Horizontal stripes appear on the monitor what to do

HP 245 horizontal lines on screen || horizontal and vertical line on laptop screen solution

Why horizontal stripes may appear. we are looking for the reason

Finding the cause of the horizontal streaks can take a lot of time. If we are talking about colored stripes, then the reason may lie in moisture. Sometimes it gets inside the system unit or laptop from the air when it comes to a very humid climate. In this case, the problem will have to be solved by changing the climate in the room where the PC is located, however, detailed information on this can be found in the next section.

You also need to be very careful about the liquid. It often hits the laptop keyboard. In this case, a wide variety of problems can be expected with a high probability. Liquid that gets on the keyboard will sooner or later end up inside the case. When this happens, it can go directly to the graphics adapter (video card). After that, stripes will immediately appear on the screen. In this case, it will no longer be possible to repair the video card.

How to fix laptop screen flickering and horizontal lines-10 Simple steps to fix

IMPORTANT! The exact same situation will arise if water gets into the system unit of a stationary computer. Then the user will have to replace the graphics adapter.

If it is gray horizontal stripes that appear on the PC screen, then the problem may be the presence of some kind of interference. This is possible if a TV tuner is connected to the computer. In this case, noise may appear while watching TV. Fixing this problem is extremely simple. Gray bars on a PC with TV tuner while watching TV means there is no signal.

Problems with the video card in the PC can also cause horizontal stripes. Usually we are talking about stripes that appear and then disappear. This can happen once a day. It also happens that the problem is constantly observed.

In some cases, stripes appear due to the fact that there are some problems with the matrix in the monitor, however, you can find out about this only after conducting complex testing, because the matrix is ​​too complex a component.

How to get rid of horizontal stripes

As mentioned above in the text, getting rid of horizontal stripes is extremely difficult. Most often, they occur due to the ingress of water on one of the internal components of the computer. In this case, you will have to replace the damaged component with a new one, because repair in this case is almost impossible. It is recommended to take the injured laptop or system unit to a service center, however, it is highly likely that they will advise you to replace one of the elements of the laptop or system unit with a new one. Unfortunately, there is simply no other solution to the problem of moisture ingress.

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The solution to the problem is much easier when it comes to gray bars on a stationary computer or laptop with a TV tuner that appear while watching TV. Then the problem is a bad signal or no signal at all. What should be done to solve the problem as soon as possible? Usually, you need to study the instructions for the TV tuner as closely as possible. Then it will be possible to find the most suitable method in order to catch the TV signal. After doing this, the problem should disappear completely.

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REFERENCE! If, even after the correct setting of the TV tuner according to the instructions, the signal does not disappear, the problem may lie with one of the TV channels. It is possible that preventive work is underway on it.

It also happens that the channel’s management has decided to stop broadcasting on the territory of a particular country.

If the problem is excessively humid air, then the user will have to spend a lot of time to install special devices in the room where the PC is located. These devices are designed to maintain a certain level of humidity. Needless to say, such devices are relatively expensive? This is why, in a humid climate, you need to buy PCs and laptops that can withstand such conditions. There is simply no other solution.

If we are talking about a malfunction of the video card, then you will have to spend a lot of effort to solve this problem as soon as possible. Replacing the video card in most cases will help remove horizontal stripes. All other measures will help only for a short period of time.

How to check a matrix

Checking the matrix is ​​an important step in order to pinpoint the problem as accurately as possible. How can I do that? The easiest way is to take the monitor to a service center. There they will be able to disassemble the laptop and clarify the presence of a particular problem. If it is unprofitable or too expensive to carry the monitor to a service center, then you can try to figure out the monitor yourself. Before that, you need to go to the website of the official manufacturer of the monitor or laptop, and then find out about the location of the matrix. The fact is that this component can be located in different places depending on the screen model, as well as its manufacturer, so it is extremely difficult to name any one place where it can be installed.

The easiest way to check the matrix is ​​using specialized software. It can be either the popular Everest program or similar software. However, you need to understand that all these programs will not help to determine the exact cause of the problems. They will allow you to find out about the presence of any malfunction only superficially. It is quite obvious that such information may not be enough to completely eliminate this problem.

Horizontal stripes appear on the monitor what to do

Horizontal stripes on the screen are a fairly common problem that worries many users. These horizontal stripes can take up so much space that it is simply impossible to use a PC. That is why this problem needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

What are horizontal stripes and how do you know what to do? Horizontal stripes can be either color or monochrome. It doesn’t matter exactly how they look. The thing is that they completely paralyze the work of the screen. As a result, users need to do their best to resolve this problem as soon as possible. This can be done in different ways, so it is recommended that you study all of them. So, why did the white stripes appear and the screen ripples??

The most common causes of streaking

The most common cause is fluid. Often, users spill compotes, milk, water and soda on the keyboard of their laptop. Unsurprisingly, the laptop is then unable to function normally. The liquid can completely disable the computer, after which the repair will be either too expensive, or it will be completely impossible to repair the PC.

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Another popular reason is associated with moisture in the air. This problem is especially relevant for countries with hot climates. In addition, stripes may appear on the screen even in temperate countries on particularly hot days.

REFERENCE! Also, stripes may appear on the screen when the TV tuner is turned on for viewing TV channels. This occurs especially often when it comes to old TV tuners and TV channels that have limited broadcasting.

In addition, stripes can appear in the event of a malfunctioning graphics adapter. If these bands appear and disappear at regular intervals, then the problem is clearly in the presence of problems with the graphics.

Vertical red bar on the monitor screen

There are users who complain that distortions appear on the screen from time to time. If you are interested in why vertical red stripes appear on the monitor, then you should know that often the whole point is in poor contact of the matrix cable. Rarely, a problem can be triggered by burning elements. Areas of rectangular shape, consisting of vertical stripes, are a signal of dustiness or damage to the cable connectors. Other reasons: the track on the control board is peeled off or the video controller cable or VGA wire is damaged.

Using an additional monitor

To do this, we need a VGA cable to connect the laptop to the monitor.

As a result, we will get one of two results:

  • On add. the monitor image will be clear (without interference, ripples and colored stripes)
  • The image will not change, everything will be the same as on the screen of your device.

With the first option, we see that the video card is functioning normally, there are no failures, and then the solution to the problem must be sought in the matrix or in the loop. In the second case, we see that there are problems in the operation of the board and the video card. In any case, repairs are indispensable.

Yellow vertical stripe on the monitor

To determine the cause of the failure, you need to do some manipulation. If a vertical stripe appears on the LCD monitor, then disconnect it from the system unit and connect it to the network. If the band has disappeared, there is a problem with the video card, so it is necessary to check the cooling system and install new drivers. If the stripes remain, then the defect is more likely to be related to the display. When a vertical yellow stripe or other shade appears on the monitor, you should look for swollen capacitors on the video card and replace them.

When to replace the matrix?

If, while working with a parallel-connected monitor, if deformation of the matrix, pushing the surface inward, you change such parameters as color rendition of stripes, disappearance and reappearance.
Stripes appear at all stages of loading your device.
There are ripples, a wide white stripe. (In the horizontal or vertical axis, it does not matter)
A negative image appears or the color scheme has changed, for example: blue is replaced by yellow.

Everyone understands that the cable is very flexible because the laptop screen can change its original position (move).

So, in order to make sure that the loop is working properly / malfunctioning, we need to slowly open and close the lid, while observing the changes in the monitor’s operation. If any, the source of the stripes on the screen is the loop.

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Types of stripes on the screen

Pay attention to their location. They can be either horizontal in the middle of the monitor or vertical

Half of the image may be missing, ripples may appear, may be blurry.

But this is not all that is worth paying attention to. They come in both white and multi-colored.

This also makes it possible to find out the prerequisites for the emergence. Consider what screen problems you may encounter.

  • If, when turned on, the device immediately shows a distorted image, and not after a couple of minutes.
  • If it occurs after a while, this indicates that the video chip is overheated or is completely broken.

Solution: An improved laptop cooling system will come to your rescue.

  • Make sure that when you turn on the computer, the coolers work firmly at a speed sufficient to cool down. If the stripes are only part of the screen, try diagnostics that determine the temperature of the laptop components.
  • You can try to disassemble the computer and clean it of accumulated dust, which can interfere with the standard cooling of system components.
  • Replace thermal grease.
  • Try working on a laptop by placing it on a cooling pad with additional coolers.

When disassembling the computer and replacing thermal paste, pay attention to the chip. If there are obvious carbon deposits on it or on the radiator, this indicates a device failure and the need to replace it. And if this does not help, then it is time to replace it altogether and preferably with a more durable one.

Hardware problems

How to check the matrix for performance?

In order to check the matrix of the screen at home, you need to deform it a little.

Try to push the screen as carefully as possible in the place where the image is most distorted.
Then try to bend the screen a little horizontally.
Be sure to pay attention to the colors, contrast and brightness of the bands depending on your impact on the screen.
If changes are present, then the problems are hidden either in the loop or in the matrix.

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