How to capture screen while playing

Install the program

First, download the Screen Camera program from our website. The distribution kit of the program is lightweight, so the download process will not take very long. After the program has been downloaded, start the installation of the software: to do this, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the prompts that will appear on the monitor screen. Press the “Next” button one by one. After 2-3 minutes, the program will be fully installed on your PC. Having opened the application, you can immediately appreciate the Russian-language user-friendly interface of the program, and then get down to work.

Edit the game recording from the screen

A player will open in which you can watch the recorded video. If you need to make edits, use the on-screen camera’s built-in editor. Just click on the “Edit” button under the player.

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Editing a record

  • Crop the video. To shorten the clip, move the black handles along the edges of the playback track. Then click “Next”.
  • Add screensavers. You can add a title or ending screen saver for your video. Click the Add Screensaver button, select one of the templates in the collection, and click Finish. Do the same with the final splash screen. If necessary, you can edit the ready-made template in the editor, as well as create the design yourself. In the second case, simply select the item “Create a template from scratch” in the catalog and customize the design.
  • Add music or voice comments to videos. Click the Music tab, then a button of your choice: Add Audio or Record from Microphone. In the first case, a melody must be selected from a computer or from the proposed media files in the built-in collection of the program. In the second, activate the “Start recording” button. Dictate the text you want and stop audio recording. It will be automatically added to the project.

How to shoot games

Are you dreaming of sharing a new open city with your friends in GTA, or showing off a class in Call of Duty walkthrough? Or maybe you just want to video capture the most exciting part of your game on your laptop? Share letsplay or create a real music video with On-Screen Camera! This is a modern application with a Russian interface that allows you to quickly capture game videos in HD quality. Read on to find out about its main features.

Customize screen recording settings

Before filming a game on a computer, select the “Screen Recorder” mode in the main menu. Select the area you want to capture. On-screen Camera provides the ability to record a full screen, a selected window or an arbitrary fragment of the desktop. To move the shooting area, drag the mouse on the icon in the form of four arrows in the center. Please note: this feature is only available when recording part of the screen.

Setting up screen recording

With On-Screen Camera, you can record video from a game with or without sound. In the second case, simply select the “Do not record” item in the “Sound recording” drop-down list. You can also enable parallel microphone recording. This feature can come in handy if you plan to comment on actions that you record on video, for example, to voice your battle strategy on a Counter Strike (CS: GO) stream.

Record a video from the game

A countdown window will appear. When it disappears, the recording of what is happening will begin directly. This indicator will not appear on the finished video. Start playing and commenting. When you’re done, stop filming. To do this, press the hotkey F10.

Save the video

The final stage is saving the project. The program allows you to export the result in more than 30 different formats. To do this, click the “Create Video” button. To send the created video by e-mail or watch it on your computer, click on the Create Screen Video tab. Select Burn Video to DVD to burn your screencast to disc. The program allows you to upload a replay to YouTube or other online platform. To do this, use the function “Publish to the Internet”.

Save video

As you can see, it is very easy to shoot video games by recording video from your computer screen. We walked through this process step by step: from starting recording to saving the result. Now you can freely share your minecraft or Stalker gameplay with other people.

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However, the scope of the Screen Camera application is much wider. With it, you can also easily record any video from the monitor, manual, Skype conversation or other application. Thus, you can no longer be distracted from work or household chores, adjusting to the schedule of online webinars, it is enough to record them and watch them at a convenient time for you. Download the Screen Camera program right now from our website and record high-quality videos from your PC screen without lags and crashes!

Create a profile

After adding the source, it will not be superfluous to create a separate profile for the local record.

A new profile is created in the top menu “Profile”. “Create”.

Enter the name of the profile, for example “Recording to computer”.

Add the desired source

In order to add a new source, you need to press the plus sign in the column labeled “Sources” (located at the bottom, see the picture above), and select the desired type of source for recording:

Capture game: this item will capture any full-screen applications, or only video from the selected game. In order to select a game, you first need to start it, minimize it, and only then use this item.
Capture window: only one specific window of the program will be captured, including games that run in windowed mode. Games that run in full screen mode will not be displayed here!
Screen Capture: Everything that happens on the screen will be captured, including the desktop and all other programs.

After selecting the desired source type, you will need to assign a name to it, and then, depending on the selected type, configure the capture itself. This setup is very simple. just select a window, game or program in the drop-down menu, and click the “OK” button.

How to record video with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Open Broadcaster Software (or OBS for short). popular cross-platform application, with the help of which thousands of streamers broadcast their broadcasts on various Internet resources around the world. However, in addition to the possibility of transmitting a video stream for online broadcasting, the program can also make a simple video recording locally, to a computer.

Setting up a profile

Then you need to open the profile settings (“File”. “Settings”).

Open the “Output” tab, and customize it to fit your needs:

Video bitrate: since the recording is done locally to the computer, you don’t have to save money and set the values ​​to 10000.
Encoder: If your computer is equipped with an Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card or higher, then you should have access to the NVENC encoder, which should be selected. On AMD cards, the H264 / AVC (AMD Advanced Media Framework) encoder performs the same tasks as NVENC. Owners of the latest models of Intel processors can take advantage of the built-in graphics card by selecting the QSV encoder. And finally, the most resource-intensive option for the processor. x264 encoder.
Audio bitrate: 160 is actually quite enough for recording normal game sounds and voices. However, nothing prevents you from setting higher values, 192, 256 or 320.
Recording path: Folder where all recorded videos will be saved
Recording format: flv is the default, which has a definite plus over other formats. in case of an unexpected termination of the OBS program or the computer (with BSOD’e, an abrupt shutdown of the computer or a program crash), the file will remain playable. Other recording formats do not have this capability.

Output resolution: the resolution in which the video itself will be written, regardless of the resolution of the game / monitor from which it is recording. For weak computers, it may be relevant to set the resolution lower than it actually is, for example, instead of 1920х1080, set 1270х720.
General FPS values: the number of frames per second in the video. Owners of powerful computers can set at least 60, while owners of weak computers shouldn’t raise the number of frames higher than 30.

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Where to download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS, OBS-Studio)?

Recording in the program is quite simple, you first need to add the desired source for capturing, and then click the “Start recording” button.

Configuring hotkeys

Now it remains to configure the Hotkeys to start recording (if, of course, you plan to use them):

Open the “Hot Keys” tab, and add keys for the “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording” items. Then we close the settings, make sure that the desired one has been added and selected in the “Sources”, after which you can start recording. either through the previously configured hotkeys, or through the “Start recording” button.

How to shoot video in games without FPS drawdowns

“It’s better to show once than to tell a hundred times”. this common truth is familiar to every active gamer. However, for many, the very idea of ​​taking and recording a video from the screen looks like some kind of “voodoo” ritual, which requires at least a doctorate in programming. After all, you need to download some programs, tinker with codecs, settings in general, dance with a tambourine more abruptly than some professional shamans.

How to shoot video in games without dancing with a tambourine? To begin with, you need to throw out the tambourine itself. this is a clear relic of the past, incompatible with modern technologies. In fact, you can record video from the game without much effort. the main thing is that the tool is suitable. Until recently, the tools were somehow not very good. the only more or less working program was called Fraps and it suited only the owners of top-end computers. The rest had to put up with terrible FPS drops and monstrous files, as a result of which the video recording from the game often “weighed” more than the game itself.

Fortunately, the monopoly was quickly destroyed. thanks to the appearance on the market of a much more technologically advanced and convenient program.

PlayClaw. a program for recording video in games

The PlayClaw utility has been specially designed and optimized for use on multi-core processors. Most programs used to record videos noticeably reduce the number of FPS generated by the game, but with PlayClaw, you can forget about the problem of computer performance. If you managed to run the game on your machine, you will be able to capture video without any side effects.

Tests have shown that with FPS in the game about 120, Fraps reduces the frame rate to 60, while in PlayClaw the frame rate is about 90. over, if you allocate one processor core for FullHD encoding, the FPS increases to 100. In fact, in terms of performance PlayClaw does Fraps by almost 50%. But this is not all: the program’s arsenal also includes other pleasant features that make this program an indispensable assistant for an advanced gamer.

Main advantages of PlayClaw

  • FullHD video recording capability. Thanks to optimization for multi-core processors, PlayClaw allows you to shoot video in games without severe FPS drops.
  • The ability to pre-record without creating giant files. PlayClaw will make sure that every second of your game is saved and immortalized.
  • Setting up overlays. PlayClaw allows you to display various overlays on top of the game screen. This is not only about such obvious things as the FPS counter and Teamspeak or Ventrilo overlay, but also much more advanced options. For example, you can display the readings of the load and temperature sensors of the CPU, a stopwatch, a timer, and even an image of your beloved from the Webcam.
  • Support for multi-channel audio. PlayClaw easily copes with 16 sound sources at the same time and allows you not only to film the game itself, but also to mix the sound, saving it to a separate file from the video file.
  • Friendship with anti-cheats. PlayClaw is a program for recording video in games, which is easily accepted by two of the most famous anti-cheat systems: Punkbuster and Valve Anti-Cheat.
  • Own overlays. If you have basic programming skills, then you can write your own overlay plugin that will make friends with PlayClaw without any problems.
  • Capture the desktop. The program allows you to capture video not only from OpenGL and DirectX drivers, but also from the desktop.
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As you can see, PlayClaw has an impressive arsenal. Regardless of what you want to do: shoot a video of the passage of the game or create a small video, you will hardly find a more convenient utility. If you really do something, then you need to do it well, and for this it is better to have a really high-quality and modern tool at hand.

How will this affect my user experience??

1) These options will allow you to play many games at 60 FPS. High FPS makes it possible to enjoy smooth animation and minimal latency while playing both online and offline.

2) After choosing these settings, users experiencing lags will notice an increase in performance. Get the most out of your gaming experience on BlueStacks.

3) You will be able to play your favorite games at the highest settings depending on the capabilities of your system and video card.

Please note that the settings listed below will improve your gaming experience, but may affect the overall performance of your system.

How does it help?

Power matters. By following the instructions below, you can assign your PC / laptop’s graphics card to BlueStacks for better overall performance.

Please note that these settings are only available for users who have two video cards at their disposal: an integrated and a discrete one.

How to improve game performance on BlueStacks using graphics card settings?

How to choose these options?

Discrete graphics card in BlueStacks settings

Click on the hamburger icon (three stripes) in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu. You can also click on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

In the BlueStacks settings go to the “Engine” tab.

In the “Engine” tab, check the box next to the “Use discrete graphics card” option. From now on, BlueStacks will use the resources of a discrete graphics card.

Then click on the “Save” button. Then restart BueStacks by clicking on the corresponding button.

Selecting a discrete video card in BIOS settings

ATTENTION. These settings are only available on certain devices. Changing the settings in the BIOS can cause problems with your PC / laptop. Please note that BlueStacks is not responsible for problems that may arise when these settings are changed.

To find out how to enter BIOS, click here. Once you are in BIOS, follow the instructions below.

We have used the BIOS interface of a ThinkPad laptop as an example. Your BIOS settings may look different depending on the manufacturer.

1) Select the Config section as shown in the image below.

3) Next select Graphics device.

4) Select Discrete graphics.

5) All you need to do now is save changes and exit BIOS.

Increase performance with Windows settings

ATTENTION. These settings are only available on select systems.

1) Open “Control Panel” on your PC / laptop and select “Hardware and Sound” as shown in the image below.

2) Next select “Power supply”.

3) Now you need to choose a power plan. You may have a Balanced or Energy Saving plan selected. We strongly recommend that you switch to the “High Performance” plan and click on “Configure Power Plan”.

4) After click on “Change advanced power settings”.

5) Here scroll down and find the “Switchable Dynamic Graphics” option. Click on the “” icon. In the global options under “On battery” and “Plugged in”, select “Maximum performance”.

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