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Early retirement of mothers with many children

The new law provides for the possibility of early retirement for mothers with many children with three or four children. This change was adopted at the suggestion of the President, voiced in an address to the citizens of the Russian Federation on August 29, 2018. Vladimir Putin noted the need to provide such a benefit to mothers with many children according to the following scheme:

  • if a woman has three children, then she will be able to issue pension payments 3 years earlier than the generally established retirement age;
  • if there are four children, then 4 years ahead of schedule;
  • in the presence of 5 or more children, the current legislation already provides for such mothers to retire at 50.

The early retirement age will be determined based on the final retirement age. i.e. from 60 years old. This means that women with many children will be able to issue payments ahead of schedule only when they reach 56/57 years old (for three / four children, respectively).

  • Women born in 1965 with 4 children will be the first to leave ahead of schedule on favorable terms (in 2021, upon reaching 56 years old, when the general retirement age for women born in 1965 will be 57 years).
  • Women born in 1966 will be able to take advantage of early payments. with 4 children also at 56 years old (they will retire in 2022, while on a general basis women born in 1966 will retire in 2024 at the age of 58, and if they have 3 children, in 2023 aged 57).

Retirement table by year for women

Woman’s date of birth How many years will retirement be postponed At what age will they retire Year of registration of pension payments
I half of 1964 0.5 55.5 II half of 2019
II half of 1964 I half of 2020
I half of 1965 1.5 56.5 II half of 2021
II half of 1965 I half of 2022
1966 3 58 2024
1967 four 59 2026
1968 five 60 2028
  • For women born in 1964, the so-called “working period” is increased by 6 months (ie until reaching 55.5 years), since they fall under the transitional provisions of the law.
  • For women born in 1965, the retirement period is postponed by 1.5 years, i.e. before reaching 56.5 years.
  • For women born in 1966 and 1967 the rate of increase in retirement age standards will be greater. an increase by 1 year annually. Payment processing for them will be postponed for 3 and 4 years, respectively.
  • Women born in 1968 and later will apply for a pension from the age of 60. the final value of the retirement age will be established for them.

Retirement Schedule by Years for Women

Date of attaining 55 years of age How many years will retirement be postponed Retirement age under the new law What year will retirement be
2018 55 2018
1st half of 2019 0.5 55.5 2nd half of 2019
2nd half of 2019 0.5 55.5 1st half of 2020
1st half of 2020 1.5 56.5 2nd half of 2021
2nd half of 2020 1.5 56.5 1st half of 2022
2021 3 58 2024
2022 four 59 2026
2023 and later five 60 2028, etc.
  • Those women who turned 55 in 2019 were subject to the transitional provisions of the new law. For them, retirement has been postponed for 6 months. they will be able to issue payments upon reaching 55.5 years (respectively, in the second half of 2019 or the first half of 2020).
  • For those who will have their 55th birthday in 2020, the increase in relation to the old standards will be 1.5 years (instead of 2 years according to the schedule proposed by the Government). They will be able to issue pension payments, respectively, in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2020, when they reach the age of 56.5 years.
  • Those who turn 55 years old in the period from 2021 to 2022 will have an intermediate value of the retirement age, taking into account an annual increase of 1 year. 58-59 years.
  • Women, who will be 55 years old in 2023 and later, will be retired already according to the final standards of the new law. at 60 years old. They will be able to issue payments starting from 2028, etc.

Seniority and retirement points requirements for retirement in 2021

By the way, with experience and retirement points, there will be more changes. like every year, more of them will be needed for retirement:

  • at least 12 years of insurance experience;
  • minimum 21 pension coefficient (point).

If a person does not have enough points or experience to retire (and there is nowhere else to get them), then such a person will have to wait another 5 years, but even then he will only be entitled to a social pension.

How old are women to retire under the new law in Russia in 2021: retirement tables by year of birth and retirement age

The transition period to increase the retirement age continues. And, given how many new nuances have appeared in determining the retirement age, now it is not so easy to answer the reader’s question: “How old is a woman retiring in Russia?”

Until the transition period is finally completed, the rules for retirement will change with the onset of each successive year. Therefore, we propose to consider in detail how many years women retire under the new law in 2021, study the table of retirement by year of birth for women, what length of service and how many points are needed to retire in Russia under the new pension reform.

Early retirement table for 37 years of experience

The early retirement of women by year of birth with a long insurance (labor) experience can be represented in the form of the following table:

Women GR 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968
Total PV 55.5 56.5 58 59 60
Preferential PV 55 56 57 58
Year of early retirement by seniority 2019 2020 2022 2024 2026 and beyond

Thus, in 2020, such a benefit (that is, having an experience of 37 or 42 years) will allow early retirement:

  • women born in 1964-1965;
  • men born in 1959-1960.

And in 2021, for their younger fellow citizens, such a benefit is not provided, since the reduction is made by 2 years relative to the retirement age set depending on the date of birth (see table).

Who is eligible for early retirement under the new legislation

Pension legislation provides for a number of situations when a woman has the right to apply for a pension without waiting for the onset of the required age.

Today this is possible for the following reasons:

  • The status of a mother with many children.
  • Work experience in the conditions of the “extreme north” and in areas equated to such.
  • Service in some units of power state structures.
  • Due to the long experience.

The possibility of early registration of pensions for mothers with many children was first given to those adopted in 2018. the law on pension reform. This applies to women with more than 3 children. This preference from the state can be considered as one of the stimulating factors for improving the demographic situation in the country.

Women living and working in the northern regions, as well as in regions equated to them, had the right to early retirement pension earlier. Today, such areas include, in whole or in part, 27 Russian regions. Since 2019 women workers in these areas are eligible to retire at age 50.

But at the same time, a prerequisite applies: the presence of a minimum experience of 15 years in the northern regions, and 20. in areas equated to such. If a woman has more than 2 children, then the amount of experience required is reduced to 12 and 17 years, respectively.

Thus, in 2021, women born in the 1st half of 1970 (i.e. at the age of 51.5 years) may enter an early retirement pension due to the development of northern work experience (15 years in the CSW or 20 years in the ISS). ).

Representatives of the peoples of the Far North have the right to retire even earlier. at 45 years old. But here, too, there is one condition: she must not live in a city or other settlement, but engage in nomadic crafts. That is, spouses of reindeer herders, hunters, traditional fishermen and whalers are included here.

Women serving in the paramilitary units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies retire early, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code.

Due to the great experience. For women who have worked 37 years or more, old-age security is assigned 2 years earlier than provided for in the schedule.

How to check how old an iPhone is?

Even without being used, the technique is destroyed by the external environment. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy the latest device models. Let’s still figure out how to check how old an iPhone is by setting the year of issue.

  • set the level of novelty of the smartphone;
  • satisfy personal curiosity;
  • make sure the seller is honest.

look at the serial number of the iPhone

It is in the serial number (CH) that all useful information is encrypted. To be more precise, it is stored on the manufacturer’s website, where you enter the CH. The link to the resource will be provided in the next section on how to check the iPhone release date. The instructions below are relevant for smartphones and tablets. Just using the iPad as an example, we will analyze all the functions, since the items in the menu of these devices are called the same.

To get started, go to the settings, then visit the “General” section. Here find the line “About this device”:


Here you can see the model. It is signed in the factory format, but if you enter it into a search engine, you will see what kind of device it is. For our purpose, find the line “Serial number”, and then copy it or rewrite it:

The CH iPhone, the release date we are looking into, is also available via iTunes. Log in to the service, select a device and visit the “Overview” tab. There will be the necessary information:

Remember also the fact that each electronic device has a serial number, with which you can check the iPhone, what year of manufacture it is, is indicated on the box. It looks like this:

As you can see, IMEI is also located in all sections. It is also suitable for our purposes. It is easier to rewrite it, since the line is composed exclusively of numbers. This is where the manipulations with the phone and its software internals end. Let’s move on to the main part.

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Good to know: there is no letter O in the serial number of Apple gadgets. Instead, only the number 0. This is done so that users do not get confused when entering.

find out the release date of the iPhone

To check the iPhone release year, go to this site. Here you need to enter the received CH in the appropriate line. Make sure the Apple category is selected above it (the default):

After that, an expanded window with information will appear. Here you see the model, as well as the 2 items we need. Here you will be able to check the year of the release of the iPhone. The age and country of production are written here. Take a look at the details:

Is my device original? If the device is displayed after entering the serial number from the link above, then it is real, since the resource is connected to the Apple database. We told how to check the iPhone for authenticity in a separate article.

Find out if “iPhone” has been used before

If you write the verification code incorrectly, then instead of the usual error message, you can get to a page informing about the denial of access to the device’s data. Do not worry. Just go back and retype. When you log in successfully, you will see an activation prompt. It will appear only if the device is new. This is how the information on the screen of a never-used Apple phone will look like:

Otherwise, you will be able to contemplate how much is left until the end of the warranty, as well as other information. It is impossible to check the iPhone production date on the official website. By the way, this method is also suitable for determining the authenticity, since only official numbers are displayed.


This is all the information on how to check what year iPhone is. There is nothing more to add here. Just find the serial number and enter it on the above site, and then read.

How to find out the amount of iPhone memory by IMEI?

  • Go to the service page in any browser, enter the 15-digit number in the “IMEI number” column, and then start the check by clicking on the “Check” button.
  • In the next moment, you will see information about the smartphone, which includes the phone model, color and memory size.

How to find out when the iPad was activated?

On iPad go to Settings-About this device. Among any useful information will be the serial number. Next, we try to break through the activation date by the serial number.

How to find out how old my iPhone is?

How to determine the release date of Apple technology by 12-digit serial number

  • the first three characters are the code of the factory that produced the device.
  • the fourth character is the half-year code in which the device was released
  • the fifth character is the code of the week of release within this half of the year
  • the sixth, seventh and eighth characters. a unique code for each device

How to find out the date when the phone was turned on?

Unfortunately, the date is not shown for all smartphones. On some devices, including Samsung, the release date of the phone can be found using the serial number, it is located under the battery and in the device settings. 6 and 7 digits from the end indicate the month and year respectively.

How to check iPhone status by name?

How do I find out the IMEI of my phone? To check the IMEI of your phone dial # and the call button on your phone. The phone’s IMEI looks like a 15-digit numeric code. The IMEI code is duplicated under the battery of your phone, on the packaging and in the warranty card.

How to find out the IMEI of the phone?

How to find out the IMEI code of your phone Open the numeric keypad on your phone and dial the code #. After that, the screen will display IMEI. If the phone is equipped with a removable battery, the IMEI number can be found by removing the back cover of the mobile phone and removing the battery.

How to find out the amount of iPhone memory by IMEI?

  • Go to the service page in any browser, enter the 15-digit number in the “IMEI number” column, and then start the check by clicking on the “Check” button.
  • In the next moment, you will see information about the smartphone, which includes the phone model, color and memory size.

How to find out the release date of your phone?

On some devices, including Samsung, the release date of the phone can be found using the serial number, it is located under the battery and in the device settings. 6 and 7 digits from the end indicate the month and year respectively.

How to find out when the iPhone was activated?

For activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “Settings”, in the “General” section, the menu item “About this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the start-up welcome screen, his serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

iPhone 6s Review!

How to find out what year the MacBook Air was released?

MacBook Air models are sorted by year, starting with the newest. Click on the model name to view detailed specifications. MacBook Air models from 2012 and later can run the latest macOS.

How to find out the release date of the phone by IMEI?

Go to Settings. About phone. See also the serial number of the device here. The IMEI (14 digits) contains information about the country of manufacture (the first 8 digits) and the serial number of the device. In some cases (if greater than 14) the last digits indicate the software version.

How to know when the iPad was released?

How to determine the release date of Apple technology by 12-digit serial number

  • the first three characters are the code of the factory that produced the device.
  • the fourth character is the half-year code in which the device was released
  • the fifth character is the code of the week of release within this half of the year
  • the sixth, seventh and eighth characters. a unique code for each device

How to find out the exact release date of an iPhone or how old it is?

Greetings to everyone and everything! The first thing you need to pay attention to is that this article will not talk about the official release date of any iPhone model (you can read about it here) in general, but about each specific device in particular. After all, as you understand, the release of devices occurs almost every day and for each iPhone, the date of its release from the factory will be individual.

The second important note is that we will figure out how to determine not only what year the iPhone is in your hands, but even its release week. Well, the third is that there will only be several ways to find out the age of the device and by combining them, you can achieve 100% reliability of the result. We will not postpone the matter indefinitely and drag animals to different places we start quickly and decisively!

However, a small preface is still necessary. Why do you need to find out all this at all. how old is he, dates, numbers? Use it and that’s it! However, not everything is so simple and here are some situations when it is necessary:

By the way, for all checks we will use the serial number (IMEI) of the iPhone (all the ways to find it out!). Which is quite convenient, because you don’t even need access to the device. when buying a used one, you can ask for it in advance, and if the gadget is still in the box, you can do without opening it. Well, now to the main thing

If the iPhone was released before 2010 (typically iPhone 4 and earlier)

For these devices, the serial number consists of 11 numbers and letters. We will only be interested in the third, fourth and fifth characters.

  • The third digit in the serial indicates the last digit of the year in which this device was manufactured.
  • The fourth and fifth digits are the ordinal number of the week this year.

To make it clearer, here’s an example: MN81412ABC1. In this case, the third digit is 8, the fourth and fifth are 14. From this we conclude that this iPhone was released at the factory in 2008 on week 14 (March 31. April 6)

Find out what year the iPhone was released by decrypting IMEI

Serial number can tell a lot of information about the device. factory, model, etc. But we are interested in the exact release date. And here it is necessary to find out which model of the gadget it is, the type of serial number and its decoding will depend on this.

After 2010 (iPhone 4S and older)

But here, everything is not as simple as in the previous example. Starting in 2010, Apple began producing devices with 12-character serial numbers.

So, in the 12-character serial number, we are only interested in the fourth and fifth characters from the beginning:

  • The 4th character means the year and half of the year in which the device was released.
  • The 5th character means the week of release in this very half of the year.

True, the whole “ambush” is that there are already not only numbers, but also letters.

Month Week code Week of year 2010 or 20202011 or 20212012 or 20222013 or 20232014 or 20242015 or 20252016 or 20262017 or 20272018 or 20282019 or 2029
C / D F / G H / J K / L M / N P / Q R / S T / V W / X Y / Z
January one one C1 F1 H1 K1 M1 P1 R1 T1 W1 Y1
January 2 2 C2 F2 H2 K2 M2 P2 R2 T2 W2 Y2
January 3 3 C3 F3 H3 K3 M3 P3 R3 T3 W3 Y3
January four four C4 F4 H4 K4 M4 P4 R4 T4 W4 Y4
February five five C5 F5 H5 K5 M5 P5 R5 T5 W5 Y5
February 6 6 C6 F6 H6 K6 M6 P6 R6 T6 W6 Y6
February 7 7 C7 F7 H7 K7 M7 P7 R7 T7 W7 Y7
February eight eight C8 F8 H8 K8 M8 P8 R8 T8 W8 Y8
March nine nine C9 F9 H9 K9 M9 P9 R9 T9 W9 Y9
March D eleven CD FD HD KD MD PD RD TD WD YD
April H fourteen CH FH HH KH MH PH RH TH WH YH
April J fifteen CJ FJ Hj KJ MJ PJ RJ TJ Wj YJ
April K sixteen CK FK HK KK MK PK RK TK Wk YK
May N eighteen CN FN HN KN MN PN RN TN WN YN
May L nineteen CL FL HL KL ML PL RL TL WL YL
July one 28 D1 G1 J1 L1 N1 Q1 S1 V1 X1 Z1
July 2 29 D2 G2 J2 L2 N2 Q2 S2 V2 X2 Z2
July 3 thirty D3 G3 J3 L3 N3 Q3 S3 V3 X3 Z3
July four 31 D4 G4 J4 L4 N4 Q4 S4 V4 X4 Z4
August five 32 D5 G5 J5 L5 N5 Q5 S5 V5 X5 Z5
August 6 33 D6 G6 J6 L6 N6 Q6 S6 V6 X6 Z6
August 7 34 D7 G7 J7 L7 N7 Q7 S7 V7 X7 Z7
August eight 35 D8 G8 J8 L8 N8 Q8 S8 V8 X8 Z8
September nine 36 D9 G9 J9 L9 N9 Q9 S9 V9 X9 Z9
September C 37 DC GC JC LC NC QC SC VC XC ZC
September D 38 DD GD JD LD ND QD SD VD XD ZD
September F 39 DF Gf JF LF NF QF SF VF XF ZF
September G 40 DG GG JG Lg NG QG SG VG XG ZG
October H 41 DH Gh JH LH NH QH SH VH XH ZH
October J 42 Dj Gj JJ LJ Nj QJ SJ VJ XJ ZJ
December T fifty DT GT JT LT NT QT ST VT XT ZT
December V 51 Dv Gv JV LV NV QV SV VV Xv ZV
  • Look at the fourth to fifth digit (letter) of your iPhone’s serial number.
  • Find (either on your own or using the search) this combination in the table.
  • Find out the exact date (year, month, week) of the device release.
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Besides the fact that I spent half a day sorting out all this data 🙂

However, if you do not trust the author and are afraid that he was mistaken somewhere, there are several more options to determine the age of the iPhone.

How to find out how old your iPhone is through special services

Fortunately, you don’t always need to look at the serial number and calculate how old your iPhone is using it. There are various services that will do all this work for you. Here are the most famous ones.

  • The date of manufacture of the iPhone can be found by going to this page and entering the serial number there. Perhaps this is the oldest and most famous service for checking. Despite the fact that everything is in a foreign language, you do not need to understand much. you indicate the IMEI in a special form and you get the result.
  • The second option is to download a special program. Coconutid. Unfortunately, there is only a version for MAC OS. this is a minus. However, in addition to iOS devices, it can be used to find out the date of birth of a MAC. Which is undoubtedly a plus.

As you can see, you can find out the release date of the iPhone in different ways. either “stretch your brain” and calculate it yourself, or trust specially designed services and programs.

In any case, no matter how you check the “age” of your iPhone, the result should be the same! If the result of the checks is different. be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will sort it out together!

Finally, a few more articles that can be useful for various detailed checks of Apple devices:

  • How to find out the date and place of purchase of a gadget. read here.
  • How to check iPhone by IMEI on the Apple website and in other services. find out here.

New version. new life

To be fair. it’s worth noting that the game was extremely raw at the time of release. However, not as terrible as it was thought. At first, it was extremely difficult to get used to new maps, models, weapons. But everything took time, and Valve got it. Hard and painstaking work was done every day. The game was balanced, changed, improved. At the same time, the players gradually began to get used to innovations. Streamers, pro players, organizations, traders have all contributed to the development of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And already then. CS shone with new colors.

When CS: GO came out, how old is CS 1.6 and CS: GO

Counter-Strike is the only game in the world that hasn’t fallen in popularity for many years. On August 21, 2012, the official release of the latest version of the game took place. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or as we used to call CS GO, which is still played by hundreds of thousands of players. Many consider this very day to be the birthday of discipline, but is it so. let’s figure it out.

Gabin’s Greatest Failure

Against the background of the continuously growing popularity of 1.6. Valve decided to release another update. Who else remembers. CS on the Source engine appeared on sale, and the game received the same name. An updated version was released on October 7, 2004. But, to everyone’s surprise, the game turned out to be a failure. It was received with hostility by both players and critics. Yes, Source also has its fans, but there was no such resonance as with 1.6.

The first signs of CS: GO

Such a masterpiece as CS 1.6. it was very difficult to knock down from the throne, and there was nothing to do with it. And Valve understood this perfectly. But time already demanded something new. And it’s not even about the players. The real problem was the hardware developers. They “swore” at Valve for the fact that because of them the players do not buy more powerful PCs.

The first rumors about a new version of the game started in mid-2011. Then, at one of the tournaments, TaFa, one of the best CS commentators in history, mentioned this. The official release of the game took place on August 21, 2012. But, as in the case of Source, everyone took it with hostility. Professionals refused to leave 1.6, commentators refused to work. And then Valve went to extremes. All CS 1.6 tournaments have been canceled, any sponsorship has been discontinued. Cybersport organizations were simply left with no choice but to switch to a new game.

How many years has a full-fledged Counter-Strike been?

It has already been said above that Counter-Strike received the status of a full-fledged game in 2000. But not all at once. Whatever one may say, but the game was raw, in every sense. Then the developers began to release updates, or, as they are popularly called, versions of the game. CS 1.1 and 1.2 were popular. After them, there were the failures of CS 1.3 and 1.4. One could put an end to this, but quite unexpectedly the version of CS 1.5 came out, which simply blew up the game market (then there was no esports as such). There was not one gamer who would not have heard about CS: GO, there was not one critic who could find fault with something. The story could have ended there, but in 2003 Counter-Strike was updated to version 1.6, which, by the way, still exists and which, even today, is very popular.

Is CS: GO dying and is it possible at all

The most offensive thing is that Valve stopped paying attention to ordinary people. For 7 years, players have been asking the company to somehow try to resist cheaters. And this task is quite feasible. There are far fewer cheaters on the Faceit league than in MM, and on ESEA there are no cheaters at all. Can’t Valve, with its resources and capabilities, do anything? There are also other acute problems, but nothing kills CS: GO like third-party software.

Whether CS can die. we do not know. Probably not, because in any case, she will have fans who have been playing for 2 decades. And if Valve takes their minds and begins to listen to the community, set a tick rate of 128 and solve the problem of cheats, the game will get a second wind, and it will be impossible to stop its development.

What is Counter-Strike

The question is, in part, stupid, because 90% of those surveyed will answer that this is a game. But this is not entirely correct. Even many oldfags don’t remember that Counter-Strike began not as an independent game, but as a mod for the Half-Life game. Minh Le and Jess Cliff (not Gaben, as many believed) are the names of the founding fathers of the series. Like everything ingenious. the idea of ​​creating a mod fell on his head like snow on his head in 1999. The idea, to the guys, seemed so brilliant that they made their fantasies come true in a few months. And only then, in 2000, Gabe and Valve offered cooperation to young developers and bought intellectual property rights from them.

So, in part, 2000 can be considered the real birthday of Counter-Strike, when the already modified and independent Counter-Strike game went on sale already under the Valve logo.

So how old is CS 1.6 and CS: GO

It is not up to us to decide whether the age is correct from the middle of the series, or not. It’s just that everyone makes their own choice. We are just stating a fact.

  • So, if we count only CS: GO, then the game, at the moment, is almost 7 years old.
  • If we take a more correct count, since the appearance of 1.6, then the game is 16.
  • If we count from the very appearance of the game, as such, then she is 19 years old.
  • And 20 years have passed since the inception of the idea of ​​Counter-Strike and the release of the first version, as a mod in half-Life.

This, my friends, the story of everyone’s beloved CS: GO has come to an end. We hope that it was also pleasant for you to walk through the joyful memories. Or vice versa, learn something new, about everyone’s favorite game.

Determining the age of the iPhone

If your iPhone is a hand-bought purchase, then you will certainly be interested in the date of its manufacture. Firstly, sellers can deceive you in order to pass off an ancient device for a more recent one. Secondly, even if outwardly the iPhone looks great, this does not mean that it has not been actively used. Remember that the battery of the device is designed for 300 full charge and discharge cycles, after which it begins to gradually die. Therefore, knowing the age of your iPhone is very important.

Today we will tell you how to find out the date of manufacture and activation of the device. To do this, you do not need to know any additional information other than the serial number of the iPhone. By the way, everything written below is also relevant for the iPod Touch.

For those who have not held an iPhone in their hands, but really want to buy it, we explain how to find out the iPhone serial directly upon purchase. Find the silver “Settings” icon on one of the desktops of the device and click on it:

Scroll down and select the first item in the third section of settings. “General”, click on it, then select the top item. “About device”. Scroll down to the “Serial number” item and you will see an 11-character code like:

92 9 KST4NS

We are interested in the third, fourth and fifth digits of this serial number. The third digit shows the year of manufacture. 7. 2007, 8. 2008, etc.

The fourth and fifth digits are the serial number of the week of production of the device. This number can take values ​​from 01 to 52.

Now you can easily determine that the iPhone with the above serial number was manufactured in the 29th week of 2009, i.e. in the period from 13 to 19 July.

If you are interested, the first two digits of the serial are the identifier of the plant where the device was assembled, and the last six are a code unique for each device.

For reference, here is the 2009 calendar with week numbers:

That’s not all. You can also check the legality of the iPhone by the serial number. Go to and enter your serial. The location you choose in the list below does not play a special role.

Follow the link See full coverage details:

If the iPhone has never been activated, which is quite possible if it is locked, then you will see an error like Please activate your iPhone. We are unable to display coverage details because your iPhone has not been activated.

Successful purchases of iPhone and no less successful use of it;) Don’t let sellers fool you.

How long does it take to charge iPhone?

Hello everyone! It would seem that the answer to this question is quite simple and you need to charge the iPhone exactly as long as the charge is full and its indicator stays on near the battery icon. As soon as the battery indicator “turned green” and filled completely. that’s all, you can safely disconnect the charger.

However, there is another side to the issue. For example, some users want to know the exact number of hours and minutes that the iPhone should be on charge. And they have the right to do so. such data is never superfluous. Also, especially often I am asked about how much should be recharged new, just bought iPhone.

In general, I can only explain all this fuss about “charging duration” by the fact that some kind of magic is still hovering around the iPhone. Beginners are afraid of doing something wrong and damaging the device in any way, even when it comes to something as simple as recharging. Looking ahead, I can note that this is almost impossible. But first things first, let’s start!

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The first thing to note is that the charging time, even for two identical iPhones, will never be 100% the same. The rate of filling with energy depends on many factors, and here are some of them:

  • How strongly the battery is initially filled.
  • Is the original wire used (power supply).
  • Where does the power come from (computer or outlet).
  • Adapter power. For example, Apple officially allows the use of an iPad unit when charging an iPhone. And of course, in this case everything will go much faster.
  • Is the smartphone in airplane mode, connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, etc.

So if your friend’s phone charges in 2 hours, and your phone takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, then this in no way means that you have a marriage, and you should run to change it under warranty.

However, there are some average iPhone charging times:

Average charging time
Adapter included Power of 5 watts, current of 1 ampere Power of 18 watts
iPhone 4, 4S, 5 1 hour 40 minutes
iPhone 5S, 5C 1 hour 50 minutes
iPhone 5SE, 6, 6S 2 hours 10 minutes
iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus 3 hours 30 minutes
iPhone 7 2 hours 20 minutes
iPhone 7 Plus 3 hours 40 minutes
iPhone 8 2 hours 10 minutes
iPhone 8 Plus 3 hours 30 minutes
iPhone X 3 hours 30 minutes
iPhone XS 3 hours 20 minutes
iPhone XS Max 3 hours 50 minutes
iPhone XR 3 hours 40 minutes
iPhone 11 3 hours 50 minutes
iPhone 11 Pro 1 hour 45 minutes
iPhone 11 Pro Max 2 hours
iPhone 12 mini 1 hour 30 minutes
iPhone 12 1 hour 45 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro 1 hour 45 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro Max 2 hours

A few important notes about this table:

  • This means how long charging takes from 0 to 100%.
  • Some models were combined into one line due to the fact that their battery capacity differs very slightly, and it makes no sense to verify the time with an accuracy of minutes.
  • The data is indicated using a standard (supplied) power supply. Updated! As we know, with the release of the iPhone 12, Apple changed the package contents. there is no more charging. Despite this, for a correct comparison with previous models, the charging time of the iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Pro Max) will also be calculated taking into account the “standard” Apple 18 Watt adapter.
  • All figures are approximate, just for guidance. You can have more or less.

A useful feature! Useful for those who want to charge faster. use airplane mode. In places with an uncertain signal of the cellular network, such an operation will help speed up the process by 20-30%.

  • Up to 80% of the iPhone has a so-called fast charge, the next 20% is recruited much slower.
  • How long does it take to charge new and newly purchased iPhones? The same as those already used. Without any frills and perversions (like fully charged three times, then discharged to the end, etc.). Modern batteries do not need such calibrations.
  • When you reach a full charge, you do not need to run and turn it off in a hurry. Nothing terrible will happen. special controllers are built into the iPhone itself, the power supply and even the wire, which will not allow the smartphone to “oversaturate” with energy and thus deteriorate.
  • iPhone can be charged many times. Not even that. Many times! Why? Read personal experience about how, after 2.5 years of use, I checked the state of the battery of my iPhone and what happened to it.

Conclusion: charge the iPhone as much as it (and most importantly, you!) Needs.

Do not chase accurate indicators and do not complicate your life. use the device for your own pleasure. iPhone should bring joy, and not create additional “troubles” 🙂

Finally, I highly recommend reading this article. It describes several simple (but most useful!) Actions that will greatly extend the life and preserve the battery capacity of your smartphone. I think you should definitely try!

How much did a car cost in showrooms 6 years ago and how the price has changed by 2020

Which brands have risen in price more than others? Let’s compare the of 13 cars and laugh (through tears). Only 6 years have passed, but like an eternity. It seems that we can forever forget about oil for 100 and a dollar for 30. No matter how we have to get used to a completely opposite situation, when oil costs 30 and a dollar is 100.

Minimum salary from 998,000 to 1,741,000 rubles, maximum salary from 1,519,000 to 2,719,000 rubles

year 2014. 2 liters (150 hp), 6АКПП “Standart” equipment was sold for 998,000 rubles. The most stuffed equipment “Lux” with a 3.5-liter engine (249 hp) cost 1,519,000 rubles.

2020 year. Now 2 liters (150 hp) with 6АКПП in a modest “Standart” will cost 1,741,000 rubles, and the maximum with a V6 3.5 liters will cost 2,719,000 rubles.

Total: for six years, the minimum equipment is 998,000 rubles (74%), the maximum 1 200,000 rubles (79%).

Minimum salary from 995,000 to 1,885,000 rubles, maximum salary from 1,568,000 to 2,785,000 rubles in 2014. “Standard”. 2 liters, front-wheel drive, mechanics. Only 995,000 rubles. For “Prestige Plus” they asked for 1,568,000 rubles (2.5 liters of 6АКПП and 4х4).

2020 year. now start at 1.885,000 rubles. For 2 liters (149 hp) 6MKPP and front-wheel drive. Amazing. Pay almost two million for a car on a “stick”. The maximum “Prestige Plus” with all-wheel drive, 2.5 liters (199 hp), automatic and leather interior will cost 2 785 000 rubles.

Total: min 890,000 rubles (89%), max 1,217,000 rubles (78%).

Minimum salary from 1,723,000 to 2,656,000 rubles, maximum salary from 2,936,000 to 4,787,000 rubles The Prado in the minimum configuration had the smallest price increase in 6 years (among foreign cars).

year 2014. Then the started from 1,723,000 rubles for gasoline 2.7 liters (163 hp) with a 5MKPP. The most “stuffing” with a machine gun and a 282 hp engine. sold for 2,936,000 rubles.

2020 year. Now the minimum salary is the same. 2.7 liters (163 hp) with a 5MKPP, only they say that such complete sets are not available anywhere and will have to wait six months. Maximum speed. 4 liters (249 hp) with a gun will cost 4,787,000 rubles.

Total: min RUB 933,000 (54%), max RUB 1,851,000 (63%).

Minimum salary from 669,000 to 1,189,000 rubles, maximum from 919,000 to 1,539,000 rubles in 2014. The most budgetary version of the “drum” 1.6 liter 6MKPP then sold for 669,000 rubles, and the most sophisticated 2 liters 6MKPP for 919,000 rubles. The top speed cost less than a million!

2020 year. “Comfort” still consists of a 1.6 liter engine (128 hp) and a manual box. “GT Line Plus” 2 liters (150 hp) with a gun and a price tag of 1,539,900 rubles.

Total: min 520,000 rubles (78%), max 620,000 rubles (67%).

Minimum salary from 499,900 to 814,900 rubles, maximum salary from 679,900 to 1,169,900 rubles in 2014. 5MKPP 1.4 liters (107 hp) in the sedan body started at 499,900 rubles. The model with all the bells and whistles did not cost much more. 679,900 rubles (1.6 4AT).

2020 year. Now 1.4 (100 hp) on a “stick” is sold for 814,900 rubles, and the “premium” version with 1.6 liters (123 hp) and an automatic machine for 1,169,900 rubles. Once again, 1 169 900 rubles for the Kia RIO.

Total: min 315,000 rubles (63%), max 490,000 rubles (72%).

Minimum salary from 925,000 to 1,620,000 rubles, maximum salary from 1,250,000 to 2,424,000 rubles in 2014. Complete set “Drive”. ​​2 liters (150 hp) with mechanics cost 925,000 rubles in 2014. The version of the “Supreme” with a 2.5-liter engine (192 hp) and an automatic machine was sold for 1,250,000 rubles.

2020 year. In the sixth episode, the mechanics disappeared. Now the lower price tag for cars has risen and they start selling from 1,620,000 rubles. “Drive” includes 2 liters (150 hp) 6АКПП. For a car with a 2.5-liter engine (231 hp), the salon will ask for 2,424,000 rubles.

Total: min 695,000 rubles (75%), max 1,174,000 rubles (94%). And this is almost a twofold rise in price, but there will be one car lower, which has grown even more.

Minimum salary from 314,000 to 483,900 rubles, maximum salary from 477,500 to 677,800 rubles in 2014. The new five-door Grana in the minimum configuration cost only 314,000 rubles. For this money, there was a 1.6 engine (87 hp) and an airbag for the driver. Option “Lux” 1.6 (106 hp), automatic (!) And two airbags at once. This “Lux” cost 477,500 rubles.

2020 year. The cheapest equipment has not changed. 1.6 (87 hp) one pillow for 483 900 rubles. The most expensive 1.6 liter (98 hp somewhere they shared eight horses) with a four-speed automatic for 677 800 rubles.

Total: min 169 900 rubles (54%), max 200 300 rubles (42%).

In the car, nothing has changed except the price. It used to be 459,000 rubles, now it is 738,000 rubles in 2014. The simplest version of the classic car included a 1.7 liter (80 hp) engine and a 5MT. The rest of the configuration did not change anything significant. The price tag started at 459,000 rubles

2020 year. Everything is stable here. The ideal needs no improvement. Only now the 1.7-liter engine (80 hp) and the 5MT cost 738,000 rubles.

Total: investments in “Niva” would have brought 279,000 rubles in 6 years (60%).

Minimum salary from 461,100 to 847,900 rubles, maximum salary from 624,400 to 1,264,900 rubles in 2014. The most budgetary option was in the “Trendline” package. 1.6 (105 HP) 5MT. In January 2014 all pleasure cost 461,100 rubles. Complete set “Style” with a gun would cost 624,400 rubles.

2020 year. At Volkswagen, everything went up very much. for the new Polo start at 847,900 rubles. This is for 90 hp. and “stick”. For a 125 hp motor and 7АКПП are already asking 1,264,900 rubles. And this is without any additional options (standard 2 front airbags).

Total: min 386 800 rubles (84%), max 640 500 rubles (103%).

Minimum salary from 899,000 to 1,779,000 rubles, maximum salary from 1,323,000 to 2,679,000 rubles in 2014. Those seem incredible. Completion “TrendFun” with 1.4 TSI (122 hp) and 6MKPP cost 899,000 rubles. The most expensive and richest petrol version was called “TrackStyle”. 2 liters (200 hp) and 6-automatic transmission at the price of 1,323,000 rubles.

2020 year. Only 6 years have passed and Tiguan are already sold from 1,779,000 rubles for 125 hp. and 6MKPP. The most sophisticated version of “Sportline” will cost 2 679 000 rubles for the robot and 220 hp.

Total: min 880,000 rubles (98%), max 1,356,000 rubles (102%).

Minimum salary from 355,000 to 577,000 rubles, maximum salary from 515,000 to 840,990 rubles in 2014. The legendary package was called “Access”. The car was sold at a price of 355,000 rubles. 1.6 (82 hp) and five-speed mechanics. The most expensive option. “Luxe Privilege” cost 515,000 rubles and was supplied with 1.6 (102 hp) and the same mechanics.

2020 year. The same “Access” with 82 hp. now it costs 577,000 rubles, and in the most expensive version there was 4АКПП, but the price tag became 840,990 rubles.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S. Full Comparison

Total: min 222,000 rubles (66%), max 325,990 rubles (63%).

Minimum salary from 488,000 to 840,000 rubles, maximum salary from 787,000 to 1,230,000 rubles in 2014. The unpronounceable “Authentique” package included a 1.6 liter (102 hp) engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. It all cost 488,000 rubles. For wealthy citizens there was “Luxe Privilege”. 2 liters (135 hp) and 4АКПП. For only 787,000 rubles.

2020 year. On the official website for 1.6 (114 hp) with MT5 and ends at 1,230,000 rubles for 2 liters (143 hp) with 4АКПП. Renault Duster for 1.2 million!

Total: min 352,000 rubles (72%), max 443,000 rubles (46%).

Minimum salary from 1,310,000 to 2,454,100 rubles, maximum salary from 2,060,000 to 4,400,000 rubles in 2014. Then they sold a modest version of the 316i Special Edition with 136 hp. at the price of 1,310,000 rubles, and for the powerful version 335i (306 hp) the mechanics asked for only (now it will be a little sad) 2,060,000 rubles.

2020 year. Today the most affordable car of the third series 318i Special Edition will cost 2,454,100 rubles. 2 liters (156 hp) and an automatic. The maximum configuration is “M340i xDrive” (387 hp) and the price tag for it starts at 4,400,000 rubles.

Total: min 1,144,100 rubles (87%), max 2,340,000 rubles (113%).

PS In the first three quarters of 2020, cars have already risen in price by 12%. It is unlikely that our cars will become cheaper further. It is not very pleasant when, due to a change in the exchange rate of someone else’s currency, the citizens of a huge country experience sharp changes in their s.