How to bypass Google account on Samsung j2

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To remove the request for account confirmation without using PC programs, as the owner of the device already knows, go to the system settings. Below are two more ways to do this effortlessly. The first one is at the stage of logging into the linked account. The user will need:

  • Find the system button with the @ symbol on the Google keyboard that appears and hold it.
  • Until a window appears with a gear icon.
  • Click on it and as soon as the “Voice Search” opens.
  • Use the physical button of the phone to go to the list of running processes and click on the Google search bar located at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the word “Settings” in it and open the corresponding system menu.
  • Fine! Now it remains to select the “Restore and reset” item; how to proceed, the user already knows.

The second option for entering “Settings” at the stage of account confirmation involves the following user actions:

  • Connect to your own wireless network, then select any other one displayed on the screen.
  • And enter any combination of characters in the password field.
  • Now the owner of an Android phone will have the opportunity to go back to the list of running processes. and proceed exactly as described in the previous section.

Partial flashing with SP Flash Tool

If you really need to bypass the request to confirm your Google account, and none of the previously given options helps, you should try to flash your phone by editing the scatter file. As a result, the user is likely to lose the data previously saved on the device, but will receive a “clean” device.

The owner of an Android smartphone will need:

  • Download and unpack the universal program for firmware SP Flash Tool (download. into any convenient directory on your hard disk. so that the executable file flash_tool.exe is available.
  • Download and unzip the firmware for your Android smartphone model, go to the target_bin directory.
  • And open a scatter file with the TXT extension in it. In the example, the document you are looking for is named MT6582_Android_scatter.txt; in practice, the user needs to focus on the specified keyword.
  • To work with a document containing series of data, it will be much more convenient to use not the standard Notepad, but the built-in Windows utility. WordPad. or any third-party application that allows line-by-line viewing of information, for example Notepad
  • Call the search bar, enter frp in it and click on the “Find Next” button.
  • On the column containing the string partition_name: frp.
  • For the line linear_start_addr, specify the value 0x4fa0000.
  • And for the partition_size row. 0x10000. Close the file, confirming the corrections.
  • Run flash_tool.exe and, opposite the Scatter-Loading File line, click on the Scatter-Loading button (in new versions. Choose).

Samsung J2 Bypass Frp/Remove Google Account Lock New Method 2019

  • Select the file you just edited.
  • Switch to Manual Format mode.
  • And enter the same values ​​in the upper and lower text boxes: 0x4fa0000 and 0x10000, respectively. Click “OK”.
  • Formatting will start automatically; upon completion, the owner will receive an Android smartphone with a completely cleared FRP history. which means that the request for Google account verification was successfully bypassed.

Advice: as in all previous cases, after working with the phone, it should be rebooted; reset to factory settings when using this method occurs automatically.

Bypass during a call

One of the easiest ways to do a full Google Account reset and bypass FRP is to call a partially blocked phone from any number, then:

  • Without dropping, select the option “Connect subscriber / New call” or with a similar name.
  • Tap, if required, on the data entry field.
  • And dial the combination ###.
  • The extended menu will automatically appear on the smartphone screen. It must be closed by clicking the “Back” button.
  • And in the settings menu that appears, go down to the “Restore and reset” item.
  • And disable data backup.
  • Confirm action. at this stage Android should not ask for the name or password of the linked account.
  • Press the button “Reset device”.
  • An alternative way, which does not imply a complete reset of the phone, is to select the Google account for backup in the “Restore and reset” section.
  • And bind your account to the device.

After performing these manipulations, the user will be able to bypass the confirmation of the Google account by specifying the data of the newly linked profile in the primary settings window. this will not be more difficult than blocking the phone number.

Tip: if after exiting the extended menu “Settings” do not appear, you should go to them by opening the notification curtain and tapping on the gear icon.

Authorization during a call

Another way to remove the request to verify your Google account is to link another account to your phone directly during an incoming call. This can be done in a couple of minutes. faster than going through the IMEI repair procedure. To bypass the request, the user will need:

  • Call the “locked” phone, accept the call and, without canceling, go to the “Contacts” menu.
  • Choose to create a new account.
  • Enter the login and password from your work account in the appropriate fields. or create a new one, not forgetting to save the data for authorization.

Important: at the stage of creating an account or entering an existing call, you can end by pressing “Reset” on the smartphone from which it was carried out.

Using Adb Run

You can also bypass the verification of your Google account with the help of this excellent in every respect program for PC. After downloading (download. and installing it, the owner of the phone with FRP should:

  • Connect the phone, wait for initialization and start the program, then select Reboot Android from the list of available options by entering the number 2 in the text line and pressing Enter.
  • Further. in the same way go to the command Reboot Bootloader and go to Fastboot menu.
  • And run Manual mode Fastboot.
  • In the command line that appears, enter fastboot oem clean_frp and apply the command by pressing Enter again.
  • Wait for the notification of successful completion and reboot the phone to normal mode using the “Enable / Disable” button.
bypass, google, account, samsung
  • If nothing happened after entering the command, apply the additional chain: in the same field, enter fastboot erase persistent.
  • Apply and wait for the request to be processed.
  • Then. fastboot erase frp.
  • And fastboot erase config.
  • Once the process is complete, restart Android.

In this way, the owner of the phone is almost guaranteed to be able to remove notifications about the need to confirm a Google account; if the method did not work, you need to move on to the next, more complex, but also effective.

Official way

If Google account verification requires a phone, donated or bought from hand, the easiest way to remove intrusive messages and register your profile on the device is to contact the donor or seller and ask him to enter or send a username and password. By entering them in the window of primary settings, the user can then go to “Settings” and delete the previous owner’s Google account, after which linking his own is easier than disabling application optimization when turning on Android.

Tip: if several profiles have been attached to the smartphone, it is strongly recommended to erase them all. this will avoid leakage of confidential data, and in addition, will get rid of messages about actions performed by the account owner.

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If, however, your phone and, after an incorrectly performed reset, refuses to accept credentials, you should, after making sure that they are entered correctly, go to the other methods listed below.

In addition, the user can take the device to a service center and entrust the matter to specialists. however, bypassing the confirmation of a Google account is no more difficult than clearing the cache in the phone, and, in order not to waste time, it is better to perform the described manipulations on your own.

How to Bypass Google Account on Android?

New generations of the Android operating system are becoming more secure, ergonomic. but at the same time, to the general regret of users, less convenient. So, if earlier an unsuccessful attempt to boot a smartphone in safe mode could lead only to the need to reset the settings to factory settings and log into a Google account, then with the introduction of Factory Reset Protection technology, everything became more complicated. How to bypass FRP. let’s try to figure it out.

Summing up

You can bypass the verification of your Google account directly from the primary settings window at the stage of entering a login or connecting to a wireless network. Other options are to call the phone and, without resetting, go to “Settings” or link a new profile. Finally, the user can perform a hard reset using the Adb Run and SP Flash Tool.

Bypass Google Account Verification

This method will work for most types of Android devices, but keep in mind that Google often updates the security options in its own products.

  • First, reset your device. “Settings”. “Reset to industrial settings”.
  • Next, go through the installation process until you are able to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • When this item appears, tap the text box for the Wi-Fi password (but don’t enter it yet).
  • The keyboard should appear. On the keyboard, press and hold the space bar.
  • In the menu that appears, select the language British (US).
  • You should be returned to the Wi-Fi connection screen. Now you can enter the password for your network.
  • Continue the installation process until you are prompted to enter your Google account information. On this screen, click on the field “Enter your email address or phone number”.
  • Then on the keyboard that appears, press and hold the “@” sign.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Google Keyboard Settings.”
  • On the next screen, click on the menu icon and select “Help”.
  • On the screen that appears, click “Google Search”
  • A web page should open. Press and hold on any word on the page until a menu appears, then select Web Search from the menu and select “Google App.”
  • Then search for specifications on the web page.
  • As part of the autocomplete feature, the options gear icon should appear in the dropdown menu of available options. Click on it.
  • Select “Backup and reset”.
  • Now you need to go through the account setup again. When prompted to verify your Google account, this time you should be able to skip this step.
  • After completing the option, you can use your device without checking your Google account.

How to disable Factory Reset Protection

To completely deactivate integrated protection, follow these steps:

  • open the configuration of the cellular device;
  • then mark the line “Accounts / Accounts”;
  • select “Google”;
  • click on the button to delete your profile in Google;
  • enable developer mode (USB debugging);
  • activate the slider under the heading “OEM Unlock”.

Implementation of the ADB program

To complete this option, you will need a laptop or stationary PC, the ADB RUN application and drivers for Android installed on it.

Before starting the program, connect the device to a laptop (stationary computer). Several commands are entered in turn:

  • adb shell content insert. uri content: // settings / secure. bind name: s: user_setup_complete. bind value: s: 1;
  • adb shell am start –n /;
  • adb shell am start –n

After performing similar actions, turn off the phone. It should start without protection.

Method 1

  • install a SIM card;
  • make a call to the phone;
  • accept the call and add it to your contacts;
  • at the step of entering information about the subscriber, enter arbitrary numbers and click on the line for adding the newest contact to the Google account;
  • write down the username and password for the account;
  • save the contact in the profile and restart the device.

How to reset Google account on Samsung phone: the most common methods of 2020

Manufacturers of modern mobile devices and software for them are constantly updating and improving the level of protection of gadgets from theft and fraudsters. Since Android 5.1, it has become possible to link the phone to a previously set account. To turn on the phone after cleaning the memory, you still need to activate your Google account.

Method 9

  • insert the SD drive;
  • install TWRP Recovery;
  • download and transfer the archive to the card under the title “”;
  • start recovery mode (with the device off, press the on / off, “Home” and volume up keys immediately) and flash the downloaded archived content.

Secret methods of bypassing Google Account

Sending SMS is not the only way to unblock it. There are a number of unofficial life hacks at the disposal of phone owners. In the current article, we will consider 10 methods for solving the problem.

Key protection personalities

Phone and tablet manufacturers have introduced an innovation to protect against fraud and theft with the title Factory Reset Protection (FRP). Thanks to the latest technology, the personal information of the Google account inside the accessory is saved after a complete cleaning of the memory. At the next start, the system asks for the input of the data of the Google account.

But in life there are times when the user loses the password or the phone was purchased from another person, but there is no personal data. When you turn on the phone, it still asks for a username and password. Do not despair. There are techniques on how to bypass the google account after resetting the options. There are different ways to solve the problem.

Ways to Bypass Google FRP Account After Reset for Advanced Users

These methods of bypassing the Google FRP account after the reset are not recommended for users who have never used the SP Flash Tool or custom recovery. These methods are only suitable for smartphones with MTK chip!

Bypass FRP Lock with SP Flash Tool

  • In scatter-loading, specify your scatter
  • Go to Format. Manual Format Flash
  • Now you need to indicate at which address the Google FRP Lock is written, for this open your scatter.txt with any text editor (it will be more convenient in NotePad) and by running the search (Ctrlf) find frp. should find something like this:
  • Now we transfer the value of “linear_start_addr” from scatter.txt to “Begin Address [HEX]” in the SP Flash Tool, also “partition_size:” to “Format Length [HEX]”. this is where Google FRP Lock is located
  • Click Start and connect the switched off phone to the PC, wait until the end of the cleaning
  • Turn on the device, there is no more FRP Lock!

Did you manage to bypass Google FRP Lock? What method did you use? Share your experience in the comments.

How to reset account Sony Xperia Z5 and Sony Xperia Z5 Dual

To reset your Sony Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Dual account, you will need the Dev Settings application (save on your PC or any other device), then step by step:

  • At the very bottom there will be a link to the Sony website, click on it and a browser will open!
  • With a long press, select any text and press “Share”, select the Email application
  • Install this application, during installation click “Configure” and check the box “Unknown sources”
  • After installation, open the application immediately! You are in settings, do a factory reset
  • The smartphone has rebooted and no longer asks for an account!
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Easy Ways to Bypass Google FRP Account After Reset

There are already a lot of methods for bypassing FRP Lock, many smartphones have their own instructions, so if you cannot remove FRP Lock from your device, write the complete model of your smartphone / tablet in the comments, and you will receive a suitable instruction.

Google’s security policy states that FRP Lock is only valid for 72 hours, so if you are not in a hurry, you can just wait three days, then the smartphone will turn on.

Bypass Google Account after Reset Android (Google FRP Lock)

Google FRP Lock protects your phone from intruders who decide to bypass smartphone lock by performing a factory reset. After the reset, the user is required to log into the Google account to which the device was linked, but sometimes the phone does not accept the correct account and password. How to deal with this problem?

Bypass FRP with a memory stick

Let’s start with the simplest and most harmless option, for which you only need a memory card or an OTG cable with a flash drive. This FRP reset takes place thanks to a pop-up message about the connected memory card, from which you can get into the system settings, proceed in order:

  • Insert the memory card into a working phone
  • In the notification, click OK, you will be taken to the storage settings
  • Click on “Application Data”
  • Go to the “All” tab and find “Settings”, click “Run”
  • Opened settings, select “Restore and reset”
  • Now click on “Reset DRM” and confirm the removal of keys
  • Go back to “Backup and reset” and do a factory reset
  • Wait for the phone to turn on, you are now free from FRP Lock.

Bypass FRP Lock Using Wi-Fi

During the initial setup, go to the Wi-Fi connection page, then reset FRP Lock according to the instructions:

  • Select any network, open the keyboard by clicking on the password input field
  • In the keyboard, you need to call the settings, how to do this depends on the keyboard, if there are several options:
  • Clamp space
  • Click “Change language”
  • Pinch the “Swype” icon
  • Clamp the numeric keypad icon (123)
  • Clamp the comma
  • Turn on voice input, say nothing, wait for an error message and an inconspicuous settings icon will appear next to it, select Google Now, click opt out and you are in the search bar, you just need to write “Settings”, and you are already there, continue with
  • Once in the keyboard settings, you need to go to another window, for example, call the help window (hidden in the upper right corner under the vertical ellipsis)
  • Easy Reset FRP Lock Using SIM Card

    This method assumes that you have the opportunity to call a locked smartphone, if this is not possible, proceed further. Bypass FRP with SIM:

    • Insert the SIM card into the phone and turn it on, wait until the connection is connected
    • Call the locked phone, during a call, click on the add call icon, and drop the call
    • You ended up on the dialing screen, now you need to enter the combination ###, the advanced settings window will open
    • There should be a back arrow in the upper left corner, click on it, and you will be taken to the standard settings
    • Open “Restore and reset”, disable linking the backup to your Google account (Or “Clear credentials” in “Security”) and reset the settings.
    • Wait until the device is fully turned on and log into your Google account.

    Before you start re-reading the article! Read the comments first, and then carefully the whole article.!

    Option 1 bypass Google account after reset

    • Insert the SIM card into the device on which you want to delete the Google account
    • Call this Android device
    • Accept the call and click the add new call button
    • In the dialers, write any numbers and “Add a number to an existing account”
    • Enter your Google account details
    • Save contact in your account
    • Restart Android

    Google account after reset

    If viewed globally, then there are two options for resetting protection:

    • Official
    • Unofficial (Factory Reset Protection Bypass)

    Let’s first look at the official option for resetting FRP or how not to get into this problem when resetting, and then we’ll look at all the ways to bypass Factory Reset Protection.

    Option 6 bypass Google account after reset for devices with MTK chip (Mediatek)

    For this method, you need an official firmware to install using a computer. This firmware must contain a scatter.txt file.

    • Download and install drivers on your computer
    • Install Notepad on your computer
    • Find the scatter.txt file in the firmware folder and open it through the Notepad program
    • Find partition b in the text file “frp” and then copy the value of the field linear_start_addr and partition_size
      Close scatter.txt file
    • Run the program for firmware SP Flash Tool and in the “Scatter-loading file” field specify the path to the scatter.txt file
    • Switch to the Format tab in the SP Flash Tool and specify
    • Manual Formatting. “Manual Format Flash”
    • Region “EMMC_USER”
    • In Begin Adress [HEX], the values ​​are linear_start_addr
    • In Format Length [HEX], the partition_size values
  • Then connect the smartphone to the computer and click the Start button to erase the values ​​of the FRP section
  • To completely disable Factory Reset Protection / FRP

    • In order to disable Factory Reset Protection (FRP), you will need to go to the “Settings” Android before the direct reset. “Accounts / Accounts” and delete Google account.
    • Activate “Developer Mode / (USB Debugging)” and enable “OEM Unlock”.

    Ways to Bypass Google Account After Reset (FRP / Factory Reset Protection)

    Google is actively improving the security of the Android OS and introducing such “anti-theft” protection as linking a device to a Google account. This article explains how to bypass your Google account after a reset.

    Option 7 bypass Google account after reset

    • Install the SIM card, turn on Android and get to enter Google account
    • From another phone, we call the installed SIM in the locked Android, accept the call, hold the center key until Google Now appears, end the call from another device
    • Click on the Back button, enter the word “settings” in the search bar and go to them
    • Next, we move to the “recovery and reset” section and turn off all the checkboxes and reset the Android settings

    What is FRP lock

    Factory Reset Protection (or FRP lock) in English means “protection from resetting to factory settings.” This function is the need to confirm the data of the Google account synchronized with this device after the phone has been reset to factory settings. Now, if you lose your phone or become a victim of theft, attackers will not be able to bypass your lock password by restoring the factory settings and, therefore, will not have a single chance to somehow use your phone.

    However, if you bought a hand-held phone and cannot contact the seller about unlocking the purchased device, or if you forgot your own Google account password, you will have to look for ways to bypass Google Account (FRP). Next, we will analyze several ways to bypass Google Account on Samsung.

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    How to Bypass Google Account on Samsung Using Programs

    Option 1. Effective and challenging.

    You can use APK apps to unlock Google account on Samsung. This method, we admit right away, is very difficult and time consuming. As in the previous case, this option is only suitable for Samsung phone models. Detailed guidance on using this method is given below.

    • After resetting your Samsung phone to factory settings, wait for the welcome screen to appear, select the required language (Russian) and click on “Start”.
    • Connect to your Wi-Fi network, after which you will be asked to enter your Google account details.
    • In the field for entering your e-mail, enter any text, then press and hold it to select and go to the “Keyboard settings”.
    • Next, select “About Samsung Keyboard” and open “Open Source Licenses”.
    • On the agreement page in the dialog box, click on the three dots, select “Search the Internet”, after which your request will be rejected.
    • Go back to the beginning and click three times on the “Home” button.
    • The Talkback training menu will open, where you need to draw a large English letter “L” on the screen.
    • After that, a general context menu will open, where you need to select “Talkback Settings”.

    After going to settings, press the volume up and down buttons at the same time, a dialog box will pop up asking if you want to suspend the Talkback function. Click “OK”.

    Go to Device Administrators and disable Find My Device.

    Select the “Add Account” option. Select “Google” from the list of available options. The “Failed to sign in” window will appear, select “Next”.

    Go back to Settings and open Other Security Options. Go to “Device Administrators” and activate “Android Remote Control”.

    Go to Settings, open the Software Information menu. Find the item “Build number” and click on it 7 times. Go back to Developer Options and in the dialog click Accept.

  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.
  • Return to the Software Information menu. Select “Reset” and then “Reset Data”.
  • Click on “Delete All” and wait for the process to complete.
  • After the phone starts up, select “Start” and then complete the setup.
  • Your Google account will be verified and you can use your Samsung device again.
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    Ways to Unlock Google Account on Samsung

    Recently, the smartphone has become the focus of important information about the owner of the device: it contains his personal files, bank card data, phone numbers, text and voice messages, logged into accounts of various social networks, etc., etc. Therefore, protecting access to this data becomes a top priority for every phone owner. In daily use, this is ensured by the presence of a screen lock password in any of the possible ways (password, pin code, graphic drawing, fingerprint). If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use the Find My Device function (provided that it is activated). However, a few years ago, Google took to a new level of organizing the security of users’ personal data and protecting their devices. The company introduced the FRP lock function, which will be discussed later in our article.

    bypass, google, account, samsung

    How to Bypass Google Account on Samsung

    Below is a guide to the main way to unlock a Google account on Samsung. The whole process begins after successfully restoring factory settings on your Samsung phone, after which you will need to follow the steps below to bypass Google account lock. Please note that this method works only for Samsung phones, it does not work on devices from other manufacturers.

    • After resetting your phone to factory settings, restart your device.
    • Select the required language (Russian) and connect to your Wi-Fi network.

    After the screen for entering your Google account and virtual keyboard information appears, press and hold the “@” key to go to the settings menu.

    After that, go back to general settings and open the “Developer options” menu. Activate the option “Unlocking pref. manuf. OEM “and then click” Back “twice.

  • Reboot your phone and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • This time, you will not be asked to enter your Google account information, but you will be asked to add a new account.
  • Add a new Google account, after which access to the phone will be restored.
  • Option 2. Effective and simple

    The above methods can easily scare any user with the complexity of the descriptions and the sheer number of actions that need to be taken to unlock a Google account on Samsung s7 or any other phone model from this manufacturer. Fortunately, Tenorshare has introduced a program to the software market that allows you to solve this issue no less quickly, but most importantly, without having to delve into complex technical operations. All you need to do is follow the program prompts and press the required interface buttons. As simple, fast and efficient as possible. these are the key features of Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

    So, to remove FRP lock after factory reset on your Samsung phone, follow further instructions.

    Step 1 Download the installation file of the program from the official website of the developer and install it on your PC. Launch the program and connect your Samsung phone to your computer using a USB cable. In the main menu of the program, select the option “Remove Google Account Lock (FRP)”.

    Attention: Before taking any further action, please read the important information:

    • Your phone’s operating system will be updated to the latest available version.
    • For normal operation, the battery charge of your phone must be at least 50%.
    • The USB cable must be securely and correctly connected to the phone and PC.

    Step 2 After the program recognizes the device, click Start uninstall

    Step 3 Download Bypass FRP APK and install Bypass FRP APK on your phone according to the instructions in the program window.

    Step 4 Set the unlock pattern and Restart your phone

    In newer versions of Android OS, you will need to verify your Google account after every factory reset. This feature provides Samsung phone owners with additional protection against intruders, but at the same time, it is a cause for their concern. If you don’t know how to bypass FRP protection on your own Samsung phone, then in our article you will find a detailed description of the best ways to take back control of the device.

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