. This could be due to a system failure or a failed update. In such cases, the correct option is to reboot the gadget. During operation, there may also be a nuisance in the form of a broken power key, since this is the most frequently used part. This article will show you how to restart your Huawei phone.

Enter Download Mode on Your Huawei Phones

Three steps to enter download mode. and. Turn off your phone. b. Press and hold the Down button at the same time Power button.

from. Press the volume up button to enter download mode.

Standard reboot

Everything is SIMple here: press the shutdown key and hold it for about 1-3 seconds.

A small menu appears on the screen. In it you need to select the “Restart” item.

The smartphone will restart automatically.

Restoring factory settings from the system menu

The easiest way to perform a “Hard Reset” on Huawei is to launch the corresponding function in the system settings. For this you need:

  • go to settings;
  • select the item “Restore and reset”;
  • click on “Reset settings” and agree with the warning.

After that, the system will reboot and the Google welcome screen will appear.

How to restart your Honor phone if the power button is frozen and not working

Remove phone lock screen without data loss.

You can allow Android lock screen to be removed when the download of the recovery package is complete. You don’t need to worry about your data, nothing will be lost during the process.

Once all the progress is over, it will be convenient for you to access your Huawei phone without entering a password and view all your data on the device without restrictions. Honestly, after using Huawei Data Recovery, I believe it will be a good helper for you to unlock your screen lock when you can’t handle Huawei as well as other Android phones. That way, when faced with the awkward situation described above, you don’t need to worry about it. Trust me, just try it. All about smartphones: MotoZ2 Force Edition, Moto X4, Oppo R11 (Review) and Huawei Mate 10 (Review), BlackBerry KEYone, HTC U11, Meizu Pro 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Nokia 8.

In most cases, when these symptoms appear, the so-called “Hard Reset” can help. This is nothing more than a system reset to factory settings.

Of course, this will not return deleted or restore modified files, but it will bring some system settings to normal and remove junk files that affect performance.

Next, we’ll go over all the possible ways to perform a factory reset on any Huawei device.

Before performing a factory reset, back up all important user data (contacts, photos, etc.)

How to restart Huawei phone if it freezes and won’t turn on

At first it may seem that the device is completely dead and cannot be restored, since the screen does not work. In this case, a hardware reset of the device will help. In order to carry out a factory reset of Android, you must SIMultaneously hold down the key combinations.

How to restart Huawei if it freezes and won’t turn off?

There are 2 main ways to reboot your Huawei phone if it freezes. Both are extremely SIMilar, but as affordable as possible. In the first case, users will need to hold down the reset button for a long time. It should be held in a clamped position for at least 20-30 seconds, and sometimes a minute is required. If the described steps do not help to turn off and restart the device, it is recommended to move to the second approach. It implies:

  • SIMultaneously holding down the off and volume up buttons;
  • after which a menu with several options for actions should appear on the Android screen;
  • after which it remains to select reboot and restore the operation of the device.

An alternative solution could be to remove the battery from the smartphone, but modern Android devices contain built-in batteries, so you won’t be able to do these steps.

How to set up caller name on Honor Band 5 if it doesn’t show who is calling


To rescue a Huawei or Honor phone if it falls into water, it is better to contact a service center. Experts will be able to objectively assess the performance and condition of the gadget, fix breakdowns, and give advice on further operation.

Absorbent or rice

Rice or a substance that absorbs water is a more effective method to remove moisture particles from the device. To begin with, we remove the abundance of liquid with a towel, blot thoroughly. All drops cannot be removed with this method, so it is recommended to leave the phone in a bowl of rice. This cereal requires a lot of liquid, so it will take away all the remaining moisture in a few hours.

What to do if your Honor phone falls into water and won’t turn on

Most likely, the modules responsible for the screen and sensor were damaged. Dry it first. If after drying it does not work to start, take it to the workshop.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Paper towel

If you blot a damp or wet phone with paper material, it will partially dissolve from the moisture. Pieces of the towel that have come off may remain on the microcircuits. After drying, when you try to turn it on, this leads to a short circuit and burnout of the contacts.

It is better to use for these purposes a cotton fabric without rhinestones and stripes so as not to scratch anything. You can only put the device on paper material so that the paper absorbs moisture.

Remove the smartphone from the water, disconnect and disassemble

First, get your phone out of the water and quickly turn it off. After blotting with a dry towel, you need to remove the SIM card and memory card. We focus on the fact that you cannot try to disassemble it or even take out the battery if the cover is not removable.

How to rescue Honor or Huawei if it falls into the water. what to do?

What to do if Honor or Huawei phone falls into water? The situation is quite common and can happen to any of us. In some cases, the device is subject to “resuscitation”, in others. it will not be possible to restore it. But actions to save the device definitely need to be taken.

What to do if Honor or Huawei falls into water

The first recommendation that must be given here is to take the device to the specialists. But if this is not possible, you have to repair the gadget on your own.

If the phone is non-separable

If the back cover of the device is removable, then remove it and take out the battery. Independent attempts to disassemble the smartphone will lead to the complete impossibility of restoring it.

What not to do after water gets into your phone

There are actions that harm your device. Among them, there are those that are constantly advised by folk craftsmen, such as a hairdryer or a vacuum cleaner. Few people know, but such methods will only harm the gadget, and bring it into a state beyond repair. Also, immediately after disassembly, do not try to turn on the device if it is turned off. To start, you need contact between the internal microcircuits, which are now wet.

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The touch screen does not respond to touch

1.1. In the case when the touchscreen monitor of the smartphone does not respond to commands, or randomly opens windows and applications, you need to perform the following operations:

You need to examine the phone to see if you accidentally touch your finger or touch anything on the screen of the gadget. Then the smartphone will not respond to touch.
The error can only occur in one specific application. This may be due precisely to this addition, the problem will be solved by a specialist of those. support.

1.2. When the situation is not resolved, further manipulations need to be carried out:
Check that the display is in good condition. Are there any water droplets that can affect the operation of the gadget screen? It is necessary to wipe it with a special napkin and re-evaluate the functioning of the smartphone.
The protective glass can create an obstacle to touch. It is advisable to change to thinner glass or film.

1.3. Diagnostics of smartphone options:
These phones have a “Glove operation” feature that may affect the display sensitivity. Using this function without gloves is not allowed and will lead to device errors.

1.4. To disable the “Work with gloves” feature:
Go to the “Settings” menu, click on the “Work with gloves” icon and turn it off.

1.5. Accessories can also be difficult:
If the question appears when using a charger or USB cable from another company, you should use the cords from Huawei and Honor.

1.6. Check the environment:
If the temperature is 200C or more than 500C, the device may malfunction. You need to go to a place with an acceptable temperature regime. Observe the optimum temperature range.
If the device is used in an area with a high electromagnetic field (microwave oven, radio, power station, induction cooker), the monitor’s sensitivity is reduced. Try not to use your gadget in such places.

What to do if the screen flickers or the image is not transmitted correctly?

In the case when the display flickers or the picture is not produced correctly, perform the following operations:

  • The smartphone needs to be restarted and restart the application with an error.
  • If restarting does not solve the problem, you need to go to another add-on and check the elimination of this error.
  • Subject to correct operation in other add-ons, it can be assumed that the cause of the malfunction lies precisely in a particular application. Follow the download and installation guidelines, only through Huawei AppGallery. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version. If the problem persists, write to those. support for a specific program.

The screen does not work on Huawei or Honor, we solve the problem

Fans of smartphones and gadgets, after a long time of owning them, are faced with the problem of incorrect operation of the touch screen. It can be flickering or blurry, and sometimes does not even respond to finger pressure. What to do in such cases? Let’s take a look at the most common malfunctions and how to solve them.

What to do if only half of the screen does not turn on on the phone?

When half of the display is not showing and the other half is showing only the time, check the “Mode in case” function. To disable this option you need:

  • Remove all magnetic objects or devices from your mobile phone without exception.
  • If you do not use a case-book during work, you need to go to “Settings”, go to the section “Mode in the case”, and put this add-on on.

Hall gadgets are built into Huawei and Honor smartphones; when the “Mode in case” is on, they react to the opening of the magnetic case. When the gadget is found in a place with an increased electromagnetic field (speaker, induction or microwave oven, wireless charger), the Hall sensor starts the “Case mode”. Running this option causes a half screen error.

What to do if the screen is blurry?

When the picture on the display is blurry or pixelated, you need to do the following:
When using an extraneous addition, the correctness of the image can be checked by closing the application.
If the application is running, you need to swipe down on the display and enter “Screen resolution” in the search bar. Then disable this option.

  • Certain extraneous additions change the video resolution and frame rate in the game. Using a low resolution gives poor video quality, the picture will be pixelated.
  • Selected Honor and Huawei models have a high-resolution display option that can be selected in Settings. At low settings, video quality will be worse.

If these settings do not help you, then contact an Authorized Huawei Service Center.

Moisture and liquid penetration into the phone case

Everyone knows from an early age that there is no place for water in electronics. If moisture or liquid gets into the phone, it will destroy the contact board, short circuits and other critical phenomena that disrupt the device’s performance.

Destruction of contacts on the board may require both routine cleaning and replacement of many components. If water gets into the device, it is recommended to immediately contact the service center for help. Water entering the mobile phone screen can cause characteristic streaks and stains, which can be corrected by replacing the screen or modules.

First steps and theory

The development of the mobile industry has taken the direction of increasing display size and minimizing the number of mechanical keys. The screen is the main way to control the device, and damage to it can turn your phone into a useless pile of metal. There are many options for disrupting the inoperability of the screen: from the appearance of small spots and defects, to its complete inoperability.

Each breakdown is unique and needs separate consideration. You must be sure of the reason for the inoperability, otherwise dishonest service workers can cash in on you. First of all, you need to make sure that everything is in order with the software part of your device. This requires:

  • Connect the charger to the device, let the battery charge a little
  • Turn on the device. Connect mobile phone to computer

If the sync is successful and there are no changes on the screen. the problem is in the components. Let’s figure out the main causes of malfunctions in the operation of the mobile phone screen and explain them.

The phone screen does not work due to mechanical / physical damage

Every smartphone drop. a kind of lottery, everyone is lucky in different ways. One mobile phone may remain without a single scratch when dropped from a great height, and the other can fail if it unsuccessfully collides with a hard surface.

Mechanical damage is easily diagnosed with the naked eye. A growing crack appears on the phone screen, and often a “spider web”. There can be several outcomes in such a situation:

  • Damage to the protective glass and stable performance of the device
  • Image display but sensor damage
  • Complete screen breakage

Replacing a damaged protective glass depends on the device. Modern models are equipped with combined screens with a sensor and protective glass, which allows you to achieve a minimum thickness. Replacing such components is expensive and requires replacing not only the protective glass, but also other components. The same principle applies to a damaged sensor.

If the protective glass is damaged, but the screen works. this is not a reason to continue using this device. It is recommended to urgently contact a service center, because your phone becomes vulnerable to moisture and liquid, which can cause more serious damage.

Broken screen control chip

Failure of microcircuits in the device is not uncommon. The screen does not receive the necessary information from the device and does not display an image. It is impossible to identify this problem with regular means, it will be determined at the service center. Breakage is corrected solely by replacing components.

Loop worn or disconnected

The flex cable connects the mobile phone screen to the device and is replaceable. This solution allows you to quickly replace the screen without interfering with the device board, but adds the ability to detach on impact. Connecting the loop will not take long and will not hit your .

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The wear of the cable is typical for clamshell phones and sliders. In such devices, constant physical contact is created when opening and closing, which eventually leads to a malfunctioning loop. In such cases, the replacement of the loop is carried out at the service center and does not require the purchase of a screen module.

The phone didn’t fall, but the screen doesn’t work. Breakdown reasons

Loss of performance of the mobile phone screen can be associated not only with mechanical damage to the outer side of the display. Moisture, breakdown of the screen control chip, wear or disconnection of the cable and other reasons depending on the specific model can turn into inoperability of the phone screen.

Broken pixels and spots on the screen

Defective pixels. active dots on the screen that do not change color. The appearance of dead pixels is due to the breakdown of the TFT transistor, which is attached to each pixel on the screen of your phone. It has been proven that the appearance of one dead pixel contributes to their further spread across the screen, but this is not always the case. There is a permissible norm for the factory defect of the screen, which allows the presence of “blind spots” on the device screen. You can diagnose this problem yourself, but it is better to contact the service center for a fix.

Data recovery

The SIMplest method of dealing with the listed problems is data recovery. But it only helps in situations where the user prepares a restore point in advance to replace damaged files. Otherwise, instead of restoring, you will have to perform a system reset.

Damage to mobile

A SIMilar solution is offered for other breakdowns, including:

  • difficulties arising after falling from a great height;
  • damage to the shutdown button;
  • malfunction of the charger connection slot.

It is not recommended to restore your phone yourself.


Pressing the restart button is even easier than starting a restore, but the effectiveness of this approach is minimal. The desired result is achieved only in case of software failures that did not cause serious damage to the existing settings. In other cases, nothing will change.

Phone does not turn on after update

In cases where the phone stopped turning on immediately after installing updates, the cause of the problem lies precisely in them. To cope with difficulties will help:

  • rollback of updates;
  • or factory reset.

It is important to emphasize that a reset will completely erase the information stored on the device.

OS problem

Other problems with the operating system are solved by the same methods. Smartphone owners can reset the settings to their original state. If such actions do not help, you will have to flash the device through a computer.

Huawei stuck on logo and won’t turn on

If the logo is lit on the monitor, and the device itself does not respond to the owner’s attempts to influence the current situation, then the matter is also in system problems. The already mentioned reset or flashing will help to cope with them. It is recommended to entrust the latter to the master so as not to aggravate the situation with inept actions.

Water ingress

The very ingress of water on a smartphone is not scary, troubles arise due to oxidative processes. In such a situation, it is recommended to contact the service center and return the gadget for repair. In theory, you can clean the contacts yourself, but such actions are not recommended.

Phone in bootloop mode

Bootloop mode is an endless reboot. A SIMilar malfunction occurs when system files are damaged. To fix the situation will help:

  • reset Honor settings to baseline;
  • or re-flashing the device.

Why Huawei and Honor phones won’t turn on: reasons and what to do if frozen?

Huawei does not turn on. the seriousness of the problem mentioned does not even need to be described, because in such a situation it will definitely not work to use a smartphone, which means you need to figure out how to restore the device to work.

Flashing red light

If your Huawei phone does not turn on and the red light is on, then the battery is most likely completely discharged. Users who have recently switched from regular phones to smartphones sometimes do not know that the red indicator indicates a low or zero charge. If the power connection did not help, then the battery may be out of order.

Reinstalling software

Reinstalling the operating system will solve many system problems. But, you should resort to flashing in extreme cases. To carry it out, you need to install special drivers on the computer, put ROOT rights on the phone, open the bootloader, install special programs and download the required version of the operating system.

The presented procedure is very complex, you can carry it out yourself if you have the proper experience. In other cases, it is recommended to contact a specialist.

Honor (Huawei) phone does not turn on. reasons

The smartphone may stop turning on due to the following reasons:

  • After falls and mechanical damage.
  • Ingress of moisture.
  • Battery breakage.
  • The battery is completely discharged.
  • System crash in firmware.

Each problem requires a specific solution. Below we will examine in detail all the causes of the problem and how to fix it.

After firmware

If the problem appeared after installing a new firmware, then the only solution in this situation will be reinstallation. But, you should not engage in self-correction of the problem, contact the specialists who diagnose the cause and reanimate the smartphone.

Why Huawei / Honor phone won’t turn on: reasons and what to do?

Why Huawei doesn’t turn on is a question that interests many smartphone owners of this manufacturer. Huawei phones have gained popularity lately, with more and more users preferring the Honor line. But any technique cannot be perfect, every system is prone to malfunctions and errors. In the article, we will look at the reasons explaining why the phone suddenly stopped giving signs of life, as well as ways to solve the problem.

Damage to mobile

Mechanical damage can directly cause a non-working phone. You should contact the service center for help, specialists will diagnose and replace defective parts.

After fully charged

Can’t turn on your smartphone after it’s been charging? Device diagnostics will be required, perhaps the problem lies in the battery, or a serious failure has occurred in the system, which will require a flashing.


The next reason is the presence of virus software. Modern phones that support the latest OS updates are usually not vulnerable to malware attacks. But, older device models that have not received updates for a long time and cannot support new versions of Android have weak protection against viruses. The only way out is to reinstall the system.

Phone does not turn on after update

Honor phone won’t turn on after update, what should i do? If it was installed from the settings and downloaded from an official source, then if an error occurs, you can apply for warranty. You will need to reinstall the operating system.

If the user independently changed the firmware downloaded from outside resources, and after the update cannot turn on the phone, then the only solution is to reinstall the firmware, and ideally install the official.

Program error

Software errors are a fairly common cause of device startup problems. They are solved exclusively by installing a different version of the operating system.

Honor (Huawei) phone does not turn on. reasons

Huawei phone won’t turn on? Let’s look at the main causes of problems with starting the device:

  • It is not possible to turn on the phone due to the breakdown of the corresponding key. Option one. replacing the button in the service.
  • Software problems. Experts could make a mistake in the code, due to which, after the update, the device turns off, freezes, refuses to start. Additionally, many users install custom firmware of dubious quality on their own. The solution is to reinstall the operating system, again, it needs to be done in the service.
  • Water ingress and damage to components.
  • Broken charging connector.
  • Battery failure.
  • Mechanical damage resulting from impact, etc.
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The phone turns on and off immediately

It is impossible to name the exact reason for the appearance of such a situation. It occurs when:

  • battery breakdown;
  • low battery level;
  • breakage of the power connector;
  • failure of a number of internal components;
  • glitches in software.

Huawei stuck on logo and won’t turn on

Does the smartphone show a logo, does not respond to touches and keystrokes? In most cases, the reason is software problems, the device SIMply cannot start the system due to errors that have occurred.

If the logo is on, at your own peril and risk, you can try to reflash the device yourself. But it is better to seek help from specialists so as not to cause more harm to your device.

Why Huawei (Honor) phone won’t turn on. reasons and what to do?

Huawei won’t turn on? When using technically complex devices, you often have to face problems. They are due to several factors:

  • mistakes when designing a smartphone;
  • flaws in software;
  • excessive reduction in price and use of components of dubious quality. This is especially true for budget lines, including Ascend;
  • wear and tear of components after prolonged operation;
  • mechanical damage to the device;
  • user intervention in the software.

After fully charged

It is important to understand that if the smartphone is charging, then the cause of the failure is definitely not in the battery or in the power connector. It is not always possible to diagnose a breakdown at home, it all depends on the specific situation.

honor, phone, screen, working

After firmware

If the flashing did not solve the problem, then the problem is not in the software. Probably, there was a breakdown in the hardware of the smartphone. It is impossible to accurately diagnose it at home, you need to contact the professionals.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Battery problem

If there is a problem with the battery or the power connector, these components must be replaced. Again, contact an Authorized Service Center. Specialists diagnose the problem, order the necessary parts and replace them.


One of the popular ways to solve any smartphone problem is a hard reset. On Huawei and Honor, it can be done as follows:

  • hold down the start button and volume keys;
  • after the logo appears, release the power button;
  • wait for the device to reboot and delete all user data.

Why the sensor does not work on Honor and Huawei: reasons how to fix?

Why the touchscreen does not work on Huawei and Honor is a natural request from users of mobile devices with the Android operating system when this problem happens to them. After all, most phones have a sensor, and if it stops functioning, it is frustrating. The gadget loses its meaning. Even a phone call cannot be answered. In our material, we will consider possible factors why the screen stopped working, and ways to eliminate the source of damage.

Why is the display not working on Huawei and Honor phones

The breakdown of the touch screen can occur due to various factors. Below is a list of the most common ones. Try to determine what caused the malfunction of your device.

  • Contamination of internal parts due to dust and other types of dirt that have got under the smartphone body.
  • Damage to film or glass.
  • The sensor stopped responding to touch due to loss of sensitivity.
  • Malfunction in the system that controls the display.
  • Internal components of the screen have failed to function.

There is a prevention system for the problems laid out in order to prevent a recurrence of the problem in the future.

  • Before taking the gadget in your hands, check that they must be dry and clean. moisture and dirt are not good friends with electronics.
  • Change the film periodically to clean the display from dust that gets under it.
  • We recommend using high quality glass for screen protection.
  • Glue the film well, which should not lag behind and accumulate dirt.

Do not overtighten the repair if the glass is cracked. Mechanical damage over time leads to the inoperability of the sensor. After all, any crack begins to exfoliate and spread across the entire screen. Even if not immediately.

What to do if Honor and Huawei screen problems?

If the screen does not work on Honor and Huawei with Android OS, there is a high probability that the module is broken. With this malfunction, be sure to take the phone for repair to specialists. To prevent a problem, try to follow some tips. Here’s what to do.

  • Wipe your smartphone from dirt with a special damp cloth.
  • If the film is unevenly pasted and air has got there, from which bubbles begin to appear, remove and replace.
  • Try asking the system to factory settings and starting from scratch.
  • If the screen appears cracked, replace it.
  • Contact the master if you find damage to the gadget chip.
  • Avoid shock and moisture to prevent PCB breakage.

We also recommend not to engage in amateur performances, and nevertheless contact a specialist to repair the sensor. But first, resolve the issue with personal information. Transfer it to your PC by connecting a USB cable to it, or save it to the cloud storage.

If your mobile device has come into contact with water, dry it first. But if you did not immediately notice this, prepare such a set of things to eliminate the oxide:

  • Toothbrush;
  • eraser;
  • alcohol solution;
  • lint-free napkins;
  • a piece of paper.

Carefully disassemble the phone into components and proceed directly to cleaning. No jerky movements, don’t make new damage.

  • Put all the details on an unfolded napkin.
  • Wipe with solution, eraser and then with a new tissue.
  • If rust is found, use a toothbrush, rubbing alcohol and again with a tissue.

The only thing is that it is much more difficult to clean a smartphone from sweet soda.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

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