How to Capture Video from Honor Phone Screen

Activation by special action (knuckles)

Also in the EMUI shell, screen recording can be enabled using a specific gesture. double-tapping the screen with your knuckles, as shown in the picture. A 3-second countdown will begin, after which the recording will begin.

You can end the shooting in different ways. either click on the “STOP” button in the upper left corner of the screen, or double-tap the screen with your knuckles again.

Setting up built-in screen recording correctly

There is no need to configure the presented option. To activate it, you need to click on the corresponding icon or use third-party programs. Below we will examine in detail the available methods for recording interaction with the sensor.

2 ways how to record screen video from Honor and Huawei

Phones from Huawei have their own proprietary application, it is somewhat SIMilar to the functionality of Xiaomi, but with its own characteristics.

  • Ready-made solution that does not require the installation of third-party applications.
  • No watermark like most free apps from Google Play.
  • No ads in the settings menu.

Recording video using smartphone function keys

To record a video from the screen of your Huawei or Honor smartphone, SIMultaneously press and hold the lock and volume up keys. The following steps are SIMilar to the first method of activating Screencast mode.

4 Ways to Record Screen on Honor and Huawei

.Many already know how to shoot home video, including from a smartphone. there is nothing tricky here: I pointed the camera at the object, pressed the “Record” button, and the shooting began. Take pictures and comment.

How to enable screen recording via DU Recoder

DU Recorder. Screen Recorder & Video Editing Developer: Screen Recorder Video Editor Price: Free

The built-in functionality that allows you to record from the phone screen is of course always good. you do not need to install or configure anything. However, third-party programs for creating such videos have much more functionality than factory solutions. The most popular of these applications is DU recorder.

It is worth noting that most of these applications require the mandatory obtaining of ROOT rights on the device. However, DU recorder works fine without them.

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At the first start, a short training will follow, where they will tell you about the program’s capabilities as quickly as possible. By pressing the “Got it” button, an “island” of the application will appear on the desktop, where all the necessary buttons are located. If you do not want to use the program now and this “island” bothers you. hold your finger on the application icon, then drag it to the appeared cross.

  • To start recording, you need to click on the button with a red circle.
  • A request will appear to open access to the gallery and camera, click “Allow”.
  • Once again, click on the start recording button with a red circle, after which 2 more requests will follow, upon acceptance of which a 3-second countdown will begin, which means the start of recording.

Please note that the “island” has not disappeared. it has become transparent so as not to interfere with the view. By clicking on it, a menu with buttons will open where you can pause or stop recording.

To stop recording. click on the button with the square image.

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What to do if screen recording doesn’t work

If the screencast does not start, most likely you are trying to turn it on by double-tapping the screen with your knuckles. In this case, the function is SIMply not activated.

To enable it, you need:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then in the menu “Control and Accessibility”, there you will find the section “Movements”.
  • In this section, you need to check the box next to the “Smart screenshot”.
  • Upon completion of the operation, the function will work successfully.

Quick tip: how to enable touch display on video

When recording video from the screen on Honor and Huawei, you should enable the display of touches so that your actions are more understandable for the viewer. To do this, go to “Settings” and go to the “System” section, once there, click “About phone“.

Then click on the item “Build number” several times until the inscription “You have become a developer” appears.

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Then return to the settings and go to the “For Developers” section that appears. Click on the button to activate this mode. Next, check the box next to “Show clicks”.

Now all your touches will be marked with a semi-transparent circle.

Interesting The menu “For developers” also contains other useful settings for screen recording. However, be careful when using them.

How to solve the problem of no sound on video?

Lost sound is often caused by a system failure. Then the solution will require a factory reset. If you used DU Recorder, then go to the options and in the “Audio” tab turn on the microphone.

Almost every user knows how to take screenshots on their device, however, when it comes to recording a picture from a smartphone, many questions arise. The correct and quick ways to record screen on Honor and Huawei will show this article.

How to record screen video Huawei Honor using the key combination

You can call the screen recording on the Huawei Honor smartphone using a key combination. SIMultaneously holding down the power and volume up keys.

Again, a notification will appear, click “ACCEPT” and the recording will begin.

You can use this function when communicating with relatives on Skype, where your communication with the interlocutor will be recorded on video. Also, video recording from a smartphone screen can be useful for SIMple video editing, when you cut out a movie episode you like to share it on a social network.

How to record screen video Huawei Honor. Multiple Ways to Record Video from Huawei Honor Screen

Thanks to the EMUI shell, the function of recording video from the screen is available in fresh Huawei smartphones without installing third-party applications. In order to enable video recording from the screen, there are several ways that we will talk about in our today’s article.

How to record screen video Huawei Honor from the notification panel

  • We swipe down the curtain of the Notification Panel of the Home screen of the phone, i.e. swipe your finger down from the top line without lifting it off the screen. We expand the opened Notification Panel even further, for this we click on the “Edit Notification Panel” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On the Notification Panel, click on the “Screen Recording” icon to enable recording.
  • After that, the screen will ask you to confirm the right to access the microphone when you enable Screen Recording. Click “ACCEPT”.
  • After a 3-second countdown, recording will start from the device screen. During recording, you can comment out loud your actions, they will also be recorded along with the video.
  • Timecode and blinking recording indication are at the top left of the screen.
  • To finish recording, click on the button with the word “STOP” in the upper left corner of the screen.
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How to record screen video Huawei Honor action

For the EMUI shell, knuckle control is a fairly universal method. In order to start recording video from the screen, you need to knock twice with two knuckles on the screen.

As in the first two methods. the video will start after the notification.

Third Party Screen Recorder Apps Huawei Honor

In addition to the built-in recording function, there are many third-party applications for recording video from the screen and not only, with various settings, requiring root access or without it. For instance

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