How to Capture Screen on iPhone 11

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Taking a Long Exposure Photo on iPhone with Slow Shutter Cam

Let’s consider the application of the program on one Light Tail profile out of three. It is used to obtain a light trail in low light conditions.

Also try shooting your composition from a different angle, you can change the program settings.

Special application

There are many applications for manually adjusting shooting parameters. If one of them is already installed on your gadget, then you can use it. Better to work with cameras that are specifically designed to work with slow shutter speeds, for example, Slow Shutter, Slow Shutter Cam or any other. Live Photos is available on iOS 11 and later.

All options have approximately the same functionality and settings. Such cameras initially have such three modes: Low Light, Motion Blur and Light Tail. for shooting in low light conditions, moving objects and light trails.

Motion Blur mode

This is where you want to shoot moving subjects at a slow shutter speed during normal lighting. The subject for such a regime can be water (surf, waterfalls, fountains), a passing train, a busy intersection, a moving cyclist, and so on. For iPhone apps, additional features include various blur effects and intensities.


When shooting at high shutter speeds, the aperture remains open for a long time. It is impossible to hold the smartphone completely still in your hands, you need a tripod.

If you already have a full-size tripod for your camera, you can use it with your iPhone by purchasing a suitable adapter. If there is no tripod, and not buying it, you do not want to spend too much money, then you can take a tripod for smartphones or a special mini-tripod. Some models have flexible legs that allow your camera to be fixed anywhere using trees, fences, and other objects.

How to take long exposure photography on iPhone 11 / X (s / r) / 8/7/6

Let’s take an example of how to learn how to take pictures with an iPhone with a long exposure, as it is done with professional cameras.

This article applies to all iPhone 11 / XS (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support specified in the article.

Taking Long Exposure Photos on iPhone with Live Photos

This slow shutter speed is not “real”, but software simulation. But still, the visual effect is very impressive.

Light Tail Mode

This effect allows you to get a high-quality light trail. It can be found in an amusement park, on a busy autobahn, during the launch of fireworks or in the starry sky.

For a beginner photographer, early twilight is the most convenient time of day. At this time, the motor transport is already driving with the headlights on. The street lighting is not on yet, so there will be no distraction from the main plot. Signboards, lanterns and other static burning objects give overexposure at night, so there will be more noise.

For shooting with more or less averaged indicators, the following settings will be: shutter speed 15 seconds and sensitivity 1/4. For the best effect, work with contrast and exposure.

Long exposure allows you to shoot scenes with movement in the frame, with a light trail, just take great photos at dusk. This kind of creativity is available for iPhone owners too.

You can’t just take a long exposure shot on an iPhone. A standard camera does not know how to adjust the shutter speed, and this process is difficult to carry out with hands even on professional cameras. Therefore, the user should prepare.

How to check the originality of iPhone parts?

To check this, go to Settings → General → About this device. Scroll down and if you replace it with a non-original display, you will see a notification: “Can’t verify this iPhone has a real Apple display.” It is possible to click on the button and find out more about this issue.

How to distinguish a TFT screen from an IPS?

The IPS matrix is ​​an advanced continuation of TFT displays. The main difference between these matrices is that in TFT liquid crystals are arranged in a spiral, while in IPS the crystals lie in the same plane parallel to each other.

How to recognize the Change screen on iPhone?

Fortunately, there is a very simple way to check if an iPhone display is genuine. It is enough to shine on the smartphone screen with a flashlight and pay attention to the light reflection on the display. The non-original, low-quality display that was replaced has stripes throughout the area.

How to distinguish a cell phone from a fake?

Without exception, all, and even fake phones, have a unique serial number and IMEI identifier, which can be found by typing # on the keyboard. Enter your serial number or IMEI on SNDeepInfo to verify your phone is genuine.

How to check Troughton on iPhone?

Go to the “System Preferences” iPhone, select “Screen and Brightness”. “True Tone” and enable or disable the function.

How to distinguish a Chinese screen on an iPhone?

The easiest way to distinguish the original display on the iPhone from the Chinese is to draw a line with a marker directly along the front panel of the sensor. Let’s see what happened: The original touchscreen has the ability to dissolve stains from touches and dirt. Therefore, the marker trail will spread out into several tiny dots.

How to know the original display or not?

To check the display for originality, inspect the inside of its module. There you will see two cables: a digitizer and an LCD. The first should be located slightly lower, the second, respectively, higher. Try both cables by touch.

Setting iPhone screen rotation in iOS 11

Especially for those who recently bought an iPhone or updated the firmware to iOS 11, here’s how to set up screen rotation for any iPhone model. Screen rotation is most often used to watch video from a smartphone screen, horizontal viewing of a movie or a YouTube video is more comfortable for the eye.

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Wide or panoramic photos are also better viewed when the iPhone is placed horizontally. Auto-flip to the side enables the engineering mode in the calculator.

Turn screen rotation on and off in iPhone 7

For iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 8, the rotation setting in iOS 11 is still done by pressing a button. portrait orientation lock. To find it, we do the following:

The lock screen icon in iPhone 7 with iOS 11

The appearance of the screen lock button or the menu itself may differ if you are using previous iOS firmware or earlier iPhone models, then look here. screen rotation before.

If the button is not active (as in the picture above), then you can turn your iPhone on its side, the screen with a movie or clip will also turn, stretching across the entire display in horizontal scanning.

But if you lie on your side and want to read from your iPhone in this position, you will have to use the screen rotation lock so that it does not spin. By pressing a button, you turn off the rotation of the screen, which is not just locked, it is locked in portrait orientation and this is an unfortunate solution. Lying on your side, you can’t watch YouTube reviews in full screen.

For saving videos from the Internet to the iPhone, see. here.

So listen to Apple here. you just need to make a screen lock, without being tied to a book scan, then it will be much more convenient.

Horizontal screen mode on iPhone Plus models

A lock icon that blocks rotation of the screen is also present on iPhone models with the Plus prefix. So for the pros, everything works exactly the same.

But in the iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, a function has been added to rotate the desktop with icons to horizontal mode (also called landscape mode). If such a model is turned on its side, then all the icons and wallpapers, turning over, will adjust to the horizontal position of the display.

If in Plus the auto-rotate of working screens with icons does not work, then perhaps you are using a larger scale, with larger elements, including icons. This mode can be disabled in the Settings app:

  • Screen & Brightness. View. Standard. Set

The phone will reboot after confirmation. The 5.5-inch iPhone Plus should now re-enable auto-rotate screen icons.

How to take a screenshot (screenshot) on iPhone


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How to take a screenshot (take a picture of the screen) on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

In fact, there is nothing easier than taking a picture on the display with the device itself. Screenshot or Screenshot (screenshot) is a standard function of all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. In order to take a screenshot, you just need to simultaneously press the Power button and the round Home button At the moment of pressing, the device will take a picture of everything that was on the screen.

The above method does not work on the iPhone X, since the smartphone lacks the familiar physical Home button. Fortunately, Apple has provided an alternative solution.

The method is pretty simple. In order to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, you need to simultaneously press the volume up key and the sleep on / off button. Similar to previous models, you will see a white flash and hear the corresponding camera sound, indicating that the screenshot has been saved.

The resulting screenshot will instantly be placed in the “Photos” application in a special album called “Screenshots”.

Screenshot editor (screenshots) in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad: how to enable and use.

SCREEN RECORDING iPhone 11, 11 Pro & Max (2019) IOS 13. How to

Starting with iOS 11, the mobile platform for iPhone and iPad offers a new, more functional way to take screenshots and even annotate them.

In terms of controls, the process remains the same: you press and for a second simultaneously hold the Home button on the front of the case and the power button on the left side.

Next, a small thumbnail will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, clicking on which will allow you to view the screenshot.

A special editor will appear on the display, with which you can crop images, add to it using a marker, pencil or pen (six colors are available).

You can add a digital signature, various elements such as circles or arrows, and underline a specific element using a magnifying glass.

If you don’t want to edit the screenshot, just click the “Done” button in the upper left corner and save it to your photo album, or delete it.

How to avoid taking screenshots (screenshots)

In most cases, you do not have to resort to creating screenshots (taking pictures of the screen), thereby not clogging up the Camera Roll, but save the relevant content in ways that are more acceptable to it.

For example, if you just want to copy “for later” text information from a web page (correspondence), you can select it by touching it with your finger and then select the Copy option from the context menu that appears. After that, the text copied to the clipboard can be Pasted in the same way into any application (Notes, instant messengers, etc.).

It is not necessary to photograph the screen of a website with an interesting article, if you can save a link to the page in the Safari browser Bookmarks. To do this, click the Share button at the bottom of the screen (if it is not visible, then tap at the bottom of the page) and select the Add Bookmark icon about syncing Bookmarks between iOS devices and Mac computers, we talked about in this article.

screen, iphone

If you need to save any image posted on the website or in the messenger application (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then it is not necessary to take a screenshot of the screen, because other unnecessary information will also fall into it. In order to save a picture, you need to touch it and select the Save Image option

oh I just needed this information! Thanks to my friend Eric Mustafayev who posted in the status !

Well what they said, otherwise I have been racking my head for the third year over how to make screenshots.

How to Take iPhone X Screenshot, Screenshot on iPhone 10

With the new iPhone X, Apple has ditched the Home button, which was previously located under the screen and took up a significant portion of the front of the device. This solution made it possible to enlarge the screen without increasing the size of the case, but created some difficulties in operation. Since now, all the operations that were previously performed using the Home button are performed in other ways.

For example, in previous iPhone models, the Home Lock Key combination was used to take a picture of the screen. Naturally, in the iPhone X, due to the lack of a Home button, it is impossible to use this method. But how, then, to take a photo of the screen? We will answer this question now.

Despite the lack of a Home button, the screen photo on the iPhone X is done in much the same way as on previous iPhone models. As before, to take a picture, you need to hold down two keys and hold them for about a second. The only difference is the buttons themselves.

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In the new iPhone X, in order to take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously hold down the side button (on the right side of the device) and the volume up button (on the left side of the device). Release both buttons immediately after pressing.

The iPhone X screen will then light up in white and a camera sound will appear to indicate that a screenshot has been taken.

This method is likely to work on iPhone XR and iPhone XS as well.

How to take a screenshot (screenshot) on iPhone

In order to take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously hold down HOME (round button at the bottom of the screen) and the lock button (top). The screenshot will be saved in the “Camera Roll” folder.

Now open the “Photos” application, the screenshot will be the last in the list.

The picture can be taken from any programs and games. To turn off the shutter sound when taking a screenshot, just turn off the phone ringtone.

How to take a screenshot of iPhone screen without buttons?

If one of the physical buttons doesn’t work for you, you can still take a screenshot. This method is also suitable when you need to take a screenshot at a precise moment. To do this, turn on the AssistiveTouch panel in the settings.

Open the “Settings”. “General” menu. Find “Accessibility” and activate “AssistiveTouch“.

A semi-transparent button will appear on the device screen, which can be moved anywhere.

When you click on it, the device control menu appears. We select the item “Apparatus”. then “” and then on the item “Screenshot”. The screenshot is ready.

The AssistiveTouch menu will not be visible in this screenshot.

Program overview

  • PhotoCurvesFree. Here you can create your own filters, as well as “pull” the color of any image.
  • BeFunky! With it, you can edit photos, align colors and select frames.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express. Using this utility, you can rotate, crop, add frames and adjust colors.
  • Camera Awesome. This is an application. a good alternative to the regular iPhone camera.
  • Instagram. With this program, you can add various frames, filters, change colors to pictures. Beyond that, Instagram is a small social network.

We hope this article was useful for you, and you learned a lot for yourself, in addition to how to take a screenshot on the iPhone.

How to take a screenshot and edit it on iPhone: tips for users

Since you have decided to read this article, you probably still do not know how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. Yes, you heard right! It is the screenshot. I’m sure you’re surprised right now. After all, most likely, you only used this function on a computer. But before answering the question: “How to take a screenshot on the iPhone?”, Let’s find out what this function is. What is it for and what is the use of it?

CHIP Zoom iPhone screen with three fingers

There are people for whom this function is vital.

One of the main differences between the iOS operating system and competitors can be safely called the presence of a number of additional functions that greatly facilitate the use of a smartphone for people with disabilities. So, for people with low vision, the function of turning on a magnifying glass is provided. a magnifier.

And you can activate this mode with a touch of three fingers.

  • Open Settings. Basic. Accessibility: Zoom in and turn on the slider next to Zoom.
  • Now, to enable the zoom mode, simply tap the screen twice in a row with THREE fingers.

A rectangular window will appear on the screen, within which the contents of the screen will be displayed with a significant increase.

There are a number of additional settings in Zoom mode that make it more versatile.

Focus following. Enabling this feature automatically moves the zoom area to the text entry field (whether it be a browser, messenger, or third-party application). When typing, the lens will automatically follow the cursor.

Smart dial (active when Focus Follow is enabled). When you enable this menu item, the appearance of the on-screen keyboard will cause the zoom mode, stretched to fill the entire screen, but not covering the area with the keyboard itself. Entering text will be accompanied by automatic movement of the magnifier.

Show controller. In the zoom mode, a special joystick controller is also provided, which greatly simplifies navigation. It is best used when reading.

After turning on the Magnification mode, tap the center of the joystick and pull it in any direction: the magnifying glass will repeat the movement, and the dynamics of movement directly depends on the intensity of the movement of the finger.

To call the additional settings menu, just tap on the center of the joystick. Tap and hold will allow you to move the controller to any point on the screen, and the Visibility at rest item will allow you to adjust the transparency level of the joystick.

Magnification area. Offers two options for settings: Full screen (in this mode, the magnification covers the entire smartphone screen) and Window (standard display of a magnifying glass).

Filter. In the Zoom mode, there are several special filters that increase the contrast of the screen or convert the picture to black and white mode.

The ultimate level of magnification. This slider allows you to adjust the maximum possible magnification, which is adjustable in the additional settings window (called triple-tap with three fingers or single short tap in the center of the controller). Lens size is also adjusted in the same menu.

From the SOS menu

Pressing the volume up / down button at the same time with the lock key brings up the emergency call menu on devices with Face ID. Here you can not only call the rescue service, but also restart the device.

Activating Assistive Touch

  • Go to Settings. Basic. Universal access;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the accessibility settings page and in the “Interaction” section select “Assistive Touch”;
  • In the next settings window, move the activation slider opposite “Assistive Touch” to the “Enabled” position (colored green). A semi-transparent button appears on the iPhone screen.
  • Touch the iPhone touch screen within this button (this gesture is called “Tap”). A window with available Assistive Touch options will appear on the screen.

IPhone display not working: restart the device using a “hard reset

If your iPhone‘s touchscreen suddenly stops responding to touches, do a hard reset.

This reboot option is very easy, but the process is different for different iPhone models. In order to restart iPhone 7, you need to simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the power button until the Apple logo appears.

To restart iPhone 6s and earlier, press and hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. If the touchscreen is working again after restarting the device, then the problem was caused by a software malfunction.

Disable or manage location services

Many apps use Location Services even if they don’t need to, and check regularly with this feature to keep in touch with where they are. If for some reason you are not tied to a specific location, disable it.

  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Location Services and turn it off.

In addition, you can disable individual apps that you do not want to access your location. This will slightly reduce battery drain and improve privacy.

screen, iphone

In AssistiveTouch

You can also reboot when you activate AssistiveTouch. By clicking on this button, a menu with a list of actions will open. among them there will be a reboot:

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Go to Settings. Accessibility.

On the page that opens, select Touch.

After activating the function, a list with actions in a black circle will open. Click on the Restart button.

You can add the restart key yourself. To do this, open the function, go to the list of commands, and select any free or already occupied cell. Then, in the list of actions that opens, select “Restart” and add it. Now, when activating this feature, you will be able to reboot.

Compact dialer in the form of a banner

One of the most discussed and expected by many innovations is the compact incoming call window in iOS 14. Now, during a call, work with the gadget does not stop until it is accepted or rejected, the desired website or document will remain open, and the network game will not be interrupted.

Instead, you will see a compact banner at the top of the screen with the option to accept or reject the call. The only complaint is the poor arrangement of small keys.

Where to look for a chip: initially the option should be enabled after the update, if this did not happen, go to Settings. Phone. Incoming calls and select a new appearance in the style of banners.

Fix Black Screen Through iPhone Hard Reset

It is better to start with the simplest option. The procedure is common for all smartphones, the only difference is in the combination of buttons, depending on the model:

On iPhone models 5 and 6 and their versions, a long simultaneous press of two buttons: “Power” (On / Off) and “Home” (Home) is required for about 10 seconds until the logo (apple) appears.

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the same action, but with the “Power” (On / Off) and “Volume Down” (Volume Down).

On 8/8 Plus versions, quickly press and release “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” alternately, then hold down “Power / Sleep” to the Apple logo.

On 11 / XS / X versions, press and hold the volume up or down button and the side button until the Turn off slider appears.

If these steps did not help, then move on to the next point.

Black screen on iPhone 11 / X / 12 but it works, what to do ?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “My iPhone works, even rings, but it has a black screen. What to do?”. This often happens when the device is dropped. In the simplest cases, you just need to reboot your smartphone. But sometimes this happens even with a careful attitude to the device, and standard advice does not always help. The root of the problem could be a beta update or a conflict between third-party applications. This means that you need expert advice, but keep in mind that there is no single one hundred percent solution, options are possible. So…

How to fix black screen on iPhone using iTunes

When rebooting does not help, the option remains with resetting the smartphone to factory settings. In this case, you can choose any version, preferably the latest, personal data is restored from a backup, but all subsequent content may be lost. Traditionally, this is done using iTunes and rebooting the device itself.

Launch iTunes application on your computer. Connect smartphone to computer via USB cable.

If the device appears on your computer, you can make a current backup to keep the last additions: “Settings” “Overview” “Create a copy now”. When finished, check if the date and time of the last copy was saved correctly.

To reset to factory settings, click here the “Restore [device]” button (marked in red). When asked to confirm, click “Restore” again. Then the program reinstalls the latest version of iOS, the device automatically restarts. Now you can configure it as a new one and return the saved data with the button “Restore from a copy”.

If the device is not displayed, restart the iPhone depending on its model (see the previous paragraph) and continue to hold the buttons until the recovery mode is activated and the image appears:

Next, a message should appear on the computer:

Select “Update”. In this case, an attempt is made to reinstall the iOS OS without deleting personal data. Do not interfere with the operation of the program, the download will take less than 15 minutes, otherwise the device itself will end in error mode. Then you should repeat points 2 and 4, or refer to special applications such as Tenorshare ReiBoot.

IPhone has blanked out screen, but it works. what to do

Fix Black Screen on iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

Very high quality application. Fully compatible with the latest iPhone 12/12 Pro and iOS 14.1. The application is released in two versions: “Tenorshare ReiBoot” and “Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro”.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best free software that solves the most common problems such as stuck iTunes (Enter Recovery Mode) and get your iOS device back up (Exit Recovery Mode). These operations are performed literally in one click with saving personal data and without asking for a password. Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro additionally solves the problem of black (blue, frozen, etc.) screen and freezing on the logo, reset and unlock and more than 50 more crises that even iTunes cannot handle. This is done without the need to know the password by conveniently downloading and installing the selected package of the latest version of the factory firmware (“Fix Operating System” mode). Unfortunately, in some critical cases, the latest data may be lost. So, to eliminate the black screen:

You need to download and install the latest version of the program on your computer. Launch the program and connect iPhone to computer using USB cable.

After recognizing the device, click the “Start” button.

In this mode, press “Deep repair”. Please note that in this function, which is used exclusively in difficult situations, data saving is not possible.

Click “Deep repair”. If the iPhone is not automatically recognized, the program may ask you to restart the gadget according to the instructions, depending on the type of device.

After recognizing the device, you will be prompted to select the firmware version (by default. the latest available on the official Apple website), as well as the location to temporarily save the package. You can specify the version already available on this computer. After selection, click “Download”.

The download will take some time, then use “Fix it now”.

After reinstalling the gadget, click “Finish” and exit the application.

Your iPhone is now ready to go. If you have a backup, you can return the content saved in it.

“Settings” “Screen and brightness” “Raise to activate”;

Settings General Accessibility Home Swipe to Open.

Choose one option for yourself and, perhaps, avoid repeating the problem.

If the Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro program did not help you, then it remains to advise you to contact the nearest Apple service center. Since it is impossible to solve the problem of a black screen using software methods, that is, the likelihood of a malfunction of the hardware of the smartphone.