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Differences between Macbook Air 2019 and Macbook Pro

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The presentation of the Macbook Air 2019 model left viewers bewildered. along with this model, there are three laptops from Apple on sale at the same time. And if earlier it was easy to understand the nuances and differences of the Macbook Air 2019 from the Macbook Pro and just the MacBook, then with the new course of the company it became much more difficult. After all, we are talking not just about the difference in price, but also about different functionality, in which each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will try to find the cardinal differences between laptops in various parameters in order to find out once and for all which one is better.

The difference will be visible in comparing the models for a number of the most critical parameters for the user:

  • display. Let’s note the innovation MacBook Air 2019, which Apple advertised so diligently. True Tone technology. She is responsible for the white balance on the screen, which is automatically adjusted depending on the lighting indoors or outdoors. It is a great choice for everyday tasks and reduces eye strain when reading articles or watching videos. However, for professional graphics work, this mode will get in the way. In turn, the Pro has the best brightness of 500 cd / m2 as opposed to 40 cd / m2 of the Air, which makes it optimal for work;
  • performance. It should be noted that the built-in capacities in both models are clearly not enough for gamers. these laptops are mainly designed for work or everyday tasks, and heavy toys will only pull at medium or low settings. Air is powered by a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel i5-8210Y processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz. The Pro is equipped with a 1.4 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 Coffee Lake with acceleration up to 3.9 GHz. The operative memory of the devices is identical. this is an 8 gigabyte LPDDR3. Performance tests confirm that the Pro is significantly more powerful due to the new generation processors;
  • battery. Air has a smaller battery capacity. 49.9 Wh versus 58.2 for the Pro. However, in reality, the first model turns out to be more autonomous due to a more energy efficient processor. an increase of 2-3 additional hours of work is guaranteed. Thus, the Air is capable of 8-10 hours of active work, while the Pro is limited to 6-8 hours without recharging at best;
  • appearance. both devices feature Apple’s standard “lightweight” design that combines ergonomics and aesthetics. The difference in size is insignificant. The Pro has a body thickness of 1.49 centimeters and a weight of 1.37 kilograms. The Air has a wedge-shaped body that tapers from 1.56 to 0.41 centimeters and weighs 1.25 kilograms. Many users note the advantages of the latest version, as it is somewhat more comfortable to type on. The professional model also boasts an extended touchpad. its width is larger by a row of keys. The length and width of the gadgets are identical. 30.41 cm vs 21.24 cm.

There are also several differences in the general model range. So, notebooks of the air series have a gold color, while professional models are limited to silver and gray colors.

Summing up, one cannot but mention the price. Air received a reduced price tag, but the Pro is sold at a slightly higher price. However, the latter is supported by a more powerful filling and increased performance.

Thus, each model has its own advantages. The MacBook Air is more standalone, cheaper, and easier to print. Pro offers improved performance and features that allow you to pursue professional activities. Therefore, it is worth choosing a gadget based on its purpose. After all, both models will cope with everyday activities, networking and video editing.

MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air (2020): How to Pick Your Next Mac


As already mentioned, the old MacBook Airs were quite productive, this was achieved with full-fledged Intel Core processors of the U line. mobile performance solutions with a thermal package of 15 W.

The MacBook 12 is known to be powered by Intel’s new energy-efficient Y-series processors, which means a reduced thermal package of 5W and no need for active cooling. Such processors provide a long battery life, but cannot boast of performance. These laptops are ideal for typing and surfing the Internet. Responsible for the graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 615.

The basic version of the MacBook Pro 13 is powered by a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 dual-core processor in the U-Series. He has a thermal package of 15 W and a sufficiently high performance for various tasks. The graphics chip here is already Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, which is much more powerful than the 12-inch version, with such graphics you can even render videos and play undemanding games.

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This processor turned out to be an Intel Core i5-8210Y of the Amber Lake family. The letter “Y” in the name of the chip indicates that it belongs to an energy-efficient and low-power line of processors. Although this is a slightly upgraded Intel solution, perhaps specifically for Apple. Of course, there are no tests of its performance yet, and it is not known how it will show itself in operation. The numbers say that the MacBook Air 2018 has a thermal package of only 7W, which is half the size of the MacBook Pro 13. This will also affect performance. And before, their performance was about the same. Air was only slightly inferior to the base “proshka” due to lower frequencies. And now, most likely, the productivity gap between the two brothers will be much wider. As graphics, the MacBook Air 2018 has Intel UHD Graphics 617, which again indicates a very low performance of Y-processors.

Of course, it’s worth waiting for the tests, then it will become clear what kind of beast it is. MacBook Air 2018.


Finally, Apple has brought all three lines of its laptops into a single denominator. a single design. The new Air is now similar to its siblings, while retaining the recognizable design of its predecessor. MacBook Air 2018, MacBook 12, and MacBook Pro 13 have retina displays covered with protective glass and thin bezels around the screen.

The new Air and “two” received tapering hulls, but the hull 13 “proshki”, as always, has the same thickness on all sides. The MacBook 12 is 13.1mm thick at its thickest point, the new Air is 15.6mm and the Pro 13 is 14.9mm. The Air turned out to be thicker than even the Pro version. By weight, the Air is 120g lighter than the MacBook Pro 13, which is unlikely to be noticeable to the user. A distinctive feature of the new Air is the presence of a TouchID fingerprint scanner in the power button, the rest do not.

How the new 2018 MacBook Air differs from the MacBook 12 and MacBook Pro 13

On the evening of October 30, the American company Apple held another presentation, at which it announced a number of new devices. Among them was the long-awaited updated MacBook Air 2018, the upgrade of which users have been waiting for more than three years. Now all three lines of Apple laptops are completely updated, and we decided to figure out how the updated MacBook Air 2018 differs from the MacBook 12 and MacBook Pro 13.

Before jumping into the laptop comparison, it’s worth looking at the history of the MacBook Air line. The MacBook Air celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and in 2008 the very first laptop in the line truly changed the computing market. If before the presentation of the first Air, all manufacturers churned out ugly, bulky and heavy laptops, then after its presentation, vendors began to try to do something similar. MacBook Air set the trend for laptop aesthetics.

But what hooked MacBook Air users? After all, he really became the “people’s” MacBook. For the first seven years of its life, the Air line was uncompromising. Apple equips these laptops with powerful and efficient hardware. Of course, the frequencies of the processors were slightly cut in order not to compete with the Pro models, but even so, the performance remained at the highest level. The main disadvantage of the Air was the wide metal frames around the screen and the display itself with a TN matrix with a low resolution, which in no way could be compared with the posh Retina displays of the Pro versions. But in return for that, the Air had a big plus. 999 for the base 13-inch version. In addition, the Air had incredible autonomy. up to 12 hours of battery life. All these advantages have become the reason for the great love of users for Air. But can the updated MacBook Air 2018 be a full replacement for its predecessor??

MacBook Air 2018 deserves its name?

As mentioned, the MacBook Air was loved for its battery life, good performance, and great price. it was Apple’s cheapest laptop. In the updated MacBook Air 2018, autonomy is preserved, but performance seems to have dropped. What about the price? But in the official Russian retail) for the basic version. The price went up by 200. At the same time, the much more powerful MacBook Pro 13, which has a slightly larger size, costs only 100 more. 1299. Also, the much more compact and seemingly comparable performance MacBook 12 also costs 1,299.

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The 2018 MacBook Air update has proven highly controversial. So far, this is only a dry comparison based on official performance figures. The first tests of the novelty will show what it is capable of. But whether the MacBook Air 2018 will protect the title of “people’s” laptop Apple will only show time and sales.

Filling that no one cares about

Of course, there is a difference in the stuffing between the two devices. Somewhere the processor is better, somewhere the video card is different. But this is an absolutely unprincipled point for this form factor of a mobile laptop.

But at the presentation, they managed to find time for the appearance of the FaceTime HD camera. What for?

Does it work smartly and without brakes? OK. Wrap up.

Does the MacBook Air live up to the name? Not

Air is 120 grams lighter (1.25 kg versus 1.37 kg). Is this a sensitive difference? Of course not. A laptop is not a tablet, no one will always hold it in their hands.

It was silly to brag about this value yesterday, when the company showed the world a MacBook weighing 902 grams in 2015.

One chassis for two devices

The MacBook Air is 0.41-1.56 cm thick, while the MacBook Pro is 1.49 cm thick. At the same time, the width and length of both laptops are identical (21.24 cm and 30.41 cm, respectively).

In other words, we were again shown the case presented two years ago. Changing the thickness of the device will definitely not benefit the device. Trust me, the cooling system will go crazy under load. Speaking like a MacBook Pro 13 owner.

One to one screen

The displays of the two laptops are the same. Straight quite twin brothers. 13.3-inch, Retina display with IPS technology and a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels.

It would be ideal to make a MacBook Air with a 14 diagonal screen, but alas.

How the new MacBook Air 2018 differs from the MacBook Pro

Yesterday’s presentation of Apple, which took place in New York, was one of the strangest in the history of the company. From the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, a woman unknown to many presented us a 2016 MacBook Pro, calling the computer a completely new MacBook Air. Looked like farce and idiocy.

12″ MacBook vs 13″ MacBook Air. Best Portable Mac?

It seemed that the work on the MacBook Air was not the chief designer of the company Johnny Ive and his team, but prodigy copy-paste. They just stole the latest generation of “Pros” circuits from a nearby department and somehow “pushed” the resulting product to Tim Cook. I have no other explanation.

Even in the usual presentation videos, we did not hear Johnny’s familiar soft voice. He at least knows what happened yesterday?

Everything that happened on the stage in the first 20 minutes of the presentation looked ridiculous and caused a feeling of discomfort. After the end of the presentation, I went to look for differences on the official Apple website.

MacBook Air will last longer. But it is not exactly

The official website promises to run the MacBook Air for a couple of hours longer on the Internet wirelessly. It looks rather strange, taking into account that the capacity of the built-in lithium-polymer battery is 54.5 Wh, and the new product has 50.3 Wh.

Personally, I have big doubts that the new generation of processors is capable of doing such tricks with autonomy. Miracles of marketers, and only.

Built-in Touch ID sensor. Innovation

All this we again saw at the presentation of the “Pros” with the Touch Bar panel. Not surprised.

The colors we already know

The MacBook Air lineup has a golden hue. All. There is even nothing to add here.

Marketers clearly felt helpless at this point. And they couldn’t come up with anything smarter than how to mark up on the website a photo with a seemingly matte emblem on the laptop lid. So that it somehow visually differs from the MacBook Pro.

It looks stupid. Even on promo videos, you can see that the emblem is shiny.

Goodbye to the glowing Apple logo. Now on the lid of the MacBook Air.

Keyboard and trackpad

The Force Touch trackpad is now responsible for how the Mac beech responds to pressing. Without lifting your finger from the surface, you can perform various manipulations in applications: change the speed of rewinding movies in QuickTime, zoom in or out on the map. With the trackpad, it became possible to read the definition of unfamiliar words and view the file in the Finder, make notes in the calendar, just by touching the display.

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The second-generation butterfly keyboard is more comfortable, responsive and automatically lifts up and down without effort or delay.

MacBook Retina

The female version, as it differs in incredible lightness and diminutiveness. Presented by 4 models of delicate colors, the presence of one USB-C port for recharging and a headset (sold separately).


Interaction with Windows

There are no difficulties in working with Windows applications. Mac is capable of adapting and converting any format. You can even install Windows on a MacBook. All data in any format from your old computer is transferred losslessly and error-free to Mac.

What is the difference between a MacBook and a laptop

MacBook is the same laptop, but with a pedigree. Apple is rigid about the quality of its own products, so this model is a priori considered as more technological, functional and practical. Although the test results do not show any critical differences, they do exist. Mainly:

  • Manufacturer brand.
  • Own operating system. Unlike Windows laptops, MacBooks have a more reliable Mac OS X operating system.
  • Price. This point is basic. MacBook laptops are priced at least two or three times higher than identical laptop configurations.
  • Fast sync with Apple products.
  • Guaranteed protection and technical support.

In other words, Macbook is a brand with high-quality technical stuffing, much more expensive than its counterparts.

On the other hand, laptop computers are in high demand. This is due to the fact that they entered the market earlier and have some qualities not inherent in Mac:

  • Computer and laptop remain the best gaming platform, simple and easy to use.
  • A laptop with the MS Windows operating system has the advantage of being backward compatible, i.e. new operating systems can run on older models and vice versa (with some exceptions).

What is a MacBook and how it differs from a regular laptop

Apple is one of the most famous technologies on the market. Laptops have gone a long way from the Macintosh Portable to the latest MacBook ranges with Renita displays, touchpads and fingerprint readers.

MacBook is the name of a line of portable computers that includes several varieties of models (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and other Yabloko products). In fact, this is the same laptop only from the branded manufacturer Apple, which guarantees and provides excellent quality, functionality, performance.

MacBook Air

up to 115 490 rubles.

MacBook Pro

The choice for professionals. Apple has one of the most productive laptops in the lineup. Like the previous model, it has four models, an improved trackpad and a new butterfly keyboard, as well as a Touch Bar and Touch ID fingerprint scanner. This device is unique, as it alone has such a filling.


Design and material

The design has changed throughout the existence of this line. In 2006, the original polycarbonate was available in two colors: white and black. Unlike the rest of Apple’s gadgets, Macs were the first to have glossy screens, a non-mechanical latch and a recessed keyboard. Although the manufacturers did not completely deviate from the working design of the products and made the novelty in a laconic minimalist style.

In 2008, the Yabloko players delighted the fans of the line with a cheap MacBook representative, which was made using the Unibody technology. The chassis of these notebooks is made from a single piece of aluminum. This explains its cheapness relative to other models.

At the beginning of its life, the line underwent some changes that remain unchanged after a dozen years. back in 2007, the keyboard design changed, the logo was removed from the start buttons and a keyboard shortcut for multimedia control was added, copied from the iMac.

Each new generation of laptops is thinner by a few millimeters. MacBook is one of the most convenient, lightest and thinnest portable devices. The latest model is 13.1 mm thick and weighs less than one kilogram.

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