How to capture phone screen on Honorе

Why you need to restart Honor

Reboot is a useful feature in any digital device. Computers and telephones work hundreds of times faster today than they did 15-20 years ago. One of the main factors for this was the cache. In different situations, the cache is called both the place to put the quick access files, and the files themselves. This data is created and hosted by all the Honor apps we use. But so far, the system cannot independently determine which of them the user no longer needs.

At the moment, there is no automatic detection and cleaning in devices. This causes the cache receptacle to overflow. other running programs cannot place quick access files, so they run slower. Mostly the cache is located in the device’s RAM. This is the type of data in which the data exists while Honor is running. After a reboot, the RAM is completely cleared.

It is not uncommon for phones and computers to fail. The reason for this may be conflicts between running programs, incorrect actions, or incorrect data entered by the user. And since their code is loaded and running in RAM, we can clean it up with a reboot. Apps on Honor are restarted and in most cases will no longer make mistakes.

How to restart your Honor phone

Many users only know the basic functions of their smartphone. This is especially true for female smartphone owners. And in extreme situations, people SIMply don’t know how to reset an Honor smartphone. This is a fairly popular brand, which we will talk about further.

Way to restart your Honor phone

Smartphones from the manufacturer Honor have a special button for turning on / restarting. We can use it in standard situations, when everything is in order from smartphones. For example, when problems arise in the operation of a cellular operator and in support, we are advised to restart the mobile phone. It is enough to squeeze it and hold it, usually about 5 seconds.

After selecting the “Restart” item, the smartphone turns off and turns on automatically. A reboot can be done by selecting the item to turn off the smartphone, and then turn it on manually.

If there is no “Restart” option in your Honor mobile, please do the manual option. Sometimes errors and freezes of the smartphone occur when it stops responding to the power button or volume control. In such a situation, you should try to do a factory reset. It is also called Hard Reset, or full reset.

How to Hard Reset Smartphone

Hard Reset will delete all your data from the phone memory. Any photos, videos, games. everything will be erased from the Honor smartphone. Therefore, it is very important to back up your data before a full reboot. For this, there are cloud services. You can make a copy on your Google Drive and then download them again to your phone along with your browser data and application accounts. Another important detail is the knowledge of the login and password from the Google account with which you logged into the smartphone.

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Further, your actions will be as follows:

  • You need to hold down the volume down and power buttons for 30-40 seconds;
  • Wait for the special screen with the EMUI logo to appear;

Hold the buttons until the EMUI logo appears

  • Then select one of the three items. “Wipe data / Factory Reset”;
  • Press this item again or “Ok” to confirm.
  • The screen will show the reset status and a progress line.

    When the process is complete, the smartphone will reboot and you will need to configure it again: select a language, enter data from your account, add contacts, etc. The first setup after a reset may take some time.

    And the logo will be displayed on the screen for more than a minute. Or even within minutes.

    Other ways to restart Honor

    The above methods to reset or reboot a mobile phone can help owners of models with a non-removable battery. If you have an older smartphone or it allows you to open the back cover of the device, then also try removing the battery for 15 minutes. Then install it back and try to turn it on. Connect the smartphone to the charger and leave in this position for no more than 2 hours.

    Then unplug from the charger and try again. Perhaps as a result of prolonged use, its battery is discharged. It is also known that Li-on batteries discharge faster if they stay in an environment with subzero temperatures for a long time. To reboot an Honor mobile phone with a non-removable battery, you can try to open the cover and reach the battery. If, of course, you have already had experience in parsing smartphones and have the appropriate tools.

    Disable pin code request on Honor phone

    Every mobile device has a pin code. This is the password that the operator’s SIM card provides to the device. By default, this password is always activated. And when you turn on the phone, you need to enter it to gain access to the OS. The code can be seen on the plastic card on which the SIM card was attached.

    To turn off the carrier pin-code on Honor:

    • Open the settings;
    • We find the item “Advanced settings”;

    Select “Advanced Settings”

  • Then select “Confidentiality”;
  • Find the block called “SIM card lock” and select the operator you need, select “PIN code”;
  • Select “Pin-code”

  • Move the slider to the “Inactive” position.
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    If we are talking about a code that is set separately in the Honor mobile device to lock the screen, then in this case you will not be able to find it anywhere. In case it is forgotten and you cannot remember the device pin-code, you need to reflash your mobile phone. Since this problem is not solved by factory reset or Hard Reset. After this procedure, the smartphone continues to require a code to enter.

    How to remove the screen lock if you forgot your pattern

    If for some reason you cannot remember the pattern for entering your Honor smartphone, you can try to unlock it in the following way:

      Enter your picture password several times, even if it is incorrect. Along the way, you can try to remember him in this way;

    Enter the wrong password several times in a row
    The system will freeze your actions for 1 minute or more. Then it will be possible to enter a backup pin-code. Select this item;

    Click on the item “Reserve PIN”

  • Enter in the next window a code of four characters to unlock the screen.
  • Once you get to the desktop, you can turn off the touchscreen lock on your Honor smartphone using the instructions above. But knowledge of the backup pin code is required. It is he who gives us access to the device even if you forgot the main key.

    How to turn off the pattern on Honor

    One of the main ways to lock the display on Huawei smartphones is with a pattern. Usually there are nine dots on the screen that need to be connected in the correct order. The key is set by the user.

    We also have to disable it manually. If you bought a used phone and cannot unlock, contact the owner and ask him for the appropriate login information.

    • Open your Honor phone settings;
    • Select “Security and Privacy”;

    Select “Privacy & Security”

  • Then select the line “Screen lock and passwords”;
  • Now find the line “Disable unlock password” and confirm in a new window.
  • Select “Turn off screen unlock password”

    You should now be able to log in without entering a pattern. If you need to enable it, follow the same path again and complete the activation. You will need to come up with a new combination of dots for your Honor, which you need to connect to answer. You can use the old combination if you like it better. We examined the instruction to disable the lock if we know the key. Now let’s try to disable it if we don’t know the key.

    How to remove screen lock on Honor

    Personal information protection tools, in particular various mobile device screen locks, pin codes, Face ID, can be very useful. Even if we lose our phone, it is unlikely that any data will be available to those who find it. After all, they will have to do a Hard Reset in order to gain access to the system. These tools are good for those who really need them. In this article, you can read how to remove the screen lock on your Honor smartphone.

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    Remove key request to lock screen on Honor

    If you cannot reset the screen access pattern using the methods described above, try using a more radical method. It consists in resetting the settings of the Honor device.

    Things to remember when performing a factory reset: Explanation:
    All files from the phone memory will be deleted. as well as all settings.In addition, games (and all achievements) and programs that you installed on the system will be removed.
    Lockout reset only needs to be done if you know your Google account login details.Otherwise, you will not be able to log into Android. Nevertheless, the current account can be deleted, and upon login, create a new one.

    How to reset the settings on your Honor smartphone:

    • The mobile phone must be turned off;
    • Then press together and hold the power button and the volume button (increase);
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    Hold the buttons to go to the Recovery menu
    An unusual menu of three items will appear on the screen. In it you need to select “Wipe data / factory reset”. Touch input is not supported on this screen. But you can change the position of the cursor using the volume up / down keys. And the choice is the Power button;

    Select “Wipe data / factory reset”
    After enabling this item, the system will start the process of returning the settings to the default value. It does not last long, about 2-3 minutes.

    Wait for the factory reset to complete

    After enabling you will need to log in to the Google system. In the window where the system offers authorization, you can select the item to create a new account. In the new system, you can create or remove a complete screen lock on your Honor. Since the new system will not require you to enter a pattern. Use fingerprint access if your device has one.

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