Honor Phone Won’T Turn On Screen

standard reboot

Everything is simple here: press the shutdown key and hold it for about 1-3 seconds.

A small menu appears on the screen. In it you need to select the “Restart” item.

The smartphone will restart automatically.

Remove phone lock screen without data loss.

You can allow Android lock screen to be removed when the download of the recovery package is complete. You don’t need to worry about your data, nothing will be lost during the process.

Once all the progress is over, it will be convenient for you to access your Huawei phone without entering a password and view all your data on the device without restrictions. To be honest, after using Huawei Data Recovery, I believe it will be a good helper for you to unlock your lock screen when you are NOT able to handle Huawei as well as other Android phones. Thus, when you are faced with the awkward situation described above, there is no need to worry about it. Trust me, just try it. All about smartphones: MotoZ2 Force Edition, Moto X4, Oppo R11 (Review) and Huawei Mate 10 (Review), BlackBerry KEYone, HTC U11, Meizu Pro 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Nokia 8.

In most cases, when these symptoms appear, the so-called “Hard Reset” can help. This is nothing more than a system reset to factory settings.

Of course, This will not return the deleted and will NOT restore modified files, but it will bring some system settings to normal and remove junk files that affect performance.

Next, we will go over all the Possible ways to perform a factory reset on any Huawei device.

Before performing a factory reset, back up all essential user data (contacts, photos, etc.)

1 way

In the case when the sensor does not work, holding the “Power on” button will help. How the process works:

  • hold down the “Power on” key for 30-60 seconds
  • the device will respond with a vibration response;
  • the operating system sign will appear on the black screen, then the startup process will begin.

How to restart Huawei / Honor phone if it freezes?

If your Honor or Huawei smartphone is frozen and does NOT turn off, the screen does NOT respond to taps, you need to use another overload method. which one?

Press the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds (note the screenshot above. at the bottom of the screen this is indicated), until the display goes out.

The smartphone will restart normally.

If for some reason this does not work, you can try the following combination: keys to increase the shutdown sound.

Or. keys to decrease the shutdown sound.

And if one of the last two methods helped you, that is, when you press and hold THESE keys, the screen goes out, immediately Remove your finger from the button so as not to load an additional mode (recovery, for example).

While Androids are hugely popular devices, the problem is that they only start to lag behind after a few months. We know the eye roll, right? This is the case for most Android devices like Huawei y511. This is why people have problems with freezing, slow speed, poor battery backup, etc. This is also the reason most people keep their phone without photos or apps. However, most people don’t realize that resetting Huawei can fix many of your problems. A hard or soft reset at the top of Huawei can easily stop your phone from lagging by restarting apps and everything else on the phone. Nifts, yeah?

But how to properly restore your Huawei phone? Your first instinct might be to head to Google and do a quick search to find an abstract on Restarting Your Phone. But don’t waste time looking for tons of tutorials looking for the perfect one when we have three great solutions for you below.

Download recovery package

After entering download mode, Huawei Data Recovery will start downloading the latest recovery package on your Huawei phone. This may take some time, please wait for it to be completed.

How to restart your Honor phone if the power button is frozen and not working

2 way

Hard Reset or factory reset is carried out when there is no response from the device to any action, and the battery is cast. The downside of this method is the complete removal of all information from the device. How to reboot when NOT shutdown:

  • the keys “Volume” and “Power on” are held simultaneously;
  • within 15-30 seconds a signal in the form of a short vibration will occur, then the screen will go out.

Screen locking Huawei and Honor: what is it, how to enable

To start the system, the “Downloads” key is held down, after the performed manipulations it will come to life.

Restoring factory settings from the system menu

The easiest way to accomplish “Hard reset” on Huawei. this will launch the corresponding function in the system settings. For this you need:

  • go to settings;
  • select the item “Restore and reset”;
  • click on “Reset settings” and agree with the warning.

After that, the system will reboot and the Google welcome screen will appear.

method number 1

From my own experience, I will say that in 80% of all cases, if they come to me with a problem that the phone does not turn on, the whole thing turns out to be a discharged battery. And I perfectly understand when they tell me that the smartphone has been charging all day, but it still does not turn on. Some devices have one unpleasant feature. if the battery is very discharged, then it will not charge, even if you keep it on charge all day.

In this case, a frog-type charger will help us, which allows you to charge almost any battery directly by removing it from the phone. It is enough to recharge the battery in this way for 15 minutes. Then we insert it back and put the phone on charge as usual, everything should be OK.

If getting a frog is problematic for you, then you can use any old mobile phone charger. Cut off the old connector and protect the wires.

Make sure that the charger is not connected to an outlet at this time.

Bare wires We fix on the battery with tape for a few minutes.

method number 4

This method is applicable if your phone does not really turn on, but does not turn on completely. For example, it hangs on your Android logo and nothing else happens. This happens due to a malfunction in the smartphone software. Then a hard reset will help us or, in translation, a hard reset. For each model of the device, it is made differently. To find out how, enter the name of your phone and the words hard reset, for example LG G3 hard reset, in Google or Yandex and follow the instructions. In the future, I hope to create a separate section on the blog on this topic.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones support hard reset, it depends on the recovery installed in the device. If you are interested in learning more about what it is, look on the Internet.

For example, this function is available by default in many sony phones, but the manufacturer has provided the ability to restore the software using a special utility Sony pc companion.

method number 3

If the phone does not turn on, then it may simply be frozen. To revive your device, we will apply a long-known, but still relevant method. take out the battery and insert it again.

Unfortunately, this trick does not work on many modern phones with a non-removable battery. In this case, to reload, you need to find the reset button and press it with a paper clip, for example. It can be anywhere, but it is usually located near the SIM card slot or on the back of a smartphone or tablet. There is sometimes an inscription reset or off near the reset button. The photo below shows an example of the location of such a button in a Sony Xperia M5 smartphone.

Android phone won’t turn on. 5 ways to solve the problem. Android smartphone does not turn on. Guaranteed problem solution.

Hello. Today I would like to analyze all the most common reasons why an Android smartphone may NOT turn on. I will not touch upon those situations when disassembling the phone and interfering with the electronic filling is required, since this is the work of completely different specialists.

If your smartphone or tablet suddenly stops turning on, it is not necessary to immediately run to a service center or workshop and return it for repair. Most likely, there is a chance that you can do it on your own and save some amount (programs for home bookkeeping on Android will also help you in saving, look for them on the blog). Below we will look at the main measures that can be taken if your Android smartphone or tablet does not turn on. So let’s get started.

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method number 2

Defective charging. Of course, the second thing to check is the health of the charger. Everything is simple here. we take a working charger and try to charge our smartphone. If the process has started, then we buy a new one and rejoice. Although it sounds trite, it helps one in five.

method number 5

Not often, but even so it happens that the smartphone does not turn on due to the fact that the contacts under the battery DO NOT reach. To fix this, you need to adjust the contacts with tweezers or a small screwdriver to improve the connection with the battery. The main thing here is without fanaticism, otherwise you will only make it even worse.

If none of the methods helped and the phone still does not turn on, then the problem most likely lies in the hardware itself and only the service center can help you.

I would be grateful if you share in the comments with your own ways how you can revive your smartphone.

Best regards, Ivan Derbenev.

Moisture and liquid penetration into the phone case

Everyone knows from an early age that there is a place for water in electronics. The ingress of moisture or liquid into the phone contributes to the destruction of the contact board, short circuit and the second critical phenomena that disrupt the device’s performance.

Destruction of contacts on the board may require both routine cleaning and replacement of many components. If water gets into the device, it is recommended to immediately contact the service center for assistance. Water ingress into the screen of a mobile phone can cause characteristic streaks and stains, which can be corrected by replacing the screen or modules.

Broken screen control chip

Failure of microcircuits in the device is NOT rare. The screen does NOT receive the necessary information from the device and does NOT display an image. It is impossible to identify this problem with regular means, it will be determined at the service center. Breakage is corrected solely by replacing components.

First steps and theory

The development of the mobile industry has taken the direction of increasing display size and minimizing the number of mechanical keys. The screen is the main way to control the device, and its damage can transform the phone into a useless pile of metal. There are many options for disrupting the inoperability of the screen: from the appearance of small spots and defects, to its complete inoperability.

Each breakdown is unique and needs separate consideration. You must be sure of the reason for the inoperability, otherwise dishonest service workers can cash in on you. First of all, you need to make sure that everything is in order with the software part of your device. This requires:

  • Connect the charger to the device, let the battery charge a little
  • Turn on the device. Connect mobile phone to computer

If the sync is successful and there are no changes on the screen. the problem is in the components. Let’s figure out the main causes of malfunctions in the operation of the mobile phone screen and their belt.

The phone did not fall, but the screen does not work. causes of breakdown

Loss of functionality of the mobile phone screen can be associated not only with mechanical damage to the outer side of the display. Moisture, breakage of the screen control chip, wear or disconnection of the cable, and other reasons depending on the specific model can turn into inoperability of the phone screen.

Loop worn or disconnected

The flex cable connects the mobile phone screen to the device and is replaceable. This solution allows you to quickly replace the screen without interfering with the device board, but adds the ability to detach on impact. Connecting a loop will NOT take a long time and will NOT hit your .

The wear of the cable is typical for clamshell phones and sliders. In such devices, constant physical contact is created when opening and closing, which over time leads the train to a malfunctioning state. In such cases, the replacement of the loop is carried out at the service center and does not require the purchase of a screen module.

The phone screen does not work due to mechanical / physical damage

Every smartphone drop. a kind of lottery, everyone is lucky in different ways. One mobile phone may remain without a single scratch when dropped from a great height, and the other can fail if it unsuccessfully collides with a hard surface.

Mechanical damage is easily diagnosed with the naked eye. A growing crack appears on the phone screen, and often “web”. There can be several outcomes in such a situation:

  • Damage to the protective glass and stable performance of the device
  • Image display but sensor damage
  • Complete screen breakage

Replacing a damaged protective glass depends on the device. Modern models Equipped with combined screens with a sensor and protective glass, which allows you to achieve a minimum thickness. Replacing such components is expensive and requires replacing not only the protective glass, but also other components. The same principle applies to a damaged sensor.

If the protective glass is damaged, but the screen works. This is not a reason to continue using this device. It is recommended to urgently contact a service center, because your phone becomes vulnerable to moisture and liquid, which can cause more serious damage.

Broken pixels and spots on the screen

p, blockquote 19,0,0,0,1.-

Defective pixels. active dots on the screen, not changing color. The appearance of dead pixels is associated with the breakdown of the TFT transistor, which is attached to each pixel on the screen of your phone. It has been proven that the appearance of one dead pixel contributes to their further spread across the screen, but this is not always the case. There is an acceptable standard for factory defects of the screen, which allows the presence of “dead points” on the device screen. You can diagnose this problem yourself, but to fix it, it is better to contact the service center.

Data recovery

Data recovery is one of the ways to start the device. What to do:

  • Hold down the Power key and volume down.
  • Wait for the logo to appear.
  • Release buttons and wait for loading.

You can also start data recovery using the ADB Fastboot utility for computers. But, without the included smartphone, it will be possible to carry out this procedure.

Huawei stuck on logo and won’t turn on

Does the device boot at a certain point and freeze? If the logo is on, and then the download stops, then the reason is probably hidden in a system failure. That is, Android cannot start the system.

Battery problem

The next reason lies in battery breakdowns. Then it will also need to be replaced with a new one. You can do the repair yourself if you have sufficient experience, especially when it comes to new smartphones.

OS problem

The Android operating system, which is embedded in all Huawei smartphones, is not perfect, like any OS. Sometimes there are software errors. To fix the problem, you will have to reinstall the system.

lack of charge

If the phone does not charge, then first of all check the condition of the cable, VIEW it for mechanical damage. Try replacing the charger with another one. Also check the integrity of the contacts and connector on the phone. Perhaps the socket is clogged or the contacts on the charging itself are damaged.

Why Huawei / Honor phone won’t turn on: reasons and what to do?

Why Huawei does not turn on is a question that interests many owners of smartphones from this manufacturer. Huawei phones have gained popularity lately, with more and more users preferring the Honor line. But any technique cannot be perfect, every system is prone to malfunctions and errors. In the article, we will look at the reasons explaining why the phone suddenly stopped giving signs of life, as well as ways to solve the problem.

reinstalling software

Reinstalling the operating system will solve many system problems. But, the flashing should be resorted to in extreme cases. To carry it out, you need to install special drivers on the computer, put ROOT rights to the phone, open the bootloader, install special programs and download the required version of the operating system.

The presented procedure is very complex, you can carry it out yourself if you have the proper experience. In the second cases, it is recommended to contact a specialist.


Try Hard Reset. instruction:

  • Hold down the power key and volume buttons.
  • Wait for the logo to appear on the screen and release the power button.
  • the system will reboot.

Phone in Bootloop Mode

Bootloop mode implies repeated system reboots. This can happen during a system failure. They will be able to solve the problem in the repair center.

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Flashing red light

The red indicator in devices from Honor and Huawei is used to warn the user about a low battery level. If the smartphone refuses to start and the red LED blinks, then the reason is Battery or power connector breakdown.

Data recovery

Data recovery is another option that can help fix the problem. There are two options for this procedure.

The first one involves using the phone buttons, hold down the “Power” and the volume down key. Keep them until you see the logo image. After the smartphone will boot into recovery mode.

The second is via ADB Fastboot:

  • Install ADB program on your PC and download Fastboot driver.
  • Then start developer mode on your smartphone. To do this, in the settings go to the “About phone” tab and many times in a row click on the line with information about the build number. Then developer mode should start.
  • Go back to the phone settings and go to “For Developers”, click on the “USB Debugging” button.
  • Open the downloaded programs folder on your computer. Hold the shift key and at the same time right-click on an empty space in the folder.
  • In the list that opens, select the item that allows you to open the command window.
  • Specify the command. adb reboot recovery. Finally, the phone will boot into recovery mode.

It should be noted that the second method should be used only by experienced users who are already familiar with the ADB program.

OS problem

Huawei uses the Android operating system as its basis. Additionally, the company rolls its own shell on it in order to change the appearance of the OS, add various functions. It was because of this that problems could arise, specialists made mistakes when preparing the code and optimizing Android.

Honor Phone Won'T Turn On Screen

Phone does not turn on after update

What to do if Honor phone won’t turn on after update? Much depends on what software was installed. If you received an official update that disabled the phone, then this case can be carried out under warranty. It is necessary to contact an authorized service for specialists to reinstall the system.

Have you installed the firmware yourself, and even unofficial? Then you can try to repeat the software installation by choosing a different version of the rolling system. If this does not help, then you will have to contact the service for help.


It is not uncommon for Android users to encounter malicious software. Viruses can not only steal personal data, but also become a prerequisite for failures in the functioning of the operating system. Option one. reinstall the OS.

reinstalling software

Reinstalling the software helps with operating system problems. It is incredibly difficult to perform this procedure at home. You will need to download the drivers on the PC, root it, get access to the bootloader, install the Corresponding software on the computer, download the required OS version, roll it to the device.

The complexity of flashing directly depends on the type of problems in the operating system. Often this task becomes almost impossible for an ordinary user. Therefore, it is better to trust the professionals to reinstall the OS.

Huawei stuck on logo and won’t turn on

Does your smartphone display a logo instead of responding to touches and keystrokes? In most cases, the prerequisite is software problems, the device simply cannot start the system due to auto goods errors.

If the logo is on at your own peril and risk, you can try to reflash the device yourself. But it is better to seek help from specialists so as not to cause more harm to your device.

Why Huawei (Honor) phone won’t turn on. reasons and what to do?

Huawei won’t turn on? When using technically complex devices, you often have to face problems. They are due to several factors:

  • mistakes when designing a smartphone;
  • a flaw in the software;
  • excessive reduction in price and introduction of components of questionable quality. This is especially true for budget lines, including Ascend;
  • wear and tear of components after prolonged operation;
  • mechanical damage to the device;
  • user intervention in the software.

The phone turns on and off immediately

It is impossible to name the exact reason for the appearance of such a situation. It occurs when:

  • Battery breakage;
  • low battery level;
  • Broken power connector;
  • failure of a number of internal components;
  • glitches in software.

What to do if your Huawei phone is NOT charging?

If the Honor Huawei phone does not charge, you need to clearly find out which of the reasons is to blame. If the reason for the lack of charging the smartphone is not difficult, as a rule, this can be eliminated on your own, but if you doubt your abilities, it is better to contact a specialist at the service center.

DOES NOT charge in power on state

In this state of the phone, you need to check the following:

  • Check charger. In whole or in parts: either a charging block or a USB cable. Charging can NOT charge;
  • Check for power outages;
  • Cleans dust and dirt from the connector on the device or contacts on the USB cable;

The places of maximum accumulation of dirt are highlighted in red.

  • The cable may be mechanically damaged;
  • Charger Not suitable for smartphone.
  • Broken or loose cable connector;
  • Need to restart your phone;
  • It is worth doing a factory reset;
  • DO NOT use the gadget while charging.

Why Huawei (Honor) does not charge. reasons and what to do?

Huawei makes a wide variety of smartphones. Huawei does NOT charge. one of the most common and typical problems among users of smartphones of this brand, which can be dealt with on your own, rather than resorting to the help of specialists.

Does not turn on NOT charging

The reason why the phone does not turn on while charging is because the battery is deeply DISCHARGED. Solutions to this problem:

  • Wait a while for the phone to get the required charge to turn it on;
  • Remove the battery from the phone and connect it to power without a battery. Through a known working charger. After that, it will turn on the smartphone without a battery. As soon as the gadget turns on, quickly and carefully insert the battery back into the smartphone. After a few minutes, the gadget will start charging.

In the event of a malfunction of the charging connector or firmware, send it to a specialist for repair or replacement of parts.


Faced with this problem, it is worthwhile to figure out why it happened. There are several reasons why Huawei (Honor) may NOT charge:

  • failure of the outlet or lack of an electrical network;
  • not working charger or USB cable;
  • charging is not suitable for the device;
  • clogged USB socket on the smartphone;
  • mechanical damage to the charging connector;
  • failure in the operating system of the gadget;
  • the device is completely discharged;
  • internal elements or contacts are damaged;
  • the smartphone is infected with viruses;
  • the battery is out of order;

Charges in 4-5 seconds and turns off

It happens that the smartphone constantly notifies the charging connection without disconnecting from it. The reasons for intermittent charging are as follows:

  • Loose or damaged charging portal;
  • The cable connector is damaged;

Using “not native “cable, difficulties arise due to microscopic differences in the size of the connectors. They can be absolutely similar, but differ in thickness or length by several millimeters. Then there are problems with the connection and the contact is either intermittent or absent at all.

What to do if your Honor phone falls into water and won’t turn on?

Did your phone fall into water and won’t turn on? Then use the services of a qualified specialist. This will save the day and the phone will work. If you can’t take the gadget to the master, then quickly put it in a container with water-repellent components. In no case do NOT connect your mobile to a charger! Water acts as a conductor and can cause short circuits.

Hairdryer or vacuum cleaner

Most users grab onto a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner immediately. Purging the device is not recommended. The hair dryer lets out a stream of hot air, which causes electrical parts to overheat. Technical consultants recommend using the vacuum cleaner at the lowest speed. It is needed to completely absorb water droplets. Absolutely powerless in the fight against moisture inside.

Remove the smartphone from the water, disconnect and disassemble

Quickly take your smartphone out of the water, unplug and disassemble it into its component parts. Any gadget has slots and headphone inputs. Through them, water gets into the phone and gradually degrades performance. The most deplorable option is a short circuit. Therefore, we take out the gadget and dry each element. Take care of battery, sim card and external memory. Wipe off the battery with a towel. Otherwise, moisture will negatively affect the charging of the device.

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What to do if Honor or Huawei falls into water

The mobile phone switches off immediately after being submerged in water. Some models stop working forever. After the ingress of liquid, the performance of the gadget is reduced by half. Users should expect that there are few guarantees of rescue. Use the following guidelines to fix the situation. Brief steps will save a drowned gadget.

Fell into water and vibrates

Take out the gadget and immediately remove the battery. If the phone is non-separable, press the power button. Soak the device and try to wipe as much as possible. Now start drying. Use one of the above methods. After that, I took the gadget to the service center.

What to do if Honor or Huawei fell into the water: how to save?

Faced the question: what to do if an Honor or Huawei phone fell into the water? Every user faced a problem. The main problem is that water flows into all the entrances. This provokes further breakdowns. Most models stop working. The developers recommend taking precautions. Some phones have a waterproof case. Such models are more expensive than others. However, they work even when in contact with water. Try a waterproof case as well. It is inexpensive.

What NOT to do after water gets into your phone?

In case liquid gets into the gadget, it is absolutely impossible to do:

  • Start the device immediately. Wait until it is completely dry. In no case, do not connect the mobile to the power supply system.
  • NOT confident in your competence? DO NOT disassemble the gadget. This will lead to irreparable failure. Moisture will spread further through the device.
  • Use mobile when the screen is not working. In this case, contact the service center for help. Competent specialists will solve any breakdown.

Absorbent or rice

Save your Huawei or Honor phone if dropped into water easily using a devil or silica gel. Such cereals are in every home. Fill any container and place your smartphone there. This will help prevent water from entering the gadget processor. Silica gel is a small ball. You can find a bag of this substance in any shoe box. It works faster than cereals and absorbs liquid better.

paper towel

The first way is to use a regular towel. Blot the gadget well and wipe off the batteries, sim card slot and insides. Do not bring paper napkins or towels. Despite the fact that they absorb well, they disintegrate into small pellets. They fall into cracks and passages, which impairs performance. Take a rag towel and dry the surface. Even one smallest drop can cause a malfunction.

What to do if Honor or Huawei falls into water

If the mobile device was in contact with a drink or a river, and not Madley giving it to the master. But if you are out of town where there are no workshops, see below our recommendations. We tell you what to do at the very beginning after what happened and what you should refuse.

What NOT to do after water gets into your phone

There are four rules that must be remembered so as not to aggravate the situation after contact of the gadget with moisture.

  • Do not start the device when disconnecting.
  • DO NOT shake off moisture or knock on the unit.
  • no hair dryer.
  • DO NOT dry on heating devices.

This will greatly help save the smartphone.

Hairdryer or vacuum cleaner

DO NOT use a hair dryer to dry, although when faced with this problem, the first thing you think about is this. Thanks to the hair dryer, the water will go further and wet dry areas, and if it is hot air, it will melt the microcircuit.

To rescue your Huawei or Honor phone, if dropped into water, let it dry as usual without any additional help. But if you want faster, get out the vacuum cleaner. Hold the hose over the device for about ten minutes. DOES NOT bring the technique closer, so that strong pressure does NOT cause mechanical damage.

Absorbent or rice

If you are afraid of harm with a vacuum cleaner and have completed the previous steps to rescue the sensor device after contact with a wet environment, proceed to the next step. Put every part of your smartphone in a box with a special substance that absorbs moisture and leave it in the sun for one day. If this substance is not available, use rice. It is also a desiccant. Do not forget to periodically turn the smartphone over in the box so that the liquid flows out of all the cracks.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

What to do if an Honor or Huawei phone falls into the water. how to rescue?

“What to do if an Honor or Huawei phone falls into the water?”. a natural request of people faced with this situation. After all, sometimes it does NOT work out to avoid this problem. According to statistics, men most often drop their smartphones into the toilet, and women. into the bathroom. If your device is NOT waterproof, like some newer phone models, read the detailed instructions for saving the gadget if it came into contact with a wet environment.

Remove the smartphone from the water, disconnect and disassemble

If you remember the lessons of life safety, then you know that you need to get away from danger. Therefore, remove the phone from the liquid, turn it off and do not start at the end of the drying process. There are enough holes on the body through which water penetrates. This can lead to a short circuit, so you need to perform actions at an accelerated pace. Next, blot the device with a dry towel, take out the battery, SIM card and micro flash drive. Try NOT to Flip the device horizontally when performing actions.

paper towel

When blotting the device from liquid, it is better to dry it with a cotton towel. Paper tends to absorb water, swell and stick to particles, which fall into the openings of the case and penetrate inside. When you first start the smartphone system after an accident, paper towel particles will cause the contacts to short or burn.

Fell into water and vibrates

If, upon contact with a wet environment, the smartphone began to vibrate endlessly, it means that a short circuit has occurred inside. DO NOT MADLEY remove it from moisture and Wipe with a cotton rag, but do not rub. DO NOT dry under a lamp or sunlight. After complete drying, the vibration module is deactivated. When this happens, try starting the device system.

What to do if your Honor phone falls into water and won’t turn on

We start the phone, but the screen does not work? The sensor modules may be damaged. Dry the display with a cotton cloth and let it dry. Then try again to start the system. In case of failure Contact a specialist.

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