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Shutdown and restart of smartphones Samsung Galaxy A31, A41, A51, A71, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra and others

With the release of its own voice assistant, the specialists of the South Korean company had a need to assign the launch of Bixby to one of the physical keys. Initially, the function was the privilege of flagship models. they were equipped with a dedicated button responsible for calling the built-in voice assistant.

Modern Samsung smartphones, both flagships and mid-range devices, are also equipped with the Bixby assistant, but lack a separate key for interacting with it. Samsung decided to abandon the fourth button on smartphone cases, assigning the Bixby call to one of the familiar keys. For this purpose, the power button was chosen and, for sure, not by chance. Most likely, the power-lock key received a new function due to the desire of Samsung engineers to improve the ergonomics of mobile devices.

Since holding the lock key for a few seconds began to call the Bixby voice assistant, the developers of the Samsung One UI firmware had to reassign the shutdown and restart of the device to a combination of two buttons. The same keyboard shortcut is used to force restart the frozen phone.

The innovation has been implemented in all Samsung smartphones and tablets released in the second half of 2019 and early 2020. Turning off or restarting such a mobile device is performed as follows:

First, you need to simultaneously hold the power button and the volume down key for a few seconds.

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After the screen displays a vertical menu consisting of three options, you must select the required action (shutdown or restart) and confirm its execution by clicking on the corresponding icon again. Depending on the option selected, the smartphone will turn off or restart.

There is another way to reboot and turn off your mobile device. you need to open the quick settings panel by making a swipe down from the top edge of the screen and click on the switch icon. Then you should select the required action.

The procedure for turning on the phone has remained the same. just hold the power key for a couple of seconds until the Samsung logo appears on the display, and then enter the PIN code of the SIM card and unlock the device.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet is frozen and unresponsive

If your mobile device freezes, you need to perform a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key and hold them for 7-10 seconds, after which the device turns off and on again. On some older models, you need to additionally hold down the volume up key.

To restart a Samsung smartphone with a removable battery, just remove the back cover, pull out the battery, then insert it back, hold down the power button and hold it until the Samsung logo appears on the display.

How to turn off or force restart your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

By purchasing one of the new Samsung phones (including Galaxy A11, A21, A21s, A31, A41, A51, A71, M11, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20, S20 Ultra and others) and trying to turn it off for the first time or reboot, an ordinary user will encounter certain difficulties. On smartphones 2019-2020 Release, a long press of the power button brings up the Bixby voice assistant, and not a menu with options, which usually include shutdown, restart and activation of emergency mode. How, then, to restart a frozen device, or how to turn it off in the standard way? We understand all the intricacies within the framework of this instruction.

How to take a screenshot

Astute readers may have noticed that the keyboard shortcut for restarting or shutting down new Samsung Galaxy phones is the same as the “classic” button combination used for taking screenshots. How do you take screenshots then? It’s simple. you need to press the same buttons, but do not hold them, but immediately release them.

There will be a clicking sound similar to the sound of a camera shutter, and the display will turn white for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the screen, a panel with additional options for managing the captured screenshot will be displayed. In a few seconds, the panel will “hide”.

Other helpful instructions for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets:

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How to update using Smart Switch

To install the new Android on Samsung tablets and smartphones, Smart Switch and Samsung Kies applications are used.

To update to 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0 using Smart Switch, you need to:

  • Launch the application.
  • Click “Continue” after the notification dialog appears on the screen.
  • Wait for the program to complete the process.

Note: if a notification about the possibility to download a new version of Android does not appear on the screen, this means that the device has the latest updates.

How to install a new Android without connecting to a computer

The easiest way to change the OS version is to start the process on the smartphone itself.

Usually the system notifies about the availability of a new version (the notification appears at the top of the gadget screen):

Note: the algorithm for updating to a new version of Android is always the same: it doesn’t matter if the operating system is updated to 5.0, 7.0 or 9.0.

Depending on the phone model and the current firmware modification, the text and design of the notification on the screen may differ.

After receiving the notification, you should click “download”, and wait until the software is downloaded to the device.

When Android is downloaded, a message will appear in the notification bar and the user will be prompted to install or postpone the process.

Important: before clicking “install now”, it is recommended that you read the information provided above, where the developers warn about the possible loss of personal data, and the need to make a backup.

The system does not always notify the user about the availability of a new version of Android. The reason may be the lack of an Internet connection or refusal to receive notifications (you can set it in the “Software update” section).

In this case, you can manually download the new Android. To do this, follow these steps:

  • go to “Settings”.
  • select the section “About phone” or “About device”.
  • click “Software update”.
  • after checking for new software, either a proposal to install the firmware will appear on the device screen, or a notification that the devices are already updated.

How to Boot New Android Using Xperia Companion

To download the firmware to your smartphone using the Xperia Companion software, you need to:

  • Connect the phone and run the software.
  • Click on the section “Software update”.
  • Right-click on the “Refresh” button.
  • Then you should confirm your choice and press the “Ok” button.
  • Wait until the program finishes installing the OS (at the time of installation, turn off the program or disconnect the smartphone from the computer is strictly prohibited).

Attention: it is impossible to return to the previous OS version, about which the user will receive a notification before installation.

How to update Android OS using a computer

You can change the Android operating system using the manufacturer’s app.

The main purpose of such programs is to create a backup copy of data, transfer photos and videos to a computer and vice versa.

Such applications include Samsung kies or Smart switch for Samsung smartphones and Xperia Companion for Sony phones.

Before changing Android 4.4.2, you need to activate a special setting intended for developers. “USB debugging”. In later versions of the OS, this setting is hidden, and to activate it, you need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the item “About phone”.
  • Scroll down and press several times on the inscription “build number” until the message “You have become a developer” appears on the screen.
  • Return to the “settings” menu and select the new section “Features for developers”.
  • Find the “USB Debugging” section and activate it.

How to update Android on your phone

Updating the Android operating system is not only a recommended, but also a necessary process for the stable operation of a smartphone. For the owner of the phone, this is primarily an increase in the performance of the device, the emergence of new features, and not only the correction of errors by the manufacturer. Therefore, every user should know how to update Android on the phone.

The process of changing the current version of Android on a device requires attention and several conditions from the user.

Before proceeding to change the operating system, you need to make sure the following:

  • that the phone is charged (the recommended battery level should be at least 50%);
  • that the Wi-Fi network is reliable and stable (it is only important if the computer is not used when downloading the software);
  • that the USB cable with which the phone is connected to the computer is working.

During the update to 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0 or earlier version of Android, it is forbidden to remove the battery or turn off the smartphone.

Interruption of the update process for one of these reasons can lead to irreparable consequences (you cannot do without the help of the service center specialists).

Before installing a new version, it is recommended to save a copy of your data to a computer, transfer it to removable media or cloud storage (make a backup).

There are two main ways to change Android yourself:

  • Launching the update on the smartphone itself.
  • Changing software modification using a computer.
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How to update Android with Samsung Kies

To update, for example, Android 4.2.2, using Samsung Kies, you need to do the following:

  • Run the program.
  • In the dialog box, click the “Update” button (if the notification does not appear on the screen, the latest program update has already been installed on the device).
  • Wait for the installation to complete.

The new firmware may not meet the user’s expectations (the appearance of the menu changes, new applications appear and old applications are deleted, etc.). Therefore, it is important during installation to read what changes will occur and whether it is worth updating.

How to properly connect your Android phone to your computer via USB

To connect a smartphone to a PC correctly, you need to decide on the purpose of the connection. That is, to understand why it took such an action.

Setting up USB connection in Android

Sometimes it happens that the laptop does not see the smartphone when it is connected to it. This can be due to several reasons. First of all, it is worth checking the functionality of the cable. You should connect several phones to it in turn to check if the charge is on. If no smartphone is charged from the cord, then the cable is definitely broken.

If the wire is ok, then the problem may be hidden in the phone jack or the USB port of the computer. First, you should check the socket for performance. To do this, you can connect several charges to your smartphone in turn. If the chargers are working, but the phone does not respond to them, then its socket is broken.

Important! To fix it, it is better to contact the service center, do not try to solve the problem yourself.

In addition, the USB port of the PC needs to be checked. You can insert a USB stick into it to see if it will work. If the computer does not recognize the removable device, then its port may be broken. To fix it, you should also contact a specialist.

If absolutely all of the above is working properly, but the user cannot figure out how to connect the phone to the computer via the Android USB cable, then the reason should be found in Android itself. The device needs to be connected to a PC and open the top panel, where notifications are usually displayed. There you need to click “Use USB” and select the desired connection mode.

Programs for synchronizing smartphone and computer via USB

Such applications provide a person with ease of use of gadgets, since they can copy modified data from one device to another. With them, you can exchange files, as well as move files from your computer to your phone.

For your information! Some programs even allow you to view information on the smartphone’s memory status, battery charge and signal level on a PC.

Modem function

Many users are interested in how to connect a phone to a computer via an Android USB cable so that the mobile device acts as a modem. This is possible only when the smartphone has an option to access the Internet, it is possible to enable Internet distribution to other devices, and there is also an option to distribute traffic on the SIM card used by the subscriber.

To distribute the Internet to a PC, you need to do the following:

  • Connect the drive to the PC.
  • Open “Settings”. “Wireless networks”. “”.
  • Open modem mode, press “USB-modem”. “Enable”.

On the laptop, open the “network” option. Open the “Wi-Fi” tab, where to find your device and click “connect”. Thus, the question of how to enable data transfer to Android via USB has been resolved.

Important! If you need to charge your phone using a laptop, you need to connect your Android to your PC with a cable. Configure the smartphone as a USB drive, after which the mobile device will start charging.

To transfer files

One of the options is to open files stored in the phone memory from your computer or move them between devices. To complete this task, you need to wire both devices, then open the notification panel on your smartphone.

Connecting your phone to a laptop via USB

It should display a notification that the USB cable is connected. You need to click on the message to configure the connection. A small menu will open where you can choose how the device will be used. For example, to transfer files or view images.


The AirDroid app works in a similar way. In order for it to perform its functions correctly, you must install it on your computer and your smartphone. Thus, it will sync all data on both devices. If any changes are made in the phone by its owner, they will be displayed on the computer version of the program.

How to connect to computer via Android phone using AirDroid:

  • Download the application to your phone and PC.
  • Open the mobile version of the application, complete registration and authorization.
  • Open the computer version of the program, log in.
  • Users can now use AirDroid on both devices.

This application allows you to exchange files between your mobile device and laptop. They can also be edited and deleted. Plus, AirDroid lets you make calls directly from your PC.

Another useful function that this program has is the search for a lost phone. If a person does not remember where he put his smartphone, then he can give a sound signal from the computer. A beep sounds on your device to make it easier to find.

Important! AirDroid has an option to display your phone screen on your computer monitor. The image can be easily controlled by switching it.

Synchronization of devices in the AirDroid program

After downloading the application, the user will have to register. It takes less than a minute, since there is no need to enter a lot of data, just a name, email address and password. For the program to work on a mobile device, you need to enter the same data that was used during registration.


One of these programs is MyPhoneExplorer. This application has a number of functions that will be useful to any person. It allows you to read, write, edit and send messages from your mobile device via your PC. It also has a sync function for some applications. All data that is entered into them on the computer immediately appears on the smartphone. Users note that this functionality provides them convenience and saves time.

What does the computer version of the program MyPhoneExplorer look like?

How to connect Android to computer using MyPhoneExplorer:

  • Download the application to your phone and PC.
  • Go to the computer version of the program and find a mobile device in the “Settings” section.
  • On the phone, you need to go to the developer options and enable USB debugging.

All data will now be in sync.

How to unlock a phone locked with a graphic key by discharging the battery

Wait until the battery is discharged. To speed up the process, it is necessary to “torment” the battery so that the screen is constantly glowing. When the charge remains a few percent, the phone will notify about this and open a menu with power settings, that is, the lock will be removed. You need to quickly find the page with security settings in the menu and disable the lock. If there is no outlet nearby, for example, on a hike, you can recharge the gadget using the Power bank.

And if there is no time to wait for the battery to discharge, can it take several hours? Go to the next unlock method!

Attention: This item is relevant for later versions of Android. In smartphones of the 2018-2019 year of release, it is not always possible to go to the settings through the notification about the low battery charge. Most often, the system redirects the user to the page for entering a pattern or pin.

How to unlock your phone: 5 ways that work

A modern phone, due to the many tasks it performs, contains a lot of personal and sometimes confidential information. Therefore, many owners of their gadgets are trying to somehow secure it with the help of various locks. Now for smartphones on Android, graphical locking has become popular: to gain access to the contents of a mobile device, you need to draw a certain figure on the touchscreen with your finger. What if you forgot this password? How do I unlock my phone or delete a forgotten pattern? Do not despair, there is more than one way out!

Reset all settings

Attention! In this case, you will lose all the information that is on the hard drive of your smartphone. You can save only the data that is on the memory card, which must first be removed.

The reset process for each brand of smartphone is different. But fundamentally, the Samsung reset algorithm does not differ from the Lenovo, Prestigio or Huawei algorithm. The essence of it. using the Recovery menu. In order to get into it, in some gadgets, you must simultaneously press the volume and power buttons. Others. other combinations, for example, in Huawei, are a combination of volume, center and power buttons, while in Prestigio it is enough to press the power and home buttons at the same time. We strongly recommend that you find out how to get to the Recovery menu on your gadget model.

In the Recovery menu, go along the path: wipe / factoru reset. delete all user data. rebot system now. The volume buttons are used as a joystick, and the selection. the power button. But once again we focus our attention. in this case, all information from the hard disk is deleted. It is necessary to resort to this method in case of force majeure, when you urgently need to call, there is no Internet or other gadget at hand.

Important: Choosing the wrong item or not following the sequence can “break” the operating system. And then there will be no choice but to visit the service center. Also, before using this method, it is worth removing the memory card and SIM in order to save all the data that they contain.

Unlocking by deleting the gesture.key file

Unlocking your phone if you forgot your picture password by resetting all settings is a reliable, but rather painful method for the user. After all, sometimes very valuable information is lost. This can be avoided by knowing certain tricks.

The trick is as follows. You need to go to the Recovery menu. How to do this and how to navigate through it is described in the previous section. Then follow the path: Recovery. data. system. Find and delete gesture.key in this folder. After restarting the phone, the lock will be unlocked.

There are times when there is no Recovery Mod option in the phone. This option is only guaranteed on Samsung devices. You can do without it, but this requires a computer. You connect your smartphone to it via USB in storage mode and use it to delete it. The required file can be found through the search.

Important: With this method, as with the previous one, you should be extremely careful. If done incorrectly, you can turn your smartphone into a regular brick.

What to do if you forgot your pattern?

The creators of Android have provided an obvious option. an intricate figure, which the user himself invented, will be forgotten and he will lose access to his favorite gadget. Therefore, there are several ways to restore it when locked. They differ in the degree of complexity and conditions. you need a device with Internet access, a Google account, certain skills, etc. Let’s list what you can do if your Android phone is locked in order of increasing complexity of the actions performed:

  • Unblocking with your Google account
  • Reset all settings.
  • By discharging the battery.
  • Deleting a special file.
  • Service Center Help.
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There are many options, but it’s safe to say that the phone will be unlocked. Now, in more detail about these methods, so that users can choose the best one for themselves or prepare in advance.

Important: The website warns that the listed methods in some cases can lead to data loss or malfunction of the smartphone. The best way out if you lose your password is to contact the service center. You can use all the unlocking methods given in the material, but if you are ready to take a chance.

Restoring access to a smartphone using a Google account

In this case, it is easiest to reset the pattern. A prerequisite is the presence of an account on this service. For smartphone owners who use Google Market, this condition is met automatically.

It is necessary to enter a graphic picture until the system prompts you to wait half a minute, and most importantly, you will see the button “Forgot your password?”

Press it and enter your e-mail, meaning Google mail, and the password to it.

  • Do not remember your Google account password. recover it on another device that has a connection to the Network using standard actions.
  • There is no other device. the procedure is as follows:

connect to the Internet or available Wi-Fi;

restore access to your account using standard actions.

  • No Network or Wi-Fi? How do you unlock your phone then? Move on to the next method.
  • Important: This unlock option is relevant for Android 5.0 and older systems. In updated smartphones, the protection is stricter. The user is prompted not to go to his own Google account, but to erase all data.

    Unlocking via service center

    In fact, this is the easiest way. You take the locked phone to a service center and there they will carry out its non-warranty repair. This method has two drawbacks:

    • you will spend quite a lot of time on this, especially if they do not immediately get down to work;
    • it will cost you some money. depends on the smartphone model and the appetite of the service center.

    The above methods of unlocking an Android smartphone are within the power of everyone. In order for the situation with a forgotten graphic key to bring you a minimum of inconvenience, we recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

    • It is necessary to write down passwords for phones somewhere. The notebook has not yet been canceled.
    • Know in advance what to do (get ready for it) if your Android phone gets locked.
    • Choose the best way to unlock based on your situation.
    • Don’t panic. You will succeed!

    Additional ways to unlock Android if you forgot your picture password, in

    How to reset your password on your phone

    The most brutal way to unlock your phone is to reset all settings to factory defaults. The cruelty of the method is that all information from a mobile device will be lost. In order to reset the settings, you must simultaneously press the combination of external buttons on the switched off smartphone:

    • Volume down and on.
    • Volume up and on.
    • Volume up and down turn on (all three at the same time).
    • Volume up, Home button (if any) and power on.
    • Volume up, volume down and home button.
    • Volume up and down.

    You need to hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds, calling the Recovery mode. Then a small menu should appear. With points like this. reset, formatting, etc. You need a “reset” item. Select it, and then “wipe data”. Literally in 5 minutes, the phone will be unlocked, but it will be completely empty, only a backup copy can help here if it was made shortly before you decided to reset the password on Android.

    How to unlock your phone via the app

    There are special applications from Google that you can install or they are already in your smartphone. They come in handy when you need to unlock your phone. For example, if you are a prudent person and have set up the Smart Look app from Google, then you can unlock Android in a matter of seconds. To do this, remotely connect the “trusted” device of your smartphone via Bluetooth or WI-FI. When there is a two-way connection between your phone and another device, the gadget is automatically logged in. To use such an application, it is imperative that both devices be in the Internet access zone. If before you needed to unlock the phone, the application was not configured, then you will not be able to use it.

    Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 4 / 64GB Neptune Blue

    Smartphone Apple iPhone XS 64Gb Space Gray

    Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A51 4 / 64Gb Blue (SM-A515FZBU)

    How to unlock your phone with Google

    The first method is to reset the password using the connected Google account to the device. Accordingly, the user who synchronized the phone with the profile can use it. In this case, the smartphone must be connected to WI-FI or to the mobile Internet. If at the time when the phone was locked you were not connected to the World Wide Web, then usually the side or top sliding tab is available and the Internet can be connected without logging in. This is the easiest and fastest way to restore your gadget if you forgot your Android password.

    To use it, you need to enter the wrong code a certain number of times, after which an active line will appear: “Forgot your password”. By clicking on it, you will be asked to enter data from your Google account. If you do not remember it, then use your desktop computer to change the forgotten password from your Google profile first. If, after entering the wrong code, such a link does not appear on the screen, you must press the active Home key and re-enter the wrong password several times. After these manipulations, you will be automatically logged into the system, where you can change the password.

    How to unlock Samsung and Sony smartphones

    Some smartphone manufacturers have taken care in advance so that you know how to bypass the password on the phone. To do this, owners are provided with additional unlocking tools. For example, Samsung users can use their service. Find My Mobile. To do this, you must be connected to the service, and the locked phone must be on the Internet. To reset the password on a smartphone, you need a stationary computer, laptop or other mobile device, also connected to the Internet.

    Step-by-step instructions for unlocking your Samsung phone:

    • Go to their service and log in.
    • On the main page of Find My Mobile there are corresponding subsections for remote locking or unlocking a smartphone.
    • Select the tab “Unlock my device”.
    • After a few minutes, a message appears on the screen that your device is unlocked.
    • After that, you can turn on the smartphone and re-set the password, reset it or cancel it altogether.

    Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer to have created their own system when your phone is locked and you forgot your password. For example, Sony has created for all its Xperia smartphones the ability to unlock the phone using an emergency call. To do this, on the emergency call display, you need to dial a special combination. ###.

    After the call, a menu from the manufacturer with a Service Test section will appear, after which additional items will appear, among which you need to select NFC → Dag Test. After all the manipulations, press the home key and you will enter your mobile device.

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot your pattern

    A pattern safeguards your personal information, but it’s just as easy to forget as a digital key. If you have forgotten the pattern on Android, then all the above unlocking options apply to it. But there are other effective ways to unlock the pattern on the phone using, for example, connecting to a computer and other manipulations. Consider other methods, when the question arises, what to do if you forgot the pattern, in addition to those that we have already described:

    • The easiest method you can use to unlock your pattern is to discharge your mobile device. To do this, you need to wait until the charge level has dropped so much that the system will warn you about it. Then you will have the opportunity to enter the smartphone’s power management, which is located exactly in the place of the settings we need, including security. just change the pattern and access to use is open.
    • If you are rooted, then you can bypass the pattern password using a custom Recovery system. In this mode, you can delete the Gesture. Key without factory reset. Then just reboot your device and use.

    In order to avoid future problems with how to hack the pattern on the phone. It is still recommended to synchronize your devices with your Google account.

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

    The modern phone is a treasure trove of personal information, photos, access to banking applications and personal communication. It is not surprising that many people strive to make the gadget completely private. Android smartphones have the ability to set digital, alphabetic and graphic passwords on the screen. And at least once, each of the adherents of complete privacy and personal space, faced a situation when he forgot the password on the phone. Don’t panic, smartphones have plenty of ways to log in, although some of them are pretty tough. Now we will tell you about all the ways to unlock your phone if you forgot your password. Please note that not all methods may work on your mobile device, it all depends on its technical capabilities, access to root rights and Internet connection.

    How to remove a pattern

    For those who want to know how to reset the pattern on Android and want to use this method, you should download special programs to further delete the Gesture Key or Password Key file (if you want to delete the digital password). There are at least two software that will help you:

    • ADB Run. The program is installed on a PC. A smartphone is connected to the computer and the program is launched. Then select Unlock Gesture Key → Metod 1 / Metod 2. If you select Method 1, the picture password will be removed from the data / System folder. If you select “Method 2”, the password will be reset by deleting the system.db file.
    • AROMA Filemanager. The difference between ADB Run is that the pattern is removed, but through the transfer of the program folder to the mobile device itself. First, download the zip file with the program to your computer, and then you need to copy the file in this form to the phone’s SD card. After that, you need to enter the Recovery menu and select the command that gives permission to install software from the CD-card. When the program is installed, find the Data / System file, which is located in the OS of the device. And then find the Gesture Key we need and delete it.

    There are other utilities to remove the pattern if you forgot it, but these two methods are the most common.

    If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

    How to split the screen into 2 parts in Android

    The proposed material discusses several ways to divide the smartphone screen into 2 parts, which are relevant for most models, such as Samsung, HTC, Asus, etc.

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    Multi Screen split screen app

    • Run any application on your device and hold down the multitasking button;
    • In the list that appears, click on any of the proposed applications, and it will open half the screen.

    In order to split the screen of an Android tablet, you need to download the Multi Screen application. After installing it, the system will allow you to split the screen. to use the ability to view files in different windows. You can download this application using the Google Play service.

    split screen android device or tablet

    • We need to open the application we need, and then hold down the multitasking button;
    • From the drop-down list, select the second application we need and move it to an empty space on the phone screen;
    • By changing the position of the dividing line, you can adjust the size of the windows.

    splitting the screen into parts

    • Go to the control point (swipe the top line down, which will open a drop-down menu of quick settings);
    • It is necessary to hold down the “Settings” button until the settings icon starts to rotate;
    • If everything is done correctly, after a couple of seconds, a notification will appear about the inclusion of the System UI Tuner;
    • We select “Settings”. “System UI Tuner”, where we activate the split screen option.

    Thanks to this method, the screen will now be split by swiping up on the multitasking button

    how to split the smartphone screen into 2 parts?

    • You should tap on the multitasking button (the square we are used to), after which a list of open applications and programs will open;
    • Select the desired application and drag it to the part of the display we need;
    • The list of open applications is still open, so we take the second application and drag it to a free area on the smartphone screen;
    • After successfully bringing two applications to the screen, a separator will appear between them, which can be moved as needed, thereby adjusting the size of the windows.

    Dual screen with Android apps

    The Multiscreen Multitasking application will help to make 2 screens, will allow using the tablet as a personal multitasking tool. The most relevant use of this application, as you might have guessed, is on tablets. Due to the fact that the application is not translated into Russian, difficulties may arise during operation, therefore, in case of any difficulties, we advise you to turn to the resources of YouTube.

    Today, in the assortment of Google Play, applications for splitting the screen and multitasking take not the last place in terms of diversity.

    Among this variety, there are both free and paid versions, with or without Russian localization, so the choice is yours, which application to give preference to.

    How to Capture Video from Phone Screen with AZ Screen Recorder. No Root

    Video recording instruction

    As a result, a magic button will appear. To start recording, you need to click on the corresponding button with the camera image.

    If you need to stop recording, open the drop-down menu and click on the notification.

    Install a firewall. ad blocker for Android

    One of the best ways to block adware viruses on your phone is by installing a firewall.

    A firewall is a special OS add-on that controls application access to the Internet. Typically, all advertisements and viral files are downloaded from the internet. accordingly, the firewall will help identify the pest and block it. In general, a firewall will be needed to prevent infection of the phone.

    Track programs that go online through the NoRoot Firewall log and block access to them as needed. Also in the log you can determine whether any files were downloaded, whether ads were downloaded without your knowledge.

    First of all, we advise you to install the NoRoot Firewall. With this application, you can flexibly control the Internet access of all installed applications and successfully block ads.

    Video instruction on how to get rid of the virus:

    “I couldn’t remove ads on lockscreen”

    If none of the methods helped and you didn’t manage to remove the ad virus, continue to dive into the problem. In particular, we advise you to refer to our great guide How to remove ads on Android, ask questions through the contact form.

    We hope that you will be able to clean the problematic Android device from annoying ads and viruses. Good luck!

    Removing ad applications

    There are other ways to disable ads on a tablet / smartphone lockscreen. The easiest way is to remove the culprit app by finding it yourself.

    Remember when ads appeared on Lockscreen.

    Download and install CCleaner app:

    Use the CCleaner application manager to find out which programs were installed in a given period and uninstall them.

    If there are also unnecessary applications among the applications. also uninstall them.

    Note. If you are using the free version of the Android app, ads may appear in the app. This is not a virus, it’s just that the developer monetizes the application in this way and you pay for the free version in this way. To disable banners, you need to purchase a full one. i.e. paid version of the program. It is your right to do it or not.

    The universal way: checking the phone with an antivirus

    Another proven way to get rid of ads when unlocking is to remove viruses. There are a lot of them written for Android OS, and one of the best mobile antiviruses is Doctor Web for Android.

    Download and install the lite-version of Doctor Web (it consumes less memory, while the efficiency is at the same level):

    Run the scanner, specifying all areas of the memory of the mobile device to search.

    Dr.Web will find and quarantine all infected files, even those that are not removed in the usual way and are masked as system applications.

    Antivirus scan often allows you to quickly remove ads on the lock screen, as well as comprehensively scan your phone for virus threats, including Trojans, malware and keyloggers.

    Advice. Be sure to install a root manager for Android

    All instructions for removing ads on your phone / tablet assume that you have full access to the Android file system (where ad viruses and infected apps often hide).

    Therefore, almost any antivirus application will require root rights to work. How to install them, read here.

    Make a Hard Reset

    If the application uninstallers, firewall and antivirus scanner have failed, the Hard Reset remains. Factory reset is one of the safest ways to get rid of ad viruses. At the same time, it is safe and fast, although it requires preliminary preparation.

    Important! You need to make a backup copy of your data, and only then proceed with the reset.

    After Hard Reset, you will receive a mobile device with the original state of software and memory, therefore, without viruses. All user data (SMS, photos, contacts, etc.) saved in the device’s memory will also be deleted.

    How to make a Hard Reset on a specific device. read on the forums. The risk of screwing up the device and turning it into a “brick” (incapacitated state) is quite low, if you carefully follow the firmware instructions from experienced users.

    How to Remove Ads on Android Lock Screen / Samsung Tablet

    Advertising on the phone lock screen. what could be more intrusive and unpleasant for the user? For some unknown reason, it appears as soon as the user touches the touchscreen. Removing the pop-up banner is not so easy, finding the culprit among the applications is very difficult.

    The most unpleasant thing is that the source of advertising can be a ransomware virus that experiences the emotions of the owners of mobile devices. This nasty virus requires money to be disabled on lockscreen. If this is not done,

    • pop-up windows with advertisements will pop up on the screen, making it impossible to use a mobile gadget,
    • when the screen is unlocked, an advertisement will appear (pop-up, windows with a banner),
    • advertising will be displayed on the full screen of a smartphone, tablet,
    • banners will be shown in system and user-installed applications. for example, in the Chrome browser.

    It is clear that you do not need to agree to the terms of the scammers under any circumstances. In this guide, we will help you detect a virus and tell you how to remove ads on Android, disable them on your own. Well, or almost your own. special ad blockers come to the rescue.

    How to disable screen lock on Android

    Open the settings of your smartphone or tablet and go to the security and privacy section, it can also be called differently, for example, protection or locked screen.

    Here go to the screen lock section and set its option to the off position, or select. unlock by swipe. You may be asked to enter your current password. do this.

    Now, to unlock the device, it will be enough to swipe from left to right or vice versa. You will no longer be asked to enter your password or pattern.

    Interesting! You can use fingerprint or Face ID login so that you don’t have to constantly enter your password, this is done here in the settings. In this case, the locked display will remain, but, according to these parameters, the device will be unlocked instantly, you will not even feel the difference with the swipe option.

    How to remove the lock screen on an Android phone

    Protecting your Android smartphone or tablet with a lock screen is a good idea, but not in all cases. It is much more convenient when the phone is always unlocked.

    You can make your phone or tablet unlocked on a permanent basis. without the need to enter a password or fingerprint, you can in the system settings. You can also specify additional unlock parameters.

    You already know how to unlock Android phone quickly and easily. We will now take a look at how to remove the screen lock. What you need to do to remove the password or PIN entry altogether when unlocking your Android phone or tablet.

    Important! Remember, if you disable this function, the smartphone can always be used by anyone who picks it up. And this may be fraught with the loss of confidential information.

    Alternatively. smart screen lock

    You can install on the device a smart disable display lock, which will work in automatic mode. This is also done in the device settings. So, for example, the smartphone will not be blocked if you are at home.

    Open the device settings and go to the security / protection settings and go to the “Smart Lock” section. smart lock. Enter a valid code if required.

    Here you can set the parameters so that the mobile does not require you to enter a password for certain actions and situations. For example, with physical contact, in a certain place or when connecting to some other device via Bluetooth. You can also disable blocking when your voice is recognized.

    After that, the phone will be permanently unlocked when you are in this position. It can be really very convenient if you are sure that no one except you will pick up your device.

    As you can see, you can easily remove the input of a pin, pattern or other code on Android in the settings of your device. This is especially true for several users of one device.

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