How to add apps to Apple Watch

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Connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

First, check if Bluetooth is turned on on the iPhone. Connect the watch to the mains to recharge. Turn on your Apple Watch (press and hold the side button under the Digital Crown until the Apple logo appears). Choose your Apple Watch interface language.

To pair your watch and phone:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone;
  • Click “Start pairing”;
  • Point the phone camera at the watch so that the Apple Watch display falls into the yellow outline that appears on the iPhone screen;
  • The watch will connect to the iPhone and you will continue to either set the watch as new (or restore a copy from a backup, if you have already used the watch and made backups);
  • Choose on which wrist you will wear the watch;
  • Agree to the iTunes terms of use;
  • Enter your Apple ID;
  • Click “OK” on the next 3 pages with information about location services, “Siri” and diagnostics;
  • Set a password. The password must be entered on the Apple Watch;
  • Indicate whether you want the watch to be unlocked at the same time as the iPhone;
  • Choose how you want to install applications. If the applications on your iPhone have versions for watches, then they can all be installed automatically, or you can later independently install only the programs you need;
  • Wait for the devices to sync.

How to Install, Arrange, and Delete Apps on the Apple Watch

How to control Apple Watch

Apple Watch is controlled with a single physical button, Digital Crown, touchscreen and Siri voice assistant.

The button is used to call the “Friends” application and to turn on / off the watch. The Digital Crown is a kind of Home button. Pressing the wheel returns you to the home screen, double-clicking returns to the last running application, and rotating the Digital Crown changes the scale.

The Apple Watch was the first Apple device to feature a Force Touch screen. This means that in addition to the usual touches and swipes (smooth movements of the fingers across the screen), the watch understands the force of pressing. Depending on how strong the touch was, the watch reacts differently.

Voice assistant “Siri” will help you send a message, make a call, add an appointment to your calendar, and much more. To launch “Siri” you need to hold down the “Digital Crown”.

Almost all device settings can be made using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Tips for Apple Watch Newbies

Here are 10 tips for Apple Watch newbies. Apple Watch is a complete computer on your wrist. This small device can do a lot and its capabilities are constantly expanding. Below is a short list of tips and information to help you get started with your Apple Watch. So, our 10 tips for Apple Watch newbies!

Change the look of the watch face

To replace and adjust the dial, do the following:

  • Press firmly on the set dial;
  • Use swipes to select the desired watch face.

If you want to further customize the watch face, then click “Customize”. The dial setting menu consists of 3 pages: detail, color, additional information. Use swipes left or right to move between pages, and use the Digital Crown to adjust / change; After completing the setup, click on “Digital Crown”.

For installation:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone;
  • In the “My Watch” tab, scroll down the list to the application you need;
  • Click on the name of the application;
  • In the menu that opens, activate the option “Show application on Apple Watch”;
  • Confirm app installation on watch.

To uninstall the program, you must turn off the “Show application on Apple Watch” option or use the method familiar to everyone from the iPhone. Hold your finger on the Apple Watch desktop for a few seconds, when all the icons start to “shake” click on the cross next to the application to uninstall.

Bring! Shopping List

apps, apple, watch

Bring! Shopping List has a minimalistic interface and allows you to create visual shopping lists, as well as sync lists with other users.

All products are divided into categories and are visually presented in the form of cards, a long press on which allows you to add a description, as well as mark the number of products required. There is an opportunity to make additional cards outside the presented list.

You can create and share shopping lists with family, colleagues or friends.

On the Apple Watch screen, the list is displayed as icons with a description. Clicking on each item “closes” the purchase. Managing such a list from the watch is easier and more convenient than holding a smartphone in your hands while shopping.

Pros: Convenience and ease of use make grocery shopping as efficient as possible. No more endless “SMS-sheets” from your spouse. Unlike “Buy a loaf!” the Swiss counterpart can be used absolutely free.

Cons: the lack of Russian language, despite many requests in the App Store.


With the help of fine, convenient settings in the program, you can choose a visual representation, select the days of the week, the exact time, frequency and even the sound of reminders. In addition, integration with Apple Health allows you to add tasks-habits for physical activity, the data will be calculated automatically.

In total, 6 basic habits can be added. The restriction was made by the developers on purpose so that attention was focused on completing just a few goals, and the user’s passion did not quickly fade away.

Apple Watch displays reminders to close a task, what effect it will have, and a complete list of selected habits.

It is curious that in case of continuous successful completion of the task, the program will offer to increase the load. For example, after I walked more than 5 thousand steps every day (one of the selected habits) for a week, Streaks suggested increasing the load to 6 thousand.

Pros: User-friendly customizable interface and progress statistics with an indicative percentage of fulfillment of each habit (on iPhone). Motivates to be better!

Cons: the application can be scared off by the price, in the App Store you can find free analogues, which, unfortunately, are not so colorful and convenient.

Just Press Record

Surprisingly, Siri on Apple Watch does not allow you to take voice notes, prompting you to open the corresponding program on the iPhone (game!). Therefore, an absolutely logical step is to install a convenient simple dictaphone Just Press Record, with which you can save important data (ideas, important thoughts) on the fly.

Turning on the voice recorder on Apple Watch is literally one touch, it is possible to record in the background. In this case, the data is automatically transferred to the iPhone.

Pros: simple and convenient. ICloud entries automatically sync across all devices in your account.

Cons: cost. Can’t change the title of recordings using Apple Watch.

CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather shows detailed weather information, sunrise / sunset times, visibility, humidity and pressure. But the main feature of the application is the sarcastic humor of the built-in robot and flexible setting of information on the watch.

In contrast to the built-in weather application, Carrot Weather allows you to choose the type of data that is displayed on the watch screen (temperature, humidity, temperature “feels like”, cloudiness, probability of precipitation).

After a new update that arrived this week, Carrot Weather allows you to change the app icon (on the iPhone) and fine-tune the information slots in AW.

Pros: nice visual customizable interface, many different options, great humor, the rigidity of which can be customized (not everyone can be satisfied when the program starts to address the user “meatbag”).

Cons: no Russian language. “Eats” a clock battery, AW series 3 with Carrot Weather installed works instead of 3 days, only 2 days. High cost paid subscription (!).

Yandex translator

Directly from the clock, you can dictate the text and get its instant translation.

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The iPhone application allows you to download the required offline language pack, thanks to which the translation can be carried out without a network connection. Packet size. 20-80 MB.

Pros: simple, convenient, free. Saving traffic abroad is always a pleasure!

really GOOD apps for Apple Watch

A small guide to the best and most useful Apple Watch apps in 2018 that will bring new conveniences to life, can motivate or just cheer you up.

Some of the applications can be downloaded for free. Drove!

How to share activity data

The Activity program allows you to exchange results with your family, friends, coach, etc. To do this, on the iPhone in the “Activity” application, add favorites to the list of contacts, and then open “Activity” on the watch and swipe to the left.

You can view another user’s metrics by clicking on their name. In addition, the user will receive a notification if someone from the added contacts completes all 3 goals in the “Activity” or receives a reward for achieving.

How to set up notifications and reminders for the Activity app

The types of reminders and notifications related to the user’s daily activity are set in the iOS Watch application along the My Watch path. section “Activity”.

What are Achievements in the Activity app?

The Activity app on your smartphone has the Achievements tab.

For the fulfillment of certain goals, as well as for setting personal records, the user is awarded various awards in the form of animated icons.

Everything about “Activity” on Apple Watch in detail: how it works, setting and explanation

The Apple Watch allows its wearers to track different types of activity. For this purpose, the device provides an excellent assistant. the “Activity” application. With its help, users will be able to track the time of physical activity, exercise, as well as observe changes in indicators.

In addition, the app allows you to receive motivating notifications, set three types of daily goals, assess your progress in the training process and share your achievements with your friends.

To view the activity, click the program icon of the same name on the Apple Watch home screen.

How to change goals in the Activity app

To change the daily movement goal, you must forcefully press on any screen of the watch in the “Activity” application.

How movement and exercise points are awarded in the Activity app

The Activity program provides exercise and movement scores. To achieve your daily exercise and movement goals, every full minute of movement is counted with an intensity comparable to brisk walking. For wheelchair users, the number of quick pushing of the wheels is counted.

It is worth considering that for the correct scoring when walking, you need to make sure that the hand with the Apple Watch is always in motion. At the same time, this condition is optional if you are using the Training program, as in this case the accelerometer data, heart rate sensor and GPS (on Apple Watch or iPhone) are involved.

The Workout program is on the home screen of your watch. Apple Watch series 2 or later does not require an iPhone during exercise (as a GPS source).

What do the rings mean in the Activity app

The app calculates the number of steps, calories burned, and time spent on the move throughout the day and provides a ring-shaped report of the results.

To get more detailed information on each of the rings displaying motion data, swipe (swipe) up.

Indicators are displayed in three sections-rings. “Mobility”, “Exercises”, “With warm-up”.

The “Mobility” ring contains data on the number of calories burned so far.

The “Exercise” ring shows how many minutes the activity was intense.

The warm-up ring will help you find out the number of hours when the user got up and moved for at least one minute. Users with disabilities can indicate that they are using a wheelchair, then the Warm Up icon will be presented as a Roll and will display the number of hours the user has been moving quickly in the wheelchair for at least a minute.

Where to view your workout (activity) history

A detailed history of all workouts can be found in the Workouts tab in the Activity app on iPhone.

It will also show workouts tracked by third-party apps such as Runtastic.

Apple Watch How to Download Apps (Series 6 & Prior)

Adding other sources of activity tracking apps is done in the Health app on the iPhone.

How to add or remove a watch face on Apple Watch

Apple Watch has a huge selection of watch faces that you can install on your Smart Watch, edit and customize for yourself. Unfortunately, not all users are aware of this. Therefore, we decided to tell everything in detailed instructions.

Apple offers a wide range of watch faces for Apple Watch, any of which can be designed by you to suit your needs. as soon as your imagination wishes, building on existing elements. Almost all watch faces have the ability to add useful widgets and thus not only redesign the look of your Apple Watch, but also make them as useful as possible.

Apple’s watchOS 7 update adds a new look for the Apple Watch. the Chronograph Pro with a built-in total station. Plus, you can now download new watch faces from social media, the App Store, and profile websites. Finally, you do not need to download all sorts of applications to install a new dial from outside.

If you are someone who loves to create: it will be useful for you to learn how to make your own watch face and share it with your friends or family. By the way, the ability to share watch faces appeared recently in watchOS 7. So. go for it and surprise your family!

However, we do not recommend installing beta software on your Apple Watch as it may contain bugs.

The plethora of settings and configurations, as well as the ability to switch between watch faces at will, does not mean that everyone who owns an Apple Watch will be able to use all of the watch faces. For example, the Toy Story watch face is not available to everyone.

How to add a watch face to Apple Watch using iPhone:

  • First of all, you need to open the “Clock” application on your iPhone.
  • Then go to the gallery of watch faces.
  • A list of watch faces will appear in front of you. From it you can choose the one you like and install on your smart watch.
  • If you click on the dial of interest, you can edit it as you wish: add new elements, delete unnecessary ones. In addition, after the final setup, you can edit the dial right on Apple Watch.
  • After that you need to click the “Add” button.

How to add a new watch face to Apple Watch:

  • First of all, you need to perform a forced long touch to bring up the watch face gallery on your smartwatch.
  • Then flick your fingers horizontally across the screen several times in the menu with a new gray plus sign. We tap on the plus.
  • Choosing the cover you are interested in.
  • When creating a watch face, add the necessary widgets to it.

Note: In watchOS 7, you can share a watch face you create by clicking the share sign at the bottom of your Apple Watch. Just when the window opens, enter the contact of the person you want and the message attached to the watch face. Read more about watchOS 7 features here.

How to remove a watch face on an Apple Watch using an iPhone:

  • Launch the Clock app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab.
  • Then select the “Edit” link. It’s next to the “My Watch Faces” tab.
  • After selecting the desired watch face, simply click on the “-” next to it.
  • Remove the dial.

How to remove a watch face directly from Apple Watch:

  • Open the gallery of watch faces with one long touch on the main watch face.
  • Scroll horizontally to find the dial you want.
  • Swipe it up.
  • Remove the watch face from Apple Watch.

The watch face will be immediately removed from the gallery. If the current watch face is the one that is being deleted, another one from your list will be selected and used instead.

In both cases of deletion using an Apple Watch or iPhone, your deletion only removes that particular watch face configuration, not all versions. For example, if the same watch face is used with two different sets of widgets for different tasks, then only one of those watch faces will be deleted. Others can be found in the gallery.

We hope we’ve helped you figure out how to install watch faces on your Apple Watch. In the event of a breakdown or any questions regarding the repair of your Smartwatch, please contact our iLab certified service center.

Installing Third-Party WhatsApp Clients on Apple Watch 3.4

As is often the case, if something is missing on Apple products in terms of software, then usually third-party developers take over this business.

This is what happened with clients for WhatsApp, there are a lot of them and they will be able to suit you during the absence of the official version. Installation of any analog is as follows:

  • go to the Watch application on your iPhone (if it is not there, install it from the App Store);
  • click on the Search tab and then write in the WhatsApp line;
  • a list of “WhatsApp” clients appeared in front of you, you can install any one you like (there are both paid and free);

This way you get a smaller version of the app on your watch. Now, you can do the things you are used to, only now it is on the clock.

The only thing I didn’t find was the information about the calls. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, or you can receive calls and talk on the watch.

How to set up WhatsApp on Apple Watch 3.4?

I want to start right away with some basic information and say that the official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch simply does not exist. Therefore, there are two options for the development of events: you receive notifications about messages as a standard option, or you install a third-party program and get a mini version of the VotsAp application.

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Let’s consider both options in turn.

How to Install WhatsApp on Apple Watch 3.4?

Apple Watch is an indispensable companion if you have an iPhone in stock. Such a bundle of devices simplifies life at times, because you start to take your smartphone out of your much less often.

Despite the fact that Apple’s smart watches are the most popular in the world, there are still some drawbacks, and one of them is related to the WhatsApp application.

Today we will discuss how you can install WatsApp on your Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and other models. It will be very useful and most importantly. interesting.

How to enable WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch 3.4?

If you do not want to install anything third-party, then you can limit yourself to the most standard notifications that work by default after installing WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Standard WhatsApp notification on Apple Watch

That is, you will simply see when a message comes to you and from whom. You will not be able to answer the call, but you can see the information about the incoming call.

Everything should work by default, without unnecessary settings. But if, nevertheless, something went wrong and you do not receive notifications about calls or messages, then the last part of the article is for you.

WhatsApp messages / call not showing on Apple Watch 3.4. Not receiving notifications

Many users are complaining more and more often that sometimes notifications of messages or calls from the WhatsApp application do not arrive at all. If you encounter such a problem, just follow these steps:

    Standard notifications. First, make sure the alerts are enabled in the app. To do this, go to Settings. Notifications. find WhatsApp and open this item, make sure that Notification admission is active.

Settings. Notifications. WhatsApp. Allow Notifications

In addition to all this, you can separately go to the application and make personalized notifications with different parameters.

If these points did not help return notifications to you, that we simply break the pair (completely disconnect the watch from the iPhone) and create a pair again.

Finally, I would like to add about the “Do not disturb” item. If it is active on the watch, then for sure you will not receive notifications.

How to add music to Apple Watch

Not all owners of the Apple Watch gadget know that a miniature wrist device is capable of not only performing direct functions of time control during sports training, but also playing melodies. With its help, it is not yet possible to listen to music selections online. First you need to add the selected songs to the device’s memory.

The problem is solved by importing a Playlist from iPhone virtual storage. After syncing the smartphone with the compact exercise gadget, the music is automatically transferred to the wrist device.

You can use dedicated iPhone apps such as Music or Spotify to download a selection of ringtones to your Smartwatch.

How to choose a workout playlist on Apple Watch

Many users are used to training with the same music. To add an exercise album to your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  • open the Watch program on your smartphone;
  • click on the “My watch” icon;
  • select the “Training” tab;
  • click on the “Play-list” button to replenish the library with your favorite compositions.

The added album will automatically start when you start training sessions. You can listen to a special selection of energetic tracks while exercising.

Connecting a Bluetooth headset

The sound quality of the speaker built into the Apple Smart Watch is not suitable for playing music. This level is enough just to listen to alerts.

The problem is solved by connecting Bluetooth headphones. Any headset can be used, there are no special requirements for the audio device.

The procedure is performed in the following order:

  • Enter the main menu. To do this, click on the wheel icon on the device display. Some models have the name Digital Crown on the button.
  • Open the Settings app. In the list, press the key corresponding to the Bluetooth section.
  • Select an audio device to connect to your smartwatch wirelessly. Wait for the headset to change from pairing to paired. Then you can listen to your favorite songs through headphones.

How to download music to Apple Watch

You can constantly listen to your favorite songs anywhere without a smartphone. To do this, you need to know how to download music to Apple Watch. Compact Smart Watch is a great alternative to the player.

How to use Apple Music

When adding songs to the memory of a wrist device, you need to take into account the maximum allowable size of the Playlist, which is 1 GB. To increase the quota, you will need to make the appropriate adjustments to the gadget settings. Once you open the Music app, you should increase your storage limit to 2GB. There you can also change the restrictions on the number of tracks by selecting one of the options offered. The smartwatch can listen to 15 to 250 songs.

You download music selections to your Apple Watch in the following order:

  • On your mobile phone, you need to open the Music tab. In the “My Music” section, activate the option to create a new Playlist by uploading the selected songs. For convenience, he needs to be given an original name, for example, “Melodies for cheerfulness.” To save, press the “Finish” button.
  • Connect smart watch to charger.
  • On your smartphone, in the My Watch application, open the “Music” tab. In the “Synchronized Playlist” section, select the music selection created for “Apple Watch”. Wait for the sync to complete.

Downloading melodies to your Smart-watch is not a quick procedure. Therefore, it is performed with the charger connected.

How to use Spotify on Apple Watch

A special Spotify utility is installed on Apple Watch after downloading the program to iPhone. When you start a track from a mobile phone, it opens automatically.

The function of adjusting the sound signal from the user’s wrist is also available.

The heart on the main screen of the running program allows you to add the currently playing melody to a separate Playlist. The music library is accessed by the Spotify app on your mobile phone. Three buttons on the display are designed to play and rewind (forward-rewind) a track from an audio track. The volume is adjusted by scrolling the digital crown of the smartwatch.

When choosing an album to listen to, you need to click on its name in the list of last played melodies on the main screen. You can listen to music only in the order it was downloaded. To select a single song, you will need to scroll through the entire Playlist.

By pressing the Spotify Connect button, you can navigate to the list of audio devices available for connection. These include Bluetooth and iPhone headphones that are within range of a wrist gadget.

How to install Whatsapp on Apple Watch

There can be some complications when installing Whatsapp on smartwatches. For example, an iPhone of a certain firmware is required, and the program must be downloaded from the official site. In the article, we’ll see how to install whatsapp on Apple Watch and what are the nuances.

How to Install and Remove Apps on the Apple Watch

Application of third-party applications for use on iWatch

Separate applications have been created specifically for Smart Watch that make the use of instant messengers on the watch full. These include the free program Chatify for WhatsApp, it has exactly the same features as the standard application for Apple Watch.

Alternatively, users can download the paid software WatchChat for WhatsApp. Using the application, you can control correspondence and receive new notifications from contacts.

Regardless of which version of the Apple Watch series 1, 2 or 3 smart watches a person uses, the program is installed on them in one of two standard ways.

WhatsApp for Apple Watch: A Few Important Words

The application for “smart” watches is absolutely no different from the functionality of standard software designed for other devices with different operating systems. This is the same multifunctional messenger that can be downloaded on the official website, performing the duties assigned to it by the developers:

    correct contacts; archive correspondence history.

Here, as in the traditional version, you can choose a sound alert, a vibrating alert or just a banner on the screen of the gadget. In addition, realizing that it is inconvenient to type text messages on the small display of the Smart-watch, to put it mildly, the developers have created a voice dialing that:

    accurately perceives human speech; encodes it; displays on the miniature display in automatic mode.

To install and configure the application, you do not need to make titanic efforts. The operating system will duplicate the settings selected by the user from the iPhone, which is synchronized with the smart watch.

Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is the next version of the popular device with the largest display of any model. The performance of the watch is much higher than the previous ones, which allows using the gadget for a long time without recharging. Wherein. improved sound quality, improved heart rate and heart rate sensors. The watch will monitor health itself, providing complete data in the report. As a fact, get more accurate information than on a mobile phone. It is relevant if you want to count the number of steps taken per day, week, month.

How to install WhatsApp on iWatch

On smartwatches, messengers are not provided as standard applications, so before installing WhatsApp on iWatch, carefully read the following instructions:

  • The iWatch app is standard on all iPhones from version 6 onwards. If you have an iPhone 5 or SE, you can download this program in the AppStore.
  • If you figured out how to download this application, open iWatch on your iPhone.
  • Inside, open the search or select the “Selection” section.
  • Find WhatsApp and click on it to download.
  • You may need your personal password, enter.
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Also with our article on how to download WhatsApp on Mac OS.

How to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

The whole point of how to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch is to sync the messenger on your iPhone and smartwatch. There are two options for this:

  • Install Now. In this case, the messenger on both devices is immediately synchronized, and they will constantly exchange data.
  • Install Later. By choosing this option, no synchronization will take place. You can set it up later in the WhatsApp settings on your iPhone.

The first option implies that you will simultaneously receive messages on both your smartphone and your watch, which means you will not miss anything. All your chat history and contacts will also be saved on both devices, so we recommend that you select it.

What do we end up with? WhatsApp for Apple Watch is almost the same as the standard version for smartphones. You can still exchange text messages, use the archive of correspondences and, in addition, you get the function of voice dialing, notification settings with your own unique sounds, vibration and even a light signal, which you can manually adjust whenever you want.

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most accessible and popular applications for communication around the world, so it is not surprising that the developers have created a separate version of it even for smartwatches. And thanks to the synchronization of two devices, you will not have to set up WhatsApp on Apple Watch for a long time, since it will already contain all the configurations you have installed from the messenger on the iPhone.

Checked! No viruses or other threats detected.

How to connect and set up Apple Watch correctly. pairing with 3 types of devices

“Apple” watch is a miniature computer on the hand. But to start using this wonderful device, you need to pair it with a suitable gadget. How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, iPad or PC? How to set up your device correctly? Is it possible to break the pair and connect Apple Watch to another gadget? All about the nuances of synchronization and settings for a wrist accessory from Apple can be found in this article.

How to set up Apple Watch correctly

What settings are available in the Apple Watch from Series 3 or other “apple” watches:

Detailed setting of the watch is carried out in a proprietary program from Apple installed on an iPhone or iPad Air or another series. Here you can select a watch face, filter notifications, etc.

Sync Apple Watch and iPad

If there is no smart at hand, can iWatch be tied to another gadget of the Apple family. iPad? No, you can only sync smartwatches with an iPhone running the latest version of iOS. Apple Watch is designed to pair with an iPhone and is in no way compatible with an iPad.

What to do if you need to disconnect iWatch from iPhone or iPad

Before connecting Apple Watch to another iPhone XR, XS, etc., or vice versa synchronizing iPhone with other watches, you need to break the pair between 2 gadgets.

How to do it right:

Nuance: when restoring from a backup, all the settings and parameters of the watch phone are saved in iCloud, so at any time you can recreate the old pair of 2 gadgets.

How to connect Apple Watch to WI-FI

Next, in order, what to do:

  • go to the settings of Apple Watch Series 4 or other;
  • click on Wi-Fi;
  • wait until the device finds available networks;
  • select a network (available in watchOS from version 5);
  • enter a password if necessary;
  • click on “Connect”.

It is important to know: 1. Chasophone is only able to connect to a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz; 2. You can select a Wi-Fi network to which the iPhone was previously connected, synchronized with this chronometer.

Viber on Apple Watch. another plus in the device’s piggy bank

Despite the certain functionality of Smart-watches, many people lacked one very useful, and for some already simply necessary, assistant. This is a communication tool from Viber Media. Therefore, many users of the gadget could and are still wondering whether it is possible to install Viber on Apple Watch and how to do it.?

The company that releases it announced the support of iWatch in version 5.6.1 of the program, which can be downloaded from the official website at the link. Especially for the owners of the device, I released a package with a set of stickers. The functionality of the intellectual product is quite minimalistic, but still allows it to perform the functions of communications.

How to install Viber messenger on Apple Watch and start using?

The engineers of the legendary Steve Jobs corporation. Apple. pleased us with the necessary and functional device. This time we were surprised by the iWatch smart watch with the ability to install programs, for example, Viber, thanks to the presence of its own WatchOS operating system.

In addition, you may be interested in other popular messaging programs. WhatsApp or Telegram, you can read more about which you can read at this link.

How to download Viber to Apple iWatch

If necessary, the program can be deleted in the same way, only the switch that turns on the display of programs in the device can be deactivated.

What can?

Different stickers used in Viber Other types of stickers available in Viber

The preset messages contain common phrases:

  • “Ok”;
  • “Thanks”;
  • “What’s up”;
  • “On my way!”;
  • “How are you?”;
  • “Sorry, can’t talk”.

Apple Watch with Viber. popular phrases

In addition, you can create your own templates. It is possible to use Siri, a “smart personal assistant” that is controlled by voice. When you receive video messages, files, Push to Talk messages, with contacts and template messages (for example, chat invitations), you will be asked to open them on the iPhone, since iWatch cannot work with them. The installation process in the device’s memory is simple, you just need to have an iPhone.

Viber messenger notifications in iWatch

Instead of a conclusion

Work is underway to update the operating system of the device, and we can expect in the near future a wider functionality of such a convenient tool as Viber on the iWatch smart watch.

Features of installing and using WhatsApp for Apple Watch

In order for WhatsApp for Apple Watch to work correctly, you will have to synchronize its authorized version with the AppStore, observing the following rules:

After that, the WhatsApp icon will be displayed on the watch.

How to set up WhatsApp on Apple Watch

To properly manage the messenger, you need to make sure that the applications on a pair of interconnected gadgets are synchronized. To transfer text information between the Apple Watch and the smartphone, you should select one of the options in the settings:

If all options are installed immediately, then all programs from the smartphone will easily transfer information to smart watches.

If you select the second option, additional applications will not be required during the installation of the program, but later you will have to synchronize the activities of the main gadget and Apple Watch in the menu. The result of the above process will be the appearance of the “i” sign and the timely receipt of all notifications of received messages.

What Smart Can Do. Apple Watch with WhatsApp?

It is safe to say that the WhatsApp program for the Apple Watch is absolutely identical to the classic version for smartphones or laptops, since it can be used to:

  • forward messages;
  • edit existing contacts;
  • save the entire history of correspondence;
  • put your favorite sound on a message or notification;
  • set vibration or limit to banner.

You should not type messages manually, since the smart watch uses the voice dialing option with accurate speech perception and automatic display of it on the display in a graphical form.

How to install WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch?

The most high-quality and popular gadget for many years in a row has been called the Apple Watch, since it can be used to make calls and communicate through instant messengers.

If you correctly install the program for messaging smart watches via WhatsApp, you can receive correct notifications and communicate with your friends constantly.

How to enable and configure WhatsApp notifications on iPhone

After you have downloaded WhatsApp on your Smartwatch, you should configure notifications. To do this, go to Phone Settings, then go to the section of this application, and move the toggle switch to the “On” position. Then it is recommended to adjust the sound signal, which will notify you about the events taking place in the program.

It is worth immediately answering the burning question of many users: why are WhatsApp notifications not received on iPhone 5s or other models? The reason may lie in the incorrect configuration of alerts, which we wrote about above.

How to set up WhatsApp on a smartwatch?

Once you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, you need to set it up. When you first log in, it is recommended to enter the phone number with which the pair is synchronized. Then you should enter the activation code, which will come to the specified number.

  • In order to change or put an avatar, go to Settings “Edit”. The menu is located under the photo (place under the photo).
  • To add subscriber numbers from your phone book, you need to go to the “Call” and click on the “Plus”.
  • For correspondence, you need to click on “Chats” and start a conversation with the right person.

Apple Watch not seeing WhatsApp is one of the common problems when the watch loses pairing with the phone. If Messenger stopped showing signs of life on the watch, it is recommended to check the connection between iWatch and iPhone.