How to Capture Screen Video on Android Samsung

How to disable screen lock on Android 5.x?

On the “five”, the blocking is disabled as follows:

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  • As in other versions of android, before canceling the lock, you will need to enter the existing password, possibly a pattern, after which the system will allow you to disable the lock.

Screen lock types

Today Android has the following types of protection:

  • There may be no blocking at all if the owner of the equipment is confident in safety and does not need an additional level of protection;
  • Regular swipe. protects against accidental activation, is not able to protect against intruders;
  • A pattern is one of the most common solutions. The owner of the equipment draws a figure at certain points and depicts this figure each time it is unlocked;
  • PIN. a sequence of certain numbers that must be entered to unlock;
  • Password is one of the most reliable blocking methods. The user needs to enter a sequence of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers invented by him;
  • Fingerprint is one of the new and safer ways to lock;
  • Face recognition is also a new type of blocking, which, unlike a fingerprint, is still a “raw” solution, is under development;
  • Iris scanner. found on expensive models of devices, today it is the most reliable smartphone lock.

How to disable screen lock on Android 4.x?

4th Android is one of the most popular OS, installed to this day on millions of gadgets around the world. To disable blocking on a given system, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen, open the menu, then open “Settings” / “Settings”;
  • Going to the security section, open the “Security” tab and select “Screen lock”;
  • As the main password in the 4.x system, there is a pattern that will need to be entered, after which you can cancel the lock.

How to Disable Screen Lock on Samsung

On some models with non-standard controls, the locking process may differ. As an example, we will take a look at the blocking process on Samsung smartphones.

  • Open the “Settings” menu and go to the “My device” tab, where you need to select the “Lock screen” item;
  • Go to the “Screen lock” section, where you need to select the desired lock method. If any of the passwords is already in use, before entering this section, the system will ask you to enter an existing password or pattern;
  • When the menu of available blocking methods is available, you must select the “No” option;

At this point, the Samsung smartphone lock will be disabled. Now the device will not ask for a password, which will greatly facilitate the unlocking process.

Disable lock on Xiaomi and MIUI phones

It will not be superfluous to take a look at the unlocking process from the Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, version 9.

  • Using a swipe down, open the notification line, where we click on the settings icon;
  • Because the smartphone of this manufacturer supports the fingerprint function, select this section;
  • Click on the “Screen Lock” tab;
  • The system asks for the previously set password or pattern. In case the password is forgotten, you must refer to the instructions below;
  • When the password is entered, select the “Disable blocking” item;
  • If you are sure of your decision to permanently disable the blocking, confirm your decision by clicking “Ok” in the drop-down window.

How to turn off the lock if the owner of the smartphone has forgotten the password

If the password is forgotten and there is no way to remember it, it is necessary to roll back the device to the factory settings. Different brands and models perform this procedure differently.

In general, a return to factory settings is carried out from the off state with a timely combination of keys and the Recovery menu. If everything is done correctly, the device will turn on in Recovery mode, where you need to select the rollback function.

Please note that this method is an extreme measure, because system rollback will lead to the loss of data that is on the device.

Disable blocking on Android 7.x

  • We select the item “Security” and then “Screen lock”;
  • As in other cases, you will need to enter an existing password or pattern, after which the system will allow you to disable the lock. To disable, click the “No” item in the screen lock section.

Thus, we examined the most common versions of the Android operating system, installed, for example, on Samsung or Asus.

How blocking is disabled on different versions of Android?

Before removing the lock from your phone, we recommend that you once again consider the justification of this step, because thus you make the information contained in the phone more vulnerable to fraudsters.

Why Samsung doesn’t remove the key from the entrance screen?

In the normal mode of operation of Samsung, the digital or graphic code is disabled as follows:

  • In the settings of your mobile phone, find the section “My device” and enter it.
  • Open the “Lock Screen” tab.
  • All available protection methods (face control, PIN, drawing, etc.) will appear in the menu that appears. Select “No” to remove the screen lock.
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There are several factors that can prevent you from canceling screen lock on Android:

  • using a secure virtual VPN network on the gadget;
  • encryption of internal memory or embedded microSD;
  • installing third-party certificates;
  • opening of administrative rights on a mobile phone;
  • software malfunction.

Let’s see how to remove the screen lock on a Samsung phone in each of the above cases.

How to disable screen lock on Android 4.x?

4th Android is one of the most popular OS, installed to this day on millions of gadgets around the world. To disable blocking on a given system, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen, open the menu, then open “Settings” / “Settings”;
  • Going to the security section, open the “Security” tab and select “Screen lock”;
  • As the main password in the 4.x system, there is a pattern that will need to be entered, after which you can cancel the lock.

Remove screen lock on Android

  • After several incorrect attempts to enter, the system will display a message that the next attempt is possible in 30 seconds, in the lower corner of the screen you can see the inscription: “Forgot your password” or “Forgot your pattern”. Click on it. The phone will ask you to enter your Google account login and password. After that, the device will be unlocked, and you can enter a new combination or code.
  • If you do not remember the password or login for your Google account, you will need to use a computer. It may contain a password. If everything is so sad that it is not recorded anywhere, reset your password at It is logical to assume that in order to use this method of recovery, the Internet must be turned on on the device, and it must be synchronized with Google. Therefore, do not neglect the system requirement for entering credentials.
  • If you turn off the Internet, you will not be able to remove the password in the standard way. You will have to perform a factory reset. To do this, you need to enter Recovery mode. The combination of required keys depends on the device model. When the phone is off, most often you need to hold down the volume key and the power button, or the volume key, the power button and the center button. If the function does not work, check with the manufacturer for details. In the Recovery menu, use the volume buttons to select Wipe data / Factory reset and wait for the process to finish.
  • In extreme cases, you will have to reflash the device. But try not to let this happen.

Disabling screen lock on Samsung smartphones

If you have a smartphone with a non-standard interface, then your process for disabling the screen lock may be slightly different. For example, we will show you how to disable the screen lock if you have an Android smartphone from Samsung.,

So, first of all, you need to open the settings. After the settings are open, you need to go to the “My device” tab and open the “Lock screen” settings section.

As a result, the lock screen settings will open in front of you. Now you need to go to the “Screen lock” section, where you can choose a lock method. If you are using a password, PIN or pattern lock, you will be asked to unlock the device again before entering this section.

After a list of available blocking methods opens, select the “No” option.

That’s it, the screen lock is disabled. Now your smartphone will turn on immediately after pressing the Power button and will not distract you with the need to perform additional actions.

How to disable screen lock in standard Android interface?

In general, on most Android models, the lock is disabled as follows:

  • Go to the device settings menu and select the “Security” section, which is located in the “Personal data” block;
  • Now you need to visit the “Screen lock” section, note that if the password unlock function is enabled on the smartphone, you will need to enter the existing password, since without this procedure, you will not be able to go further;
  • A list of available locks will open, where you can change or select a new type of lock, we need the item “No” for us;

In general, the locking process for all models is approximately similar, therefore, guided by these two methods, you will be able to disable the lock and access the device many times faster.

How blocking is disabled on different versions of Android?

Before removing the lock from your phone, we recommend that you once again consider the justification of this step, because thus you make the information contained in the phone more vulnerable to fraudsters.

How to remove screen lock on Android

The most basic way to protect your Android smartphone is with the screen lock feature. Currently, fingerprint or face scanning is widely used to unlock, but older devices use a password or pattern that can be forgotten, thereby losing access to the smartphone. In this article we will tell you how to completely disable blocking in this case.

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Taking a screenshot on Samsung using gestures

The latest models of the company’s smartphones were marked by an important event, they began to support the function of taking screenshots using gestures. Now, simply swiping with your palm, you can take a screenshot.

Note! Initially, this option is disabled and does not work. It must be turned on in order to start using the capabilities of the gadget.

  • Open settings. For gesture control can be responsible for items such as: “Palm control”, “Movement”, “Additional functions” or “Gesture control”.
  • Find the item “Screenshot with the palm of your hand” and move the slider, which activates the option.
  • Swipe the screen with your palm as in the picture above.

Done! The snapshot is saved, it remains to use it.

How to Take Screenshots on Android Samsung Using Hardware Keys

Almost all Samsung smartphones support the standard way of taking screenshots, which is typical for all Android phones. It consists in simultaneously holding down the “Volume Down” and “Off” buttons. By holding them for a couple of seconds, you can take a screenshot.

It only takes a couple of buttons and a little patience to take a screenshot.

For your information! It is quite easy to find out about the successful appearance of a screenshot. the corresponding icon in the notification panel notifies the user in a timely manner.

Older Samsung phones use a different method. It differs in just one button. It consists in:

  • Holding down the “Volume Down” button.
  • Pressing the Home button.

By holding down these buttons, you can take a screenshot, this is a universal method supported by the overwhelming number of devices

Important! Press the buttons briefly, otherwise they may not work.

Other Ways to Take Screenshot on Android Samsung

Samsung makes quite a few different devices. Some models may have different functions, and even the options that seem to be the same at first glance sometimes work differently. It would seem that the print screen on Android Samsung should have a single way, but no.

One of the rarest options for taking a screenshot for Samsung smartphones concerns owners of devices that support the Edge panel. So, in order to take a high-quality photo of the screen, you will need:

  • Open the menu.
  • Go to display parameter settings.
  • Find “Curved Screen”.
  • Activate items that include support for Edge, as well as highlighting this panel.

Now that all the sliders are activated, you can return to the main screen. A vertical highlighted bar will be located on the right side of the screen. You need to stretch it from right to left. Then you need to go to the settings (the icon is located at the bottom left), and then select the item “Select and save”.

The user can now fully use the Edge panel. It allows you to take a screenshot by simply sliding the bar and selecting the appropriate function. However, she is capable of not only this. With it, you can shoot short gif videos and much more.

Note! This is a great tool that allows you to fully work with the device’s screen. For example, you can select the area or shape of the future screenshot.

If this method turned out to be unsuitable, you can use special applications with which it is easy to understand how to take a screenshot on Android on a Samsung phone. As an example:

  • Screenshot Touch. Small but very functional application. Allows you to create scrolling screenshots without unnecessary manipulation. Image format: JPG or PNG for choice. There is a video shooting function with settings for recording quality and frame rate;
  • Screen Master. The application creates a small ball that moves around the screen. To take a screenshot, you just need to click on it. The program also allows you to edit the image, apply blur, pixelate it. A convenient scaling function has been implemented;
  • Touchshot. Convenient program for creating snapshots. In addition to a widget for control and several training screens, at the first start it provides a very convenient way to take a screenshot by means of a usual sharp shake. The built-in editor supports a limited number of functions. However, it is possible to overlay text and draw simple geometric shapes. There is video recording with quality and frame rate settings.

For your information! If none of the methods worked, it is likely that the phone has custom firmware installed. In this case, you need to check the notification panel, and also just hold the shutdown button longer. Then, after a few seconds, a menu may appear, where there will be a function for creating a screenshot. You may also need to rollback to factory settings if an unlicensed system began to conflict with branded hardware.

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy using Home and Back

Samsung Galaxy has a new way to create screenshots. You will need to hold down the Home and Back buttons at the same time. They are located at the bottom of the smartphone, very close, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with this method.

How to take a screenshot on Android Samsung Galaxy

It often happens that you need to make a high-quality screenshot, or a screenshot to share with friends or for other purposes. Since you can take a screenshot on Android Samsung in different ways, which depend not only on the OS version, but also on the generation of the phone, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with all the main options on the devices of this company.

How to know if a screenshot has been taken

The phone always locks or decreases the volume if the buttons were not pressed correctly.

If the screen screen on the Android Samsung gadget has been created successfully, the image will freeze for a second, then an audio notification will be heard, and a message will appear in the status bar about the successful creation of the screenshot. Expanding the menu, you can familiarize yourself with it in more detail: open a picture in a folder or view it.

Where to find screenshots

Display snapshots can always be found in the “Gallery” or by going to the “My files” folder, where images may also be located.

Note! If you need to find exactly where the picture is located, you may need to use a file manager like ES File Manager. Then you need to find the Pictures folder and go to Screenshots or ScreenCaptrue, where all the saved pictures will be located.

These are all the ways to take screenshots for the Samsung brand. You should beware of fakes, as some functions often do not work for them. If you cannot create a screenshot using any of the above methods, you will need to roll back the settings to the factory settings.

  • Simple and easy settings interface
  • Shoots video stably, failures are extremely rare
  • Short shooting time. only five minutes
  • Few settings

All cons of the application disappear after purchasing the PRO version.

  • A large number of settings
  • Video editor

The interface of the main menu is practically absent, the settings menu, on the contrary, pleases with its abundance, everything that is needed is in the free version, for a symbolic amount you can unlock additional functionality.

  • A large number of settings
  • Simple video editor

App Review: How to Capture a Video
from the Android screen?

If your smartphone or tablet runs on Android versions lower than 4.4 (4.3. 2.2), then I can upset you, in order to shoot a video you will need to install Root rights, without them you will not succeed:

How and how to take a video from the Android screen?

Many users are faced with the question of how to capture a video from the Android screen? There are various means and methods, read more in this article.!

Perhaps you want to share the walkthrough of the game with a friend, or maybe you want to shoot a video of how to set up something in Android and are looking for a tool for how to do it conveniently? This article will walk you through the various solutions for your choice, providing the ability to capture video from the Android screen.

How to make a video using ADB RUN? Very simple:

  • Download ADB RUN program and install it on your computer
  • Download and install Android drivers if you haven’t installed them before
  • Enable USB debugging on your Android
  • Connect Android to PC and run ADB RUN program
  • Go to ADB RUN along the path: Screenshot / Record. Record Video Android

When finished, the clip will be in the Adb_Run_Record folder on the desktop.

This concludes the review and you now know how to take a video from the screen of an Android phone! For more articles and instructions, see Articles and Android Hacks. Stay connected to the Android 1 site for more fun!

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